first year memories

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t remember anything that’s happened in his life. A year ago, he woke up in a strange bunker with his mom and brother and with no recollection of his previous existence, Dean has started from scratch. Now, a year later, while working as a mechanic in Lebanon, Kansas, Dean runs across a mysterious figure injured in the middle of the highway. Who is this man, and how does he know Dean’s name?

Rating: T

Word Count: 7,566

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When I was in 1st grade, my best friend and I had a crush on the same guy.
He was our friend and I think he knew about it because we made it pretty obvious on a daily basis by doing whatever it is 6 year olds do when they have a crush.
This one school day, my best friend and I made him two separate cards.
We basically just made a huge heart in the centre of a blank sheet and coloured it pretty.
Both of us wrote ‘You are my hero’
(Two reactions to this:
1. Oh my god. Why!!? Cringe.
2. The kid me had way more courage and game.)
When we both gave our cards to him, he did something really shitty. After handing it over to him, we both went from our seats on the last bench to the teacher’s desk to collect our books or something?
When we returned, we found both our cards crumbled and lying on the floor.
We both picked up our cards and looked at the guy with utter shock. He was supposed to be our friend! Why was he being so mean?
I tore the card and threw the pieces on his face.
My best friend on the other hand, uncrumbled the paper and said something like, ‘I will give this to my brother. He is my hero too.’
After this incident, the guy and me didn’t talk for what seemed like forever but was probably only a week.
My friend tried to be the mediator because even after the whole incident she didn’t seem to care and was normal with the guy.
She told me something like, 'he said that if you wouldn’t have behaved so rudely, he would still be talking to you. He liked my reaction better.’
I got mad at her and didn’t talk to her forever too.
Things between all 3 of us got back to normal after a bit but seriously though, I’m glad the kid me reacted the way she did.
As an adult, I’d probably just burst into tears if the same thing happened to me now.

@mistborn/cosmere(?) fandom, please tell me someone else out there ships Breeze and Ham, tell me I’m not the only one; I refuse to suffer in solitude.

snow days as a kid

Waking up hearing the tranquil silence outside, rushing to the living room sofa to watch the flakes falling at the window, knowing there’d be no school if this was a weekday, putting on layers upon layers of clothing, opening the back door and feeling the rush of freezing wind on your face, making as few steps as possible so as to not mess up the perfect layer of snow on the ground, makeshift sleds, chasing the dog, snowmen that were essentially just one mound of snow, breaking off an icicle and keeping it in the freezer for months, coming inside to homemade vegetable soup


My first year film at CalArts. It’s just a little something about childhood.

Thank you so much to the faculty and to all of my wonderful classmates and friends. It has been quite the journey, and I am so fortunate to be here with all of you.


3 years ago..

@AllRiseSilver: Everyone, receive lots of luck in the new year! I hope 2013 becomes your best year… 

@AllRiseSilver: Brand new morning!!!!! Finally, the sun rose in new year 2013!!

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Even if our bodies are apart,lets our hearts always be together ♡ ‏

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( ゚ヮ゚) : When is your muse happiest?

Hopper is most content in three situations.

One: Drinking.

There’s a reason he drinks. Hopper’s a big, stocky guy – he can hold his alcohol. He’s lucky that his body processes it well, and that he keeps himself fit given his line of work. Even then, Hopper does indulge plenty. He drinks nearly nightly, and often comes into the office slightly hungover, or late due to drinking the day before.

He does this to keep his memories at bay. This is his way of “packing things inside” and ignoring them. Hopper did not deal well with his daughter’s death, nor the eventually divorce of his wife. He didn’t seek psychiatric help for his grief or his traumas, and for the first initial years, the memories were very bad for Hopper. Those were the days, nights, he drank the heaviest.

Slowly, though, he had to stave off it. Not entirely, but enough. He had a job to keep, bills to pay, and his health to look out for. For as deeply as Hopper wants to die, as little as he cares about himself, he is not one to just give up. Letting himself fall into that “hole” and into a bottle for the rest of his days is, to Hopper, a form of admitting defeat. Admitting that he allowed himself to be killed by his own grief and past demons.

Hopper’s too damn stubborn and proud to let that happen to himself.

Two: Having casual sex with women that consent.

So, he turned to sex, to help cope. Hopper craves physical touch and intimacy, because that height of pleasure and sexual activity helps to, again, allow himself to ignore and forget momentarily his own grief and guilt. His own failings. Nothing to boost the ego like having someone moaning beneath you, or because of you.

He got into this habit during his high school years, and it was worse in college, although Hopper settled down once he met his wife, Diane, and especially once Sarah was born. After the death, and his eventual divorce, Hopper fell into old habits. After he got over the drinking, it was the sex; and there was no real commitment to it.

In the city, he didn’t need to worry. Prostitutes were plenty, and Hopper made sure to go into it with protection in mind and getting check-ups, medicines and the like to keep himself all good. It wasn’t so much a concern for his own health, but rather, not wanting to lose his vice. It was in the city that he partook in the wildest parts of sexual acts, because the prostitutes didn’t care so long as the money was good and so long as Hopper wasn’t a lunatic about it.

In Hawkins, it wasn’t so easy. Hopper was careless, and forgot just how small the town was. How everybody knew everyone else. Still, even then, Hopper didn’t care – he was in it for himself, period. If he had felt any sort of guilt or care, he wouldn’t have gone through with the act as many times as he had.

It has been years since Hopper’s been intimate with a woman because he cared about her truly, for reasons other than just his own sexual satisfaction and escape.

Three: Keeping busy with work.

Yes. He can be lazy, I will be the very first to admit that. When he does get beyond that initial stage of “I could really give less than a fuck”, though, Hopper shines. Compare how he was during the initial episode of Stranger Things, dismissing Will’s missing person’s case as just a runaway kid, and then how his whole attitude shifts once he clues into “hey some shit is actually happening here”.

There’s also a reason why Hopper was chosen as the Chief of Police for Hawkins. He’s really good at his job. Having worked in the city as a cop for years, this comes as no real surprise to me. Hopper throws himself headlong into his work when a case becomes personal to him, primarily because it’s a great distraction but also because it’s so hard to make something feel personal to Hopper.

The case of Will Byers was very personal to Hopper. Yea, cause Will was a kid, like Sarah, but also because this was Joyce’s kid. There’s no one that Hopper loves more than Joyce, no one else except Sarah.


no matter how many you have,
first kisses are always ineffable
in some way or another,

whether it’s from the palpable
awkwardness of a kiss at age 15
that now makes you laugh
almost to the point of tears

or from the silent softening 
of your body to a kiss
that surprised you with its
tenderness and sparks.

whatever they were,
whatever their stories are now,
however their plots ended
(or continued),

i hope that you look back
on each first kiss with a 
w     i     d     e   smile
and the glee of sweetness

for these moments are fleeting.

—  [another] first kiss, 159/365 (e.f.a.)

Had such a lovely celebration yesterday, I might have found my holiday spirit. It’s been a wonderful year of many many adventures and a wonderful year for GW’s blog as well. I’m not far from hitting 20k followers and my God, am I happy and thankful to all of you who’ve been a part of my tumblr family this year! This is truly incredible. May all your wishes come true this Christmas, may your life get a positive turn and may you have the best celebration yet. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, guys ^^


Two Years Ago Today

Zendaya and Val met in an elevator on February 24, 2013 on the way to their official on-camera meeting, not realizing in that moment that they would be spending the next three months together as dance partners and the next two years becoming inextricably intertwined in each other’s lives.

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