first year crows


i got commissioned back in feb for some quick busts of sock from welcome to hell and i figure now that they’ve actually been paid off i can probably share these here

more third year first years shenanigans
  • all 5 of them are pretty well-known throughout karasuno
  • not only because of the volleyball team’s achievements but also due to the trouble they always get themselves in
  • tsukiyama being the ultimate serve-block combo while
  • kagehina is still famous for their freak quick attacks
  • during competition season, they like to play a small 2-on-2 match during their lunch breaks
  • yachi keeps score and analyses their plays (being the kickass manager she is)
  • it is usually tsukiyama vs kagehina
  • the matches can become quite intense since 2 of karasuno’s best plays are pitted against each other
  • they are the epitome of ‘sun vs moon
  • with the flashy quicks like the sun
  • and the steady yet solid defense like the moon
  • these mini ‘sun vs moon’ matches become popular among the school and many students always gather to spectate
  • it is rumoured that there is a betting pool whenever these match happens
  • they act nonchalent about the score - always saying that its the practice that matters
  • but yachi knows they each take down the counts somewhere
  • the current count is 21:22 with kagehina leading
  • the 4 dorks are also known as karasuno’s 4 horsemen because they sure wreck their opponents on court
  • captain tsukki
  • team’s defense playmaker and also the reluctant team dad 
  • vice-captain kageyama
  • the genius setter with the killer stare (its adorable actually, he looks like a giant pouting baby)
  • ace hinate
  • more like did that ball of pure sunshine just spiked that ball???
  • service specialist yamaguchi
  • who despite being a specialist, still can’t serve some good trash talk (because he is just too sweet and kind)
  • manager yachi
  • more like mumnager am i right
  • no matter how scarily good they become at volleyball, they always remain huge dorks at heart
  • the 4 of them are the yachi protection squad
  • and if they ever find out someone is harassing yachi they will go off

third year first years: part 1 | captain!tsukki | service-specialist!yams

The new first years think third year Yachi is so cool and collected but really she’s still the cute tiny nervous baby crow she was when she was a first year, just with more stylish hair. However, she did grow in confidence and assertiveness (which helps especially since she is the one in charge of keeping duo stupid in check)


ya lit meme: seven friendships (1/7)
inej ghafa & jesper fahey

“So what are we doing here?”
Jesper turned back to the sea, feeling his cheeks heat. “Hoping for honey, I guess. And praying not to get stung.”
Inej bumped her shoulder against his. “Then at least we’re both the same kind of stupid.”
“I don’t know what your excuse is, Wraith. I’m the one who can never walk away from a bad hand.”
She looped her arm in his. “That makes you a rotten gambler, Jesper. But an excellent friend.”
“You’re too good for him, you know.”
“I know. So are you.”

Hinata probably jammed his fingers doing something stupid, most likely in competition with Kageyama. Hinata probably won too, that’s why Kageyama is being a grumpy baby.

Allison made me do this. it took me five hours. please tell me it looks as good as i think it does

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HC for how the first year crows (Yachi too if you're game) would react to a girl that they are interested in asking THEM out for a date? ohoho

mori: CUTE LOL of course i’ll include yachi she’ll probably faint tho jk


  1. This girl is probably someone he admires in class or probably saw her do something really cool for her club activities and just always compliments her on it
  2. At first, he wouldn’t really call it a crush yet - he’d probably just think you were super cute and cool!
  3. But once he catches himself always looking over at you to see what you were doing or going out of his way to catch you to say hi, he thought that maybe asking you out would be nice
  4. But he’d probably be waaay too scared or nervous to do it, or that you were way outta his league, so decided to admire from afar
  5. I mean, of course you notice Hinata taking an interest in you, he didn’t try to hide it really well. You were actually waiting for him to make the first move. It wasn’t until Yachi told you that he’s not really good with this kind of stuff that you had to take the lead
  6. You figured catching him after volleyball practice would be a good time to do this - he was probably really happy, with all the adrenaline and endorphins flowing
  7. You asked him out on a simple dinner date and you took his red face, wide eyes, and the slow head nod as a yes


  1. Says he has no time for girls, so he wouldn’t actively be looking in the class or around him who was cute or who he took interest in - you would have to really catch his eye if you wanted him to notice you
  2. Once you did catch his eye, he couldn’t take his mind off of you
  3. Kageyama is the type to always think about the things he likes - normally, it’s just volleyball, milk, and food on his mind (in that order), but once you got thrown into the mix, he started getting head aches
  4. He literally has no idea what to do when he likes someone. When you say hi to him, he kind of just stands there and wave, watching you walk away. Plus, he doesn’t want to be a burden and waste your time when he knows girls don’t like it when guys are always so focused on volleyball (the one thing he learned from Oikawa)
  5. When you catch him to ask if he wanted to hang out, he first said no, making up some excuse that he was busy, but really he was just mentally unprepared for it all and panicked
  6. Tsukishima and Hinata called him an idiot
  7. He had to chase after you and apologize before asking to reschedule that date, because in all honesty, he would love to join you


  1. It’s not that Tsukishima doesn’t have time for girls, it’s more like he chooses to not have time for them - basically, he doesn’t want a girl who will waste his time
  2. Like Kageyama, you would have to catch his eye if you wanted him to notice you.
  3. Once he does, he finds himself talking to you, teasing you, overall interacting with you a lot more. He’ll especially take an interest if you reply back to him with equally witty remarks
  4. Refuses to admit that he likes you, like literally just avoids the question when someone asks him, but he knows that he can’t avoid the inevitable. So maybe he’ll ask you out. Some day. No rush, or anything
  5. When you ask him on a date to a music festival, he’s honestly so offended that you asked him first. That hurts a teenage boy’s pride - do girls not believe in chivalry anymore?
  6. But when you snapped back to him about how chivalry was dead or that you simply didn’t care and that you were going to ask some other cute boy, he cursed to himself and finally caved in
  7. Hinata called him soft


  1. Always stares at you in class and plays cute little scenarios in her head. She always wonders what you like to eat, what you do on your free time, what stationary you use, etc
  2. Can’t stop giving you googly eyes
  3. She even draws cute little doodles with your initials and cartoon versions of the two of you doing cute things like walking in the park and holding hands
  4. Cannot speak words when you’re within like three feet of her. She gets all sweaty and pink and stutters all her words. You’re just so pretty….!
  5. When you finally approach her, you decided to play a little game with her and kabe don-ed her to the wall. Poor girl almost died
  6. When you simply just asked her out on a date, she was too afraid to say no, so she said yes right away. Not that she wanted to say no, but in her panic state, a ‘no’ might have accidentally slipped out
  7. Her smile lights up the room the entire day and she can’t sleep soundly until the date actually happens


  1. Probably would do the same cute shit like Yachi - stares at you with sparkly, cute eyes, doodles in class, etc etc. 
  2. Would not take the initiative on anything because he still has the insecurity that any girl that talks to him only wants to get with Tsukishima.
  3. But you’ve been reassuring him that it’s not the case when you sit by him, make small talk, and laugh at his jokes. Yamaguchi’s starting to think that this is one of those high school rom com scenarios where the cute girl falls in love with a nerd like him
  4. “Yamaguchi, I’ve never noticed your freckles before! They’re like… stars!” The blush on your cheeks when you said that was when he knew you had to like him, too, and he fell for you even harder
  5. Asking you out was just way too risky and scary! Yamaguchi never did well with rejection
  6. He actually thanked the heavens that you had been the one to ask because at least that way he knew for sure that you liked him. Plus, your reaction to when he said yes was just too cute
  7. Like Yachi, probably can’t sleep well until the date finally happens

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Random question (no-so) anon is back again with a random question. Have you seen the video of the Karasuno first years making "crow" sounds. It gives me life tbh.


It’s things like this that make me love Ucchiyama Kouki SO MUCHHHH he’s such a fkin weirdo lol


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Heyy pstt Anymore head canons for the first years as a third years for karasuno bc that'd be gr8 Only if you wanna that is

hiii! sorry i don’t really have any right now but these are just a few that i came up with at the top of my head

  • hinata never had to worry about scary bathroom encounters at matches anymore
  • once in their second year, kags went along with hinata on one of the bathroom trips and he almost started a fight with another school (they said karasuno was useless if kags had went to another school)
  • so now all 5 of them go on these trips together with yachi and yams as damage control (they pulled tsukki along because their tol moon can intimidate anyone with a look)
  • when they are third years, nobody dared to approach them to talk shit about karasuno anymore
  • and these trips are mostly trash talking between the other third years from rival schools (especially seijou and date tech)
  • we can all agree that tsukki will be the king of trash talking (like the trash that he is)
  • kags is pretty decent himself and together with tsukki, they annihilate the others (more specifically kindaichi and koganegawa)
  • sakunami, yams, and yachi silently suffers through
  • hinata tried to join in once but stopped after he messing up a simple line 
  • it was supposed to be “our quicks are so fast that your slow minds can’t catch up” and he ended up saying “our quicks are so than your slow”
  • tsukki and kags never let him live it down
  • so now he just sulks in a corner and pouts when it happens
  • and kunimi just hates them all for doing this before every single match 
  • he just wants to pee in peace for once

again, these aren’t great but i hope you like them!!

i am planning on posting on the third year first years in a while that are more specific (like their appearances, positions, traditions etc) so do look out for them!

gosh i sound like one of those youtubers 

ok but

haikyuu has such shippable characters (ok so maybe my two faves)

like i ship tsukki with everyone, except (don’t hate me) yamaguchi bc i just see them more as bros
but anyways tsukki could be with any of the captains or aces or basically anyone who would take of and care for his saltshaker self
especially any of the other crow first years like jesus tsukihina fucks me up but so does tsukikage
consider tsukiyachi even if i think they’re good as sibling type relationship

now a very underrated character is my babe yaku morisuke
he’s such a good libero and he’s also such a mom like cmon everyone loves him
i could ship him with everyone on the nekoma team except shibayama cause he’s his son or inuoka as the son in law
also kuroyaku fucks be up amirite
but also consider shit like bokuyaku or oiyaku
just do it
there’s literally only one fic for each pair on ao3

bless your soul and these gay vball nerds