first world problems

Signs as First World PROBLEMS
  • Aries:Downloaded a movie in 1080p; my computer is too slow to play it.
  • Taurus:Sat down in the living room with my dinner and got comfortable; realised that my drink is in the kitchen.
  • Gemini:Just used my last spotify skip for the hour; next song is even worse.
  • Cancer:I'm so hungry, but I don't want to cook.
  • Leo:I drank from the water fountain, but it's too warm.
  • Virgo:I really like this pic on the internet, but i can't think of anything clever to comment.
  • Libra:When someone on the internet disagrees with me
  • Scorpio:Just finished wiping out my ass; felt another turd approaching.
  • Sagittarius:Gotta poop; forgot to bring my phone
  • Capricorn:The teacher erased the board before I finished copying.
  • Aquarius:The internet on my phone is too slow
  • Pisces:Replied people LOL when someone died because I thought it meant "lots of love"
19 Too Real First World Problem Would You Rather Questions

You know that wrench in your gut you get when your phone dies at 2:45pm and you just sit there staring at the ceiling like holy shit my life is ridiculously centered around my cell phone? Or that ticket you got the other day for texting bae while “stopped” at a red light? Oh! Or how about that time you went on that Tinder date and Gabriella turned out to be a Gabriel and you were stuck there like how the f*** do I dangle around this one?! Yup — those are what the modernists nowadays callfirst world problems. You’ve got ’em. I’ve got ’em. Heck, we’ve all got ’em. This Would You Rather chapter is all about those and which ones you’d rather find yourself burdened with. (If you are seeing this in the dash, open up the link to click to play!)

Would you rather…

Lose your iPhone or your wallet?

Drop your iPad on your face vs. be on 1% battery all the time?

Get your coffee or your food order mixed up?

Be overcharged for Netflix or your phone bill?

Go to your dream school on loans or your fallback fully paid?

Get an unpaid internship or a work study?

Get an unpaid (meaningful) internship or a mindless job?

Have a fancy title at work or have a higher salary?

See all 19 here! 

I don’t think enough people realise that if alcohol was discovered now it would be classified as a Class A drug.
That shit is poison. Your body literally throws it back up if you drink too much and people have died from drinking a bottle of it.
It’s in the same category as fucking heroin and crack and has been rated the 5th most harmful drug.

But weed, which is the 9th most harmful, used as medicine and you would need to smoke 2 tonnes of it in 45 minutes in order to die, nah, that’s illegal.

A message for everyone who puts ship hate in the tag of said ship:


You are entitled to your own option, but don’t try to destroy the things I love. When I visit the tag of my OTP, the last thing I want to see is hate! If you really feel the need to post ship hate, go ahead! But keep it out of the flippin tag!
It’s not that hard!