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  • [Floo Call Right after First Year Sorting]
  • Regulus: Why are you so happy today? Is it school? I know what it is; it's a girl.
  • Sirius: I wasn't sorted into Slytherin.
  • Regulus: Wait, Sir, not Slytherin? You don't mean Gryff--
  • Sirius: And don't tell Mom, I want to tell her myself when the time is right. Like Mother's day or Christmas morning.

hm hang on, apparently the west wind did fall in love with a man, but he first had several wives……if the east wind is meant to be sherlock’s destruction, perhaps it is JOHN who is meant to be the west wind, his savior????

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Who would you say was the most influential first lady in history?

I don’t know how the answer could be anybody but Hillary Clinton. She’s the first female major party nominee for President of the United States. She’s the only First Lady to be elected to office herself (and she was elected to the U.S. Senate while her husband while still in the White House and in the wake of President Clinton’s impeachment and trial). She was extraordinarily influential not only during her eight years as First Lady but throughout the career of her husband – who probably wouldn’t have achieved his own success and reached the Presidency without her partnership. She wasn’t the most popular First Lady or the most glamorous First Lady, but I don’t think another First Lady even comes close to her influence on the country and she’s not even President yet.

Subaru: I can’t believe you’re stupid enough to abandon your whole family.

Karlheinz: I suppose I have a tendency to do stupid things.

Karlheinz: That is how you were made, after all.

When I take a vacation from my adult responsibilities.


There’s even a thing called fivewivesweek that will focus entirely on them for the entire next week, and people can either participate or follow if they wanna see some wife-centric content. Why is there never a Slit appreciation week? I’m offended again.

Barry Allen + Pirate AU

When Barry had heard your name it’d been whispered by fellow pirates. Some called you a goddess because you could turn broken shells into golden coins with a touch. Others called you a Sea Witch because you could brew storms and over turn ships when you felt like it. He of course, hadn’t believed any of it. “Stories,” he told his first make Cisco, “Old wives tales.” But after a while of whispers seemingly following him, curiosity had gotten the better of the young pirate captain.

“Cisco,” he’d said one day, “Set sail for Tortuga.” This caused the first mate to pale.

Tourgua?-“Captain you don’t mean…?” He’d asked nervously, to which Barry nodded.

“Set sail for the Sea Witch.” And they had. Despite being the fastest ship in the world it had taken three weeks for the crew of the Flash to reach port. When Barry had stepped off the boat he’d been greeted by a smiling young boy.

“Are you Captain Allen, sir?” He asked, Barry nodded proudly.

“The Sea Witch has sent me to fetch ye Captain,” the child said. Barry raised an eyebrow.

“Has she?“ The boy nodded, not realising that it’d been a rhetorical question. "Can my crew come along or am I to go alone?” The snide comment made the boy frown,

“This isn’t a joke sir,” the boy said, “She has powers, all the stories ye’ve about turning shells to gold and sinking ships are true.” And to prove a point the boy produced a solid gold shell from his pocket.  

“She gave me this to fetch ye, and fetch ye I shall.”

Barry looked at the shell before taking it in his own hands to examine it, a frown marring his face. “Alright,” he murmured, “Fetch me.” The boy nodded and spun on his heel, Barry following him closely. It took fifteen minutes to get to the witches building-it was a small two story building with a worn out sign that simply said MAGIC above a cast iron door. The boy knocked on the door loudly, causing the birds that’d settled on the building roof to fly way, disgruntled caws echoing the night sky.

It took a few minutes before the door opened, and when it was opened Barry’s eyes widened. Because standing there with strands of gold and shells in her hair was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. “Captain Barry Allen.” Barry could die a happy man knowing the most beautiful woman in the world had spoken his name.

You turned to the young boy and took a handful of golden strands from your hair, “Here you go Richard, and I’ll have that potion for your mother ready by noon. Now run on home and-STAY SAFE!” You called out to the boy who had already started home.

Barry turned to you curiously. When the boy was out of earshot he asked,  "You give him gold he’ll just hand back to you?“ This caused you to let out the most beautiful sound in all the seven seas-a melodic giggle.

"Children in need not pay here Captain.” Barry smiled at that. Maybe you were more goddess than Sea Witch.

“Now,” you said with your arms crossed over your chest, “Why don’t you come in and talk, I’m sure I can answer all of your questions.” And with a small smile you lead the pirate Captain into your home, leaving the heavy door to echo shut after them.



Request from @bisexual-watermelons : reader finding out Negan is ticklish, and a massive tickle fight between them breaking out. But like it turns into a war so it turns into them getting each other back through out the week.  (Like tooth-rottingly fluff)

Notes: This was adorable, nothing smutty but it’s a long post so I placed the fic under the cut. I TRIED TO LENGTHEN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! 

*I do not tag others in requests, I like to make my requester feel special this way! Will tag people in posts that are not meant for others. Thank you!*

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