first weekend in nyc

“ During the first of two bonjovi shows in NYC last weekend, I left an extra camera body on stage for Jon to shoot some pics of the crowd. During the instrumental solos in “Keep the Faith,” he picked it up and ran around the stage shooting photos! For those wondering, it’s a Canon 5D Mark 4 body with 16-35 f/4 lens. You’ll have to wait and see what I do with his photos.”  (x)


Trying to figure out how it’s only Wednesday? ❔❔❔ So excited for my first trip to NYC this weekend 👏
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A Carol PSA

FELLOW LESBIANS - I know we’re all flipping our shit that Carol leaked but PLEASE PLEASE go see it in theaters when it comes to your area! Reasons include but are not limited to: 
A. The beautiful gorgeous textured look of the super 16mm film must be appreciated in its true glory. 
B. Full screen love scenes make you cry way more than computer-screen-sized love scenes. 
C. It is important that this movie make money so that no executive in Hollywood can turn down a script that is female-driven and queer with the excuse of “they don’t make money.” Carol made BANK in NYC its first weekend and continues to make gains, please keep the trend up once it expands to your theatre! 

This has been an announcement. Now please resume your crying/not-breathing.

Working from home my sister’s today, which means I’m sitting in a room full of left over pink decorations from Lily’s first (WHA?!) birthday party on Saturday!

Can’t believe she’s already one. And, I can’t believe it’s already Monday. This weekend went by sooooo quickly, it’s crazy.  I have a lot to fill y’all in on, but LOL I suck at blogging lately. Also, March is BANANAS for me - Vegas, Lily’s First, NYC (next weekend!) for Janine’s wedding (hurrah!), and then a 30th the following weekend plus a wedding shower. Yup, I am in *that* phase of life right now. So many life events going on. And, on that note, I’m also spinning in my mirror to check myself out from all angles pre many many dates (oh, Tinder). And of course there are still lady-dates, Netflix time (Rectify, anyone? anyone?), Project Sunshine, and, oh, you know, trying to get back into running! Which is proving way harder than I thought. False. It’s exactly as hard as I thought because I am literally starting at ground zero again.  

And with that… back to work work work work work. But I promise to update you when I can, because I have so many photos to share! Happy Monday gang.

ps. I went to a Vichy blogger presentation last week, and am now HOOKED on their products, and must also share that with you. 

pss. Please ignore the chin zit. 

netflix and chilling by myself during the first weekend of living in NYC, where possibilities for entertainment are infinite