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How to Get Presidential Greetings from the White House.

Do you want a birthday, birth or wedding keepsake signed by the President and First Lady? The Greetings Office is swamped - no doubt because many want to get their requests in before President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama leave the White House. All you have do is go to the governmental link above, read the instructions, and submit a form online.

Weddings and Anniversaries

  • Wedding (sent after wedding date)
  • Civil Unions
  • Wedding Anniversary Greetings (25, 50, 60, 65)
  • Letter: 70 and every year thereafter


  • Birthday Greetings (Age 80, 85, 90, 95)
  • Letter: 100 and every year thereafter
  • Veteran’s Birthday (ages 70 and up)


  • Birth of Baby (must be born during the current Administration; send request only after baby’s birth)
  • Adoption of Child


  • Condolence Letter (for next of kin only)
  • Serious Illness Letter
  • Family Reunion: 25 and every 5 years thereafter
  • Graduation (College/Post Graduate)
  • Religious Milestone (Baptism, First Communion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, etc.)
  • Eagle Scout
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Pastoral Anniversaries: 25 and every 5 years thereafter
  • Church Anniversaries: 25, 50, 75 and every 5 years thereafter
  • Retirement 
  • 30 years or more in the workforce Letter: 
  • 45 years or more in workforce


  • POTUS Official Portrait
  • POTUS Official Portrait w/ Digital Signature
  • POTUS Official Portrait w/ Framing Border
  • POTUS & FLOTUS in Parade
  • POTUS Taking Oath

These greetings are limited to United States citizens only.  Advance Notice Required.  Your request must be received six (6) weeks in advance of the event date for most greetings.


5/30 is AkaKuro’s Wedding Anniversary!

Let’s greet these two lovebirds~

(Whoops~ I just noticed the mistake I made. Sorry. I was too excited for this. Tee-hee~) <(>౪<) ~☆

A Year Ago Today...

Exactly 365 days ago..  at this precise time..  I remember worrying about how much sleep I would get before ‘the big day’.  At 7 am I would wake up and get my hair did, put on the dress that I had seen online 3 years prior and walk down the aisle to marry my best friend, my leveling and roleplay partner and the love of my life; Kris/Ahamtik/Nerkarth.

It was a long time coming for both of us.  We met on Moon Guard in early WotLK.  I remember the first time we spoke vividly.  He invited me to his ventrilo channel - in fact he was very insistent I joined.  I joined after a bit of coaxing and we began to talk.  When he asked me my real name, Allison, he responded with ‘Do you mind if I call you Alice’?  I said I didn’t.    Little did I know that name would stick for years to come.

We roleplayed together, we leveled together, we raided together.  We spoke on vent, on skype and on the phone.  We watched movies together, we watched anime together.  For six years since we met we’ve endured the hard times life threw at us with the kind of grace and humor that only we had.   And through them all we have built up a relationship that I can look back upon with as much fondness as I do now.  

A year ago I got up at 7 am and started getting ready for the wedding I had been planning since our engagement two years prior.  Like a metaphor of our life, so many things had gone wrong.  Bridal party was late from plane delay and lost luggage, groomsmen tuxedos didn’t fit, the bride had caffeinated herself to the point of throwing up.  (Literally, his mom washed my sweater while I napped two hours prior to the ceremony.) Even the wrong music was played for my walk down the aisle…  but somehow, despite all of these things..  somehow everything worked out.  The entire wedding party was there, I was on time and looking great… somehow, like our life, despite everything working against us we managed… no… we flourished.

Our wedding was beautiful.  It was flawless.  It was -us-.  It was everything expected to be us.  A castle in the hills of the Ozarks, with organ music filling the room with all of our friends and family and the G’DAMN STONEMASONS.  It was a perfect day.  Though Chris Metzen never answered our wedding invitation…

But the best part was that it was the beginning of a new, wonderful life with the most amazing man.  And as I look back to this year, I have no regrets.  And as I look forward, I have nothing but hope for what is just around the corner.  

I love you so much, Kris.  You are the best part of me.

Gerald and Betty Ford on Their Wedding Day at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 10/15/1948.

Gerald Ford was introduced to Elizabeth (Betty) Bloomer Warren by mutual friends in August 1947. He proposed in February 1948, but the wedding had to wait until the fall because Ford was planning his first congressional campaign. They were married at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids on October 15, 1948, just a few weeks before the general election.

The bride wore a sapphire blue satin dress and a matching hat with a piece of lace from a parasol belonging to the groom’s grandmother. The groom, who had been out campaigning before the ceremony, had mud on his shoes. “My mother was furious,” he recalled, “but Betty pretended not to notice.”

so, i couldn’t post this until after i showed pete today, but here it is, the first wedding anniversary surprise! our dear friend tyler wrote this poem for us, and my sister (maid of honor) read it at our wedding. an incredible gift to commemorate one of our most important days. so honored and so appreciative. this is a treasure beyond words. :]


We had so much fun on our anniversary weekend away!

We arrived on Friday night and we had booked a secret hotel (you don’t know the name of the hotel until you book it, but the idea is you get a posh hotel cheap so they can sell off their left over rooms without people knowing they have empty rooms…) and the hotel was really swanky! It was right by tower bridge and the views were amazing, we went for dinner near the hotel on the docks and sat outside with all the fairy lights. It was very cute.

On Saturday we went to London zoo and then to this famous bakery called primrose bakery where the cakes were so yum. We then went up to primrose hill where you can see all of London. I’d been before on my own, but it was so much better with Andy! That evening we went to China town for dinner, Andy let me order and I choose all the foods I’d been craving all week since I got home from China. Plus a Chinese beer. We then went to see a musical on the west end - Andy chose dirty rotten scoundrels. It was really funny, and I really enjoyed it.

On Sunday we rented a pair of Boris bikes and cycled round Hyde park and up past Buckingham palace and back. I love cycling so this was a lot of fun for me. Andy really enjoyed it too. We then went to this popular vegetarian restaurant in covent garden called food for thought. Such huge portions of the most tasty food (bottom picture). We then grabbed a cheeky drink in Leicester square before heading back home.

We’re both pretty tired today but it was worth it for an amazing first wedding anniversary weekend :)


Happy 69th anniversary, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter!

After growing up near each other in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy and Rosalynn first started dating while he was serving at the United States Naval Academy​ in Annapolis, Maryland. After their first date, Jimmy stated plainly, “She’s the girl I want to marry.“

The future President and First Lady of the United States were married a year later, on July 7, 1946, in a ceremony in Plains. Throughout their lives, the pair has worked together in politics and championing human rights, working closely with the Carter Center​, which they co-founded in 1982, next to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library​. In 1999, they were both awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, our nation’s highest civilian honor.

Images from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, via ourpresidents:

For our first year ‘paper anniversary’, I was stumped as to what to give to my husband. Other than booking our trip and using the airlines tickets as our paper, I wanted to do something special - and when I say special, I mean crafty :) 

After having trouble finding a card that suits how I feel about my husband, I decided that nothing was adequate and the only way to express how I felt was to make my card… and my paper.

I found a great tutorial on how to make paper, and started working away. To make the card sentimental, I created the pulp out of paper and old cards with loving notes that family and friends had sent to use over the years. After letting the paper dry and solidify over the course of a few days, I ended up with this card.

Following along with our wedding stationery theme, I used left over craft paper envelopes we had and stamped with white ink on the back of the envelope (we hand-screen printed our invites - white on craft paper). I then used the card stock from our wedding invites and cut out the word 'one’ to place on the front of my card. All in all, I was surprised that it brought water to his eyes (mission accomplished) and had a wonderful anniversary :)

Leave me a note if you’d like more details on how to create something like this on your own! I swear, it’s easier than it looks :)