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How to deal with kids vs How to deal with grown-ups – Peraltiago-stylez.

partially deaf jeremy was so excited to see baby driver. michael knows because he got a text at 3:23 am that was mostly incoherent but boiled down to “THEYRE MAKING A MOVIE AND THERES ACTUAL DEAF PEOPLE IN IT” and so he gets jer tickets to a really late showing where it’s basically just the two of them and they feel all cocky because they know what baby’s dad is signing and the ending practically has jer in happy tears because “micah Look he’s putting his hand on the speakers to feel the music!!” and michael just smiles at his dorky beautiful boyfriend, so glad that he’s happy and comfortable in his identity

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Did you see Baymax Returns? What did you think of it?

OF COURSE I SAW IT!! In fact I’ve watched it 7 times in total since it came out and once with @wlwvoltron . It’s SOO GOOD!! It’s everything I could’ve asked for it’s really epic and cool and I get to see my Boyf and the Nerd Gang again. I remember when I saw them tour SFIT I was just like :OOOOOOOOOO because all the little robots made me so happy, they didn’t have to Rip Out My Heart in the intro scene but overall it was amazing and I have been waiting for this for 3 years

Blaise (to Harry and Draco): I love the whole “good auror, bad auror” thing you two have going.

Harry: It’s not really a thing, it’s more like I’m nice and he’s not.

Ok so

I doubt it’s just me but did it freak anyone else out in season 1 of stranger things when Mike jumped off that cliff without hesitation? When I watched the show for the first time that part really freaked me out because of the fact that Mike barely hesitated. I see posts of people kind of making fun of Mike saying oh well he jumped off a cliff to save his friends teeth. In my honest opinion no one, not even a 12 year old, would barely hesitate to jump off a cliff (even to save his friends teeth no matter how good of a friend he is) if they didn’t have something going on deeper inside them. Perhaps you could argue that Mike thought he would survive the fall? But in my opinion Mike is a smart child and he even he should know that he wouldn’t survive that fall. Even the bullies were freaked out when he jumped because they didn’t think he actually would. He had like no emotion on his face before he did anything and people who don’t want to die or get hurt would usually be crying or showing some kind of emotion imo. I mean Mike comes from a home where yeah perhaps they’re not struggling financially or anything like that but he does have an inattentive father and two parents who don’t love each other and from personal experience I can tell you that that messes with a child whether they realize it or not. Not to mention the fact that he is bullied and perhaps you could add some other things. I personally think Mike may have deeper issues and I also think that him barely hesitating to even jump off that cliff was a big red flag ok bye