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Another Visit to the Healer - Craftybadger1234
By Organization for Transformative Works

A story told in short bits during Harry’s annual check-up at St. Mungo’s. It tells of the rise and fall of Harry’s marriage to Ginny as they struggle with infertility.


ceasefire (chapther 5) by hollycomb

“Don’t call me that.”

“I don’t even blame you,” Hux says. He stands, moves back from the edge of the cliff but doesn’t turn toward Kylo. He can’t look at Kylo– Doing so hurts, physically, like a gut punch. Even having Kylo this close, over ten feet away, is like feeling ice coat every bone in his body, all of Hux’s energy going toward suppressing the primal fear that tells him to run, run, or risk being attacked again. “I pity you, really,” Hux says. “He took me from you. I can’t– Look at you, I can’t– Be whatever I was for you before. He accomplished that, even in failing to kill me. I’m sorry. I’m not strong enough to undo it.”

Who’s She Deleted Scenes (JokerXReader)

Oh guys I’m so sorry I haven’t posted something in a while but I was really stressed out because of school and stuff and now I’m ill again, life seems to hate me at the moment. But I finally found the time to write the long announced Who’s She deleted scenes! :) I really hope you’ll enjoy them. :* <3

Who’s She deleted scenes special!

(Y/N) visiting the Joker again at Arkham

„Don’t expect any deep conversations today, we had to sedate him.“

You glared at the guard, which was bringing Mr J to the visitors room today.

He was one of the assholes that tortured him, the first time you were visting him here and it seemed that they had done some more things to him.

„You’ve got fourtyfive minutes“, the guard added, then he closed the huge metal door behind him and you were alone with the clown again.

He wasn’t in a good condition and it kinda broke your heart as he looked at you as if he was completely lost in his numbed mind.

„J?“, you asked carefully.

„Ooooh, my lovely, lovely … (Y/N) … so lovely …“, he smiled at you, like he was on drugs.

„J, what did they gave you?“

Mr J’s smile got frozen on his face, and his eyes darkened in fury.

„Oh they were mean to me this time, my sweet little doll“, he growled, before he grinned at you again.

„You look pretty, so pretty, pretty, pretty …“

Your eyes filled with tears.

They had given him so many tranquilizers that he didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.

„J, look at me … look at me. What have they done to you?“, you asked worried, kneeling down in front of him.

He looked at you with puppy eyes.

They called him the King of Gotham City, but the man which was sitting in front of you now, was far away from being a king.

In this moment, he was just a damaged little boy in the body of a mad man.

„Just a happy little pill here and a happy little pill there … have you ever experienced elektroshock therapy, little (Y/N)? It feels like their toasting your brain … Last time they thought they’d killed me, I was unconscious for nearly ten minutes, oh you should’ve seen how happy they had been, until I opened my eyes again then they knocked me out for the next three hours with the next injection. Awww, don’t cry for daddy, it’s fine I’m used to it. But I’m so glad my pretty little angel is coming for me everyday to look if daddy is alright. I really appreciate that, come here, doll. Sit“, Mr J said his voice low and calm, gesturing with his head for you, to sit on his lap, because every other part of his upper body was tied up into a straightjacket, like always when you were visiting him.

You sat down and he rested his head onto your shoulder, rubbing his face at the crook of your neck.

„Mhmm, you’re such a good girl. You’re the light that shines into this hell hole, just for me. I live for you, my dear“, he whispered.

You looked at him, closing your eyes, while he kissed you roughly.

You knew he manipulated you to keep you addicted to him and you had to admit that it worked, but you didn’t care about that anymore, you wanted him, you had fallen for the mad clown.

And at the moment you felt compassion towards him.

How could they treat him like that?

Electroshocking him, abusing him …

Even though he was a bad man, he didn’t deserve that, you thought sadly.

„I would love to touch you, doll …“

Looking back into his eyes you could see something growing.

Desire, lust … but there also was something else, something you couldn’t quite match.

Whatever it was, it made you feel wanted.

„I could free you before they come back“, you whispered.

You knew this was probably the most dangerous thing you could do, but he looked so lost at the moment and you kinda wanted to touch him too.

„Aw, you really would do that for daddy, hm?“, he asked placing kisses alongside your neck again.

„Yes“, you whispered nodding your head.

You turned around to face him and untied his straightjacket.

A few seconds later you heared him growling in pleasure, after his arms were finally released.

For a moment you thought about what you just did and fear took over you.

What if this was all he wanted?

What if he kills me now?

But those thoughts were all washed away as Mr J wrapped his arms around your body, to pull you closer into his chest.

He wasn’t rough like you would’ve expected it first, he was kinda careful, as if this was all new to him and he just wanted to try how it feels.

This made you nearly cry again.

That a man like him, which was known to be a cold hearted psychopath acted like a lost little boy.

You didn’t know if this was just him manipulating you again, but even if this was the case, you knew that there were feelings behind this action, although Mr J wouldn’t admit it.

„Good girl … taking care of daddy so nicely …“, he murmered into your ear.

„Yes, daddy. Just remember this, okay?“

„I’ll come for you doll, very soon when I’m outta here, I promise …“




Mr J calling (Y/N) out of Arkham

It was midnight as you heared your phone vibrating on your nightstand.

You thought it could’ve been Freddy who was at a bar, too drunk to drive home by himself since it was weekend and there was no college on Sundays.

He always called you when he was in trouble, because you were his best friend even though you two weren’t in a relationship anymore.

„Hello?“, you said with a sleepy voice, your eyes still closed.

„Wakey, wakey, kitten. Have ya dreamed about me?“

Your eyes were wide open as you recognised the low and gravelly voice of Mr J on the phone.

He sounded amused.

„J? What …? Where are you?“, you whispered, panic crawling through your body.

„I just took a little walk out of my cell and decided to call you, your mother’s office offers so many good things including a good old telephone!“

He sounded so excited it almost made you smile, but then worry took over you again.

„J, what if they find you? Go back to your cell“, you said silently.

„Aw, always so worried about me, princess. You’re so cute when you’re like that“, he said.

You could already imagine him smirking at you right now.

„J, I’m serious. I don’t want you get hurt like the last time.“

„Relax, angel. I’m all alone and I hope you’re alone as well“, Mr J said his voice suddenly darkened.

„J, I have been sleeping before you called me, of course I’m alone“, you sighed.

As much as you were worried about what he was doing right now and as much as you enjoyed hearing his voice, you just wished you could go back to sleep.

„Oh good. So I suppose it’s dark in your room, isn’t it?“

„Yes …“, you whispered.

What was his point?

„What are you wearing, doll?“, he suddenly asked.

„J, I really think you should go back-“

„You didn’t answer my question“, he interrupted you.

Your cheeks reddened immediately, you couldn’t believe he was doing this with you.

„A top …“, you whispered unsure about this.

„And?“, Mr J asked further.

You couldn’t see it but you knew he was getting impatient.

„Just panties …“

„Nothing more?“, he asked, his tone now sounding more delighted.

„No …“, you said biting your bottom lip.

„Oooh, bad girl. If I didn’t know it better I’d say you knew that I was going to call ya, doll“, he cackled.

„Do daddy a favor and take that top off.“

Oh my god, you really couldn’t believe the Joker was doing phone sex with you.

You were overwhelmed with the whole situation, but on the other hand it kinda aroused you to know, that he was listening to whatever you were doing now.

„I took it off …“, you whispered.

„Good girl. Tell me, are you wearing any bra, kitten?“, he asked.

Your cheeks grew hot whilst your answer.

„No …“

„Mhmm, I can imagine you laying there. Those perky little tits untouched by now and your pussy slightly wet from my words, am I right, princess?“

„Yes …“, you sighed starting to enjoy this whole phone sex thing.

„Touch yourself, baby. Touch yourself for daddy, do it like it would be me“, he growled.

„Tell me what you’re doing now, doll.“

„I’m touching myself for you, daddy“, you purred.

„Where do you touch yourself, baby? Tell daddy everything“, he said between a hiss and a low growl.

Was he masturbating whilst listening to you?

„I’m touching my breasts right now, daddy. Massaging them, making my nipples grow hard.“

„Such a good girl, go on …“, he snarled.

„I’m wearing black panties, my hand is wandering down to my pussy. I’m really wet by now, daddy.“

At first it was odd to speak like that while Mr J was listening, but now it just turned you on even more, also knowing that he probably was doing the same thing right now.

„Rub your pussy for me, baby“, he growled.

„It feels so wet, daddy“, you whispered in pleasure after laying your own hands on your aching spot.

„What are you doing now, princess?“

His voice full of desire.

„I’m fingering myself …“, you moaned silently.

„How does it feel?“

„Tight and wet … it feels so good, imagining that this could be you inside of me …“

„Oooh, I can nearly feel your tight little pussy around my cock, baby. Sooo good“, he purred.

Your breathing started to get heavier and you could feel that you were about to come any time soon, you were so turned on by Mr J’s words and his raspy low voice.

„Come for daddy now, doll“, he growled and you did, trying really hard to not make a sound which your mother could probably hear in her room at the end of the floor.

„Wasn’t that good, angel?“, Mr J asked, as you were laying in your bed breathless.

You could still feel your body tingling and you started to giggle silently.

„Yes, daddy“, you whispered.


Mr J creeping around (Y/N‘s) house while she’s sleeping


Joker’s POV

My, my, my beautiful little princess …

You will be mine very soon.

It was past midnight as the Joker was standing in your room, watching you sleep, enjoying the thought of you being his girl now.

A few hours ago he had escaped from Arkham and Frost had driven him to your house.

First of all Mr J got rid of your stupid mother, he would’ve enough time to kill her later, but now it was just you and him.

„Daddy came for you, doll. In a few hours it’s just you and me and not even your mother can do anything about it.“


Mr J kills Freddy


„J …? What’s wrong?“, you asked irritated as you heared Mr J growling next to you while you had fallen nearly half asleep.

He sat on the other side of the bed, staring out of the window with squinted eyes.

You had been at his club late this night and everything was perfectly fine until you had met Freddy at the dancefloor.

Mr J wasn’t delighted at all to see you talking to another boy and if you hadn’t told him that he’d better let him alive, he would’ve killed him right at the place.

„Is it still because of him?“, you asked carefully.

You didn’t want him to get upset again.

It was already enough for you to calm him down after you two were leaving the club.

For you it has been the first time being out with Mr J as his girl, you knew this would be a big thing especially for him and you knew that he wouldn’t let come something into your way, when he was with you, but you also didn’t expect Freddy to be at J’s club.

„Where are you going?“, you asked in a whisper, after seeing J getting up from the bed.

„Sleep, doll. Daddy’s just running some business, I will be back in a few hours“, he growled giving you a rough kiss on the lips before he left the room.

Joker’s POV

„P-Please I don’t even know what you are talking about!“, the boy with the brown hair begged and looked into Mr J’s eyes, horror written all over his young face.

„Frost I don’t think he got the message“, the Joker snarled dangerously.

 „You boy …“, Mr J said and gestured towards the culprit that has spoken to his girl at, his club while he was with her.

„have gotten yourself into serious trouble.“

„Please Mr Joker, Sir. I don’t even know why I’m here“, Freddy Cramer pleaded, his body trembling and his voice shaking.

„You don’t know why you’re here? You don’t know why you’re here? You don’t know it?!“, Mr J yelled into his face.

„Frost do you think I should refresh this young man‘s memory?“, the Joker asked his first henchman.

„Seems to be a good idea, boss“, Frost said tightening the grip around Freddy’s arms.

„Goooood“, Mr J responded his words long and drawn out before his most eerie grin spreed across his face, revealing his glistening silver teeth.

„Now Freddy, let me tell you just one simple name, I think this will be enough for you to remember what you did wrong.“


Freddy’s eyes widened in shock as he heared your name coming out of Mr J’s mouth and he remembered how he met you today night at this club downtown in Gotham City.

You looked so different and you weren’t that talkative like always when you two had seen each other.

„What have you done to her?“

The words came out of Freddy’s mouth before he could think about it, what turned out to be the next big mistake he had made tonight.

„What I have done to her? I DID NOTHING TO HER!“

Mr J’s voice sounded like a thunderclap from the warehouses down at the Gotham River.

You looked at her like she was fresh meat to you. No one looks at my girl like that, she’s mine, all mine and to make sure you’ll leave her alone from now on …“

The Joker didn’t finish his sentence and before Freddy could ask what he was about to do to him, some hard and cold metal hit him all across the face.

He fell aside, his nose and mouth covered in blood, but there was no time to beg for mercy or even help.

No one was here, no one would hear him scream, and the Joker wouldn’t stop beating him with a crowbar until the boy was dead.

Freddy was pulled onto his knees again and the crowbar hits his face for a second and a third time.

„HA HA HA HA … Oh boy, you look demaged!“, Mr J laughed, enjoying the pain he caused to the young man, which seemed to be only barely alive now, after that torture.

„No seriously you look like shit, maybe we should clean his face, Frost“, Mr J added.

„Of course, boss“, Frost said and dragged Freddy to the banks of the Gotham River.

Mr J walked towards the half dead body and grinned at him in satisfaction.

„Time to say good bye, Fred. It was a pleasure to kill ya“, he said then grabbed him onto his hair and pressed his head into the cold water.

Freddy was weak after the first round of torture but as soon as Mr J was about to drown him he pulled himself together one last time and tried to fight against the death.

„Are you kidding me?!“, Mr J said slightly annoyed but a few seconds later Freddy wasn’t moving anymore.

He was finally dead.

„Some people just don’t know when to die“, Mr J growled running his fingers through his green slicked back hair.

„Boss. What if they find him? What would (Y/N) say? She will know that you got rid of him“, Frost suddenly said.

„She‘ll get over it. She doesn’t need him. Now get his body into the river, and stop asking stupid questions“, Mr J said harshly.

„Yes, boss.“

drunken tsukikage hcs go:

tsukishima stretches and makes lots of popping noises with his body esp his ankles and toes and kags is like GROSSSSSSS so tsukki doesn’t on purpose and laughs and kags is like YOU BETTER STOP or what? OR SOMETHING kiss me I’ll stop

I think teu both crave attention and are too big if nerds to express that so they both low key like lean on one another once kags crawled into tsukkis lap he almost imploded

they watch lots of movies together and it’s funny cause when like major plot twists are reveled kags often doesn’t get them and they have to pause so tsuks can explain

tsukki wears leggings and big sweatshirts a lot as kags never knew until the first time he vists tsuks at his house and kageyama is SO OVEWHELEMED WITH THIS INFOR

they once tried to shower together but since they’re so massively tall and had to bend funny it didn’t work out so they end up drawin a big ok bubble bath and kags is so nervous he keeps dropping bottles and tsukkis face is on fire the whole time

Yama drops by unannounced as he usually does and catches them smooching on the floor - he’s embarrassed but suspected. tsukkis is more embarrassed cause he wasn’t ready to tell yams tht he had a big gay crush on the big gay nerd king

lastly they pick on each other a lot and do that thing where they will inch closer and closer like nerd (inch) loser (inch ) dumb ass (8inch) an when tsukkis right up (down) in kags’ business kags smooches him on omthe nose

wait also kags is a really spitty kisser

anonymous asked:

Truth is I lowkey care for you, everyday when I get on Tumblr I first vist your blog to see what you've reposted or answered too cuz I care! I'm not lying truth be told and I check your Instagram to just to see your face I know this my not mean much Bcuz I'm anon but I'm a real person who genuinely wants to see you happy & it kinda makes me sad that you feel so down

This means a lot anon you’re very sweet


Naboo Lake Retreat Concept Art by Phil Harvey (1), Gavin Bocquet & Ravi Bansal (2, 3)

When Padmé thinks of her homeland, she hears the hypnotic cascading of Theed’s distant waterfalls. Anakin, returning to the planet he first visted as a boy ten years before, recalls shimmering sunlight and flower-scented air. Naboo is truly an idyllic place for the storybook romance between Anakin and Padmé to begin, particularly the remote lake country to which the budding lovers retreat. Anakin knows the Jedi oath forbids attachment; Padmé knows her Senatorial demands leave no time for romance- but here, despite all, they share a first kiss.

-Mark Vaz, The Art of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones