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★ Mon-El Appreciation Week ★

Day 2 favourite episode or scene: 2x09 Supergirl Lives

Lily + Remus
  • Ultimate brotp, no one can convince me that they were more than platonic 
  • The first night, none of the other boys take notice of Remus because he is so quiet. He is the first one up in the morning, an early riser like Lily.
  • At six in the morning, at breakfast, Lily sees him and approaches him with a giant grin that is so like her. “Someone else who is up at the crack of dawn,” she says. 
  • They go out to explore the grounds together
  • In fact, early morning walks are their specialty. This knowledge of mapping out the grounds comes in handy when making the Marauders Map (unbeknownst to Lily)
  • Remus, new in first year, is the only person from the class other than Lily who has read his textbooks. In Transfiguration, Lily and him earn Gryffindor twenty points the first day.
  • Lily and him become study partners before he becomes friends with the other Marauders. She is there for him “when no one else was”. 
  • She begins to take notice of the days he’s gone. 
  • She realizes what he is, but never confronts him. She knows he is still Remus.
  • In second year, when the Marauders figure it out, Remus runs away, hiding. She is the one who convinces him to go back, because she could see the “beauty in others that they didn’t see themselves.”
  • In third year, James starts to like her. (“Moony, mention my name, please when you study”)
  • Later that evening, Remus and Lily discuss Cheering Charms, “Did you know, James is so good at charms,” he says. She raises her eyebrows.
  • “James is great with flobberworms.” When doing their care of magical creatures essay.
  • Because Remus is the number one Jily shipper.
  • Fourth year, she sees Remus staring at Sirius’ hair. She grins to herself. The next day, Sirius’ hair is braided and she sees Remus blush terribly and she laughs. 
  • Remus turns around and he knows that she knows. Thus start her and James’ awful plans to get “Wolfstar” together. (”Potter, let’s just drop Amortenia on Black’s Head”)
  • Remus making them fail on purpose so she and James get more time together. (“Sorry, Lily, I accidentally messed up all my lines.”)
  • During fifth year, they were the best team of prefects. Although Lily disapproves that Remus would not argue with his friends, she did not blame him for it.
  • Fifth year, during O.W.L season, Remus and Lily were the ones calming everyone down.
  • Sixth year, they are the ones recklessly tossing aside their exams because they needed to protest the new ministry laws.
  • During the Prank, Lily convinced Remus to forgive Sirius. She also went to Sirius and punched him in the face during breakfast, tbhus earning her detention for the first time. (”Evans, will you marry me?” James Potter laughs for the first time in five days.)
  • Seventh year, when Lily warms up to James, this time it is Remus and Sirius who start hatching plans.
  • When she starts going out with him, Remus hugs James and whispers cheerfully, “I love you and everything mate, but don’t hurt her, or Moony will rip you to shreds.”
  • After school, they all rent out a flat together. He and Sirius organize the bachelor party.
  • During the wedding, Remus makes sure that Sirius doesn’t get too drunk, and cuts at least 35 deer puns out of the Best Man’s Speech. (”I think 64 is enough, don’t you think, Pads?”) 
  • That is the last night he remembers them being all together.
  • He can’t be there when Harry is born because of the full moon, but Lily brages into his room the next day and makes him hold Harry. (”You’re his Uncle Moony,” she says, laughing. “We can’t leave you.”)
  • Which is why it is sad when they have to part, James and Lily and Harry going into hiding.
  • He goes undercover to the werewolves, and Sirius begins to think he is the spy
  • On Halloween night, he hears what has happened when he is for the first time, not undercover. It was going to be a relatively quiet night free of stress and worry.
  • Now he has no worries, because his worst worries have come true. He rushes to the dilapidated house.
  • His mind is blank as he realizes all that happened. It keeps playing in his kind ovr and over and over again. Sirius laughing manically, much like he used to when there were worms coming out of the Slytherins’ ears. Now muggles were bleeding. revulsion and guilt fill him, because he misses Sirius, but Sirius has killed James. James, the good one, the loyal one, the steady one.
  • He sees James crooked glasses in the coffin and remembers fondly when James fell asleep in History of Magic while staring at Lily when he used to stare at her.
  • He sees his long arms, lifeless, and remembers when  they held him up after the full moon.
  • He stares blankly at Lily, the most of all. Her radiant hair and dazzling eyes (apparently Harry Potter’s eyes), closed forever. Her kind smile that she would never smile again. Her anger that would never be roused again. 
  • But when he looks into the face of Harry Potter, the first thought that comes to his mind is James.
  • But he looks into those dazzling eyes, of one of his best friends, his dearest friends, he cannot bear it and needs to go out of the carriage.
  • Because one upon a time, Lily and Remus were the dearest of friends.

Can you imagine Blackwatch!McCree thinking he’s smooth as fuck? When he meets The Shimada bros for the first time on an undercover mission, Hanzo tries greeting Jesse with Japanese first and Jesse just answers with: Sorry darlin’, I don’t speak angel.

Camellia Red 

  • Jack is mourning the loss of Ashi…until the arrival of a mysterious geisha changes everything. It leads him to believe the gods are granting him another chance at happiness. However, not everything is at it seems, as even the flower and willow world can have thorns. Jack/Ashi. 
Hold On To Me

Author’s note: Okay so this fic spawned from a few different requests I got, but in the end I kind of ignored the requests and did my own thing?? Sorry guys. But anyway, ever since I saw Wonder Woman (the day it came out lmao) and then the two other times since then (bc I’m trash) I’ve been developing this idea and yeah. Hope you guys enjoy! 
Also! Please listen to ‘Heart’ by Sleeping At Last, as that’s the song I listened to while writing and it kind of fits! 

Summary: You joined this godawful war alongside your brother and his best friend. As a female pilot, already under stress due to your gender, the war became too much, ripping away everything you loved - but Steve was always by your side. Then he disappeared, and you had nothing left. So when he turns up out of nowhere with a stunning warrior goddess by his side, there are mixed feelings that arise. But you cannot let yourself get distracted by feelings that may or may not be reciprocated - there is still a war to be won. 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three 

Steve Trevor x Reader

   The first time you met Steve Trevor was back in 1916, the year you’d been assigned to British forces. You were waiting for your brother to return from a flight, so that the two of you could celebrate the fact that you’d finally been assigned a mission, and your pilot’s license - an incredibly difficult feat, due to the fact that you’re a woman. You were stood in the middle of the large hangar when something hurtled into you. 

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Kanera Trope-athon PHASE 1:  Activate!

May the Fourth Be With You!  In honor of Star Wars Day, we are releasing the first set of prompts!

Time to start writing, drawing, vidding, creating!  To tide us over until S4’s premiere, let’s create fanworks focused around Kanan and Hera! Remember, whatever your take on the specifics of their relationship, it is legitimate and embraced here. Just make the fanwork focus primarily on these two!

  1. Classic Trope Prompt:  Huddling For Warmth  Use Tag: #huddling for warmth
  2. AU/Crack Prompt:  Going Undercover as [you choose]  Feel free to make this as AU/crack-fic-y or as canon-compliant as you prefer. Tag:  #undercover
  3. Shippy (or not) Prompt:  First Time for [you choose]  Tag: #first time


  • ALL of the prompts can be interpreted as your muse desires:  shippy or not, cracky or not, colleagues or more, set in any time period you want (pre-show, S1, etc.).
  • These prompts are just that - points to jump off from. We encourage you to interpret as you feel moved. Adhere to the spirit/tradition of it or take it in the exact opposite direction.
  • Use any creative medium you’d like to explore the prompts. This is not just for fics!
  • We encourage all folks to chime in on brainstorming, cheerleading, and meta’ing. Throw out wacky interpretations or angst or “wouldn’t it be cool if…”
  • You may submit at any time. Check out the guidelines and watch for a follow-up post for the specifics of submitting. We will begin releasing the submissions from the queue on Friday, May 19, but you can keep going on these prompts longer. Most of all, bring in as many people to as you can find, and HAVE FUN!


  1. Reblog!  
  2. Recruit!
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Write (100-word drabbles, vignettes, short stories, multi-chaps, epics, etc.)
  5. Draw
  6. Vid
  7. Post specific prompts within these tropes
  8. Request stories and prompts
  9. Cheerlead!
  10. Write meta about how these tropes would/could play out
  11. Beta for others
  12. Read and view
  13. Use and follow the tag kanera2k17
  14. COMMENT!!! 

Everyone, go create! 


“This is Wanda the bowler at the bowling tournament, bowling.”

Yuri in Hell AU

So instead of sleeping last night randomly made up an AU

  • Yuri is a demon who isn’t very good at his job. He gets a lot of people to sell their souls but they are happy with the transaction.

      Demon Boss: You gave him exactly what he asked for in exchange for his soul!
    Yuuri:  ….yes? Isn’t that the way it works?
    Boss: You are supposed to interpret it badly! Infinite life but you continue to age, the woman loves you but you both die!
    Yuuri: Well that seems rude… 
  • Victor is also a shitty demon but for different reasons. He rarely makes a sale. 

    Victor: You should totally sell me your soul
    Person: …I… shouldn’t….that’s bad… right…but…I do want that guitar…so…?
    Victor: K, well I’m gonna go get a latte so you think on it. Ciao.

  • Victor is, however, one of Satan’s favorites because when he does succeed (the few times) it’s in awe inspiring amazing ways that are completely accidental. Like he gets the soul of the Pope who wanted “All the world to know what goodness is” and so Victor spreads poodles all over the world. He isn’t even trying to fuck it up correctly. He thinks he’s helping.

  • The two are paired together by Satan (see note later) in hopes they will learn from each other at least a bit.

  • Queue shenanigans

  • They are joined by a cast of over the top Demon and Angel Characters

  • Chris as The Demon of Lust

  • Phichit as The Demon of Vanity

  • Seung Gil as The Demon of Sloth

  • Guang Hong as the Demon of Wrath (this is adorbs to me lol)

  • Leo as the Angel of Diligence (he and Guang Hong have a romeo and Juliet thing going on)

  • Georgi as the Angel of True Love (he ships Guang Hong and Leo hard and helps them steal time together)

  • JJ as Jehoel (known as ‘the singer of the eternal’) a super Evangelical angel JESUS AND JEHOEL STYLE (not sorry)

  • Yurio is The Demon of Envy and is DETERMINED to dethrone Victor as Satan’s favorite

  • Now for the plot twist!

  • Otabek is Lucifer, but he hates all the attention cuz he’s shy so he uses Yakov as his front. He prefers spending time out among the demons getting to know the daily workings. He was paired with Yurio on one of his first undercover assignments and has been gaga for the boy ever since. He is torn between wanting to help Yurio realize his dream of being Satan’s right hand and wanting to keep him from getting too close and realizing he’s already Satan’s #1 lol.

  • There is probably so much more I could add to this but this was what I came up with before I actually made myself go to bed. 

AU that I want someone to write:
Lucy grows up as Rittenhouse royalty and is sent to take care of Garcia Flynn who has been causing them problems. When they meet, he makes her realize the horrors of Rittenhouse and she teaches him how to destroy it without destroying history.

Magnolia Seven-Seven

Chapter One: Just Peachy

Summary: Magnolia is like every other city, full of traffic jams and hoards of people. When Captain Gajeel and Detectives Gray and Natsu get involved with a shady crime boss that seems to have the whole crime ring in his back pocket, they need a little more backup to bring him down: i.e ADA Lucy Heartfilia, Evidence Technician Levy McGarden, and Caffeinator Juvia Lockster.

Rating: M for adult situations and language

A/N: This is all Alisha’s fault. Blame @rivendell101 for this monstrosity. Buddycop!AU conceived after eating 22 Reese’s and no sleep…after how many months of not writing. 

Gray mentally promised to strangle whomever decided shove glitter and peppermints down this car’s dashboard vents. It wasn’t even hot out and yet the car smelled of mint and tiny rainbow glitter blinded him if he turned his head the wrong way.

Plus it made the dashboard look like a wayward unicorn shat all over.

Of course his captain got first pick of the undercover cars and of course he picked the coupe, leaving them with the SUV with the atomic glitter explosion all over. He wondered if there was regrets, anger, maybe bitter acceptance when the poor soul turned on the defrost and met his sparkled fate. At least the car forever smelled of peppermint, the candy caked into the bowels of the car for eternity. No amount of body odor or bad burritos can ever clear it. He turned the air conditioning to maximum.

“Batman can totally beat Aquaman. Remember he is the night AND a billionaire.”

Oh, right. Before his intense pondering of the dashboard, he and his partner had been in an intense debate.

Natsu Dragneel. Gray had no way to explain him properly. Who could? He supposed Natsu felt the same way about him, despite being rivals in the academy. Pink hair aside, the man had grit for an idiot. He was the only one Gray would trust with his back…and their captain too.

“Nah, Aquaman has Batman beat.”

Natsu tensed, flashing his signature ‘eat shit’ look. It was kinda like a constipated face, but with more rage in his brows. Honestly, how did he make Detective? He was a bag of half eaten, dusty Reese’s: useless to everybody and, with as much affection as Gray could muster, totally gross in theory.

“You know what Gajeel said. ‘Back up yer opinions’,” he said, mimicking Gajeel’s gruff tone. Huh, he even did the little lip curl characteristic common for Gajeel. “So, back your wrong opinion up.” He changed the A/C dial back to maximum heat.

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The Ceramic Cat

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: ‘Course babe! Thanks for requesting!!

[Y/Fa/N] = Your Fake Name, aka your disguise

Prompt: “Can I request a shy reader x Raph?” @samaxraph99

Word count: 1111

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was your first ‘undercover mission’ with the ninjas, April and Casey, and you were terrified. What if you screwed up? What if one of your friends got hurt? It would be your fault.

The reason you were picked for the task of breaking into a secret service; was because your father owned the place, and you knew it like the back of your hand.

It was a grand estate, and you had been working with your dad in a tiny filing cupboard, and hardly anybody noticed you.

You mainly filed his taxes and reports, but one caught your eye. It was all about the masked vigilante terrapins that roamed New York City. No one batted an eyelid when you excused yourself for the day.

Why? Because you were as shy as a mouse.

Even around your friends, you hardly spoke a word, and when you did it was usual drowned out by the others’ yelling.

But because the brother’s worried about you so much, they insisted you wore a disguise, and the disguise was to dress like a sophisticated secretary for the new opening for the assistant manager. The same assistant manager who picked on you and made you feel like shit most of the time.

You got the job that morning, and a new access-all-areas badge. This was new. You thought you had a badge exactly like this, but the more Richard (the assistant manager) told you, the more you realized your darling father kept his fair share of secrets from you. And the more you realized you hated the ceramic bobble-head cat on Richard’s desk.

The guys assured you that you would be safe, and they were never far behind. It was around 11PM, and you were still dressed in the same outfit as before. But this time, you were a lot more on edge. Why? Because the brothers, April and Casey were watching you from the security room on the cameras.

All you had to do was get to Richard’s office on the 19th floor and input the memory stick Donnie had given you containing a virus that would scan and delete all files to do with him and his brothers. 

Raphael was very protective of you, and disagreed with you going into this by yourself, insisting that April would be better suited. From the look you gave him, he realized that he just completely insulted you and your acting skills, but he wasn’t about to let his best friend walk into a supposed face of danger.

You persisted that you go ahead with it; you wanted to show your worth to the team. As you entered the room, Raph watched on the cameras your whole personality switch.

Gone was the shy and timid character, replaced with someone of charm and grace and strength.

You were the embodiment of who you’d always wanted to be, and he couldn’t be more proud of you.

He watched with anticipation as you scanned your card freely, your heels clicking against the tiled floor of the quiet room. It was all going smoothly, only a few security guards looking at you (but mainly to check out how amazing you looked in that black pencil skirt), but then who decided to show up? Richard. Heading straight out of his office and towards you.

You tried to move out of the way, press against the wall to sort of camouflage yourself against the bright red wall. Surprisingly, it didn’t work, and he grinned widely at you, making a beeline towards your now deflated posture.

“Good evening, Mr. Bold.” Your smile was tight as you looked from Richard’s face to the camera and back again.

“Evenin’, [Y/Fa/N], beautiful night, right?” he rested his hand against the wall next to your head, motioning to the skylight above.

“Yeah, real pretty. Hey, I think I left some stuff in your office I’m just going to go-”

“I’ll come with,” he held his arm out, pointing towards the way as you nodded, eyebrows risen.

Raph was watching with a frown on his face, yelling to Leo about how they couldn’t let you go with that slimy jerk. Leo told him to pipe down, whilst Raph clenched his fists tightly, pacing whilst stepping over the knocked out guards on the floor.

He should be protecting you, not letting you walk into jeopardy. And that was exactly what was happening when he turned back to look at the screen and Richard had a gun to your head. 

You didn’t know how you got into this situation, but you had walked in first, and when you turned back around, the cold metal of a pistol was against you’re forehead and your body against the desk, there was no where to go.

“I knew there were somethin’ fishy about you, [Y/Fa/N], when you got here this mornin’. Did some diggin’ and apparently your persona dint exist until last night. Wanna explain that?” swallowing, you lined your fingers against the desk top before hitting the ceramic cat. Your fingers curled around it, trying to come up with words to stall him, but after your shyness creeped back in, you couldn’t.

But you could slam the ceramic cat against his temple, and you did. Next thing you know, his body was on the floor and the memory stick was in the slot. Breathing heavily, you collapsed on the giant black office chair. 

Back at the lair, the team and you were celebrating a great victory, with pizza and Mikey’s secret stash of orange soda.

By the time you were done, it was coming to 3AM and you decided you had to get back home, so naturally one of the turtles escorted you back to the surface, tonight it was Raph’s turn. You walked in complete silence on the rooftops, latching on to him occasionally as he jumped across between two buildings. When you got to the roof of your apartment, he stopped you, holding your arm.

“What ya did, it was really brave. I’m-I’m proud of ya.” You blushed at his words, looking away from him and over the view of New York City.

“Thank you, Raph.” You smiled politely, your voice next to a whisper. “I-I should get going. I’ll see you tomorrow?” he nodded lightly, smiling back at you. Tucking a strand of hair behind you ear, letting go of you as he watched you climb down the fire escape to your window.