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Mystery Boy // Tom Holland X Reader

A/N: This is my first imagine with Tom Holland! Yayyy! I hope you guys like it, and please remember that this is my first one, so it might not be the best.

Requested: Nope.

Warnings: Swearing.

Words: 1,053 (got a little carried away)

Summary: Tom goes undercover as Ben Perkins in Bronx High School, but the reader knows somethings up. The reader tries to find out what his secret is and Tom eventually tells her//him that he’s actually Spider-Man.

Please do not plagiarize//steal this story. Reblogs are fine :D


You took your seat as the tardy bell rang. The teacher was sitting at her desk, jotting down some notes for today’s lesson. You sighed, knowing that today was not going to be different from any other day. You would sit in class, answer some questions, eat by yourself at lunch, and most likely spend your free period in the library doing some last minute studying.

You looked around, trying to spot something you can pay attention to. Your attention landed at the door, as it opened to reveal a boy you never seen before. He puffed out his cheeks and ran a hand through his neatly combed brown hair. He walked to the teachers desk, and started talking to her, saying things you couldn’t hear over the classrooms chatter.

You couldn’t help but to stare at the boy, he had a mysterious vibe to him, as if he had something to hide. He must be new, because you would’ve noticed him sooner. The thought was strange, because no one joined Bronx High School in the middle of the year. The school was more acclaimed to higher level students and not just anyone gets in.

The teacher suddenly points towards you, and the boy looks your way. You look at the empty seat next to you, most likely soon to be the boys seat. He starts walking your way, and he takes in the view. Paper airplanes flying around, the loud chatter, and sudden outbursts of laughter. He smiles, once he reaches your desk and takes the seat next to you.

“ Are you new?” You ask him, curious. As before, not just anyone attends Bronx High School.

“ Y-Yes.” He answers. His voice sounds nervous, and honestly, quite scared.

“ What’s your name?” You always asked lots of questions, ever since you were little, you just couldn’t help it.

“ Ben Perkins,” He says, taking a deep breath. “ Yours?” He looks at you.

“ Um,” You stutter. “ Y/N L/N.” You finish with a smile.

“ How did you get in? They don’t let just anyone in here.” He seems taken aback from your question.

After a long pause, he finally answers. “ I’m not really sure, my parents did most of the talking.”

“ Hmm.” You look away, not satisfied with his answer.

“ So,” He begins. “ How do you feel being here?”

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion.
“ Did you seriously just ask me what I feel being here?” You say, highly confused because honestly, what kind of question is that.

“ I apologize, I-I’m on the odd side.” He finishes with a british accent, which was weird, becase the whole time he was talking to you he was speaking in an american accent.

“ Say something else.” You say, trying to see if he speaks in a british or an american accent.

“ What should I say?” He asks in a british accent, again.

“ What’s up with the change in accents? You were talking in american, but now british.”

“ Shit.” He swears under his breath.

“ Okay, ” You say fed up with the confusion. “ You’re obviously hiding something. If you don’t want to tell me, fine then. But if you do, spit it out.”

He looks as if he’s thinking things over in his head. He begins to talk. “ Do you want to know my secret?”

You’re puzzled as what he just said, but you nod your head, as he opens his mouth.

“ I’m actually Spider-Man.” He whispers. “ I’m trying to learn how high school actually feels like because I’ve never been to one. I attended private schools with only boys.”

At first, you didn’t know what to think. You were a huge Marvel fan and you heard about a new Spiderman actor named Tom Holland in the next Captain America movie but this couldn’t be him.

Out of curiosity when you found out, you googled him wanting to know who your favorite superhero was being portrayed by. He looked too precious, and too innocent to play Peter Parker. This “ Ben Perkins” had his hair nicely combed and Tom Holland always has his hair in a curly mess. This boy was also tanned, and Tom Holland was lighter skinned.

“ Then what’s your name?” You highly doubted him, because he looked nothing like Tom Holland. Or it may have been just how he looks in pictures.

“ My names actually Tom Holland.” He says confused to why you would ask that.

“ I don’t believe you. Tom’s more light skinned and has curlier hair. You don’t really look like him.” You run a hand through your hair, satisfied that you revealed him incorrect.

He lets out a laugh. “ I take it you’re a fan?”

“ Well, ” Tom Holland", “  You make quotations with your hands. ” What movies have you been in?“

You’ve watched most of his movies, you thought that Tom was really good in The Impossible, it was one of your favorite catastrophic movies.

” I’ve been in Billy Elliot The Musical, The Impossible, Um,“ He thinks. ” Locke, and I just finished filming In The Heart of The Sea.“

You were left speechless. You haven’t heard of some, but some sticker out to you because you’ve watched them. In The Heart of The Sea wasn’t even out yet, but you’ve heard of it being filmed because Chris Hemsworth was in there, but come on it’s Chris Hemsworth.

” So you’re actually Tom Holland?“ You ask, sort of terrified of his answer.

” Yes, I’m Thomas Stanley Holland.“

You snicker. ” Stanley?“

Tom rolls his eyes. ” Shut up.“

You shake your head. ” So, Tom, you better do a good job on Peter Parker because he’s one of my favorite superheros.“ You point a finger at him.

He gives a simple smile. ” You’re a  Spiderman fan?“

” Yep.“ You say popping the ‘p’. ” You know, you very accurately look like Peter Parker himself.“

” Well, thank you.“ He smiles

” Alright class, we have a new student,“ Mrs. Potter announces, looking at Tom. ” His name is Ben Perkins, and I hope you all welcome him with open arms. Ben, would you like to tell the class something about yourself?“

” Oh God,“ Tom mutters under his breath. ” Remind me to never go to high school again.“

You laugh, knowing that this was actually going to be quite entertaining spending the day with Tom Holland, and that you were going to have a lot of fun today.


Part 2???

Lily + Remus
  • Ultimate brotp, no one can convince me that they were more than platonic 
  • The first night, none of the other boys take notice of Remus because he is so quiet. He is the first one up in the morning, an early riser like Lily.
  • At six in the morning, at breakfast, Lily sees him and approaches him with a giant grin that is so like her. “Someone else who is up at the crack of dawn,” she says. 
  • They go out to explore the grounds together
  • In fact, early morning walks are their specialty. This knowledge of mapping out the grounds comes in handy when making the Marauders Map (unbeknownst to Lily)
  • Remus, new in first year, is the only person from the class other than Lily who has read his textbooks. In Transfiguration, Lily and him earn Gryffindor twenty points the first day.
  • Lily and him become study partners before he becomes friends with the other Marauders. She is there for him “when no one else was”. 
  • She begins to take notice of the days he’s gone. 
  • She realizes what he is, but never confronts him. She knows he is still Remus.
  • In second year, when the Marauders figure it out, Remus runs away, hiding. She is the one who convinces him to go back, because she could see the “beauty in others that they didn’t see themselves.”
  • In third year, James starts to like her. (“Moony, mention my name, please when you study”)
  • Later that evening, Remus and Lily discuss Cheering Charms, “Did you know, James is so good at charms,” he says. She raises her eyebrows.
  • “James is great with flobberworms.” When doing their care of magical creatures essay.
  • Because Remus is the number one Jily shipper.
  • Fourth year, she sees Remus staring at Sirius’ hair. She grins to herself. The next day, Sirius’ hair is braided and she sees Remus blush terribly and she laughs. 
  • Remus turns around and he knows that she knows. Thus start her and James’ awful plans to get “Wolfstar” together. (”Potter, let’s just drop Amortenia on Black’s Head”)
  • Remus making them fail on purpose so she and James get more time together. (“Sorry, Lily, I accidentally messed up all my lines.”)
  • During fifth year, they were the best team of prefects. Although Lily disapproves that Remus would not argue with his friends, she did not blame him for it.
  • Fifth year, during O.W.L season, Remus and Lily were the ones calming everyone down.
  • Sixth year, they are the ones recklessly tossing aside their exams because they needed to protest the new ministry laws.
  • During the Prank, Lily convinced Remus to forgive Sirius. She also went to Sirius and punched him in the face during breakfast, tbhus earning her detention for the first time. (”Evans, will you marry me?” James Potter laughs for the first time in five days.)
  • Seventh year, when Lily warms up to James, this time it is Remus and Sirius who start hatching plans.
  • When she starts going out with him, Remus hugs James and whispers cheerfully, “I love you and everything mate, but don’t hurt her, or Moony will rip you to shreds.”
  • After school, they all rent out a flat together. He and Sirius organize the bachelor party.
  • During the wedding, Remus makes sure that Sirius doesn’t get too drunk, and cuts at least 35 deer puns out of the Best Man’s Speech. (”I think 64 is enough, don’t you think, Pads?”) 
  • That is the last night he remembers them being all together.
  • He can’t be there when Harry is born because of the full moon, but Lily brages into his room the next day and makes him hold Harry. (”You’re his Uncle Moony,” she says, laughing. “We can’t leave you.”)
  • Which is why it is sad when they have to part, James and Lily and Harry going into hiding.
  • He goes undercover to the werewolves, and Sirius begins to think he is the spy
  • On Halloween night, he hears what has happened when he is for the first time, not undercover. It was going to be a relatively quiet night free of stress and worry.
  • Now he has no worries, because his worst worries have come true. He rushes to the dilapidated house.
  • His mind is blank as he realizes all that happened. It keeps playing in his kind ovr and over and over again. Sirius laughing manically, much like he used to when there were worms coming out of the Slytherins’ ears. Now muggles were bleeding. revulsion and guilt fill him, because he misses Sirius, but Sirius has killed James. James, the good one, the loyal one, the steady one.
  • He sees James crooked glasses in the coffin and remembers fondly when James fell asleep in History of Magic while staring at Lily when he used to stare at her.
  • He sees his long arms, lifeless, and remembers when  they held him up after the full moon.
  • He stares blankly at Lily, the most of all. Her radiant hair and dazzling eyes (apparently Harry Potter’s eyes), closed forever. Her kind smile that she would never smile again. Her anger that would never be roused again. 
  • But when he looks into the face of Harry Potter, the first thought that comes to his mind is James.
  • But he looks into those dazzling eyes, of one of his best friends, his dearest friends, he cannot bear it and needs to go out of the carriage.
  • Because one upon a time, Lily and Remus were the dearest of friends.
Kanera Trope-athon PHASE 1:  Activate!

May the Fourth Be With You!  In honor of Star Wars Day, we are releasing the first set of prompts!

Time to start writing, drawing, vidding, creating!  To tide us over until S4’s premiere, let’s create fanworks focused around Kanan and Hera! Remember, whatever your take on the specifics of their relationship, it is legitimate and embraced here. Just make the fanwork focus primarily on these two!

  1. Classic Trope Prompt:  Huddling For Warmth  Use Tag: #huddling for warmth
  2. AU/Crack Prompt:  Going Undercover as [you choose]  Feel free to make this as AU/crack-fic-y or as canon-compliant as you prefer. Tag:  #undercover
  3. Shippy (or not) Prompt:  First Time for [you choose]  Tag: #first time


  • ALL of the prompts can be interpreted as your muse desires:  shippy or not, cracky or not, colleagues or more, set in any time period you want (pre-show, S1, etc.).
  • These prompts are just that - points to jump off from. We encourage you to interpret as you feel moved. Adhere to the spirit/tradition of it or take it in the exact opposite direction.
  • Use any creative medium you’d like to explore the prompts. This is not just for fics!
  • We encourage all folks to chime in on brainstorming, cheerleading, and meta’ing. Throw out wacky interpretations or angst or “wouldn’t it be cool if…”
  • You may submit at any time. Check out the guidelines and watch for a follow-up post for the specifics of submitting. We will begin releasing the submissions from the queue on Friday, May 19, but you can keep going on these prompts longer. Most of all, bring in as many people to as you can find, and HAVE FUN!


  1. Reblog!  
  2. Recruit!
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Write (100-word drabbles, vignettes, short stories, multi-chaps, epics, etc.)
  5. Draw
  6. Vid
  7. Post specific prompts within these tropes
  8. Request stories and prompts
  9. Cheerlead!
  10. Write meta about how these tropes would/could play out
  11. Beta for others
  12. Read and view
  13. Use and follow the tag kanera2k17
  14. COMMENT!!! 

Everyone, go create! 


“This is Wanda the bowler at the bowling tournament, bowling.”

rebelcaptain fanfic recs for May 7, 2017

Despite the sheer size of this list, I am behind on my reading (partly due to the volume of new fic from the May the Fourth Exchange and also because I’ve been writing a lot lately my own stuff). Some fics to tide you over for now, though. As always, you can find my whole list of Rogue One/Rebelcaptain fanfic recs at my regular master list or at my list by categories.

the acid test of our own sentiments by rain_sleet_snow // 1.7k (one shot) -Jyn and Cassian have an uncomfortable trip home from Naboo.

The One With the Terribly, Terribly, Awful Idea by randomdreamer01 // 6.2k (one shot) – Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor are doing all they can to aid the British war effort in the United States. The problem? It is never easy to conduct espionage when you are attracted to your mission partner.

Lisbon, I Love You by randomdreamer01 // 9.2k (one shot) – Cassian Andor is a spy for the Allies, Jyn Erso is a stranded mess of a human being, and their wartime affair is both the best and the worst thing that could have happened.

a slender threat of hope around your heart by mollivanders // 8k (one shot) – Cassian and Jyn go to Coruscant undercover, posed as a newly married couple.

Forty-Eight Hours by sighclops // 4.7k (one shot) - Cassian isn’t okay. Jyn never meant to care this much.

paper thin by aMassiveDisappointment(BadOldWest) // 7.7k (multi-chapter) –Jyn hates her RA and neighbor, Cassian Andor. He just wants her to tone down the noise when she has guests.

burned before I’m free by ephemera(incognitajones) // 2.6k (one shot) – For an intelligence agent, it takes Cassian a shamefully long time to figure out that Jyn’s avoiding him.

lay down my shields by katsumi // 4.5k (one shot) – Jyn comes down with a strange reaction to a foreign plant, but it doesn’t seem like a big enough deal to bother anyone with. That is, until she faints in the middle of the hallway.

I feel lucky, with the worst luck by FebruarySong // 4.9k (one shot) – Jyn’s first undercover mission does not go entirely to plan, but for all the subterfuge some things finally become clear. Featuring cliché spy tropes, a seduction (or two), and more!

Long Odds by anonymous // 1k (one shot) – When Jyn and Cassian notice that they seem to be getting an awful lot of attention from the other rebels lately, they check in with Bodhi to see what he knows about it.

time enough to rest by rosaxx50 // 2k (one shot) – There’s rather a lot people will risk, when someone they love is in danger. At the Battle of Endor, Jyn and Cassian are reminded first hand.

In a Tight Space by yellowbound // 634 (one shot) – Shower sharing.

Trading Favours by caramelle // 7.2k (one shot) – Or, the one where Jyn and Cassian start doing each other sexual favours. Because, why not.

the smallest star by runavaed(Nordbo) // 3k (multi-chapter) – Another little girl unwillingly abandoned by her father. Jyn swears the same will never be true by her mother.

Connections by Kobo // 3.8k (one shot) – Five people in the Rebellion who realized Jyn and Cassian were sharing a bed, and one time they enjoyed it.

Yuri in Hell AU

So instead of sleeping last night randomly made up an AU

  • Yuri is a demon who isn’t very good at his job. He gets a lot of people to sell their souls but they are happy with the transaction.

      Demon Boss: You gave him exactly what he asked for in exchange for his soul!
    Yuuri:  ….yes? Isn’t that the way it works?
    Boss: You are supposed to interpret it badly! Infinite life but you continue to age, the woman loves you but you both die!
    Yuuri: Well that seems rude… 
  • Victor is also a shitty demon but for different reasons. He rarely makes a sale. 

    Victor: You should totally sell me your soul
    Person: …I… shouldn’t….that’s bad… right…but…I do want that guitar…so…?
    Victor: K, well I’m gonna go get a latte so you think on it. Ciao.

  • Victor is, however, one of Satan’s favorites because when he does succeed (the few times) it’s in awe inspiring amazing ways that are completely accidental. Like he gets the soul of the Pope who wanted “All the world to know what goodness is” and so Victor spreads poodles all over the world. He isn’t even trying to fuck it up correctly. He thinks he’s helping.

  • The two are paired together by Satan (see note later) in hopes they will learn from each other at least a bit.

  • Queue shenanigans

  • They are joined by a cast of over the top Demon and Angel Characters

  • Chris as The Demon of Lust

  • Phichit as The Demon of Vanity

  • Seung Gil as The Demon of Sloth

  • Guang Hong as the Demon of Wrath (this is adorbs to me lol)

  • Leo as the Angel of Diligence (he and Guang Hong have a romeo and Juliet thing going on)

  • Georgi as the Angel of True Love (he ships Guang Hong and Leo hard and helps them steal time together)

  • JJ as Jehoel (known as ‘the singer of the eternal’) a super Evangelical angel JESUS AND JEHOEL STYLE (not sorry)

  • Yurio is The Demon of Envy and is DETERMINED to dethrone Victor as Satan’s favorite

  • Now for the plot twist!

  • Otabek is Lucifer, but he hates all the attention cuz he’s shy so he uses Yakov as his front. He prefers spending time out among the demons getting to know the daily workings. He was paired with Yurio on one of his first undercover assignments and has been gaga for the boy ever since. He is torn between wanting to help Yurio realize his dream of being Satan’s right hand and wanting to keep him from getting too close and realizing he’s already Satan’s #1 lol.

  • There is probably so much more I could add to this but this was what I came up with before I actually made myself go to bed. 

AU that I want someone to write:
Lucy grows up as Rittenhouse royalty and is sent to take care of Garcia Flynn who has been causing them problems. When they meet, he makes her realize the horrors of Rittenhouse and she teaches him how to destroy it without destroying history.

anonymous asked:

"I'm going undercover as burlesque dancer. I'm gonna have fun!"

150. I’m going undercover as a burlesque dancer. I’m gonna have fun!

Hearing the sound of Peggy Lee’s classic voice resonating through the thin dressing room walls made you crack a smile as you began pulling your outfit for the night out of the duffle bag Prentiss had prepared for you.

For the past few weeks, burlesque dancers were being abducted from a small cabaret club in Chicago. It didn’t take long for you, as well as the rest of the team, to realize that your description had perfectly fit that of the other victims. Hotch had been the first to suggest an undercover operation, and while you knew it was high risk, you accepted.

But as the time grew closer for you to begin getting into costume, you found yourself more excited than apprehensive about being in a burlesque show— however, one agent, in particular, felt the total opposite.

A soft knock on the dressing room door made you turn your attention away from the bag you were shuffling through.

“Come in!” you made sure your voice was loud enough over the continuing music.

Watching as the door opened further, you felt your heart skip a beat as Spencer slowly peeked his head into the room, most likely to ensure that you were not in the middle of getting ready.

“Hey,” Spencer sounded nervous as he came to fully enter the room and close the door behind him, “How are you feeling?”

Moving to stand closer by him, you smirked, “Really good, actually. Not as nervous as I was earlier.”

“Are you sure?” Spencer chewed on the corner of his mouth before continuing, “It’s not too late to call this off.”

The worry that Spencer had about you possibly being a target of this unsub was obvious, and while it made your ever growing crush on him grow stronger, you both knew that this had to happen.

“Spencer, I need to do this. We need to catch this guy before he can get to anyone else” you tried your best to soothe his anxious mind, reaching out a hand and placing it on his forearm as an attempt to further ground his racing thoughts.

With his only response being a curt nod, Spencer silently agreed with you.

“Besides,” you let out a breathy laugh, “I’m going undercover as a burlesque dancer. I’m gonna have fun!”

Seeing that you were genuinely looking forward to the role you would be portraying for the night made Spencer relax, you had total confidence that the team would protect you if anything were to go wrong and he recognized that.

“I’ll let you finish getting ready then,” Spencer let a small smile grace his lips as he made his way to leave the dressing room and get himself prepared for the night.

“Hey,” you caught his attention before the door fully closed, causing Spencer to poke his head back around the door with an eyebrow of his quirked in curiosity.

“Try and enjoy the show” you teased.

A warm blush came to cover Spencer’s cheeks, “I’ll only have eyes for you.”

And while part of you knew that he was talking about keeping an eye on you to ensure your safety, there was something in his voice that made your stomach erupt in fluttering.

The Ceramic Cat

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: ‘Course babe! Thanks for requesting!!

[Y/Fa/N] = Your Fake Name, aka your disguise

Prompt: “Can I request a shy reader x Raph?” @samaxraph99

Word count: 1111

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was your first ‘undercover mission’ with the ninjas, April and Casey, and you were terrified. What if you screwed up? What if one of your friends got hurt? It would be your fault.

The reason you were picked for the task of breaking into a secret service; was because your father owned the place, and you knew it like the back of your hand.

It was a grand estate, and you had been working with your dad in a tiny filing cupboard, and hardly anybody noticed you.

You mainly filed his taxes and reports, but one caught your eye. It was all about the masked vigilante terrapins that roamed New York City. No one batted an eyelid when you excused yourself for the day.

Why? Because you were as shy as a mouse.

Even around your friends, you hardly spoke a word, and when you did it was usual drowned out by the others’ yelling.

But because the brother’s worried about you so much, they insisted you wore a disguise, and the disguise was to dress like a sophisticated secretary for the new opening for the assistant manager. The same assistant manager who picked on you and made you feel like shit most of the time.

You got the job that morning, and a new access-all-areas badge. This was new. You thought you had a badge exactly like this, but the more Richard (the assistant manager) told you, the more you realized your darling father kept his fair share of secrets from you. And the more you realized you hated the ceramic bobble-head cat on Richard’s desk.

The guys assured you that you would be safe, and they were never far behind. It was around 11PM, and you were still dressed in the same outfit as before. But this time, you were a lot more on edge. Why? Because the brothers, April and Casey were watching you from the security room on the cameras.

All you had to do was get to Richard’s office on the 19th floor and input the memory stick Donnie had given you containing a virus that would scan and delete all files to do with him and his brothers. 

Raphael was very protective of you, and disagreed with you going into this by yourself, insisting that April would be better suited. From the look you gave him, he realized that he just completely insulted you and your acting skills, but he wasn’t about to let his best friend walk into a supposed face of danger.

You persisted that you go ahead with it; you wanted to show your worth to the team. As you entered the room, Raph watched on the cameras your whole personality switch.

Gone was the shy and timid character, replaced with someone of charm and grace and strength.

You were the embodiment of who you’d always wanted to be, and he couldn’t be more proud of you.

He watched with anticipation as you scanned your card freely, your heels clicking against the tiled floor of the quiet room. It was all going smoothly, only a few security guards looking at you (but mainly to check out how amazing you looked in that black pencil skirt), but then who decided to show up? Richard. Heading straight out of his office and towards you.

You tried to move out of the way, press against the wall to sort of camouflage yourself against the bright red wall. Surprisingly, it didn’t work, and he grinned widely at you, making a beeline towards your now deflated posture.

“Good evening, Mr. Bold.” Your smile was tight as you looked from Richard’s face to the camera and back again.

“Evenin’, [Y/Fa/N], beautiful night, right?” he rested his hand against the wall next to your head, motioning to the skylight above.

“Yeah, real pretty. Hey, I think I left some stuff in your office I’m just going to go-”

“I’ll come with,” he held his arm out, pointing towards the way as you nodded, eyebrows risen.

Raph was watching with a frown on his face, yelling to Leo about how they couldn’t let you go with that slimy jerk. Leo told him to pipe down, whilst Raph clenched his fists tightly, pacing whilst stepping over the knocked out guards on the floor.

He should be protecting you, not letting you walk into jeopardy. And that was exactly what was happening when he turned back to look at the screen and Richard had a gun to your head. 

You didn’t know how you got into this situation, but you had walked in first, and when you turned back around, the cold metal of a pistol was against you’re forehead and your body against the desk, there was no where to go.

“I knew there were somethin’ fishy about you, [Y/Fa/N], when you got here this mornin’. Did some diggin’ and apparently your persona dint exist until last night. Wanna explain that?” swallowing, you lined your fingers against the desk top before hitting the ceramic cat. Your fingers curled around it, trying to come up with words to stall him, but after your shyness creeped back in, you couldn’t.

But you could slam the ceramic cat against his temple, and you did. Next thing you know, his body was on the floor and the memory stick was in the slot. Breathing heavily, you collapsed on the giant black office chair. 

Back at the lair, the team and you were celebrating a great victory, with pizza and Mikey’s secret stash of orange soda.

By the time you were done, it was coming to 3AM and you decided you had to get back home, so naturally one of the turtles escorted you back to the surface, tonight it was Raph’s turn. You walked in complete silence on the rooftops, latching on to him occasionally as he jumped across between two buildings. When you got to the roof of your apartment, he stopped you, holding your arm.

“What ya did, it was really brave. I’m-I’m proud of ya.” You blushed at his words, looking away from him and over the view of New York City.

“Thank you, Raph.” You smiled politely, your voice next to a whisper. “I-I should get going. I’ll see you tomorrow?” he nodded lightly, smiling back at you. Tucking a strand of hair behind you ear, letting go of you as he watched you climb down the fire escape to your window.

I’ve been seeing posts from friends that there are people saying that philinda came out of nowhere. I find that shit hilarious. and to make it a bit funnier, some also said that Melinda Qiaolian May opening up to Phillip J. Coulson is out of character. Interesting.

So, here’s me shoving philinda down your throat because apparently that’s what season 4 does. I will not even be going to put ‘read more’ to this to shove it further. deeper. Until you gag.


  • Them..

Before we actually start, just so you know, Phil Coulson and Melinda May had been in each other’s history. That’s a fact.

We first saw Philinda back in season 1 during the Pilot episode. Melinda had been briefed about the group that Phil had been assembling. Words like these had been exchanged:

“and you don’t need me”
“I do, cause we’ll be running ourselves, making the ops, making the calls…”

Words that somehow showed that they already knew each other back in the day. What they were to each other wasn’t clear for us then. Phil was also reassuring Melinda that they will not have a combat op but technically, it was inevitable because by next episode, they encountered one, in which Phil Coulson specifically visited Melinda in the cockpit to apologized because it wasn’t supposed to be that. And so, we found out that she wasn’t just a pilot considering Grant Ward knew her—heard of her, whatever. She’s a Legend. Even the Fitzsimmons heard things about her. (see: Season 1 Episode 2) It was something odd because why would a freaking legend be in administration? Turns out, Phil Coulson knew the story but well not all of it. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) Boundaries and all. (see: Season 2 Episode 20).

Phil described her as always quiet, warm, fearless in the different way, getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules are made to broken. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) We’ve seen those traits back in Melinda episode on season 2 and in The Man Behind SHIELD episode in our current season, season 4.  In which by the way, they’re basically a huge part of each other there.

In Melinda episode, we’ve seen that Philinda were already partners there. Melinda was married to Andrew, and they were partners. Phil was there when Melinda walked out of that building that scarred her. Phil was there to tell her to let the girl go. Melinda there was all smiley, she’s different from the Melinda that we’ve seen in past episodes. The Melinda in this was playful and impatient. She still is but it’s more obvious.

In Man Behind SHIELD episode, we’ve seen snippets of their relationship before Bahrain and before their respective relationships. Melinda even teased Phil about their first undercover job where they were married couple. In which it seems as though, this particular undercover is Sausalito that they talked about back in 2x04, where Melinda said she just took the dance pre-requisite to graduate and Phil said she wasn’t thrilled when they were assigned in Sausalito.

And then, Bahrain happened. Phil died and he was resurrected so now we are watching this damn show and you obviously meet your favs, in my case, those dumb idiots called Phil Coulson and Melinda May.

Season 1 Episode 17: Turn Turn Turn. This episode is one of the most pivotal moments for the fandom. While patching her up—in which apparently, he’s the only one who can patch her up (see S01E13) – in the episode was where the lines that are carved in every philinda fans head came from. 

“You mean a lot to me. A lot.” 

Let’s talk about “I didn’t do it for Fury, I did it for you, to protect you, I— “line first. Fury may have ordered her to do what has to be done because Fury knew that they’re inseparable. Fury trusted Melinda for Phil’s safety but he also trusted her to make the right call and he knew that Melinda will always have his back. However, Melinda didn’t go back to field because Fury asked him to but because she wanted to. Maybe there’s guilt since she’s supposed to be part of Avengers initiative (see Melinda Episode S02E17) but Bahrain happened, she wasn’t there to protect him and he died. But noticed the “I—“part there and how she stopped and changed it to “You mean a lot to me.” and to even emphasized the point she repeated “a lot” If that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what to say really. And to help you more, Phil did say on season 4 this line: “Her name is Melinda May and she means everything to me.”·         

  • “An open Melinda to Phil is OOC” 

FZZT Philinda End Scene, Melinda asked Phil a simple question before she said a line that engraved on every Philinda Shipper. She asked him this:               

 “Do you know how long it has taken me?” Phil nodded. 

That scene was just a small scene compared to the big “The point of these things is to remind us that… There is no going back, there's only moving forward. You feel different because you are different.” But that one scene actually show that Melinda had always been opened to Phil, in terms of feelings. Phil is her constant. We found out in Bahrain how things got shitty. And shitty is an understatement.  If you’re going to point out another type of openness? Have you watched the episode where she called him “rusty?” or that part where she actually smirked when she said she wanted the solitude? They even had a conversation in which Phil is the only one speaking while she’s doing tai-chi… like it’s the most normal thing to do for them. How open exactly are you talking about? I mean, Melinda had always been like that to Phil. Her LMD however, had no chill. 😉  

You see, they are also each other’s driving force. Not to mention, they didn’t know each other in the framework but they immediately trust each other.

What they have is loyalty, trust, friendship and deeper understanding of each other. There are signs all over the place that points out that they have something for each other. Have you seen May’s face when she thought Phil’s gone? Have you watched the sigh of relief every fucking time she figured out that he’s not dead? Where were you when Phil said “it’s like you never left?”, “i lost my right hand too?” or that moment when he prioritized her than the president? It’s been there all along. Out of nowhere? yeah right…

And really, no matter what points I say in this, in which, I basically missed probably more than half of it… but yeah, It’ll be hard to notice their subtlety back in season 1, 2, and 3 especially when you’re too focused on something else and not them. Only this time they were given this huge amount of acknowledgement because they are both finally healing. And just like what the writers and exec prod said, they’re finally giving this two a chance because it seemed like they sidelined them a lot.. that alone is already a point that Philinda had always been there. Melinda May and Phil Coulson already had something way before season 4. So if you do not know Melinda May or Phil Coulson or Philinda.. then, just rewatch the damn show. Have a good day! 

ps.. to those who were saying that Melinda May has no feelings and all that other non-emotion ice queen crap.. this is from season 1 episode 1: (the woman shows her emotions to people who are worthy of it.)

Gentlemammal pt 1 (suggestive but sfw)

“Hopps, Wilde you’re going undercover in the rainforest district. Report to my office for a rundown once we are done here.” Bogo tilted his glasses, waiting eagerly for Nicks usual remarks, only to find Judy desperately trying to smack him into action as he lay his muzzle on the table, Snarlbucks in hand, evidently not even awake enough to compute that he had been spoken to.

“Remind me again why I hired him, Hopps?”

Judy’s ears flew up and burned red in embarrassment as she gave up shaking him and opted instead to pinch her partner’s thigh. Hard. Much to Bogo’s hidden delight, Nick shot upright and let out a high pitched yelp before scrambling into action

“Undercover, Rainforest district, report to your office, got it sir!”

“Drink that coffee fast, Slick, you have to wake up” Judy rolled her eyes as he stumbled to catch up with her on their way out of the bullpen “and why are you so tired anyway? You were supposed to be having an early night last night!” He downed the last of his cup and expertly threw it over the balcony and into the bin in the lobby, trademark smug grin finally gracing his face “You should know me by now, Carrots, I party hard. Whisky, cocaine, hookers - the usual.”

“Did you forget about the report you were supposed to hand in today?”


Violet eyes rolled as she shook with laughter “Slick, who gave you the impression you’d be good at police work?”

She tried to keep a straight face as clawed digits flew to his chest and his muzzle gaped in mock offence. Instead, she ended up snorting, loudly.

“I’ll have you know I was valedictorian of my class, and I’ll think you’ll find it was your idea Fluff - you don’t get to pass that blame off. You did this.” He grinned, prodding her face.

“I wonder what we’ll be undercover as?” She pondered, this was their first time doing undercover work and she prayed it didn’t involve any of those awful sheep costumes.

“No idea, we’re a pretty odd choice as a duo to do undercover work - not many cute little bunnies like you are exactly friendly with foxes.”

“Stop calling me-”

“I know, I know. ‘Ferocious little bunnies like you’ any better?”


Nick rapped on Bogos door before they were grunted an invitation inside. Kneeling to offer Judy a paw up onto the oversized chair he tried to ignore the temptation to stare at her tail, his mother had raised a gentle-mammal after all.

Nope, not going there. You are not ogling your best friends ass. Even if it’s really, really nice.

“Hopps, Wilde. We have 4 missing girls, all of them apparently worked in ‘Club Noir’ in the rainforest district. This is a gentleman’s club, so Wilde you are now assigned as a new member, you’ll get your ID and any other information needed in the file - do you own a suit and tie? Or do you need one from the Special Investigations Unit?” Bogo mentally sized Nick up, hoping that they would own one small enough.

“I have one sir, not a problem.” Nick nodded as Judy tried not to laugh.

“Good to hear you have clothes outside your Pawiian shirt collection, partner” she smirked.

“Hey, don’t diss the shirts.Those are-”

“Shut it, Wilde. Moving on. Hopps, I hear from Clawhauser that you can sing?”

“I, uh…” Judy stuttered, nervous as to why that was of any importance to the case and desperately not wanting to even look at Nicks reaction to this revelation. “Yes, I’m okay at singing sir but why is this relevant?”

Nick’s eyes widened in amusement and surprise, “You sing?” he grinned, raising an eyebrow.

“Perfect, you’ll be a new girl for the night then. Clawhouser can accompany you to get a costume. Your ID is in the file.” Bogo slid the file towards them “Any questions should be answered in the file, now go get ready - the club opens at 12 am. Reports on my desk Tuesday.”

Judy grabbed the file reluctantly, knowing there was no use in arguing now the chief had made up his mind. The pair hopped down from the chair and made their way towards their office - a small room that had previously been used by a larger mammal but suited them perfectly they preferred using the same desk and although they had been given two smaller, separate chairs, opted to continue using one larger one. While neither admitted it, they both enjoyed the closeness.  

“Let’s see then…” Nick took the half of the file and the documents Judy placed on his side of the desk before wandering over to the coffee machine with them “So for one night only I am eligible bachelor ‘Jack Savage’ yeesh that’s one hell of a name… I’m from Tundra town, I gamble professionally and I have a- wow. Very funny.”

“What is it?” Judy looked up from her own papers, confusion clear on her face.

“I bet you any money Wolford wrote this damn thing” he glared at the paper “decided to add ‘has a well-known fetish for does’ har-har. Asshole.”

Judy’s whole body crumpled as she struggled to breathe through her laughter. Suddenly she was being dangled in the air by the back of her top.

“Yeah, yeah. Hilarious.” He poked her with a claw on the nose “How does one find something so adorable sexy? C’mon! You guys are like little stuffed animals!”

Judy smirked playfully and looked at him through half-lidded eyes “Oh we’re plenty good at being sexy when we want to be, how’d you think we multiply so fast?”

“Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it” he barked with laughter and set her back down on the chair. “What’s your name for the night then, Carrots?”

“Cynthia Snow apparently”

Nick took one last look in the mirror and adjusted his emerald tie before heading out the door of his apartment, it wasn’t a long walk to the club from his home so he arrived at the doors in 15 minutes. The Door was hidden down an alleyway and guarded by two smartly dressed Panthers who, after seeing his platinum membership card, quickly nodded him in.

It abruptly dawned on Nick exactly what kind of club he had just walked into when a young vixen wearing nothing but a sequined underwear set greeted him and took him to his ‘reserved’ seat.

“Any special kinda girl for the handsome tod?” she winked, pushing him gently down into the armchair. That’s when it dawned on him that he had no idea where Judy was and Bogo had asked if she could…he asked if she could sing. Surely they wouldn’t put a bunny undercover as a -

“Don’t ask stupid questions Cherry, this is our newest member if I’m correct - Jack Savage, yes?” a voice boomed from behind them, Nick turned to see a rather imposing old Jaguar smiling down at him, Cigar hanging from his teeth. He quickly smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“That’d be me, and I presume you’re the owner of this rather delightful place?” He gestured around him, not that he could make much of his surroundings out from beneath the stage smoke.

“That I am, Stephan Blackpaw.” he reached out a large paw and Nick felt himself crushed by his handshake. “Our boy here has an enjoyment of does If I’m correct?”

“I like them small, what can I say?” Nick leered, cursing Wolford with every swear he could think of.

I have never felt this creepy in my life.

Not even the time you zoogled Fox on Rabbit -

Yeah, that’s plenty.

“The new girl for our guest, sir?” Cherry stuttered, trying not to buckle under the stern stare of her boss. The panther pulled a small photo from his jacket pocket and lay it down on the table for Nick to inspect.

“This doll do for you, eh Savage?” Nicks’ stomach sank to see the headshot of Judy, but realising this was exactly what Wolford had put the bunny fetish comment in for - to keep Judy in his sight - made him feel a little better.

“Aint she a sight for sore eyes” Nick laughed, loosening his tie a little “What’s her name?”

“Oh she’s Snow, it’s her first night - if you decide you really like this one we can make some…arrangements, after her show” The old Jaguar smiled, stubbing out his cigar and lighting another “Cherry, go get the girl.”

“Yes sir, right away sir.” Cherry rushed through the door backstage.

Cherry tied the last of the new girl’s corset and smiled, turning her chair so the bunny was facing her “So, he’s a red fox like me - but that doesn’t seem much of an issue for ya, you’re rather a brave little bunny round me. Rules are simple, you can touch him but he shouldn’t touch you unless you ask for it - if he does, shout for Louis. That’s the bouncer he’ll help you out if anyone gets too frisky with ya. If you fall, get up and keep going. If you hit a bum note, giggle and wink then keep going. If anyone spills a drink on ya, buck up and keep going.”

Judy giggled at the Fox as she rattled all this off at the speed of sound, fussing over Judys outfit. Not that there was much to her outfit, and Nick was going to see her and she was in no way whatsoever prepared for this but by God, she wasn’t going to mess this up. Two reasons; one, she wasn’t risking a whole investigation because she was so embarrassed she felt like puking and two she was 100% not going to let Nick think he was right that bunnies couldn’t be sexy.

I can be sexy. I can do this.

Nothing at all to do with trying to impress Nick.

“I got it Cherry, amma big girl darlin’ don’ you worry. Plus, who’d be scared of a pretty little thing like you anyhow?” She winked, praying her fake confidence would inspire some real confidence before she went and did a damn burlesque show. Ready for killing Clawhauser for getting her into this mess, she stood, did a twirl for Cherry and took a deep breath.

“Break a leg!” Cherry waved after Judy who missed the Vixens face falling as she walked through the door. “Just don’t do too well…I like you.”

Nick’s heart raced, his cute little bunny partner was not cut out for being a dancer in this kind of place - much as he wasn’t remotely ready to admit to himself that the thought of Judy dancing for him actually had him a little excited.

That’s when the curtains of the small stage in front of him opened slowly to reveal Judy with her back to him, her tail twitching slowly in time with her hips as she swung them.

Who do you think you’re even kidding, “a little excited”?

Shut up!

Judy turned and smiled with half-lidded eyes at her partner below, stroking one paw up the microphone stand.

OHGODOHGODOHGOD I’m actually doing this.

Okay, you can’t stay scared long when the look on his face is so darn funny. Focus on the dumbass look he’s giving you. Ignore how good he looks in a suit entirely.

You’re supposed to be singing.

Oh shit!

“Your cruel device, your blood like ice. One look could kill, my pain, your thrill.” She swayed, dragging small claws into her thighs and up over the deep green corset she wore. Her voice rang through Nick’s ears as though she was an inch away and he shivered, remembering to lean back and try and act like this wasn’t a completely alien experience to him.

“I wanna love you, but I better not touch. I wanna hold you but my senses tell me to stop” The stockings climbing up Judy’s legs were suddenly very distracting. “I wanna kiss you but I want it too much, I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison”

I am a gentlemammal.

Such a gentlemammal you’re trying not to pant at the thought of her touching you right now?

… I’m just too warm.



Judy resisted the urge to grin and opted instead for sliding her small frame down the mic stand, holding it between her thighs. “You’re poison runnin’ through my veins, I don’t wanna break these chains”

He’s panting.

He’s probably just acting, bunny fetish remember?

He’s not that good an actor, is he? I mean nobody’s even watching him right now for him to be faking it for.

“Your mouth, so hot”

Is she…?

She’s licking the pole.

That’s not fair.

“Your web, I’m caught. Your skin, so wet. Black lace on sweat” Bringing herself back to her paws she spun away from him, arching her back and bending slightly to shake her rear.

This is far more fun than I expected it to be.

Smiling down at Nick she ran her paws up her arms “I hear you callin’ and it’s needles and pins, I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name” Nicks claws dug into his legs as he desperately tried to will himself into calming down and failed dramatically. “Don’t wanna touch you, but you’re under my skin. I wanna kiss you, but your lips are venomous poison”

Don’t think about her screaming -

Too late.


“You’re poison runnin through my veins, you’re poison, I don’t wanna break these chains, you’re poison”

Think about anything else. Have a fag. Don’t even look at her.

But she’s…

Ignore her paws running over her thighs. Ignore that look she’s giving you.

“One look could kill. My pain, your thrill”

Ignore the urge to bite her. She’s your friend, she’s acting. This is an act remember? You’re not really supposed to have a bunny fetish.

“I wanna love you, but I better not touch, I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop. I wanna kiss you, but I want it too much.” Nick lit a cigarette and tried to adjust his position subtly. “I wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison”

Do I mess with him?

When do you ever decide against messing with him?

Good point.

“Yeah, well I don’t wanna break these chains. Poison.”

She dropped slowly from the stage and her violet eyes met his own, that was the moment he realised he was completely and utterly doomed. She walked straight to him, hips swaying sensually to the music and his heart suddenly felt as though it was trying to rip a hole in his chest. She reached him and he prayed she wouldn’t notice the kind of arousal he couldn’t manage to have faked.

Stupid bloody-please go down, please go down, please go-

suddenly she was breathing in his ear and slipping something between his teeth.

“Wouldja hold this for me, mister?” her paw stroked across his muzzle and down his neck “Jus’ bite it real hard” before the look of confusion had managed to settle on his face it suddenly dawned on Nick exactly what he was now holding in his mouth as she walked slowly away from him, her corset slowly loosening as she giggled and lifted her arms.


“Runnin’ deep inside my veins, burnin’ deep inside my veins”  Judy turned to point at him as he sat, still transfixed by her small form, now only covered by her stockings and the rather skimpy black lace bra and panty set Clawhauser had insisted would suit her. “Poison… I don’t want to break these chains” blowing a kiss, she laughed and curtseyed before returning backstage.

You are so screwed.

“Haha! So did you enjoy your show, Mr Savage?” the Jaguar reappeared from nowhere, slamming a paw into Nicks’ shoulder and practically knocked the cigarette from his muzzle.

“Yes, wow she was… something else” He took a draw, not really wanting to maintain eye contact with the larger mammal who gave him such a strong dose of the creeps. “You said something about arrangements? You can have her be my girl any time I’m here?”

“Well, I can do one better if you really liked her so much” white fangs flashed from behind a greasy smirk “At a cost of course. Come, come we shall discuss it in my office friend!”

One better? I’m fairly certain I don’t like where this is going… might get an answer about the missing girls though.

“Of course, lead the way.” Letting himself be lead through the smoke into a gigantic back office had Nicks fur on end, memories of bad run-ins flooding his mind, but the grin stayed on his face. He had to be excited about this offer, no matter how sick it made him he had to take it. Once they were settled in two large armchairs the Jaguar turned to him and grinned.

“We provide an extra little service for our patrons if they have such…particular interests as yourself. If you would like to keep this girl, you may buy her from us on a more permanent basis.”

“Keep her?” Nicks eyebrow raised, claw pressing down on the record button of the matching carrot pen Judy had insisted on buying for him. “As in, have her only dance when I am here?”

“Oh no no no” the Jaguar laughed loudly “Dear friend, you may keep her as your own… pet shall we say. You may take her with you, do as you will with her after that.”

Oh, Christ, they’re selling girls off as sex slaves? He wants to sell me Judy as a…

Pretend you want her already don’t have time to feel sick!

“How much?”

“For you, since it’s your first time here, I’ll give you her for ten thousand” Pulling out his wallet, filled with fake ID and thankfully the credit card ZPD provides undercover cops with in case of emergencies, Nick smiled.

“Well, who could say no to an ass like that?”

“Indeed! She is a good girl, isn’t she? I am sure she will behave well for you”

You’re going to have to treat her like a pet until you get out of here, you do realise.


And you’re seriously lucky this guy gave you the creeps so much that boner went down, but it’s probably going to come back the moment she steps foot anywhere near you.

Real professional, Wilde.  

Grabbing the phone from its hanger, Stephan called down to Cherry. “Bring up the girl…yes, Snow. Make sure her collar is on tighter than the last one and tell her that if she doesn’t play nice Mr Savage here I’m sure can use her in other ways that aren’t so enjoyable…yes, leanedyes, hurry up.”

“So how do I make sure this doesn’t come back to me?”leant onto the desk, tapping his credit card nervously.

“Oh, we put it down as a very old bottle of wine - we have a store of very old vintages that cost a pretty penny”

So Judy’s worth the same as a bottle of wine to this guy?

“I’m so sorry Snow, I’m so, so sorry…” Cherry tried not to cry as she fastened the collar around Judy’s neck “but they’ll hurt you real bad if you don’t go, please don’t fight ‘em”

“‘S okay Cherry, don’t cry - iI'ma big girl remember? I’ll be okay” tears threatened to spill down Judy’s face as she realised exactly what had happened to those girls.

I hope Nick has some darn good proof to show for this.

He’s a good cop, he’ll do just fine. Worry about yourself first, you’re getting led by the neck into a slave trade deal where you’re the slave.

The guys in the office are never gonna quit making jokes about me being Nick’s pet bunny after this. Crap.


SO! that’s the end of the first half of my fanfic for @mama-sally I hope you guys enjoy it even if it is a little longer than i intended haha. second half will be out soon :) (warning, it gets pretty nsfw in the second half) 

@cloudyloudy I hope you like it too! :)

Remus Lupin + “Fighting doesn’t make you a hero.”

At first when he’d gone undercover he was still the same Remus Lupin you loved. He smiled at you when he checked in with the Order and gave you long kisses on the forehead and lips and cheek and everywhere else his lips could reach, but now six months into his stint with the packs and he was moody.

He didn’t smile, and his eyes would never leave his shoes when he’d give his report and forget about the warm smiles and sweet kisses, his knuckles wouldn’t even brush against yours. At first you understood, James had pointed out the obvious, that being under cover, away from his family and friends was taking its toll, but after eight months you were done.

Not with him, but with his work.

“Remus,” you said once the meeting adjourned, this week the meeting was held at the McKinnon’s homestead, “Can I talk to you for a moment?” For a second he looked like he was about to protest, shrug you off and leave into the night once more.

But he didn’t. “Sure.” You pulled him into the living room. Though it was a large room with old cushioned couches and worn wood tables it had a homey feeling to it.

“I don’t want you going back.” You hadn’t thought of how you’d tell Remus but you hadn’t wanted it to come out like that, ungracefully and awkward.

“What?” He raised his eyebrows in a mother like fashion he’d most definitely picked up from James. “Remus you’ve been under cover for eight months and we’ve learned next to nothing-”

“That’s why I shouldn’t leave!” He wasn’t yelling but his voice had picked up a shrill tone at the end and the look he was giving you, as if you were stupid, caused you to unintentionally square your shoulders. You weren’t stupid.

“I rather learn nothing then continue to see you like this!”

“Like what?”

“This!” You motioned to his whole body. “Remus you don’t smile, you don’t look anyone in the eyes, it’s like you’re eleven years old again and you’ve just gotten to Hogwarts!”

“That’s not true!” He was right. It wasn’t true. This new Remus, the timid one who didn’t speak clearly and hunched his shoulders together was so much worse then the eleven year old boy who was scared everyone would find out what he was and chase him from the castle grounds with pitchforks and clubs.

“You’re right,” you told him, “You’re so much worse.” He glared at you for a moment, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish’s as he searched for a good argument. He grabbed your shoulders, not hard or violently, but in a way a parent would hold their child at arms length so the kid couldn’t turn away from them.

“If I don’t do this who can! I can be a hero like James or Sirius, the Ministry won’t take me. Doing this, I can make a difference.”

Fighting doesn’t make you a hero,” you told him. Why did Gryffindors always evacuate fighting with heroism? “It makes you a just another person to bury.”

“And? I’m a werewolf, this is war, the only good thing I can do is get information and die!” You push his hands off your shoulders and squeeze your eyes tight. You’re not sure if the tears are from frustration or your heart breaking due to what he says.

“If you really believe that fine! But don’t expect me to be there when they put you in the ground Remus Lupin!”

“Fine!” He shouted. He pushed passed you and stomped out the door, leaving you to fall back onto the cream colored couch and cry your pretty little heart out.

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