first two are for harry and louis

You Are In Love - 270k, Chaptered

The one where there’s late night coffee runs with deep conversations, lots of frat parties with cute frat boys, TV show references, numerous social network interactions, first kisses in the rain and a slow burn love story between two unlikely people.

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose - 112k, Chaptered

American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).

Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.

A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

Run Away Home - 106k, Chaptered

Louis stands, in the middle of a clearing with his hands in his pockets, and stares. This boy—God, this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. He seems so clumsy, confused at the best of times, but there’s a wisdom about him as he speaks, a maturity that belies his age.

Louis is hopelessly, wildly attracted to him.

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.

it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.

To The Ends Of The Earth - 55k, One Shot

During a yearlong hiatus, Louis visits Harry at his cabin in Idaho, where long-buried feelings ignite like the fire keeping them warm.

Never Gonna Dance Again - 55k, One Shot

Harry is quiet for a moment and his fingers feel like they’re burning past the fabric of Louis’ jumper, branding his skin. “Can I kiss you?“

This is where Louis should walk away and leave Harry to pirouette and cambré by himself in the faint moonlight shining through the windows. He is a spy and Harry is a dancer. There are lines that should not be crossed.

Louis surges forward.

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

Oh Glory - 21k, One Shot

Tomlinson looks Liam over, tilting his head. “Are you a swimmer as well?”

“Yeah,” Liam says, a little cautiously. Harry wonders if it’s Tomlinson’s fame or the unimpressed eyebrow that’s making Liam wary. “Distance, I’m doing the 1500m. Harry here’s a sprinter.”

“Ah,” says Tomlinson, turning his glinting eyes back to Harry. “So you’re not an endurance man.” A beat passes, and his grin grows, wide and filthy. "Shame.”

Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.

Naked & Proud - 18k, One Shot

The town itself is tiny, as evidenced by the ten minutes it’s taken Louis to drive the entire thing. There’s not a single recognisable brand in sight—no Tesco or McDonald’s or even a bloody Starbucks. Lining the streets instead are mom and pop stores with names like ‘Jerry’s Burgers’ and ‘The Market Basket’ and…

“'Naked & Proud?‘” Louis almost slams on the brakes at the outlandish sign, the name written in a seemingly innocent font, words curved around a large cartoon peach. He can’t help turning into the carpark, easing the car into a spot next to a beat up truck.

He isn’t sure what to make of it. Surely it isn’t a strip joint or sex shop, not with the families and little old ladies going in and out of the establishment. Some kind of nudist hangout, perhaps?

And, oh, God. Did Louis’ mother accidentally send him to live in a nudist colony?

In which Harry runs an organic store, not a nudist colony, and Louis doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

i remember harry being so excited when he was given mugs as presents from interviewers and now Louis says he always steals one so i can only imagine shelves in their kitchen full of mugs from everywhere in the world they’ve been from their first interview to their last and also remember that time harry bought those two mugs from that store like they are so cute with their collection of mugs of memories such a married couple 😍😍😍

Secret Sign Language MasterPost

This is for @zenlikejen. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own all of these gifs (only some) so credit to the original owners of those i don’t own.

Okay so it has been clear from the start that some certain members from the band One Direction have gone to the great lengths (and most kind lengths) of leaning sign language. These two members are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and despite them using their new talent as a way to communicate to the deaf fans, they also have mostly used it to communicate with each other, and each other only.  

We firstly have this:

Here we clearly see Louis gives a small thumbs up before tapping his chest multiple times with his left hand at which Harry doesn’t notice properly at first. Also Louis realizes he is tapping with his wrong hand for what he is trying to say so therefore corrects himself by switching to his right hand and this time Harry sees; like so: 

When Louis taps his chest, in sign language it means ‘Mine’, so basically he is telling Harry that he is his and Harry replies with a small thumbs up, a common thing which I will talk about further down in the post. 

Louis also glances at Harry here and touches his chest, a year later and they still communicate through signing, Louis again telling Harry that he is his. 

Harry here signs to Louis something along the lines of ‘Later we talk, before kissing’ but the second part can also mean ‘I want the truth’ as its unsure if he touches his lip or chin.

And Louis replies back with this: 

Which would make Harry saying ‘Later we talk before kissing’ more reliable due to Louis’ answer. 

Still complete cuties here.

Again during an interview, Louis seems to rub his hands together which research says could mean the letter ‘H’. In this case, H for Harry; or H was also a nickname that Louis could have had for Harry.

He then taps his chest twice again (meaning ‘Mine’) except he uses his fist more which may take away its meaning, but they could of changed it up more so that the signing was more personal to each other. 

Now during one of their songs on the TMH tour, Louis and Harry were stood next to each other on the stage. Louis glances at Harry for a moment to get his attention before crossing his fingers and then placing his hand back onto his microphone stand, fingers still crossed. 

Now some say that this means ‘Hope’ however others say because of how Louis did it, it means ‘Forever’ so I guess its your own choice to decide which one you want it to mean. 

Then we have this:

Now everyone knows that in sign language this sign with another person means ‘Lover’/ ‘Make Love’.

So really there is nothing much to say about this apart from the fact that it is adorable as fuck and the most cliche thing that a pair of platonic best friends could do together. 

No we are on to the famous ‘Thumbs up’ sign that they both constantly used to give each other on stage, during interviews and at any moment they were happy, having fun or in each others company. Now I researched this and found that it meant different to what the ‘Lovers’ sign that’s above. Many use the thumbs up sign as a way of saying good or as a positive attitude towards things like ‘I am good’ or ‘This is fun’ etc; except it also has another meaning. More discreetly, this sign can mean ‘I love you’ or ‘Love’ but is different from ‘Lover’ and ‘Make love’ so the two signs should not get mixed up. 

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louis is the kind of guy who complains about valentine’s day being a hallmark holiday but in reality you know he spoils harry to the extreme starting the night before all throughout the day of

Larry Stylinson Fic Rec

210 Days by cherrystreet | E | Army!Harry

Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again.

A Truth So Loud You Can’t Ignore by bluegreenlarry | NR | Hogwarts AU

Harry is a troublemaker and Louis is a prefect. They might secretly like each other. 

All About Us *** by LHStylinson | GA | 

When Harry and Louis’ teenage daughter bring a boy home for the first time to meet them Louis tries to act as the protective father and Harry just wants everyone to be happy. Throughout the night and protests from their daughter, Louis and Harry reminisce about how they met and overtime share their story with the boy that seems to look at their daughter the same way Louis once and still looks at Harry.

And Then a Bit *** by infinitelymint | E | 

Take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

Being Alpha by ItsLivvvy | M | A/B/O AU

In other words, the doctors told us the same thing, even now, the media told us the same thing and society did as well. If you’re an Alpha, you’re a monster. If you’re an Alpha, you’d better pray for an Omega brave enough to take you on. This theory was adopted by my parents. I was alpha, they locked me up. I stayed that way, lonely and locked in the house, until Louis came along. 

deep in my heart i know there’s only you by ballsdeepinjesus | E | 

harry and louis are best friends who engage in some platonic baby-making. very platonic.

Elysian by wonderlou | M | Beauty and the Beast AU

Harry is running out of time to fall in love, but with Louis, it seems as if there’s all the time in the world. 

Escapade *** by dolce_piccante | E | You need to have an AO3 account to read this. | Escort!Harry

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

Frozen *** by jacinth | M | A/B/O AU

Despite being forced into an arranged Mating, Omega Louis sees the opportunity for happiness when he first looks into the eyes of his intended. However, the naive Omega quickly learns not to judge a book by its handsome cover when his Alpha, Harry, turns cold-hearted, indifferent, and sometimes utterly cruel, leaving Louis to wonder what he’s done wrong.When an accident occurs six months into the miserable Mating, Louis is forced to care for a man who so clearly despises him. 

give you my fever by beautlouis | E | 

x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first.

gonna take you everywhere (and never ask who you are) by louchanan | M | Superpowers AU

Louis Tomlinson is the merc with a mouth and Harry Styles is the famous web slinger. 

Hiding Place *** by alivingfire | E | Soulmate AU

The canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide. 

I’m In Trouble Deep by Allthelivelonglarry, helenahjay, sammie4jones, Scrufflecake | M | M-Preg | College/University AU

Louis has been nothing but clear with Harry from day one. “Don’t fall for me,” he said, eyes bright and dancing, fingers in Harry’s belt loops tugging him forward even as his words pushed him away. “I’m not your happily ever after.” 

Inconceivable by alivingfire | E | High School AU

Louis and Barbara Tomlinson are twin brother and sister. Harry’s in love with Louis, Niall’s in love with Barbara, and they both go by Tommo. It gets a little confusing.

Is This Seat Taken? *** by Lainy122 | E | Non Famous Louis

Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly. Que the music.

It’s In The Love *** by SS98 | TauA | High School AU

AU in which Harry is sorta punk and never stops staring at Louis.

Just Another Ordinary Day *** by jacinth | TauA | A/B/O AU

Omega Louis finds out his best friend (who he may or may not be in love with) Harry, an Alpha, might have found someone he wants to mate with. Jealous and tired of dealing with it all, he confronts Harry and demands to know who it is. The Alpha refuses to give a name but proceeds to describe the object of his affection.Despite not wanting to hear about how much Harry wants this supposedly “perfect, witty, gorgeous, stubborn, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, with a body that drives me mad” boy, Louis listens like the good friend he is. 

Kiss Me With Adventure (’Til I Forget My Name) by Summer_roses | E | YouTuber AU

Harry is the big new thing in the music industry and in a mad search to find a makeup artist before his first ever world tour kicks off. Louis is an internet famous beauty guru/YouTuber who drinks too much tea and a habit of cursing excessively. When a fan tweets Harry the link to Louis’ YouTuber channel it starts something neither of them could have ever imagined.

London is a well worth mass by dolphinaaa | E | Underage | A/B/O AU

Louis is an Omega prince of France. When he is 13, he is betrothed to Harry of England for politics. The wedding will seal the alliance between the two countries. This is their story. 

Loving You Is Free *** by littlelouishiccups | E | BDSM/Sugar Daddy AU

Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry.

MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! *** by gravitycentered | M | YouTuber AU

Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all- Louis x

never gonna dance again by togetherwecouldbealright | M | Spy Louis/Dancer Harry

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

rapture in the dark by stylinsonsupporter | TauA | Model Louis AU

Harry does the Winter Girlfriend routine with Louis instead.

Run and I’ll Give Chase *** by Madalynn_Bohemia | E | Vampire AU

Harry is a fledgling vampire without a maker. Louis is graciously offering to fill that role.

Run with Foxes, Hunt with Wolves *** by 69louis | NR | A/B/O AU

Louis and his pack of mostly females are left shaken after they lose their alpha, and soon after males from far and wide travel to their territory to compete for the right to take his place. Louis is thrown into turmoil, fearful of losing another one of his pack mates, and untrusting of the lone males who seem to be growing in numbers everyday, but when a strong stranger steps forward to not only fight to be alpha, but to fight for Louis can he keep his head above water long enough to reach the next full moon?

Sail away with me *** by Star_Henderson | E | 

Louis and Harry are part of the entertainment team on board a luxury cruise liner. They hate sharing their four berth cabin with two other guys and would do anything to get a cabin of their own. One drunken night the solution was simple. They’d just get married…

say i hate you but i always stay by clicheanna | M | 

The one where Harry hates Louis, he’s almost sure Louis hates him, and they live together. Driving him to football practice everyday is not apart of Harry’s plans, but Louis is pretty adamant if it means annoying Harry.

Sorry, You’re Not My Type *** by IlluminateTheSparks | E | High School AU

Louis has been in love with the same guy ever since he started high school. Too bad the man he’s in love with hasn’t even acknowledged his existence yet. But this year, that’s going to change. He’s gonna try his hardest to get Harry’s attention because Louis’ in love right? Most definitely. Let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in their favor.

Supposed To Be by kikikryslee | M | Geek Charming AU

Geek Charming AU where Harry’s a film geek, Louis’ a popular jock, and they both need each other to get what they want.

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic *** by larrycaring | NR | Hogwarts AU

Even in a magical world, Louis and Harry’s love is the most magical and beautiful thing in the world, Zayn is the smart Ravenclaw who falls for his best friend, Liam’s true feelings are revealed and Niall is Niall. 

The Lion Man by iwillpaintasongforlou | E | Vampire AU

Louis is a vampire who loves tattoos and piercings as much as he loves a good feed. Harry is a biology student who gets dragged to a vampire bar (really, of all places) by his friends and happens to have blood that tastes like maraschino cherries. They’re both a bit addicted and they’re neither a bit ashamed.

The Mutant Sanctuary *** by mystic_believexx | M | Superpowers AU

Harry had never known of a life outside the Institute- the place all mutants were created. At eighteen years old, he is being sold at the Market and when Louis Tomlinson, owner of The Sanctuary, comes across him, he has to have him.

The Prince’s Bridegroom *** by photo41 | TauA | AO3 account required to read. | The Princess Bride AU.

When Louis leaves to seek his fortune, he leaves his true love Harry behind, only to be lost at sea. Heartbroken, Harry agrees to wed another, only to be captured by a giant, a vengeful swordsman, a genius and then a pirate. If that isn’t enough, he encounters eels, a fireswamp, and rodents of unusual size. In the end though what matters is that death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it a little. 

The Red Viper *** by DEAdea | E | Dom/Sub AU

A short BDSM AU where Louis is a very stubborn Submissive, the most stubborn Submissive of this century if you want, and Harry will help him be still.

The Wolves Den *** by paladincoolcats | M | Abandoned, Open Ending-ish

There’s no way to tell that Louis is an Omega unless you were his mother, father, or an Alpha. Harry notices Louis before he’s even met him, smells him in the hallway, in the classrooms, on the seats. Harry doesn’t know what the smell is. He just knows that it’s delicious and makes him weak in the knees. He needs to find the source of the smell before he goes crazy, but the way he finds the tiny Omega may make Harry crazy with anger. A/B/O AU.

This Chancey Rendezvous by lululawrence | NR | 

Upon quick inspection, Harry learned all of the texts in addition to the missed call were from his mum. Fantastic. Harry was getting more interested in this child loving charity footie coach with tattoos and a nice bum as the texts went on. Finally he scrolled down and saw her most recent text. I gave him your number. xx  Well. Alright.

This Wicked Game *** by cherrystreet | E | 

An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.

we’re still going, eight in the morning by nooelgallagher, yoursongonmyheart | E | 

The one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting.

Will You Be My Daddy? *** by fetchlylarrystylinson | E | Sugar Daddy AU

Louis 28. Harry 18. Harry is a sugar baby who wants a powerful new Daddy.

Won’t See It Coming Til It’s Already Gone *** by whoknows | E | 

“Tell me that this is a fake,” Peter says, slapping a handful of papers against Louis’ chest. He says something else, something loud and demanding, barely even pausing for a breath, but Louis doesn’t hear it. All he hears is the sound of his own breathing, the sound of his own heartbeat. Because this - this looks like a marriage certificate. For a minute, everything stills, quiets. Louis drags his eyes up, meets Harry’s gaze, fixed on him. Then the noise is back, shouting voices clamoring to be heard over each other, and Harry is still staring at him. The ring that Louis hadn’t been able to stop noticing in the loo weighs heavily on his hand. His left hand.

You Will Be Mine *** by Tator | TauA | Mostly Ziall with a side of Larry, but still good. | High School AU

Zayn had most everyone groveling at feet where they belong. No one dared challenge the alpha’s authority because most of them feared him. That is until a new omega from Ireland joins his school. The omega decided he wasn’t going to respect Zayn. Zayn decided that the little omega was going to be his, one way or another.

You You You *** by isthatyoularry | M | Non-Famous Louis

The one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction.

Amazing Sin *** by thecheshirepussycat | E | 

The story of Louis ‘Steal Your Man’ Tomlinson.

Desperate *** by  crazyupsetter | NR | High School AU

Harry is d e s p r e a t l e y trying to get Louis to go out with him. Cue lots of failed attempts of him asking Louis out until somehow he gets him to say yes.

there are only two things i care about, first of all LOUIS IS DOING SOME SOLO MUSIC THING and i’m fucking excited because i love him

and also, it appears that literally everyone will release some sort of solo music stuff before Harry The Frontman Future Solo Sensation Styles ™ and that’s just damn fucking funny


haAhhhh the long awaited masterlist, here you go!

The requests 


How he kisses your neck

Your sex described in two words

You buy yourself lingerie 

Your favorite bralette

Insecure about your body even though you’re married 


*I wrote these when I was younger so some are cringe-y*


Niall Horan Smut: Sweet and Slow

Harry Styles Smut: PDA

Harry Styles Smut: Babysitter

Harry Styles Ft. Luke Hemmings Smut: Three is a Charm

Harry Styles Smut: Daddy

Niall Horan Smut: Cool for the Summer

Niall Horan Imagine: Catwalk

Harry Styles Smut: First time


My creations(All Harry Styles):

Sweet Little Rosie 

Sweet Little Rosie 2

Sweet Little Rosie 3

Sweet Little Rosie 4

Sweet Little Rosie 5

Sweet Little Rosie 6, coming soon


Drunk sex, P1 P2


French Boy P1 P2 P3 more parts soon



*More of my own creations coming very soon*

Single parent fics are one of my BIGGEST weaknesses. I’ve read all these fics and they’re wonderful! If there’s a fic you love that’s not on this list please let me know so I can read it and include it in the next single parent fic rec I make!

If My Heart Was a Compass, You’d be North, 55k

All Louis really cares about is his skateboard, tattoos, football, and his family. He has a job that he (mostly) loves and a (small) handful of good friends, and at 24 he is pretty content with his life… until he nearly crashes into a boy with wild curls and cratered dimples, he begins to think maybe he’s been missing something he never knew was missing. That missing piece is apparently big enough for two.

[Or the one where punk Louis likes to think he’s not clumsy, but he suspects he’ll have to accept it when he falls face first into a relationship with a head full of curls and his tiny human.]

A Life That We Share (I Owe It All to You), 50k

When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.

or Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up.

Beautiful Star, 17k

“You know, when I pegged you for a druglord, I wasn’t exactly challenging you to make me believe that you actually are one. What is this place?” Louis says after he swallows over the mild panic that’s building up in his throat over the fact that he’s literally sitting in front of the cause of his teenage sexuality crisis.

or, the famous/nonfamous kid!fic AU wherein harry and louis have to host a school Christmas party and harry isn’t actually a drug lord.

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anonymous asked:

pls help me! I've been sick and slept all day so when I entered here I saw a bunch of things happened. can you pls tell me everything that happened today? just a list is amazing! thanks xx

okay so off the top:

something involving colourful designer suits that the fandom at first thought had to do with harry but actually has to do with bruno mars (i tuned out of this discussion tbh)

deckstar (steve’s management company) was acquired by JGG (louis’ management company) so it’s looking like their original meeting was actually not very organic at all (according to a billboard article about it the two companies have been in talks for over a year)

we got more articles about eleanor/elounor in the sun and *surprise* louis pops up again at a grocery store in the uk (and the person taking the picture said eleanor was there too but so far no pics of her). we also got two pics of louis in jamaica (i believe at the airport? and again, no pics of eleanor [yet])

LOUIS AND BEBE REXHA MIGHT BE COLLABING. if you check my bebe rexha tag (i’ve been a bit lazy about updating my asks today but the important stuff should be in there) you’ll see more.

what else … oh yeah tammi posted a new pic of ‘freddie’ looking an awful lot like his real biological relatives austin and brett.

i think that’s it? if i’m forgetting something please feel free to reply to this post.

how i would fight 1d

harry & louis - they go first. i take them out in tandem when no one is looking. zialliam will expect them gone and if they woke up in some broom closet they’d probably go back to sleep

liam - if i don’t take him out first, he’ll protect niall or zayn and ill cry too hard to fight. I’ll take him down by whispering ‘if you pretend to get knocked out i won’t hurt ziall’. boom. on the ground two seconds flat. zayn at this point probably whispers ‘sick’

zayn - zayn is in pure amazement. he doesn’t even see it coming. i give him the old one two punch and he’s gone. somehow he lands on top of liam. weird

niall - stress laughing in the corner or something. i start irish step dancing and he starts calming down. i do a high kick and it’s lights out. i leave with my dignity intact

Fics revealed on 12.12

Even Supposing -    for birdwithme
Words: 14776
Summary: Money is tight this year, Harry knows. As he strolls through the tailor’s shop, he knows this. But, Louis was right. This is their first Christmas as a married couple, and it’s the two year anniversary of when they met. He wants to surprise his husband with two wonderful gifts for his birthday and Christmas. He wants it to be unforgettable.Or, a Dickensian London AU where Harry and Louis overcome illness, small budgets, and their own stubbornness to give each other an unforgettable first Christmas together.

In My Dreams I’m Christmas With You    for PumpkinspiceLou
Words: 9736
Summary: “I stole a baby,” Niall says calmly.“Okay, first of all, Niall, that’s not a baby. I’d say toddler,” Louis corrects before he truly processes what Niall’s said. When Niall frowns at him, it hits him, then, the severity of the situation. Niall has stolen a child.

What’s it gonna be?   for annewithane
Words: 6741
Summary: “If you got feelings for me, you just gotta speak honestly.”
or Liam enlists Louis in capturing the heart of one Harry Styles.

Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7 - Day 8 - Day 9 - Day 10 - Day 11 - Day 12- Day 13 - Day 14

anonymous asked:

what's the betting that occasionally harry starts tickle wars within the tomlinson-deakin household? his first target is always one of the babies ("harold... they're two years old now. they're not babies anymore" "um, sorry what? i can't hear you over the sound of BABIES laughing"), and then he starts on louis because that makes them laugh even harder (which BONUS!). this all gets out of hand when dan joins in bc dan is The Best, and encourages these wars and wow this made me a lil emotional fuk


Prompt 4: Scream

“Louis,” Harry said slowly, “I don’t understand. This is a love story. This is the first kiss, the first sexually intimate moment between these two men. This is what Alex has been longing for since he started this journey. What the hell do you mean, that you can’t draw on your own experience?”

Exasperated, Louis glared back at Harry. “C’mon, Harry, I don’t think you’re that dense.”

Harry stared and then comprehension flooded his face. “Are you saying you’ve never…”

Louis, a Method actor to the core, experiences a block in his acting. Harry helps him out.

Read on AO3.

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Larry
Length: 3401 words

This is part of a prompt challenge that a group of us are participating in for the prompt “Scream”. To read the other amazing fics that were written by the others on this prompt, you can click here and to see all fics written as part of the challenge, you can click here.

a few things I’ve heard over the years

A few of these stories were told directly to me. Many of them are the type of stories which have circulated in certain circles over time. I’m deliberately keeping a lot of it vague in order to protect those who heard/saw it in the first place.

- Property: yes, they have several homes. At least two in London. At least two in LA. At least one in Cheshire. Several others which have been bought and sold over the years.

- Remember when the boys were in Melbourne this February and Harry was randomly seen in Torquay taking photos with a baby? Louis was there too. They got surfing lessons and were said to be very cute together.

- A story from someone who worked at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne who saw them ‘hooking up’ in a hallway.

- This was shared at the time but I think been forgotten, and it’s another Melbourne one so worth mentioning: when they were here back in March of 2012, they were seen several times eating together at the restaurants and cafes at their hotel. One person saw them when they were with Lux and Tom, and said they were really sweet with her and with each other, sharing food, playing with Lux, looking like a couple with their own kid.

- They regularly get the honeymoon suite in hotels and order a lot of extravagant room service.

- Several instances of people referring to Louis as Harry’s ‘boyfriend’ or ‘significant other.’

- Instances of HARRY referring to ‘my boyfriend’, Louis calling Harry ‘my boy.’

- Many instances of people talking about how taken Harry is.

- Louis was described was a ‘confident gay man.’

- They go on LOTS of date nights.

- Lots of instances of Louis being in LA when he was supposedly in London, or secretly being places with Harry when Harry was papped alone (out with Jeff, out at clubs etc).

- People meeting them and not noting anything specific but coming away with a definite impression that they are a couple.

- Many, many instances of people seeing them out at house parties, clubs, restaurants, cafes etc and commenting on them being ‘all over each other’, ‘really into each other’, ‘wouldn’t let go of each other’, etc. Many mention Louis playing with Harry’s hair. Many mention that they are very cute and funny together. Most mention that they are always attached at the hip. Some mentioned them sharing small kisses in front of others and ‘making no effort to hide.’

Just a short compilation of Harry and Louis using sign language. 

Harry telling interviewer he wants to learn sign language. 

Louis signing what looks like forever to Harry. I really wish I knew what song they were singing, or what they were talking about prior to this moment. (This is also sometimes translated as hope)

I’ve seen this one roughly translated to “Harry my boy” which fits with the context of the conversation that was taking place in this gif/interview. 

Everyone in the fandom knows this one..I was skeptical that they were signing “sweetheart/lover”at first here until you watch the clip and they are clearing poking fun at Liam and Zayn. 

Someone said they were signing here but this one to me looks like a dirty sign if you catch my drift. (and if you didn’t he’s gesturing about wanking)

Cute Fetus Harry signing “thank you” 

^^^I don’t know where this caption came from but I can assure you that, that sign is NOT thank you. I’m pretty damn sure he intended on signing fuck off or fuck you. But he doesn’t point at the end so its basically just the beginning of fuck you. 

this next one makes me giggle every time I see it..

it makes me giggle because he literally changes hands with his mic to correct himself. He either signs half of the “sweetheart” sign or okay..and then taps his chest twice with his palm open which is the sign for “mine” so essentially he’s signing “my love” or just “mine”

I’ve seen this one translated as “hazza not a big deal sad one” Louis is signing this to Harry after he missed a note. 

ASL/BSL is back!! The boys have been using it lately, Louis specifically. 

I can’t say for sure what this one is. But I’ve seen a general consensus going around that it means taking it to the mouth, or something about oral. :) 

This is from right after the impromptu Fresh Prince rap that Harry was upset that they didn’t practice. Louis is signing this:

which means “nag.” And fits with what was going on at the time.

(Edited September 2nd, 2015)