first try with the new pencils


my first original post! was at the library today trying to study :) progress was pretty okay, although right now i’m being very very unproductive after a stressful week at school. 

Tomco Week: Day 1 & 2: Dancing and AU

Does it count if I put both days here due to not putting yesterday’s theme?

I told you, someone was going to join ♡Tomco week♡

Originally, I was going to do this speed drawing for this, but I had little time so no video T-T

Ok the story behind this drawing…I was working on day one theme, which was dancing….but then I decided to draw them as puppets(why…because I can! and nobody has done it yet. I called ‘dibs’ remember? X’D )and what would make people think of a puppet AU we needed one? X’D starco has one, why can’t this ship too??

this is my first time trying out my new color pencils, so I know I’m not a pro of this. (I have a set of 150 different colors, so it will take a while to get used to all the different varieties of colors to choose to) Felt like giving Tom a ponytail, because it looks nice and felt like it X’D (also somebody else already did it and it was pretty cool)

may end up redrawing this in the future

I may do some of the days, I can’t promise I will due all of them though I have a busy week

Art by me

prince Tom and Princess Marco belong to Disney

God bless you :3

(Don’t kill me other shippers, you know who I’m talking to XD )

My roommate gave me a fountain ink pen and I’m in love with it!


i got some coloured pencils and sketchbooks for christmas this year! so i’ve been practicing coloured pencil art! i haven’t used coloured pencils in Several Years, so it was pretty weird to try it again haha

i got two sets of pencils: a pretty cheap set and a more high quality set. all of these were done with the lower quality ones, except for the rose quartz drawing (and the non-coloured drawings, of course)

“I’m done being everyone’s prisoner!”

A watercolor that started out as vent art that became a piece I ended up trying out a new technique with.  Composition-wise, I wanted to include “breaking free” imagery from both the mirror as well as her self-made water chains within Malachite.  In coloring this piece I used a lightbox to trace paint over the pencil drawing underneath, thus the finished piece is very clean and has no trace of pencil lines.  I’m very happy with the end result!

I actually finished this at the end of last year, but just got around to scanning it today!  Either way it’s my first piece on here for the new year~

pattie-mae  asked:

Do you have any tips on shading? I always feel like it looks weird whenever I shade stuff

As boring as it may sound, the biggest tip I can give for shading is practice! I used to use a blending stump but was too lazy to go out and get a new one when I lost it, so I figured I just had to work with what I got, which is my pencil lol. So at first I was wondering how I’d be able to shade stuff without my stump and of course, my first attempts looked real bad (for my eyes, atleast) but I kept going and trying out different ways I could think of to achieve what I wanted!

Another thing that’ll really affect your work is the texture of the paper and how you use your pencil. One thing I recently realized is that even the slight difference in the paper I’m using gives me a big difference in the way I draw. (I don’t know about others but I, for some reason, just see these differences as a big deal– i just rlly have to adjust lmao)

And for the way I use the pencil, (a mechanical pencil) before I begin, I tend to have a piece of paper where I do a left and right stroke so that the tip would be diagonal. After that, I shade my entire finished outline with a really subtle shade in one direction (the first one is barely even noticeable) and I just keep adding layers until I get it right and then move on to refining details and stuff.

It sounds like a lotta work but to make you feel better, it took me months to be able to start again for the 2nd time and its only been the past two or three months that I’ve made some sketches I’m actually proud of (idk if that made you feel better lol)

These tips are vague :( lol but I guess I might just do a tutorial on it if you guys are into that


Pastel Phanart!

Blue and pink opposites. I actually went outside and I gathered flowers to make their flower crowns but it is winter over here so there are not many flowers :P

Drawn on 15/7/2016 age 14 in a new style I’m trying out! (Ik the eyelashes and nose are weird I just like them) Drawn with light blue, dark blue, pink and red water colour pencils mainly (obviously I used guidelines first bc proportions are so hard).

(Idk why you would but plz don’t repost without credit! reblog are lovely)

Well this is boring. Ethan was leaning against the bar, sipping on a local draft as he scanned the people around them. It wasn’t like he was trying to hide his boredom by keeping his voice low and to himself. In fact it was the opposite, making sure he was crystal clear as he spoke his displeasure for the little get together. Sure the first year it was fun and exciting, as he stepped into this new world of college, but last year it was boring and this year…well this year– I’d rather stab my eyes out with a pencil while listening to Wetzel drone on and one for three hours.  

Why does my mechanical pencil always went missing when I draw the First Hero what do u have against the bae pencil speak up

Anyway, trying out a new, less-childish-looking style!

Steve did not draw after he was unfrozen. It didn’t even cross his mind to sit down and pic up a pencil. At first he was too busy learning about the last seventy years and trying to adapt to the new century. Also, there was this alien invasion suddenly going on. And his move to DC afterwards.

But even in his free time between missions Steve never felt the urge to capture things on paper like he once did - a lifetime ago. When he was always trying to preserve special moments or just putting down something interesting he’d seen. Sometimes with quick pencil strokes, sometimes painstakingly precise and carefully done.

And then Steve found out Bucky was alive too. After this finding Bucky became the most important thing for Steve.

So the first couple of times Steve found some scraps of paper in his hotel room he threw them into the bin, too distracted with feeling disappointed that they were too late once again and Bucky seemingly long gone. He only got suspicious when some pencil stubs started to appear alongside the paper. And it finally registered that those things hadn’t been here at the time Steve had moved into the hotel room this morning.

Suddenly Steve felt hope blossoming in his heart. It could only have been Bucky who’d left the paper and the pencil stubs for Steve. It hat to mean Bucky was remembering their past and how he sometimes would bring home sheets of drawing paper (when there was money left at the end of the month) or scraps of packing paper (when all the spare money went into medicine for Steve once again) for Steve to draw on. It had to! There could be no other explanation. Sam was just beeing cautious and way too hung up on the fact that Bucky got in and out of their room one night without waking them up, leaving a sketchbook and a case of expensive pencils behind.

The sketchbook was beautiful, bound in leather with thick, creamy white pages. It would have been a waste to leave them blank. Steve got the hint and finally started to draw agwain. Small things initially, to get a feel for the pencils and the paper, but more and mor extensive with each new sketch. Unsurprisingly Bucky became his favourite subject very fast, first from memory and later, much later, from the real thing.

After Bucky’s return Steve - via drawing - spent a lot of time learning and cataloguing until understanding and finally accepting all the ways this Bucky was new and different.

This is one of these drawings.


I decided to do a quick sketch in an attempt to fine-tune the Pint Pony style, and this is what I ended up with. Something far more caricatured than what I’m used to doing, even compared to the first test of my Pint Pony style, but it was very simple, fast, and a LOT of fun to do. I even got to try out some new brushes that simulate pencils! I think this came out pretty good for my first attempt. :3

This also worked as a test for a style I wanted to implement into a little… project. Some merchandise I’d like to feature at Bronycon, but I don’t wanna reveal anything until I have at least one of them finished. So excited to get to work on it! :3 Buuuuuuuut yeah. Have yerself some Dashy and I hope you enjoy it! ^.^


I just finished my new abstract doodle with Commander Kick-Ass :)

As I mentioned it before I’m not very good with detialis when I’m using acrylics. That’s why I always try to mix many different “mediums” into one. The main one is of course acrylic paint, but here I also used watercolors & watercolor pencils with charcoal and soft pencil (8B) for Her face. This painting is in A2 format size (42x60 cm / 16.5x23.4 in) :)

First three pics in this post is a final result of my work and the last two is simply the whole “making off” :)

I hope You’ll like it! Enjoy!

here’s my new album!

this was my first time trying to make the tracks interlock and make like a lil concept-album-type thing

(and I know from the cover and title it probably looks like a huge all star remix album but it’s actually all original music and shrek is barely mentioned!! WHOOPS)

It’s that time of the year folks! I’ve seen several whats in my backpack, pencil case and stationery hauls in my dashboard so I felt inspired to share what’s in my pencil case. Half of the things in it, you’ve already seen in my hauls found here and here. Thus, I’ll only include the details of the other items not in my previous posts. 

(top to bottom, left to right)

  • colorful mini sticky notes - dollar store
    You don’t need to go to fancy stationery store to buy sticky notes. I ALWAYS go to the dollar store to buy sticky notes and sticky tabs. Try going to various dollar stores as each store carry different styles!
  • sticky tabs - Wal-Mart $2
    These are left overs from last year that I found in my “emergency” pencil case. I’ll use them all up first before I get a new pack. 
  • Liquid paper - Wal-Mart $2 for a pack of 3
    These are cheaper than the white out tapes so I always purchase them. Stock up during back to school as prices go up after the season!
  • Staedtler eraser - discontinued
    I found these in our supply drawers. I’m out of erasers so I need to buy some more haha. Walmart carries staedtler erasers for less than a dollar for a pack of 3.
  • Zebra z-grip mini pens - Wal-Mart $6 for a pack of 10
    Zebra pens write very very smoothly however they tend to bleed through or smudge. I like them nonetheless.
  • BIC red pen - Staples $2.50 for a dozen pack
    Buy a pack and it will last you for years. I got this pen from a box that we probably bought 4 years ago. 
  • Papermate Wooden Pencils - Wal-Mart $2 for 24 pcs in a box
    Good quality pencils, cheap price. 

This has got to be the cutest thing ever. Even though I’m going to university this year, I will never get tired of buying cutesy, child pencil cases as I have a soft spot for these things. I got my new pencil case from H&M for $5 (it was on sale, regular price is $10)

I haven’t shared a lot about my work life here, but this latest turn of events is more significant than usual: as of last week I’ve found a place to live in Portland and started work at LAIKA as a story artist on one of their upcoming features :)

It’s been a tumultuous couple months - just since the end of August, I quit my job in games animation, went freelance, penciled a graphic novel, fulfilled a personal dream of getting to do animation for Titmouse, made it through my first Rose City Comic Con and my second CTNx, and moved to Portland, among other things. The amount of good fortune I’ve experienced this winter still feels unreal. I feel so, so lucky for the opportunities that have come my way and the support I’ve had from all the good humans in my life.

I’m really looking forward to the months ahead, and to trying to rise to a whole new challenge! I’m pretty sure this is going to kick my butt, and I couldn’t be more excited >:) I’ve got my books and my houseplants, my sketchbooks and my wonderful Portland family - I think this is gonna be a good year :)

Field poppies.
First try with my new IPad Pro and Apple pencil, using the amazing watercolour app AurynInk. With Apple pencil I now get lots of water and can fully use the wet in wet technique, just as I want. No big difference anymore between painting traditional watercolour on paper and painting watercolour on IPad. Hey all professional watercolourists out there on Tumblr! You absolutely must try AurynInk 👍👏💓

advice for high school freshmen

I see a lot of advice posts for college freshmen, so here’s one for people starting high school. (Feel free to add stuff.)

  • BUY. EXTRA. PENS. AND. PENCILS. You may think 30 pencils and 10 pens is plenty. To that, I say, “Ha!”
  • SparkNotes is your new best friend, especially if you’re not good at English. However, teachers CAN tell if you didn’t read the book, so at least skim it.
  • You may not have anyone to eat lunch with at first. That’s alright! Try to find someone you have a class with, preferably someone that looks as terrified as you.
  • If you ride the schoolbus – a book and/or an iPod will be your savior, especially if there are a lot of annoying fuckboys on the bus. Trust me.
  • If you’re 14/15, and there’s a 17/18 year old hitting on you, something’s very wrong. Be cautious, and stick to people your own age.
  • People will find a reason to tease you no matter what you do, so fuck ‘em. You may as well do what makes you happy.
  • If you do something bad and get caught, just own up to it and apologize. The punishment will probably be a lot lighter.
  • If you’re like me, you’ll probably write stuff down in your planner, and then forget to check your planner. I recommend writing stuff down on your arm, or writing it down on a piece of paper and leaving said piece of paper in a place you know you’ll look later – i.e., shut inside a book or your wallet.
  • Girls: if he reduces you to your body or how many people you have (or haven’t) slept with, he’s not worth your time. 
  • Boys: don’t do that. And call out your friends for doing it. Change starts with you!
  • If you want to have sex, that’s your choice, but please, PLEASE be safe and be informed. Make sure you’re educated on safe sex and birth control.
  • If you DON’T want to have sex, that’s okay! You’re not less mature. If you’re not ready (or are just not interested in sex at all), that’s fine. You do you.
  • DO. NOT. TAKE. NUDES. That shit is illegal. Wait ‘til you’re 18, people!
  • Be polite to your teachers. They have enough shit to deal with. And besides, making friends with them means they’ll help you out, and be much easier to approach for help.
  • After you get your core classes, you’ll have some electives. Pick your classes based on what interests you, not where your friends are going. You may make new friends in the class, and even if you don’t, you can still have fun studying something you think is cool.
  • The sex ed is going to suck and likely be inaccurate. I’m sorry.
  • Google is your friend.
  • Eat breakfast every day if you can possibly swing it. 
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities are a lot of fun, and great for college applications, but don’t overwork yourself or get burned out. Clubs are supposed to be fun!
  • Please don’t tease people. Be kind. 
  • There probably won’t be a Regina George-like head of the school. Some people may be mean, but most of them are kids with their own issues. 
  • With that in mind, your crush is human, too. They’re probably just as scared to talk to people as you are.
  • Dances are fun for a lot of people, but they’re not everyone’s bag. If you don’t like them, that’s okay!
  • At this point in your life, you may realize (or may have already started to realize) that you’re not straight or cis. YOU ARE NORMAL, VALID, AND BEAUTIFUL no matter what anyone else says. If your school has a gay/straight alliance, maybe check that out, or reach out to other LGBT+ alliances in your area. If all else fails, the internet. You are not alone. You are never alone.
  • Shower and use deodorant. Trust me.
  • No one is inherently superior to anyone else because of their interests, clothes, intelligence, grades, or background. Don’t be a douchebag.
  • If you’re like me, a gifted child now evolving into an average teen and young adult, PLEASE take the steps to preserving your mental health that I didn’t. Talk to your parents or a teacher you trust if you feel like you’re doing too much. Remember that your grades don’t define you, and one failed test won’t be the end of the world. Don’t reduces yourself to an essay or a standardized test. Please, spare yourself the nervous breakdown.
  • Getting your heart broken is going to blow, but it happens to almost everyone. 
  • These likely WON’T be the best four years of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them great.
  • And, if nothing else, I can pretty much guarantee that this will suck less than middle school.