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Okay. First try. Usually I’m not that kind of fan who writes a meta or something like that. I’m not that good with words, when it’s not my mother tongue. But this is something I have to write off of me now. It bothers me. I’m doing this mostly to reassure myself, that I’m NOT seeing things. Well, I hope so. Sorry in advance but…Please, listen…

So, I have this dear friend of mine (who’s a huge fan of BBC’s Merlin and loves The 100 as well), whose opinion I value very high, and she said a thing, that I can’t get out of my mind now. She said that everything Bellarke-related, the slight touches, all the stares, might be unintentional acting, especially by Clarke. And I considered it, I really did, to maybe be true. BUT… Then again… I’m a huge ArMor (Arthur/Morgana)-shipper (Merlin BBC), and you may think of this ship whatever you like but… In season 1 - and most of that fandom agree with this, as well as the actors themselves (Bradley James/Arthur Pendragon even said in an interview, that “they clearly fancied each other” in season 1) – they were written as a potential couple/love interest for each other. No-one can tell me otherwise. There are far too many hints/evidences for that, far too many “glances” and “touches” and even “words”, although they never really got together… Sounds familiar? (But due to the storyline and the introduction of ArWen (Arthur/Guinevere) as a pairing it was kind of clear that the writers would drop ArMor at some point – although it’s part of the Arthurian Legend itself. But that’s another story…)

What I’m trying to say is this: If you/we consider ArMor a thing in season 1 of Merlin and say/admit, that at this point they clearly fancied each other/had a crush on each other, how on earth can anyone POSSIBLY think, that Bellarke is unintentional at all?! I mean… Have a look at that if you please… (Disclaimer: GIF’s not mine! All rights to the owners.)

These are my ArMor-baes….

And these are my Bellarke-baes…

And have a look at that

and now at this

And here too

And look at that…


And… (this isn’t even only S1)


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The angst…

Bellarke baes:

Hugs (be still my heart):

Last but not least (and very dear to me):


Even L said/realized it’s true. “You care about him?” –

And let’s not forget all the fuss about “weakness”

Let’s Murphy have the last word (or Kane, or Jaha… or who else realized only because of all their (of course only) unconditional acting around each other that they clearly have a thing for each other…):


The writers did all these things ON PURPOSE. It can’t be otherwise. And the cinematography speaks for itself. All the zooming in on their touches or stares… And the things they SAID to each other up until this point of the show, all the “I need you’s” and “I trust you’s”, all the “I’d do everything! Please don’t kill him’s” and “We can’t lose Clarke’s/I can’t lose you’s” (not to mention Bellamy’s -  completely unintentional of course… – decision to run after Clarke, even though he’s gravely wounded… or the latest “If you’re on that list, I’m on that list – Write it down or I will”-confession…),

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as well as all the other things like the epic hugs or the neck-nuzzles – and yes, Clarke’s nuzzling too (I TOTALLY would do this with a platonic friend of mine…unintentionally… of COURSE… who am I kidding >.<). Can it possibly be more obvious? I don’t know. But these are the facts. They can’t be overseen or ignored. And I think… even if I’m preoccupied because I’m a reader of the novels by Kass Morgan, there’s definitely a visual (sexual) tension between our lovelies. And I think they were planned right from the start. As the slow burn of all slow burn-relationships - to keep up the tension. That’s why there are so many hints even in the first series. If there would be ANYTHING that reassures me that Bellarke is endgame at last, than I could endure EVERYTHING on the way, even one-night-stands and other crushes. *sigh*

So… tell me guys… am I seeing things, or what? I wished, that my friend would be able to see the show through my eyes every now and then. The fact, that she smiles a bit over metas like this, or hardcore-shippers (and I am one of these) for that matter, saddens me more than I could’ve ever imagined. I have too much time I guess… *sigh* But that’s nothing we couldn’t solve or talk about. And that makes me happy again. I trust us. ;)

But please, guys, I’m not delusional, or…

Welcome to Football Creators Network’s Football Edits Challenge!
This will be the first editing challenge in the football fandom, and since we don’t see a lot of events like this, we think this will be a great opportunity for the football community to try something different. This challenge will take place from March 6 to March 12 and every day, there is a different theme. Any formats of creations are accepted - gifsets, graphics, wallpapers, playlists - the sky is the limit, be as creative as you can be!

March 6 (Monday) - Favorite Club
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Rosie finally guessed John’s laptop password (after Sherlock taught her how to) and read his privated blog posts ;)

I wanted to make a johnlock video with ABBA's “Honey honey”, but realized the Mamma Mia version would be perfect with Rosie singing it (though still probs gonna make the first one too). So here’s a crappy animatic, literlly the first time ive tried to make something like this in my life so forgive me

better days

a lil fic about bad days, and how people can’t make them go away but they can make them hurt less.


There are bad days.

Sometimes, all Nico can dream about is Tartarus. He wakes up with the shadows slick against his skin, slimy and cold, like something dead.

Some days, he feels eyes upon him, never leaving. Everybody feels like a threat. Feels like even his own shadow is trying to run away, when it spreads out beneath his feet as the sun burns down.

Some days, Camp Half-Blood still doesn’t feel like home at all.

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Please, Tommy. Please.”
With his heart falling into a black abyss, Thomas pulled the trigger.

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How would RFA+ Sarean and V react to their S/O having ADD

ARGH I’M SO mad I was almost finished with the last ask but my freaking pc decided to go bananas and post the incomplete post. ARGH, then when I was trying to edit the screen went crazy again and deleted it ugh. RIP my laptop

Anyways, the last ask was Rfa+ Saeran and V react to their S/O having ADD


  • If you told him you had ADD he would be a bit confused at first
  • Chagiya you don’t look like someone who’d have ADD
  • He’d end up doing a research
  • He just doesn’t want to accidently say something that offends you
  • In he’s research he found some things to cure some ADD symptoms
  • Oh? Exercising is one of them? Chagiya~
  • He’d only help you with all the things if you wanted him to
  • He’d be even more protective than what he already is
  • Zen pls
  • If anyone ever made fun of you because you have ADD
  • They better fucking book it
  • This man will end them
  • He’d do anything for you, anything


  • He’d be pretty chill about it
  • Hoo-Boy
  • Will research about ADD just to see if there’s anything he can do
  • Oh there are some medicines? Kitten have you tried this?
  • Well shit he bought them anyways
  • Will get you a personal trainer, nutritionist and anything he thinks could help
  • Kitten the website said you needed 7 to 8 hours of sleep, get in the bed
  • Don’t ask me twice then ohoho
  • If anyone dares to say something negative about you this man is already hunting them down
  • You know damn well he has the power to do literally all you’ve ever wanted
  • And he will fucking do everything


  • This sweetheart wouldn’t care less if you had ADD or not
  • You are a goddess in his eyes
  • You saved him from his dark loneliness, he won’t ever see anything wrong with you
  • But if you really wanted therapy he would get the best goddamn doctor okay
  • He’s a rich fucking photographer ok
  • If he feels like he needs a bit of help he’ll ask Jumin
  • If someone say disrespects you at all he’s calm nature is fucking gone
  • He just wants to see you be happy and not care about any difficulty
  • He’ll always support you
  • He just loves you so much


  • You know?
  • I kinda head canon that he has ADD too
  • So I guess he really wouldn’t care?
  • I mean if you want to get rid of it he’d probably ask seven what to do
  • Bad idea
  • We know this guy would fucking wreck anyone in a heartbeat
  • Now if that anyone was being an asshole towards you
  • Oh gosh
  • Hope that anyone runs fast af
  • They’re dead
  • Or he’ll just leave them somewhere close to death
  • No one can mess with you
  • You saved him from mint eye
  • Now all he wants to do is protect you, with everything he’s got


  • Momma Jaehee here
  • Will research it right away
  • “well dear, this website says nutrition is important so we’ll have to work on that
  • If you want to get a treatment she’s with you 24/7
  • Fuck Jumin and his cat projects
  • Momma Jaehee has no chill if she hears someone making fun of you
  • Mate she knows Judo
  • Whoever offends you is going down
  • She loves so much
  • If you ever feel bad about yourself because you have ADD, she’ll sit you in the couch wrap you up with blankets and cuddle with you until you feel better
  • She wishes she could make you see how perfect you are and how this ADD thing doesn’t make you any less than a queen


  • This babe
  • He fucking asks seven what he’s supposed to do know
  • If you ever feel bad about yourself he’ll do ANYTHING to cheer you up
  • He’ll even wear dog ears and act like your puppy if that’s what you want
  • He won’t ever let anyone offend you
  • If someone does
  • Since nutrition is something that’ll help you
  • No more takeout
  • This boy will cook for you 24/7
  • He’ll probably let you have a cheat day
  • He’s such a sweetheart
  • He’ll never look down on you, you are a fallen angel for him


  • I mean
  • This boy found out everything about you
  • Even that you have ADD
  • But he loves you too much to even care about that
  • He’ll don anything he can to help you
  • And if someone ever makes fun of your ADD
  • He’ll act cool at that moment
  • But when you get home
  • He’s hacking everything
  • He’ll ruin that asshole’s life
  • You are the love of his life
  • And he’ll try his best to make sure you know that

Ah~ i repeated so many things didn’t I, sorry i just feel like they all would be supportive and love you even if you have ADD.

I hope this was what you where expecting, i’m sorry i accidentally deleted everything ;-; any ways i hope you all have a great day - Mod Nin

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Ad Astra

Hey, everyone! This is my part for Forduary, week four (What do you mean, it’s only the eleventh? I shall have you know I have a severe case of Impatience, and I will post this now!) , because you know I adore Ford/Dipper kerfluffles, so I decided to try my hand at writing something! 

(And huge Internet hugs to @haloessence111 for pre-reading and editing)

“Ad Astra per Aspera”- “To the stars, through adversity.”

That was one of the first things Ford had taught him as a child- the meaning of one of his favorite phrases. Dipper had only been twelve years old then, stumbling and tripping over his own words in a rush to get them out of his mouth when he first met his Great-Uncle Stanford Pines, “The Author.” He had longed to be just like him in every aspect, clinging to his heels wherever he walked.

All that time however, he had mistakenly believed that Ford did not care the same way about him. So when he had slipped quietly through the back door of the Mystery Shack after having lost a fight with a Plaidypus over his house keys (and the various scrapes to prove it), it was a shock to him to see his Grunkle Ford standing by the door waiting for him, a first-aid kit in hand and a look of concern on his face.

His scrawny wrist was quickly snatched in a firm, six-fingered grip, and he was pulled toward the basement, a simple gesture that seemed anything but to his mind at the time. After being strictly forbidden from the unknown study all Summer, why would he be willingly invited- no, forced in now?

The answer became abundantly clear when he felt himself unceremoniously thrown onto an aluminum stool in the study and his mentor’s fluttering touch, adhering strips of gauze to his deepest cuts. At first, Dipper had thought that, within a few weeks of his arrival through the glowing portal, Ford was already upset with him; but to the contradictory, a flicker of a smile almost appeared to dance across his dark eyes.

“Ad Astra per Aspera”, Ford had once said.

“Wh-What does that mean?” Dipper asked, flustered and inwardly kicking himself for asking such a childish question.

However, Stanford Pines himself hadn’t seemed to mind, a warm expression of pride appearing on his features.

“That, m’boy, is a phrase many a scholar has used over time. It translates into ‘To the Stars, through Adversity.’-which I think is a fair summary of your studies.”

Dipper had been beside himself, biting his lower lip to keep from squealing with delight. But that was seventeen years ago, and he was now an adult sitting in the passenger’s seat of Wendy’s car, watching her slam the gas pedal to the floor and break traffic laws in order to get to the hospital in time. Now he bit his lip again, not in delight, but in anxiety.

After all these years, his cherished mentor was dying.

As soon as they arrived, the duo fled to the numbered room, tearing through the corridors like greased lightning. Dipper slid to a neat stop by his side, taking Ford’s ashy, six-fingered hand and kneeling down to his height.

“Grunkle Ford! Is everything alright? Do you need anything? Wendy and I came here as fast as we could, but…”

His sentence dropped off into an awkward chasm. Mabel stood across from her twin, two young boys siding by her, each about nine. The once vivacious woman now wore a look of worry identical to his own, her head shaking slightly from side to side.

The only person still in high spirits was the patient himself, calmly pulling himself up to a sitting position and putting his coarse hands on his great-nephew’s shoulders, looking into his eyes with the same serious, yet jovial expression he had then.

“For heaven’s sake, Dipper, there’s no need to fret! I simply wish for you to continue my studies- are you willing to do that?”

The twenty nine-year-old man gave a silent nod, biting his tongue to keep from squealing with delight for the final time.

Weeks later, Dipper Pines, Renowned Explorer of the Paranormal, gave a nostalgic smile to himself as he finished inking the recollection in the leather-bound, musty book that now sat before him on his desk. When he closed the book, it would reveal a golden, six-fingered hand with a silver pine tree emblazoned in the center, with the number “4″ carefully inked on.

Tucking the journal under his arm, Dipper walked out into the forest from his small wooden cabin, taking a deep breath of the fresh, woodsy air that he had always loved. With a pen tucked behind his ear, he journeyed into the unknown to continue the studies of his late idol, Dr. Stanford Filbrick Pines.

Ad Astra per Aspera.


let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

[ a surprise present for lovely rina, renders by the kind & talented jaymee ] / ©


It’s my first time doing something like this and I am not English speaker so I hope you can forgive me for my language mistakes. I would be really happy if you would share this with your friends or at least Re- blog for others to see and learn with us. I try my best and in future I will get better at editing and explaining ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. If you already know all of this and want to learn harder things you can message me and I will do harder lessons, I can do lessons by request.  Thank you for learning with me, I blog about k-pop, BTS the most, so check out that too. 

I was the little dark skinned girl
Wanting to bathe in bleach
Scrub the skin away
Until my brown and beautiful dyed the water like a mud bath

I was the little dark skinned girl
Conflating beautiful with bright skinted
Light skinted
Golden dipped, honey kissed
Hair too loose to be coarse type girls
Or blonde and blue eyed
Like sunshine blinding the world with my presence
Like everybody’s favorite bigot

I was the little dark skinned girl
Holding the back of my hand up against the word love in the dictionary trying to find any definitions in
Every edition of the English language’s index that looked like something I could fit myself into

I was the little dark skinned girl
Running away from the words “strong” and “aggressive”
Like they were the Black
I mean
African American plague
Or maybe just the first person in a long list of many people
Who have accidentally called me “Mammy”

I was the little dark skinned girl
you made fun of
The Shawanda, ShaQuanda, Shanisha, Shanaynay,
Who wrapped up all her Afro hoodrat black beauty in a perpetual state of “telephone voice” type politics
That you probably just assume is normal

I am the now fully blossomed dark skinned girl
Who dropped all communications with the rest of the world’s definition of beauty
Found the love in myself and didn’t check any dictionaries for validation
Turned her face to the sky and said “My hair defies gravity because God wants me to be as close to him as possible”
Who pulled the bookmarks out of my dictionary pages
Who only uses bleach for washing dishes and floors
Who hasn’t used her “telephone voice”
In years


“I Was” by Calypso Speaks/K.O. on Dec. 30, 2015 at 5:35 AM

I was inspired by this post right here:

anonymous asked:

how do you make so many friends on tumblr?

honestly anon, i still am so confused as to how i’ve managed to make some?? i have social anxiety and a personality disorder to boot and i’m forever worried i come across as rude because i struggle with answering messages a lot, and also can hardly ever bring myself to be the first to send a message because asddfghgk 

but just be nice !  i do most of my communication through tags. people might not always see it but when i reblog something from my mutuals i always try and mention why i like it in the tags bc i know edits + writing can take so much time omg. but always make sure you’re being honest! when people see you genuinely supporting their stuff it encourages them to look at yours and possibly do the same, i think that’s where a lot of my friendships have formed! which i think is hella cute tbh, bc it’s all about boosting each other.

so, idk if you’re a shy girl like me always, i think just look to boosting those around you, if you mean well it will always shine through your shyness! and kindness will always find kindness! so, send people numbers for their ask memes and get involved with blogrates! people always reblog/post those things wanting entries - and it means a lot to get them! i’m probably the worst person to answer this question, though, i’m sorry love!

The Jennifer's (Jackie's) Body AU nobody asked for

So, remember those edits? Alright, let’s talk demon hunting and high school now:

Donna and Jackie had been friends almost all their life, even with their different cliques at school and social class. They protect each other like sisters, nobody can fuck with one of them without first having to pass the other.

So when Donna realizes Jackie is the one killing the boys that had been missing since that weird night the local bar was burned to ashes, she can’t help but try to first come to the bottom of the problem before accusing her friend to some authority or something.

It starts with Chip, an asshole who tried to have it with Jackie and only make her feel like shit. The next one to disappear is Fez, who for years sexualized Jackie and then demonized her when she didn’t respond to his actions. Then, Michael Kelso, who hurt Jackie beyond words, disappears too and so do many others.

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