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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Dress rehearsals finished; tomorrow will be their first show in Miyagi, home of Haikyuu!! 

  • Judai is still trying to get a normal photo with Sonde.  He got pretty close for once.  
  • I think literally everyone went out to eat beef tongue somewhere.
  • Kenta and Shouri have matching sweatshirts now.  
  • Pretty sure Tatsunari stole Yamaguchi’s wig. 

Wow, okay I never thought I’d be making one of these post because holy shit, I didn’t even expect to get 50 followers let alone 100? I’m sort of in shock because here I am, the awkward turtle trying to love everyone down. First off, thank you for loving me and following me and supporting me and my crazy ideas and just letting me do what I love to get away from the fucked up thing called reality. All of you whom I follow are wonderful people and I wouldn’t have stayed here as long as I have if it wasn’t for you. That being said, shoutouts since I saw people doing this, I figured okay, let’s go. How do you guys do these things?! I’m sort of flailing about.

  • @constantlyxconstantine - If it wasn’t for Tyler, I would have left the rp community well in the past 6 months ago. They’ve kept me sane and we may not rp as much as we used to, they are still my motherfucking anchor (guess that makes him Stiles to my Scott?). Basically, you’re my soulmate partner in roleplay and i will never stop talking highly of you.
  • @fissarsi - Thomasina, my little peach, thank you for giving me so many ideas and letting me bounce them off you. I hope that you come back full force with Enzo bleeding out of your ears because there’s much fun to be had. Thank you for just including me in things in general when it comes to Enzo.
  • @thegreyeffect - I never thought I’d be playing with a Christian, to be honest but I love you and I’m so thankful you embraced me into your world and what you’ve created for Christian.
  • @russbusfuck - You. Just. You. Thanks for bringing me endless amounts of pain just with soulmate au’s alone. I love your muses and I can’t wait to play with them more and talk you into fun AUs
  • @sweetestxnightmares - You know how much I love you and yours and I’m just really glad that we have so many storylines that are meshing together (and one of these days I’ll stop causing you pain)
  • the skam family (and those that use skam fcs) @tetherlive, @fakelived, @askchrisschistad, @dirtyiaundry, @fleche, @jegheterisak - thank all of you for embracing my babies into your lives, you guys have been the most welcoming fandom ever on the face of this planet and those that just use the skam fcs are the same, it’s like we all stick together which is pretty awesomesauce if you ask me.
  • @shespokeinwhispers - you’re amazing and wonderful and I hope you feel better and things settle down so that we get to play more because I really love how Carmilla and Alexander mesh and you’re such a great writer. 
  • @faciiile and @prctticstboy - Beebo, you are just such a funny person with great characters and I’m really glad I decided to start playing Marcus with you cause baby’s in love
  • @posxisms - You’re an adorable person whom I love playing with when we get a chance and I look forward to doing it more in the future. Thanks for making Jack fall in love with Posy too lol
  • @singlesighted - I don’t really know what to say other than, we have not gotten to play yet, but I’ve been following you literally forever and you’re basically the only Carl I will follow ever.

And to everyone else that follows me that we haven’t played much but I hope to play with you more soon, thanks for following me and putting up with my oddness:
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And I know I’m missing some, I feel it in my bones but honestly, thank you all. I love you all and here’s to 100 followers. I guess I don’t suck as much as I thought I did! I’m gonna take my awkward ass self away now and go try to do some replies *blows kisses*

Thief // Park Jimin

- Part One: Doubt

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 3,284

category: prince!jimin au, fantasy au

author note: (this is long bc i added the first and second chapters together) I’ll try to update weekly if you guys want more. Tell me how you like it, theories about the characters, constructive criticism: anything! i really like this story but i’m nervous about posting it. I hope you guys like it!

- destinee

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anonymous asked:

do you have recs for magical girl series without shoehorned in romance ? that ruined sailor moon for me but i'd love something similar but without all that


So forgive me if this reply is a little grumpy X’D I’m so angry.

A magical girl show without romance is tricky because most magical girl shows are aimed at 12 - 14 year old girls :D and as far as the general public is concerned, little girls like romances. I suppose that is true up to a point but I know what you mean. It didn’t bug me in Sailor Moon but HOO BOY has it bugged me in other shows.

I’m also not the most well versed in Magical Girl shows so forgive me but I’ll try my best! >.<


First, as usual, I’d recommend my other favourite anime of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Utena is a difficult show to watch because it takes so much mental energy to full process all the metaphors, double talk from the characters (who rarely are talking about what they appear to be talking about) and heavy symbolism on screen. So much so that I’ve heard so many people frustrated with the ending because they “don’t get it!”

That being said though, it honestly is the most rewarding and most intelligent anime I’ve watched. and with some help with some of the topics that went completely over my head I cannot recommend it enough.

As for the romance thing, the whole point of Utena is to teach its audience that being naive and blindly heroic is BAD. And that if you’re naive, people with less than good intentions will take advantage of you. So any romance in the show at all is completely warped. It shows how manipulative some people can be, how some people use sex as a weapon to push control onto other people, or how our own idealistic ideas of what love is are actually the things trapping us in unhappy situations.

I’ve seen so many if not most people say Utena and Anthy are suppose to be a romantic couple. And although this might be true (considering the producer/Director) I actually never saw it that way. Utena is all about false constructs we create to become people we think we’re suppose to be or want to be or wish we were. Utena and Anthy are both trapped in their constructs of “Damsel in Distress” and “Heroic Prince” and so a large part is them trying to fit themselves into these roles they’ve created. So much so that, in truth, the ability to see ‘the true self’ with these constructs stripped away so we are remained with nothing but our own naked truths is the core concept of the show.

Are Utena and Anthy suppose to be a romantic couple? Who knows. But I find the show itself’s portrayal of them are not suppose to be seen as romantic, as much as people love to say it is because of how wonderfully gay it is.

But considering the core concept of the show… I don’t know if I could ever say they are suppose to be a romance.

And even if they ARE… that’s one fucked up romance.

Except in the movie I guess but the movie is not good. It’s really pretty but it is NOT a good movie. I will stand by that till the day I die.

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Next is everyone’s favourite anime about SUFFERING, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.

Madoka is a very dark anime, to the point where it can be rather upsetting at points. But while I tend to hate anime that purposefully try to be edgy, Madoka I give a pass because Madoka actually rewards you at the end for suffering the previous 11 episodes with it. It gives you optimism and hope at the end in a way that does not feel false or unrealistic compared to the rest of it.

However, I am only talking about the original 12 episode series. I haven’t seen the 500 additional content and have no desire to. Because the show is so self contained that I cannot imagine any of the rest of it to be anything but character assassination, needless complication, or a complete twisting of what the original was suppose to be about.

I don’t know if the rest of the content made it more clear, but I never saw Madoka and Homura to be a couple in the original show. Maybe I’m just use to Sailor Moon where it’s possible to have deep friendships between girls without thinking them to be romantically attracted to each other. However, even if it was always meant to have that underlying romance, the show itself does not feel it is worth putting in the forefront, and it never interferes or derails the story. Nor is the friendship shoehorned in.

If you can handle something darker and can tough it out until the end, I’d definitely recommend Madoka.

Just… not the rest of it. I’ve heard bad things. And the ruin certain characters apparently.

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After that it gets a little muddy because, as I said, I’m not actually that well versed in Magical girl shows X’D Because I like Sailor Moon.


Magic Knight Rayearth has pretty much 0 romance in it at all.

There are apparently hints of it between two of the girls (this is CLAMP after all) but there is no romance within the show itself.

So we have bad ass girls in a Fantasy world with elemental powers and giant swords and one of my favourite opening credit 90s jpop songs X’D

I’ve been meaning to watch more of it for years…

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Also, one last thing;

You mentioned the romance ruined Sailor Moon for you, and I just realised that you didn’t specify WHICH Sailor Moon you meant.

If it’s the classic, then that’s fine XD no helping that.

HOWEVER, if you were watching Sailor Moon Crystal? …..yeeeeaaaaaah.

a BIG Criticism of Crystal is that ALL of the Sailor Senshi are completely delegated to the background and ignored in favour of the MIRAKURU ROMANSU between Usagi and Mamoru. Major character moments are ignored or just glossed over JUST to focus on the ~*ROMANCE*~ in Crystal, and all the stronger elements like the friendships and bonds formed between the GIRLS is almost completely gone.

If you were watching Crystal and the romance ruined it for you, I really can’t blame you. Because of all the ways Crystal is a terrible show, the romance overshadowing everything else and being written BADLY and actually weakening Usagi’s character for the SAKE of the romance, is the absolute worst thing about it. And that is saying a LOT.

Originally posted by merydelena91

If Crystal is the only Sailor Moon you’ve watched, I do recommend the classic instead. yes there is a romance (which is at its most prominent in season 2/Sailor Moon R) but Mamoru is presented less as arm candy or something to be “won” and more like he’s suppose to be; moral support for Usagi and back up in fights.

I know die-hard Sailor Moon fans who can’t stand Mamoru X’D and although I like him, I think the fact that there are people who hate Mamoru but they still consider themselves absolute Sailor Moon fans should at least speak for how much the romance is handled in the show itself. You can’t really ignore it, but speaking as someone who does not really enjoy romance in stories, the fact that it’s possible to still love this show despite of it I think does say something :)

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But then… if you were watching the Classic show and didn’t enjoy the romance, I can’t recommend the classic… obviously X’D and that’s ok! You’re absolutely allowed to dislike it!

But I thought I’d point out that there is a major difference between the classic show and Crystal, because I think some people think Crystal is just a reboot of the original and decide to watch it instead of… you know… the good one 8′D

Shows I haven’t watched myself but have heard about/seem to be interesting but I have no idea if they’re actually good:

1: The Precure series has its fans although I believe it’s for a much younger audience. As far as I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be any real romance focus but I could be wrong.

2: Nurse Angel Ririka S.O.S. This one I actually want to watch more of because it looks really interesting. The characters are all 10 years old and actually ACT like 10 year olds from what I’ve seen so far. There IS like a love interest, but seen as the show focuses on kids, it’s not exactly “romance”. Also, despite the main characters being very young, the threat itself is NOT kid’s stuff and is actually pretty intimidating. It’s clear this show does not have young characters because it was trying to be “for younger kids”. I really should watch more of it…

3: Corrector Yui. This one isn’t that good but it’s interesting since it was made in 1999 and is about the magical world of THE INTERNET. I can’t remember if there’s suppose to be a love interest or not. I just remember enjoying how 90s it was being all about CYBER SPAAAACE.


1: Yuki Yuuna is a Hero

Yuki Yuuna doesn’t have any romance in it, but I really can’t recommend this show at all. It tries SO HARD to be Madoka, but unlike Madoka it doesn’t have the skill to pull off the story. And that makes me SO ANGRY because I was actually on board for it for a good few episodes, and it had something amazing; a wheelchair bound Magical girl! That’s great!

(she uses those ribbons to maneuver when transformed. She doesn’t magically get the use of her legs back)

BUT then it absolutely ruins EVERYTHING with an ending that is soooo sugary sweet and cute and NOT EXPLAINED that it ruins everything else for me. “Everyone lived happily ever after! Because of The Reason!” It’s never explained and just comes across as the writers wanted to give the characters a happy ending but had no idea how to do it. So they just had the characters BE FIXED at the end FOR NO REASON.

it feels cheap, unearned, and completely false.

AND EVEN IF you could accept the terribly contrived Happy ending i STILL wouldn’t recommend it for the OTHER big problem with it;

Despite there not even being any male characters in the show, this show LOVES LOVES LOVES sexualising 13 year old girls.

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I know people who like this show and I can’t understand why…

2: Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura is a good show! It has GORGEOUS animation and once again comes from our good friends at CLAMP who know how to write complex characters.

Unfortunately, Card Captor Sakura DOES have a lot of Romance in it and, even worse, 2 of my biggest pet peeves. 1: a Romantic triangle and 2: the main couple are the “We hate each other and always fight so you know we were meant to be!!” love stories.

ugh ugh ugh.

Honestly, it’s written well. it really is. But if you don’t like romance then this is not the show for you X’D

3: Tokyo Mew Mew

This show is awful.

But even if you were inclined to like it, it’s got an even bigger crime than the “we hate each other” love interest.

the “this boy is cool and has absolutely 0 personality outside of that so we’re suppose to want the girl to get him in the end!” love interest.

Seriously fuck this show.

4: Anime Magical Girl anime made before Sailor Moon (1992)

There are some REALLY good magical girl shows that came out before Sailor Moon. But there’s one thing that Sailor Moon changed forever that none of these other shows had;

None of the Magical shows before Sailor Moon were about fighting bad guys.

Every magical Girl show before Sailor Moon were things like “Becoming a Pop Idol” or “Becoming an adult” or “Being an alien princess on Earth”.

There is no bad guy fighting here.

Sailor Moon was the first magical Girl show to have girls actively fight bad guys and save the world. So if that’s what you’re looking for in your magical girl shows, unfortunately you’ll have to look for shows made after 1992 - 1995 :)


I hope that helps at least a little bit ^^; It’s a starting point at least?

If anyone else have any magical Girl shows to recommend which don’t have a heavy romance focus please feel free to ad <3

TL;DR on the latest round of Wikileaks:

Literally nothing you do is safe from the CIA. There are numerous full-on spyware suites developed by them, mostly for iOS and Windows, but also targeting Android, Linux, OS X, and Solaris. Apps thought to be secure (Telegram with encryption enabled, WhatsApp, Signal) were compromised (EDIT: This is incorrect, although the devices that these were on were compromsied) as well, as were a host of other devices (ie smart TVs).


If you live in a Schengen area country, your country likely hosts several CIA backed cyberwar experts. They came in via the US consulate in Frankfurt. If you don’t, you likely do as well, but I can’t find anything without sifting through the files myself.

“I have nothing to hide, why does this matter?”: Because there are now multiple thousand “zero hour”- ie “developers get zero hours to fix”- vulnerabilities floating around that no one had any idea existed. The vulnerabilities themselves weren’t leaked, but it’s the fact that someone knew about these and didn’t say.

EDIT: These look to mostly be older, already used bugs, see this post

I hate to make this kinda clickbait-y thing, but this is honest to God one of the most important leaks in history. Our response to this is pretty much going to be life or death for privacy in the developed world. Be loud about this, be annoying about this, and do not shut up about this. Please reblog this and other posts relating to it.


I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)