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honestly… some of y'all aren’t aren’t bothered when it comes to relationships and love and that’s awesome for you. but at the same time… some people do wanna be with someone. it’s a completely natural human desire and allah literally made us to feel this way, he created us in pairs and all that. everyone’s hearts are different and some people don’t care about that kinda thing but others do feel lonely and yearn for a companion. there’s no need to shame or mock people for wanting something just because you personally don’t want it! you aren’t superior or more mature because you don’t care about marriage. it’s something that is halal and is even encouraged in islam, jus let people be mushy in peace lool

I thought elf ears would look cute on gaara and I was right

“You don’t see us, so we are everywhere. 
And we will rise up, red as the dawn

starter call  !    because dash is dead af 

Decided to post these doodles of my inquisitor Devdan, aka Disney Prince of the Inquisition ( @bladeverbena, loook! ) ♥

The Screaming Butterfly

Steadily, steadily I was walking,
Keeping to myself in time.
When I heard a murderous wailing,
A Scream beyond the forest line.

I ran into the woods to see,
a lovely women in despair,
Instead I saw a butterfly,
Fastened to a rock, just lying there.

I stopped for a moment just thinking, how?
How would a butterfly produce a scream?
How could this small and gentle being,
Vocalize pain in any scene?

I thought myself a mad-man,
And began to walk away,
When I heard a scream from the butterfly,
Yell to me “Sir, please stay!”

“Do you speak to me oh gentle creature?
Surely my mind is filled with malady.
For I could’ve sworn I heard your voice,
Speak out and yell back at me.”

“Yes It was I who yelled to you man,
I cannot endure the loneliness.
For I have called a thousand men,
And not one has come and given me bliss.”

“Oh you wretched butterfly,
Why is it that you scream in pain?
For a beautiful creature such as you,
Life should never be this way.”

“I have only a short time before me,
And it saddens me very much so,
To know my life is ending,
But life, I’ve hardly known.”

“What is it that you long to know,
My sweet and dear friend,
To give your life true meaning,
until the very end.”

“I long to know the love of a friend,
Friendship in my current condition,
But I wish of you to act freely,
To act upon your own volition.”

“Fear not dear butterfly,
Come to my side and stay with me.
I will give you a life worth living,
So you may leave behind this misery.”
you've got a frond in me - xylophones - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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“I can’t believe you grew up here,” Phichit says, shaking his head. “You grew up surrounded by dragons, and yet you scream every time we find a sparking eel in the river.”
“Sparking eels are dangerous!”
"Yuuri. Your dog breathes fire.”
(A magical botany AU)

the magical botany thing that eof and i were talking about

check out eof’s art here!!

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.


Did I already mention the fact that I love that black-hair Kirishima is canon I think I might have


My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!