first try at a glitch gif


This is my Secret S̠a͖̜͈͔͚̞̜n̰̼͈̟̖t͇̗̤͈̗a͖ Hero gift to ging-ler! Hope you like it, and happy holidays!


“This is Hiro Hamada speaking. Hello listener, I hope you’re doing fine, ‘cause I’m not. 44th test, wish me luck.”

Hiro’s face zoomed in as he reached over. “Come on, just turn on, will you.”

He sighed. “Please just - wait… is it working? Is it turning - aw yes! Yes, finally! Oh - this is my lucky day!”

His face was flushed with giddiness as he jumped up and down. “Just wait until my brother sees you. He’ll definitely love you. Especially since what he got for his last birthday.” Hiro laughed. “Bit of a disappointment, really.”

His face disappeared once more. “Alright, just a few final tweaks, and you’re done.”


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