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Promotional photoshoot & interview for the RSC’s Richard II (with David Tennant)

Harriet Chalmers Adams (1875-1937) was a photographer and explorer who undertook many journeys across Asia, South America and the South Pacific, documenting her adventures in the National Geographic magazine. She was also a correspondent for Harper’s Magazine during World War I, and the only female journalist allowed in the trenches.

Her first expedition was a three-year trip around South America, during which she visited every country and crossed the Andes on horseback. She launched the Society of Women Geographers in 1925.


My first trip to South America! 🇪🇨

February 1st, I decided to travel down to Quito with a girl I had just met to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! We flew from Miami to Quito and stayed at the cutest little hostel called The Secret Garden! The staff was amazing, the location was perfect, and the views were incredible! Our flight was delayed and the hostel still arranged to have a driver pick us up at the airport when we finally got in!

The first day in Quito we woke up and met our sweet dormmates and then grabbed some breakfast and did a free walking tour! I would always recommend doing a free tour at the beginning of your trip to get your bearings in the area and save some cash while learning a little history. After the tour, we took the public bus (25¢ score!) to the Equator monument with a few new friends we had made. If you are trying to save money, this is the way to go! However, if you are trying to save time, take a taxi and it will cost you $20 each way, which if you split it, is not bad at all! Things to note about the equator:

1. It’s not really the equator line (Gasp!) but it’s pretty close! Before GPS rolled out, they built the monument thinking they were on point, but really it’s a few hundred feet away at the museum.

2. It cost money to get in. Around $3.50

3. Do not forget your passport when you go! They will give you a unique stamp for visiting the equator!

The next morning, we ventured to the airport to sit standby for the flight to the Galápagos Islands! We brought the flight attendants goodie bags and they were so appreciative! Even though there weren’t any first class seats available, the lead brought us, and our seat mate/new friend, some champagne🥂 when you land in Baltra Island, you take a bus to the ferry, and a ferry to the main island, and then a bus down to the beach city! Once we made it we had to go on a hunt for a hostel and got a sweet deal at Hotel España. Don’t be fooled by the name, it wasn’t really a hotel, but we found many accommodations were not on hostel world and if they were, the cheapest one was near $35 a night per person. We were able to stay in a private 2 bedroom with a private bathroom and air conditioning for $20 a night per person.

That night we went “excursion shopping”. We wanted the best deals since everyone was basically selling the same thing. In the end, we went with a scuba diving company who kind of swindled us. We did a “discovery dive” for beginners in an area that you need 20+ dives to go to and had very rough currents. We were told we were going to North Seymour, the only spot for discovery dives, and that we would just be snorkeling while the experienced divers were doing their dive at Gordon Rock. However, we all went to Gordon Rock and we only got a total of 45 minutes in the water. We never were able to snorkel and just had to wait while the other half of the tour did their second dive. Also, we had almost zero training beforehand whereas most of the shops told us we would watch a video and go through a few basic instructions. That being said, we did enjoy having our first scuba dive in the Galápagos Islands and we did see a manta ray and a hammerhead shark! It was breathtaking! Or maybe I was just scared 😉

Our second day on the island we did the tortoise reserve, hiked through a lava tunnel, and then swam in Las Grietas! All of this was under a couple dollars, but we missed the bus and had to take a taxi which cost us a pretty penny. If you take the bus though it will only run you back $1! We had the opportunity of meeting the family who owns the tortoise reserve and they explained how all the creatures of the island were protected! It was truly amazing to see how they take care of the animals in their natural habitat and protect them from harms way until they are fully grown. The lava tunnel was next to the reserve so we figured why not? It doesn’t take very long and is fun to walk/crawl through, but not much is down there. Las Grietas is a beautiful swimming tunnel where many people snorkel in the deep blue waters and it was so refreshing after spending the day out in the heat!

The last full day on the island we went snorkeling. The guy who we booked with had told us that snorkeling was going to be the highlight of our trip and we didn’t believe him. Boy were we wrong! Snorkeling was by far our favorite day on the island! The guy who sold us the tour actually paid so he could come with us himself and he made sure we had a great time! We went to 4 different spots and they provided transportation and lunch for us. While snorkeling, we saw a white tip shark and baby black tip shark, as well as swam with so many sea turtles and sea lions! It was incredible! Even though our skin was fried and my friend got a little seasick, it was worth it! This was probably one of the highlights of my life to just be one with the ocean and share the home of so many animals for a weekend!

After our Galápagos adventures we headed back to Quito so we could catch a bus to Baños. This day was a FULL day of travel! We took every type of transportation that you could take besides a rocket ship! We took a bus to a ferry, a ferry to another bus, the bus to the airport where our flight was delayed for 3 hours, then we took another bus when we landed so that we could get to the bus station for a bigger bus up to Baños! Many hours and bags of Doritos later, we got to our hostel at 1 am. We stayed at Hostel Molina Blanco and they were also superb! Amazing with communication and switching our stay to different days without any extra charge!

Our first day there, we rented bikes and rode 2.5 hours up to the waterfalls! Pailon Del Diablo is the largest waterfall at the end of the route and we spent about an hour hiking there and making friends with other backpackers. After, we hitched a ride down to the city via the back of a tarp covered truck for $2. We ate some local food for dinner and called it a night pretty early since we were sunburned and exhausted from the trip thus far.

Our final full day we woke up and got crepes at the cutest little purple cafe and then headed up to Casa Del Arbol, the treehouse that holds the swing at the end of the world. The bus cost us $1 and then the entrance fee was another $1. We spent half the day taking pictures and swinging off the edge of the cliff into the most amazing scenery of the volcano and clouds in Baños. When we were done, we started hiking down. This is NOT recommended. I had read that the hike down would take approximately an hour and after an hour we realized we weren’t even close. We decided to try our luck at hitchhiking and the sweetest little family traveling from Quito picked us up and drove us back to town and would not accept any money!

The last day of our trip we packed our backpacks which turned out to be only 30lbs, even though we were sure they were much heavier, and went back to the bus station. The 3 hour bus ride to Quito cost us $4 and we hung around The Secret Garden hostel for most of the day. They let us stow our bags for free since our flight wasn’t until midnight, and we continued to meet other travelers and hang out with them for the rest of the day. Our final taxi ride was split with the nicest Aussie gents and they ended up being on our flight back to Atlanta as well. When we finally landed we all parted ways and said goodbye to the best vacation and went back to reality.

Overall, this trip probably ranks among the top 3 vacations I have ever taken and swimming with the sea lions in the Galápagos Islands nears the top of the list for highlights of my life thus far. Such a humbling experience to share this world with so many amazing creatures!

Some tips of advice when traveling to Ecuador:

•Know they take the US dollar 💵
•Make sure you have cash on you at all time, and try to have smaller bills. We found many people did not want to give you change for large bills and cards got charged an extra 15-20%.
•Haggling is expected. We got the price down for our alpaca blankets, all of our excursions, and every taxi ride that we took.
•Even during the “rainy” season, the weather was quite nice and you will need lots of sunscreen!
•The people here are extremely friendly! Like I said, we hitchhiked in Baños, we chatted with the police at the station for a while so they would show us the iguanas hiding out in the back, and the police officers in Quito tried to give us money for the bus when they were confused with us asking for the bank.
•You will need to know some basic Spanish before heading down here. I know very little, but luckily my travel partner knew much more than she thought and she was able to speak with almost everyone.
•The Galápagos Islands are pretty expensive and even on a budget I don’t think you can do them for under $600 when it comes to flights, accommodations, and excursions.
•Be cautious but don’t be paranoid. We did not have any trouble while we were there as two young girls. Most of the people are extremely friendly, but if at any point something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Our first night in Baños we felt a little unsafe walking to the hostel and when we got to the hostel the owner told us that the boys who crowd around the bus station usually try to take people’s stuff when they get off.

I hope this helps out my fellow travelers and if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to me! Have fun exploring this small world! 😘

Ryan Millhof moves to ASU

Sun Devil wrestling has signed another elite transfer in Ryan Millhof, who started his career at the University of Oklahoma.

At 125 pounds, Millhof earned All-America honors in 2015-16 in his first trip to the NCAA championships. He defeated Oklahoma State’s Eddie Klimara, 5-4, in the Big 12 championship title bout and posted a 13-4 record against ranked opponents. He also won six consecutive duals from Jan. 9 – Feb. 5.

Millhof was one of just four true freshmen to compete in OU’s starting lineup in 2014-15, facing eight wrestlers ranked in Intermat’s top-20, including his last four opponents of the regular season.

Prior to Oklahoma, the Dacula, Ga. native was a four-time National High School Coaches Association champion, three-time Georgia State champion (2012, 2013, 2014), and two-time Super 32 champion. Coming out of high school, he was FloWrestling’s No. 21 recruit in the nation.

Millhof joins the growing list of impressive signees head coach Zeke Jones has added to the Sun Devils’ roster recently, including 2014 NCAA National Champion Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern), and Ali Naser, who defeated two Olympians and one US World Team member prior to ASU.

Dancing with a Prince

Hey ya’ll!  Here is a (very short) Disney inspired fic!  I hope you enjoy!! 

His first trip to America just had to be to Disney world.

He and his siblings were all far too old for the place, but despite that he, the youngest child, was twenty six, his parents planned a trip to the park for the entire family.  His brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews were all gathered around, walking through magic kingdom.  

As they were walking through the middle of the park, directly in front of the castle, the sound of upbeat music filled the air and ropes were being placed to keep people out of a certain path.  Curious, the family fumbled their way to the front, wanting to catch a glimpse of whatever show was going on.

Jack didn’t really care, but as he was being dragged along by two children, he slapped a smile on his face and bounced around to show his support.

Then, the floats began to glide through, one by one.  They moved agonizingly slow, but the actors and dancers twirling around them added enough life and laughter to keep the audience occupied while they inched by.  

The characters goofing around made Jack smile, the villains who dared to get close enough made them all shrink back, and the heroes that barreled through made Jack’s heart pump a little harder than it should.  

He was pointing and laughing with the children while his parents and siblings watched on, impressed that he still managed to exude a childlike glee that had the little ones gathering around him in a horde.

It was almost the end of the parade, most of the floats had already passed, but there was still a few left with dancing fish and goofy characters to behold.  

Directly after the Beauty and the Beast float came the Little Mermaid with Arial sitting on a large rock with a few fish surrounding her.  Behind her float was an intricate dance of Prince Eric himself and a dozen or so other sailors, twirling and putting on the best performance they were capable of.

Jack laughed along with the children, but blushed as prince Eric made direct eye contact with him.  

The man truly was gorgeous with dark hair, bright brown eyes, and no one should be allowed to look that good in a prince outfit.  No one.

The prince smiled charmingly and began to strut his way over to Jack, all while keeping eye contact.

In a panic, Jack looked down to notice all of the children had taken a step back and were staring at him. He flipped around to see his mother trying to hide laughter and his siblings either openly laughing or grinning at him.

At a light touch of a hand on his arm, Jack spun around to be met with the face of the handsome prince.

He could feel every eye on him and blushed a bright pink when the prince took his hand, lifted it to his lips, and kissed his knuckles.  

The prince winked and bowed gracefully before sweeping a hand toward the dancers behind him, “Would you like to dance with me, young prince?”

Jack had to look like a tomato.

When he didn’t answer because of shock, he felt his brother grab his shoulders and push him underneath the rope and out into the parade area. “Hell yes he would!”

He tumbled underneath the rope and struggled for a second to right himself.  When he had finally managed to stand steadily, the prince took one of his hands and wrapped the other around his waist, pulling him close.

He tensed up, his blush now reaching his ears, “I don’t really know how to-“

The prince grinned, “Shhhh. It’s alright, man.  I won’t let you embarrass yourself.”

As the man began to sway, Jack held on tight, only stumbling once or twice as they made their way around the sectioned off portion of the parade.

A few steps in and Jack had finally begun to enjoy himself.  He smiled at the dark haired man who held him so tight, causing him to blush.  A scarlet blush looked stunning smeared across the prince’s face.

They moved and spun for what felt like hours, but eventually the floats began to turn into an ‘employee only’ section of the park disappearing one by one.  Jack had to let go of his prince.

The man bowed again before standing and smiling.

“You know,” Jack said hesitantly, “I’m here for a week.  Perhaps you could find some time off for some coffee?”

The prince smiled and Jack realized that he had never gotten the man’s name. “Of course my dear prince. How about we meet in front of Hollywood studios at four?”  He leaned in closer, trying to hide his words from the surrounding children “My name is Mark, by the way.”

“I’m Jack.”

Mark smiled and pulled away from Jack completely, letting a piece of paper slip into his hand as he went.

Jack watched him go, only looking away when his family came running up to him, all with cameras or phones in their hands.  He’d never live it down.

“Well??” His mother asked, bouncing slightly.

“I have a date.  At four.” Jack was blinking rapidly, slightly in shock by the event.

One of the little ones piped up from his feet, “What did he give you, Jack?”

He unfolded the slip of paper in his hands, surprised to find a phone number scrawled across the top and the words “Text me :D” were written at the bottom in messy handwriting.

He smiled, this could be a fun week for him.


I’ve legit just flown half way across the world for my girl, Tay.

I’m proud to say that I’ve considered taylorswift my friend for nine years now. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for her since her and her music have guided me through my life since 2006. When I found out that the 1989 World Tour was missing my home city, Perth, I was understandably devastated… But hey no problem I thought- I found the positive in the situation and saved up & planned a 3 month trip to America making sure the first thing I booked was a ticket to the 1989 show in Foxborough, MA!

Can’t wait to spend Saturday night with you taylorswift !! I’ll be dancing on my own, making the moves up as I go but happier than ever because of you.

Love you,
Chels x

(Section 304, Row 9, Seat 21)

New York , New York

Just had a brilliant trip to New York where I was flown out to colour Niall Horan’s hair to keep him blonde for the rest of their ‘On the road again’ tour.

An added bonus was Arthur joining me on the trip and loving his first ever 1D gig for ‘Good Morning America’ in Central Park which was amazing!

This Day in Disney History

October 2, 1971:  The day after the grand opening of the Magic Kingdom, the Liberty Square Riverboat opens.

On this day, the Admiral Joe Fowler takes the first trip around the Rivers of America. The river circles Tom Sawyers Island and lets you see some sights not visible from from anywhere but aboard the riverboat. The Liberty Belle is the boat currently on the river, and is a reproduction of the historic steam vessels used to transport people on the Mississippi River!


American A.R.M.Ys, be prepared because the lovable boys of BTS (Bangtan Boys) will be bringing their latest concert series your way this summer!

Managed under Korean agency Big Hit Entertainment, it has been announced on March 16th PST that Korean group BTS will be stopping at four major cities with Episode II: The Red Bullet in the United States under American production company SubKulture Entertainment. While this is not their first trip to America, having participated in KCON andMAMA last year, it certainly is the first time they will be bringing a concert tour through the country.

BTS will be visiting New York City (New York), Dallas (Texas), Chicago (Illinois), and Los Angeles (California) this July.

Consisting of seven members — leader Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J­Hope, Jimin, V, andJungkook — BTS made their debut in June 2013 with “No More Dream,” and has since then released additional albums that has gained attention from fans all over the world. They have proven to be quite the fierce group and already has several major awards under their belt, including those at the MelOn Music Awards (2013),Golden Disk Awards (2014, 2015), Seoul Music Awards (2014, 2015), as well as the Gaon Chart K­-Pop Awards (2014, 2015).

The seven-member group reached an all-new high when they starred in their own reality show via Mnet called BTS American Hustle Life, where they met and worked with hip-hop legends Coolio and Warren G during their stay in Los Angeles.

Most recently, Warren G and Rap Monster worked together for the track “P.D.D (Please Don’t Die)” with the former taking charge in its production. Rap Monster is also set to release his first public mixtape, unveiling the music video to “Awakening” ahead of time, and had worked with hip-hop project group MFBTY (Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Bizzy) on a track in their upcoming album, Wondaland.

cr: koreaboo

My Trip To America

It will be my first time to travel to America. I will land in New York 7th of July and will be visiting other places including Orlando and San Fransico. I might post other details as I plan the trip throughly. Please help me by telling me awesome places to visit and if you have any questions or donations from my trip, it would be appreciated much.

Pope Francis draws huge crowds in Ecuador

More than 1 million people are gathered at a park in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to see Pope Francis host an open-air mass. This is the first big event during his 10-day trip to South America.

Watch live video on the Breaking News app or on

Photo: Faithful wait for the arrival of Pope Francis to celebrate a Mass at the Samanes Park in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Monday, July 6, 2015. (Fernando Vergara / AP)