first trimester stuff

To celebrate the full 17 weeks mark I bought some stuff 👌🏻

10 drooling bibs in 50 shades of purple 😂 I originally wanted to make these myself, but they were so cheap I couldn’t have bought the materials for less!

2 sleepers WITH FEET! They are rare to find in Denmark, also they were on sale. I bought a size 50 (which is newborn, I was 47 cm when I was born) but I’ll probably not need a lot of those!

A set of teething toothbrushes. I saw these a few years back and I love them. There’s an “age guide” on the back, but it’s pretty straight forward. The round thing is to stop the child from choking on them - also you can freeze them for extra relief.

3 pacifiers in medical grade silicone. I originally wanted all natural rubber, but I learned that can lead to latex allergy and I want my future teenager to be able to use condoms dammit! I love these because there’s no plastic-to-silicone connections and thus they are easier to sterilize. I actually just don’t find the “two parts or more” pacifiers cute 🤷🏼‍♀️