first time's the charm


The old drawing popped up on my Facebook timehop today (or yesterday, as it now stands) and I just had to do a newer version to see how drastic the difference in style would be. (wow). It’s only been 3 years and yet I’ve made an insane amount of improvement. I feel like any artist, regardless of medium, tends to feel like their progress isn’t very obvious, but to see an old creation versus a new one can really put that into perspective. It’s really encouraging to see how far I’ve come and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in 3 more years.

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This is sad day for all people who know his music, who just know him. I remember when for the first time I listened cover of charming “Chelsea Hotel No 2” by Lana Del Rey 3 years ago and cover of amazing “Is This What You Wanted” by The Last Shadow Puppets few weeks ago. I love them but no one isn’t be able to sing them better than Leonard. You left us dear Leonard but you and your beautiful and deep voice always will be in our hearts.
Rest in peace Mr. Cohen


Don’t know why I just noticed this but something about the way they’re holding/hugging each other is kinda cute even if it is out of pure fear lol 

Newt Scamander Headcanons

Pairing: Our Local Cinnamon Bun (a.k.a. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander) x Ravenclaw!Reader (Hogwarts!AU - they’re both still in school -)

A/N: Okay, so after a certain conversation I’ve had with @stormsjpeg I decided I couldn’t keep the headcanons inside of me for much longer and yes, that’s how these beauties were created.

In the series: Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt || Hufflepuff!Reader x Newt;

Shameless self promo: @andreasunny @actualhufflepuff (there aren’t any plot spoilers, just character-name spoilers, but I understand if y’all wanna watch the movie first); @tomhollahd (two days ago you said you’ll watch the movie, I assumed it was okay? + you said it’s okay to tag you, dear God, I hope it’s alright) + Georgia I already tagged you;

Warnings: I hope I didn’t add any spoilers; it’s long (~1k words)

P.S.: My stupid ass deleted this post at 700 notes, rip

  • The two of you meet for the first time during a Charms class; he’s paired with you and he tries to tell you that you’re practicing the swish wrong, so you start an argument - because You Know Your Shit™, being a Ravenclaw and researching the subject like crazy helped you lots - and the teacher notices;
  • Then, you’re forced to walk until the front of the class and demonstrate the correct wand movement for that specific Charm, getting you a chuckle and ten house points from the teacher;
  • Now, the whole class is looking at you and all you do is smugly stare back into Newton Scamander’s amazed eyes;

  • Okay, so the two of you become friends and it’s just around the time Leta Lestrange’s experiments are becoming a bit shady - therefore, the connection between her and Newt is starting to grow thinner and thinner;
  • The two of you would start these silly competitions, since you’re both nerds to the extreme (thing that’s completely acceptable for you, but a bit out of the ordinary for a Hufflepuff - not that you mind in any way);
  • They go somewhere along the lines of: “I’ll bet you 50 Knuts that I’m going to read that book before you do.” or “I bet you 5 Sickles that even though you finished that book earlier, I’ll still score better than you on the exam!”;

  • The two of you practically live in the library;
  • You were best (like top of the class best) at Potions and Charms and he was best at History of Magic and Care Of Magical Creatures;
  • You were decidedly mediocre on Care of Magical Creatures but were amongst the top of your class at everything else; he was the same, only his weakness was Potions;
  • Every class you took turned into a race by the half of the semester; if you were both okay(which was terribly disappointing to you two) on a certain topic, you’d pull all-nighters only because of the stupid competitiveness;

  • Legitimately every single one of your fellow female Ravenclaws are 100% convinced that you and Newt are secretly dating;
  • It doesn’t help that you’re always with the other almost 24/7;
  • Despite the competitive spirit that always lingers between you, what unites you is knowledge and you’re often seen tutoring the other on different topics;
  • No matter what, he can’t get you to understand how magical creatures should be approached and you can’t get him to understand when he has to alter a potions recipe to optimize the results;

  • When he takes Muggle Studies you’re surprised, but decide to take his challenge on and start Study Of Ancient Runes, just because it’s more difficult;
  • Soon, though, the both of you find yourselves in more assignments than you can count and end up messing them all up;
  • You have a talk with the Headmaster and he bids the both of you to sort your classes out so you can manage them all properly;
  • Newt comes up with the idea of talking it over a cup of something, at Hogsmeade, and you agree; it was ages since you last went to Hogsmeade;

  • You spend maybe too much time preparing for the small escapade, all the while denying any accusations of you crushing on Newt; after all, it was the most ridiculous thing;
  • The exact same happens to Newt in his dorm and the boys are teasing his so much, because his poor, shy Hufflepuff soul is crushing on one of the most hot-headed, determined and stubborn Ravenclaw girls;
  • You finally finish, go have a drink and talk about classes, though that takes up little time; half an hour in and you’ve already decided which classes to drop;
  • So you change the topic and how have you not noticed how easy this conversation comes to you?;

  • Sooner than you realize, you’re laughing at a silly joke he said and the two of you are much closer than when you came in - and why are there butterflies in your stomach?;
  • You soon head out; at some point you start holding hands and the both of you are way more giddy than you’d admit;
  • At a certain moment, a shiver of excitement racks through you but Newt (that small cinnamon bun) mistakes it with a cold shiver (it was freezing outside), so he takes his coat off and passes it to you;
  • About halfway back home it starts snowing and now there’s dumb smiles plastered all over your faces;
  • You find yourselves unable to stop yourselves and you start playing with the snow;

  • You jump on Newt’s back and bring him tumbling down to the ground because that boy has so little strength but it’s more than okay;
  • Y’all would chase each other like little kids in the snow until he’d finally catch up to you and grab you by the waist and keep you close to him;
  • So now you’re trashing and kicking while he’s sort of hugging you from behind and it’s nice so you stop moving;
  • And you turn in his arms, now facing him and a snowflake falls on his nose and you giggle, your nose scrunching up as his eyes cross and he makes a funny face trying to look at the tip of his nose;
  • “Here, I got it.” You’d say and kiss him on the tip of his nose, your smile staying put;

  • Newt’s eyes would just flick in between your beautiful eyes and your lips as he’d smile at your childish happiness;
  • Then, with the most confidence he’s ever had he’d gently brush his lips against yours, cupping your face with one hand;
  • And as your heart flutters when he does that you finally realize what you should’ve months ago;
  • Yep, you’re head over heels in love with that boy and right now there’s nothing you can (or are willing to) do about it except for tug him closer and smile into the kiss;

In the A Very Hogwarts Love headcanon-series: Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt || Hufflepuff!Reader x Newt;

A/N: Alright, so these headcanons are totally something I did not expect; they just came to me and I had to write them (let’s be real, though, I’ll probably delete them, soon, since they’re barely edited). Alright, I hope you enjoyed and remember that requests are open!

Ah, the first kiss like noticing how late the evening got only to be surprised that you didn’t miss the sunset. You still have an opportunity to sear this moment into your memory, kinda like scratching your favorite cd but still trying to play it knowing that it’d skip while whispering your favorite song right back to you, a most needed stutter between lips and lips, whisper those lyrics back into me– I’m waiting for you to come back to me, for that second kiss right after the first and then the third kiss right after the second just in case we messed up all three, fuck it, baby, kiss me again. Fourth times the charm, we’ll break clichés. Ah, the first kiss like a foggy day, but you’re the only streetlight– flickering, flickering, flickering, and flickering. Pop. Just like that.
—  The first kiss while mouthing I love you

Here’s Darling Charming, featured wearing eight out of ten ‘Girl Trends Guys Hate’. She’s wearing:

  • Snow Boot
  • Oversized hat
  • Big sunglasses
  • Peplum top
  • Gladiator Sandel
  • Glitter makeup
  • Instagram (sculpted) eyebrows
  • High-waisted pants

(I couldn’t fit on the long fingernails with the pose and I didn’t know how to do the fake tan, but they’re there in spirit.)

Maybe this will finally be enough to keep the boys away and get all of the girls.

Whoever said third times the charm only said that because they were trying to make themselves feel better for coming in third! Because they didn’t get first it was like “ah third times the charm hahaha” and everyone else was like “oh Jeremiah you’re so witty, you’re so positive and optimistic” when really hE WAS DYING INSIDE COS HE DIDNT GET THR GOLD MEDAL!
—  A very frustrated smol bean @therealjacksepticeye

millionaire Graves x merman prince Newt au

Graves accidentally encountered a merman at the beach of his private island and was fascinated by his arcane charms. At first, the merman got away. But Graves made a well thought out plan to catch him. Next time, Graves’ plan worked and he could add this merman to his property list. Then he made an aquarium for him and obviously the merman didn’t like it at all. He just kept crying like a whale. Graves didn’t really care for that. He was just watching and enjoying this creature’s beauty. One night Graves approached him while he was sleeping and touched his bluish-black scales and fish-like spine. The very next minute he woke up with a pale startled face. Graves tried to talk to him but before, he slapped on Graves’ face. A short silence passed. The merman’s eyes were busy observing Graves with fear. Hi. Graves said. H-hi. Merman echoed. That was a very husky but moist voice. A bright smile was on Graves’ face.