first time zine

my piece for the @ai-yurionicezine ! I hope everyone whose received their copy can feel the ~love~ poured into it- with a biiig thanks to ollie for all his work (first time organizing a zine, too!) 💖

this piece was submitted for philautia! it was supposed to follow Yuuri’s journey into ~self-love~ at what I felt were the major emotional beats for his character

My entry for the Haikyuu!! Ghibli zine that I made a few months ago. Unfortunately, the zine is discontinued but you can still check out the other beautiful pieces at @hq-ghibli-zine. Everyone worked really hard on their pieces so feel free to go through and give them as much love as well ♡ 

This was my first time contributing to a zine so I was really excited about it and I’m very happy that I was able to make this piece. When I heard that I was accepted I ended up telling everyone about it (lol my class was really supportive) so I’m really happy with the support I got and I hope I was able to mirror it on this piece.

 I’ll be applying for other zines as well since I still have some extra time on my hands~ I look forward on participating in more 

♡ The preview of my entry for the @styleoniceartbook

♡ Pre-orders are open tomorrow! (20. May) Check out the page for more information


Hi <3 This is the comic page I did for the Run! multifandom charity zine back in march, along with the full illustration I did first before moving to the comic page.

I guess there is never enough Renee art on this blog. 

I honestly still don’t know where I found the strength to do a proper background.

Look at what came in the mail this morning !!

AH I’M SMILING SO MUCH ! It was worth the wait !
Also I can finally post the piece I did for the zine now ! 

Thank you @logdatezine2016 for letting me be a part of this ! It was my first time participating in a zine and I hope it won’t be the last because it was a ton of fun ! 

Cover of my pokemon zine, which I’ll have available at AX this year, table C86 and hopefully online afterward as well!

The zine will have 24 pages, including 10 pokemon and over 90 crossbreeds! Plus a couple of pages full of fun sketches and mini comics! 

This is my first time making a zine so I’m very excited about it, and I hope you will enjoy it as well!


Good night, everyone w

(again, blame @ceejles for this jk I chose to walk this path)



I was so excited to get my Zine and charms from @krazehkai that she and a bunch of other wonderful artists did! It was so pretty and professional looking I didn’t even know that this was your first time hosting it! XD I absolutely love it! Thank you! I’ll continue to support you and your projects in the future! You go!~ *golf claps*

And on another note funny story happened when this arrived:

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PSA that I’m making a zine (working title “The Witch Next Door”) with these two and it’s gonna be gay and it’s gonna be cute.

None of them have names yet except Miss witch’s black borzoi (she’s allergic to cats) whose name is Admiral Stilts. He is a simple dog with simple pleasures, and just enough mental power to manage one ear at a time.

alright listen yall so i plan on making a fashion zine  for charity during the summer

im not really sure which charity it should go to, do you have any charities you like/ reccomend?

also i wanted to get as many people involved regardless of style so i was thinking id do the usual submission/acceptance process with maybe around 20 participants (this will be my first time starting a zine so i dont want to overwhelm myself) and if that goes well id like to take submissions from anyone as like a part 2 of the zine? what do u think lol

Takumi Zine!!!!

okay since you guys showed a lot of interest in a takumi zine, I’ll be posting tons more details tonight!!! Below is some base info!!
right now I’m thinking it will include:

  • illustrations of him solo
  • illustrations of him with others (canon supports and non canon supports, romantic or not, it doesn’t matter WHATEVER U WANT :)))) )
  • comics (short or long, as long as it fits well with the physical dimensions of the zine)
  • small doodles that will probably have multiple on one page (chibis, etc)
  • and any suggestions?? as a consumer or an artist is doesn’t matter I want everyone’s opinions!! (provided they aren’t negative uvu)

other details:

  • I think it’ll be called “Struck True” in reference to his s support with the MU (I promise you guys this isn’t just about my love for takukamu I just thought it sounded cool)
  • I will adjust the amount of artists based on the amount that apply!! But I’m hoping to keep it at a reasonable range as I do want to keep the cost of the zine at an affordable range, and the more artists there are the more it will cost for printing!! However please do not let this discourage you from applying!
  • The zine will also be available online on gumroad just in case shipping is a problem for people. 
  • Art will probably be due around mid to late August, so this will be a fairly tight timeline as I want to have the zine be available for pre-order by September! Depending on the success of the zine, I may reprint it, but this all depends on the success of the zine in both # of artists and profits!
  • As I said in the previous post the profits will be split between all the artists, I will be selling the physical version of the zine through my Tictail. Keep in mind that if there is a lot of artists, it won’t be a huge profit, but at least it’ll be something!!
  • I will be making a new sideblog to answer questions/post info and I’m not sure if I’ll need another mod as yet.. (It’ll probably be a mutual, AND it’ll be one of the artists) 
  • That’s all!! Leave suggestions in my ask box or you can reply to this post!! More details posted tonight!!