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What do you think about the relationship between Topaz and Aquamarine?

It’s… really… complicated. But it’s interesting. 

I think Aquamarine uses fear as a controlling tactic, but she still cares about Topaz, which is why she was willing to brush the incident under the rug so quickly. 

I think Topaz holds a lot of resentment for Aquamarine, but Aquamarine is the only one she feels comfortable working with, because at least with her, she gets to stay fused. 

Something tells me this isn’t the first time they’ve butted heads, but it always ends with Topaz giving into Aquamarine, and Aquamarine acting like the conversation never happened, because in some weird messed up way, they still rely on each other. 

Love in Goddess-Speak

Topaz Winters

The first time I realise I am in love
with a girl, I am two moments past ghosting
and every single cup of chai sneers as I pass.
I wish so desperately to be anywhere
but in this family. Somewhere catatonic,
with no lungs for knowing.
I am in love with a girl who has light skin
and glass-stained eyes, and this is just
another way of pronouncing star-crossed,
autumn, the worn-down temple elevator
when it grinds to a halt for no reason at all.

I am Indian in the way of American accent
and smiling in Tamil when the relatives come
to visit. Call me creature cobbled from medulla
and the rhythm of song in a foreign tongue.
My mother’s cousin squeezes my cheeks,
asks when I will find a nice boy to settle
down with. None of this is revolution, nor
giant solitude, but I want to remember what
the sky looks like when the world ends.
In private, I disappear in her soft arms. In public,
my uncle teases me about boys, pokes my ribcage,
mistakes the tears leaking out of the corners
of my eyes for good-natured laughter.

My body is a country pulled three different
ways, trampled into topography of wanting.
I read myths of goddesses who rolled
India into their palms, conquered
without blinking. Who baptised their souls
with blood from another aching land, who
refused to let memories pull them under.
I curse profusely. I dream of her mouth. I
do not let the words I bet Kali is a lesbian
slip out of me at family reunions.
My cousins side-eye me when I laugh at
a sexual innuendo, wolf pack wondering.
Later they will go home and speak fast in
Hindi about my scandalous shoulders, how
they peek around the edges of my sari like
something not meant to be remembered.

I love her in the way I love garlic naan
and the feeling of a temple after dark.
My mother passes the prata, alu curry. In this
life, I am girl with hair cut short and heart
too big for my body, too afraid of seizured
legends and my cousins’ warring tongues.
I ignore the questions cascading around me.
With one hand I eat the food of a land I am
learning to call my own, even as it pushes me
further away. With the other I send her
text messages under the table, feel
the ground beneath my feet return to holy
as I do.

Sagittarius, accept all of this love.

Scorpio, to breathe is to heal.

Capricorn, your enemies are right to cower.

Aries, asking for help is the strongest thing you will ever do.

Gemini, your laughter is truly miraculous.

Taurus, you must stop hanging your ghosts up to dry.

Leo, it will happen or it won’t.

Pisces, humanity deserves your faith.

Virgo, inhale truth.

Libra, you do not have to be anyone’s salvation.

Aquarius, when given the choice, it is best to choose hope.

Cancer, remember the first time you knew.

—  little horoscopes for october // topaz winters

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What's your opinion on Topaz (the kid from chapter 42) I'm upset that he doesn't really have a canon name, but this fandom has been kind enough to give him one. He's really sweet imo :) (also that panel where he dried Fyodor's hair was kinda cute)

Okay so here is the thing with Topaz. Because I get the raws, I usually see them before the rest of the group. And in this case, I read through the chapter the first time fully thinking that with all the detail Topaz was getting, he was a new minor character (kinda like Michizou-level?). And by the time I got to the end, I was Too Attached and knew I had to build him up for fellow unsuspecting victims readers so they too could Feel.

He was really given a name for translation purposes because referring to him as ??? or Boy (which is what he was later captioned as in the artbook - he’s in the artbook! - ‘shounen’ :P) when he has quite a few lines/actual backstory was kinda sad, but I think? it also helped people feel more attached to him too? Maybe? It does seem a bit easier when there’s some sort of name attached. And somehow it stuck, which was both a little scary* (something I’d done had had an effect?) and kinda cool~

So Topaz definitely has a special place in my heart haha. Especially his face when Fyodor sneezes, and him drying Fyodor’s hair (and Fyodor’s little ‘wah wah’s).

*Okay not quite scary, but… surprising? We’re just a little scanlation group, after all. XD

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Anon:aaahh! finally the so waited dirkjake fusion, it’s amazing!! mind if i ask what the fusion gem is?

Anon:Is this the first time Topaz and Emerald fuze? :0 (PS your art is amazing!!!)

you’re welcome :^) hell yeAh!

I didn’t pick any in the end because I ended up not following those I found’s color scheme rip, and yes it is! (thanks a lot! <3 )

Anon://quiet screaming  THEIR FUSION IS SO CUTE!!!  (I hope you draw him again sometime because oh my god so bleeping cuuuuuute)

thank youu! 8′) and I’m not sure sdfkj

Anon:dAT ASS on the Dirkjake fusion omg

Anon:Even when fused Jake still got dat booty

omfg I see u guys notice the important things B)

Anon:is dirk jake fusion supposed to be a type of peridot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lmao it also reminded me of her a little hah a