first time wearing makeup in two weeks


FIRST OFF I AM SO SO SO SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING AND MISSING T W O BFSN’S AFTER NEVER MISSING AAAAAAAH SORRY I’VE BEEN THE BUSIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET (and I’m INFINITELY sorry for not getting to reblog selfies in that time too, @ everyone who tagged me and who posted selfies, yall are GORGEOUS HUMANS and you have my ETERNAL LOVE)

But hey, in return you get to see me last week wearing……..mAKeUp? And drawn-in eyebrows? What even? (It was for my musical, which was why I was so frickin busy two weeks ago. I was busy this last week because I was away from home and didn’t have wifi for my laptop and I cannot do selfie posts on mobile I don’t know why)

Also note that I’m watching tomorrow not today, so SHHHHHH YOU SPOILER PEOPLE I FIGHT U IF YOU SPOIL (ily <3)

But yes I love you and will maybe (m a y b e) be less busy so I can love on you guys more! Sorry for the rantyness I just got home like half an hour ago so I’m low-key high-key a mess rn lol

((((((Tell me if you want on or off tags, I’ve had sooo many people I thought were in here and weren’t or changed urls and I didn’t get the memo. Also tag me if you want I love your faces! <3))))))

~~~Special q @cla-rke did you change your url it won’t lemme add you :’’’(~~~

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I got some new lippies 75% on sale and I’m really digging them. I have begun to slowly wear makeup a month ago increasing how often (mascara and eyeliner) and have added lipstick in the past two weeks and since I’ve gotten these four days ago I’ve been wearing them every day.

I definitely feel an Spring in my step as a result of the self care that I’ve been doing (dying my hair purples, wearing makeup regularly even though it’s only a tiny bit, and getting my brows waxed for the first time).

On top of increased personal care I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my friends and practicing my driving. I’m almost no longer afraid of driving (I was terrified when I began), I have my full license, and my favorite part of driving is actually on the highway.

I’m loving it - the self improvement Ive done. In the meantime I’m also getting a lot done to prepare for our big move in a few months after M returns from training for his big new promotion.

Nanbaka Chatroom: #2
  • squealingmonkey_ logged on. harmbesson logged on.
  • harambesson: Of all times I had to be logged on why did it have to be with you.
  • squealingmokey_: Can it, gorilla, I'd rather see words over your face any day of the week.
  • harambesson: Oh yea? The feeling is mutual.
  • asianbeauty logged on. shota-baby logged on.
  • squealingmonkey_: Who the fuck are you two?
  • asianbeauty: Liang and Upa. I swear to god, I'm going to kill Mitsuru. As if hitting on my when I first showing up, thinking I was a girl, wasn't bad enough.
  • shota-baby: To be fair, you do wear makeup.
  • asianbeauty: EVERYONE in our building does. QI does. You are the only one who dosesn't.
  • shota-baby: Yes because it wasn't bad enough last time.
  • squealingmonkey_: I mean it didn't look THAT bad...
  • shota-baby: I looked like I was stuck in my teenage edgy phase.
  • asianbeauty: You're not?
  • shota-baby: Liang. Shut the fuck up.
  • harmbesson: Great building you have here, monkey boy.
  • squealingmonkey_: At least I don't have 'kardashian-waist' in my building.
  • asianbeauty: I bet this is the last time Mitsuru gets to make accounts for us for things like this.
  • shota-baby: At least your name is a complient. I don't even KNOW what mines mean.
  • asianbeauty: I think it's some anime term.
  • modernXweeb logged on.
  • modernXweeb: DID SOMEONE SAY ANIME!?
  • harembesson: How even...
  • shota-baby: I swear, this kid is so special.
  • modernXweeb: HI MASTER!!11!!
  • shota-baby: How did you even know who I was...?
  • modernXweeb: .... Um...lucky guess...
  • shota-baby: Whatever. So do you have any idea what my username means?
  • modernXweeb: Yes. But I don't think you want to know.

Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them. I was tagged by @chimaerakitten

Relationship status: 


Favorite color:


Lipstick or chapstick:

kind of both? I wear tinted lip balm usually (my favorite brand is Fresh). I do wear lipstick a couple of times a week, but it’s a slightly sheer, moisturizing one from Lipstick Queen. Best lipstick ever. And I’m really really into makeup and have tried dozens of brands. And it changes color to match your pH! And they have good names. 

Last song: 

a cover of Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young” by the punk band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (whenever I need to cheer up or am having a bad day I listen to punk versions of pop songs.)

Last movie: 

Wizzard of Oz with my two older kids - it was their first time seeing it and it was so fun!

Top 3 shows:

Brooklyn 99, Community, Game of Thrones, Outlander 

Top 3 ships:

Dick and Kori maybe? I don’t know. 

tag - I don’t know. But Lipstick Queen has a groupon today and it’s a good deal? Is that good enough?

Going into your second year of college, you literally could not wait to get a fresh start with a whole new schedule of courses that actually interested you, unlike all of the bullshit courses you were forced to take your first few semesters as pre-requisites. Finally, after 18 years of schooling, you had the chance to take some classes that actually fascinated you and maybe, just maybe, your GPA would reflect your new found interest in the courses. However, there was still one class that you didn’t finish, and it just so happened to be your worst subject…chemistry. Something about memorizing the endless formulas and periodic trends just didn’t stick with you, and to say you struggled with it would be an understatement. So needless to say, walking into the first day of chem lab on that cool august evening wasn’t the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you. You shuffled into the crowded room full of young adults and random chemicals, and settled into a spot on the far side of the lab. “Welcome to general chemistry lab, everyone. I’ll be your TA for the course. First things first, we need to assign lab partners.” You were absentmindedly listening as the foreign TA was reading off names until you heard your own coming from him, making you feel nervous for some stupid reason. You were hoping for a smart partner in all honestly, somebody that could help you get an A and be done with it. So when you heard “Y/F/N…you’re with Luke Hemmings”, you were praying for just that. As you made your way over to your assigned locker, you looked up to see a tall blonde boy walking the same direction, and you immediately felt breathless. He can’t be your partner, that can’t be Luke…this boy was undoubtedly very attractive, obviously a frat boy as his Greek letters were imprinted on his light blue t-shirt, and your plan to cheat your way into this A may or may not have just gotten a lot more difficult. You could have sworn you could see a small smirk pull at his lips as you two made eye contact for the first time, but you quickly shook it off as you were immediately told to begin the assignment. That first day of class was filled with basic chemistry and you feeling his stare as you re-read the same sentence in your lab manual over and over.


Every Wednesday evening began being something that you looked forward to, and you found yourself wearing tighter jeans and a little bit more makeup every week when it rolled around. Throughout the awkward glances and flirty nudges as you two were completing the lab reports each lab, you were finally starting to find out more about your very intriguing lab partner. Besides the fact that he was the Vice President of his fraternity, and a stud at that, you also found out that he was extremely smart, a chemistry major actually. It wasn’t until he was leaning over the boiling flask looking through his clear lab goggles as his head tilted and tongue barely peaked out in frustration that you realized you actually craved his touch in more ways than one. It didn’t help that he was being extra flirty that particular day, everything from sending you a cheeky wink as he walked in to lightly pinching your hips from behind as you scribbled down the calculations definitely did something to you. So basically when he offered to walk you back to your dorm that night you simply couldn’t refuse. The short walk back was filled with your constant giggles and his visibly reddened cheeks, and when you nervously asked if he wanted to join you upstairs, well…he just couldn’t seem to refuse, either.