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Could you maybe show us an evolution of your drawings? (Even before this blog?) I love the fact that you are self-taught. I'm not good at drawing but I would love to give it a go, but I would appreciate some motivation by seeing your evolution (if you don't mind)? Big fan! x

Well, basically all digital art that I’ve drawn is posted on this blog, or at least on my dA account :) Although I did delete a few! So I guess I can bring them back… *cringe*

Okay so… In 2015 I got really into Harry Potter and was inspired by all those fanartists, so I tried drawing some stuff of my own. I didn’t have a tablet yet, I was just trying the waters, seeing if digital art is even something I’d be interested in. Here are Hermione and Draco’s portraits I did in mid-November 2015 (I think I was drawing with my mouse, or I might have been using a touch pen on my Asus laptop that has a touch screen, but it’s very tough to work with, not like a tablet at all, no pressure sensitivity, no precision)

Ugh the cringe…. :D

I mean if you scroll to the very bottom of my dA page you’ll find more stuff like this, if you’re interested.
But yeah, those portraits are pretty much the first digital drawings I’ve done.

Continuing with portraits, 4 months later (mid-March 2016) I did Hermione and Draco again, this time already using my graphic tablet and also using references:

Already much better! Yet, to me, still cringy :D I haven’t yet redrawin these portraits (I am planning to), but if we look at my newest portraits (from Ravenclaw set since that one’s the latest, it was completed in February 2017 which is almost a year later from the previous ones), you can see that I have improved a lot too!

They look so much cleaner, every brushstroke has much more purpose, there’s more symmetry and logic and all those things. I like how my portraits changed, not sure how others feel :)

The biggest change in my art was me starting to use references. It helps so much with getting proportions and perspective and body movements right.
And then it was just all about continuing to learn and polishing my style through practice and frequent drawing :) As I did more and more portraits, it sort of felt as though I’ve always been doing them the same way, as though my portraits look the same and no progress is done, but as you can see, during one year, the way I draw changed, or rather got a bit better and precise, so while it didn’t feel as though I’m improving as I’m drawing, when looking back, the progress is visible.

So just take your time :) Miracles won’t happen in a short period of time, especially if you don’t draw at least a couple of times a week (last year in spring-summer I drew like 5-12 drawings a week, so that totally made a difference). You will improve, I promise, but looking at other artists’ art, trying to figure out how they did it, trying out different tools, and learning from references will surely speed up the process of making progress. So yeah, I hope this helps a little :) Sorry I only showed portraits here, I just thought they’re good to show art evolution with since I drew so many of them. Good luck mate! <3

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Im trying to draw(beginners) on my desktop do you have any suggestions and tips ? And what type of software do you prefer ?.

Ah!! I’m so happy for you!!  :D

Well I’m also a self-taught digital artist for the past… two years?  xD So I’m just gonna give you some tips based on my experience as a beginner so far.

1. Get a graphics tablet / pen tablet

You don’t need to get the fancy or expensive ones, anything compatible with your computer / laptop would do :)

-This would help SO MUCH when drawing! Its less time consuming and has features like the pen pressure, which can’t be found on a trackpad  / mouse :’3 

* they are kinda hard to get used to at first, but with lots of practice, you’ll get pretty good at it :) I actually put away mine for like a year because I gave up after using it after the first few tries xD  Please just… Don’t give up! ^^”

2. Suitable software(s)

There’s… a lot of softwares you can choose to begin with!

As for me, I begin using Sketchbook Express because I’m on a Mac.  Its a very simple and neat software for beginners! But not so many features they offer for making more professional looking arts . I suggest you get the free art programs first unless you’re very serious about pursuing into digital art. 

I heard Krita, MediBangFireAlpaca, and Gimp and  are also other good free softwares as well. 

^^^ download link is on the name of softwares (bold) ^^^

*Once you feel like you got the hang of it, you can try out those not-free softwares. Those have tons more features that you can experiment with!  :) As for me, I use Photoshop CC (I realised most professional Illustrators use this) , while others may use Paint Tool Sai (this software can’t be used on Mac),  or maybe an upgrade of other free-art software like the  Corel Painter and ArtRage. These programs have way more features you can try compared to the free ones. Even I’m still not an expert on my own software XD But we’ll get there someday! TvT”

3. Look up for tutorials! :D 

This is important, because digital art is a bit more different to traditional art in terms of its ability to do more. Some things important to know in digital art:

  • Layers 
  • Terms used in art softwares to work with often
  • Colouring
  • Brush effects
  • Other features you think is important to know…

I suggest learning these from youtube tutorials or online art classes like Schoolism . Also, If you’re also new in drawing, you should try looking up for fundamentals in drawing! It will help improve your art skill for both digital and traditional :) 

But if you’re already good at traditional art, digital would be a lot more easier for you to work with.

And yeah, thats from me I guess. Hope this helps! 

"I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves." - F. Nietzsche


blow me a kiss, i’ll catch every single one

ok, so i just got a real graphics tablet for the first time in my life, it’s a wacom intuos draw and a really expensive toy(i already picked the cheapest one the store had xDD). it’s gonna take some getting used so and this is my current line art level for anyone interested ;w;

for my drawing stuffs, i have some doodles for the asks done on paper and scanned, but for anything in the future it’s gonna be done with my baby and yea, this is my new art level.


using photoshop to do digitals for the first time and it ain’t a piece of cake, people. 

anyway, another AU, @pinkturbofrog as an assassin and me as a witcher 

fighting templars, hunting monsters, you know, the usual stuff

also the graphic is transparent, so click and drag or whatever

y’all, my aunt is visiting me in denmark rn, rite, and she’s on facebook all the time and she comments and likes my drawings so she knows that i draw rite

yesterday, she sat down at my bed and went ‘teach me how to use ur tablet!’ and then i opened a new canvas and gave her the tablet and this is what she drew:


althought that is a damn good first drawing for someone who doesn’t draw and hasn’t touched a graphics tablet evER

Gotta be honest

As much as I love Au’s, Storyshift has been always my favorite one. At first I thought ‘’how is this going to work?’’

But then Voltra surprised me over and over with each upd8, how things worked perfectly, how events could change only by shifting characters, how relationships and interactions could be so different from the original 

I used to think a lot about what character would do before each upd8, how they would react, how are they going to be

and…i can only say that this whole AU it’s a master piece 

Thanks to ut-storyshift 

thanks to Voltra for creating such a wonderful AU, the one I love the most! 

It has been a long ride, huh?

Take a deep breath

The year just finished

a new one it’s going to start

What a year!

I have to admit i have been through lots of changes

Honestly, in terms of drawing

I have said it before, I gave up drawing for almost 5 years until i joined the Undertale fandom, and…I’m still in love with it, I have met so many wonderful people here, I made a presentation about Undertale, cosplay and …drawing, ltos of drawings.

At first I followed people and artists, especially the ones who make AU’s, I watched a few streams and I was amazed at everything they were capable of.

I started following Dreamy94, her art encouraged me to take up drawing once again, I was awake until 4 am almost everyday, drawing, i remember I never finished any of my drawings, all of them were black and white with a few shadow here and there, until of course i started drawing again, i passed my traditional drawings to digital, man…i never tried that before and the times I did it was…a disaster, I didn’t know how to use any of the brushes, slowly i started doing so, i still have lots of things to improve and learn but it was certainly something.

I worked until I had enough money to buy a graphic tablet, it was then when i started this blog -the first pages of the comics were done on paper and then scanned and passed it to digital-.

It was a very slow start I must admit, I was constantly thinking about shutting down the page and just…keep on making fanart or just…watching people doing so from afar but i kept on.

I was always in the place of being the one expecting to be noticed by ‘’senpais’’, I’m still one of those poeple I get excited easily and those things make me happy OKAY - 3 -

But what made me happier was when people started tagging me in things, sometimes because I followed them or a single ‘like’ to their precious art o anything and I was like ‘’they ae happy because of…me? …Is that even possible…’?’’ Now, sometimes I don’t see tags cause I lose them with the notifications ;w; but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, and those chains…I’m not ignoring them I just don’t know what to put there ;w; but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them either











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Hello~ I was just wondering, how did you get so good at making art using a graphic tablet?! I envy your expertise. *sad face* I love your artworks by the way~ *many hearts*

First, thank you very much for loving my artworks.

About the question of using tablet… well I was in hard time and much struggling too, you know, how your hands and your eyes need to get used to to new way of drawing. Your eyes look on the screen and you hand still has to work fine. It gives you a very different feeling from drawing on paper (let’s put the cintiq case aside here). And if you’re in that same trouble, just be confident because that’s a very very normal thing which happen to most of everyone. Don’t feel depress or hopeless about yourself.

Everything didn’t go well right from the start. Well I’m not a genius Don’t envy with me, please don’t. Because I believe that there’re a lot of wonderful artists out there (they’re really much more wonderful than me) who is more worthy for you to envy the expertise.

Talking about expertise, it does not come from nowhere, I suppose it have to be.

Here this is me in Sep 2013 when I started with my new table 

March 2014

Dec 2014

May 2015

Nov 2015

Feb 2016

I think my artworks changed a lot through these time… (at least how I do the lineart), as you can see, it was totally a mess at the beginning.

And if you ask me how to change, I can only give you a tip here: Draw a lot.

You have to draw with your tablet/wacom in a massive time as long as possible. It’s the only tip to get your hand got used to  the way of drawing by tablet. You should do it in more relaxing way, release the stress of your hand, sketch a lot is better than concentrate in one artwork. When your hand is already get used to the feeling of new way, then you can do the concentrate in one artwork/level up other skill later.

About level up your skill of anatomy, color, shading, inking… they take much time too but art ref, art tip are floating many here on internet. Look up for them and you can study it to improve yourself!

Simply to get the expertise. Practise. Draw a lot.


World’s first video review of Huion’s new Cintiq alternative tablet monitor, the GT-220. Available here.

The video quality is low and the audio cuts out a bit here and there. It’s my first time using OBS. That’s my excuse.


Bill doesn’t understand the true meaning of that word yet… But he will. He will.

 Here is a Bipper for Halloween! This is an older piece that I have redrawn. It was actually one of the first ideas I illustrated using my graphics tablet. There’s a sightly embarrassing yet inspirational artist message below the cut. 

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