first time trying this style


Sasuke: What are you doing, Menma?

Menma: *looks away* ….Eh… Nothing….

Sasuke: Don’t disturb your Papa and I when we are sleeping. 

Menma: Heh heh… sorry. ♥

Merry Christmas from the SNS family! 2016


This gorilla mask, it’s just like the one I saw on the tape! It’s a sign, these are all signs.


Some re-design (ish) things I sketched. X3 For some reason, lately I’ve been thinking about Danny Phantom getting a reboot that’s got more of a serious undertone while still conserving stupid puns and jokes. I was actually looking at anna-cattish ’s blog and I wanted a reboot to look like some of her art. It’s beautiful. :3 Anyway, I’d love a dp reboot that’s less afraid of angst and serious themes.

Щелкунчик (The Nutcracker) ft. my fav son and his boyfriend  

Someone sent me this headcanon and I loved it so here it is ♡ (I had to make up Yuri’s outfit because I couldn’t find any good reference lol that’s why it looks so simple)

This was like color practice because it’s the first time I try this style of coloring (it’s supposed to look like watercolors)

(Detail under the cut)

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I loved my makeup yesterday 😄 Lipstick is Kat Von D Beauty ‘Excorcism’, I’m absolutely loving a dark lip at the moment 💄First time trying House of Lashes falsies too, this style is called 'iconic’ 👀

Time To Come - Chapter 2 (On The Way Home) by hitorimaron