first time trying complicated shapes and stuff

modelling in maya part one

so (low poly) modelling in maya is something i’ve been learning about recently, and getting started has been something i’ve had some difficulty with for a few years now LMAO.

so this is gonna be a real quick post to help other people get started.
im using maya 2016

in this part i’ll b covering like, physically Making something. part two where i talk about uv editing n texturing ur model is here:

first im just gonna go over your workspace, so you know how to change things to suit what you’re doing.

if you hold down space, you’ll bring up this menu

clicking and holding on one will bring up a radial menu, the one i use the most is just the middle Maya one, which lets you change view

you can also change your window layout on the left here

if you want to change a window in your current layout just click the little arrow in the square, and you’ll get a menu of options

and if you right click on one of the buttons, you can change what layout is assigned to it or edit your layouts and make your own

anyway. so, modelling. its not actually that complicated! its time consuming, but once you know your tools you’ll be able to make stuff 👌

- first you want to make sure you’re on the modelling menu in the dropdown, and on your shelf you want to have the polygons tab open.

the shapes there are your polygon primitives, and the base of models that you’ll make. I personally usually start with a cube, cause it doesnt have any triangles in it.

(idk much about tris vs quads? but i do know that triangles dont edge loop!! so i avoid them, and most people say to try stick with quads where possible anyway)

- to make a primitive, you can just click on the shape there,

or if you want more options you can go to create > polygon primitives > and if you click the little box next to the one you want, you’ll open up the window for it

- so now you’ve got your cube (or whatever), and you want to do something with it.

if you hold down right click, you can change what part you’re selecting

you’ll be in object mode at the moment, which selects the whole thing. for changing the shape, the main ones you’ll be using are edge, vertex, and face!

to just select these, you want to use this tool

if you hold down shift, you can select and deselect multiple things, and in edge mode if you double click on an edge it’ll select all the other ones that loop around the model (edge loop)

- to manipulate these, look to the left of your screen at these bad boys.

you can select things with these tools also, they work the same as the select tool above!

anyway in order these are move, rotate, and scale. the different nodes are the different axis that you can transform on,

when you’re using the move tool, i strongly recommend only using the x / y / z axis on their own (the arrows)

cause if you use the combination ones,, it’s hard to actually know how you’re moving stuff cause its in a 3d space… and you’re looking at it on a 2d screen, so it could actually be moving down the z axis and you think its just the y axis!

so be careful, especially in perspective view. always remember to rotate your view to look at it from all angles, or work in one of the orthographic views (side/front/back/top etc) so theres no distortion.

so thats how to edit what you already have, but you’re probably going to want to do more than make a weird shaped cube.

to add more edges and faces n shit you want to get to know two new tools: extrude, and insert edge loop.

- insert edgeloop you find under mesh tools > insert edge loop, and then you just click (hold to adjust the placement) to add a new edge loop around your model

or alternatively you can hold shift+right click, and it’s on the list there.

- extrude you find under Edit Mesh > Extrude. you can also find it on the shift+right click menu above.

to use it, first you want to select a face, and then when you hit the extrude button it will look like this

ill be real i have no idea how to use those nodes, i just switch back to the move/rotate/resize tools at the side! also you wanna extrude faces and not edges.

anyway, you can move the face up   

or, you can scale it down!

this is useful to remember for making stuff like eyes, and also you can extrude again to hollow things out

another one you might want is the multicut tool (mesh tools > multicut), but that will primarily be for editing your mesh when you want to rearrange what edges are connected to what vertices.

You can use it to make edge loops, but i prefer to use the edge loop tool for that!

anyway! those are the basic tools in maya you’ll use to make stuff. theres loads of videos out there that explain how to use maya in more depth if you need it, but this should be enough to get started!

anonymous asked:

hey bek... i've following your art for a while and you're so inspiring... you literally inspire me to get better ~ i have a question i hope i'm not bothering you!! ok so... i'm trying to get better at anatomy, but i don't know how to learn about how muscle works? i draw figure nd gesture daily but i find it hard to improve... i think i need to learn muscles but idk how to do, where to start... umm and that's it. keep being awesome!! <3

hey!!! Thank you so much!! that makes me so happy!! ToT You’re def not bothering me!!
for anatomy a super great place to go is pinterest!!! 

here’s my anatomy board         

   i also have one for the more feminine figure as well o/ but i prefer drawing vv big masculine // muscular people personally ! 

what I like to do is break down the body into shapes and forms, much like the first images in that board!!! i try to break it down into spheres and cylinders! I hope this isnt too confusing,,,

i think he forgot leg day :”O

i’ve also done a few studies in my sketch book ToT

idk i have a really really fun time drawing the body ,and with enough observation and practice it’ll come to you in time!!! it took me years to figure out this dumb stuff…..i’m still weak in alot of areas of the body becaues its just so complicated and confusing!!!! i still need to heavily study the leg muscles?? i’m still learning!! I still was kinda guessing at those ones hmmmmm but just keep practicing!! do lots of studies and figure drawings!!! be patient you’ll get there!!