first time to travel alone and it was quite an adventure!

Travel Therapy

Travel always makes me feel nostalgic. When I leave on a long-haul flight I’m usually not too excited, that doesn’t happen until I land. The solidarity of flying forces me to spend some time thinking about my life and how I’m feeling. I guess travel also makes me feel this way as I’ve used it as a healing mechanism in the past.

Catching a plane, spending time alone, creating an adventure, exploring new cities, and immersing myself in new cultures: these are all things I’ve done in the past to help me move forward. I love travelling for this very reason. It’s expensive therapy, but it works for me.

The first half of these three flights from Australia to Germany I was feeling very emotional and upset. The past 4 years have been extremely intense. At least I can say I don’t lead a boring life, it doesn’t quit throwing me curveballs. I’m going to use this next 3 weeks of travel to really think about my future. What I want in life and where I want it to take me. The goal is to return to Australia feeling grounded and strong.

I’ll keep you all updated on how that goes…