first time to travel alone and it was quite an adventure!


The Ultimate SOUL MATES

Each sign has a soul mate. Some are combined by means of their oppositions, some by means of their similarities, but they are the absolutely perfect match for each other. It generally considers the SUN sign, but you can also use the rarer compatibility indication & check your VENUS (F) + MARS (M) / VENUS (F) + VENUS (F) / MARS (M) + MARS (M). Enjoy the aesthetics!

“Red & White” - ARIES & LIBRA

Both of them absolutely need that collision of opposites! The balanced and calm Libras need more drive in their life and so they are attracted to the restless, emotional and forceful Aries. Also, Libra is Venus ruling, so their sexuality is quite strong but reduced by their peaceful and quiet personality. So they seek for someone to open up their hidden desires and no one would do it better than the Mars ruling Aries.

This is a couple where both of the lovers are ready for new experiences and changes for the better. Even though Aries is incredibly stubborn, they get naturally cooled and matured by the help of the wise Air sign. Libra on their part, becomes more entertaining and free. As art lovers, they are ready for adventures that the crazy Aries is bringing into their life.

“Once and For All” - TAURUS & CAPRICORN

They are unchangeable and having a hard time accepting anything unfamiliar, but why should they learn to get along with someone they don’t feel comfortable with if they can be together? These are probably the 2 most similar signs in the horoscope and they make a perfect match. They have the same values & priorities, the same intentions and beliefs, they will support and understand each other entirely. One of the reasons for this perfect compatibility is that they have both, separately, fully complete personalities. They are able to have a great time being alone for the simple reason that they don’t need an opposite to get completed. Both of the signs are likely to fall for the other’s flaws, the flaws they are familiar with. Finding similar traits in each other is what they do best and it’s what keeps them together. They will make one of those couples that are just meant to be, together, they are capable of anything. Their stubbornness and their melancholic view on life might make them argue a lot, but their love is too deep for them to be apart. 


They are completely on the same level. They get bored of anything constate, any routine, they can’t sit still, always moving forward. This clot of energy isn’t for everyone to handle, but perfect for each other! This is the couple who might end up travelling in a van all around the world, raising children on the road, and won’t stop until they’ve seen everything. They are made to be wild together! Partying, living their lives to the fullest in every way. Gemini is the mind in this couple, though. It’s usually the one who has a higher salary, a more stressful job and is the boss in the family. Sagittarius is totally cool with that, though, they aren’t seeking control, they are there to enjoy every second. Their love is strong, passionate but yet so peaceful and spontaneous. 

“Inseparable Dreams” - CANCER & VIRGO

Even though Virgos aren’t too romantic themselves, they like to absorb the tenderness and the open love that Cancers are ready to give. If a Virgo feels cherished, adored and appreciated, they will give the double of it back! This is a couple that will improve each other’s self-esteem, which both of them absolutely need. Completing each other, the Cancer becomes stronger emotionally and the Virgo outspoken and finally dares to open up. This is a love that won’t fade easily, won’t get destroyed by small, insignificant complications, it’s stronger than that since the partners depend on each other on a spiritual level. They might seem too attached and even grown one into another, but they are completely glad about it, they need each other more than they need anyone.

“Two Sides Of The Same Coin” - LEO & AQUARIUS

This couple is the definition of the famous saying “they are like two sides of the same coin.” They are very different at first sight, the Leo seems confident and outspoken, while the Aquarius is rather calm and shy, in fact, they are the same if you get to know them. The, so often artificial, Leo confidence turns into an incredibly generous love, care and harmony and the Aquarius’ timidity fades, they become open, talkative and a passionate. They hold each other so dear, they feel so fascinated by the fact that they are together, that they completely forget about everyone around. They can’t get enough of each other sexually and communicatively, they suddenly become affectionate and stop being attracted to many people at once, as they were used to be, because both of them finally feel like they’ve found what they needed most. A gorgeous couple worth admiring, and the main thing is, they know exactly how to make their partner look good! 

“The Domination Game” - SCORPIO & PISCES

These two are about opposites attracting. Even though they are both Water signs, I don’t know any other personalities as different as this couple. Not many people are ready to put up with the amount of emotions a Scorpio gives their partner. Intense love, hypersexuality, jealousy, impulsive hysterias. But this looks good for a Pisces. They are flattered of the attention they get, they enjoy the emotionality and know how to calm their lover. On the other side, the quite passive, patient and nonviolent Pisces doesn’t seem boring to a Scorpio at all. They love the fact of domination and full control they have over the adaptable Pisces, basically no one is standing in their way to live the life they want to. Which is perfect for the indecisive Pisces. They are also compatible sexually, their intimate life reflects their public one. And finally about their similarities: the sensibility and intensity of love Water signs are feeling, especially for each other, is beyond compare! 


CLASSICS (you’ve probably watched these already):

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion : depression, adolescence & mecha: the anime
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : depression, adolescence & mecha: the remake
  • Kill La Kill: see above, but with a commentary on fanservice and the anime industry. also main female characters
  • Death Note : morally ambiguous main character kills people, eats potato chips. everyone loses their shit
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood) : 2 brothers fuck shit up, also save the world through alchemy.
  • Cowboy Bebop : guns in space
  • Every Goddamn Ghibli Movie : do it, you weakling. watch them all theyre all good
  • Ghost In The Shell : theres more than just the first movie. watch the other ones. also the tv series. do it. its about being human
  • Code Geass : snotty rich boi decides to take over an entire empire through sheer assholery and somehow manages it, but god, at what goddamn cost. 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh : believe in the power of the fucking cards karen

CLASSICS II (you probably haven’t watched these and it makes me sad):

  • Perfect Blue : the movie black swan tried (and failed) to rip off properly
  • Future Boy Conan : because miyazaki also does tv series
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena : sword lesbian, a lesbian with a sword
  • Oban Star Racers : racing, but in space. half french
  • Mushishi : spirits, in all their contemplative beauty
  • Black Jack (the OVAs are the best but you can watch the rest as well): the original Dr House, with more money and assholery
  • Koi Kaze : quite possibly the only redeemable anime about incest
  • Sherlock Hound: did i mention miyazaki doing great tv series yet

SHONEN (young boys fuck shit up):

  • My Hero Academia : crybaby protagonist turns out to be most loveable character of all time. becomes a cool hero. love him
  • Mob Psycho 100 : a show about a boy who just wants to be good. ONE manifests in your house to physically punch shonen tropes in the face. breathtaking animation. read the manga before tho. trust me
  • Avatar The Last Airbender (& Avatar The Legend Of Korra) : fuck you its anime because i fucking said so. watch it. the story is great and culturally diverse and also cool shit happens
  • Naruto & Naruto Shippuden : whatever you say some arcs were fucking legendary so whenever you want just watch some cool, non-filler shit. every thing after the Pain arc doesnt matter dont watch it
  • Soul Eater: i have no goddamn clue whats going on but it looks cool.
    also spirit vore
  • Hunter x Hunter : young boy adopts new adults in his family, gets killer best friend. literally
  • Keroro Gunsou : alien frogs try to take over the world. it,,,,, doesnt work very well. featuring otaku frog, angry frog, gay fanboy frog, gay nerd frog, alone frog as well as many other things. the humans are also good
  • Wakfu : its. basically french anime. fantasy stuff, it has great animation (especially in the later episodes) and the main villains are fucking incredible. its on netflix and by all that is holy watch it in french with english subs else i will physically manifest in your house and punch you.
  • One Punch Man : ONE tries to mock shonen manga, does it too well
  • Shaman King : the french OP is in my head and I CANT GET IT OUT
  • Black Rock Shooter (OVA + series) : this times its girls fucking shit up, and theyre also crying. it looks amazing
  • Houseki no Kuni : more on the seinen side, badass fighting & drama with a bunch of genderless gems (i know what youre thinking and no, the manga was created before steven universe). looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous, do yourself a favour and watch it (then read the manga)

SPORTS ANIME (i dont give a shit about sports but goddamn i love these):

  • Baby Steps : the most realistic and likeable sports anime ever. weak art but great story telling and pacing
  • Haikyuu!! : what even is volleyball. i care about these characters and the animation is fucking phenomenal. the soundtrack is so good. watch it
  • Ping Pong - The Animation : weird-ass art in the best way, great story & characters. cant fucking believe this was achieved on flash
  • Welcome To The Ballroom : n e c k s
  • Hajime No Ippo : punching people and your own FEELINGS
  • Yuri On Ice!!! : gay ice skating. everyone loves quadruples. very nice and sweet. you will care about dogs
  • Akagi: lets just pretend playing mah-jong while using your blood to bet is an actual sport. also known as ‘wow thats a peculiar art style - the anime’
  • One Outs: was introduced to me as “akagi but with baseball” and boy was i not disappointed

OTHER SHIT I’M TOO LAZY TO CATEGORIZE (but watch them theyre good i promise):

  • Fume Wo Amu : autistic man discovers how to make dictionaries and friends. some sad happens
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : like a greek tragedy, except sadder and directed by gods. incredible animation as well. gr8 storytelling
  • Doukyuusei : a short, sweet love story. the animation style is stunning i fucking love it with all my heart
  • Steins;Gate : time travel bullshit. great direction
  • Journey To Agartha : a movie i tried to get people to watch back when they didnt know who makoto shinkai was yet. pls watch its good
  • Usagi Drop : aka “dont read the manga - the anime”. the fluffiest piece of animation you will ever encounter. a dad dadding his life away
  • Psycho-Pass : great thriller/action show. makes you question morality
  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco : fuck you and your feelings im more important
  • Monster : naoki urasawa Does It Again™
  • Kiznaiver : a deconstruction of drama anime in general, with godlike animation and art. the OP makes me want to cry because its so good
  • Wandering Son : a touching anime about trans kids. read the manga
  • Akagi : just makin sure you watch that one. while youre ahead read the manga too
  • Nichijou : slice of life anime presented in the most hilarious way
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : magical girls but with a twist. dont fuckin trust that piece of shit plushie
  • Lupin III : arsène lupin except hes more of a piece of shit than usual
  • Parasyte : i am scarred for life by the things i have seen
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: whatever the fuck is going on here

thats it for now, i will probably update this in the future when i think of it. these are my opinions and my opinions only im not some kind of anime guru kthx


hey hello here’s the car boys unifying theory, i made a fun corkboard with the thread everywhere just like them conspiracy theorists in the movies

spoilers for the finale of car boys & the stolen century arc of the adventure zone follow

the crutch of this theory rests on the the two endings being separate timelines: the boystos/separation timeline (the bad ending) [the ending shown before the credits, when griffin and nick are separated and set adrift in endless emptiness] and the candle in the wind timeline (the true ending) [the after-credits ending, griffin and nick stuck in the car together, perpetually fleeing from the blob through the time ring] {there is no good end}

the separation timeline / bad end

  • most of what happens in this timeline to the boys is based off this video by youtube user brockrin- which the boys have tweeted about so by my standards its canon plflfnfft
  • to sum it up- alone for an eternity in endless Nothingness, the boys become the bustos-  nick 1.0 and griffin 2.0- and attempt to go back and stop themselves in the past from fucking everything up, but fail
  • this timeline (im sorry for homestuck terminology but,) is a stable time loop, nothing ever changes- its them going around and around again trying and failing to stop themselves. its bad
  • but its important to note that griffin and nick were not the only ones in the time ring when they got separated- which brings me to Ball
  • Ball has qualities of both the ovo and the blob, as it has blob-like physics (even leading to the it hates water! revelation) and its roundness and fondness of rolling just like ovo
  • Ball becomes separated from itself. the white sections become the ovo, and the black sections the blob

the candle in the wind timeline / true end

  • now things get a little buckwild
  • the basic premise of this timeline is that nick and griffin stay in the waterproof pessima lx for , basically eternity, travelling through the time ring in an endless chase with the blob
  • the reason that they don’t break down like in the bad end is pretty much that being stuck in a perpetual expanse of time and space with a friend is infinitely better than being stuck there alone
  • this is where coolgames inc starts! essentially a way to pass time when youve quite literally got nothing but time. (and as nick said, there’s wifi in the void)
  • this is where the guest-o-matic in the cgi animations comes in! and, in addition, there is a “canon” connection with cb in the cook for cube cgi animation- perhaps the two timelines converging for just a second ? 
  • uncle buck from uncle buck
  • in the time ring we see countless galaxies pass by as they travel downwards- they travel through endless amounts of realities and planes as the blob pursues them
  • taking a moment here to explain something else integral to this- in car boys, nick has the power of creation, the ability to spawn and create objects in the game. griffin, conversely, has the power of manipulation, he’s much of the driving force behind important decisions and actions taken in the show. this becomes important
  • this is when touch the skyrim takes place- in a number of the universes they pass through down and down into the time ring, griffin takes advantage of these powers of manipulation to modify the word around them because like why not, its fun
  • what’s wrong with this dream, nick
  • as the boys + the blob pass through universe after universe in the time ring, the bob catalyzes the event in the original universe of Jon (taz) that originally creates the hunger- the blob merges with the inhabitants of that universe and the hunger is born 
    (note: this may be edited in the coming weeks as we learn more abt the hunger and its origin)
  • and the boys realize this- that the universes that theyre passing through are being consumed behind them- and they begin looking for a solution, which materializes in the form of the original taz universe, the homeworld of thb and ipre and all that. 
  • it’s also at this point that the light of creation really like, becomes the light of creation its- its nick? its nick. nick is the light of creation. this fact being proposed is what prompted me to make this theory in the first place
  • griffin shapes the world of taz and becomes the dm/narrator (note especially in recent episodes during the into to taz the narrator uses ‘we’ and ‘us’- as if he is part of this world and is involved in the story) and the two boys follow the ipre through the planes of existence in order to help them find a way to defeat the hunger/blob and save all of reality from the monster that they created
  • and i think its a canon thing that the light of creation is split into the relics? that happens. thats pretty sad i think
  • ..until we get to the present- the hunger descending upon what will likely be the multiverse’s final stand against the hunger in the main taz universe (the one with two moons and stuff). cant wait for the taz finale bros

other things & honorable mentions

  • thanks to everyone in the mcelstuck & car boys discord for help with this whole thing! 
  • @rikki-tikki-taako​‘s explanation of how the true timeline boys are saved from the bad timeline: “what i’m getting at is why didn’t true timeline nick and griffin get separated and warped
    the true saviors of true timeline nick and griffin
    emoji car and miku car
    embodiments of crucial aspects of nick and griffins beings, their integrity largely untampered with(i don’t believe either of them ever god trashed), and bow i think of it relatively unscathed compared to the horrors introduced to everything else because there were always more important matters to draw nick and griffin away, they came just when nick and griffin didn’t have time to make the same mistakes as all the other timelines
    so in the midst of god trashing, their pillars distorting, they combined with their respective aspects and regained their conceptual integrity, in a way like pause error respawning frequently merged objects in beamng, the pause indicated by their seeming lack of awareness of having to merge with them”
  • @cinnamon-marthmallows​ originally came up with “nick is the light of creation”, the fact that spawned this entire theory
  • @goodraandyy​‘s infograph on the split timelines and commentary on the ball/blob/hunger that you should check out & reblog here
    “ball turned into the blob which followed nick and griffin towards the taz universe - however, it is not john himself, it was simply drawn to his misery and suffering and mistook him for nick and griffin. john then harboured the power of the blob to create the hunger storm, which took over the universe“
  • @horticulturelesbian​ created the car boys discord thank u so much kar
  • @cheshiure​ compiled the cb unifying theory google doc
  • @coneboyofficial made this beautiful image
  • @magehand​ for this image: 
  • @babylonian @griffins-tumbo


  • the two endings of car boys are separate timelines
  • griffin and nick in the bad/pre-credits timeline became the bustos, Ball became the ovo & the blob
  • griffin and nick in the true/post-credits timeline continued travelling through the time ring, coming up with coolgames inc and touch the skyrim
  • the hunger is born from the blob interacting with jon’s whole deal
  • taz happens, griffin becomes the dm, nick becomes the light of creation, the boys follow the ipre gang through the universes to try and find a way to finally defeat it

thanks everybody 

Age is but a Number, Love is Infinite

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,775

Warnings: age difference(nothing underage the reader is 21), language, implied sexy times

Request: Hey it’s ok if you don’t wanna do this but I was wondering if you could write a fic where Dean is his current age and the one reader just turned 20 but like her and Dean have known each other for a long time and have been together for a while and other people always say stuff about their relationship but they’re still just really happy together, maybe w/ a bit of smut?

A/N: I changed a few things like I said I would but overall I think I got what you wanted!! Shout out to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for being an awesome beta!! I hope you all like it and feedback is always appreciated!!! :D

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YOI Fan Rec Friday

Thanks for all your awesome recs this week!

Rec’d by anonymous:
A Lesson in Wanting by awesometinyhumanbeing, Not rated, 12k
Victor ties himself into a knot known as Katsuki Yuuri—in more ways than one—and they navigate their way to each other in a series of fits and starts, miscommunication, and Herculean pining.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
the things i’ll give you (everything, everything) by yukilee, Gen, 8.3k (WIP)
in which viktor finds yuuri sleeping everywhere around campus and he just wants to take him home.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Under the Cover of Eros by Kawaiiusagi, Explicit, 45k (WIP)
The Phantom Thief Eros steals fine jewels, but he also has his eye set on Detective Nikiforov’s heart. 

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
The Cold Beauty by NefariousandElegant, Teen, 10k (WIP)
He has been cursed for years to live alone and to be disgraced with powers he never wanted. He is selfish and arrogant. Cold. Only one can change him and help everything be restored. After years of waiting for the one, he finally arrives. Victor never thought he could return to normal until he laid eyes on a true beauty… Yuuri Katsuki.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Six Hours Ahead by alipiee, Teen, 5.3k (WIP)
When Yuuri downloaded the harmless quiz app, he hadn’t expected to become best friends with the Russian boy who asked him for a rematch. 

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d b anonymous:
my name is viktor nikiforov by thishasbeencary, Teen, 5k
Soulmates are telepathically linked to each other, but can only hear the other’s thoughts when they’re in close proximity. Viktor Nikiforov’s soulmate isn’t Russian, but Japanese, and he can’t understand a single word that they think. Other than his name.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @s-h-i-k-e-i:
Petrichor by fundips, Gen, 2.1k
Viktor and Yuuri returned to Hasetsu to train until next season, resuming their relationship except more domestic than anything. On the first rainy day they had together, Viktor jumped up and dragged Yuuri out of the onsen as soon as it started pouring down - Yuuri still in his lazy clothes with unwashed hair. As soon as they were on the street outside in the downpour, Viktor kissed him. Afterwards, Viktor said it was because he’d always wanted to kiss in the rain.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Second Row, Center Seat by LittleLostStar, Gen, 5.2k
In which Victor is the talented actor, and Yuuri is the theater critic with a perpetual crush.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
six seconds of life by EyeOfKaleidoscope, Teen, 2.9k
Phichit mourns the loss of Vine (he even plans a funeral).

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
The Plot Twist We Deserved by Daughter of Vayu (aquaregia), Teen, 2.5k
Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky were otaku, obsessed over a manga series ‘On ICE!!!’ which was written by Katsuki Yuuri-sensei. See how the two fanboys gushing over their favorite manga and annoyed the hell out of Katsuki Yuuri.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous, anonymous, and @mmeishi :
Nuclear Hearts Club by butterbeerbitch, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Being seventeen and chronically confused isn’t always a walk in the park - especially when you’ve been crushing on your brother’s best friend since you were nine. You’d be crazy not to. Victor’s the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Tu meum Animum by bratinella, Gen, 47k (WIP)
Viktor is many things but, lately, there are things that are added in his repertoire and he brushes it off as a trick of the imagination since he does not consider himself a stalker and most definitely not a dork.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
More Than Okay by LoneWolf_With_Internet, Gen, 6.4k
While on tour, the last thing Viktor would have expected during his stop in Japan would be to give a free performance to his fans at a karaoke bar, but what surprised him even more was the cute Japanese skater – that Viktor swears he’s seen before – the crowd pressured into joining him on stage for a duet. Needless to say, Victor had more fun than he originally anticipated.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Kiss The Rain by Writingfanfics1432, Gen, 1.3k
Yuri gets attacked and Viktor tries his best to comfort him.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @domokunrainbowkinz:
Mercury’s Muse by starsong462, Not Rated, 11k (WIP)
Royalty AU where Yuuri and Prince Victor meet as children, fall in love, and inspire each other through music.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Lullaby of Birdland by Orchids_and_Fictional_Cities, Teen, 40k (WIP)
After his poor performance at the Grand Prix Final, Yuuri is weary but not broken, and decides to give it one last shot. Victor plays piano three nights a week at a small jazz bar near the Detroit Skating Club, and does his best to get by.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon:
Standard Deviations by JustBeHappy, Teen, 86k
Victor knew something was wrong when he woke up. Firstly, Yuuri wasn’t by his side in bed. Secondly, the wallpapers weren’t supposed to be blue. Time Travel AU, where Victor landed 4 years into the past, just after Sochi Grand Prix Finals.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
extremely loud and incredibly close by anirondack, Explicit, 5.4k
“There are a couple other skaters around - some stayed to shower, but most have been gone for half an hour or more - but Yuuri pays no attention to them. His gaze is on the building they’re staying at, and he barely says a word until they get there and then, when the elevator doors close, he hits the button for their floor and then shoves Victor against the wall.” 

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
YOI Gem AU series by Jesse_Rae, Not Rated/Gen, 8.4k (WIP)
Steven Universe crossover!

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @exile-wrath:
Hearts On Snow by BoredomIsDeadly, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Yuri Katsuki is content with retiring to his family inn to live out the rest of his life in relative peace and quiet following a certain incident and a period of fruitless adventuring. But he returns only to meet news that his dog had died, leaving him in a terrible mental state. So when Makkachin appears out of nowhere, he decides to return it to its owner in another kingdom before fully calling it quits.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Competing for Your Attention by IdunAurora, Gen, 72k (WIP)
It was only later when the idea was planted into his head by a visiting Dragon Master, and it was only when he watched junior coordinator Viktor Nikiforov compete in a televised event that Yuuri decided he would take on the Hoenn League challenge when he reached the age of ten.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

The amazing “YOI Fan Rec Friday” banner was created by @omgkatsudonplease ! I love them a lot, check out their blog!

anonymous asked:

What are other books/series that you'd recommend that are in the same vein as Animorphs?

Honestly, your ask inspired me to get off my butt and finally compile a list of the books that I reference with my character names in Eleutherophobia, because in a lot of ways that’s my list of recommendations right there: I deliberately chose children’s and/or sci-fi stories that deal really well with death, war, dark humor, class divides, and/or social trauma for most of my character names.  I also tend to use allusions that either comment on Animorphs or on the source work in the way that the names come up.

That said, here are The Ten Greatest Animorphs-Adjacent Works of Literature According to Sol’s Totally Arbitrary Standards: 

1. A Ring of Endless Light, Madeline L’Engle

  • This is a really good teen story that, in painfully accurate detail, captures exactly what it’s like to be too young to really understand death while forced to confront it anyway.  I read it at about the same age as the protagonist, not that long after having suffered the first major loss in my own life (a friend, also 14, killed by cancer).  It accomplished exactly what a really good novel should by putting words to the experiences that I couldn’t describe properly either then or now.  This isn’t a light read—its main plot is about terminal illness, and the story is bookended by two different unexpected deaths—but it is a powerful one. 

2. The One and Only Ivan, K.A. Applegate 

  • This prose novel (think an epic poem, sort of like The Iliad, only better) obviously has everything in it that makes K.A. Applegate one of the greatest children’s authors alive: heartbreaking tragedy, disturbing commentary on the human condition, unforgettably individuated narration, pop culture references, and poop jokes.  Although I’m mostly joking when I refer to Marco in my tags as “the one and only” (since this book is narrated by a gorilla), Ivan does remind me of Marco with his sometimes-toxic determination to see the best of every possible situation when grief and anger allow him no other outlet for his feelings and the terrifying lengths to which he will go in order to protect his found family.

3. My Teacher Flunked the Planet, Bruce Coville

  • Although the entire My Teacher is an Alien series is really well-written and powerful, this book is definitely my favorite because in many ways it’s sort of an anti-Animorphs.  Whereas Animorphs (at least in my opinion) is a story about the battle for personal freedom and privacy, with huge emphasis on one’s inner identity remaining the same even as one’s physical shape changes, My Teacher Flunked the Planet is about how maybe the answer to all our problems doesn’t come from violent struggle for personal freedoms, but from peaceful acceptance of common ground among all humans.  There’s a lot of intuitive appeal in reading about the protagonists of a war epic all shouting “Free or dead!” before going off to battle (#13) but this series actually deconstructs that message as blind and excessive, especially when options like “all you need is love” or “no man is an island” are still on the table.

4. Moon Called, Patricia Briggs

  • I think this book is the only piece of adult fiction on this whole list, and that’s no accident: the Mercy Thompson series is all about the process of adulthood and how that happens to interact with the presence of the supernatural in one’s life.  The last time I tried to make a list of my favorite fictional characters of all time, it ended up being about 75% Mercy Thompson series, 24% Animorphs, and the other 1% was Eugenides Attolis (who I’ll get back to in my rec for The Theif).  These books are about a VW mechanic, her security-administrator next door neighbor, her surgeon roommate, her retail-working best friend and his defense-lawyer boyfriend, and their cybersecurity frenemy.  The fact that half those characters are supernatural creatures only serves to inconvenience Mercy as she contemplates how she’s going to pay next month’s rent when a demon destroyed her trailer, whether to get married for the first time at age 38 when doing so would make her co-alpha of a werewolf pack, what to do about the vampires that keep asking for her mechanic services without paying, and how to be a good neighbor to the area ghosts that only she can see.  

5. The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner

  • This book (and its sequel A Conspiracy of Kings) are the ones that I return to every time I struggle with first-person writing and no Animorphs are at hand.  Turner does maybe the best of any author I’ve seen of having character-driven plots and plot-driven characters.  This book is the story of five individuals (with five slightly different agendas) traveling through an alternate version of ancient Greece and Turkey with a deceptively simple goal: they all want to work together to steal a magical stone from the gods.  However, the narrator especially is more complicated than he seems, which everyone else fails to realize at their own detriment. 

6. Homecoming, Cynthia Voight

  • Critics have compared this book to a modern, realistic reimagining of The Boxcar Children, which always made a lot of sense to me.  It’s the story of four children who must find their own way from relative to relative in an effort to find a permanent home, struggling every single day with the question of what they will eat and how they will find a safe place to sleep that night.  The main character herself is one of those unforgettable heroines that is easy to love even as she makes mistake after mistake as a 13-year-old who is forced to navigate the world of adult decisions, shouldering the burden of finding a home for her family because even though she doesn’t know what she’s doing, it’s not like she can ask an adult for help.  Too bad the Animorphs didn’t have Dicey Tillerman on the team, because this girl shepherds her family through an Odysseus-worthy journey on stubbornness alone.

7. High Wizardry, Diane Duane

  • The Young Wizards series has a lot of good books in it, but this one will forever be my favorite because it shows that weird, awkward, science- and sci-fi-loving girls can save the world just by being themselves.  Dairine Callahan was the first geek girl who ever taught me it’s not only okay to be a geek girl, but that there’s power in empiricism when properly applied.  In contrast to a lot of scientifically “smart” characters from sci-fi (who often use long words or good grades as a shorthand for conveying their expertise), Dairine applies the scientific method, programming theory, and a love of Star Wars to her problem-solving skills in a way that easily conveys that she—and Diane Duane, for that matter—love science for what it is: an adventurous way of taking apart the universe to find out how it works.  This is sci-fi at its best. 

8. Dr. Franklin’s Island, Gwyneth Jones

  • If you love Animorphs’ body horror, personal tragedy, and portrayal of teens struggling to cope with unimaginable circumstances, then this the book for you!  I’m only being about 80% facetious, because this story has all that and a huge dose of teen angst besides.  It’s a loose retelling of H.G. Wells’s classic The Island of Doctor Moreau, but really goes beyond that story by showing how the identity struggles of adolescence interact with the identity struggles of being kidnapped by a mad scientist and forcibly transformed into a different animal.  It’s a survival story with a huge dose of nightmare fuel (seriously: this book is not for the faint of heart, the weak of stomach, or anyone who skips the descriptions of skin melting and bones realigning in Animorphs) but it’s also one about how three kids with a ton of personal differences and no particular reason to like each other become fast friends over the process of surviving hell by relying on each other.  

9. Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Louis Sachar

  • Louis Sachar is the only author I’ve ever seen who can match K.A. Applegate for nihilistic humor and absurdist horror layered on top of an awesome story that’s actually fun for kids to read.  Where he beats K.A. Applegate out is in terms of his ability to generate dream-like surrealism in these short stories, each one of which starts out hilariously bizarre and gradually devolves into becoming nightmare-inducingly bizarre.  Generally, each one ends with an unsettling abruptness that never quite relieves the tension evoked by the horror of the previous pages, leaving the reader wondering what the hell just happened, and whether one just wet one’s pants from laughing too hard or from sheer existential terror.  The fact that so much of this effect is achieved through meta-humor and wordplay is, in my opinion, just a testament to Sachar’s huge skill as a writer. 

10. Magyk, Angie Sage

  • As I mentioned, the Septimus Heap series is probably the second most powerful portrayal of the effect of war on children that I’ve ever encountered; the fact that the books are so funny on top of their subtle horror is a huge bonus as well.  There are a lot of excellent moments throughout the series where the one protagonist’s history as a child soldier (throughout this novel he’s simply known as “Boy 412″) will interact with his stepsister’s (and co-protagonist’s) comparatively privileged upbringing.  Probably my favorite is the moment when the two main characters end up working together to kill a man in self-defense, and the girl raised as a princess makes the horrified comment that she never thought she’d actually have to kill someone, to which her stepbrother calmly responds that that’s a privilege he never had; the ensuing conversation strongly implies that his psyche has been permanently damaged by the fact that he was raised to kill pretty much from infancy, but all in a way that is both child-friendly and respectful of real trauma.  
the signs as guys i've had a crush on
  • ARIES: the fighter. has a strong and energetic aura, determined look in his eyes. the ambitious one who won’t stop until he reaches his goal. constantly on the move, whether it be changing schools, moving homes, or traveling. coarse and aggressive on the outside, but is truly protective and caring of his friends on the inside. always up for a debate, and won’t take no for an answer.
  • TAURUS: the gentleman. has rather soft and round features. sweet, polite, and shy. the kind of boy you wanna take home to meet your parents. the one you never notice until he brushes his hair out of his face, because that’s when you realize how damn attractive he is. self-motivated and goal oriented, but rarely speaks about himself. humble.
  • GEMINI: the playboy. devilish grin, twinkle in his eye. fun-loving. the type of guy who texts you asking about homework, but diverts the conversation to asking you about your love life. he’ll compliment you, woo you, but leave you hanging. a flirtatious guy who loves to keep you on your toes, but will disappear the moment you reciprocate his attention.
  • CANCER: the sweetheart. baby-faced, dreamy eyes, amazing teeth. the kind of guy who’ll compliment you on anything and everything. wants to make you feel good, wants to see you smile. the kind of guy who, at times, takes care of others more than himself, because he knows how it feels to be left alone in the dark. can be sensitive and emotional, so there will be no such thing as “too much” reassurance.
  • LEO: the lover. passionate and competitive gaze, attractive smile. spiky hair. loves to be in love, craves your attention. despite his confidence, he can be just as needy and insecure as any other guy once he is comfortable with you. enjoys light and humorous conversations - will always tease you just to get a reaction. will always want to be physically close to you.
  • VIRGO: the adult. a clean, tidy look. stern and serious gaze, often immersed in his own little bubble rather than paying attention to his surroundings. looks extremely attractive in glasses. most of the time, is very booksmart - but can also come off as condescending. past that demeanor, he's the type of guy who'll show you that he cares by helping you out. a practical, grounded and sensible guy.
  • LIBRA: the sweet-talker. attractive voice, charming smile. humorous, flirty, and curious. loves to hear you talk about yourself - asks a lot of questions. enjoys adventures and romantic dates, and will always be willing to make time for you even when he’s busy. the kind of guy who loves to have a good time - you’ll find him destressing at a concert or a local bar at the end of the week.
  • SCORPIO: the soulmate. piercing stare that’ll make your heart want to beat out of your chest. loud laugh. will always be intense in one way or another. once he has his eyes set on you, he won’t stop until he has you. devoted, passionate and hard-working. the jealous type, but does not often show it due to his overwhelming amount of pride. will do anything and everything he can to show you that he cares for you.
  • SAGITTARIUS: the child at heart. a child-like, juvenile persona. nice build, usually muscular and fit. the kind of guy who’ll make jokes at all times - even when it may be inappropriate to do so. loves to flirt with you, wants to take you on adventures. will always make you laugh. the kind of guy who likes to live in the present. open-minded.
  • CAPRICORN: the rock. cold and intimidating stare. usually extremely sexy and alluring, but unapproachable. may be quiet, reserved and unwilling to socialize at first - but once you break down his walls, you’ll realize how much of a gem he is. great sense of humor, although not everyone understands it. hard-working and mature for his age. will always make sure you’re comfortable and secure with him. the kind of guy you can always rely on and come home to.
  • AQUARIUS: the lonewolf. charismatic stare, sexy voice, quirky fashion sense. usually very well-spoken and intelligent. loves to have philosophical talks with you. has quite a lot of friends, but likes to spend most of his time alone. the kind of guy who fluctuates between giving you all the attention in the world to completely shutting himself out. complicated, but worth it once you have him figured out.
  • PISCES: the romantic. messy hair, sleepy eyes, feminine features. the kind of guy who runs late to class more often than not. is extremely shy and may be insecure about himself, but loves to please you. may be afraid to approach you at first, but is a total chatterbox and goofball once he opens up to you. usually the designated driver, and is more than willing to take care of his loved ones.

When a blind woman was named Inquisitor, none of her inner circle expected the task before her to be easy. Neither did any of them expect her to face it alone. Each of them has their own task, a duty they have assigned themselves to make Elera Lavellan’s life just a little easier, a role they carry out with stubborn dedication. None of them say it, but they all know that every one of them would rather die than see someone else take their place.

Solas walks with her in the Fade, drawing her into his memories, conjuring up images of the places they’ve been. Only her body is blind, and in the Fade, she can see the echoes he creates for her. They stroll the ramparts of Skyhold together, a smile flickering around her mouth as she looks out on the rolling mountains, and he helps her memorise every staircase and passageway so that she might navigate them more easily in her sightless waking world. He shows her the Emerald Graves, so that she can stand beneath the trees and gaze at the million different shades of green the sunlight creates as it falls through the leaves. He shows her, despite his scorn, the Dalish camp they visited in the Exalted Plains, so that she can remember her own clan and feel, for a time, at home. They walk the paths of his memories together, he her hahren, and she, a student and friend he is proud to teach.

Varric does what an author does best - he puts the world around them into words. When they reach the top of a slope and let out gasps of awe at a view that Elera can’t see, he steps up to describe it to her, painting every detail with the best words he can think of until she smiles and whispers, I can picture it. He does the same with the people they meet, telling her everything from the colour of their hair to how high she has to look to meet their eyes. Leave it to the others to do the basics, helping her to make it through the world. Varric’s duty is to make that world beautiful.

Sera is the one who climbs. Up the piles of rocks, balancing on beams and narrow ledges, clambering onto rooftops and jumping between gaps. She hates those creepy shards, but Elera says they’re important, and Sera’s damned if she’s letting a blind woman go hauling herself up those frigging rock piles to reach them. Elera would do it if someone else didn’t, stupid stubborn woman, and Sera doesn’t want to see her fall and get herself killed. Because even though she’s an elf, an elfy elf, a really elfy elf who wants those pissing elfy shards to open that elfy temple… somehow, they ended up as friends. Real good friends. And Sera was never one to let her friends get hurt.

Vivienne picks out her wardrobe, not only for all those soirees and balls that the Inquisitor is obliged to make an appearance at, but for day to day wear. Just because practicality is Elera’s greatest concern - finding something with few buttons she needs to fumble at and few fastenings to struggle with - doesn’t mean she should be forced to sacrifice fashion. Vivienne seeks out fine silk and velvet for her, fabrics that a Dalish elf could never have heard of or touched before. She finds tunics in rich turquoise to match her vallaslin, and, for special occasions, a ballgown in pale silvery-blue, so unearthly against her pale skin that she almost seems to be wearing moonlight.

Dorian reads to her. It starts with him making some remark about a book on spirit magic he’s been browsing through. That sounds interesting, she says, could you read that passage to me? And before long it’s a tradition. She comes to the library, he finds a book, they sit in chairs facing each other and Dorian reads. At first it’s mostly tomes on magical theory, but soon, he’s narrating a new chapter of Hard In Hightown every evening, and a little circle gathers around them to listen, all of them catching their breath in unison over the dramatic parts and groaning whenever Varric ends things with yet another cliffhanger.

Cassandra has always been at home on the battlefield, and right from the start, she appoints herself the task of making sure that Elera can feel at home there too. Two rage demons, approaching from the right, and three wraiths, she roars, as the rift splits open and pours the Fade’s denizens forward.  One Red Templar in heavy armour, one archer. Just the simplest things, the things that tell Elera where to stand and what spell to use. There’s nothing she can do to make the bellowing of demons and the clashing of weapons less chaotic - but she can try to bring some kind of order out of the chaos. That’s what she does best, after all.

Bull takes it upon himself to make sure she can indulge in all the things the others won’t let her. Honestly, they treat her like she’s made of glass sometimes, and he knows it infuriates her, knows that she doesn’t want to be coddled. She’s blind, not a child. So he’s the one who makes sure she drops into the Herald’s Rest like all the others, the one who buys her a drink and lets her vent. She rarely has more than one or two, but all the same, he walks with her back to her room afterwards. Leaders have as much right to let themselves go as anyone from time to time. The fact that this leader can’t see doesn’t make the damnedest bit of difference to that.

Cole helps. He appears from thin air to guide her up staircases and through passageways when she needs it - but only when she needs it, because he knows she wants to stand alone as much as she can. And since she can’t see the curl of another man’s lip or the twitch of his brow while she speaks to him, Cole reads people for her, telling her the things she can’t pick up from their words and their tone. To him, her lack of eyesight means nothing. She’s a person, like all the others, and her thoughts are the same as everyone else’s. 

And Blackwall stands beside her. Where he’s meant to be. He’s the shield between her and everything that could ever possibly hurt her, the hand that flashes out to catch her when she stumbles and the weapon that cuts down the enemy who dared to get close. He’s the arm she rests her hand on as they go about their travels, the voice that tells her the path’s getting steeper or take it slow, there’s a sharp drop to the right. At first it’s an obligation, the duty of a soldier who’s seen men suffer a thousand different wounds from war, losing eyesight and limbs and sanity and Maker knows what else. He knows how to help someone whose body isn’t quite whole. 

But it becomes more than that, so much more. She is so strong, so capable, so determined to face all the trials thrown at her by a world she can’t see - but she can’t protect herself from everything. Just as he has needed her, needed her calm kindness and her dauntless faith in him, so she needs him to be her first and last line of defence. He knows, as the rest don’t (all right, Cole probably does, but all the normal rest don’t) that the one thing Elera Lavellan fears is oblivion. Being lost and alone with nothing to guide her.

She won’t have to face oblivion while he’s still breathing. She will always be able to reach out for him and find him there, to hear him tell her, I’m here, my lady. To which she responds with a smile and a murmur - I know, vhenan. Thank you.

She is his fortress, he is her shield, and nothing in the world can touch them.

Please Don't Leave Me-Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Can I make a request for Newt where he is your best friend but he starts to ignore you after he meets Tina. You realize that you are in love with him but you stay quiet about it and don’t say anything until the fight against Graves you jump in front of Newt to save him from Graves’s spell and get really hurt and you think your going to die so you tell him that you love him. Can there be lots of angst but have a happy ending? Thank you!

A/n: This the longest imagine I think I have ever written, and just…oh my God

Warnings: Angst everywhere, mentions of blood, pain, rejection, fighting, broken hearts, basically angst on top of angst on top of angst, and a smidge of fluff of course (Also the plot ties in with the events of Fantastic Beasts, but a few parts may be a bit different)



The sky above was dusted over with a hazy gray, the kind that mimicked smoke in your lungs or ashes falling from the sky. Crashes and screams echoed throughout the broken streets of New York, while most of the Muggle or No-Maj community was out and about, hollering against the display of witchcraft. You spun around, trying to find Newt, until you realized that you had become separated from his presence during some of the attacks throughout the city. You sprinted over some fallen bricks and rubble, only losing your footing once or twice. Your wand rested in your hand at the ready as you maneuvered through the chaotic streets with your coat billowing behind you.

The trip to New York was not at all as you had imagined it to go. You had been traveling with your best friend Newt, as you were helping him to release Frank, the Thunderbird the two of you rescued back in Egypt, to the wilds of Arizona. You had both only anticipated to stop here shortly, however after the escapades with the Niffler, a No-Maj, and MACUSA, your time of departure had been delayed.

You had known the clever Magizoologist since your days at Hogwarts, and since you two were both labeled as the “peculiar type,” both of your personalities fit together like puzzle pieces, and he was more than happy to have someone as his friend. You did everything together. You found creatures in the forest together, went to Hogsmeade together, even snuck out past dark out of the castle grounds a few times together. The friendship that you each shared was beyond perfect, except for the fact that you had wanted to be more.

The feelings that you developed towards him grew fonder after you found one another after his expulsion, as you had both kept in touch through written letters and little photographs of adventures you were having while separate. After Hogwarts, you met with him in person for a drink of tea, and he was still the same remarkable Hufflepuff who possessed an undying love for the creatures of the world. However, he did appear quite different, as his hair had grown longer and fluffed out more, covering his twinkling eyes a bit, and his body had grown much taller, broader, and stronger since his teenage years. His freckles still splattered like stars in the night across his face, and his pearly white smile still shined, but he was clearly much older now. When he met eyes with you as you walked through the tiny shop, he rushed towards you to engulf you into a hug to make up for all the ones you couldn’t share while you were both away from one another. You giggled slightly against his chest as he retracted a bit and ushered you to sit down with him. That day you caught up on everything that you had each encountered during the last few years. He asked how everything at Hogwarts went while you asked him how he was doing with the creatures he mentioned in his letters, to which he replied at first with a gentle nervous smile.

“Actually, I’m trying to write a book about creatures, you know, to get people to see them differently,” he spoke with a passion infused sparkle in his eyes.

You paused as you swallowed your tea, nearly choking in in shock, “Merlin’s beard Newt that’s incredible!”

“Yes, in a sense it is,” he paused as a blush rose onto his cheeks, “and I’m set to leave for Asia in a week to study some of the various regions there.”

Your face fell slightly as you brought your eyes to look back into your mug. You had just gotten to see your best friend again, and he was already leaving you? Newt nervously looked at his own mug too, afraid to cut the silence with what he was about say.

“B-but I wanted to also ask if you wanted to accompany me. You don’t have to say yes of course, I don’t want you have to change your life or job, but I wanted to ask because you’re one of the most important people in my life right now, and well, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.”

You stared at him, eyes wide with shock and confusion once more. His hands fiddled with one another as he now awaited your response while silently hoping he hadn’t been too abrupt with asking. You two were close sure, but he was practically asking you to run away across the world with him.

However, you already knew your answer, and with a smile sprouting on both of your faces, you were ready to see what the world held in store for you as you stood by his side.

But that was ages ago of course. You paused to catch your breath behind a wall of a fallen building with your wand still pointed out in defense. A few beads of sweat formed across your forehead as tears also began to threaten to fall. You were strong, but with everything collapsing and crumbing around you, it was difficult to keep yourself from doing it yourself as well.

You were alone in a breaking city that you had only known for a brief amount of time, and yet so much had changed. You doubted that Newt was even concerned about where you were, as you hadn’t even spoken much to one another since you had arrived off the boat and into the crisp air of the American city. Everything had been different since he had met her.

Tina Goldstein.

When you had both first met the woman, she had tried to have you both turned in to MACUSA for possessing beasts, but soon after, Newt had begun to spend more and more time with her as opposed to with you. Neither of them knew how you felt, and you weren’t exactly ready to scream it out to the world yet.

If someone were to ask you if you loved Newt, you would simply nod, but finish it off with the addition of “but as a friend.” Yet on the inside, your heart would pound and flutter at the sight of his smile or flip at the sound of his voice, for you had hopelessly fallen in love with your best friend from your childhood. At first, it was a small scale infatuation, a simple desire towards the man with the bowtruckles and the graphorns, but with the more places you visited and the more adventures you had together, it was as if you had been stolen back in time to your days at Hogwarts. You would watch his face light up in excitement in the moonlight while following a group of dragons or smile at the way his hair would fluff up after a night of sleep. But his looks of course were not the reason you had fallen, as his intelligent and caring demeanor along with his gentle compassion were what really attracted you. He wasn’t like some of the other men you had been with, and he wasn’t the type to brag about what he had accomplished either. He was like the air of a spring meadow, sweet, soft, and free spirited. Newt was the type to hug and comfort you when you were sad or scared, which he did often, as he wanted you to know that you were safe within the walls of his case. Newt was the type to put everyone else, including the creatures, above himself and this was especially evident when he would try and go for long periods of time without eating or sleeping. Newt overall, was the epitome of a golden heart.

But with the way he looked at Tina, you couldn’t tell him how you felt, and this ate you up inside. You longed to just throw yourself into his arms and tell him how you felt, that he was amazing and incredible, despite his negative thoughts of self-loathing. You wanted to kiss him passionately and tell him how much he meant to you, but that day would never come, not as long as she was in the picture.

You saw how he stared at her as you both sat at the table of the Goldstein apartment, you saw how he followed her inside of the Blind Pig like a lost lamb, just wanting to be closer to her. He had exchanged more words and thoughts with her as opposed to you, and you told yourself that you wouldn’t get jealous, but you couldn’t help it. The way he lovingly gazed at her made you want to shred your heart into a million pieces. You wanted to cry and scream into the night, but you could not be selfish. You had to be there for your best friend, even if you weren’t happy for their relationship entirely.

You hadn’t even noticed that a tear had finally slipped down your cheek as your lungs filled with smoke from the world around you. You brought your hands up to your chest and slowly sunk down into the cracked pavement. You knew that it was selfish to cry about yourself right now when so much was going on, but you couldn’t stop the sobs from ravaging through your body and rattling your bones. Your tears stung like fire and your sobs echoed through the corridor. Your broken heart shattered and mixed with the sounds of breaking glass wound you.

What you wanted, you couldn’t have, and there was nothing you could do about it. It was as if a hundred knifes were taking turns stabbing into your flesh and heart, trapping you in a cloud of suffering and forgotten loneliness.

You were about to allow another round of crying ensue, but a black cloud swarmed through the air above you, spiraling into some of the buildings until it disappeared. Newt had told you about his encounter with something similar to this, and you could only draw one word from your mind.


If anything, that is where Newt would be, where the obscurus was. You grabbed your wand off the ground and broke into a sprint once more as you headed back out into the battlefield of what was once New York.

You found yourself in what appeared to be some sort of station, or what was left of it at least. Railing and bricks were strewn about, and angry yelling echoed throughout the walls. You were about to step out into the open, but a beam of light hurled towards you, causing you to back behind a wall and mutter a spell of defense.

When you turned you saw who you knew as Graves, the older man from MACUSA whom you met when Tina dragged you in, spitting various spells under his breath towards Tina and Newt. Anger overcame your body, and you whipped your wand towards him.

“Stupefy!” you yelled, only to have the spell blocked as the sinister graves turned around.

“Y/N!” you heard another familiar voice call, and you saw Newt rushing towards you while firing spells back at Graves. Sweat beaded across his face and his features were dimly highlighted in the light radiating from the underground lamps. When he finally reached you, he was out of breath and tears pooled in his eyes. He reached onto you, pulling your body towards him as he panted.

“Merlin, Y/n I thought you were dead! I went back looking for you when you weren’t behind me and oh Merlin I was so worried,” he spoke, but was soon cut off by Tina alerting him, as Graves had directed yet another spell towards where you were. Newt instinctively shielded you from it while you both muttered spells to counteract with the one that Graves had shot off.

“I didn’t think you still cared,” you mumbled and you hoped he hadn’t heard, but of course to your dismay, he had. He directed his attention toward you as you both still defended yourselves, along with Tina, from the wrath of Graves.

“What are you talking about? Of course I do Y/n, you’re the most important person to me, how could I not care!?”
“Well you’ve been busy with you know, Tina and everything and,” you halted your conversation as you deflected another spell before sending one of your own, “I’m not that…Newt look out!”

You screamed as you saw a bright bolt of light spew towards Newt. There wouldn’t be enough time to say a spell to save your skins, and there wouldn’t be time for him or Tina to either. You took in the surroundings one last time before you shoved newt slightly, allowing yourself to be in front of his own body, so that you could take the hit. A searing pain sent wavelengths through your body that shook your core, and before you knew it you were on the ground.

You were so caught up by the pain in your abdomen that you hadn’t even noticed a few aurors come in for assistance, but you did notice when Newt fell to your side with tears clouding his vision.

“Y/n why would you do that!? Merlin you’re hurt. Y/n love come on stay with me! Y-you can do it, p-please Y/n stay with me, I’ll help you, and I’ll fix you!” he screamed, but it was more towards himself. He wanted to protect you, not the other way around, and now here you were, and he was kicking himself for not doing anything. It was his fault that you were like this.

Tears cascaded down your scratched cheeks as you tried to sit up but failed. Newt’s hands lowered you back down as he constantly checked back around or the chaos. He needed to be out there, but he needed you to be okay more. Graves was currently speaking to the aurors as they had their wands at the ready for any sudden movement. A whimper left your lips as you cried out in pain like an injured creature. You reached a hand down to cover your wound, only to see that blood now coated your paling skin.

Newt’s eyes widened as he tried to scan his brain for a spell that would work. You couldn’t leave, he needed you, he needed you more than he needed air. You were a part of him, and without you, surely he would fade into darkness.

Sobs now tried to take over his body as he desperately tried to save you.

“Y/n I’m going to help you. I’ll make you better, and I’ll save you love,” he raised his wand to murmur a spell, but he was silenced when you held his wrist and gently pulled his wand down.
“N-Newt, no spell can save me. I think that my time is now.” You whispered. Newt grabbed your hand while still trying to stop the blood from flowing onto the shards of pavement around you.

“Y/n d-d-don’t say that. I can fix you, and I’ll make you better I promise.”

“Newt,” you brought your hands to his face and wiped tears away from his deep ocean eyes which were now flooded with worry and sadness. He didn’t care about what was going on behind him, he only needed you, “You’re an incredible wizard, and you have so much left to do. I want, I want you to finish your book for me okay.” Tears trickled out of your eyes as you grew more and more faint.

“Y/n no I am not letting you die!” he shouted as his whole body began to shake.

“You have to let me go, besides you’ll have Tina.”

“But I need you too!”

“Newt, I want you to listen to me,” you paused as he stayed silent besides a few small whimpers escaping from his mouth, “I-I love you, and I w-would never have told you this, but seeing as I won’t be here anymore, I needed to tell you. I love you, Newt Scamander. I love you, much more than as a friend. You’re an incredible man, and I’m sure you’ll be happy without me. Now you can be with Tina, you can be happy.”

His face was ghost white, as even more tears flooded like a storm down his face. His cries became more audible, further displaying how much pain he was enduring. His heart was breaking and bursting into unfixable pieces. It was not Tina he loved, he thought she was kind and wonderful, but it was you his heart wanted.

“Don’t you understand, I don’t want Tina, I want you!” he pulled you into his arms and cradled your body now, “I-I have loved you since that d-ay, that day in c-charms class. The day where you performed what the professor said was the most difficult t-to master, but you did it because you’re incredible and talented. I wanted to tell you how I felt all these years but I didn’t think you would want me because, because…”

“Newt, I love you.”

You then slipped into a darkness as the pain continued to sear through you, and your mind faded against the sound of Newt’s sobbing and panicking as he held your body closer to his heart, a heart that could have loved you if he hadn’t harbored his feelings.

Your head swirled around like a murky puddle as you awoke inside of a room you shared with Newt at the Goldstein residence. Slowly, you sat up, only to be reacquainted with a stabbing pain in your torso. With a slight hiss, you looked down to see a bandage where blood had once poured out. The last thing you remembered was becoming familiar with the feeling of an eternal sleep and confessing to Newt.

Speaking of Newt, you turned slightly to avoid damaging your injuries further and saw that he was stiffly sat in a chair near the end of your bed. His hair was all over the place, as if Frank had ruffled it again, and his face rested in his hands. His coat was shed to reveal his wrinkled shirt and waistcoat with a few of the buttons sloppily undone.

“N-Newt,” you called barely above a whisper, yet the wizard still perked up at the sound.

When you saw his face, streaks of tears lined his face and his complexion was far more red and worried than usual. He stared back at you with wide eyes and disbelief, as if you were a phantom come back to the earth.

“Y-Y/n!” he said as he scuffled to his feet to be closer to where you were. His voice sounded as if he were sick, but it was from his constant hours of heartbroken crying that followed the events that had previously occurred. He enveloped your hand in his tightly in fear of losing you to death’s own grip once more.

“I’m so sorry that this happened love. How are you feeling? Are you still in pain? What-,”

“Newt, shh, you’re becoming overwhelmed again, and yes I’m okay, you tried to calm him down as his mind raced at a million miles an hour. He broke into a fit of tears once more as he collapsed to his knees and buried his face into your blanket covered chest.

He sniffled between his words, “I, Merlin, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you. It’s all my fault love. I should have protected you, you shouldn’t have had to take the blame,” you wove your fingers throughout his curls as he continued, “I-I need you Y/n, I tried to fix you up as best as I could inside the case, and you matter so much to me. I am so, so sorry that I ignored you, and I swear on my life that I had no intention to. I l-love you Y/n and I should have treated you better. I’m so sorry that you’re hurt and it’s a-all my f-fault.”

You sighed and tried to comfort the broken man, “Newt, it’s okay. I didn’t think I was going to make it but you saved me.”

He looked up at you with eyes that spilled over with pain as he pulled the blanket closer to you so that you could stay warm.

You spoke once more, but softer this time, “And I love you Newt, I just thought that you would only see me as a friend.”

“Y/n, I’d rather lose my life than live one without you in it. You are by far the most amazing person in my life, and I love you. M-May I…” he trailed off. You knew what he was asking for, you didn’t need him to finish his sentence.

You leaned in with a slight nod as you pressed your lips against his. He tenderly kissed your swollen lips as his own rough ones moved with yours. He pulled you closer with his firm hands, but was gentle not to hurt where your injury laid. Years of forbidden passion erupted between the two of you, as both of you had locked away your feelings for far too long. You entangled your hands within his locks once more as he deepened the kiss. He tasted sweet like honey yet was still crisp like an apple, and he smelled like the earthy soil and fallen leaves. A small moan came from his throat as you brushed your hand against the stubble of his cheeks. His warmth radiated off of him as yours did, creating a bubble of protectiveness and security around you two. When he finally broke the kiss so that you could each catch your breath, he stared at you with absolute admiration. You shifted over carefully in the bed and placed your hand next to you, inviting him to come in and cuddle you. He didn’t hesitate, and he snuggled next to you with his arms firmly around your body. He placed a protective kiss to the top your head.

“I love you Y/n, and I’ll never let you go, never again.”



AU where Jane is immortal and her true love has been reincarnated throughout her lifetime - it’s a big reason why she travels and adventures so much. 

One day Jane is looking at photos, reminiscing about past lives and loves when Nani walks in - Jane decides to take the plunge and tell her girlfriend about their history. It’s never easy to take the plunge, Nani could always reject Jane, leaving her alone to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. It had happened before, it could just as easily happen again.  As she slowly puts in each slide, she tells small anecdotes about each one.

The first time Kida had taken her to the see the kings of the past, beaming with pride at her heritage. They were glorious, full of majesty and beauty and the rich history filled Jane with such a sense of joy that she burst into tears after the picture was taken. 

The dark forest, birds singing around her as Pocahontas took her into her arms, the summer air hot and heavy, the world falling away until it was just the two of them. Time seemed to stop in that moment and Jane finally understood what it meant to have a soulmate. 

Chel always surprised her, more often than not bringing her gifts that then had to be returned to their rightful owner - Jane was not getting kicked out before she was truly able to explore the hidden Mayan civilization. For all it’s gold, the people of El Dorado didn’t seem very rich and so, Jane blushed very deeply when Chel brought her an old tome - a tome, she had been assured, was attained quite legally. 

Voice trailing off, Jane sighed away the ghosts clinging to her skin and brought her focus to her abnormally silent girlfriend. At first, the immortal was concerned that she had pushed too hard, it had been too much too soon. But there were tears in Nani’s eyes and an amazing amount of trust and belief for one as wary as the young Hawaiian and Jane knew that she’d found her love once again. 

Unbearable Distance [Prince Sidon/Reader]

Title: Unbearable Distance 
Pairing: Prince Sidon x Reader (you)
Summary: Prince Sidon has always been overprotective of you and anxious over your depatures, whereas you’re just trying to keep yourself from being a blubbering mess.

A/N: Yo! First Sidon fanfic out of the many I plan to do. If you have a request, feel free to ask! Also. Unless specified, the reader character is gender neutral. So, my hope is that anyone who reads it will find enjoyment in it!

Lemme know your thoughts!

“Are you certain you wouldn’t just prefer for me to take you there myself?”

“No. Horseback will be more comfortable and more… dry…”

“Ah, yes. Point taken. However, I do think that if your village is so near to Lake Hylia, it would be most beneficial for me to–”

“There are merchants I need to meet along the way. Don’t worry about it.”

“My love, must you take the road less traveled? The descent through the hills, the woodlands, the pastures–they’re brimming with beasts!”

“It’s okay, seriously. Stop worrying so much.”

“Darling, please allow me–”

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Request: I was wondering if you requests are open? It’s my birthday tomorrow and I was wondering if I could get dad! Ubbe fic? Like really fluffy ? Pls?

Happy belated birthday, nony! 

Note: I’m not sure if this one is any good. It was kind of hard to write because I was struggling with a bad writers block. Plus, for some reason it was really hard for me to include Ivar in an imagine in which the reader is with Ubbe. I know, I’m a weirdo. 


You were standing at the dock, watching the ships grow bigger and bigger as they travelled down the fjord towards the town. Your feelings were torn between happiness and anxiety. It had been month since that army had left, and with them your husband. You were more than happy to see them come back home but you also knew that not all of them would be returning. Although you knew Ubbe was a skilled warrior and surely could take care of himself you couldn’t help but worry, especially when he was gone for so long. You had prayed to Odin and Tyr for his save return and hoped that they had heard you. The dock was crowded with people, all of them hoping for their loved ones to return to them but you knew that some of them would be disappointed today.

You felt a light tug on your dress and looked down with a warm smile.

“Is father on one of these ships?”

“I’m sure he is, love.” You said and ruffled your daughter’s hair. “It’s time for him to come home and meet your brother.” You added, more speaking to yourself than to the three years old.

You carefully brought the little bundle in your arms closer to your chest as you watched the first boats arrive at the docks. The men didn’t waist much time and jumped to the dock, immediately being surrounded by their lovers or families. You held your breath and watched, your eyes searching every landing boat for a glimpse at your husband. Your heart skipped a beat and you let out a relieved sigh when you finally saw him. Ubbe was standing at the front of one of the approaching boats, looking totally majestic with a white fur around his shoulders and his cloak floating in the breeze. You felt a huge smile grow on your face. Now it wouldn’t be long until you could finally wrap him in your arms again. A few minutes later the boat had landed and Ubbe stepped onto the dock.

You leaned down to your daughter. “Do you see who is here?”

You didn’t even get to end that sentence before she took off running.

“Father!” The little girl shrieked and Ubbe knelt down and opened his arms for her.

A genuine feeling of happiness spread though you as you watched him pick up his daughter and spin her around.

“Where’s your mother? Have you not brought her with you?”

The little girl giggled and pointed in your direction and Ubbe’s eyes met yours. He smiled at you and a tingly warmth spread through your body. He hurried over to you with long steps and wrapped one arm around you, pulling you to his chest.

“I have missed you so much.” He whispered.

You looked up to meet his eyes again. “You’ve been gone for much too long.”

“I know.” He said, setting your daughter down so he could wrap both his arms around you.

When he pulled you closer to him you put a hand to his chest, keeping him at distance. He gave you a confused look and you smiled at him, revealing the little bundle you had hidden under your cloak. His eyes grew wide.

“I think you should meet your son.” You announced with a grin.

“I… I didn’t know…” He stuttered. “Oh Y/N, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.”

“Well, I didn’t know I was with child when you left, so how could you?” You gave him a wink. “I told you that you‘ve been gone for too long.”

“This is… I can’t… a son?” He still wasn’t able to form a complete sentence.

You nodded.

He looked at you for a long moment with glassy eyes before he pulled you into a tender kiss. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on yours, which you had missed for such a long time. When you broke the kiss, Ubbe’s hands travelled from your face down your sides and around your waist, he pulled you to him again, careful this time to leave enough room for your son. You rested your head against his shoulder and breathed in his scent, feeling more happy than you had in a long long time.

“Let’s go home.” You said after a while. “You must be tired. And I want to hear all about the raid.”

He smirked at you. “It was quite boring without you.”

Then he picked up your daughter and wrapped one arm around your shoulders as you walked towards your house.

Back home you made yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace. You handed your babyboy over to Ubbe and watched his eyes glow with pride as he held his son for the first time.

“Have you already given him a name?” He asked.

“His name is Sigurd.”

He looked at you, surprised at first, but then he nodded approvingly. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“Father, can you tell us a story about your journey?” Your daughter pleaded, looking up to her father with her big shining eyes, you knew he could never resist.

You were almost as eager to hear about what had happened during the raid as the little girl and leaned your head against Ubbe’s shoulder as he started to speak. But you weren’t granted much time alone with your little family. Not long after Ubbe had started to tell about his adventures the door flew open and Hvitserk stepped in, followed by Ivar.

“Here you are. We’ve been looking for you. We heard you have a son?” You could hear the excitement in Hvitserk’s voice.

Ubbe turned in his seat so that his brothers could see the baby sleeping in his arms. Hvitserk rushed to his brother’s side to get a better view on the newborn. So you went to greet Ivar first. As you bend down to him he embraced you in a strong hug.

“Always good to see you, Y/N.” He said. “I see you keep making gifts to my brother he doesn’t deserve.”

You just laughed. “It’s good to see you, too.”

“Can I hold him?” You heard Hvitserk ask behind you.

Ubbe turned to look at you and as you gave him a small nod, he handed his son over to his brother. You went to get some chairs for Hvitserk and Ivar and as you came back and placed them around the fireplace, Hvitserk looked at you with big eyes, as if he had just noticed you.

“Oh Y/N, sorry.” He said, hugging you with one arm.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. When it comes to attention, babies always win.”

You poured everyone a horn of mead and while the others were already settled around the fireplace.

“He has your eyes, brother.” Hvitserk announced, holding out his finger for the baby to wrap his tiny hand around.

“And I was hoping for his sake that he would turn out more like his mother.” Ivar teased and Ubbe grabbed a wooden spoon from the table behind him and threw it at his brother.

Ivar ducked under the spoon. “Hvitserk, you’ve had him long enough.” He decided. “Now give him to me.”

For a moment Hvitserk looked as if he wanted to argue but then he handed the baby over to Ivar. You would have sworn to see some concern flash through your husbands face but it was gone as fast as it had appeared. Ivar eyed your son curiously and then looked up at you.

“What is his name?”

Your blood froze in your veins. You hadn’t thought about that. How could you have been so stupid? You had meant it well, choosing the name of your husband’s dead brother, but you hadn’t thought about the trouble it might cause.

“His name is Sigurd.” Ubbe said in your place, sounding completely calm while looking his younger brother in the eyes.

Ivar stared back at him and you could see his jaw clench. You knew Ivar’s anger could release a thunderstorm and you were ready to jump up and fetch your son from his arms at any second. Hvitserk looked completely frozen as if by not moving at all he could somehow vanish. You felt like the temperature in the room had just dropped several degrees and couldn’t suppress a shiver. That moment little Sigurd started to wriggle in Ivar’s arms, drawing his attention to him. You were surprised to see Ivar’s tense features relaxe entirely as he tried to soothe his nephew and even more when he succeeded and the baby peacefully drifted back to sleep.

“I think it’s better if you take him back now.” Ivar said to you, seeming completely calm now.

The tension that had been building in the room just moments ago had vanished faster than you could have ever imagined and you could see Ubbe let out a relieved breath he seemingly had been holding the entire time.

After that the conversation got more pleasant, as the brothers started to tell you about the raid and about the treasures they had brought home. Your daughter had fallen asleep in Ubbe’s lap and he himself looked pretty tired as well. As Ivar and Hvitserk left a couple of hours later, all you wanted to do was curl up in bed with your husband and enjoy his warmth.


So many requests for fluffy family imagines! The next thing I’ll write will have to be bloody and violent, just for me to keep the balance.

Top 9 Animated Series of 2017


Here we are again.  Like the Doctor, the year has regenerated.  A new day and a new start.  I can honestly say that 2017 did not suck as much as 2016 did…but not because of a lack of trying.  Mostly because I was braced for it this time.  2016 was a surprise slap in the face, 2017 was an expected slap in the face.  As we in the Culinary world say, Prep is everything.

SOOOOO…Now your Disney Wizard gets to name his top 9 favorite shows from 2017 and…This was HARD.  2017 turned out to be a VERY good year for Animated Television, and I had a hard time narrowing down my picks.  If your favorite show didn’t make it on this list…It’s probably because I ran out of room, the categories were THAT narrow.  

Before I kick off…Let’s give my two honorable mentions: 

Didn’t make the list because I try very hard to keep it all-ages appropriate, and Samurai Jack just wasn’t.  It was still VERY good though.  

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir has had some freaking AMAZING episodes this year, and very likely would have been my number two choice for the 2017 favorite Animated Series…If even one episode had aired in a legal format in the US.  WHAT THE HECK NETFLIX?!?!  YOU PROMISED US NEW EPISODES?!?!  So yes, some UH-MAZING episodes of this show have aired…Overseas.  Not one is available for legal viewing in the U.S.  So…I could not in good conscience give it a spot on this list, because I DON’T ENCOURAGE PIRACY.  Watch it when it bothers to actually show up on Netflix. Aslan willing it will be on my 2018 list.

And now, the ACTUAL list: 

9) Steven Universe

Steven Universe fell into a weird place this year.  While the episodes were just as amazing as they always are (seriously, this show is so good, but it starts out so slowly) there were so FEW episodes that aired in 2017 and that knocked it down a few pegs on the list.  Said episodes were of EXTREMELY high quality, and I heartily recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it, but the low number of new episodes is the reason for its low placement on the list.  

Available On: Cartoon Network App, Hulu (Not current, older episodes only)

8) Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

Here’s a surprising little gem I was not expecting.  Very much a spiritual successor to The Spectacular Spider-man (No surprise, considering one of the showrunners is Vic Cook, one of the showrunners on SpecSpidey) this show is an absolute delight.  The first few episodes feel almost clichéd but as the story unfolds, you begin to realize that the show is actually Zagging when you think it’s Zigging.  Throw in some amazing voice work from the Incomparable Keith David, Wil Wheaton, Kate Mulgrew, and the last role of the Late Miguel Ferrer and you have a recipe for an EXCELLENT show.  

Available On: Netflix Original

7) Voltron: Legendary Defender


That’s a Trope.  Thankfully not a trope on this show, but it IS a trope.  Voltron is such a good show, and each season definitely furthers the narrative.  If I had a complaint, it’s that the seasons are often too darn short.  (One is like, six episodes, seriously) but they do churn them out fairly quickly.  I think we get a new season every three months or so.  Check it out, it’s fun. 

Available On: Netflix Original

6) Milo Murphy’s Law

Words do not begin to describe this show.  THIS show is a show that is SO ridiculous, and KNOWS how ridiculous it is, and it just RUNS WITH IT!  Time Traveling Pistachio Vendors from the future?  Yep.  A giant dinosaur made of ham? Yes.  Pistachio Trees that try to take over the world using an Expy of Doctor Who (the show, not the character) YES.  A peach that exists in its own time loop?  WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!  If you want a show that is just BALLS TO THE WALL INSANE, THIS IS YOUR SHOW!  

5) Star Wars: Rebels

This is the final season of Star Wars: Rebels, and Darker and Edgier doesn’t begin to describe it.  I’m on the edge of my seat awaiting the conclusion of the season, and all bets are off, because (SPOILERS) the only guaranteed survivors are Chopper and Hera.  They’re the only characters whom we’ve seen existing post-Return of the Jedi.  So place your bets now…

Available On: Disney XD, Disney XD App

4) Nico and the Sword of Light

This little gem of a show caught me completely off guard.  A test pilot version of the show was made available a few years back on Amazon, and you could vote to see if you wanted more.  I voted, but didn’t expect anything, and for at least 4 years I got nothing.  Then, out of the blue, this show in its entirety arrived on Amazon.  With a new, reworked pilot, and a hopeful, pervasive storyline, this show arrived just in time to cure a bout of depression that I wrestled with during the summer.  The plot is something between Avatar The Last Airbender and Lord of the Rings.  Jim Cummings narrates and plays a few bit characters, and the incomparable Steve Blum is the villain.  The story is completely original, which is rare these days, and follows the last champion of humanity, and the only one who can save humans from dying out entirely.  I’m a sucker for Hope plots, and this story is about as full of Hope as one can get.  

Available On: Amazon Original

3) The Deep

The Further Adventures of the Nekton family, this is absolutely one of my favorite shows because the premise alone is AMAZING.  An Australian-Canadian Co-Production the show follows the Nektons, a family of deep sea explorers searching for Lost Lemuria.  Along the way they encounter the mysterious creatures, myths, and legends of the Deepest parts of the Ocean.  The Second Season even had episode premises suggested by the fans.  Of which there are MANY as this is THE MOST POPULAR ANIMATED SERIES IN AUSTRALIA AND EUROPE.  It also comes highly recommended by one Disney Wizard (This Guy)  

Available On: Netflix in the U.S.

2) Ducktales (2017)

You had to see this coming.  I’m ‘The Disney Wizard’ for Pete’s sake.  My love of the Disney Afternoon is WELL documented.  It’s what attracted me to Disney in the first place, and this show…Well…It’s flat out how you do an update.  THIS IS HOW YOU REBOOT A SHOW.  All other folks planning reboots should take notes.  I ADORE the OG 1987 Ducktales.  And I love THIS version of the show more.  SERIOUSLY.  Check it out, you will not be disappointed. 

Available On: Disney XD, Disney XD App

And the #1 Disney Wizard Top show of 2017 is…

1) Trollhunters

No one who knows me should be surprised by this one.  I’ve made no secret that this is not just my favorite show of the year, but also my second favorite show of ALL TIME (#1 being Disney’s Gargoyles if you were curious.) This show is INCREDIBLE.  It’s everything that I look for in a show.  It’s got GORGEOUS animation, incredible voice work, excellent storytelling.  Guierrmo Del Toro is the mastermind behind this show, and it SHOWS.  It’s an incredible action-adventure series that is only about to expand into an entire Animated Universe (Called the Tales of Arcadia) in 2018 with another season of Trollhunters proper, and a new show called 3-Below, about an alien princess in exile.  Fantasy Kitchen Sink, eat your heart out, Trollhunters is quite simply, a masterpiece.  

Available On: Netflix Original

And there you go.  I hope you guys enjoy this list!  I’m looking forward to another year of GREAT animation.  PEACE!  

godtier taz ending: after the bob is disbanded, the boys have more money than they know what to do with. For just a short time, the boys decide to disband and get their affairs in order; merle goes to visit his kids, magnus probably helps his bob friends settle down (angus likely goes with him), and taako goes to Refuge

He heads right to Ren’s bar, where shes working with her daughter employee June. She’s ecstatic to see Taako again, and they catch up for a bit. Then, when she least expects it, Taako drops the ball: he tells Ren that he’s basically a billionare, and he was thinking of opening a restaurant in some big city (like Neverwinter of Goldcliffe) but he knows he just can’t do it alone. And when Ren picks up what hes putting down, she nearly drops a stack of glasses out of pure shock

Just… Taako and Ren running a restaurant together, employees including June (and maybe Kravitz, I think this sweet boy would make a dramatic yet effective waiter). Merle runs a garden nearby for their fresh ingredients. The kitchen is essentially a stage so the cooks show off their ability; Taako is a little :// about it at first but he makes sure that Ren watches his every action, and she’s never let him down. Magnus would take up traveling I think, never quite letting go of adventuring and probably trying to right the wrongs of what the relics did. On the less dangerous adventures, Angus goes with him; on the more dangerous ones, Angus stays with Taako and helps out around the restaurant

idk. im tired and sick and emotional and i hope they all get a happy ending

Spoilers for season 3 episode 7 (Tales from the Citadel)

So, I do believe my Morties Feeling Worthless is Dangerous theory was correct. 

What the hell happened in this episode? We learned life on the Citadel, we learned why our Rick hates it. 

We also learn we are actually following our Rick! I was for sure the twist of this season was this was a completely different Rick, being a punch in the balls for the viewer. I guess the creators just aren’t as cruel as me?

Originally posted by sviire

We learned Rick’s society… Is society. They are rebuilding what they have lost and we watch the effects of our Rick’s actions, while just the same knowledge and possible education status (probably? Infinite realities, one of them went to Brown) there was still a social latter. 

That surprised me, because before I thought the Citadel was honestly like a mall, hotel, tour area where Ricks and Morties came for supplies, and why our Rick was always in trouble for getting things for his things, but not other Ricks it seems?

It might have been that, before the attack. We see Ricks with injuries, Morties without Rick, and a huge crime problem and I think a Morty strip club? Uh, I never read it, but it sure sounds like Citadel of Lost Children

Originally posted by c-132caps

We learned how much Morty are taken for granted, they are given zero education in a school, lawyer Morty was seen as a thing to be fun, and when the Morty from the diner tried to get a taxi, they skipped him, going to another Rick. 

If we look back to the first episode showing the Citadel we see a sea of Ricks and Morties, happy.

 We see Morties dumb and happy. However, let’s look at the new Citadel. We see unhappy Ricks, we see dangerous Morties. What else do I see? Morty’s never went back to their universe. Rickless Morties are still forced there to be there. They’re forced to be alone from their families and their entire life has truly stopped. I believe the old citadel was better, despite it all, Morties were treated better, Ricks and Morty were free and they actually had leaders. 

Originally posted by ohshititsrick

A law, from the last scene shows, it was against the law to kill a Morty. So while being pieces of shits, the Rick council had enough morals to not allow their other grandsons to be abused as badly as usual. Another thing I caught onto was no Rick went home? It looked to be they lived there and did daily jobs. Does this mean these Ricks never left there? Is that why we never see another pair of our main characters during adventures? This was probably spoon fed to us but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the old plot heavy episodes. 


Originally posted by bonsuprorok

We got the return of Eye Patch Morty, who ran for president and seemed to treat Morties better this time around? He’s not torturing them yet, he was quick to fire that one Morty. There is no more council, it’s one person. I know it isn’t a monarch but think about it. He already had killed and disposed of those on the table who had opposed him. He completely avoided the question when asked about his original Rick, using the excuse of being a Morty with an “Aw Geez! We traveled around so much!” He’s already got a Morty killed during his presidency, and he’s shown his violent behavior early on. 

I will forever miss Campaign Manager Morty, he did his best and got shit on for doing the right thing. It’s sad, honestly, this was one of the parts that made me ball my eyes out. I have never cried over this goddamn cartoon before. Why did he have to die? I love him!

Speaking of this scene, look at all those corpses. It’s barely been any time at all and without the Council of Ricks, they have already spilled so much blood. They’re like children who are finally free. They are destroying what made their home, their home. It’s not just Ricks out there either guys, they had no problem killing a Morty. Which, was illegal in the times before. 

Morties could be abused, but now they are truly isolated, dying and having real racism being brought their way. Any Morty in this place is unsafe, any Ricks are unsafe- everyone is unsafe.

(End of major spoiler) 

(Semi spoilers) 


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I love Dumb Ri- Long Morty. But he shows us that they have to put each person in a category so bad that people like Doofus Rick or Long Morty they have to make a lower citizen.

Morties are committing crimes, becoming dangerous and now a lot are using some Rick’s love to manipulate them. They feel worthless, Morty Cop said utterly Mortist comments and shown the lack of respect he had for himself and his kind. He killed them, said they didn’t matter and it was found out he was just as bad, if not worse, than the other Morties. The Rick cop was the most human of the team and the town. 

Morties acting like children hits home with Ricks, I do believe Ricks miss Beth, their family, wives and the normal relationship they could have with Morty. I think those cookies taste good not only because Rick feels successful, but the fatherly love he possesses for his daughter. It seems he had to leave her too, or a freak accident happened. 

Maybe they formed together to protect their loved ones because the government targeting them. No matter what, Ricks are dangerous.

Also, I know this got to be some goddamn foreshadowing. Showing us how cold blooded Morties can be- Rick is in their blood. Yet, Rick is human, he’s not a complete monster.

There is a strip club of minors- Morties, creators calm yourself! 

I’m slightly salty 90% of the Morties shown were just normal Morties with some minor difference. When I saw what this episode was actually about, I was so excited! I wanted Pocket Morties, I wanted Rabbit, Miami, Ghost and more Morties! Not just Glasses, Left, or Slick Morty, thought Liztard Morty was awesome- he was just a DNA test gone wrong. I still love him though

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The cop Rick shows us a new type of Rick, our Rick shows a compassionate Rick who tries to keep his love under-wraps.

Doofus Rick shows us a kind, simpler Rick who is open, and quite wise on certain topics. He made oven less brownies and made Jerry feel better about his collection, he’s awesome!

Long Morty (Dumb Rick) shows us how Ricks are so determined to make little sections of each person that they put their own in the same mistreatment and abusive place as their Morties, he was just a Morty to them. They even are killing him in those tight clothes!

Cop Rick shows a new Rick, fresh from training and wanting to help people, Ricks and Morties alike. He shows us that Ricks can be open with their emotions and have moral high grounds. He better not be a one off character. He wants to help people, but this might have jaded him. I don’t think he has a Morty, but gosh he’s so sweet to the ones he talks to

The cop side story was disheartening, we saw an even darker side of Morty in this episode. They’re all just teenagers, without parents or true lives to go back to. They are forced into a ghetto like town with other teenage themselves.

Expecting to, like adults, to be functional and not depend on a Rick, even though that’s all they’ve done in that crazy, dynamic world. 

The Morty School was just as I expected, a fun adventure before Slick Morty (SPOILER) threw himself in hoping to make a good life for every Morty. I honestly hope he is okay and alive… In the garbage. 

It also shows us Morties are simplified by their Ricks, “Fat Morty, Liztard Morty.”

When the Glasses Morty told Slick Morty he also rolls his sleeves up, I realized something. they’re truly only judged by their appearance, and sometimes a certain character trait. They’re not people in this society. They truly are a shield, sidekick, a joke- nothing unique. So common they are passed around like pets.

in all, a great episode, you should get caught up and check it out.

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another snuggie here~~ my big exam is starting tomorrow on monday and my stress levels are off the scale ㅠㅠ is it alright if i could request a small fantasy!au hyuk? if not, that's alright! your blog gets me through anyway ♡ cant wait for the highschool!haechan au either~ >u<

ahh good luck on your exam!!!
here’s a cute dragon!hyuk au that came to mind hehe,,,,

  • you don’t know if it’s true, but ever since you were little the older kids in town would tell you and others the story of “the cursed prince”
  • the one that was banished to live in the abandoned, rotting castle over the hills that stood daunting and untouched for centuries
  • that this boy, who had been cursed by a witch into an ugly, fire-breathing dragon, was once the bright and handsome son of king. not the king who ruled over your country, but a foreign king who had been traveling through and cruelly left his son to fend for himself alone
  • parents had hushed the older children, pulled them away from you and told you not to believe a word
  • but neither of your parents would allow you to set foot near the hell of the abandoned castle - let alone climb up to to peek inside the place
  • but,,,,,when you were old enough,,,,,,and you were tired of the same “cursed prince” story circulating through the mouths of everyone in town, you decided you would be the one to prove them wrong
  • maybe it was your own itching curiosity, or maybe it was just you being young and hyped for an adventure 
  • but one day, with a little white lie, you managed to pack a simple lunch and a tiny dagger you’d smuggled from the kitchen and set out on a mission to see this cursed prince
  • the castle was quite a hike, you arrived sweating but even your tiredness went away when you gazed on the magnificently large, rusting grey gates
  • the yard was covered in twisted tree roots, dead leaves, and patches of unkempt weeds
  • the door was heavy, but opened with a nudge - the lock was broken and hung pathetically off the door. inside, you could see the crumbling wallpaper and torn up portraits 
  • something had definitely gotten angry in here - everything was broken
  • and that’s when you heard it, the snarling - the tapping of talons on the old floor
  • and then,,,,,,,nothing
  • but you were frozen. you hadn’t expected there to actually be a dragon. or whatever creature you had just heard.
  • without a second thought, you turned and raced for the door, only to hear the flapping of large wings and a large body slam against the door before you could escape
  • in amazement and total fear, you looked at the animal - with brownish-red, almost burnt looking scales. a long tail and wings, much more vibrant and frightening up close.
  • the face, it was a dragon, but the eyes weren’t malicious and mean. they looked,,,,,,,,,,,,like a soft brown,,,,,,,only riddled with a human like sadness 
  • “please,,,,,d-don’t,,,,,,,,,” you began but the dragon huffed and you felt your voice die in your throat
  • “don’t kill you? i won’t.”
  • it spoke,,,,,with a voice so unlike what you’d imagine. not deep, not even crude. boyish, almost,,,,,,,charming
  • “why are you here?”
  • “a-are you the cursed prince,,,,,,,,,?”
  • the dragon’s head dropped, his eyes leaving yours
  • “why are you here?”
  • he repeated and you swallowed
  • “i didn’t think you were real,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • “well you’ve seen me. am i real now?”
  • you shifted finally, could you ,,,,, could you hear a hint of jest in his phrase
  • “i,,,,,,,yes,,,,,,”
  • it was silent and the dragon turned back to face you
  • “i am the most handsome dragon you’ve ever seen, right?”
  • this time you were sure it was jest - this dragon,,,,,,,,,,,,was he playing around???
  • the dragon laughed, or gave some kind of similar motion of it with his head and used his tail to open the door
  • “you look like you might faint right now, and i don’t need that. feel free to go.”
  • you thought the offer sounded good, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move
  • the dragon stared back
  • “well?”
  • “are all dragons this funny?”
  • a look of shock overcame him
  • “you know other dragons?”
  • “no, im asking for future reference.”
  • “ah, you like banter. i can appreciate that in a human. but no, im the only funny one. cursed prince or not - i gotta be funny because right now my looks aren’t going for me.”
  • you furrowed your eyebrows
  • “so you are the prince?”
  • “i was, now im just hyuk the dragon.”
  • you repeated his name and the dragon moved a bit across the room - it’s large body managing to look terrifying and graceful at the same time
  • “how does your curse get broken?”
  • the dragon stopped
  • “people don’t stay long enough to ask that question.”
  • “well im asking it.”
  • somehow you weren’t keen on the idea that being snappy with an actual dragon would work to your benefit, but this was a person - well a person trapped
  • “i need to be kissed. the wizard went full on fairytail with me. too bad, no one wants to kiss a dragon in real life.”
  • you thought about it for a moment, but took a step toward him before you realized you’d made up your mind
  • you were gonna kiss this freaking dragon
  • well like give it a kiss on its nose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and hyuk was shocked at your apparent human bravery, you walked up to him like he wasn’t capable of destroying you in one stomp
  • and leaned in and kissed the scales above his nose 
  • for a second nothing happened and he opened his mouth to be like “well at least you can say you tried”
  • when there was suddenly smoke, so much that it filled the entire castle’s ballroom, wafted out the windows and made you almost pass out
  • and, after 5 minutes of it dwindling down to nothing but the burnt smell, hyuk peered down at his hands
  • his,,,,,,,,,,,,normal human hands
  • the index finger of his right still had the ring his father had given him, the ring that held the key to his country
  • you were coughing, but managed to see hyuk too - prince hyuk
  • standing tall, with broad shoulders, and perfectly sculpted features. for a second you thought you were looking at a statue 
  • “holy hell it worked.”
  • he spoke first, the same charming boyish voice as the dragon
  • you were speechless, but managed to give him a “guess we did it” shrug
  • to be honest you couldn’t say anything because no one mentioned that the cursed prince, as a human, was hot - like handsome sure, but also??????? hot
  • putting his hand out, hyuk urged you to take it
  • and carefully you did, feeling his warm skin and not the scaly - wetness of the dragon he was before
  • “so,,,,,i guess i have to go back and rule my country now and be a prince and stuff.”
  • you looked down at your hand in his and back at him,,,what was he getting at?
  • using his other hand to scratch the back of his neck, hyuk shrugged and added
  • “as a thanks for making me a prince again and stuff, wanna come and rule it with me?”
A New Beginning Part 2

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 2492

Warnings: Fluffy like so much fluffy. And Steve with a beard because that should be a warning.

Thanks to @widowsfics for being my beta

Credits to the gifs owners


For the rest of week you saw Steve every morning, he was always waiting for you on the same bench with a cup of coffee and some pastry. You always loved your mornings, you loved the cold weather and how you could just be yourself without having any social interactions.

But since you started to spend your mornings with Steve, you found out that you liked to have someone wishing you good morning every day and caring for if you were going to have a good day,

Steve was still a mystery for you, he flirted and smiled but at the same time he was shy and blushed a lot. You talk too much around him and not because you are nervous but because the way he directs the conversation towards you like he always wants to know more about you.

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Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 29,223

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Note: Inspired by 5 Centimeters Per Second. Please keep in mind that the majority of this takes place in the 90s and will be following the Korean school year schedule.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

You’re never the type to try and figure out the answers to those unanswerable questions, but ever since you were little, you always held an utter fascination with how everything worked, both in unison and in discord. You believe that the world is like an unending stream, one that everyone one is thrown into at birth with no other instruction other than to stay afloat. From there, the best thing to do, the only thing you can do, is to let the current carry you through the long and twisting river until you reach the inevitable edge of the waterfall.

This mindset most likely spawns from your mother, much like yourself. She often articulated charming stories and intriguing facts to you throughout your childhood, teaching you all that she knew in order to make sure that you were growing up with as much ease as you could, especially since she was raising you alone. With your mother being the only guardian in your life even to this day, you undeniably find yourself adopting her way of thinking more often than not.

The greatest lesson you learned is that the stream knows where to take you, and the world knows how to continue spinning—all you can do is go with the ebb and flow and hope for the best.

What you didn’t know was that the world would give you the best at such a young age.

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fic recs june 2015 - january 2016

* = favorites

** = absolute favorites


You’re An Asshole (But I Love You)  85k **  Louis is a frat boy with a drinking problem who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, and Harry is a psychology student who always takes care of him and might just be exactly what Louis doesn’t want, but really needs.

Let’s Fall in Love In a Place You Want to Stay 134k *  A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

Wild And Unruly  123k **  Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land.

Work Me Over  51k   The only luck Louis has ever believed in is the luck that comes from working. He’s never really believed in love, either. In this world, if something is too good to be true, it’s because it’s a con.

don’t tell the gods (we left a mess)  71k **  After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

bring out feelings in me i never show   24k   Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving. Or, the fake boyfriends au no one asked for

Escapade  146k ****  In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

Uncharted Shores  111k **  he plane taking the boys to LA crashes and the boys are left alone and alive on a deserted island. They’re the only five survivors on the plane. As time passes, they find that they will most likely never be rescued and go about settling down. (OT5)

Two Steps Behind 38k *  Louis is two years younger than his neighbors, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, and he grows up bending over backwards to get their attention and acceptance. Especially Harry’s.

one shots:

wish i knew how to break this spell  6k * Maybe it should be more of a surprise to open the door and find Harry wrapped up in about a dozen blankets, face pink from the cold and soft from sleep. It isn’t.
Harry, Louis, and a cabin. It’s cold outside.

Orange Canvas  25k *  A spring break (kind of) fake relationship AU

I Think I’m Addicted To Your Light  9k  Louis is just zipping back up when the door swings open with a swell of noise and someone shuffles up next to him, shoes tapping loudly against the tile floor. Louis turns to see who’s walked in and just violated the code of the men’s toilet by taking the urinal next to him and is met with wide, green eyes and red lips stretched into a brilliant smile.“Happy new year,” the guy grins, shaking long, curly hair away from his face. “You look sharp. Sorry, do you mind holding this for a minute? I don’t really have any place to keep it and it’s kind of a hassle, getting out of these things. Don’t want it to fall in.”He indicates his legs with the hand clutching a pale pink phone, and Louis’ gaze drops. Speechless, Louis takes the phone, eyes locked on the guy’s legs. His gorgeous legs, clad only in a pair of black thigh-highs held up by a silky black garter belt.

of faith and trust and pixie dust  4k  “So, you and Nick, you fuck, right?” (STYLINSHAW) 

Won’t See It Coming Till It’s Already Gone  12k “Tell me that this is a fake,” Peter says, slapping a handful of papers against Louis’ chest. He says something else, something loud and demanding, barely even pausing for a breath, but Louis doesn’t hear it. All he hears is the sound of his own breathing, the sound of his own heartbeat.Because this - this looks like a marriage certificate.For a minute, everything stills, quiets. Louis drags his eyes up, meets Harry’s gaze, fixed on him.Then the noise is back, shouting voices clamoring to be heard over each other, and Harry is still staring at him.The ring that Louis hadn’t been able to stop noticing in the loo weighs heavily on his hand. His left hand.

Ocean and waves and wires between us  8k   Niall wants to meet his online girlfriend, Veronica, and enlists the help of MTV’s Catfish to do it. He doesn’t get quite what he bargained for, but it works out alright, really.  (ZIALL)

fire and rain  4k   Harry and Louis have been known for hating each other, but one day at a party that Harry was dragged to, they play spin the bottle and end up having to kiss.

led by your beating heart  29k **  AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’.

slow to aknowledge the knots in our laces  14k ** He turns to Liam. “We could come up with a points system, we don’t even have to do anything outside of what has set points. The interviewers would hate it. Or, are you too… chicken?“Liam rolls his eyes, but smiles and gives Louis a pointed look. "No, Louis."And that’s the end of it.Until a week later. (LILO)

Will Kiss for Cash  4k  The boys decide to play gay chicken. Harry and Zayn, as always, take it a step too far. (ZARRY)

Even Mountains Crumble Into the Sea  4k   the one where they are all in the Bungalow and plays truth or dare and Harry gets dares to put on some panties Niall found.

I Think I’m Kissing Louis Tonight  4k   Harry can’t believe Louis picked him over everyone, and Louis really wants to kiss Harry.

Wicked Games  4k *  Zayn gets mad about Liam’s tweet and challenges him to a game of gay chicken.

let me make a thing of cream and stars  24k **  Louis is a Radio 1 DJ and Harry is a pop-star he interviews.

We’re Like Bumper Cars  31k   the AU where Louis and Harry are rivals of the century and Cross Country competitors before things get complicated and they play pretend.

Mine Now   32k ***  This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

Tuesday: The Apocalypse  32k ***  This is the story of how Niall finds himself listening to Harry’s presidential opponent wank for five minutes straight before he understands what’s happening. (Sequel of “Mine Now”)

Glass Table Boys  6k   Louis is a go-go dancer at a gay bar. Zayn is a DJ, and Louis’s roommate. Harry is a hot stranger. Naturally, a threesome ensues. Guest starring Nick Grimshaw as a sassy bartender. (ZOURRY)

we are honey and the bee  41k *  au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.

give you my fever  10k   x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first

Hit the Spot  9k   Louis Tomlinson unlocks the secrets of time travel to fuck his younger self and boyfriend.

everything i can arrange, every part of me you change  10k *  [Harry needs a big spoon and Louis refuses to let anyone steal his position.

Being Held Down  4k   Everything changes when they start noticing how much weaker Louis is compared to them. (OT5)

Never Had a Chance  22k   the one where Harry wants Louis, Louis wants to lose his virginity, and a camping trip is exactly what they need to sort themselves out.

walk my days on a wire  38k   when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

Help! ( I Need Somebody)  2k   Liam’s prank backfires spectacularly.

not just a phase  22k *** “Great!” says Liam. “I’ll, um, I’ll set up a time.”“Not now?” Niall deflates.Liam shakes his head. “No, well. We thought, maybe, you and Soph should go first?”Niall scrunches his face up. “Like…an icebreaker exercise?”“Yeah,” says Liam, shaking his head fondly at Niall, which Niall thinks is a bit rich coming from the guy proposing get-to-know-you sex before a threesome. “Just like that.” (NOPHIAM)

‘til you’re screaming and you’re sore  5k   Louis is gay. The other four are straight, but curious. Louis offers to help them. (OT5)

Picture This  2k   'Niall secretly watching and jerking off to Harry and Louis having sex. They are unaware they’re being watched and don’t find out.’

hoping this cold blue water scrubs me clean and spits me out again  17k   "Stay,” Harry whispers desperately, pressing his lips to Louis’ temple like he can somehow ease the pain that’s blooming there, but he can’t make the pain stop and no matter how hard he tries he can’t make Louis stay.

Wrong Side of Love  37k  Zayn and Liam wake up in each other’s bodies.

In Dreams  23k   AU. When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face.

Have You Coming Back Again  31k   He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.