first time to online shopping


・*✧ july 1, 2017 || stationery shopping spree ✧*・

my precious stationeries have finally arrived ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚:.。+゚ 

I decided to do some internet stationery shopping around three months ago to treat myself. there’s a notebook, a new pencil case, pens, some more pens, sticky notes and some rolls of washi tape. a lot of them were free because the shipping went way beyond their estimates and I asked for refunds since I was scared they would never arrive (first time online shopping, I was nervous okay?) everything turned out alright and I am so excited to start using the notebook during the summer for bujo ideas!! hoping to officially start organizing myself with a bullet journal as I enter university~


Sorry for not posting art, Im making merch lately, also busy for trial exam for next few weeks //sweats. This is my first time making it so I will consider about online shop if you guys really interested

Persona Dancing Protagonists Keychain set, available for upcoming CF2017


hey all! I just completed a big shop update! for the first time, my work is available online! ^^

✨ ✨

click the link for many more pieces, both fandom and original!

this is a soft launch, as I clear out older works! all of these are limited in stock and will NOT be printed again!

be sure to check it out and follow it for updates! reblogs greatly appreciated <3


So I guess my initial plan was to sell these as stickers on Redbubble, but it turns out I really shouldn’t. (Which is fine once I’m told of the circumstances, but I’m still confused about other certain products still being sold from other users in that store)

Anyways, lesson learned from running my own online shop for the first time. Here are these Overwatch cut-ins I’ve made because the style of Persona 5 cut-ins are amazing than previous games, and I surely wouldn’t want to leave these out of my posts on social media.


Real Science Adventures: Flying She-Devils #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing
(W) Brian Clevinger (A) Lo Baker (CA) Scott Wegener, Tessa Stone

The Flying She-Devils get into a real adventure with science plus action! Hoo-boy! Golly-gee! Plus, the Sparrow infiltrates a top-secret Nazi weapon station. It all continues in this book!

Bullet points:
•   From the pages of Atomic Robo, the Flying She-Devils embark on a new daring adventure!
•   The spinoff story to the online sensation-in print for the first time!

In Shops: May 17, 2017


vibes // chronically late to everything // freshly broken in skates  // empty ice rinks  // month old coffee rings // the familiarity of 3 am // unanswered calls // the click clack of laptop keys // songs from your childhood you still remember every word too // glittery bath bombs // jumping into a pile of fresh snow // impulsive online shopping // falling in love for the first time // silverware that never seems to match // running around in your socks // bubble baths that spill over // lipstick marks on everything // knee high socks // candy staining lips red // swinging to the very top and leaping  // unmade beds 

needs // honestly everything??? 3 other girls she’s living with bc what is spending responsibly. maybe an older guy who she continually comes back too and sees inbetween relationships??? this thing?? anything tbh.

On the 1st day of Christmas... (Seungcheol got a crush)

Title:  On the 1st day of Christmas… (Seungcheol got a crush)
Rating: pg 
Pairing: Jeongcheol
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 500+
Summary: Junghan sings at the mall during Christmas and Seungcheol comes over at the mall every other day for the sole reason of watching him sing.
a/n: I’m sorry this is not proofread. It was puked in 1h since I had an excuse of inspiration !

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Delivery For You (1)

SUMMARY: A package deliverer gets to know people from a different side – their parcels. Camila has done this job for a few years now and there’s never a truly dull moment. Especially not since one of the people on her list is the mysterious Lauren Jauregui. Camila delivers regularly to the big house at the end of the street and each time she notices the return address on the parcels of a well-known sex shop. One day, her curiosity gets the best of her and she decides to ring the doorbell after her shift to ask Lauren about them – with surprising consequences.

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Welp I guess it’s time to make an Etsy report.

After months of being accommodating - fine, there were issues with the patches in the beginning, which wasn’t your fault, but then not shipping it to me afterwards WAS - but business is business, especially when you already have my money, which I’d PAID when I was still earning in MALAYSIAN RINGGIT. That was MYR 400 bucks. That much money was about 1/8th of my salary. Don’t even joke with me.

I found the seller through tumblr. This is also legit the first time I’ve had to deal with such terrible merchant behaviour when shopping online. She also never answered my question about sizing, despite me asking about 3 times.

And “I was under the impression [tracking] cost extra”? Even if it did, that is a cost that should be BORNE, considering what the customer had to go through. I didn’t ask for tracking the first three or four times (EACH QUERY SPACED OUT BY A MONTH) I wondered where the hell my package was.



ETA: Yo, also Etsy has the stupidest case resolution system. It is weak to pre-ordered items, so I have to step over all that and report directly to customer service. Also, it is ridiculous that you only have a 2 month period to review a shop/product.

ETA: I included 2 reviews of the original product I ordered. For god’s sake. Don’t buy ANYTHING from hey-hailey.