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Hey so we all love tony, but we know he is a big ball of anxiety and ptsd. So I was thinking that him being the proud animal he is would be given a support animal but in a way where he wouldn't realise. I have this idea where Steve/Bucky/t'challa, gives Tony the cutest fucking corgi ever(Who I have names Hufflepuff) and makes up some story where he came from a puppy farm or something tragic and needs to be cuddled all the time. Part 1

Part 2 Tony slowly realises that he’s cuddling the puppy for himself and not for the super happy ginger snap. He notices when he’s in a board meeting getting all kind of shit and just starts yelling how its upsetting the dog. For the members to look at the corner to the happy Hufflepuff asleep on his back with the legs in the air. Thats when Tony admits that he has been tricked into a therapy dog.

Awww, I believe Tony has been tricked more than once by Rhodey during their college years in order to help without Tony realizing he’s getting ‘help.’ Could Rhodey be the one to suggest it to them? “You want to help him? Make him help someone else. That boy is so allergic to help he’ll dodge it like the floor is lava, but if he sees someone else needing help he’ll run to them like a bear to honey.” 

The only way to make Tony get better is make him take care of someone else. Someone with similar problems as him will keep his mind occupied with whatever help is needed for the problem and once results start happening and he takes steps back he’ll realize ‘shit, i just helped myself’ and will start doing just that. 

Steve, Bucky and/or T’Challa take this information to heart. The therapy dog is the first step and making Tony accept Hufflepuff was surprisingly easy. Tony really does have a bleeding heart and will rush to whoever needs help and he’s able to do something. They fall a little more in love every time they see it. 

When Tony realizes he’s been trick into a therapy dog he can’t stay mad at them, not when he sees their worries hold truth. He’s noticed himself always going to Hufflepuff when even the slightest bit of discomfort happens to him. When he’s feeling lonely and Steve, Bucky and/or T’Challa are not there Hufflepuff is within arms reach like the faithful corgi they are and Tony cuddles them all the way until he falls asleep. When he gets the first panic attack after a while and Hufflepuff is there in an instant he thanks them for bringing Hufflepuff into his life. 

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How do you know if you're kin

this list was taken and referenced from or something

AHEM! here we go, Mod Roxy’s Guide to “Am I kin?”

this is gonna be a long ass post

You miss a place, yet cannot explain where it is.

 You find it very frustrating that you can’t breathe under water or fly.

 You have “phantom” body parts (such as wings or a tail) that you can feel move, and that sometimes become really annoying with clothes, or cause pain when “slept on”.

You modify (or wear special) clothing or sit/stand/walk differently to accomodate physical characteristics your waking body doesn’t have - or you don’t even realize you’re making such accomodations until someone else points out that you are.

You are sometimes confused with your own body (ex: sometimes i look at my hands and get confused because they dont look like my hands from any of my timelines)

 The “you” you see in the mirror and the physical shell experienced by other people are entirely different entities.

 You know, see, and feel a deeper existence than the visible world around us.

 The woods, glens, etc. speak to you and call you to come join them.

You have a deeper understanding of the cycle of life and death than many people do.

You remember your dreams with more detail, clarity and relevance than your waking moments.

Linear thought is a problem, and linear time an even greater one.

The books that speak the greatest Truths to you are found in the Fantasy/SF section.

You collect little ‘oddities’ that don’t match anything else you own. Going to an antique store is like going to an adoption agency. You actually own more knick-knacks and stuff than the antique store down the street.

 You love to hide in natural places when emotionally or otherwise upset.

You don’t match your “real” age in looks, thoughts, words, wisdom, etc.

The weather and your moods have more than a coincidental link.

You bore very easily.

You get downright angry when people harm animals or plants or destroy the environment.

You are fascinated with language, linguistics, theology, anthropology, slang, subculture and the madness of crowds.

Human language just isn’t enough to FULLY convey what you are trying to say. You feel empathy, nonverbal communication, and visual sendings make up most of your language and you often tend to use these more than spoken words, much to the dismay of those around you.

Your friend’s cat, who hates EVERYONE including your friend, loves you.

 Your dreams bleed over into reality.

 You catch glimpses of an alternate reality superimposed or side-by-side with mundane reality. When you’re half asleep and half awake, the worlds tend to blur and you can see numerous realities existing at once.

 You dream prophetically.

 People are spooked when you walked up behind them and they never heard you coming. You move so silently that you can even sneak up on a police dog without it noticing you.

You get the feeling you’ve met someone before, despite only just then talking to them for the first time.

 Sometimes when you see or meet a stranger you see a flash of their True Nature without even trying.

Time always does weird things around you.

this got kinda weird by the end but tbh i just copied and pasted their list and then edited it so -mod roxy

i’m going to rip your heart out and
feed it to my dogs and when they
accuse me of murder i’m going to
look them right in the eye and say
“it’s not my fault did you not see
where he was did you not see what
he was wearing did you not see what
time of night it was i cannot be held
responsible for this crime —
he was asking for it”.
actaeon was not the first man to bleed out
at my feet and he will not be the last.
—  tell artemis she was asking for it | e.h.

Title : Color

Rating : Like T as of right now, maybe not in the future

Summary : Based off of the prompt, ‘When you see your soulmate for the first time you see color for the first time. when they die the world turns black and white again’ and all that jazz.

Notes : Todoroki + Izuku !! thats the ship. please enjoy my trash. maybe if this gets enough notes i’ll continue writing it and brush up on this and make it better

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Some clarifications because last night was a whirlwind and I’ve had more time to process the episode as a whole.  I reference this post specifically because there’s things that I want to clear up from yesterday that I was very in the moment about.  I think what gets us at times when trying to read deeper into anything from an anime is the fact that it’s a translation.  You never get the same feelings as you do when it’s in Japanese.  This is if you don’t know Japanese but if you do then I wish I got those same nuances in grammar that you do.

This scene is so important to episode 9.  Yuuri’s down in the dumps right now even if he was able to just squeeze into the Grand Prix Final.  But Yuuri is where he is because of his ability and he gave two amazing performances at the Cup of China that gave him the second place finish he would need to beat out Mickey.  Yuuri wants Viktor to step down as his coach after all of this.  To this moment he’s still doesn’t really think that he deserves Viktor.  But Yuri comes in out of nowhere and kicks him.  He breaks his train of thought.  This is the shock that Yuuri needed to find the confidence to ask Viktor “to stay as his coach until he retires”.  I don’t think that he intended to do that at all, but he came at just the right time and with his grandpa’s new katsudon pirozhki.

If we can all just please forget the fact that I actually thought Viktor flew back to Russia with a dog that almost died 24 hours ago after swallowing steamed buns then I’d love it.  Okay, but you know he would fly back to Russia if necessary.

I want to comment on Viktor’s face again.  Yes, this is a man who is very physically and emotionally tired.  The moment that he found out that Makkachin would be okay he started to worry about Yuuri.  You know he did.  This is character growth at its’ finest.  This is a man who hadn’t thought about anyone but himself, his skating career, and his dog.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  We see those bits of Yuuri bleed over into Viktor as their relationship deepens.  Viktor is worrying about someone who isn’t himself.  You could see the frustration in his expressions from episode 8 when he finds out that Makkachin’s at the vet.  He doesn’t want to leave Yuuri but in the end he does because Yuuri tells him that he’ll do the free skate by himself.  He’s probably been worried about how Yuuri coped without him on the sidelines because this is the first time in a major competition since he’s become his coach that he hasn’t been there.  He knows how it all went.  I’m sure he saw the stream.  He’s proud of Yuuri, but he understands Yuuri and the comfort that he craves.   He needs to see how Yuuri is doing for himself at the train station.  He’s deep in thought of the future until Makkachin barks to tell him that Yuuri’s here.

I was torn on this last night but I’m certain now that these two are on the same page.  We don’t know what the future holds for these two.  Yuuri might have just been outside next to a highway in Russia thinking about retiring after this season, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop skating here.  He could keep going.  The show has actually given us indicators that Viktor’s the only one retiring at the end of all this between Yakov, Yuri, and JJ (mostly just saying that Viktor was running from him, but that’s close enough to retiring).  So, this request comes from a Yuuri that finally understands Viktor and is professing his love.  There’s no hesitations anymore.  The build-up to this moment was done phenomenally.  It’s a roundabout way of doing things but he does practically propose right here.  

The tears that come out of him after this are of happiness.  “I wish you’d never retire” is exactly what Yuuri wants to hear.  Yuuri’s spent 8 episodes unsure if Viktor would stay with him when all of this is said and done.  But he gets that confirmation.  Yuuri needs to hear it from Viktor’s own mouth.  Viktor is also practically confirming the end of his skating career here because he doesn’t want Yuuri to retire.  He’s 27 years old and already stands at the top of the world.  He’s been thinking about what he wants to do in the future as Yuuri’s coach.  He’ll end his career on a really strong note.  Now, he wants to be Yuuri’s coach and his future.  They’ll go to grand prix final after grand prix final together for as long as Yuuri is willing to skate competitively.  And then after all of that, they’ll be together.  I’m really hoping that we get a sweet ending to all of this.


Harley is back from the vet!

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, Harley is back safe and sound after having been treated for a burst ucler at the vet. We got her treatment in time for the internal bleeding, and she’s on an antibiotics regimen and has special food until she’s back to full strength.

My sister Rachel and I wanted to share this moment with all of you. Harley was a brave little pup and the vets didn’t want to discharge her because she was so sweet and friendly with them. She is a little upset about getting her leg shaved so they could put in the IV (as you can see in the first pic), but but its a small price to pay for coming home with her mommy. 

Thank you everyone,