first time rolling joint

The cracks in the shadows of the events of last night reveal the friendliness in chaos. War wounds meet my fingertips as I begin expressing the feel of Amsterdam. War wounds one overcome with help friends and reasoning strangers filled with generous hearts. The hand shake confirmed smiles and acceptance in misfortune.

Colours in lights and memories in our minds we are graced with special feelings, laughter and the most special of joints to date. With first time experiences of the care attached to even the roll of the joints, memories were made that made our thoughts trickle into further journeys.

With mouth watering fast food on the horizon, the munchies tickle the bottom of our stomachs filling us with laughter and words. As the time passes the mood swiftly pulls my mood into swirls of love, sinking me into my chair. I look around the room, in attempts for reasoning. This new chaos in happiness, fluctuates through my awe stricken body in excitement and gratification. My eyes open and a causal gaze around me reveals reality. Calm faces, pleasant people, beautiful lights, to my left; true friends. True moments.