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Kastle Tangled AU

“I’ve made the decision to trust you.”
“A horrible decision, really.”

Lightning Strikes

Day 2 of Kaminari week → AU │Jealosy │Storms 

Rating: sfw (i don’t know the rating  letters and stuff but there’s nothing weird. i’m positive everybody can read it.)

Words count: 936

You might think that because of Kaminari’s quirk, he’d love storms and enjoy being in one. Definitely not.

He liked rain, sure, but if it had lightning, he was like a magnet; everything would come near him. Whenever he used his quirk, it could mix with the storm and get out of control, although it’d make him more powerful. In any way, he wasn’t really fond of storms.

Now, Kirishima and Kaminari were both walking when the strong rain happened. It was sudden, the weather forecast didn’t say anything about it nor did the weather app. Kaminari was sure this was some sort of punishment for teasing Bakugou.

“Damn, it’s raining so hard” Kirishima commented “maybe it’d be better if we went into a shop or something?”

“We don’t know when it’ll stop; we could stay inside for many hours. And that’s not the plan.”

Kirishima nodded. They saw a lightning and a few seconds later the thunder followed. Kaminari gulped and looked at his sides and then at Kirishima, whose hair was down due to the rain but his big smile didn’t flatter when he looked at Kaminari.

“Maybe we should separate?” Kaminari tried. He knew that if a lightning hit him, nothing would happen; his body would automatically absorb it. But Kirishima was a completely different story.

“Separate? Why would you even say that?”

“Well, it’s just that…” Kaminari looked to the side, debating whether telling Kirishima or not was a good idea. He sighed “my quirk doesn’t really mix well with storms. I attract the lightning and I was just…”

“Well, that’s fine!” Kirishima assured and Kaminari blinked. He mentally facepalmed; Kirishima could be stubborn when he wanted to.

“Kirishima, I appreciate it, but I’d rather we go different ways now.”

“Oh, come on, Kaminari! We shouldn’t let the weather ruin our fun!”

Kaminari took a deep breath while another lightning happened; to calm himself down and to try to control the electricity inside him.

“Look, Kirishima” he was interrupted by the thunder. They had stopped walking and were in the middle of a street with no one around, only some trees along the street and a park on the other side. “It’s literally suicide to be near me when there are storms happening. I get it, you wanna have fun, but we can’t. At least not here.”

“I’m sure it’s not…” Kirishima trailed off and Kaminari looked at him, only to see his widened eyes. Kaminari then saw a lightning hitting the tree near Kirishima. The force of it shook him and sent him at Kaminari, who managed to catch him in his arms.

“Are you okay?” Kaminari screamed louder than the thunder. Kirishima nodded, but didn’t move from his place in Kaminari’s arms. The storm had gotten extremely bad now.

“Let’s go back to your home. You’ll be safe there, won’t you?” Kirishima asked, finally willing to start walking.

“Yes. We have a lightning rod for these cases.” His home wasn’t far away, and as another lightning hit a tree on the other side of the road, Kaminari couldn’t help asking. “Are you sure you want to come with me? I’d understand if you decided to leave now.” Then he muttered, mostly to himself “you wouldn’t be the first one to do so.”

Kaminari wasn’t brave enough to look at Kirishima after saying it, so he opted to look at the sidewalk and see how the raindrops collapsed with it. However, he looked up at him when he felt Kirishima’s hand holding his. Kaminari blinked.

“Of course I want to come with you” he smiled softly at Kaminari “you know, your quirk’s pretty awesome! To be able to make electricity is something that many people would like to have. It’s true that it has it downs, like the storms thing or when you electrify your brain. But it doesn’t mean it’s less manly or cool!” Kaminari felt Kirishima tightening his grip, “plus, you’ve saved many people with it, including Bakugou and me.”

“That’s not…” Kaminari tried to stop him, mostly because it was the first time he’d been told that.

“Shush, let me finish! You’re strong too, and you always try to make things less hard than they are, or less scary, even when you’re the first one to be affected by it. I think you’re going to be a freaking awesome hero, Kaminari.” Kirishima finished, smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

On the other hand, Kaminari blinked. He was loss at words. Was he supposed to say thank you or hug him, he didn’t know. He opened his mouth to say something, but no words would come out. Kirishima laughed.

“You don’t have to say anything.” Kirishima smiled. “Oh, look! The storm and rain have stopped.”

Kaminari had been so attentive to Kirishima’s words that he hadn’t noticed. He took out the phone to look at the hour. “It’s only 7pm. We can still do something to have fun.”

Kirishima nodded at him “Let’s go get an ice-cream!”

Kaminari laughed “Sure! I really feel like eating one now.”

They started walking towards the shop when Kaminari stopped. Kirishima stopped too and looked back at him. “Hey, is anything wrong…?”

“Not really. I just wanted to say thank you” he made eye contact with Kirishima and smiled brightly. “You were the first one to say all those things to me, so…”

“I was? I’ll have to say it more often, then!”

“What? I didn’t say that! What are you even talking about?”

Kirishima laughed and Kaminari too did. He was lucky to have someone like him in his life, that’s undoubtable.

Feverish Fall (sickfic, flu)

Note: I was gonna wait to post this, but I got really excited at everyone’s positive reactions to the first GingerSnap fic I posted (thank you!!!). So here’s one featuring mostly Elliott and introducing Will (brief character bio here)! This one is a lot longer, so I hope that’s cool.

Edit: I forgot that I got the idea based on a prompt from this list. (It’s the first one there, you can’t miss it.)

There were few times Elliott Chapman had been so relieved to finish a shift as he was now. Whatever energy he’d had at the start of the day had long since vanished, and it was all he could do not to lean into the wall as he took his apron off and slipped his hands into the sleeves of his sweatshirt. His head pounded and had been spinning for the past few hours. That, coupled with the shakiness of his hands and relentless interruptions from his respiratory system, had made it quite difficult to carry trays from table to table and be quick about it.

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Battleborn Countdown II Day 1: Favorite Character

Anyone who knows me would’ve known that this was coming
I would’ve drawn something but my drawing motivation is kaput with my finals coming up

“thanks. i couldn’t have gotten through all this without you.”
“yes, you could have. but you’re welcome.”

hey guess what this aesthetic post is for. ill give you a second. 5 seconds.

if you guessed anything other than “erek king” or “the chee” you are WRONG

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Vixx & First Kisses

Anonymous asked: First kiss - all of the boys! 

So this is the first time I’ve done a reaction post and it seemed to kind of mix itself between reaction and scenario so, I apologize! But hopefully you still like it, this only came from the mind of Admin Maknae so *shrugs* 

Enjoy!! 💚

~Admin Maknae

Originally posted by vixxtvgifs

N -  Being the confident leader that he is, he would be the one to initiate your first kiss, but also, make sure to see that you are comfortable with him too. Maybe starting with running his fingertips through your hair along your face and stopping to linger his hand near your jawline. Letting you know his intentions, but also trying to see your reactions as well, and if you were up for it, he’d step just a little bit closer, leaning into you. His kiss would be touching and delicate, letting you know that he cared. He’d want to touch you, but he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so his hands would be warm, placed on the side of your face.

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oh hallelujah, I’ve come undone | {l i s t e n}

Songs for the girl whose whole world fell apart, a little bit at a time, then all at once; for monsters around every corner, and trying to find the light in overwhelming darkness.

Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap // Speaking a Dead Language - Joy Williams // Teen Idle - Marina & The Diamonds // Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore // House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'Connell // The Spine Song - Cake Bake Betty // Cross Bones Style - Cat Power // Help, I’m Alive - Metric // Special Death - Mirah // Elastic Heart - Sia // Haunted - Poe // Hope in the Air - Laura Marling // Veins - Charlotte Martin // Don’t Look Back - Kissing Cousins // Letter From the Lost Days - Akira Yamaoka (Feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)


endure & survive
1. young men dead - the black angels 2. lonesome in my home - junior kimbrough 3. bartholomew - the silent comedy 4. beast - nico vega 5. warm shadow - fink 6. iron - woodkid 7. oats in the water - ben howard 8. lead me home - jaime n commons 9. blood on my name - the wright brothers 10. virgin - manchester orchestra 11. the regulator - clutch 12. ain’t no grave - johnny cash 13. noisy sunday - patrick watson 14. there is a cure - timber timbre 15. black - kari kimmel 16. blackbird song - lee dewyze 17. civilian - wye oak

sometimes you gotta do something stupid to get results! //  you guys really are the worst superheroes ever [listen]

i. x-ray & vav theme song (x-ray & vav) / ii. everyday superhero (smash mouth) / iii. radioactive mmrs (fall out boy vs. imagine dragons) / iv. kick ass (mika) / v.  bulletproof heart (my chemical romance) / vi. invincible (ok go) / vii. immortals (fall out boy) / ix. x-ray and vavmix (tease it productions)


wildest dreams; “say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”

:for the people out there who - quite like me - have come to ship rivamika more than anything; for those who believe in forbidden love and wild, impossible dreams {listen


Black Magic | A Trip hop/Witch house mix

I. Black Magic (ft. GameFace) | Hucci

II. House Of Ill Repute | The Gutter Brothers 

III. В коматозе (ft. Радость Моя) | Митя Северный при уч. Diakova 

IV. Drkshdw | Esta

V. The Witching Hour | The Ninetys

VI. Vampires | E.N.O.N.

VII. Magic | Sweater Beats

VIII. Voodoo | LAKIM