first time modelling too

I’m still working on getting their personalities down, so my challenge for this sketch page was to draw them how I pictured them, not trying too hard to make it pretty but trying to keep it relatively on model. :) This is my first ever time drawing Gladio and Iggy, too! 

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►  Hat - 77sims3  

►  Glasses - 77Sims3   

►  Outfit - Simisimi-Only-Mine   

►  Jacket - Simisimi-Only-Mine

ficlet: He Hates Photoshoots (Olicity, All Ages)

OHP Prompt: Photographer AU
Team: Queen Smoak
Words: 1,065

Oliver really hated photoshoots. Which was kind of a terrible coincidence considering he was a male model. But on the whole, he really did enjoy his job.  He was successful enough that he got to have his pick of projects and sometimes was even let in on the creative process, planning out each spread and arranging the particulars.  He enjoyed seeing himself in magazines, on billboards, on television commercials… He worked hard for this body of his and there was some gratification in showing it off. 

But photoshoots?  He hated them.  The photographers often made ridiculous demands of him, wanting him to contort into the strangest poses or do something else nonsensical.  They never seemed to care one bit about him, instead were always focused on the shot.  Oliver even had a list of photographers he refused to work with again that he left with his agent, the experiences had been that bad. 

So it was with no small amount of trepidation that Oliver stepped into the studio where he was going to be doing today’s shoot.  It was a loft on the east side of town, located on the top floor of a charming old brick building. The walls were bare and stark, lighting equipment and sheets and other technical equipment littered the floor.  He wasn’t sure if the photographer lived here as well as or not.  He stood uncertainly at the top of the stars, scanning around the enormous space for the photographer he was supposed to meet. She’d buzzed him in when he’d called from the street so he knew she was here.

“Just make yourself at home, I’ll be with you in a minute!” a feminine voice called out. 

“Alright,” he called back.  

“I’m making some coffee, could you like some?”

He paused.  The most he was usually offered was a bottle of water.  It was pretty early, just past dawn actually, and he could definitely use the caffeine.  

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