first time making a photoset


Kay so, someone asked if they could see the Pale Ghost Nick CGs so I decided to make a photoset for the first time xD

Here are the CGs

1: He catches you after you lose your balance flying due to the wind

2: He gives you a bracelet made of moondrops that he collected and carefully polished.

3: He wants a cuddle. Well, I think he actually wanted comfort xD since he said you’re the only one who he’d be this way with

4: He chooses a dress for you after he becomes visible, gets revealed as Jean’s brother and there’s a welcome party. He didn’t realise the dress looked quite so sexy because all he was looking at was the veil which seem like a wedding veil (which I’m STILL trying to get from the Ball).

5: I love this CG because two of my favourite characters are in it. Except..that isn’t Nick, that’s Helheim Nick and he’s being psychotic and stuff while Helheim Jean just doesn’t care one bit. :(

6: Le Romantic End CG where he asks you to marry him after Jean kind of did it for him already haha.

7. Mystical Ending CG 1 where Nick gets smacked on the head by Jean just before he could kiss you. God I just end up loving Jean even more because of that adorable pursing of his lips and narrowed eyes like =3=.

8. Mystical Ending CG 2 is right after Nick got smacked when he’s wincing and Jean is complaining 

Edit: I HAVE THE MYSTICAL ENDING CGS! Had them for awhile but hadn’t had time to deal with them. 

Here’s what you asked for ughstupidhumans :P


The Royal Siblings Instagrams

Just a little something fun I made in my free time. I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to give it a try on some of my favorite cartoon children. See if you can tell what episodes are referenced in each post!


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Tom Felton, Jim Broadbent, and Mark Williams in the movie ‘The Borrowers’ (1997)

Remember this movie?!? All 3 Harry Potter actors played in this movie. lol

John Goodman also starred in this movie as the character 'Ocious P. POTTER’



Things to Do in GTA V: Rabbit Jump X

aka dani’s first time ever making a photoset/gif and actually contributing to one of her fandoms!!!