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Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer

finnick odair imagine | he’s insecure about his past

requested by anon

words: 997

warnings: mentions of prostitution

In which Finnick tells you about his past and how it made him feel, and you’re there to help him see his worth again.

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“There’s something I need to tell you.” Finnick worried at his lip as he finally broke the silence between the two of you. You had been seeing one another for weeks, but you’d had feelings for him for a lot longer than that, with him always flirting and you always rolling your eyes, secretly enjoying the attention. Ever since you had made it official, though, things had changed; he had been quiet, reserved, and you weren’t quite sure why. It seemed that perhaps now you were finally about to get your answer.
You sat down at the kitchen table across from him, your hands fidgety in your lap and your heart pounding so loud you were sure he could hear it. All you could think was: he’s going to break up with me. This is it.
“What is it?” You asked as calmly as you could. “You can tell me anything. You know that.”
He couldn’t meet your eyes. His usual cheeky smile had been long wiped from his face. You had never seen him like this, not even in the arena. He was always so confident, even when faced with death. That terrified you even more.
“[Y/N], I’ve not been honest with you about who I am. What I’ve done.”
He’s cheated, you thought, your heart sinking. “Okay,” you whispered. “What have you done?”
He took a deep breath, ran his hands over his face as though he didn’t want you to even look at him. “I’m a prostitute…or, was.”
“What?” Your eyes widened, your mouth slightly agape. This was certainly not what you had been expecting to hear. “What do you mean?”
“After my first time in the Games, Snow…He made me sell myself to women. Mostly those in the Capitol, but not always. He threatened the safety of my family. He made it clear that I had no choice.”
You had no idea what to say. He looked so broken—and more than that, ashamed—as he spoke. There were so many questions, so many thoughts rushing through your head, and all you could do was stare at him, a tear rolling down your cheek without you even realising. Your skin crawled at the thought of Finnick being treated so awfully.
“I didn’t let them pay me, at least, not with money. I asked for their secrets, instead. I never wanted it, [Y/N]. I never wanted to feel so…dirty.” His voice cracked on that last word and that was when you sprung into action, grabbing his hand above the table quickly.
“You’re not dirty, Finnick. It wasn’t your fault.” You squeezed his hand reassuredly, finding it difficult to hide your anger at the Snow. “It’s the Capitol. They’re disgusting. You didn’t deserve to be treated like some kind of animal. I’m so sorry you had to go through all that.”
A flicker of surprise passed over his face before his eyebrows furrowed again and he looked down at your intertwined hands. “I thought you’d be angry…or disgusted. How can you even look at me after what I’ve just told you? I was a prostitute, [Y/N],” he said again as though you had misunderstood the first time.
“It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make me see you any differently. How could it?” You smiled sadly, cupping his jaw with your hand and tracing a gentle thumb over the corner of his mouth. His eyes fluttered shut for a moment, and when he opened them again, they were filled with tears of his own.
“Sometimes I just feel like I’m worthless. My own body didn’t belong to me. I was used, treated like I was nothing. How can I expect you to love me after all of that?”
“Because I’m not like them. Because I know that you’re so much more than what they made you.” You stood up and rounded the table until you reached him. For once, it was not you that needed the reassurance. It was not you who felt insecure and underserving of him, and you just hoped that you could show him how much he was truly worth. You sat in his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and wiping away a tear that had fallen. “You’re not worthless, Finnick. You’re everything to me. I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t tell me sooner.”
“I thought you’d run a mile. I didn’t want you to see me the way that everyone else did, but I knew you had to know.”
“I could never see you that way.” You kissed his forehead gently and allowed him to rest his face in the crook of your neck. Of course, there was still so much that you needed to process, so much you knew he would eventually tell you more about, but you knew all that would come with time.
“What did I do to deserve you?” He murmured, the sound vibrating against your shirt.
“It should be me asking you that,” you smiled, pulling away and pushing his hair out of his face. You didn’t tell him you loved him—it was too soon for that, even though you both knew the feelings were there. Instead, you simply let him seek comfort in your warmth.
You sat there for hours, in his lap, his head against your chest. He was listening to the sound of your heartbeat as he told you stories about the Capitol and the women he would meet. He spoke for hours and you listened, not drifting off once.
“You never have to go through that again,” you told him when his voice had finally trailed off. “It’s over now.”
He nodded, the corners of his mouth turned up as though he wanted to smile but didn’t quite remember how to. When you woke up the day after, though, the smiling, teasing Finnick you knew so well was back and a weight having been lifted from his chest.
It wouldn’t be easy, but you would try your best to help him see his own worth again.

masterlist | request an imagine

Y’know what’d be cool? A winter episode where Peridot and Lapis discover snow for the first time. Steven explains that it’s made out of water. Amethyst starts a snowball fight.

Lapis and Garnet team up and destroy everyone

This is probably the longest drawing I’ve ever done XD I’m very proud of this and I’m glad I got to shit out a good drawing before this year ends Decided to draw Bee and Puppycat because I wanted to see Bee, Deckard, and Puppycat in cute Christmas sweaters. It ended up because a sort of Christmas card.

You think they’re cute (Dinobots X Bot! Reader)

Grimlock: “Me Grimlock, not cute. Me Grimlock scary!” The Dinobot shouted, trying to look mean.

“Oh trust me Grim, your too cute for your own good.” You giggled.

“Me Grimlock, no like you anymore (Y/n).” You laugh and shook your head while patting the Dinobot’s head.

“Love you too Grim!”  

Slag: You couldn’t help but stare at the “bad-boy” Dinobot while he played around with a stick. Slag was acting somewhat of a dog, bring the stick back to you and then running off after the stick when you threw it. It was just so cute!

“Too cute!” You said to yourself, causing Slag to look at you while tilting his head in the most adorable way. You pulled the robotic Triceratops into a hug.


Sludge: You couldn’t help but laugh as Sludge played around in the snow, he looked like a child first seeing snow then again this was his first time in snow, so it made sense for him to act like this. You picked up a hand load of snow and started to shape it into a ball. The look at Sludge’s face when the snowball hit him made you squeal. That Dinobot was an adorable one even when he slipped on ice trying to transform.

Snarl: Your spark almost melted when you saw Snarl playing around with a ball with pure curiosity written on his face. A small ‘aw’ made it’s way out of your voice box causing the Dinobot to snap his head up and look at you.

“Me Snarl wanna know why (Y/n) has snappy look on her/his face?” He asked.

“Nothing, your just cute.” You replied,rubbing his head. Snarl hissed at you. Oh he hated being called cute by you.

Swoop: You knew Swoop was an adorable shit almost 90% of the time. You couldn’t help but find it cute when Swoop asked the bots around the Ark if he could help them with something. Or when he tried to show off during a battle just to impress you.

D!S: “Derek Derek! Such snow! So softness! Can play? Wow! ”
CW!D: “All the wow, Stiles…”

Sterek!AU with Doge!Stiles and CourageWolf!Derek, where CW!Derek shows D!Stiles falling snow for the very first time…idk it made sense at the time.

This past weekend I moved back from Suriname to the Netherlands and I got to experience snow for the first time! Finally. Made some snowballs with my dominant hand….which I shouldn’t have because now the dexterity in that same hand has waned a bit. 

I had some difficulty with Aerith’s face this time- you can thank the freezing temperatures for that >_>. I can draw so much faster when I’m sweating..

Anyways, onto the point! I had trouble figuring out what type of scene I wanted to draw. Initially, I wanted to draw Aerith hugging Cloud after he gave the black materia to Sephiroth. You all know exactly which scene I’m talking about. But in order for me to draw that type of scene with an array of complicated emotions on both their faces, I would have to get used to this damn weather…again. It can really slow a person down: my body doesn’t feel cold as fast as it should compared to a regular person, it slows down instead. 

However, I will eventually draw that scene!  

In any case, I would imagine Cloud and Aerith would have gotten this close on their date had Cait Sith not pulled a backstab. That is ofcourse, if you got the highest dating points on Aerith. 

Hope ya’ll enjoy~

Preference #22 First Snow Of The Season [Requested]

A/N: I found this on my external hard drive. I figured even though it’s no longer winter I’d post it. :) 

Scott: “Babe, come look outside.” Scott’s deep voice called with a joyous tone entwined in the request for your presence. With a handsome lopsided grin, his cocoa flecked dark chocolate irises admired the snowflake as they flittered from the sky. He released a pleased sigh, cherishing the warmth of your arms wrapped around his slender waist, cheek pressed against his broad shoulder as you peeked around his athletic frame. The scene was beautiful; trees and rooftops dusted in a loose powder of snow, children standing in the streets staring up at the sky with jovial smiles. “Do you wanna go outside? He questioned with a sheepish innocence.

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snowbaz fic quote: started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

Thank you so much for sending this in! :)

It’s their 7th year at Watford and, well, we’re pretending Agatha and Simon aren’t a thing.
This one is so long, wow (it’s 1453 words).  I hope you like it! 


I remember I was crying that night, the night when it all started. The worst part was that it had been Baz who had made me cry that night. 

Baz had been incredibly cruel; confronting me with things I didn’t want to think about, such as not being the right person to be the chosen one. “You can’t even control your own magic” Baz had said. He didn’t stop there. He went on about me being a pathetic danger to the World of Mages, that my failure would cost ‘oh so many deaths’ and that Baz maybe should just kill me right there to spare the world from all the problems I would bring. But he told me he would wait; he would wait for my failure and then kill me. That way he would be the hero in the end of the story.

I had been really close to hitting him there, if it weren’t for the Anathema. It’s really not fair. I’m not good with words and Baz is the master of words, which means that when we’re in our room he is always able to hurt me but I can never hurt him back. 

Sadly, his speech didn’t stop at killing me. No, Baz always tries to go for the lowest blow. I was on the point of choking when he starter about my parents. Or rather, about me having no parents. About them not wanting me. About me being the biggest mistake in the history of Mages.  

It had been hard to hold my tears whilst he was still in the room. As soon as the door had closed behind him my sobs came out. 

I hadn’t expected he would be back as quick as he had been. I was a broken sob mess, curled up on my bed when he walked back into the room. 

I remember I tried to stop crying as soon as he had walked in, but it only made my sobs louder. 

I was too embarrassed to look at Baz, but I felt his eyes on me, taking it all in. I was just lying there, tears streaming down my face onto my pillow, waiting for Baz to make a cruel comment.


I remember the night when it all started very clearly. 

I had been miserable that night. Snow had actually been kind of nice to me that evening, which killed me. I couldn’t handle it. 

The power that boy held over me wasn’t fair. The way he could hurt me by just being there, by just being nice. My heart would skip a beat, but then quickly hurt because my feelings for him we’re hopeless. I could never be something else than an enemy to him. 

Every time Snow would say something that was even close to being nice I had to push him away. That night I went to far. 

I remember walking out of our room, hoping he would follow me, hoping he would shout and scream at me, hoping he would go off. But he didn’t follow me. I went to the catacombs, but I was restless. 

It had been very anti-climactic, talking down on Snow without him even pushing back a little. I was walking out of the catacombs, back to our room, without even emptying a rat for that night. 

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I walked back into our room, but I definitely hadn’t thought I would walk into a sobbing Simon Snow. 

He was lying on his bed. He was curled up into a little human ball and broken noises came from his mouth. 

My heart dropped to the ground and I felt very sick all of a sudden. It wasn’t the first time I had made Snow cry, but I had never seen him this vulnerable. He looked like he was completely falling apart and, no matter how much I like to deny this; my heart broke for him.


“Snow,” I heard Baz choke out. 

I tensed my muscles, I was braising myself for what was coming, but nothing came. Baz had kept his mouth shut after that. He was completely silent. I didn’t even hear him move. I gathered up all my courage and lifted my head to look at Baz. Our eyes met and to my surprise his eyes were full of pain. 

I remember that I didn’t know what to with it. What was he trying to do? Why did he look like he was the one suffering? For some reason it just had made me cry harder. 

“Simon,” Baz said and my heart had stopped for a second. 

He had said my name, my first name.  And suddenly I want him to comfort me. I hated that I wanted it, but I still wanted it.   

The power that boy held over me wasn’t fair. He could break me and then make me want him. 

“Baz,” had been my only verbal response, still sobbing. 

Then Baz moved towards me and took me in his arms. I tensed and panicked at first, thinking he was going to bite me. I hadn’t realized Baz had been hugging me until a few seconds in. 

In some way one thing led to the other and before we both knew it we were kissing. I don’t even remember who had kissed the other and I don’t think it matters because we had both wanted it. 

He had never said he was sorry though, for the things he’d said that night.

Right now, we’re both lying in our own beds. It has been about a month since we first kissed. I remember the next morning had been awkward. I didn’t know if Baz had actually felt something or if he had just kissed my out of pity. 

I hadn’t even known if the kiss meant something to me. I just told Baz (and myself) that I had wanted to be comforted, that’s all. I said that for about a week until I started to realize how big of a lie that was. 

I had wanted Baz. I still want him.

Baz and I are staring at each other now from across the room, in the dark, both staying in our own bed. 

After I found out I didn’t just snog with Baz because I wanted comfort I sort of panicked. I didn’t know if Baz felt the same way. Baz was awfully quiet after I told him it was just for comfort and it had been one of the scariest things ever to ask him if I could kiss him again. For real this time. 

First Baz had reacted distant when I asked him if I could kiss him for real, but then he gave in and we kissed. 

The next day we kissed again. 

From there our relationship started to grow. I don’t know how or why, but I like Baz. I like knowing he’s there. I like having him close to me. 

Now he’s lying in his bed, we’re still staring at each other. We like to stare.

We had wanted to push our beds together, but decided not to do this. I told him I didn’t want this because it made me nervous, but I actually didn’t do this because sometimes Penny dares to come into my room when Baz is playing football. For some reason I’m not ready for her to know it yet. I’ve been having a hard time accepting it myself, same for Baz. 

I guess you could say our relationship, as if for now, is quite angsty, but also full of soft moments. We’re just still figuring it all our. But I like this better than fighting.

Baz breaks our stare and rolls on his back. 

“Simon,” he whispers, he’s been calling me that more often, though he still calls me Snow as well, “can you come here?”


“It kills me that you’re so close but that I can’t touch you.”

I can’t help but smile and I get out of my bed. I walk over to Baz and stand over him. He looks up at me with a lazy grin on his face. He shuffles to the side to make room for me.

Still on his back he spreads his arms out. “Come here,” he says, and I crawl into his arms. 

Before I lay my head on his chest I plant a kiss on his lips. His lips feel familiar to me now. 

We went from enemies to boyfriends. Sometimes I wonder if we’re still enemies, if we still have to kill each other in the end. I won’t kill him though. 

It’s crazy how we got here, how this happened. But I’m glad it did.

Send me a quote and I’ll write a short snowbaz fic/blurb!!

signs as things they made me feel

Aries: You made me feel like I could be okay one day, like my life mattered. You made me feel like a wild horse. But other times you made me cower in disbelief, you made me feel scared of my own shadow.

Taurus: You made me feel like we could conquer the world together. You made me feel like I wasn’t alone. You made me feel like a farm house. But other times you made me feel like utter shit. You made me not want to get better.

Gemini: You made me feel like I was special. You made me feel like I was the only one. You made me feel like sunflowers. But other times, you made me feel like everything I did was a crime. You were my Bonnie but I wasn’t your Clyde.

Cancer: You made me feel like fresh baked cookies. You made me feel like a nice spring day after the rain. But you also made me feel like I was nothing. You made me feel like I would destroy everything I touched. You made me want to cry.

Leo: You made me feel like fire. You made me laugh till it hurt. You made me feel like a new born baby. But other times you made me feel like I was in hell. You made me feel like I was worth less than nothing. You made me want to set myself on fire.

Virgo: You made me feel like new white sheets. You made me feel like eye freckles and back dimples. But you also made me feel like a broken record. You made me feel dirty and unwanted. You made me want to die.

Libra: You made me feel like a warm hug. You made me feel whole again. You made me feel like my favorite food. But you also made me sick to my stomach. You made me feel like a rusty faucet. You made me homicidal.

Scorpio: You made me feel like a meadow of wildflowers. You made me feel like new book’s smell. You made me feel relief. But you also made me feel like gum on the sidewalk. You made me feel like too cold of water. You made me shake during thunder storms.

Sagittarius: You made me feel like I could capture the world with one click. You made me feel like a Victoria’s Secret model. But you also made me feel stupid for loving you. You made me feel unwanted.

Capricorn: You made me feel like my hands would stay warm always because you held them. You made me feel like a river in the night. You made me feel like the first snow of the year. But other times you made me feel insecure about my thoughts. You made me feel like talking to the dead.

Aquarius: You made me feel like a Van Gogh painting. You made me feel like I was the one. You made me feel wanted. But you also made me feel like something less than dirt. You made me feel like a dirty lie. You made me suicidal.

Pisces: You made me feel like a surprise party. You made me feel loved. You made me feel like a field of daisies. But other times you made me feel like a ghost. You made me feel unaware. You made me feel like a forgotten cemetery.