first time it's not emma

you May Have noticed but i love period dramas, and i’ve been rewatching my all time favourite– the bbc miniseries Emma,,,, it’s just so good and i love these nerds


Swan Queen AU: Emma is Regina’s soulmate.

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

“Emma and Hook travel through the portal and find themselves in Leopold’s monarchy. There, they try to not change the timeline, but the mere Emma’s presence will change everything.

What will they find when they return to the present?”


CS AU (Merlin Crossover): Tired of how Captain Jones keeps running hot and cold, Princess Emma now refuses to speak to him. So he swallows his pride and seeks out Sir Gwaine. His plan? To find out the entirety of Gwaine’s history with Emma call a truce and seek advice on what to do since, as much as Killian hates it, Gwaine has known the Princess longer.

—I prefer rum to mead, meself.
—So predictable, you sailors.
—You’re about to be an ex-
somethin’ with Emma too if you don’t get your head out your arse.
—Don’t think I still won’t run you through, mate.


“The arrival of our new son has been the cause of great joy, and we hope you can share in it as we name him for a hero. Someone who saved every one of us, who we loved and he loved back.”


Lana on her favorite scene, the prison scene with Robert Carlyle in ‘The thing you love most’. (x)