first time i've drawn either of them



Just a warm-up sketch from one of my streams this week! Don’t forget - I stream twice a week (Thursdays at 7pmADT and Sundays at 10am!), but this week I’m adding a daytime Friday stream because I’m off work for the time being! 

Anyway watch RWBY, and get stoked for Volume 5. 

“Hello Yuuri! Starting today I’m your new prisoner!”

I couldn’t resist drawing @minutia-r‘s proposed Beauty and the Beast AU. At first I was like “no, I don’t know how I’d draw Yuuri as the Beast” and then late last night my brain went “yeah but the Beast would sure look cute with Yuuri’s glasses…” and here we are. 

(Also be sure to check out the ficlets @daysinrussiavictuuri wrote based off of Minutia’s post, they’re great! 1 2)


So I decided to participate in the Secret PreCure Exchange this year, a fandom event hosted by @precureconfessions !  My recipient was @puriala , who specifically asked for Milky Rose and Cure Heart content.  So I thought I’d do a couple of chibis in this new style I’m working on.

I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but I got excited, seeing everyone else’s work.  I hope you like them!  <3

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Can you do some Jefftony or Nesspaula? (If you want to ofc!)

Why not…both?!

I haven’t drawn any JeffTony yet so this was a very good excuse to practice;;


Just having some fun with the idea of Bonnie taking a little friend along on his nightly rounds, and it seems Chica got the same idea haha!

Now, imagine either of these two visiting the security guard like this lmao.

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Danny and Ethan are pretty seriously together but Ethan's spent approximately zero time around people who aren't superhuman. The first time Danny gets ill, Ethan becomes overbearingly solicitous. Only three hours after the initial sneezing fit, Danny has to send Stiles an SOS text asking him to do ANYTHING that might distract Ethan. Stiles ends up sending Melissa in to reassure Ethan that Danny will live 'as long as he gets quiet rest'.


* a happier memory from a time long, long ago…

^^Bonus doodles from when i was warming up for Asriel^^.

I refuse to believe that any child of Toriel’s is any less than the fluffiest kid in the world. So idk, i was kinda like, “wow there needs to be WAY more happy stuff in Chara and Asriel’s tags like dang” so this happened! I’m always happy to see Chara being a little shit, but the kid definitely wasn’t 100% all the time, y’know? So here, happy Chara and Asriel!!