first time i'm posting a gif of a guy in this blog

hi friends, it’s your girl erica here!

so a couple of weeks ago, i reached 1.6k followers and as a celebration, i wanted to do something! i asked you guys to vote in a poll i posted and tumblr awards won! i’ve recently taken a bit of a break from tumblr to work on my book i’m writing, but i now realize i can manage doing both - i just really need to balance my time. you know? PLUS, i just reached 1.7k which is insanity. so, to celebrate, here we are! my first ever TUMBLR AWARDS! yay! one winner for each award and two runners up :’)

you have a chance to enter up until tuesday, february 28th at 11:59pm! just before the 1st of march :) MY BABY RONNIEKINS’ BIRTHDAY <3 winners will be announced a few days after (i’ll see how many entries this gets and then decide on a date!)

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- can this reach, like, 20+ notes or we’ll just sweep this under the rug and pretend it never happened while i melt into a puddle of embarrassment :’D
- please put which awards you’d like to be considered for in your tags when you reblog this!

hermione granger award:
best theme
luna lovegood award: friendliest/kindest blogger
neville longbottom award: best icon
minerva mcgonagall award: best writing
ron weasley award: best creations
nymphadora tonks award: best multifandom blog
fred & george weasley award: funniest blogger
sirius black award: best harry potter

prizes under the cut! (i literally s u c k at like, everything, so it’ll probably just be writing and promos tbh sorry guys i can’t make edits for shit)


p r i i i i z e s :D

winners: three promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic, harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!

runners up: two promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic OR harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!



okay so i did promise i would celebrate this milestone with a bang & so let’s begin the firework display!!! :) honestly though, i can’t believe what a year 2016 has been. so much has happened in the world, and to me in my own life. but really, the highlight (& this might sound lame but idc) is this site - during this year, i have met some people on here who i would probably give my life for. i have been allowed to just be me, weird and awkward, terrible and affectionate, over the top and silly, and somehow i have been loved for being this person. i’ve literally never felt that from a collective group of people before so… thank you. you will probably never understand how touched my soul is by this whole experience.

now, let’s cut to the chase. to celebrate this wonderful incredible achievement, i am hosting my first ever tumblr awards !!!!

more info under the cut

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In celebration of hitting 5,5k followers, I decided to do blog rates! I truly appreciate each and every single one of my followers, you guys are amazing and the reason tumblr is so enjoyable to me! I’m honestly so grateful that you all decided to give my blog a shot and sticked with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys rock!


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  • send me an ask telling me your favorite captain swan headcanon. (It can be of them together, involving the two of them, or a headcanon just about emma or just about killian). If you don’t have one that’s okay, you can tell me anything, really, like you can message me about your day, a fun fact about you, your favorite fanfic, favorite quote, your otp, a song that describes your otp, etc. Everything counts here :)


URL: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | Emma Swan

Icon: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | Killian Jones

Theme: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | Jennifer Morrison

Posts: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | Colin O'Donoghue

Overall: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | Captain Swan

Following: no, sorry, but ily | I am now! (where have you been all my life?) | yes! | ‘til the end of the world or time

Ps: I’ll tag this as 5.5k blog rates if you want to blacklist.

Hey frens! I made this blog not a very long time ago, but I have so many amazing followers and friends already, so I think that this is a great time to do my first Follow Forever. I’m so happy with all of you guys that help me everyday reblogging my posts, sending me amazing questions, stories… You guys are always helping me, more than you’ll ever know.

So here I’ll put the blogs that are in my heart forever, people that are real friends. I don’t know what I would do without all of you… Thank you so much for all the love and support. I love you all.

(in bold you will find my favorite people/blogs)

  • Numbers

@21-pantaloons, @21pgifs, @21pilotsgifs, @21p

  • A - C

@acciojoshler, @addict-with-a-fist, @anahthema, @alientylerr, @alienmaskjosh, @alltimetimelady, @areafiftydun, @badlydrawntop, @beanboyjoseph, @a-bleedingtrapdoor, @blryyface, @blurrydreamer, @blurryfaceinspace, @blurryfacedfren, @blurryfacesquad, @blurryjoshua, @bulletproofatbest, @capriduns, @caradio, @cliquedun, @commandercosima, @crradio, @currentlysittinginsilence

  • D - F

@davidthedad, @death-of-the-enemy, @depresssssingthoughtsss, @dislap, @doebt, @dronesforhands, @doubtingpilots, @dunflower, @dunfetti, @dunplease, @dunpling, @duns-for-hands, @dunshine, @duntective, @dunwithdjspookyjim, @dunwithmydoubtt, @elsesdreams, @emotionalphanintended, @emotionalroadcrew, @fairly-local, @fairlylocaldun, @fairlyadequatequails, @fairlylocalpilots, @falloutyler, @fearthenightt, @flightlessatbest, @flossieboo, @flowerydun, @forest-chorus, @foxstar1231, @fight-through-the-droughts

  • G - I

@galaxyjishwa, @gaybees, @glowingvessel, @glowinngeyes, @goner, @greasyjoshler, @guns-to-a-fist, @guns2fists, @handsomedun, @harrystylesismynumber1, @heathen-machine, @heathenpilots, @heavydirtygifs, @heavydirtys0ul, @heathensjoseph, @helpmepolarize, @holding-onto-slowtown, @holdingnotoyou, @holdingontovessel, @houseofdun, @i-am-inside-out, @igniteit, @im-semi-problematic, @im-soo-dun, @implicit-demand-for-frens, @imtheleadsinger, @inaskeletonclique, @insignificant-trashcan, @irisdun, @isleofsleeplessbirds, @itsthepilotslife

  • J - L

@jawshdun, @jcsephsdun, @jennathecliquemom, @jishuasun, @jennajoseqh, @jishwajosephh, @jishwasbeard, @josephanddun, @josh-dunned, @josephwdun, @joshdhn, @joshdun-alienboy, @joshdun-withit, @joshdunforlife, @joshdunpictures, @joshguns, @joshdunhunn, @joshler, @joshsbestfren, @josh1ersmut, @justasadtrashcan, @justjennajoseph, @kingofallthingsz, @kissyfacehowell, @lanebean, @laney-boy, @lemonclique, @livefree-livehappily, @lovesickdun, @lowkeytyler, @lulu2445

  • M - O

@misery-local, @missyelyahwilliams, @misterwifes, @mutanttkids, @my-brain-is-sick-but-thats-okay, @my-name-is-blurry-face, @myfriendjosh, @no-dun-intended, @no-phun-lntended, @nophu-n, @nophunintendun, @ode–to–sleep, @odetoblurryface, @odetobrokenpeople, @odetojebby, @odetoscreeen, @odetoslep, @odetotheheathens, @odetotylerrjoseph, @ofheathen, @oh-ms-believr, @ohiodun, @ohmissdun, @ohmsglowingeyes, @ohmyjennajoseph, @okayfrens, @one-more-time-with-feelings, @oneanddun, @ouchtyler, @ourgraine, @ohlovelypantaloon

  • P - R

@panicathepilots, @partwechoosetoacton, @perfectfangirlposts, @philsass, @pilotsfans, @plummet-as-i-sing, @polariiize, @polarisetyler, @prettyheathen, @prollydun, @quitedun, @quietdun, @rainyjosh, @regionalabest, @regionalatbest, @regionalthebest, @retropilots, @ride-my-heavydirtysoul, @ridewithblurryface, @ruby-mp3, @ruinandcreationspassage

  • S - U

@saddunflower, @screamjoshdun, @semi-polarized, @sickasfrickfren, @sick-existence, @silentinthetreeshello, @singitspookay, @skelecliques, @skeletalpilot, @skeletonburr, @slowduns, @slowtowndun, @sodunwithholdingontoyou, @sohelpmedun, @sorrowlicher, @spookayy, @spooky-street, @spookyjim-joshua, @spookyjim-smolbean, @spookyjimjamm, @spookyjoshs, @spookytyjosh, @stars-anon, @stay-loww. @stay-sickasfrick, @stayyaaliveformee, @stilllstreet, @stopjoshdun, @suchlauren, @stevenn-sella, @tacopilots, @taxicab, @tb-saga, @tearinmykitchensink, @tegayquin, @thatdunlife, @theghostofgoner, @thesmolbean, @thesunwillrisenwelltryagain, @tonightyler, @topinterviews, @topupdatez, @transtylerjoseph, @trucce, @trylerjoseph, @tvlerhoeseph, @twcntyone, @twctyoncpilcts, @twenly-one-pilots, @twenlyonepilots, @twenny-one-pilots, @twentnyonepilots, @twenty-one-artists, @twenty-one-harpoons, @twenty-one-lanes, @twentydun-pilots, @twentyone-gifs, @twentyone-heathenss, @twentyoneanddunwithjoseph, @twentyoneblurryfaces, @twentyonemigraines, @twentyonepassangers, @twentyonepilots-gifs, @twentyoneprolly, @twenyonepilots, @ty-jo-bro, @tyguyjoseph, @tylerandthejosephs, @tylerinbra, @tylerisjoshsfriend, @tylerjos-p-ep-e-h, @tylerjosephsbutt, @tylerjosep, @tylerjosephnipples, @tylerjosephs, @tylerjosephsmiling, @tylerjoseppi, @tylerjoxeph, @tylernjennajoseph, @tyleronapiano, @tylerrjoseph, @tylersankles, @tylersdismalchords, @tylersdoubts, @tylersilent, @tylerr-joseqh, @therapy-in-lyrics, @tylersjosef, @unsp00ky

  • V - Z

@vessal, @vesselblurryface, @vesselof, @vsseel, @vssl, @wdbwotv, @weareaddictswithapen, @whateverdun, @whydun, @wentzed, @xblxrryfxcex, @you-are-lovelyy, @youareoutofmymind, @your-aestheticblog

Special thanks:

These people below are literally the reason why I’m still here. They are always helping me so much and making me smile everyday. These people are so kind and good that it’s impossible to not love and respect them. In these blogs you’ll find safety, kindness and friends, because they are really special and I’m glad that I can say they are in my life somehow, and of course, they are forever in my heart. Thank you each one of you for making everyone feel loved and safe… And for being such awesome people. The world needs more people like you. This fandom, the real clique, is made by people like you: that didn’t forget how to be gentle and how to love and respect. Thank you so much for everything. I support and love you.

And of course, they have AMAZING blogs!

  • @joshyface
  • @rester-en-vie-pour-moi-fren
  • @padmepilots
  • @fairlyathletic-quails
  • @random-clever-username
  • @ourhometown
  • @bulletforthefew
  • @deathshands
  • @watduidu
  • @doubtjoseph
  • @secretlife-ofdaydreams
  • @strxngxer
  • @multifandomasfuckk
  • @fallenoutromance
  • @tru–ce
  • @badl4nder
  • @twentydun
  • @kaykaymolly

P.S.: Sorry if I forgot anyone. There are a lot of blogs! I love you all! Don’t forget that.

First of all I’d like to say thank you to all my followers. I really appreciate it. You guys are great! I’m not quite sure why you guys follow me but Thank you for bearing with me.

This is actually the first time I do a follow forever and I’m doing it by fandom, since I’m part of a few fandoms. Most of the blogs below are multi-fandom blogs as well. I’m categorizing them by what they post the most.

I’m sure I’m forgetting loads of people and if I’ve forgotten you, I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me.

So go give these guys some love ;)


ageofaquarius | aimingforolicityarrowsandanchor | beijingdoll | carogablesfailtryagainfailagainfailbetterhcourageousholysmoaksoliver | justolicity  | felicityfankswwsk | lovers-reunited | lordmesa-art | peetarue | olicityistheway | olicitykisses  |  oliverdant | oliverqueensies |   poetgirl925 | sandys18smoakandarrow | starling-arrowstarlingcitygifsstarling-central | stayawesomegotham22sateanajmah | straight-on-til-timeless | thebelovedcanary  |uh-row-smoak | veryplatoniccircunstances | voubledision  | writersblock51

Hart of Dixie

 bellamyblako | fyeahwilsonbethelzoekinsella

Once Upon a Time 

colinschest | hookskraken | fuckodonoghuejadeddivalaurenkmyers | miladyswan | mrsracerx | neverlandspirate  | stellarswan  | quitethevesselyoucaptainswan


 claireandjaime | clairefrayserclairefrxserfraser-jamiefuckyeahjamieandclaireitalianoutlandersjvmiefraser  | lairdoflallybroch  |  leochsassenach | outlander-ish | outlanderitaly | outlander-onlineoutlander-starz | seoanis | thesassenach | thistleandfi  | uss-erinprise  |  youcallthatakisssweetheartzooxzoo

The 100 

bellarke | bellamyblako  | bellamyblakesrifle  |  bellamys-c1arke | cloverjean  | kingsbellamy  | fyeahbellarkemercuryslunaciesmydragonbitesbobmorleythesweetdarlingblossom | we-are-bellarke | zooxzoo

Veronica Mars

absolutelyiris | aliaspsy | bryrosea | cainc3ellyp-me | fatherjerusalem  |  hanitjemarshchickrocks  | imkait | jasondohringnews | lilamadison11  | mysilverylining  |  marshmallowtasha | nevertothethird | nightlocktime | of-marshmallows-and-promises | rottweilersatemylaptop | thepageoftarts  | toastanonofmystery | troublescout | scandalpantsstuff  | sophygurlsusanmichelin | sweetamara  |  veronicamarsl3ve  | vmsteenbeans


coffeenonsense | flywingless  |  ihearttvsnarkherostoneverland | hastilinski | kapuaa2013 | partyin221brianisnotapotato | robenchanted  | scoobydoobydee  | sterolinebliss  | your-majesty1  | yourracingbelle

Christian Bale

baledaily | glamorncruelty

A special follow forever to dreamysim1 because I honestly don’t know where to put you in the above lol ;)

i am such trash what is this welcome to my first follow forever! this is a million years overdue but it seems being out of school hasn’t deterred my procrastination skills in the slightest *quietly sobs*

I just recently hit 800 followers!! I’ve had this blog for sooooo long, but I went through a hundred and two different phases so thank you to those who continued following me even though I didn’t post content they liked/followed! Thank you so much as well to those blogs who followed me when I just got into Seventeen! you guys are the reason why I really got into Seventeen so deeply haha

special mention goes to the lovely participants of Project Toothpaste! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! 

lastnightisawaxiughost ∞ jisooome ∞ rollinglikeawolf ∞ huquiayahao ∞ meaniecoupletrash ∞ toothpasteprince ∞ wonwooo-ssi ∞ seventeentrash-helpme ∞ jeonghanpng ∞ diamondlifetrash

also special thanks to the two networks I’m part of: hotshot-network and wonwoo-net!!! I’ve just joined but I hope to become closer to all the members!!

and now onto the lovelies I follow that everyone else should too! i didn’t bold anyone because I love all of these blogs and this entire list would be bolded anyway OTL. also sorry for weird formatting and also if I mention you twice bc I’m a piece of shit haha ;;

# - G
1004cmm​ ∞ 164cmwoozi2minlover-iamthekaitoyoursoo ∞ americanhyungbeef-curry-retreat​ ∞ bo0seungkwancamera-seventeen​ ∞ cantwithjeonwonwoochickencoupschoijunhyuksgfc0upsdiamondlifetrashdinosdfflowercrowns-and-nipplebraceletsforeverseoulbiased​ ∞ grown-man-woozigwihoshigyuwoo​ 

H - M †
h5nsol ∞ hansolsheavenlyhair ∞ hansvc​ ∞ hearteyes-wonhaohongjisoupshoshis-got-meiridescentwoojegukjeonghansprincessjihoonlyjonghyuns-insolesjshuahongjunqcoups​ ∞ kaisdonuts​ ∞ kaystans-17 ∞ markmybummarusgfmichael-hyungminghaonminghaozzminghowcutemingyus-eyebrowsmingyuscheekbonesmingyuzi

N - Z
nowonwooofficialcoupsofficialseungkwan ∞ pledis17saythenamesvntn ∞ screamingyuseokmint ∞ seokmins-angelseokmooseungkwans-gfseungqualityshiningmingyu​ ∞ sir-wonwootfwjisoo​ ∞ the8ghtvernolvernonyw-0nwoowcoziwon-boozewon-over-by-woowonwoo-wowwonwoojpgwonwooslegswonwoozizi ∞ wooziscalvesyaboyjeonghan​ ∞ yohansol

I’m 100% sure I’m forgetting someone, but just know that I love each and every one of my followers and followees!!

now, for the very last bit! these are the very very very special mentions haha

the8soo: gen gen gen, my lovely gen. you were my very first close friend on tumblr and I’m so happy I got to meet you. I don’t think I would’ve been as confident and carefree on tumblr if it weren’t for you taking the first step and offering the hand of friendship to me. I love you and thanks for being really fucking amazing. (also good luck on your studies!! I know you’ve been working extra super hard haha) let’s be friends for as long as we can!

l-eechannie: you little shit who changed your url without telling me. You are such a precious human being and I am really happy you worked up the courage to message me because I can’t imagine life/tumblr/the internet without you. we could have been twins if it weren’t for the tiny issue of age difference (and birthdays lmao) but I consider you one of my best friends and I’ll love you forever! here’s to a long-lasting friendship :)

actually this is the actual last part haha. shoutout to my irl friends who follow me despite me posting things they don’t care about (or even if they do care about whatever)

pandaroll445: yo you probably have no idea what a follow forever is bc you just got a tumblr but you’re cool and awesome and thanks for being a great friend even if i was a crazy mofo when we first met. everyone go follow my friend she posts amazing art and she’s very talented!!

twir-ling: xandra you piece of shit why didn’t you tell me you were becoming a young dancers counselor. anyway idk if you know but i dropped my phone in the toilet so i literally can only communicate through tumblr and facebook but hi thanks for being an awesome friend for like forever of my life and please let’s hang when you get back yeah? idk if this is even the right blog but ok everyone please follow my friend she posts random stuff but she also has a book blog which is probably linked on this blog so go check her out!

minghahahao: everyone probably knows by now but this is my little sister. you’re a piece of jack but whatever you’re cool like 50% of the time so it’s nbd. she posts dance covers and her own edits and other random stuff but she has a great blog so follow her too!

chelseaa143rice: (your url is so boring yo) my crazy kpop friend!!!! you’re literally like the only person besides my sister irl who understands my kpop obsession and we totes need to talk more at school! too bad we most likely won’t have classes together next year bc I’m taking 5 APs (kill me pls) but let’s hang some time yeah?

I probably also forgot some irl friends but I wasn’t going into this thinking I was going to emerge completely successful so I’m very sorry and I still love you haha. I’ll end this here before it gets too boring oops. Thanks everyone for being amazing and making my experiences on tumblr something I’ll never forget!!

WOWEE you guys, my first milestone on this blog !! I’m so honored and thankful for how well you guys have accepted my literal trash daughter. A few friends got me into this fandom, and I’ve felt welcomed ever since my first day. I’m so happy you guys put up with this little shit. I love every single one of you guys. You guys are a lot of fun, welcoming, helpful, and all around kind. You’re all talented, fantastic writers and I couldn’t ask for a better time to have. I’m putting all of the cuties under the cut so as to not make this post too long, but I want you guys know how much I love and appreciate ALL OF YOU.

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hiiii everyone! i’ve never done a follow forever before and i’ve had this blog for about 3 or 4 years now idk i can’t remember BUT i’ve wanted to make one for so long and i keep seeing them all over my dash so i decided to finally stop being lazy and recognize some awesome people (also pretend my graphic doesn’t suck they are not my forte okAY)

first of all i want to shout out to all my mutuals y’all are so great thank you for putting up with me and my posts that are all over the place :))) even though most of us don’t talk i still appreciate that a lot of you have stuck around since basically the beginning so just know i see u all and love you always


addictedtolarryfanfiction allaboutthatpayne anotherworld-with-onedirection beartomlinson blaminglouis blowmalik boyfriendshirt charlie-bradbury-winchester curlsandstripesxx daddyispayne dilfpayne dimplekisses disinvolve dylanolarry elounever endgamelarry eroticlarry fallingoutoftouch feathersassemble festivelarry gimmeh0ran hallelulouis hashtagbravery hazfuckedlou hecktotheyeah his-curly honestabout-murder horanlord hyper-direction iamascrewdriver iblameditonthenargles ilikefoodandonedirection imdonewithstylinson imstill-paintingflowers-foryou inlarrywithharry irresistibels


katnissxfour knitthecitybones labiam lamestylinson larry-stylinson-for-ever larrylocomotive larrylovebites larrys27tattoos larryswizards latexlouis liamakabatman lost-in—september loueah lounson mypelicanswag77 onlyforstylinson ooeygooeyjessicaaaa our-lads-almighty paynemoments paynopapi phantomhivelouis reealfries s-exotica shipsdreamsandmakebelieve shout-out-lou slutstyless sluttyliam snowflarry spanklinson stylesisjesus stylingag stylinsaurusrex stylinsonhogwarts


thatleafman thatsbeautifulhazza thebigpoppapayno thelourryalmighty theshipofhope too-old-for-liam-payne turnthoran verylarrylike violentism wanderlust-and-nostalgia winterisdefcoming workitloubear worthylou writingforlarry zaynsbrokenheart zjiam 1blck7 5secondsof-louis

ALSO i want to proclaim my love from afar to these amazing non-mutuals. your blogs give me life thanks for being you

adoreliam ayyliam blamemisha giggleshrug hipthrustshoran jawllines jensencockles lirrymalik literallyrad louisasf lourrye manlyliam mochalou neonlarry nudejade oneinagillian playboyliam shinebrightlikeperrie theperksofshippinglarry thirlwaell

thank you all so much for keeping me up to date with what 1d is doing every second of every day and always being there to make me laugh when life gets hard but most of all thank you for letting me feel like i’m a part of something bigger than myself, part of a community that never fails to make me feel like i’m home and something that has been a constant in my life when everything else feels like it’s changing and falling apart

this is more sappy than i wanted it to be and a lot of you are probably like “who tf is that” but just know that i appreciate every one of you and hope you all had a happy, safe holiday and have a fantastic new year ♥

(Original gif credit to 16meets18)

ɹəʌəɹoɟ ʍolloɟ uƃıʞɔnɟ s,ɐɥʇuɐɯɐs

So! I’ve never done a follow forever before, but in honor of 800 followers, i must. First, i’d like to thank each and every one of you! I want you to know that, whether you’re tagged here or not, no matter how long you’ve been following me, i appreciate each and ever one of you sooooo much. From the youtuber blogs to the porn blogs to the one direction blogs to the feminism blogs and everyone in between, you’re all amazing and wonderful, and i thank you for following me.

Now, to the fun part.

We’ll start with my top five blogs. These are people who i’ve been following since time began, who are always in my activity and who like my 4 a.m shitposts. The top five spots go to bonecrushingfeminist, thebestbish, rogueloki, maka-kuroneko, and emilovesyouxp. You guys are tha real mvps, thanks for sticking around through thick and thin.

As for the rest, i adore you all, and again, i truly appreciate you clicking that follow button.

Also, if you’re on the following list, i’d really appreciate if you would reblog this post and let ur followers know that im hella cool and worth following. (but you can also reblog it bc it promos you. whatever reason. (or don’t reblog it at all, that’s totally fine)) (:

here goes!


falling-in-color, 0416ally, between-sun-and-moon, allaboutthatbaessist, alllteensrelate, i-am-batman-shhh, afangirlnamedclaire, doesyourmotherknowthatyoureout, i-dont-even-know25, bethanylee1998, fever-brendon, i-lovemanyboys-sexuallygoddangit, heterophobicgay, brandtronic, itshartsquaredbig, broadcat, heyabs, imactuallythiscool, fever-brendon, burdenthecrowns, bisexualbagel, blunk182, convenient-calamity, david-10inch, beautxful-disasterr, dan-meme, dalekpersephone, hukelemmingsisadork, famoustroye, infatuatedtvlover, aria1012, browlinsky, hotnkole drxnkupbaby distressedleaf


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This list is (very, very, loosely) alphabetical hahah. I plan on following each and every one of these blogs until i die and start a new blog in hell. Haha, just kidding, I’ll follow them even then.

Super sorry if you’re not on this list! I still love you lots. Blow up my activity and you’ll definitely be on my 1,000 follower follow forever.

Anyway, love you guys! (: