first time firebending

I’ve seen a couple of Voltron Avatar AUs, and overwhelmingly the consensus is firebender Keith (which makes sense, considering his element, and the galra) but if I’m going to split hairs here: a significant part of Keith’s character is there’s a lot of his history and himself that he doesn’t know, and I take a little issue with the idea of Keith being overtly raised in the fire nation. 

Now that’s not to say you couldn’t swing it, but consider: 

Keith who grew up in Earth Nation and has always just figured he’s a nonbender because he’s clearly no earthbender. And per canon he’s an orphan so it isn’t as if he can reference with anyone.

Keith who’s kind of the team Sokka except instead of the boomerang guy in the middle of all of these elemental wielders he’s the sword guy for a long time. (and I like the idea of nonbender Coran as well so, hey, solidarity is exciting) and then the first time he firebends nobody is more confused than Keith

Bonus points: Keith even after the revelation forgetting he is a firebender. Several times. “What do you mean we can’t start a campfire?” “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s pouring rain outside. All the firewood I could find is wet, we have to wait for it to dry.” “can’t you just-” “…oh. Yeah. right.”

l-x-ie  asked:

Okie miss, how about Klance aaaaaaannnddd avatar or harry potter au? :3


I faaaaaaaaaaaaailed. I tried. Just take it.

Got to admit, I had fun.

Also, fuck the popo, gimme firebender!lance and waterbender!keith.

Klance + Avatar Au

Keith stares at the small fish that swim around the water bubble hovering barely an inch from his cupped hands.

The teen tilts his head to the side, trying to catch a better view of the green fish that he had caught earlier, and he smiles when a sudden ray from the sun lights up its scales, giving them a more vivid yellow color to them.

He hums quietly under his breath as he admires the fish for a few more seconds before he sighs and lowers his hands, letting the bubble of water to dissolve as soon as it touches the ocean’s waves.

The fish swims away and Keith quickly loses sight of it. That’s okay, though, because it’s going back to where it belongs.

Keith leans back, both hands sinking down the wet sand as he wiggles his feet on the water. It feels oddly homey, naturally, as if he had belong here since the beginning, unknown even by him.

This is why he likes visiting Lance’s family, because their home is the beach, the ocean, and each other. Keith never knew about belonging, not when he had been stuck in one of Republic City orphans until his dads took him in.

He had been five at the time, and he had yet to know what it meant that he could play with water at will. Papa Thace had beamed the first time Keith splashed his hands against the full tub during bath time and proceed to make a big wave with them in mere seconds.

Thace had ended up soaked, of course, but it did nothing to dim his happy shouts and proud smile as he took small Keith into his arms, naked and wet, and went to tell his husband about their water bender baby.

It’s a fond memory to look back on.

Growing up with a pair of fire benders wasn’t quite the challenge as most people would have thought. Sure, it took some times to get the balance and see how both Thace and Ulaz could help Keith learn to master his bending, but they managed.

That’s when Mr. McClain came in.

An old family friend, his Papa had told him back then, when Keith had been six years old and they were driving away from Republic City, going to a small town on the edge of the country. A waterbender, he will help you this summer.

And help he did. Mr. McClain hadn’t hesitated into taking Keith under his wing and helping him get more familiar and comfortable with his bending. They started off small: with short quick visits to the ocean followed by training that would turn into playful water fights on the beach.

It was that summer when he met Lance, Mr. McClain’s youngest son, and it was also that summer when Keith feel in love with fire.

Keith was familiar with fire; his Papa loved to make small tricks with it every night before dinner and Dad would always throw a spark towards the fireplace during winter whenever it seemed it was dimming.

Fire had been a part of Keith’s life as much water was. He knew how it moved, how it felt and how it looked. He knew the danger and the beauty beneath the flames and he knew about the destruction it brought as much as the safe and secure feeling it provided on lonely nights.

But Lance’s fire was an entire different thing, something he had yet to witness.

The first time he saw Lance firebend was a day after he arrived to the McClain’s home. Lance had been training with his mom, a skilled firebender on her own, along with two of his older siblings.

Keith remembers staring at the display for a moment, confusion clear in his face, before he gasped and tightened his hold on his Papa’s hand when the tanned five years old had brought a small tiny blue flame to life on the palm of his hand.

Keith had begged to come closer, and with a fond nod from his Dad and the warm welcoming smile from Mrs. McClain, Keith had lean closer to the small vivid flame on the brunet’s hand.

His Papa had warned him not to lean too close to it, but Keith still did because it was blue. Blue meant cold. Blue meant water.

He remembers the shift Lance’s flame did, blue turning into a soft purple under the sun’s light and Keith was enamored with it.

All too soon, though, it disappeared, and Keith had pouted, sad to see it go.

‘Do it again!’ he had shouted back then, grabbing Lance’s hand and pulling it to his face as if he could reach for the flame on the tanned skin of his palm, ‘Again!’

Lance response had been snatching his hand away and hiding behind his mom’s legs, peeking out of them shyly, staring at Keith with curiosity and a big red blush on his rounded cheeks.

Keith chuckles at the memory, a warm feeling spreading inside him at the thought of the tanned brunet.

“What are you cackling about, Mister?” Someone behind him asks and Keith hums, throwing his head back to stare at Lance upside down.

“Psh, how cute you were as a shy kid.” Keith teases, winking and grinning when the brunet splutters out in surprise.

Keith stands up from his spot, not bothering to wipe away the sand on his legs as he reaches forward to grab his boyfriend’s hand, “Hey, Lance? Do it again?”

Lance blinks, confused for a second before his eyes widen in realization and he rolls them fondly. “Are you ever getting tired of that old silly trick, amor?” he asks, but still squeezes their intertwined hands before lifting up his free one and then a small familiar flame lights up on top of his palm.

“Nope,” Keith replies, eyes turning soft when the blue flame gathers a small flash of purple as the sun sets behind him, “Never.”