first time doing one of these so let me know how i went!

My Story:

I don’t remember the first time I thought of myself as fat, but I’ve always struggled with my weight. I got my period in 6th grade, I was the first of my friends to get it. In jr. high I thought of myself as “chubby” because I was the only one with boobs and curves. In high school I showed too much cleavage as a way of combatting how insecure I was about my body. The summer between sophomore and junior year my mom invested in a nutritionist. We went together every Saturday. We’d sit down with the Dr. and talk about our eating habits and exercise. I truly truly thank my mom for investing in our health that summer because now I really know the difference between what’s good for my body and what isn’t. I lost about 20 pounds that summer. When the school year started a boy told me I was too skinny and had no ass so I abandoned all the hard work I had put into losing weight and gained it all back. After that it was a constant struggle. I was really active in high school, cheer, tennis, and swim, so going off to college and becoming inactive was terrible for me. I gained the “freshmen 15” and then some. Right after Christmas my freshmen year, I got mono and lost 20 pounds. I was so excited. Of course I gained it all back pretty quickly. Sophomore year I joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. The picture to the left was me at our Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi philanthropy. I was 190 pounds, my heaviest and I hated myself. My confidence was at an all time low. When I look at that picture I don’t even see myself, I see a fat slob. Over Christmas break my sophomore year of college I got engaged. Of course I made it my mission to lose weight before I got married, every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. My now husband and I decided to get married a year and a half from when we got engaged so I had some time to really get healthy. Being the procrastinator I am, I floated between 180-185 for the next 16 months, but I gained an eating disorder. Binge eating is no joke. When there was food in front of me, I’d eat it. If I was bored, I’d eat anything and everything I could get my hands on. It was bad, my portion sizes were pretty much how ever much of that food I had within arms reach. I crept back up to 190 in May of 2016. That next month, June, I came home for the summer and began my weight loss sprint to the finish line. Our wedding date was set for Aug. 6th so I had about 6 weeks (give or take a couple days). I invested in a personal trainer (Sweatprettyco, look her up on Instagram, she’s amazing), cut out dairy, sugar, and all unnatural carbs. By unnatural carbs I mean I didn’t eat bread or pasta or crap, I still ate the carbs from fruit and veggies. I also went to see a Dr. and was prescribed 2 months of phentermine. Phentermine gave me a lot of energy and took away my hunger. At the beginning it was hard to eat at all. I’d work out in the morning (I’ve never been a breakfast person) go to work right after, get home at 4 or 5pm and realize I hadn’t had a single bite to eat all day. It wasn’t until 6 or 7pm that I’d start to get a headache from not eating all day. It only took about half a week for me to figure out how to fit small, healthy meals into my schedule. Once I figured out how to balance everything I started dropping weight fast. My stomach shrank so small portion sizes actually filled me up. I then realized that I had had an eating disorder. It actually took being proscribed a weight loss medication for me to figure out that I needed help. Just to clarify, phentermine isn’t a weight loss magical pill. It supported my weight loss, but I still had to put in the work to get where I wanted to be. I went out two separate times before my wedding (one being my bachelorette party) and ate and drank without holding back. I honestly had a great summer. My fiancé and I were apart most of the summer so I got to really focus on myself, my friendships, my family, planning my wedding, and just being me. I lost about 15 pounds that summer but gained back a couple pounds of muscle. I was 175 on my wedding day and I was more confident then I’ve ever been in my life. I truly felt beautiful and wanted. I came to terms with myself. The picture to the right was me at my bridal party, the weekend before my wedding. After the wedding, Adam and I went back to school to begin our senior year of college. It’s winter break now and I’ve kept off the weight. I’ve been seeing a personal trainer but my body hasn’t changed much because I’m not watching what I’m eating. I’m doing just enough to stay the same, still eating absolute crap. You see, living with a boy is hard. Adam is tall and muscular. He can eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound. He’s in the fire/paramedic academy so he’s very physical. He gets home at night and we go out to eat. Every night. It’s bad, really really bad. But I feel like I’m using all that as an excuse! I have no self control! I need to figure it out! I did so good this summer, I just need to get back into that frame of mind. I’m going to keep seeing my personal trainer next semester, but I’m also really going to focus on my eating. I’m student teaching from January 9th, 2017 to the beginning of May and I think since I’ll be on such a strict schedule with teaching and work, I can really plan out my meals and snacks for the day. If I can just stay ahead of the game and eat right, I will drop weight quickly. I know I will because I’ll be doing everything right! I’d really like to get a Facebook group together to motivate each other. A small group of girls from anywhere in the world, just motivating each other and keeping each other accountable. I want a group of girls that will actually be disappointed in me if I fall off the wagon. If this sounds good to you send me a message. I’m kind of reaching out to the fitblr/fitspo/fitfam community. I need you guys. If my story sounds familiar or motivates you, maybe motivates is the wrong word… If my story does anything for you, let me know! I’ve honestly never written it out before like this, so it might sound choppy or confusing, but it’s real, it’s me and I need all the help I can get this semester. So let’s do this together, starting January 1st, new year new me right? Let’s start 2017 off with the right eating habits, working out 4-5 times a week, and being the best versions of ourselves. Sound like a plan?


and yet again I try to draw cool shit but cant decide what to go with in the end

also dont let yourself be fooled by the art bc here’s what I think abt it: this can be fucking hilarious

so heres a list of hcs aka a list of things I might have to draw sometimes later bc its ass oclock rn and I gotta travel tomorrow but this is rly good AU why is organization-type AUs so good

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Park Place (5/7)

Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: One cuss word. A little bit of angst I guess? But there’s still some cuteness in there too :)

A/N: Yay! I finally got my crap together and wrote everything out, so now you know exactly how many parts are left! Since this series is almost over, if you’d like me to write some more stuff in the down time before I post another series (I have the first part mostly done), send me requests! And, if anyone reads this, how do people feel about the possibility of smut, whether in one-shots or in a series? I’m just nervous to post something with it in case it sucks. Please let me know!

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @lilasiannerd @feelmyroarrrr @barnesfuckedmeup @andhiseyesweregreen


 When you went back to the Avengers tower to see Bucky, you were welcomed by the others, too. Once again, you had brought more cookies, since they were such a hit last time.

         “Everyone agrees that we’re hiring Y/N to make us cookies, right?” Sam asked as he shoveled three into his mouth.

         “Hey, I’m broke, I could use the money,” you admitted. “Glad you like them so much.”

         Bucky welcomed you with a hug, which you reciprocated immediately. You two were growing closer, and you were a bit scared of your feelings for Bucky – with who he was, it would be no normal relationship. But at the same time, wouldn’t it be? If you two wanted to be together, shouldn’t that be the only thing that mattered?

         But you shook your head, pulling yourself out of your thoughts. You didn’t need to think about that now. You turned to see Wanda look knowingly at you. You’d have to talk to her later, as she was getting to know you, too. The girls were much better confidants than any of the boys. The moment you’d tell Steve, you’d suddenly find yourself standing in front of Bucky with him knowing your feelings the next. The man couldn’t keep a secret when it came to things like that.

         You and Bucky went upstairs to his room, where you both sat down on his bed to talk. You noticed Bucky seemed a bit distant, and you decided to bring it up.

         “Hey, are you okay, Bucky?” you asked, placing a hand on his arm.

         He sighed, and looked to you. “We got called in for a mission, in South America. I’ll be honest with you – I tried to get out of going, tried to offer up replacements instead of me to go so I could spend time with you, but Fury wouldn’t have it. They… they need me. At least Steve does.”

         Your face paled a little, but you couldn’t be shocked – this was their job, after all.

         “When do you leave?” you asked.

         “Saturday morning,” Bucky answered. “If all goes well, we should be back by Wednesday.”

         You took in a deep breath, and let it out, nodding. “Well, bring me back a souvenir.”

         Bucky smiled, but it was forced. “I don’t want to leave, doll. I’d much rather stay here and run with Lola and learn more about you. But I have to go.”

         “I know. You have to go be a super soldier,” you said, nudging him lightly.

         “Mr. Barnes, Y/N, your presence is requested in the living room,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang out.

         “Who wants us?” Bucky asked.

         “Mr. Stark and Mr. Rogers, sir.”

         “All right, if it’s not just Tony,” Bucky grumbled, standing up. He helped you up, wrapping your arm in his right one, leading you downstairs to the living room.

         You separated before you got there, not wanting to look too conspicuous. Wanda winked at you, and you tried to hold back your smile.

         “Oh, hey, Y/N. I have a quick question,” Tony said, turning to you.

         “I’m not going to like this, am I?” you asked hesitantly, looking at Steve. He shrugged.

         “I’d maybe give it a listen,” he said.

         “We all know I always speak pure amazingness, so yes, you should listen. As Manchurian candidate probably already told you while you two were canoodling, we’re all off on a mission. That would leave the tower empty, and I hate for it to be lonely,” Tony said. “That’s where you come in. You’d stay here while we’re gone. You don’t even have to do anything – just sleep here, maybe enjoy some of the thousand amenities we have. And your pooch can stay here too, if you keep her off the couches. And we’ll pay you for the extra gas money it takes to commute, and just for what you’re doing.”

         “You’d pay me to house-sit?” you asked. “Except it’s not even house-sitting – the damn thing can take care of itself with all of the technology you guys have here. Why do you need me?”

         “Come on, Y/N,” Steve spoke up. “It’s just you staying here for less than a week. You come here so often anyway. Our guest wing is very comfortable.”

         “‘Guest wing?’” you repeated, your voice a few octaves higher.

         “Okay, another reason for you to stay,” Sam interjected. “It sucks to return home to an empty house. It’d be nice to have someone here to come home to. Maybe with some baked treats if she feels so inclined.”

         You rolled your eyes, but Sam’s idiotic comment did tug at your heartstrings a little.

         “Yeah, you get to welcome your soldier home,” Tony joked. You blushed, tossing a glance to Bucky, who was trying to hide a smile.

         “I don’t know,” you sighed. You looked around at all of the people looking at you, all of them seemingly wanting you to do this. They were all basically giving you the ASCPA look, way stronger than any standard puppy dog eyes. Your resolve crumbled when you saw Bucky, a soft smile on his face formed as you looked at him, and you noticed the faint rims of tiredness around his eyes.

         “Okay,” you muttered, barely even audible. “I’ll do it.”

         “You’re the best, dear!” Tony exclaimed, and pulled you into a sudden hug. Steve followed next, and eventually you were passed on from Avenger to Avenger until you reached your favorite, Bucky. His hug was obviously the best.

         Friday night, you drove back to the tower with your duffel bag filled with all of the stuff you needed, as well as Lola in the backseat.  You were settling in the night before, so you didn’t have to worry about unpacking while saying goodbye at the same time. Bucky came out to help you with your bags, and he surprised you by bringing you up to his room, not the guest wing.

         “You can sleep here,” he said. “My bed is way more comfortable than the guest wing’s.”

         Slowly, you nodded. You were only a few months into knowing him, and here you were moving in, even if it was just for a few days.

         You went into the bathroom, changing into a pair of pajamas. When you came out, Bucky surprised you by being in a chair pulled up beside the bed, his ankles crossed on it as he leaned back.

         “What are you doing?” you asked him.

         “Sleeping,” he replied. “I’m not going to make you sleep in the chair, doll.”

         You rolled your eyes at him. “Well, I’m not going to either. You can sleep in the bed, Bucky.”

         “Doll, I don’t want to have you—“

         You crossed your arm, raising an eyebrow at him. He did the same, and there was a ghost of a smile on his face.

         “You can’t win this, Y/N,” Bucky told you, his eyes glaring playfully into yours.

         Sighing, you shrugged, grabbing one of the pillows. “I guess I’ll just sleep on the floor. I mean, if you’re not going to take the bed, I’m not going to either.”

         He sighed. “Doll—”

         “You can’t win this, Bucky,” you repeated his words back. He rolled his eyes.

         “So what, you want the chair?” he asked you.

         “No, obviously not. I was thinking we could share the bed since we’re both so stubborn – it’s certainly big enough. I-I mean, if you’re comfortable with it.”

         Bucky’s eyes widened for a moment before he cleared his throat. “Only if you’re comfortable with it, too.”

         “I obviously am if I offered to share it with you, dummy. Now hurry up and get settled.”

         Bucky smiled, and stood up, pushing the chair back to his desk, lifting up the covers to climb in on the other side of the bed. You scooted in next to him, keeping a respectable distance between you as you flipped off the light. But the room was a bit cold, and you could feel the warmth of his skin radiating underneath the covers and next to you, and you wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against him.

         He broke the silence first. “Do you mind if I—”

         Knowing what he wanted, and smiling at the fact he wanted to as well, you both moved closer together, you resting your head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, drawing you closer. He pressed a featherlight kiss on the top of your head.

         “Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

         The morning came way too early, and you ignored Bucky’s suggestions of just going back to sleep, as you wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Especially him. You had gone and gotten feelings for an Avenger, and you knew it was going to be difficult, even if you never told him.

         After getting dressed, you sat back down on the bed, watching Bucky pack his things. He started putting on all of his tactical gear, and you shook your head in disbelief as you watched him.

         “How do you deal with that many buckles?” you asked.

         He laughed and shrugged in response. Once he was packed, he stepped up to you. “Listen, Y/N, I… I wanted you to have this.” Bucky pulled out a small band from a pocket in his vest. Grabbing your hand gently, he dropped it into your palm. You turned it over, examining it. “It’s a communication device. It taps into mine, and mine only, so we can talk without the others hearing in. I promise I’ll contact you at least once a day, no matter what.”

         You smiled, relieved at the thought of being able to contact Bucky while he was away. This would certainly ease your mind a little, being able to ask him how everyone was doing, or how the mission was progressing.

         “Thank you,” you muttered, clipping the band around your wrist. You reached up, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, pulling him into a tight hug. “Please stay safe, okay? You’re the only one Lola loves the most besides me.”

         Bucky laughed as he wrapped his arms around you as well, squeezing you lightly. You wanted nothing more than to just stay here forever, to keep him safe here. To stay with him. “I won’t leave my favorite girl,” he responded.    

         You rolled your eyes, being glad he couldn’t see your sarcastic response at him saying Lola would be who he would miss the most. But Bucky reluctantly pulled away with a sigh, and kissed the top of your forehead. “I’ll talk to you later, doll. We’ll be back before you know it.”

         You somehow knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.

The Game

@sleepingupsidedown <- I blame you for this one
-First off let’s get one thing straight Pidge doesn’t drink because A. Underage and B. Doesn’t like the taste of alcohol so they are the DP (designated pilot)
-Hunk has the best alcohol tolerance and barely ever gets drunk but when he does the kindness skyrockets as if that’s even possible, more hugs, compliments, and he lets everyone know that Lance is his best friend/ brother, and the paladins are also his family but he and Lance are hella tight
-When Shiro gets drunk he becomes a stuttering mess who tries and fails to flirt with Allura, but no worries because he never remembers it in the morning, and he doesn’t really get that terrible of a hangover
-Allura is magnificent in many things but being able to tolerate alcohol is not one of them. She is known as the lightweight™, and she relaxes more and just has a good time with the fam
-Coran is just a mess, he can’t do proper English or any language for that matter (it’s also how the team learned that Coran speaks and reads about 25 different languages fluently and can speak another 5 but it’s slightly more broken and he’s working on it) but he also sobers up really quickly
-Lance and Keith are a different story altogether, it’s like they switch personalities while they’re drunk
-Keith becomes really outgoing, uses wonderful one liners that almost gets him layed many times(but he always says he can’t but thanks the people for offering) how the world may never know, he also becomes a shit post generator. So really when you think about it Keith has 3 levels of drunk and he never remembers anything in the morning
-Lance however gets hit hard by his homesickness, he stops making jokes, he wanders to the edge of the group, starts making excuses to leave in his head, and smiles falsely, hides his hurt whenever he sees Keith flirting with someone and succeeding, because he wishes he were in those alien’s position
-Lance is never able to forget those nights, and each time he grabs a drink he promises he won’t become introverted and every time he succeeds at first until he spots Keith with someone else then it’s game over
-One night while they’re at a neutral trade planet and everyone is enjoying themselves especially Pidge because the others are oh so amusing
-Allura is the first one to go down and starts to laugh openly more and more
-It keeps progressing until everyone but Pidge is drunk, and suddenly Keith suggest they start a game
-Whoever gets the no nonsense bartender to exchange numbers, names, and a promise to talk, will receive whatever they wish from one of the players
-Pidge is immediately determined the judge, and the game begins
-Coran goes first and all he receives is the bartender asking if he wants a shuttle called for him which offends Coran, so he walks away back to the table and claims he is din (read as done)
-Allura goes next and while she’s relaxed and happy, she and the bartender just don’t really click, they would defend one another and not insult the other because girls from every planet should have each other’s back, but that doesn’t mean you really need to be friends so Allura thanks her for her time
-When it’s Shiro’s turn, he’s doing really well until he takes one look at Allura and causing him to apologize to the bartender and telling her his heart belongs to another and he didn’t mean to lead her on
-Shiro decides that he WILL tell Allura about his feelings tomorrow, and writes it down (he does remember, and Allura gives him a dazzling smile and tells him she would love to be in a relationship with him)
-It’s Hunks turn but when he’s on his way to the bartender he gets distracted by this other girl and he just starts complimenting her make up because that obviously took time and girl the winged eyeliner is on point
-And then the girl and Hunk spend time discussing how she applied everything giving him tips Hunk prepared a shopping list in his brain because he’s down to try make up because damn that eyeliner tho
-With Hunk basically dropping out it’s up to Keith and Lance, Keith goes first
-Keith starts off by making jokes and flirting with the bartender which immediately obliterates any chance he had at winning, knowing when to cut his losses he returns to the group
-Lance had seen Keith flirting with the bartender and he found he could no longer hold the fake smile and he stopped making commentary about the game and just sat back dreading walking up to the stranger for the game, he considers dropping out but he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself
-Lance then goes up to her, and the first thing he does is apologize to the poor bartender for all the shenanigans
-And he’s sorry he will be wasting her time and then the next thing he knows is telling he everything, from his homesickness to his feelings for the man who never remembered his name, and how even though he know he has everyone he can’t help but feel alone at times, like he has no one to talk to
-By the time he realized what he’s done he starts apologizing to the bartender surprised to find her smiling at him
-She then proceeds to tell him that it’s okay, her favorite part of her job is to hear people’s stories
-She let’s him know her name is Mel, she asks to exchange numbers because he is not alone, she will be there for him and beside she wants to her updates about the group’s antics and his possible relationship with Keith
-Next thing Lance knows he has a new friend/confidant and he has won the silly game
-So he puts on his fake smile and announces he won, receiving cheers from his friends
-Lance finds it to be too much and excuses himself to go to the bathroom, once he is washing his hands Keith walks in and claims that he always knew Lance was going to win the game
-He had felt it in his bones because who wouldn’t like Lance, Keith then claimed he tried, but ended up falling for Lance
-Lance is too shocked to react and Keith just casually walks out as if what he said was casual and normal
-When they ask Lance what he wants since he won the challenge he looks panicked for a second, which prompts Pidge to jump in and tell the group they should wait for tomorrow when they’re all sober, that way Lance can make a sound decision
The next day
-Somehow Lance manages to wake up before everyone else, only to find Pidge tinkering away with their computer
-Pidge straight up attacks Lance with questions about what happened last night
-Because Lance knows he owes Pidge for saving him yesterday he told them about Mel and then the confession from Keith if you even call it that especially since Keith becomes a big flirt with everyone and maybe he didn’t mean the falling for someone in the same way as others seeing as he doesn’t usually get things that aren’t literal
-Pidge slaps Lance in the face
-Tells him how the pinning has been going on for months and Keith never said anything because he felt guilty for not being able to remember Lance
-And how sure Keith flirted but he never went through with it and it was mostly just harmless, so go get your man™
-Later when Lance finally feels confident enough to talk to Keith about it he goes looking for Keith
-Once he finds Keith, Lance wonders if he should tell Keith and Keith asks him if he knows what his price will be for winning the game (Pidge told Keith about the game and NOTHING ELSE because that’s up to Lance)
- So Lance then decides what he’s going to do
-He asks Keith if he meant it, did he mean it when he told Lance he’d fallen for him and if by the he meant romantically
-Keith gets so red and flustered but he unmistakably says yes how could I not fall for you
-Lance then grabs Keith and starts kissing him only to stop when they hear the others cheering
P.S. Mel totally sent an audio message of her squealing when Lance told her

I Think I’m In Love - Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: You meet the Red Hood while out on patrol, and after working together you begin to date. A look into the beginning of your relationship, engagement, and a little surprise at the end.
Relationship: Jason Todd x reader
Warnings: none

This is my first Jason x reader so let me know how you like it! This will be a series! Also, prompts are more than welcome:) Enjoy!
(Part 1) (Part 2)

When you had first teamed up with the Red Hood it wasn’t planned, but somehow the night ended in success. His methods were questionable, but so were yours. Somehow over the next few weeks you found him at your side mid-fight more so than you would’ve expected, but you didn’t mind it. You found it funny how one second the Red Hood is screaming and cursing out the bad guy and the next he’s dropping one liners and making bad puns. He made you laugh, something most people couldn’t really do.

As time went on you could tell he was flirting more and more, and you couldn’t lie, you were flirting right back, until one night it came to a front.

“Doll, why don’t we hit up that Chinese take out place we stopped the robbery in the other night, then I can show you one of my safe houses?”

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i just went to the gym and worked out for the first time in a reeeeeeally really really long time (like. i’m talking years since i properly exercised) and i am FEELING it let me tell you but i also forgot how happy exercise makes your brain feel, wow :’) i know it’s dumb but I just had to tell you guys bc joining a gym and then actually going has been something i’ve been super anxious and insecure about for a long time and I’m kind of proud of myself for finally fuckin doing it, i can’t wait to be hot af with my one-pack abs lmao

Life Update

So, it feels like I should let you all know how things have been going on with me, especially since I’ve been very busy and have hardly had time to myself without some required task hanging over my head. 

First of all, I recently went through some difficult emotional hurdles involving family and friends (and schoolwork!). There was a lot…painful learning experiences and tears were shed, but when looking back at hindsight, it’s added wisdom to one’s life :)

Second, I’m well into my second to final semester in college and am currently in the process of outlining and writing up my thesis draft after an entire semester of preparation and a month-and-a-half long experimentation period. I still need to do some serious data crunching and analyzing, which has been quite difficult to be honest. But thanks to my adviser’s guidance, I’m able to look at them from different angles. 

Unfortunately, it does not seem like the amount of work is going to light up. While I’ll still have the usual lab reports to write and exams, this time I’ll also be doing three special projects that are essentially like mini-theses, and these have to be done within the next two months from preparation to final write-up. The good thing is, they’re all group work so hopefully it won’t be as stressful.

Next, if you haven’t heard yet, I’m officially part of @project-ml​ as a scrub member (artist). That’s definitely going to be fun and quite a learning experience if I may say so myself, *wink wink* @wintermoth​.

So, while I’m glad you guys haven’t been bugging me, I’m just letting you know not to expect a lot of art updates in the next few months, and I’ll also be wanting to continue with It’s an Effort, maybe expand the story of my Married AU, develop my new OC Richie, and finish my commissions (which by the way, are still open. Kinda need that push to draw nowadays, to be honest)

Pining Shiro PLUS the Black Lion’s opinion on sheith

A couple weeks ago I asked for some writing prompts and a couple of you sent in pining!Shiro and the lions opinions on sheith. I merged these prompts together to save time and I think it worked out pretty well. 

EDIT: I added a line because I thought of it when I posted it here on AO3

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nooly’s quotes and notes

while on vacation, i reread the second half of the king’s men and highlighted and took notes! here are some of my favorites

“It was hard to hear them over the noise from the stands, especially when Rocky Foxy the mascot went by.”

?? who is this and do they come to every game?? what does the mascot suit look like?? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

“A fight was coming; they all knew it. It was just a toss-up as to which player snapped first. Surprisingly-or not- it was Andrew”

on one hand, goalies fighting seems unlikely, but on the other hand it is andrew. how many fights has this kid gotten into before? what fights does he get into in the future? just!!!!

“‘Would it kill you to let something in?’

‘It almost did last time’”


“Neil wouldn’t live long enough to understand all the broken layers of Andrew’s sexuality, but he at least knew better than to be offended by the dismissal”

ok like i’m so emotional over the fact that neil actively thought he was going to die and just accepted it. it’s the little times like this that turn my gut because i am reminded that neil will, in fact, live to get to understand andrew completely, and be the only one that truly does. the first time this quote was sad to me, but knowing the end, it makes you happy to see neil’s turn around

“‘I’m asking you to help us,’ Neil said. ‘Will you?’

Andrew considered it a moment. ‘Not for free.’

‘Anything,’ Neil promised, and stepped back to take his place in line again.”

I am astonished that at this point neil still thinks that he means nothing to andrew like boy, how do you not see it.

“He didn’t know what he was looking for. Andrew looked as he always had, and Neil knew his face as well as he knew every iteration of his own. Despite that, something seemed different. Maybe it was the sunlight streaming through the window, making Andrew’s pale hair shine brighter and his hazel eyes seem almost gold. Whatever it was, it was disorienting. A wordless question buzzed under Neil’s skin, leaving him restless and out-of-sorts.”

this is super funny to me because neil is like “he didn’t know what to look for” and then says HE KNOWS ANDREWS FACE SO WELL. LIKE DUDE, you have feelings. that’s exactly what you’re looking for. you’re trying to see why you have feelings for andrew and proceed to say “i knew his face better than my own” which is something you only say about someone you have feelings for. this boy. ‘somehow i see the face that i know the best and make out with sometimes and wonder why i have feelings’ like my dude, you’re finally catching on. a+

“He’d promised the Foxes they weren’t going to lose any games spring. For once Neil didn’t want to be lying”

compare this neil to tfc chap 1 neil… you will be astonished. he’s come so far :,)

(i also had a bunch highlighted from the scenes with lola because i forgot how terrifying they were but i don’t want to post like 5 quotes about torture so)

He didn’t want to think about this, didn’t want to feel this, so he thought about the Foxes instead. He clung tight to the memory of their unhesitating friendship and their smiles. He pretended the heartbeat pounding a sick pace in his temples was an Exy ball ricocheting off the court walls. He thought of Wymack holding him up in December and Andrew pushing him down against the bedroom floor. The memories made him weak with grief and loss, but they made him stronger, too. He’d come to the Foxhole Court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real.”

this part just makes me emotional because if you campare him (again) to the beginning of the series, you’ll cry at the character development he goes through

“It was the look of a man made ancient by his players’ tragedies”

honestly, wymack is a saint and one of the best characters in the books. is there bonus content as to why he designed the foxes the way he did (i honestly couldn’t remember while reading and need to check still)

this is a two parter starting with when neil is with lola:

“He traced the outline of a key into his bloody, burnt palm with a shaky finger, closed his eyes, and wished Neil Josten goodbye”

and later when andrew tells him to leave nathaniel behind:

‘I told Neil to stay,’ Andrew said. ‘Leave Nathaniel buried in Baltimore with his father.’ … He traced Andrew’s key into his skin with a bandaged finger. ‘Neil Abram Josten,’ Neil murmured, and it felt like waking up from a bad dream”

i’ve always seen and recognized the importance of the key in neil’s life, but in this context i can really feel his connection to being neil and having a home in andrew and his trust. laid out together, these quotes really parallel each other and help me see me see the solidification of neil being neil. it also gives me the idea that this becomes a comforting gesture to neil, to draw a key on his skin with his finger and aligns with the headcanon that neil gets a key tattoo.

“Neil punched him—a terrible mistake in retrospect, as he ended up half-crumpled over his screaming hand… ‘Fuck you,’ Neil said in a voice like gravel. ‘Walk away while you still can.’”

honestly, he is just the most dramatic of them all, i cannot stand it.

“Kevin’s going to retake his spot on Court before he graduates”

this is interesting, and also something i haven’t seen being talked about. what year does kevin play on court when he’s with the foxes? is it just an unofficial ‘you’ll be on the team’ or does he actually participate? if he does, does that mean that neil and andrew play for court when they’re still at PSU? something interesting to think about

“This was a shootout years in the making”

this was during the first time andrew plays kevin at night practices and i just want to point out again how neil is so dramatic about exy. sometimes i forget that he is obsessed with exy and then he says shit like this and i am reminded

“He saw his future in every shot fired and deflected, every point stolen and thwarted, and he could barely breathe through his excitement.”

again, this serves as the best reminder of how goddamn obsessed neil is with exy. like i know it’s important that andrew is finally playing and giving a shit about exy but dude, seriously?

“Wymack clapped his hands at them and said, ‘Let’s go!’

‘Foxes!’ they roared in response, and the starting line-up headed for the door”

do they do this chant before every game? (i mean i love it and hope they do). do they have other lengthier chants they do? did dan come up with a bunch of chants when she became captain to be able to pump up her team? (she totally did).

“Pissing Riko off right before such an important match was as stupid as it was exhilarating”

this quote embodies the spirit of neil josten.

Okay, let’s do this.

Two very unlikely teams. Also, the first trio has the same expressions. That’s not a good sign.


This would totally happen and you can’t tell me otherwise.



It probably wasn’t a Prada bag, I guess




Next time, share your butter.

At this point I think Germany went back to that coffee incident


There can only be one fabulous hairstyle, Netherlands.

i’d say something about how he should be prepared but i’m not gonna be that mean


*insert joke about pirates not knowing how to swim*


Norway and Finland are the only nordics left, because THIS MAKES 0 SENSE. Also ELIZAVETA DIED SOMEHOW???


okay not gonna lie this is nice


nobody can tell me this isn’t hella accurate




Good job, Francis.

The grandpa couldn’t make it


The one where Antonio was too much of a ball of sunshine and wasted his chance to save everyone (YES I KNOW I MADE HER A MALE, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT)

sorry to break it to y’all, but roderich you already had a pretty big fire going on


If your brother takes your boyfriend, you date his friend

apparently roderich really wants to be the only fabulous one here. Poland better run.




he’s been doing that and fishing for like 2 days. lukas gives 0 fucks.

alfred chill they’re probably talking about my little pony or something


No more pasta, everyone is doomed


when the frickle frackles did it start snowing for a lake to freeze



i’m pretty sure this game is switching roles on purpose

half of them died because people tried to kill finland

i’m pretty sure he’s just gonna be humming mozart but okay


Rest in Prada


hoe dont do it



When I was dating, a trick I used to do was to not pay attention to what a man said to me, but rather the questions he asked me. A lot of men know how to be a smooth talker. And a lot of men know what to say to get you impressed. But a man that asked about me, more than just what’s your name/sign/ what I do for fun, and wanted to genuinely know me was more of a sign than anything else
It was one of the things that stuck out to me about my guy. After our first date I went home and realized I’d talked about myself more than I’d ever had on any other date. More than half the date was him asking me questions on my opinions on books and church and my plans and my job (at the time) and things like that. The way he was so interested in me made me open up. And the way he remembered details about me from that conversation even weeks later let me know he was genuine.
Just wanted to give a heads up, in hopes that it helps you orient how you see the men who pursue you.

I have been wanting to do this for the longest time. And I have done it.

I actually ran through this once so the screenshots I’m posting are from my second run through, let’s see how it all went down.

I don’t know why but this is hilarious to me.

That is low, Alex. That’s actually really low.

Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones…

….Harvey. You’re a doctor.

The faces make this so much better for some reason. 

That face is also accurate. Don’t worry buddy, I would be too.



Once again the pictures make these situation hilarious. I’m a horrible person.

Friggin RIP.

Y’all have these murders going on and then there’s Sam. Picking berries.



Fun fact, in my first runthrough, Vincent had his head smashed in on a rock by Penny. I guess this is his revenge…

BTS Reaction When You Teach Them How To Ballroom Dance

Hi! Sorry! I want to apologize that this is so late, You have been so patient with me and I am so grateful, so I really hope you enjoy this one

“Uhh, princess… You know I’m not that good at dancing”
“I know, but let me teach you pleaseee” You pouted at him and he gave in instantly. You taught him the steps first. Then you showed him how it went. He was mesmerized by your moves. They were beautiful and graceful. Without knowing, his arms snaked around your waist and he tried dancing with you. “Yeah you’re doing great Jin!”
“Well, you stepped on my feet a couple of times, but other than that, you’re doing really well!”
“Ah.. Sorry about that”
“Let’s try again, I think you’ll like this dance”

Originally posted by eatjin

“You’re really good at that baby” He says, watching you and appreciating you from afar, “Really?” You pant, catching your breath. You held out your hand to him and he looked up at you confused, “Want to try?" 
"R-Really? I won’t be good.. I might knock over something”
“I’ll teach you, come here”
The both of you danced around. He got the steps quickly but kept on tripping over his own feet. You noticed how hard he was trying for you, and you decided you would reward him later.

Originally posted by vubbletae

He would walk in while you were practicing. He quickly caught on to your steps and started shadowing you. You noticed his actions and stopped the music. “Aw jagi, why’d you stop the music? I was enjoying myself” He pouted. You walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him smile. “I could tell. But, how about you dance with me instead of behind me?”
You didn’t need to tell him twice as he turned the music back on and quickly grabbed your hands, “I wish you could be my dance partner, Jimin”
“Who says I can’t?”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

He would be more one to watch than to join. He appreciated and acknowledged every move you made. The graceful and effortless way you danced around the room. On the inside, he wanted to try it with you. But on the outside, all he did was just smile while he held his songbook in his hand. “Do you want to try Yoongi?" He snapped out of his trance and he looked up at you, "What?”
“Would you like to dance with me Yoongi-bear?” You smiled, playfully kissing his cheek. How could he say No? You were completely irresistible to him, “Okay”

Originally posted by hugtae

“OOoHhOOOoOhh Jagi let me dance with you!!” He said excitedly. Bouncing around the room you finally grab his hand and pull him close to you. He looked straight into your eyes and you were starting to get flushed, “Ah my Jagi is so cute!” He says, giving you a tight hug, “Tae! I’m trying to teach you! You said you wanted to learn!” you pouted at him. He looked at you lovingly before giving you a sweet kiss, “Maybe later, My Jagi is too cute for me to handle right now, and I need to have my moments with her” he smiled

Originally posted by hellosarang

He would be like Jimin. He would get your steps easily. He still found it beautiful the way you danced around the room. It looked effortless, But him being a dancer, knew how much work you put into this. He smiled at you before joining you. “Wha? Hobi? I didn’t even teach you the moves yet!”
“Don’t worry Jagi, I already got them while watching you for the past 5 minutes”

Originally posted by hob-e

“You’re really good at this” You jump when you hear his voice behind you, “Jungkook?? How did you get in here?”
“The front guy let me in.. So” He said, walking closer to you, “Is this what you do when I’m not here?” you blushed a bit before nodding. “That’s amazing! I didn’t know this part about you! You never told me you were a dancer”
“Well, Now you know”
“Yes I do, And, I would like to join you” he held out his hand, “Shall we dance?”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

~Admin Luna O3O

Second time’s a charm too (maybe?)

(Your POV)

11:50 pm

He did it again. Just like last time, he stood me up. I should’ve seen it coming, and for someone who knows how deep his love for his tailoring job is, believing him for the second time around was a stupid choice to make. So, after trying to not cry loads over it, I proceeded to take my cute dress and an hour’s worth of make-up off. I drank my favorite tea, and went to bed.

1:00 am

A weird thudding sound from my window woke me up from my dreamless sleep. At first, I chose to ignore it, but the noise only grew louder, and this time was followed by a, “Pssssst! (Y/N)!”  immediately letting me in on who it was.

With an eye roll, I begrudgingly stood up and opened my window.

“Eggsy? Its one a.m. in the morning! What on earth are you doing here?” I whisper shouted.

“What about you, love? Why on earth ain’t you dressed up?” He said as he shot me a confused look.

“Oh I don’t know love,” I taunted and mocked him, “maybe you stood me up?”

He smirked. “Yep, that was the plan, getting you to think that was what I did. Now, get out of your jammies and get your cute little ass- self, I mean self, out here.” He checked his watch, “You got twenty minutes.”

“Are you serious right now? I honestly can’t tell.”

“Yea, nineteen minutes!” he called.

Fifteen minutes later, I was in a huge light pink T-shirt, a pair of black leggings, and some flats. I decided to just apply a light brush of face powder since its night time, and left my hair down. ‘Stupid Eggsy and his ridiculous ideas’, I thought. When I stepped out of the door, I was greeted by a very smug looking Eggsy under a streetlight across my road, leaning on a black Ducati.  

The corners of his lips turned up as he walked over to me for a hug.

“I know I’m late love and I’m really sorry I got caught up at work, graduation season y’know, store’s filled to the brim with costumers and we had to keep up. But, this was really my original plan anyways. Shall we?” he offered me his right hand.

“Where did you get this from?” I asked as he handed me a helmet and somehow helped me up while starting the outrageously gigantic morotcycle and said, “Boss knew ‘twas about time to go impress my girlfriend again and lent me this baby.”

“’Yknow, it’s so weird to see you in just a shirt that your usual suit and tie attire” I told him as I hugged him from behind while he drove.

“Hmm, want me to change into that?”

“No! I just said it felt new to me. That’s all. Where are you taking me?” I asked as I noticed us slip from civilization.

“Ah ah ah, love. That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

A few minutes later, Eggsy followed a trail that led to a forest.

“Is where you’re supposedly going to kill me?” I jokingly asked.

“No love,” I could practically hear his smirk, “this is where my surprise lies.”

He slowed down and helped me off the bike. I no doubt looked so confused since he whispered,

“Look behind you.”

As I did, my heart melted at the sight. There were series lights everywhere that lit up the comforter with tons of pillows that served as a makeshift bed, a basket of food, my favorite song filling the air from the little speakers he apparently brought with him.

“Eggsy”  I whispered.

“You like it?” I pulled at his shirt for a kiss.

 “No, I love it.” 

He then pulled away and walked up to the pillows, offered me a hand, and then said, “Well, come on then.”  

“Wait, what are we gonne do here aside from eat? There’s nothing here.”

“Oh but there is, love. Look up.”

Stars filled the sky. So was my surprisingly love-filled night.


 A/N : this is my first one shot ever, so if its not as good, please bear with me. Feedback would be nice! I also accept personal/anon requests. Byeeeeeee!


fun fact: the Popodyssey tour was my very first pop concert and I went with my best friend at the time. I was 8 years old and she was 7 years old. JC was my favorite. Best fucking night of my child life.

I may or may not still know the dance for Bye Bye Bye or I Want You Back. I had everything NSYNC from being in their official fanclub, CDs & one cassette tape, posters covering every inch of my wall, the games, the VHS tapes, the magazines, the puppet dolls, the lip balm, and so forth lol. Good god, I’m so old.

P.S. *NSYNC was & still is better than BSB.


“The word enough is a monster for me. I don’t know how anyone ever feels that they are enough: successful enough, smart enough, pretty enough, healthy enough. I got so scared the first time I decided to say, “I am terrified of not being enough.” And what came back tenfold, women who identify, women who sympathize and women who experience all of that was mind-boggling to me. We are so in this together. And that helps. A friend said to me, “Let it be enough, whatever you did today. You went on a two-mile run and you didn’t do a circuit-training workout? Who cares? Let it be enough.”

- Sophia Bush

Happy birthday Sophia Bush!! 💕

When I loved a hurricane boy,
when my teeth couldn’t get enough of his fists, she was the first to wipe the blood from my chin. 
When I didn’t love anything at all and I went searching for the darkness somewhere beneath my skin, 
she was there with the bandages, trying to heal me again. 
She never lets me stay broken for long. She’s got a quiet voice and soft hands that have never held my porcelain bones too tightly.
Even when she’s hurting, she stays. I know she’s always there. 
She knows how to fix the ache in me. She knows which lullabies push the darkness away. 
With her, it’s okay not to be brave.
When I am tired, when the cold has seeped into my veins, she holds me.
When I need help, I know I’m not alone in this world.
I can always call out her name.
—  The Girl Who Saved Me by Auriel Haack
Jealous of a Captain (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Request: You may have already don’t this but can you do a fix where the Winchesters and Y/N meet the Avengers? Cap starts to like/flirt with her and Dean overhears and basically gets in this crazy fight and Y/N calms Dean down and she goes on a rant why she is sorry. But Dean shushes her by kissing Y/N for the first time. No smut but heated make out? Lot’s of fluff, jealous Dean and fan-boying Sam! (Let’s just say Sam LOVES Marvel) I love yoU!!💕  @wh0narwhals

A/N: I loved writing this! I’m not sure how the kissing part went as I’m not so experienced in writing that sort of stuff so let me know what you think!

Word Count: 3031

Warnings: Kissing? 


“I saw the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man daddy!”

A young boy tugged at his fathers sleeve as he jumped up and down in excitement. Those names were something you heard often enough, little boys and girls cheering on the superheroes that protected them from the aliens in space while hunters kept low and tried not to let people know about the supernatural world. If you were completely honest it did bother you a little how these so called Avengers acted like they knew everything about anything. Not the demons. Not the things that make children afraid to open their closets. Not anything that lurks in the shadows. If they had to face most of the things you hunted you were sure they would be out of their depth.

As you rounded the corner you saw Dean leaning against the impala. You never told him but you did have a bit of a crush on him. It wasn’t a big deal, it never got in the way of hunts but you did wish that if you told him he would feel the same way. It wasn’t easy having to hide your feelings especially when Sam and Cas knew as well. It seemed like the only person who it would affect the most was too blinded by the girls in bars that he constantly flirted with to even notice that someone truly loved him and not just for his looks. Sure, he was a very attractive man but it was the simple things that you loved about him too.

Everyday you saw him flirting with those other girls and taking them home and it usually took most of what you had to keep it together and not cry. You saw the looks that Sam and Cas would give you when they saw the tears begin to prick at your eyes. They almost pitied you and you most certainly did not want their pity.

You knew how to handle yourself, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be a hunter. You were quite well known among hunters and not just because you travelled with the Winchesters and their angel friend. You were a great fighter and you never missed your shot. You could use practically any weapon, a gun, a knife, a bow and arrow, if you can name it the chances are you can use it. Your father never wanted you to be raised into the hunters life but after he dies you were left to your mother. She was one of the best women you knew and she taught you everything you know. Sure it wasn’t the best life she could have you living but she gave you plenty of opportunities to get out of it. You didn’t want out. You wanted revenge on the thing that killed your dad but you weren’t getting very close to it either. Your mother died not too long ago, the talk among the hunters was that it was the same thing that killed your father but you couldn’t be sure. Every time you got close to something it was like all the information you had disappeared. Someone clearly didn’t want you knowing what did this to your parents.

You joined Dean at the side of the impala and saw Sam and Cas sat inside. These boys were your family now.

“Ready to go?”

You arrived at the bar very quickly and as you moved inside you couldn’t help but feel something wrong. The minute you sat down Dean had already found someone to get the attention of. She was a redhead and very pretty. She didn’t seem like the usual type Dean would go for but there’s a first time for everything. You heard a mix of their chatter and laughter. It was all you could focus on, how couldn’t you?

It was all you could focus on until your eyes caught his. He had short blonde hair and something about the way he looked made you want to smile. When he smiled at you there was nothing to do but blush. It was perfect. But then again you still had Dean on your mind. Could you really forget him while he was always there ready to steal your heart right back.

Sam and Cas noticed the man you were looking at. Maybe it was time that you moved on. It wouldn’t be easy for Dean to stop flirting with other girls but then again, for you he would practically drop anything. It just so happened that the only reason Dean flirted with other girls was to forget about you, he didn’t have the confidence to tell you how he really felt and it didn’t make a lot of sense why flirting would help. It didn’t really.

You moved to sit next to the blonde man who introduced himself as Steve. He was very easy to talk to, he seemed like a nice guy but he was a little shy when it came to talking to girls. In fact he made a point to apologise for that which only made you laugh. You felt like a schoolgirl again, that was how it felt when you first began to fall in love with Dean. There he was again.


You tried to push any thought of him out of your head, something you were getting more successful at once you began to sink further into conversation with Steve.

“Cas? Cas, oh my god look who Y/N is talking to,” Sam almost squealed with excitement. Cas frowned and tilted his head to the side a little.

“I am not sure I understand why you’re so excited, he is a good looking man and appears to be quite old.”

“That’s because it’s Captain America! He got preserved in ice.”

“Sammy stop going on about those damn avengers will you.” Dean came over with a frown set deep into his face. Clearly his charms hadn’t worked with the red headed girl.

“Well it’s hard not to when they’re sitting right over there. Not to mention the fact that Y/N is over there with Steve Rogers and you were trying to hook up with none other than Black Widow.”

Dean gulped and his throat went dry. You were talking to another guy? Steve Rogers? And he was flirting with Black Widow? How could he let her go? But that was the least of his worries. If he had learnt anything from Sam’s constant rambling it was that Steve Rogers was the nicest of the nice guys and even though girls would constantly throw themselves at him he would always be loyal. He huffed and slid into the seat next to his friends and every so often glancing in your direction only to catch you laughing with the man Dean knew would be great for you.

“So Y/N, what do you do for a living?”

The dreaded question, it was bound to come up sometime or another. You just had to make something up quickly enough.

“Oh well I work in my families business,” you said casually.

“Do you like it? The family business I mean.”


“What’s keeping you there?”

Your mind flickered to Dean. You had done so well at keeping all thoughts of him at bay but it clearly wasn’t enough.

“It’s family, it’s all I’ve ever been brought up to do.”

In all honesty you didn’t really want the night to end. Seeing as it was the most you had laughed in a long time you were very happy. When Steve had to go you saw a whole group of other people with him. You were so immersed in the conversation that you hadn’t noticed who he actually was although if you had you might not have pointed it out as you didn’t want to ruin anything.

“So Y/N, Captain America huh?” Sam teased as you went to sit back down next to your team. You smiled to yourself as you remembered everything.

“Shut it Sam.”

“Yeah, can we go?” Dean grumbled. His sudden change in demeanour took you by surprise, sure you had been gone for a little while but usually when Dean had been with a beautiful woman he is all laughs and smiles. You dragged yourself from the table and out of the bar before seeing it. Something hiding in the shadows took you by surprise. It looked human. He had long black hair and a headpiece that was golden and looked like… horns? The light made it difficult to depict.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here. Y/N. Pretty little Y/N. I remember your fathers screams just as much as I remember your mothers. That was a while ago though, how having you been coping?”

You threw your fist straight into the mans face.

“How dare you!”

You swung your leg into his stomach and he stumbled back a little but not before he grabbed it and pushed you to the ground.

“I can promise you that nothing you have ever killed is anything compared to me.” The words rolled off the mans tongue and you could feel the anger rising within you. You kicked your leg out just as he walked forward which sent him down to the ground. You now found yourself hovering over him with your knife pressed to his throat.



Dean, Sam and Cas came running towards you when they finally left the bar and you saw that another group was running to you from the alley behind you.

“Y/N let him go,” Sam said but you stayed put.

“He killed my parents, I’ve wanted more than anything to kill this man since the moment I knew they were dead. You expect me just to let him go. Do you know how hard it was to find anything on him at all let alone have it all lost countless times.”

“You can thank SHIELD for that one,” he smirked and you shot him a death glare.


You heard Steve’s voice behind you and you turned your head to see him standing there surrounded by all the other avengers. Immediately you felt a little embarrassed about what you had done. The first guy you met that you actually liked you go and mess it all up by being what you are. A hunter.

Sam pulled you up and you stashed your knife back in your coat.

“Well, looks like Capsicle here got himself a fighter,” Tony said, you recognised him from TV. You could almost swear you saw pride flash across Steve’s face before he smiled gently at you.

“Yeah I guess I did.”

As you walked back up to the impala you heard footsteps crunching into the ground behind you. You turned to see Steve jogging up to meet you.

“So the family business huh?”

“Technically it is,” you let out a breath and then laughed awkwardly.

“So, I really enjoyed meeting you tonight and maybe we can do it again?”

“Well, the business requires me to travel a lot,” you began and your voice was laced with disappointment and you also saw this on Steves face, “But here’s my number just in case.”

“Come on Y/N we need to go,” Dean shouted from inside the car.

“I’ll see you around?”


After a long drive you got to the bunker and Dean was clearly in a bad mood. He slammed the car door and made sure you all got into the bunker before slamming that door too. The noise made you wince. Before he went to his room you heard his grumbling something about a stupid captain. So that was what it was about. He was annoyed that you spoke to Steve. He probably just hated the fact  that you could get Captain America but the Black Widow rejected him.

It took a lot for you to go and knock on Deans door. You knew he was angry but someone had to talk to him sometime and you just assumed it would be better to do it sooner than later.


“What do you want?”

“Just let me talk to you, please.”

He pushed the handle down so the door was open but he let you push it yourself, he was obviously to annoyed to be able to open a door. He could be so childish sometimes. Dean looked at you expectantly as you didn’t speak once you had entered you room.


“What is wrong with you Dean? Something had been up since we left that bar and now you won’t talk to any of us.”

“I’m talking to you now aren’t I? And I’m sorry I can’t be in a good mood all the time, not all of us are able to live life with happiness.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me about happiness. Don’t you dare act like you aren’t the only one in this that has lost both their parents. Don’t you dare act like I don’t live just as miserable life as yours.”

“For god’s sake Y/N, you just don’t get it, I just, seeing you with him, with Steve. I don’t know I just hated it.”

“Oh no, you have no right to talk to me about that. How do you think I feel every time you take a girl back to your room. I’ll tell you how I feel, like I don’t mean a thing to you. Are you so caught up in your own little world that you can’t see how in love with you I am. So no don’t talk to me about talking to another guy because for once I thought that I might be happy with someone but you were still there Dean. In my mind you were still there because I am hopelessly in love with you. So I’m sorry I made you feel that way, I’m sorry if I caused you pain but I don’t have to apologise without an apology from you.”

“I’m sorry Y/N, and I love you too.”

And then he crashed his lips onto yours. It was full of passion and longing to do things you had never done before but in that moment it was all you could do. The way your lips moved together in total sync was perfection. You threw your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist. You smiled into the kiss knowing that this was what you both had wanted for a long time. Dean began to move his hands up and down your back and your hands got tangled in his hair, neither of you really knew where this was going but you thought in the moment and it was all you needed to do. Soon enough your back was up against the wall with Dean pressing himself closer to you. His hands travelled their way to your waist again as he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him. He carried you over to the bed before gently laying you down and kissing you again. This time his lips found their way to your neck and shoulders. He made sure to make his kisses as gentle as he could before he finally returned them to your lips. You moved your hands over the fabric of his t-shirt that clung to his skin tightly and clenched it into your hands. His t-shirt was something he soon removed letting you gaze upon his chest and it was a sight you could definitely get used to. You pulled him back down needing to feel his lips on yours once more. When you pulled away, his green eyes stared into yours with your breaths becoming heavy. He collapsed onto the bed in the space next to you and you moved to his side where you snuggled into him. He draped one arm around you after you placed your head onto his chest. You felt his lips place a soft kiss onto your forehead. You smiled at the feeling and then let sleep take over.

When you woke up in the mornings you felt Deans arms wrapped around your waist and you could feel his breath on the back of your neck. It was all perfect and you knew that every morning would be made that little bit better as the first thing you would see when you woke up would be him. You got out of bed slowly so you didn’t wake him and made your way downstairs to get yourself a glass of water.

It wasn’t long before Dean joined you downstairs. He wrapped his arms around your waist from behind and you leant your head back so you could see him. His green eyes were still bright in the morning and they seemed to shimmer in the sunlight that peeked through the window. It was calm. You hadn’t forgotten about the avengers but every time you heard their name now you didn’t think of how they got the recognition you never did. You thought about how without them you wouldn’t be with Dean now. Steve had rung a couple times but you had to tell him about Dean, you couldn’t not tell him but as it turned out he had found someone too.

“So you and Dean?”

Sam’s voice pierced into the silence and you face him. He must have gone out but he explained to you how he had gone to tell Dean where he was going but found you too sound asleep next to each other. You wondered how that must’ve looked to him after the argument he might’ve heard last night, but to you it turned out for the better so you tried to forget all about it. Nothing is ever easy with the Winchesters though so it was better to just cast anything bad aside.

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Well I’m glad the both of you finally decided to admit your feelings for eachother.”

“You knew! You should’ve said something.”

“Oh come on, like you would’ve believe me. It’s you and Dean were talking about here.”

He smiled to himself and he walked out of the room and you couldn’t help but smile too. You liked the sound of that. You and Dean.

Ok so here’s the thing, I was going to shopping for groceries but I felt the need to write this here.

I was just verbally abused on instagram by some italian girl because I posted (ages ago) two drawings with her notps.

Let me get straight to the point: you don’t do that.

You don’t go comment others’ drawings with harsh comments or try to attack or verbally abuse someone if they post your notp.

First of all, they are FICTIONAL, I cannot stress enough that these things DON’T EXIST. It doesn’t matter how much better your otp makes feel you or if it sole existence saved your life. They don’t exist. They will never be real and in this specific case THEY WILL NEVER BE CANON. Nor mine neither yours.

While I myself usually don’t care about attacks on these things (and you know that better than me), because how sad and lonely can it be if you even find the time to go and comment two old drawings of your notps anyway… the fact that really makes me angry is that how can someone not realize that behind that account, that drawing, that otp/ship thing there is another human being?

How can someone decide that yes, their fucking otp is more important than someone’s feelings? Thing is that this person went and comment everything they could find in my account with her notps and harshly commented them wit things like “xxx should stay with this (insert some really disrespectful religion cussing I don’t even know how to translate) or “you fucker I’m sick as fuck of (the ship/you xxx shippers) xxx should stay with xxx” 

To be honest I just answered calmly with sass because what the hell I’m 25 years old I can’t get angry over things like this. But I stopped for a moment thinking about the whole things. Did I deserve that? No. I just drew whatever I wanted and I liked. I have the freedom of drawing whatever I want since I do it for free and I even do everyone the favor of posting it online so we can all enjoy our fav pairings together. Did this person had the right to do the thing? No. Because I didn’t do anything harmful. I didn’t hurt their feelings (not in a threatening way and not on purpose), they were just throwing a tantrum and bitching because oh my god it’s my notp!11
Now. I am the first one who ships a lot of rarepairs (and, let me tell you, this person wasn’t shipping a rarepair, it just happens that the ship I like is more popular than hers, but even with this, what the holy shit stay calm) and I know how it feels when you’re surrounded only by your notp shippers, fanarts and so on.
But I never, NEVER, once in my life, not even when I was an angry and stupid 16 years old, went and insulted or attacked the shippers or, WORSE, the artists and writers that created things of my notps. 

Here’s the thing, people: you don’t ship a thing, and that’s okay. We all have notps and I am an actively nonshipper (I complain about my notps in my private accounts and all by myself), but just DON’T GO HARASS AND ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE IF THEY SHIP YOUR NOTPs. 
Just remember that a few lines on a piece of paper aren’t worth your harsh words. Just remember that behind the drawing or the fanfic there is a HUMAN BEING. That has feelings, fears, otps, notps, fav shows, fav food, friends and family just like you.
And you wouldn’t want be attacked for the things you ship. 
So don’t do that to others.
Because while I am perfectly capable to ignore this and go on with my life, there are people with anxiety problems (different than mine) that can be greatly affected by your childish comments about THEIR WORKS, their HARDWORKS they maybe spent hours or weeks on them or just their otps.



This summer I got a call from my friend Max (a crazy talented producer and videographer) to spend some time working on a video project. It was fast in and fast out—six videos shot in maybe just one day. Ten recipes total. Yowza. Video is new to me, so I went in super excited to learn and ready to work hard. The team taught me an incredible amount, and ate SO MUCH of the food that I made (apple crumble! sauerkraut! strawberry margaritas! pickles!). Over the next weeks, I’ll be sharing some of those recipes here on the blog (with video components over at HGTV Gardens!). First up: Let’s talk mezcal. And apple cider. And rosemary.

Truth: I had no idea how much my feet could hurt after a 16-hour day on set, but I do know how delicious these cocktails tasted when it was all over. Seeing as this is the first cocktail ever on K&C, you might have gathered I’m not a big drinker. But when I do drink, my liquors of choice are tequila and mezcal.

Read more, watch the video, and get the recipe here!