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So this piece got very far away from me. It’s well over my aimed 1,500 words for a drabble. This is my Day Four AU Piece for @everythingisklaroline KlarolineAUWeek. It’s a College AU. 

           Caroline glared at her phone and the text from her best coworker/friend Rebekah, not only had she bailed on her shift forcing Caroline to spend what should have been her easy middle shift, training. But! The girl who had taken Bekah’s shift was a fucking ditz who refused to listen to her. As Caroline glared at her phone, she was mildly happy that at least if she was getting shafted at least Bekah was on a date. Turning her hundred-watt smile on the customer who was walking in she slipped her phone into her back pocket.

           “Hi, Welcome to the Union Café, how can I caffeinate you today?” she said her voice faltering slightly, he was hot. Just then Vicki walked over from the storeroom. Caroline turned slightly and her eyes went from sunshine blue to ice in a second. “Hey Vic, could you please refill the pastries, I can handle the customer.”

           “Sure Care, if you need help, just shout,” she said while openly checking out their customer. Rolling her eyes Caroline turned to the man in question.

           “Apologies, what can I get you today?” she asked her smile slightly less bright.

           “You’re alright luv, I would like a large English breakfast with some milk. Oh! To go if you don’t mind,” he said fishing his wallet from his back pocket. An English accent seriously, Caroline just nodded as she started going through the process of brewing his tea and fishing the milk from the small cooler under the counter.

           “You’re far from home,” she said smiling trying to make some form of conversation.

           “Ahh you caught the accent did ya?” he smirked and leaned on the top of her counter looking at her.

           “You know my ears work pretty well,” she said pouring the milk in over the tea bag before turning to the register, “that’ll be two-fifty.”

           “Seriously that cheap for a to go cup of tea?” he asked his eyebrows raised as he handed over the crisp five-dollar bill.

           “Well we live to shock and amaze.” She said smiling at him as she handed him the corresponding two-fifty in change. “Have a great day.”

           “I hope so, my sister is having me meet her inept American boyfriend and I’m supposed to suss him out for mum and our brothers.” He shook his head and looked back at her. “Apologies you don’t want to hear about my plans, thanks for the cuppa.”

           “No problem-” she paused as the clues fell into place, “holy cow, your Nik! Bekah’s older brother!”

           “You know my sister?” he asked turning back to look at her eyebrow cocked again.

           “Well we work together here, have been since Freshman year. We’re both in the event planning and public relations major here. Plus, she’s mentioned you a few hundred times, and the rest of your family of course.” She felt the heat rising on her face as she realized she was officially rambling.
           “So that would make you Caroline?” he asked holding out his hand which she quickly shook while nodding.

           “Yep that’s me, Caroline Forbes. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

           “Well luv, it’s been a pleasure but I have a boyfriend to scare and a sister to annoy. Have a great afternoon.”

           That was the end of a rather awkward and stilted conversation, Caroline nodded mutely while cursing her luck. The first guy that she was mildly interested in post-Tyler Fiasco and he was related to her best friend. Making him officially off limits. Groaning Caroline pulled out some wet wipes and got to work cleaning the counter and all obvious surfaces. At least, Kat, Elena, and Bonnie would get a kick out of this later when she went back to their  apartment.

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jkamron-13  asked:

Anything you'd like to hint at for the future?

When I’m just trying to work through potential ideas or get some quick initial sketches down I’ll often just throw together a bunch of stuff on one page.

Nothing is promised, though…just thinking stuff aloud as it were!

Hey guys! 

I opened a poll on twitter for which todobaku AU I should write first. 

I’m trying to write 986958454 fics last minute for rarepair week and these two AUs in particular are going to be rather long, so I probably won’t have time to finish both for the event lmao So if you want to, please vote for which AU you’d like to see first! 🙏


On his terms, or not at all.
I will be your hands, Adam thought. I will be your eyes.The Raven Boys

Adam Parrish | Photography
Characters, The Raven Cycle © Maggie Stiefvater


Kol Mikaelson in every episode (TVD 3x19 Heart of Darkness)

anonymous asked:

(1/3) Hi! it's WTTB anon again. Oh yes 10Dance, I loved that manga it was hilarious, but you see, there even if the female characters are in the shadows at least they have their own personality and opinion, i loved the relationship between the latin american dancers. But yeah I agree 100% with what you say, it could have been actually the anime of the year and for many people it will be, but for me it has a lot more misses than good points.

(2/3) About the animation it’s so disappointing because for the most part it actually looks amazing, the facial expressions and close ups are so detailed but the anime it’s about dancing! We NEED to see the dance, not just how people react to it. And this is where I bring YOI again, because it may have a wonky flow, stills and copy paste sequences but they sacrificed top tier animation for content! As you say the music and choreographies were specially commissioned for each character,

(3/3) here in WTTB we barely know what defines each dancer style. And about the treatment of the female cast I know that in the manga there’s a character that breaks a lot of rules and actually speaks for herself, I might actually go and try to read the manga again but I still think that what’s done is done and having one good female character doesn’t erase the fact that they treated horribly the rest of them. I mean even in HQ!! The female characters are presented better.

Hello again anon! i completely agree! Even though the female partners in 10 Dance had very few scenes, they were treated with a lot more respect than the girls in Ballroom even though the plot sort of spin arounds them (or which dude gets to dance with them at least). By the way I’m glad you bring up YOI because even the producers of Ballroom acknowledge that YOI’s level is what they’re aspiring to achieve in terms of portraying the dancing, so at least they seem to be aware there is a problem (they just haven’t figured out how to fix it I guess???) I’m also glad you’re bringing up Haikyuu because indeed, the girls there ALSO have more agency and are treated with way more respect even though they have little to no protagonism. It’s specially glaring because Shimizu and Shizuku are so similar personality-wise and physically, but Shimizu is her own person with goals and does her own shit while Shizuku gets passed around like a rag doll. 

Which brings me to the reason I wanted to hijack this ask: Episode 8 was HORRIBLE. So horrible I wanna dissect every single mysoginistic scene of it and I had to rewatch the whole episode because fucklord there were so many of them I couldn’t possibly remember them off the top of my head.

The episode opens with Tatara watching Gaju and Shizuku dancing and being amazed at how good they are, except…

If this framing doesn’t perfectly encapsulate Ballroom’s attitude towards women I don’t know what does. We’re looking at a pairs sport performance, with the POV character commenting that the pair team he’s looking is really good, yet, the frame ONLY SHOWS THE MALE. This is in the first three minutes of the episode. Shizuku is completely invisible. This is particularly puzzling because the dialogue is clearly talking about both of them, but whoever storyboarded this singlehandedly decided that Shizuku doesn’t matter, that it’s only Gaju who’s talented, that’s why our gaze is being directed at him and him only.

Further proof that Shizuku doesn’t matter: Even her own (former) partner doesn’t pay attention to her, and instead focuses on this one newbie dude. I’m gonna come back to this later, because Sengoku and Hyodo continue to be the biggest offenders in treating Shizuku like crap.

This right here: Hyodo just walks past Shizuku without even sparing her a glance, not because he’s mad about her “betrayal”, or god forgive, remorseful for being a dick to her: he just doesn’t care.

Honestly this whole scene is so many levels of fucked up. And I’m gonna drill this again later, but Shizuku has to listen to her own former partner, whom she obviously still cares deeply for even though he hasn’t apologized for not telling her about his injury, tell a fucking beginner that he has to defeat her.

Of course on paper this part of Hyodo’s advice sounds very nice, Hyodo telling Tatara to take Mako into consideration and “be a frame” or whatever. There’s one problem though, and I’m gonna move the focus away from Shizuku for a bit:

He never, ever even once addresses Mako. Even though the goal of the competition is that Mako surpasses Shizuku, Hyodo only ever talks to Tatara. He tells Tatara that he has to make Mako a better dancer, invalidating Mako’s own prowess as a dancer. Mako is supposed to be a professional with years of experience under her belt vs Tatara who’s been dancing for like three months. Yet it falls completely on Tatara to “make Mako better”, as if she had no input or participation in the dancing -again, a recurring theme in this series.

In fact, although this arc is about “Mako blooming”, no one but Tatara (and occassionally Gaju) ever acknowledges Mako is even there. Sengoku never gives her any feedback or comments on her performance, I don’t think he talks to her directly at all. Marisa too, only speaks to Tatara (incidentally she’s one of the few characters to actually speak directly to Shizuku, but that’s a minor salve). Mako herself barely talks in the first half of the episode, and her participation is limited on commenting about Tatara or bringing water for Tatara. Heck, even Gaju ignores her in favor of mocking Tatara. There is nothing to show us that she’s doing anything during the dancing except letting Tatara do his thing and looking pretty and worrying when he starts having problems.

So anyway, Hyodo tells Tatara to become Mako’s frame, never even looks at Mako in the eye, then leaves. It’s all up to Tatara, again, Mako is pretty much invisible. You could entirely remove her from the scene (and maybe 90% of the episode) and it would be pretty much the same thing.

Again, Mako is standing right behind him, but Sengoku only calls on Tatara, because it doesn’t matter if Mako sees the scores, what matters is giving Tatara a moment of man pain.

The only moment Sengoku acknowledges Mako is when she talks about how they spoke on the phone, and immediately his eyes go back to Tatara for a “comedic” “lolol ur in luuuurv” tease

Near the end of the episode we finally get a scene about Tatara and Mako as partners instead of just Tatara and what Tatara has to do, and it brings us this most awful flashback about how Mako’s partnership with Gaju fell apart

This is yet another thing that is so fucked up I can’t even begin to describe it. This flashback really only serves one purpose: although it’s supposed to set up Mako’s indecissiveness and her surge of determination, the way this is framed is basically telling us one thing: It’s Mako’s fault that Gaju treats her like crap. He just wanted to be a good partner to her and she was too indecissive! What was he supposed to do? Be nice and treat her like a decent human being? I guess Ballroom can check off Victim blaming from its list of mysoginist things it has yet to do. Hooray!

Back to Shizuku now, we have a moment in which she and Tatara have a sort of conversation about this whole shitshow. And I feel so bad for Shizuku here because she knows literally everyone is rooting for her to lose (except Gaju I guess). Anyway the script finally gives Shizuku a chance to speak for herself in regards to this mess, and this is what Tatara tells her:

Firstly, again it’s implying Shizuku is just a trophy to be passed around with no will or agency of her own. It’s also quite rich to be trying to excuse Hyodo’s garbage attitude towards her: first he keeps her in the dark about his injury (I guess his manly pride was more important than their partner trust), then he onesidedly decides to hand her off to Tatara in that bullshit “take care of Shizuku scene” which sparked all this stupid Gaju drama, then fucking ignores her just to tell the newbie guy to defeat her without ever apologizing for what he did???

This is the script putting the responsibility on Shizuku for all this mess, once again waiving how it was Hyodo and Sengoku’s assholiness what drove her to change partners, invalidating her very well justified anger and pretending Hyodo and Sengoku never did anything wrong. HEY TATARA WHY DON’T YOU TELL HYODO TO TALK TO HER HM? IT’S. HYODO’S. FUCKING. FAULT.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, at the end of this exchange, when Shizuku is about to have her crowning moment of glory to show her competitive drive and her pride as a dancer…

Her entire fucking character is reduced to exist only for Hyodo’s sake. She doesn’t dance for herself, it’s for Hyodo. That’s it, that’s all her character and her personality boils down to. She wants to impress Hyodo and that’s her motivation. Her individual pride that was briefly shown in the previous episode is completely cast aside, now everything’s about Hyodo, again.

And thus, both our main heroines are vilified and blamed whilst their borderline abusive partners get off the hook. 

And now let’s make the obligatory call on Marisa because before she’s said 10 words, the storyboard reduces her to this:

There’s not a lot to analyze. She’s supposed to be a super elite guest judge, but the writers don’t really show us her judgings, her breasts are more important. Later on in the judges room, it takes half the scene for her face to even be shown, our first three shots of her are boob-first, even when she’s talking


Of course, instead of actually pointing out the sexual molestation, she “playfully” bats his hand away hurr durr isn’t sexual harrassment hilarious.

Even though she’s a much more condecorated dancer than he is, she’s degraded by the storyboard to look and act like armcandy or an escort.

Let me stop in this judges’ scene please because right after this disgusting exchange, the dude brings up Gaju and this is what the filler judges comment:

He was extremely good, she’s just cute. A doll, a trophy a pretty thing to parade around. Once again, Shizuku’s dancing is invalidated and she gets reduced to being pretty. Then they bring up Tatara and…

Yup, it’s all about him. Mako might as well not be there. I know Tatara is the protagonist so he’s supposed to be the one that is so unique and so special but I repeat THIS IS A PAIR SPORT. It can’t rely on just a single member doing all the heavy lifting, otherwise the pair wouldn’t be considered a good one. Even team sports series like Haikyuu or Yowapeda have understood the importance of teamplay and making every member of the team crucial in victory, yet here the girls are invisible or unimportant 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% it’s to reaffirm that their entire lives revolve around the guys and that they’re at fault for everything that happens, not the guys that have treated them like shit.
Reluctantly Reinstated - Chapter 1 - Penstrokes - Captain Underpants Series - Dav Pilkey [Archive of Our Own]
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Finally started on the retired superhero!Krupp fic

it’s just the prologue for now but I’m hoping to rotate between the existing CU fics I got and the BOM fics I want to start

I don’t know which villain from the books to bring in to fight Retired hero!Krupp

suggestions are welcome (I’m guessing it’s going to be at least 90% Pippy)

“Sticks and Stones” Part 2

A/N: I’m glad people like the first part! This is my first solo three shot. It’s easy for me to write about bullying since I have been the victim many times as I was growing up. I just want everyone to know that if you have ever been bullied or hurt by someone you ever loved, you’re not alone! Though this is purely fiction and Minhyuk is a sweetheart, I am definitely writing with my past experiences in mind. Enjoy! ~ Gaishō

“Sticks and Stones” - Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 

You’re freaking out. Minhyuk just messaged you and you have to say something back without being a complete weirdo. Once more you check to make sure it is indeed his real profile and sure enough it is. He has over 3,000 friends on Facebook. Yep, that’s him.

Your fingers just sit on the keyboard of your laptop and don’t move. Suddenly the bubble with ellipses pops up and he messages you again.

Facebook chat:

Minhyuk: Too good to talk to me?

You: No! I’m sorry… I was just surprised you would be talking to me.

Minhyuk: Why’s that, huh?

You: Well, I’m… A nobody lol. You’re the most popular guy in school.

Minhyuk: Don’t be silly. I like everyone.

You: Everyone… Except me.

Minhyuk: Oh, stop! To be honest, I think you’re the prettiest girl ever.

You: You’re kidding… Right? Someone put you up to this. I know it.

Minhyuk: I’m not kidding at all! I promise. You’re beautiful and I actually wanted to ask you something…

You: What? What is it?

Minhyuk: Not on here. I want to ask you in person. You know. Face to face. I want to look into your eyes when I ask you my question.

You: Really? Okay. Um, maybe at lunch then?  

Minhyuk: Yes! I can’t wait to see you at lunch tomorrow. Bye ;)

You: Same! Bye bye :)

Your mouth completely drops. ‘There is no way that just happened!’ Pacing back and forth in your room you think about the messages. You couldn’t believe it so you went back to your laptop to see that they were real. You read them over and over again making yourself dizzy.

You smile to yourself like any other teenager struck with love. Immediately you start picking out an outfit for tomorrow. ‘Maybe he’s going to ask me out on a date!?’ You stop for a second.

Doubt starts to fill your mind. You know he is insanely popular and could get any girl that he wants. Something didn’t seem right to you. You shake your head and continue to sift through your closet. ‘It’s possible he see’s something in me.’

You laid your clothes out for tomorrow and headed for bed. Barely able to sleep you tossed and turned at the thought of what Minhyuk might say to you. Maybe for once, you won’t be the underdog. You smiled at the thought of his posse of girls watching Minhyuk sweeping you off your feet.

Morning finally came and you shot up with so much energy you would have thought you had just been reborn a whole new person. You put on a cute floral patterned shirt that would show a little cleavage and some nice tight leggings to make your butt pop.

You applied a little bit of makeup, but not too much; just simple winged eyeliner and a light red lipstick. Sitting in front of your vanity you start to worry and pick at your fingernails. You’re still unsure if all of this was really real.

Once more you read over the Facebook messages between you and Minhyuk and you let out a big sigh. All of a sudden you hear your mom yell at you from downstairs, “Y/N! You haven’t left yet?” You realize what time it is and it’s way too late for you to walk to school today so you have to try to catch the bus instead.

Just making it to the bus stop in time you get on and see a couple people glare at you. “Did mommy pick out that outfit for you?” Someone rudely utters to you. You roll your eyes and keep walking to the next available seat.

As you sit down you feel completely sick to your stomach. ‘They could be right. I probably look so stupid right now.’ The bus ride felt unusually short today. The tires screech to a stop and everyone starts to get off. You can’t go back now.

With each passing hour you felt more and more anxious to meet with Minhyuk. You also just realized you never asked if you should meet him somewhere specific or if you were to join him at his usual table. The anxiety started to make you extremely nauseous.

You ran to the nearest bathroom to get yourself together. A few girls walked in as well. “Oh, would you look at that. Y/N all dolled up today. Who you trying to look good for, huh?” The girl picked at your shirt and you slap her hand away.

“Honestly, it’s really sweet you take the time out of your day to run your mouth about me and constantly stalk my every move, but even a girl like me needs some space.” You smirk at her.

“Whatever, stupid bitch.” They all leave.

You look into the mirror and see a different person. An overwhelming feeling of confidence took over you. ‘I’m going to tell Minhyuk how I feel.’ You nod to your reflection and head out.

The bell rings and finally it was lunch time. Since you were so focused on trying to look good today you forgot to pack a lunch. So, you went in line for some hot lunch and took your tray out to the lunch tables.

You stood still looking around trying to find Minhyuk at his usual table but he wasn’t there. People were trying to walk around you so you decided to just sit down at an empty table and wait for him.

Though you couldn’t even think about eating any food, you didn’t want to look dumb just sitting there. Your tray consisted of broccoli cheddar soup, milk, and a cookie. Your nerves were so high you just grabbed whatever you knew that would calm you down.

Minutes start to pass and then eventually half the period was already almost over. ‘Where is he?’ You look on your phone and see if he might have messaged you on Facebook and he didn’t. You anxiously look around for him and still there was no sight of him.

You start to fidget with your fingers and realize what was going on. ‘Minhyuk stood me up!’ Just as you were about to get up and leave you see Minhyuk in front of you.

“Oh! M-Minhyuk! I didn’t think you were going to come…” You slowly sit back down and your cheeks were suddenly flushed.

“And miss your gorgeous face? Never.” His face glowed and he smiled at you! The one and only Minhyuk smiled at you.

“S-so, w-what did you want to ask me?” You stare straight into his soft eyes. Slowly you start to realize that the cafeteria was growing quieter and quieter as everyone’s eyes were on you and Minhyuk.

Your heart starts to race. ‘Why is everyone looking at us!? What could be going on?’ Minhyuk grabs your hand and asks for you to stand before everyone in the cafeteria. Dead center.

“Y/N, you’re everything a guy wants. I know this is last minute, but would you be my homecoming date for tomorrow’s dance?” Everyone gasps and so do you.

“Y-you’re joking, right? You w-want to take… ME!?” Your eyes glistened. ‘Is this for real?’

“Yes, my dear. Close your eyes, I’m going to kiss you,” he says sweetly to you.

You close your eyes and puckered your lips. But, you start to hear faint giggles around you. Before you could open your eyes to see what could be going on, you felt something hot being poured all over you.

Minhyuk was dumping the broccoli cheddar soup all over you! Then he grabs the milk and pours that over you as well.

“Awww, don’t cry over spilt milk!” Minhyuk said so sarcastically.

Standing there in shock you look around to see that everyone was laughing at you and a bunch of phones were pulled out recording you.

“W-what… I thought -” you choked on your words and tears started to fill your eyes. You turned around to try to run away but you slipped on the puddle of soup and milk. 

The cafeteria burst into hysterical laughter. Minhyuk slowly walks over to you and nudges your body with his foot. 

“You thought what? That I would ask a girl like you out? Please. You’re nothing but a stupid slut.”

The words pierce your heart. You quickly grabbed your things and ran down the hall. Hall monitors tried to stop you, but you ignored them.

Laughter faded in and out as you passed several students. You ran out the front doors of the school and continued to run. Not for one second did you stop running.

You ran all the way home and immediately jumped into the shower. Standing there naked you let your body slump into the tub. You let the hot water wash away the soup, the milk, the tears, and the shame. Pulling your knees into your chest you continued to cry.

“How could have I been so stupid!” You yell to yourself. Letting the tub fill up with water you submerge yourself and held yourself under water as long as you could. Your body jolts and you got up to gasp for air. You continued to do it a couple more times. 

After letting the tub drain you dragged yourself to your and threw on some pajamas. You lit your favorite three-wick candle and put on some music to try to get your mood up. Still, you felt like the whole world was against you.

You mutter to yourself, “Minhyuk… Why?” You couldn’t cry anymore, but your heart still hurt. Each word that left his mouth ripped at your heartstrings. You hear them over and over again in your head.

As curious as you were about what could be online at this point, you still haven’t checked. Unexpectedly your phone started blowing up. They were text messages from numbers you didn’t even know. Then again, you didn’t have any friends to begin with. 

‘Stupid bitch’, ‘so pathetic and gullible’, ‘just kill yourself.’

Before you read another text you threw your phone against the wall. You then stare at your laptop that was on your desk. ‘Well, I might as well see the damage.’

You open your laptop and looked on the different sites. Videos, photos, and memes were posted and shared everywhere imaginable. You couldn’t even scroll anymore because your hands were shaking so terribly. Slowly you close your laptop and crawl into bed. You cried yourself to sleep that night.


CtM Thursday Thoughts

Show Openings part 1–Series 1-3

The Jenny Years

So I’ve written about the show’s series finales before for Thursday Thoughts, so I thought it would be interesting to look back now at how each series has begun. I’ve looked at the opening sequences of each series to get an idea of how each new series initially presents itself. This week, I’ll be looking at the first three series, in which Jenny Lee was the main character and the opening sequences, in one way or another, focused on her in different ways. I also found another common theme you may notice from this photoset. More thoughts follow:

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Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure- Part 2

This is part two, following part one written by @littlegreenplasticsoldier, which you should read first here.

Summary of part 2: You try to make it back to the club, but your plans are sidetracked.

Relationships: Dean x reader (sort of)

Word Count: 1500ish

Warning: None. (What? Did I write a fic without smut? Wait. What?)

Get back to the club. Get back to the club. Get back to the club.

It’s the only thing in your mind as you force yourself to start running, feet headed back in the direction you came, back toward the club with its mass amounts of people and safety.

Somewhere in the back of your mind is the fear that Brian is somehow with these guys. Tori and Audette could be in the same position as you, and they don’t have…whoever the hell Sam and Dean are to protect them.

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Pamela Des Barres hanging out with Gram Parson and friends at a Flying Burrito Brothers gig at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles, 1968.

EDIT: Whoops, I’m wrong! These were actually taken in early 1969. Also aside from Gram Parsons, there is also Brandon deWilde (first three shots) and Herb Cohen (the bearded man in the first and last pictures).


Favorite Donna Paulsen Scenes [no order]: 9/10

3.3 Unfinished Business

“I told him what I thought, and then I tried to help you move on because their truth wasn’t mine to tell you.”


KNIFE AND FORKHannibal gets what he wants. . HEART AND MOUTHWill returns to Hannibal.