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Roadtrip mchanzo **/

“Listen, Angela…think y’can cover my shift?”

The woman in question peers up from her notepad to glance at her co-worker, who is flashing her what he probably thinks is a charming grin. Typical McCree, though it certainly isn’t going to sway her decision. After three years of serving tables by his side, she’s immune to his Southern Charm. However, as his friend, she’s prone to letting him off the hook on occasion. 

“What is it this time, Jesse?” Angela sighs, placing her pad in the pocket of her apron. “Is another pretty girl asking to take a drive in your car? Or are your delinquent friends trying to get you to go vandalize another abandoned building?”

“C’mon, you should know me better than that,” McCree scoffs, scratching the stubble around his chin. “When have I ever skipped work for either of those things?”

“Five times in the past two months,” she clarifies with a smug, matter-of-fact tone. “I keep track, you know.” 

“Goody two-shoes,” he mutters under his breath, prompting Angela to grab a nearby newspaper and smack it across his head. “Ow, watch it!”

“Unlike some people, I enjoy my job and would very much like to keep it,” she quips. “Reyes and Morrison would kill me if they knew I was covering for you again.”

“Those geezers? Nah, they’re too busy makin’ out in the backroom to notice I’m gone,” he snickers. Once again, Angela smacks him with the newspaper, only relenting once he holds his hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright, sorry!”

“Unless you’ve got a reasonable explanation as to why I need to cover your shift, the answer is no,” she sighs, pushing past McCree with a wave of her hand. “Try harder.”

“Hear me out then,” McCree insists, following right after her. “Instead of a pretty girl, it’s a pretty guy this time.”

Angela rolls her eyes and shoves a few menus in McCree’s arms, attempting to steer him toward the patrons settling down at the end of the counter. “And how is that supposed to change my mind?”

“Okay, okay, okay – just look over at table nine,” McCree murmurs, gesturing to the table in question. “That there is Genji’s older brother, and he just agreed to go on a joyride with yours truly. How can I pass that up?”

Despite her better judgement, Angels glances across the diner at where Genji’s brother is sitting. As much as she hates to admit it, he’s definitely attractive, much more than anyone else McCree has picked up before. A pretty face that can probably kick McCree’s ass six ways to Sunday – just his type, now that she thinks about it. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact he’s related to their co-worker and friend, who is too busy cooking up orders in the kitchen to catch onto McCree’s plan. 

“Does Genji know you’re interested in his brother?” She asks, tapping her fingers against her chin. 

“Does Miss Amari know y’spent the weekend at Fareeha’s dorm?” He counters, earning a scandalized gasp from Angela. “Yeah, I know ‘bout all of that. Fareeha’s like a sister to me, tells me everythin’ that goes on at that college of hers. It’d be a damn shame if Ana found out, wouldn’t it?”

“This is blackmail!” She hisses, grabbing McCree by the collar of his shirt. “If you think I’m going to cover for you now, you can take these menus and shove them up your–”

“Jesse, what is taking so long?”

When Angela releases McCree’s shirt, she realizes Hanzo is standing on the other side of the counter, looking rather confused by what he stumbled upon. McCree, as usual, is quick to flash his signature smirk and coolly lean across the counter, effectively grabbing Hanzo’s attention. It’s a pose Angela has seen all too often, prompting her to make a disgusted sound in the back of her throat. 

“Don’t mind her,” McCree chuckles, pulling back to glare at his friend. “She’s just a lil’ moody today, but thankfully she’s coverin’ for me. Right, Angela?”

With the threat of blackmail looming over her head, Angela grits her teeth and forces a fake smile. “Of course. You two have fun.” 

“Sweet!” McCree quietly cheers, hopping over the counter to join Hanzo. “Catch y’later, Angie!”

McCree grabs hold of Hanzo’s hand and whisks him toward the exit before Angela can even blink, probably worried that she might go back on her word before they even make it through the door. 

Instead, she simply sighs and tries to go about her business, mentally scolding herself for letting McCree dump his shift on her yet again. Thankfully, Genji will more than likely put McCree in his place – at least, once Angela clues him in on where his brother ran off to. 


Actually in love with @greatcheesecakepersona ‘s horizon (like honestly you;re amazing) !! This is a side-hood that I’d like to build some stuff in, this is Maple Lake and once I get a billion buildings in it I might do something with it one day! 

(I’m really amazed at some of the developments in ts2 cc this year! The horizons, the animated sky, I’m actually stunned)

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what would you say were bangtan's biggest moments were in 2016?

personally, my top 5 are probably 

  • WINGS peaking at no.26 on the billboard charts 
  • the highest number of weeks for a kpop group on the billboard 200 with 4 weeks 
  • highest first-week album sales for a korean album with WINGS
  • album of the year at melon music awards and artist of the year at mnet asian music awards (they are the first artist not in the big three to do so ;;)
  • BST being played on the radio in other countries other than korea 
Honestly the biggest tragedy of Dragonball Super...

…is that most of the overall arc concepts are actually pretty interesting, but the execution quality varies from being acceptable (Frieza’s return) to HAIR TEARING BAD (Future trunks saga). And its the bad execution thats really killing me here. 

Now, let me start with saying that actually, I think that DBS has done a lot a good things - it’s been more successful than the Saiyaman saga or GT attempts at consistently injecting comedic and lighthearted moments into the story and is loads better about showing us more slice of life breaks and shenanigans with the cast. It also seems to have ditched the trend of creating year(s) long timeskips between sagas which was something I never really liked. I love that it’s been remembering its roots by giving ample flashbacks and bringing back techniques that haven’t been seen in decades. It finally acknowledged the power creep and shows things like Krillin becoming insecure about his lack of strength compared to Goku, or Piccolo actually succeeding in a fight using SKILL AND STRATEGY instead of relying on sheer power. And it’s given Gohan a reason to fight again without undermining his dream to still be a scholar and be there for his family.

I am also happy that it’s given us the chance to have interesting new characters like Beerus and Whis become part of the main cast, as well as expand the Dragonball universe as a whole (ALTERNATE UNIVERSES INCLUDING ONE WITH THRIVING SAIYANS YES PLEASE). It also, and I still commend this even though the execution was awful, gave us a villain (Goku Black) who wasn’t just an evil space blob from nowhere and had slightly more motive, psyche and background narrative complexity than the average dragonball ‘I want to rule/destroy the world for funsies mwahahah’ villain.  

Super is beyond flawed, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that actually, it has made me laugh much harder and given me more moments that I really felt surprise and interest in than I remember DB or DBZ ever doing. I actually started out writing this post trying to name everything that I’ve liked about it and it got so long that I decided it was better for a different post. If I can name SO MANY THINGS about it that I’ve liked, it must be doing SOMETHING right. 

But its exactly the fact that I still find myself genuinely enjoying watching it, that makes everything else so disappointing. The parts that I enjoy are, almost entirely, shining isolated moments stuck in a narrative that’s cobbled together very poorly, with parts of it basically falling through the ceiling. It is LITTERED with missed opportunities, wasted plots threads, easily avoidable retcons, deus ex machinas, and many other signs of lazy writing. And on top of that, most characterization and treatment for anyone who isn’t a new character has, with FEW exceptions, been painfully weak. 

It really sucks that I enjoy it so much, yet also find much of that enjoyment ruined because the flaws are so damning.

Right now I just… want to discuss with someone in length how the plots could have been better presented.. because they really could have been. 

But how do you get over your first love?
The one who kissed you passionately for the first time?
The one who held your hand under the table at dinner?
The one who answered the phone at 3 am?
The one who made you feel safe?
Made you feel loved?
Made you feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before?
How do you get over the person you told all your secrets to?
All your fears?
All your dreams?
The one who cried with you?
Cried for you?
The one who kissed your forehead?
The one who kissed your everything?
How do you get over your first all-in?
Your first fall?
Your first midnight run because they needed you?
Your first hands shaking, stomach aching “I love you”?
How do you get over your first other half?
The one who was always on your side?
The one who would have done anything for you?
The one you dreamed about marrying?
The one you still dream about, occasionally?
How do you get over the first person to steal your heart?
To make your heart glow?
To make your heart grow?
To slowly break it into pieces?
To take a part of it with them?
Can you ever get over your first love?
Or do you just cover the hole with ticket stubs and photographs, waiting for it to heal?

I found beauty at a rock concert.
It came in the form of a crowd.
With lighters in our hands
And flashlights on our phones,
We stood together.
We sang together.
No matter what difference keeps us apart,
Rock will always be there for us.
There’s beauty in a rock concert.