first thought

You’re the first and last thing I think about everyday and every other thought in between. I miss you when we’re apart and when we’re together I just want to be with you.

Seriously Cheritz and I were on some kind of white pony tailed, red eyed, bad boy wavelength. Only mine is a vampire.

I have chosen to accept this fate and just make em best buds.

Also wondering if i should finish this piece and line it or just leave it as a funny sketch~??

Pose referenced by: kibbitzer (I supported them on patreon for a while until my own funds ran low haha…send help)

Boueibu 30 days challenge

And here I thought I was gonna win again, @fillyrika XD. Computer at work is too damn slow…

Day 7: Forbidden OTP ( any couple that is so ilogic but you still like it for any reason)

Huh. I don’t ship anything that is particularly illogical, so I’ll go for guilty pleasure instead.


Idk, their personalities are a fun contrast, and they already have how much they care about Atsushi as common ground. For me, they are the leaders of their groups, and in case of troubles their dynamics must be amusing while also surprisingly efficient. They can learn a lot from one another.

Also, I’m even considering Enkinatsu OT3 as long as the Kinatsu part remains as the ultimate platonic (I can’t really see those two working in a romantic way despite it all, but as BROTP they are absolutely adorable). In here, turns out En can be the voice of reason and a counter to all the awkwardness, being also a calm source of support; Atsushi is the gentle heart that keeps them together (or was the original reason for it), and Kin is the responsible and diligent tsun that won’t say how much others mean to him. He will show it.

But basically, I just think this ship is hot XD.

sometimes I wonder why I’m such a hipster, like why can’t I just like normal stuff for once

…but then I remember that my parents’ idea of a good time is watching black & white russian movies from the 40s 

                     OUT. || When people are like “lol yea me too” when I say I love Jeremy Gilbert but @hauntedgilbert knows how emo I am for JEREMY GILBERT. OF MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE, HE IS MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. 

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