first thought

playing hatoful boyfriend for the firs time

me: haha, lol lets do the library nerds route, boring ones first lmao

me after finishing nagekis route:

me: HAH well :/ guess i picked a bad starter there, lets do this stuck up douchebags route next, surely ill feel nothing for this duster ass looking bintch

me after finishing sakuyas route:

More of Commander Shy Oblivious Cullen: (First set here)

-Cullen, after reaching Skyhold, becoming more and more concerned about his appearance. He sets aside a good fifteen minutes before every meeting   making sure his hair is in place and his armor clean. Leliana catches him checking his teeth in his dagger moments before the Inquisitor’s arrival one evening, and hasn’t let him live it down.

-Cullen briefly considering throwing himself from the battlements after Josephine slips him a book concerning Orlesian courting rituals -complete with some very graphic pictures and descriptions- with his regular reports, a knowing look in her eyes. He refuses to read the blasted thing until the Inquisitor smiles softly at him over breakfast one morning and then spends the entire evening devouring the whole thing and blushing like a maiden. Some of the tips aren’t half bad.

-Cullen beyond flustered and distracted when the Inquisitor asks if she can join he and his men in their morning exercises. She’s graceful and vibrant and she makes their soldiers smile and work harder than Cullen has ever seen them work. She makes a space in his chest expand and ache and he ends their training early because he can’t bear to look at her a moment longer. He thinks it’s like staring at the sun.

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I've been watching Parks & Rec again,

and I’m just going to say it:
Ben Wyatt is like the perfect nerd boyfriend.

He’s super adorable and geeky; he completely loves and supports Leslie; he’s a romantic, a great friend, a feminist and just all around good guy.

I’m officially adding him to my list of fictional crushes.

Which Psycho-Pass Character Will Fall For You?

Kogami has fallen for you! He’s hard to get attention from, especially since he has devoted his life to killing Makishima. He likes you because your psycho-pass is not too cloudy, but yet it is. You take your work seriously and take very little precautions when it comes to destroying the psychos. Kogami has watched you for a while now, he has scanned you multiple times with the dominator and knows everything about you so when he’s alone with you, he knows how to act.

Taylor Swift just released the video for Wildest Dreams and it is amazing. If you’re thinking to yourself “God I wish someone would write a story like that” then good news kids, cuz Kay already did and it is pretty much my favourite thing ever and you should totally go read it. Find it here, enjoy! :)

my coworker/former teacher is telling a story rn about how once at her tiny liberal arts college there was a blackout and all the students still had to go to class and so you’ve just got all these nerds reading plato by flashlight and candlelight in the middle of a blackout and honestly i just needed to write it down bc how great is that


Make a playlist out of the letters of your url.
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M : Melancholy Kitchen - Kenshi Yonezu

E : Eyes Nose Lips - All versions 

I : If I Knew - Bruno Mars

Y : You, Who - Lim Kim

A : A Perfect Day - Standing Egg

K : Know Yourself - Drake 

E : Expired - Tablo

I : I Need You - BTS

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What has my life come to?
  • What has my life come to?

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