first thing to draw in a sketchbook


Swan queen! Started with some loose linework but I jumped to paint pretty quickly because it’s easier for me to see if things are working or not in color blocks. Here’s my first process gif ever… enjoy haha! I can do that more in the future if people are interested. 

art school/artist things
  • not being able to buy food for a month because you bought 3 things from the art supply store
  • forgetting to eat yet drinking 10 cups of coffee per day
  • nudity doesn’t phase you. at all.
  • “fuck wrong layer”
  • watching the sunrise after you just pulled your 2nd allnighter
  • the constant smell of deadly fumes
  • drinking your paint water by accident
  • “you’re lucky all you do is draw”
  • dipping your paintbrush in your drink
  • spending the first 3 hours of class on critiques
  • *drawing in sketchbook* “did you draw that?”
  • photoshop crashing when you haven’t saved in 2 hours
  • “fuck the model moved”
  • “can you draw me something” *gives them commission info* “what”
  • constant back pain
  • when your tablet’s sensitivity doesn’t work
  • “i painted this using my own blood” “what the fuck”
  • when a gust of wind hits your portfolio and you become a sad mary poppins
  • math?
  • *ink splatters* well it was nice while it lasted
  • charcoal is every pore of your body
  • art history lectures
  • those white, heterosexual male film students
  • watching anime at 4 am when you have a 9 am studio class
  • that one kid that is just…bad. and odd.
  • someone farts in class and nobody gives a shit
  • 2 very different types of people: the fine art/design students and the animation/cartooning/computer art students
  • i haven’t slept in 3 days

artsythenintendofreak  asked:

Hi, I'm an aspiring animator, and I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration for me. Your art is fantastic, and I enjoy your style very much. Do you have any tips for poses? I try and practice, but the more dynamic poses end up looking awkward or stiff. Your stuff always looks so natural and flows nicely.

hello! oh wow thank you very much! Well, i’ve had this same question sent in to me a lot of times now, and I always say the same thing: do lifedrawing. Draw people around you, carry around a small little sketchbook and sketch people in the subway, in the restaurant, in the park! (do it without being creepy tho haha) 

When you do this, you’ll get a gist as to why people look the way they do and how they move etc. (try to do this everyday! go out, and do maybe 10-15 quick sketches. continue for a month and you’ll really see the change)

When you practice, try not to bother yourself with details first! instead, focus on shapes. this will not only help you with poses but also help you learn to draw faster! (2 for the price of 1!!!!) and when i say shapes, i mean think in 3d and start to sort of….sculp it.

Do different poses from normal everyday ones to the dynamic ones. (also, don’t take normal boring poses for granted!) then once you’ve gotten a hang of it, you can start drawing in characters!

you can see i didn’t follow the lines strictly from the original sketch to suit the characters’ style, but it still has the essence of that pose!

be loose! lines and shapes are your best friends! start practicing and you’ll soon find that poses are super fun and addicting to do!

dawn-dellion  asked:

Hi hi! First things first: I adore your work. I'm really amazed with your beautiful style (and all your Sara draws, specially with Vetra). Now, I'm going to ask for the kiss list: 8. A chin kiss with Sara and Vetra, of course. Or maybe 7, a passionate Coryder (Cora x Scott). You are really amazing, Sam! I put you in my "goals" list as an illustrator.

Dawww!!! Thank you so very much!! I don’t know if I am goals worthy but I do appreciate it! Sorry your ask took so long to get to.

The idea of Vetra picking up her tiny gf and giving chin kisses fills me with utter joy @-@

It’s not a dream, right?

It’s not a dream.

Go read Heart Race (and its prequel Beat Like Mine, while you’re at it) by lesbiopteryx you won’t regret it!! I loved it so much I had to draw my first HQ art for it <3

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice on how to draw bodies, hands,...

Hey! So I in no way think / claim i have the best skills or answers to give a really good tutorial - but i’m happy to share how i kinda go about drawing the body! ( The best answer though is just to keep practicing and drawing from references you find online or have in real life! ) 

But from what I know, I guess when I think about drawing the body I try and break it down into smaller general parts. Ie. Head, torso, hips, joint areas, and hands / feet. From there i draw circle-ish shapes to connect everything together and get a feeling for what pose i’m drawing. (I hope the doodles below kinda help show what I mean) 

Every artist has there own way to break down shapes, and some people need more or less guides when they draw, so if it helps try looking at a basic skeleton from google and finding what guides helps you the best! 

Once you know your break down points, a good practice you can do is find a photo online and try drawing mini quick versions of it on your computer, or with pen in a sketchbook (its okay if it looks super off at first so just keep going with it! ) Once you get the main idea out, you can start putting your lines together to get a base to draw on! ( When in doubt move your body to see where things might like up ie. the elbow kinda lines up with the belly button area, or the foot is almost the size of the forearm! It comes in time.) 

Once you get an idea on the body shape (or just general idea of where things go) you can start figuring out how to break down other points… ie hands!

For hands i draw out the main palm area then add circles to space out where the fingers will kinda go. After that i kinda make a feel for how the fingers will extend out. I find the top of my thumb tends to point away from my palm, and then drawing the little hand crack v thing helps add a little detail. Remember though looking at your own hand can really help when you are stuck trying to draw something 

Yeah I hope that helps! Again i dont claim to know anything haha! The best way to get better is practice, time, and the willpower to keep going! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a big fan and I have a strange ask if you don't mind answering it. I'm an artist myself; I'm making a portfolio for art school but lately it's been difficult for me to produce work. I feel intimidated to start sketchbooks in fear of messing up and digital art because I suck at it. Anything else I put too much thought into planning and getting it right the first try that I end up making nothing. Do you have any tips on how to overcome what I'm going through? Has it happened to you before?

Strangely, I have felt this numerous times. Right now especially. It’s kind of like art block, but I think its more about fear of ‘making mistakes’ and being in a rut of creativity.

As a kid, I used to draw RELENTLESSLY. All day, everyday, whenever I could, wherever I could: in class, in textbooks, in exercise books. It didn’t matter. I was always drawing from this constant stream of seemingly endless creativity and imagination. I loved it.

When I first picked up watercolour, I decided to get a sketchbook so I could start sketching pictures and practicing watercolour by painting things, not really putting much planning or thought into it. I would just sketch and practice freely in this sketchbook, because I wanted to document my progression, mistakes, successes, experiments – all of it!
Then when that one was finished, I started my next one, my ‘2016′ one. And with every sketchbook since, I have increasingly become more careful with my ‘sketches.’ These sketchbooks are becoming less of a sketchbook, and more like an artbook. It’s gotten to that point where I’m scared of messing up a sketch and it’s terrifying. I admit, it’s also because all of a sudden I feel this pressure to show not stuff-up, and hide my flaws. I even sometimes plan or think out what I’m going to draw, and I hate that, because it’s not my natural workflow. Sometimes, like you, I can’t get it right so I end up making nothing too, and that frustrates me so DAMN much!

To tackle it, recently I’ve decided to step back a bit, and start from scratch, to sketch like I used to as a kid. I bought a crappy little small sketchbook, and I’ve been doing just quick pencil sketches and trying to let my mind run free like it used to. I give myself a few hours to plug in, and just draw whatever in hopes I can  get over my fear of ‘being perfect’ and of making mistakes. These are after all, meant to be sketches. My mind isn’t as wild as it used to, its legs are maybe a bit worn out from not exercising as much. 

But, I think if you, and I, keep exercising our creative brains again and give ourselves the time to let them wander through pencil and paper, we can start filling up those sketchbooks again like we used to!

anonymous asked:

If this isn't too much trouble how does everyone react to mc/dadsona being able to draw? And finding their sketchbook with drawing of Amanda, their kid(s), and them inside of it?

this is not too much trouble!!!! i love writing this fluffy shit lmao. this is my first time doing this, I promise I’ll get better! ((i did this in 2nd person just to make things clearer, also mainly focused just on the drawings of the dads themselves))


-he finds out when you and him are just chiling in the garden, and you whip it out and start sketching the flowers

-”MC, may I please see that?” “This is wonderful!” 

-his eyes light up brighter with every page turn, and he has to keep pushing his glasses up b/c he’s flipping so fast

-when he gets to the drawing of you and him, he pauses and places his hand on his heart. you waited for him to get to this page, and his reaction is v touching. “will you let me keep this?” 


-Hugo knows that you have a lot of art knowledge, as you are quick and smart when discussing art history. doesn’t have a clue about your talents until…

-one day you’re visiting him at work, and you set down your stuff on his desk. he notices your sketchbook and asks for permission to look through it.

-as he’s turning the pages, he makes little “ah!” sounds of delight and admiration

-he gets to the drawing of himself in a wrestler’s stance and outfit. “I’m not that muscular, but thank you!” he chuckles. inside, he’s extremely flustered and hopes that you will draw him more.


-whenever you visit the church with him and you have nothing to do, you start observing the churchgoers and figure sketching them

-he taps you on the shoulder and asks you what you’re doing

-”Those sketches are very elegant,” he comments. Joseph doesn’t know a lot about drawing or graphic art but he appreciates all forms of expression

-you quickly flip to the page that contains the portrait you made of the both of you. it depicts both of you hugging each other, surrounded by flowers and bathed in light. he covers his mouth with his hand, and almost starts crying. he thinks it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for him.


-one day you’re sitting at the Coffee Spoon, staring into your tea that’s gone cold. you don’t want to drink it, but you get an idea

-BAM you bust out some brushes and your watercolor sketchbook from your backpack and suddenly you’re painting with the tea

-after serving a customer Mat rushes over and leans over your chair from behind, peeking around your shoulder, just quietly admiring your process

-he then realizes that you’re painting a portrait of him, so he blushes and sits down across from you. 

-”do you need me to sit still and be your model?” he asks, and you giggle.


-you always bragged about Amanda’s art skill, but Brian never thought to investigate the source of it

-one day you’re out fishing, and when he gets a catch, you ask him to hold it up so you can take a photo. you save this reference photo for later

-once your piece is complete a few days later, you show up at Brian’s house. Daisy opens the door and asks what you’re holding, and you show her the drawing. she grins and tells you that you’re a “really good drawer”

-when you reveal it to Brian, he lets out a hearty howl. he takes it in both his hands and asks if he can frame it, then starts deciding where in his room he will hang it up.


-when you guys were roommates he would always see you working hard on drawings in the corner of the room, but he never really bothered you about it, so he never knew what your art actually looked like

-on another camping trip, you seize the opportunity to draw from live reference. the waterfall will make a good sketch, so you sit down near the pond 

-”Bro, that’s so sick!” he exclaims when squatting down behind you, placing both hands on your shoulders so that he can get a good stable view of what you’re drawing

-you add craig to the drawing, shirtless and playing around in the pond. he scratches the back of his head, “you really think my body looks that good?” and plants a kiss on the top of your head, before actually jumping into the pond


-you draw robert a lot. like, a lot. his carved features make for great practice. you always get away with using him as a reference secretly

-one day you and him go to his spot in the woods by the park to hang out. he sits on the log and starts whittling a stick, and you prop your sketchbook on your knee and sketch away

-he takes notice for once, and when he sees that the drawing is himself, he totally flips out because nobody has drawn him before

-he takes the sketchbook right from your hands and flips through every page, which happen to be even more drawings of him. his eyes go wide and when he’s all the way through, he just stares at you. 

-”what?” you question. “no wonder you stare at me so much.”

supersquiddy  asked:

Werid question but how do you get your traditional artwork to look so smooth but also sketchy? If that makes sense.

My main things are (this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought! Srry!)

Loose lines: draw with your whole arm if you can! (drawing anchored to your wrist can lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome.. and no one wants that)

Full lines: try to keep your lines fluid, fast and long (as opposed to short and scratchy lines that make one big line) look for YouTube videos on gesture drawing! Get things down quick and flesh them out later, usually the first thing we mark down will be the most accurate when doing gestures!

Sketch lightly: use heavy lines sparingly! They can really define a sketch but be sparing, there can be too much of a good thing. I always start sketches almost invisibly light to map out the bare bones of my drawings! Then because they’re so light, you don’t have to erase them if you don’t want to!

Shapes: shapes r your friends!! 🌸 use shapes to get the (figurative or literal) skeleton down!! Almost anything can be boiled down to basic shapes!

REFERENCE: IT! IS! OK! TO! REFERENCE! I can’t stress this enough, free reference photo databases are just a google away! Learn that anatomy fam! Even if you’re doing cartoons, it will be so much easier with the anatomical knowledge! Also, I have no problem with learning artists referencing my art when starting out with drawing.. 2 RULES TO REFERENCING PRE-EXISTING ART: 1) don’t claim it’s your art. 2) ask the artist if it’s cool first! Some aren’t okay with it and ya gotta respect it! ❤Also try to get off the crutch of referencing pre-existing art quickly! Referencing art helps you practice, but nothing beats referencing from real, organic life, because that’s where your style will come out.

Simplify: esp. pertaining to expressions, the more you complicate things, the harder it will be for it to read. It will get lost among the busyness. Look at the drawing as a whole as opposed to only paying attention for details. Don’t be concerned with making a masterpiece!! Sketchbooks should be messy!

Get back to basics: anatomy, colour theory and the elements of design!!! they help a whole heck of a lot!!! Never be satisfied with your knowledge of these basic things bc you learned them in like kindergarten,, okay????

A(cting)RT: you can convey a LOT if you have the mindset of telling a story with your sketch!

Cheap: don’t worry abt using fancy shmancy supplies! I get mine from the dollar store (sketchbook, erasers and mechanical pencils! Definitely get good paper if ur using copics or high quality markers but like I literally only sketch traditionally w pencil… ) I find I’m so scared to use expensive sketchbooks that I hardly draw in them and I hate everything I draw. I go through like 1 or more sketchbooks a month so… that would rack up quick if I was using like $20.00 sketchbooks instead of $2.00 ones.

Listen: Listen to music or podcasts or audio books or drawing tutorials if it helps!! It can sometimes even influence the mood of your drawing :0

Sketch often: every day if you can!! It’s a good habit if you want to get better!! And therapeutic!!!

Accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!!: It’s not an insult! It’s someone else’s view! Get critiqued often! And actually listen!! Know the difference between constructive and destructive!! Also join a community! Meet other artist! Collaborate! Art isn’t a competition! ❤

quick round!

Study art history: they’re famous for a reason!

Draw inspiration from everywhere!

When referencing, draw what you see, not what you know!

Think about drawing in 3D, more like it’s sculpting instead of drawing! Everything is made of flat plains and will cast shadows!!

If you’re up to it, challenge yourself! You’ll only get better if you step out of your comfort zone! Try to draw one new thing each sketching session!


Don’t stress!: most important drawing tip! Drawing is supposed to be fun and therapeutic because it doesn’t have to be anything! All art is art and everyone who makes art is an artist, it’s not some exclusive club, we all start somewhere! This is your art journey! Enjoy the ride!

I know you just wanted to know about how I sketch but I couldn’t help myself!!! Sorry! Hope this helps! 🌸
-hanna ❤

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for someone who is starting out with witchcraft?? should i do a bunch of reading and find what appeals to me? should i go hands on and try simple things??

get a book.
it can be a spiral notebook, a sketchbook, a bullet journal. it does not matter, as long as you enjoy writing in it. write down everything you learn, carry it with you anytime you can. 
write down information, interests, experiences. draw pictures. paste in items, if you’d like. but have one main book to store all things witchcraft. 
this will become invaluable. you will probably eventually have several, you may start to divide the subjects you become most interested in among different books, anything could happen later on. but for now… get a good, comfortable book. 

follow a ton of blogs, and then just slowly remove the ones you don’t like. eventually, you’ll have a fair, if smaller, amount of blogs that you learn to trust and feel good about.
i don’t think any one person on tumblr can be the end-all be-all to witchcraft or anything within it, but having someone to answer random, specific questions can be really helpful.

there is literally no right answer. witchcraft is, essentially, learning to control your will power, and target it for desired results. just as every mind is different, so is every craft. correspondences will have some general themes, certain practices will have some general methods, but ultimately… it is up to you, and what makes you feel right.

you’re instincts are 10/10. research witchcraft, pick some things that appeal to you, then do research about those things. you can pick up or drop anything at any time, so just follow your intuition. there’s no need to become an expert in one area before moving onto something else. if you feel confident trying and dabbling in simple things, do it. try to do a touch of research to make sure that if you’re wanting to work with deities or anything, that you’re being respectful. outside of that, absolutely go on and craft, friend.

here are a few general links i always provide.
@destinylightreadings & @the-murmuring-elm
@thenatalchart & @astrologymarina

good luck! congratulations! i hope you find a lot of goodness with your craft. if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask i will always answer to the best of my ability. 


This is a continuation of my Mushishi-like artist box project. Inspired by the “Mushishi” TV animation series I’m making a backpack-box for outdoor painting sessions. 

 First, I made some concept sketches to visualise how the box will be used and what functions it should have: foldable legs and top so it can serve as a table, multiple drawers for small painting equipment, back space for larger things (sketchbooks and my portable easel), side straps for my tripods and of course backpack-like straps on the back. 

I will be posting videos including drawing these sketches and the progress on making the actual box on YouTube. I want to finish it fast and use it outside as soon as it becomes a little bit warmer!

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: Botanical FABRIANO Hot Press 210g B5
  • Sketch: Mitsu-Bishi Grade HI-UNI pencil
  • Ink: TACHIKAWA Linemarker A.T. 0.3 mm
  • Colours: 38 color Schmincke set + 2 custom greens.


箱を作る前に、自分のアイコンキャラクターを使ってコンセプトスケッチを描いてみました。箱に欲しい機能を想像しながら。 折りたためる足と、天井部分がテーブルになること、いろんな細かい道具を入れられる引き出し、大きなスケッチブックが入る裏のスペース、三脚を運べるサイドのストラップ、箱自体を背負えるストラップ。



  • 紙: 水彩紙 ボタニカルブック クラシコ 細目 B5 210g
  • 下描き: F  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 線画: 立川 ラインマーカーA・T 0.3mm 黒
  • 着色: 38色のシュミンケ水彩セット

titanic au + “french me like one of your drawn girls“ by @renaissancefic

The Ship of Dreams cuts through the ocean outside but in here, it creaks and sways, buffeted by waves. Yuuri leads the way to the room in the bowels where he’s been staying. Keeping on his toes, he trails his fingertips along the cool metal of the walls, painted pristine cream to give the illusion that, even down here, there is only luxury.

Viktor is close behind Yuuri, less steady on his feet but his eyes as wide as Yuuri’s were when Viktor had showed him into the ballroom—of course, for Viktor it is the squalor and oppressive dinge that are foreign.

“You said you draw.”

“I do draw,” Yuuri says, unable to shake the disbelief—still—that someone like Viktor could possibly be interested in what he does with his life. “It’s only a hobby, though. I’m not very good at it.”

“Do you do portraits?” Viktor asks. He wraps one arm around Yuuri’s shoulders, pulling his arms down from the walls so they can walk side-by-side.

Yuuri acquiesces to Viktor’s touch. “Some, yes. I met some women when I was in Paris who—”

“Oh, I suppose there were a lot of admirers in Paris, lining up for the touch of your brush,” Viktor says. “But you will not talk of your past lovers tonight. Would you draw my portrait?”

“If that’s what you wish,” Yuuri says. He does not tell Viktor that there were no past lovers—only these kisses, hurried moments caught in between social obligations, and a journey that will end when they disembark and inevitably part ways.

He remains silent as they reach his room, a tight space with barely enough room between the sides of the doorframe for two to squeeze through. Yuuri has been keeping the bag containing his pencils, watercolours, and sketchbook under the bed, not out of any anxiety that someone might steal it, but rather that they might find it, and assume he has aspirations above his station.

While Yuuri flips to a clean page in his sketchbook, Viktor makes himself comfortable. It shouldn’t surprise Yuuri that Viktor is the kind of beauty who can look as natural in a cramped metal box as in a ballroom. Yuuri is still looking down, selecting a pencil, as Viktor says, “Where do you want me to pose?”

“On the bed,” Yuuri says, and when he looks up, Viktor is halfway to buck naked, stepping out of his trousers.

“There,” Viktor says. He climbs onto the bed and lies on his side, propping his head up in one hand, elbow cocked at a jaunty angle. “I am ready.”

Yuuri is quite certain that he has never blushed more in his entire life. “You—this is—I’ve never drawn anyone in the nude before.”

“That was the kind of portrait I was referring to,” Viktor says flippantly.

“Very well,” Yuuri says. “I will do as you wish.”

He looks back down at his sketchbook to delay the inevitability of having to look at Viktor’s privates. Very briefly, he considers only drawing Viktor from the waist up, but… where would be the fun in that?

“You mustn’t be shy,” Viktor urges. “Worse things have happened at sea, and heaven knows we can get up to worse in—”

“I will not kid myself into thinking you have any designs on me,” Yuuri says, cutting him off.

Viktor’s face falls, but all too soon his expression turns simultaneously wicked and serious. “I have such designs on  you, Yuuri. First I will have you draw me like one of your French girls, and then I will happily French you until you can no longer walk. What do you say to those designs?”

If Yuuri was blushing before, he would not want to see how he looks now. “I say—” He swallows and forces himself to look up, “—let me design your portrait first, and then we’ll see where the evening takes us.”

send a symbol for an au starter

  • send me a for a starter where your character is engaged to be married but can’t keep their hands off of mine.
  • send me a for a starter where my character is a surgical intern and yours is my resident.
  • send me a for a starter where your character is caught in the rain waiting for a cab and mine offers to share.
  • send me a for a starter where our characters are famous actors and are co staring in a movie together as love interests, but they actually can’t stand each other.
  • send me a for a starter where your character is a famous rock star and my character is a huge fan and we bump into each other at a bar.
  • send me a for our characters literally bumping into each other while jogging at the park and knocking all their things on the ground.
  • send me a for a starter where my character is the presidents kid and your character has been assigned by the secret service to tail them everywhere and anywhere and mine is extremely annoyed.
  • send me a for a starter where my character is getting their first tattoo and your character is the artist doing it and my character is super nervous and just won’t sit still.
  • send me a  for a starter where my character happens to take a glance in your sketchbook and sees a drawing of them.

send the symbol + :) for the situation reversed.

donniedrinkscoffee-deactivated2  asked:

hi! im hoping to become a storyboard artist but im not sure where to start learning... any tips? love your art btw💕

Hi! Thank you!

First of all I’m sure many people have taken different roads in storyboarding so there’s no RIGHT way to become a storyboard artist - these are just things that help me all the time. 

 REAL ADVICE: JUST START BOARDING. You can read all the books and tips in the world, but there’s no better learning tool than just going for it. 

Rule number one - Have fun! If you don’t like it, its fine. One of the first boards I did was in high school as my part in a group book report just because I wanted to and it was awful, but it was fun! :) 

If you’re looking for drawing tips I would say just start keeping a sketchbook and draw in the free time you have - observe from life, if you can go figure drawing that is also amazing for seeing and analyzing form. Be a sponge! 

For drawing and storyboarding - the goal is to not show a series of pretty drawings, the goal is to draw well enough so your drawing skill level doesn’t restrict you from telling the stories you want to tell.  Storyboarding isn’t really a drawing job, its a filmmaking job that uses drawings. 

Good draftsmanship is just the tool to convey the ideas in your head, whats really going to make a good story artist is your attention to the filmmaking. Here are some quick bullet points I can think of for that sort of big “filmmaking” blanket term. 

1. Characters and character relationships are key. Study screenwriting and take note of people in your life that have specific things about them that convey their unique personality! Your mom always taps her fingers on something when she’s thinking? Small things like that make characters feel real. They need to feel real to you when you’re drawing them! :) 

2.  Try to make your boards clear, concise and pay off whatever story you have set up. Show them to your friends and ask their opinion “Did that make sense?”. 

3. Learn the language of film. What is a close-up? Whats the difference between a “pan” and a “tilt”? Why does that cut work or not work?

4.  Watch movies and do film studies. Studying film is important. A lot of people will leave a movie and think “Hm. I didn’t like it.” yet not be sure how to articulate why, but they felt it. Start asking your self why.  

5. Vary your shots and try different tones (esp when starting out!) Comedy, drama, action, romance etc. It not only helps you become a diverse storyteller, it also points you in the direction you like best. 

6.Technical tip. Pay attention to geography in the shot, the 180 degree rule, making sure the space you’re drawing is convincing (this is where I’m trying to improve the most right now). You can draw a beautiful character, but if the space doesn’t feel right, then that’s going to distract from your storytelling. Remember to have the characters interact with the environment occasionally, it grounds any scene more! 

7. LOOK UP TO THE PEOPLE storyboarding now! There’s so many incredibly talented artists working now that are literally a Google search away. Check out their blogs (Mark Kennedy’s is particularly a treasure trove of knowledge) and just stay excited! Whatever storyboarding job you aspire to whether its independent, TV or feature animation - set your bar there! 

Hope that helps and good luck! 


Hobbies (Drarry)

Draco loves to draw. He always has a sketchbook and pencil somewhere on his person and he is constantly doodling and sketching things that catch his eye. His favourite thing to draw is Harry (he’s aware that it’s cheesey but honestly he doesn’t care) and he never tires of finding new angles to capture his muse from. When they first moved into their flat it had a spare room which has since been converted into an artist’s studio for Draco. In that studio there is a pretty box on a small table by the window that is filled with all these odd drawings and quick paintings of Harry: the exhilaration on his face when he flies, the special smile he saves just for him, when his hair gets in his eyes, his peaceful expression when sleeping, even his patronus and any number of other things that might catch his eye. At first he was reluctant to show Harry the drawings he did of him, fearing that he would think it was obsessive and weird, but Harry thought it was charming and was moved by the fact that he had inspired Draco so much.
Harry, on the other hand, loves muggle photography. And similarly, his muse is his love. He is constantly taking pictures of Draco - and Teddy too - and spends hours scrapbooking them, framing them and putting them into albums. His favourite pictures are of Draco, when he doesn’t know a picture is being taken. He just loves to see the marvellous variety of expressions that grace his face, finding beauty in each and every one. He particularly loves Draco’s expression when he’s deep in thought, and the joyful and relaxed expression he has around Teddy. His favourite feature to focus on is Draco’s eyes and he admires how they can go from crystal clear grey, to a dark and stormy, to molten silver, to a light blue just like that. Sometimes Harry likes to get Draco in the studio and have a proper photo shoot, instructing him on how to pose and what facial expression to have (a lot of the time he just has him smile because that is one thing he could never have enough of) and they have fun and make a bit of a joke out of it.

“Wait, what IS this?! That Wheatley guy did something to the system. ‘Machiavelli.obj’? You gotta be kidding me! It’s not an object at all - it’s a trap door in the code…”

“Son of a biscuit-eater…”


Colored a sketchbook doodle of this Portal/Jurassic Park AU that I’ve been throwing around in my head. I guess Virgil would be some kind of system engineer or maintenance head and I’m not sure about Doug yet. I guess he worked for the park and I just liked the idea of them working in the control room together based on scenes in the book, and realizing that Wheatley’s screwing things up kinda like Nedry did…

Had some time last night so I decided to test out some of those Kyle brushes on a little drawing from my pocket sketchbook. And man I gotta say I am in love with these watercolor brushes! I think this is the first time I’ve found ones that actually do a good job of mimicking the real thing, and it’s making me super nostalgic for my painting classes! Definitely adding this one to my regular roster of brushes!