first thing to draw in a sketchbook

You knocked on Dan’s door.

“Come in!” you heard Dan call from inside. Even though you were going to leave the apartment a few minutes ago, he definitely knew it was you. You always left things at their apartment by mistake.

You opened the door and founding Dan sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Hey, Dan. Sorry, I think I forgot—” you couldn’t finish. Dan knew exactly what you had forgotten, because he was turning the pages of it and carefully looking at everything.

“Are you looking through my sketchbook?” you asked, hearing the anger in your own voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what it was so I picked it up…” Dan mumbled, still looking intently at your drawings.

At first you wanted to snatch the sketchbook away and tell Dan to mind his own business, but your heart melted at the sight of him admiring your work. His eyes traced over every detail, and his fingers brushed the paper gently.

“You’re really incredible,” Dan told you, looking at you with those gorgeous eyes. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed about anyone seeing this.”

You gave him a gentle smile. “Well, if you want, I can draw you.”


Swan queen! Started with some loose linework but I jumped to paint pretty quickly because it’s easier for me to see if things are working or not in color blocks. Here’s my first process gif ever… enjoy haha! I can do that more in the future if people are interested. 


This is a continuation of my Mushishi-like artist box project. Inspired by the “Mushishi” TV animation series I’m making a backpack-box for outdoor painting sessions. 

 First, I made some concept sketches to visualise how the box will be used and what functions it should have: foldable legs and top so it can serve as a table, multiple drawers for small painting equipment, back space for larger things (sketchbooks and my portable easel), side straps for my tripods and of course backpack-like straps on the back. 

I will be posting videos including drawing these sketches and the progress on making the actual box on YouTube. I want to finish it fast and use it outside as soon as it becomes a little bit warmer!

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: Botanical FABRIANO Hot Press 210g B5
  • Sketch: Mitsu-Bishi Grade HI-UNI pencil
  • Ink: TACHIKAWA Linemarker A.T. 0.3 mm
  • Colours: 38 color Schmincke set + 2 custom greens.


箱を作る前に、自分のアイコンキャラクターを使ってコンセプトスケッチを描いてみました。箱に欲しい機能を想像しながら。 折りたためる足と、天井部分がテーブルになること、いろんな細かい道具を入れられる引き出し、大きなスケッチブックが入る裏のスペース、三脚を運べるサイドのストラップ、箱自体を背負えるストラップ。



  • 紙: 水彩紙 ボタニカルブック クラシコ 細目 B5 210g
  • 下描き: F  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 線画: 立川 ラインマーカーA・T 0.3mm 黒
  • 着色: 38色のシュミンケ水彩セット

It’s not a dream, right?

It’s not a dream.

Go read Heart Race (and its prequel Beat Like Mine, while you’re at it) by lesbiopteryx you won’t regret it!! I loved it so much I had to draw my first HQ art for it <3

Sketchbook - Jughead Jones Blurb

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Jughead’s POV

I stare at Y/N as she draws in her sketchbook. Her eyes twinkling with excitement as she finishes a drawing that she’s been working on for weeks. The one she told me that I would just have to wait and see.

“Finished!” She cheers, taking a sip from her milkshake.

I raise an eyebrow, “Am I now allowed to see the masterpiece?”

She nods, “Be honest. I want to put that one in my portfolio for college and the other thing.”

I roll my eyes but, nod. Everything she draws is good.

I hold my hand out for her sketchbook. She gives to me after a few seconds of hesitation. I stop breathing for a few seconds as I first look at the drawing. It’s of me. 

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art school/artist things
  • not being able to buy food for a month because you bought 3 things from the art supply store
  • forgetting to eat yet drinking 10 cups of coffee per day
  • nudity doesn’t phase you. at all.
  • “fuck wrong layer”
  • watching the sunrise after you just pulled your 2nd allnighter
  • the constant smell of deadly fumes
  • drinking your paint water by accident
  • “you’re lucky all you do is draw”
  • dipping your paintbrush in your drink
  • spending the first 3 hours of class on critiques
  • *drawing in sketchbook* “did you draw that?”
  • photoshop crashing when you haven’t saved in 2 hours
  • “fuck the model moved”
  • “can you draw me something” *gives them commission info* “what”
  • constant back pain
  • when your tablet’s sensitivity doesn’t work
  • “i painted this using my own blood” “what the fuck”
  • when a gust of wind hits your portfolio and you become a sad mary poppins
  • math?
  • *ink splatters* well it was nice while it lasted
  • charcoal is every pore of your body
  • art history lectures
  • those white, heterosexual male film students
  • watching anime at 4 am when you have a 9 am studio class
  • that one kid that is just…bad. and odd.
  • someone farts in class and nobody gives a shit
  • 2 very different types of people: the fine art/design students and the animation/cartooning/computer art students
  • i haven’t slept in 3 days
some glasses!Grantaire headcanons for all your glasses!Grantaire needs

• literally blind as shit legit cannot see any further than one (1) foot in front of his face.
• /constantly/ breaking/losing his glasses and has like 4 cheap af pairs.
• knows deeply the struggle of scraping acrylic paint off glasses with bitten nails.
• when hes drawing, he sticks his glasses on top of his head (very useful: keeps unruly hair back, keeps you from misplacing glasses) and leans reallllly close to the page or sketchbook or canvas or whatever he happens to be doodling on.
• the first meeting he went to at the musain, he had contacts in and took them out halfway through bc those things get irritating after a while only the poor child forgot his specs, so R spent the meeting squinting intently at Enjolras.
• Enjolras notices this and mistakes R’s squinting for glaring and approached him at the end of the meeting and long story short thats how the long tradition of arguments began.
• Grantaire is both too broke and too scared to get laser eye surgery (bc shit man they put LASERS /NEAR YOUR EYES/. yikes)
• Jehan once put on R’s glasses for three minutes to ‘see things from your perspective’ and then got a migraine and had to go lie down.
• Combferre and R bitch abt how difficult it is to do things with glasses.
• Enj thinks theyre rly cute
• Marius and Bossuet have both broken Ferre and R’s respective glasses more times than they can count. there are tallies. and bets.


i got some coloured pencils and sketchbooks for christmas this year! so i’ve been practicing coloured pencil art! i haven’t used coloured pencils in Several Years, so it was pretty weird to try it again haha

i got two sets of pencils: a pretty cheap set and a more high quality set. all of these were done with the lower quality ones, except for the rose quartz drawing (and the non-coloured drawings, of course)


sketchbook things!! check image for captions!

i also post to insta and twitter a little more regularly, i plan on cleaning up some of these but i`ll just post them here for my own peace of mind lmao

I finished 114! Hoorah! To commemorate this wonderful occasion, I doodled some Peggy and company in the style I used for my final animated short for 114 (which I’ll post tomorrow, once I’ve adjusted some things). This was super fun, I love drawing skinny Steve!

Also Howard is such a bear to draw… >__< He walks a fine line between either looking like Dorian Pavus or Walt Disney.

Copic Marker Walkthrough

Lately many people have been asking me how to create a space nebula effect with markers. The process is relatively simple, but it’s not easy to explain simply with words alone. So in this walkthrough I’m going to show step by step how it’s done.

First things first. This is the list of supplies I used. 
-Strathmore Mixed Media 5.5 x 8.5 sketchbook
-Pink and White Colored Pencil
-White Gel Pen
-13 Copic Marlers (12 colors and a colorless blender, which I’ll explain how to use later.) I should point out now that you aren’t required to use the exact brands I used to create the drawing. 
I use these materials because they’re what I’m most accustomed to.The techniques I demonstrate can be done with whatever markers and paper you’re comfortable using. What matters is that you understand the technique because when you do you can apply it to anything.

I begin by making some abstract cloud-like shapes with E50 (Eggshell), which is a very faint yellow. There’s no pencil sketch here because space nebula (as well as atmospheres and natural landscapes) can be easily created by layering abstract shapes on top of each other.

Using Y21 (Buttercup Yellow) and G20 (Wax White) I basically repeat the first step. Still working very light. I realized after the fact that Buttercup Yellow was a bit too intense for this drawing so I stopped using it there. This is why it’s important to have a sheet of scratch paper nearby to test out colors before you apply them. Because once they’re down, they’re DOWN.

Next I use R20 (Blush) to start defining the shapes of the gases in the nebula. Then I go back to Eggshell. It’s probably hard to see what I did here, but I used the brush tip end (on its side) to swipe inward, from all sides, towards the center of the nebula. The reason being is that the brush tip is more saturated than the chisel tip. This helps intensify the lighter shade of yellow that’s already on the paper. If also makes crossfading colors easier because the sideways swipe motion creates a soft gradient that tapers towards the edge. I’ll use this technique multiple times throughout the drawing..

Now with B000 (Pale Porcelain Blue) I layer over the gases in the center while working my way outwards. Again I’m pulling my strokes inward because I know the surrounding space will be deep blue and I want the transition to be a smooth one.

With E04 (Lipstick Natural) I’m finally beginning to put in some of the darker colors. At this point the drawing sill looks like a random mess. Sometimes you’ll get the urge to rush and make the drawing look like something, but you have to be patient and take your time.

Using B32 (Pale Blue) and R20 again, I’m going around the nebula detailing and adding layers of color. I’m also leaving some white spaces which will later become stars. My Pale Blue is actually beginning to dry out, but here in able to make that work to my advantage because it streaks from the chisel end create a dry brush effect which helps add to the glow. The nebula portion of the drawing is beginning to take shape.

Working my way around the perimeter with Pale Blue. From here you can see the importance of working light to dark. Build your colors gradually and avoid the urge to go too dark too early. You want to have room for error and you don’t want create more work for yourself.

With B04 (Tahitian Blue) I fill the surrounding space completely. I’m not too concerned with trying to get an even layer because I know that I’m going to add darker shades of blue next.

Here I used B00 (Frost Blue) to start cleaning up some of the edges around the nebula. I also used BG15 (Aqua) to add some pockets of color in the surrounding space.

Adding darker layers to surrounding space with B14 (Light Blue), which surprisingly a pretty dark shade of blue. Then I used B97 (Night Blue) to add the last layer, which is the darkest layer in this drawing.

Now it’s time for the final details. 0 is the Colorless Blender. But it’s not necessarily used to blend. Instead it almost acts like an eraser because the ink pushes colors away when you put it down. Because of this I generally don’t use it. But it works great for things like water, landscapes and atmospheres. Or in this case, space in which I used it to pull out highlights in and around the nebula. The colorless blender is odd, but it occasionally has its uses.

This is the final step and my personal favorite. Highlights and small details. I used the pink and white pencils to color around the edges of the brightest stars to make them look as if they’re glowing. Then I used the a white gel pen to color inside those stars to make them shine and pop off the page.

And here’s the finished drawing. This was hastily put together, but hope y'all found this to be informative and easy to follow. I’ll try to do more marker walkthroughs on different subjects in the future. Until then thanks for all your support and encouragement!

Something honest about art school

I get a lot of people asking about art school and auditions and I can understand why, I currently attend an art high school after all. I try to answer their questions and give motivation the best I can but they usually go in expecting one thing when it is entirely another.

I don’t mean to crush anyone’s dreams here or anything but art school isn’t nessecarily good.

Make no mistake, my improvement was kicked into overdrive when I went into my school. Before high school I had about 5 sketchbooks since I started drawing, that’s less than one sketchbook a year. In just the first year of art school I went through 8. The rate of improvement absolutely skyrocketed. I look back at some of my freshman art and think that it looks like I drew it when I was 12, not 15. Because art school encourages art so much you can’t AVOID improving even if you tried. Art school makes you do art and makes you improve.

However, that isn’t always nessecarily a good thing.

My art and the art of all of my friends have improved considerably. Our ABILITY to improve has improved in itself! But with the amount of pressure put on your art and the constant demand for more and more it can become… Discouraging.

For example, I personally love to learn. Learning is fun, I like to expand my horizons which is why I’m so willing to take on non-required academic subjects on my own time. But when it’s being done for a grade? It gets… Stressful. Because then suddenly you can’t enjoy doing it anymore, you HAVE to do it or else there are consequences. That always leaves a bad taste in my mouth you see, and when art is emphasized in art school it gets treated in the exact same way. For so many of my friends art isn’t fun anymore. After they leave school they’d be OK with putting down the pen forever. That’s really sad to me. I’m an exception. So many of my classmates have grown to hate art because of my school and I’m one of the only ones who still enjoys it. Who still does it in his free time.

When it comes to art school there’s undeniable benefits. Such as improvement. But there’s also risks associated with it. In no way am I saying you shouldn’t go to art school if that’s what you want to do, but if you do go you need to be careful. Make sure that your school can’t poison it for you. It breaks my heart to see artists give up on art after going to the place they expected to encourage them to persevere. I don’t want it to happen to you.