first thing that i thought when i saw i'm in my pants

Dean’s Clothes

  The first time Dean caught a glimpse of you in one of his shirts, he instantly realized just how attracted to you he was. Sure he thought you looked beautiful in your own clothes, especially in the short shorts you wore when you helped him wash baby. But there was something about you in his clothes that made his mouth water and his pants grow a little tighter.

  It all started when you forgot to pack a shirt to wear to bed on a hunt in Detroit. You frowned and let out a sigh. Of course Dean packed extra clothes and just happened to have an oversized Led Zeppelin shirt that you could wear. It came down to your mid thigh and swam on your body. He couldn’t help but think about what you would look like the morning after. Would you wear his shirt from the night before and nothing else?

  When he saw you in one of Sam’s flannels one day in the bunker, he instantly grew angry, and his heart sunk in his chest a little. He thought it was yours and his thing, not something that happened between the three of you. Dean wanted you to only borrow his clothes. He wanted you to be his, and his alone. It was in that moment that he realized that his feelings for you were a lot stronger than he believed them to be.

  Weeks later, you were bleeding out in the backseat of the impala, his arms wrapped around you. You weren’t going to die by any means, but he knew you were in a lot of pain and you needed to stay awake in order for them to fix you up. You were shivering from the cold weather outside, so Dean did what he always did. He shed out of his jacket and flannel and wrapped them around you. You smiled softly, thanking him. This time, he told you that his clothes looked a lot better on you than they did him.

  You asked Dean if you could borrow one of his flannels one night, only because you had all of your sleepwear in the wash and they weren’t quite done yet. Dean smiled, leading you to his room. He let you pick which one you wanted to wear. Much to his surprise, you picked the one he was wearing an hour ago. He wondered why, and you responded with “I like the way it smells; just like you.”

  Dean couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He could feel the tips of his ears heating up as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Something completely unlike him. Girls didn’t make him nervous. But he tried his luck.

  “If you like the way I smell so much, why don’t you just sleep in my bed? Smells just like me, sweetheart,” he winked.

  “Well if you insist.”

  Needless to say, as good as his shirts looked on you, they looked even better off of you. And even better the next morning when he knew you had nothing else on beneath it. 

Dean loved you in his clothes. But then again, Dean loved you.

I'm so lazy

I’ve got a story from last weekend. I was being lazy, as I usually am, and I paid for it. I was wearing pink fuzzy socks, white sweat pants, and dark blue panties.
I was really tired and cold last Saturday and I ended up laying down in bed to warm up and maybe take a short nap. I did fall asleep for like a solid 4 hours, yeah I was pretty tired lol. When I woke up I really had to go pee. And when I say I really had to go, I mean like even laying in bed hurt my bladder. I knew I was going to have to get out of bed and pee, but I also knew that when I started moving my bladder might not handle it very well, aaand it was going to be a painful walk to the bathroom. So I decided it would be a good idea to pee a little while in bed to try and help decrease the pain and fullness of my bladder so I could get up easier. I relaxed my muscles and pee almost immediately gushed into my pants. My crotch got hot and I felt trickles of pee run down and onto my butt. It took alot of effort and 5 seconds peeing before I could stop. And as planned I felt alot better and was confident I could make it to the bathroom to finish. As I sat up, I got distracted by a notification on my phone, it was a snapchat and for some reason I stayed in bed and replied to it and others.
Then the next thing I know, I’m waking up a few hours later, I think it was like 2 hours because it was 5 pm when I woke up and the last time I remembered was 3:05pm. My phone was on my chest. “What the hell? Did I fall back asleep?” I thought to myself as I sat up. I pull off my blankets and saw my pants had dried but were stained yellow around my crotch. I lifted my pants to check my underwear, it was dry, and you couldn’t tell they were once wet because they are such a dark blue. And oh boy, when I thought I really had to pee when I woke up the first time, I was wrong. My bladder was bulging and every little movement hurt so much it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. “Shit, I guess I never peed before I fell back asleep. God dang it Kate you are so stupid!” At this point I knew if I tried to pee a little to help relieve the pressure I wouldn’t be able to stop myself very easily..if at all. And I wasn’t in the mood to wet myself and soak my bed.
So I painfully got out from under the covers and came to sitting on the side of my bed. While I was moving I actually forced some pee out and dampend my crotch. I stood up and slowly walked to my door, like one step every 2 seconds. I had to go soooo bad. Standing put even more pressure on my bladder and my muscles were very very weak so I bent over a little bit to try and fight that pain. I made my way out of my room and turned the corner to see the bathroom door was closed.“fuck, really? Someone has to be in it RIGHT NOW?!” And instead of waiting at the door to go when whoever was in it was done(which I clearly should have done) I make the desperate decision to go use the other bathroom upstairs. I turn back around and slowly, and painfully make my way to the other side of the house.
When I got to the bathroom I had to force myself to stand up straight so I could get to the toilet faster. I closed the door and made it in front of the bathtub (the toilet is right next to the tub separated by a wall, so I was REALLY close) when I felt my bladder give in. Pee filled my pants with a loud hiss, my crotch got hot and wet as pee ran down my legs leaving yellow trails in my pants and quickly soaking my socks. Instead of just standing there I rushed towards the toilet, still peeing and leaving a trail of pee on the floor. I sat down on the toilet, fully clothed, and continued peeing. Pee ran into my butt and I felt it getting warmer and wetter. My crotch slowly turned dark yellow with all the pee. I was sitting, peeing my pants on the toilet for 2 minutes. When I had finished I stood up and some pee that had pooled up in my pants ran down my legs and into my socks. I cleaned up the floor and looked in the mirror. My butt and crotch were yellow and you could see my blue underwear. There were yellow lines running down my legs and socks were soaked.
Still low key disappointed I had peed my pants, I changed into clean black panties and black yoga pants. Hope you enjoyed, I know its been awhile!

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hi, love your 3x20 meltdown! :) oh and how about their lips never parted with that flip!! but I just stared at the gifs of Felicity walking away in Nanda parbat and him looking destroyed af... so a prompt idea, in the lines of something like them now getting back together and Oliver saying to F. that he watched her walk away two times and he couldnt survive a third... well something like that, I'm sure you'd make it more interesting than me here :)

Last Moment (Olicity, 5x20 spec fic, Explicit)

Thank you, anon! And oh yes it absolutely kills me how their lips never parted. P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.

For the sake of this ficlet, let’s pretend there is going to be a parallel between 3x20 and 5x20 (*crosses fingers*) and instead of Nanda Parbat, it’s Russia. This includes Oliver/Susan of Season 5 paralleling Felicity/Ray of Season 3 (they break up). 

This is the morning after. (Slight Angst Warning)

Please see the end for my additional Olicity thoughts in Season 5 re: this ficlet.

(Read on AO3)


Oliver watched her.

Her movements were mechanical… no, they were methodical, each move planned with a deliberateness that he recognized all too well. There was nothing playful or bashful, nothing that spoke to what had just happened. Not that he expected it. Some part of him had known this was coming when he knocked on her door last night, when he saw the tiny crack in her facade, when he touched her cheek and she leaned into him, sighing with a heaviness he felt in his soul. He did the same thing when facing a moment that might be his last - compartmentalize, just to get through the next minute, and the next, and the next.

She had to, for what she was walking into.

Acid burned in his chest, but he forced himself to stay quiet, wanting to just watch her for a little bit longer. He didn’t say anything as she pulled her pants on, buttoning them. Her bra was next, followed by her shirt and then her jacket.

She was leaving, like he knew would happen. And he knew he had to let her, but god, he didn’t want to.

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“me and you? we’re simply not cut out for this lovers thing” with stuckony please, because I'm an asshole and my life force comes out of stuckony suffering and angst.

They had tried. When Bucky had come back and it was clear that he and Steve were still in love, they had tried the polyamory thing, mostly because Tony didn’t want to let go of Steve.

But it was clear that it wasn’t working out. Steve and Bucky were closer than Steve and Tony ever had been and while Tony was rapidly falling in love with Bucky it was clear that Bucky didn’t see him as anything else but as competition.

And it was time to put an end to all of their suffering.

Tony cornered Bucky when Steve was out for his run with Sam and it already spoke volumes that Bucky angled himself away from Tony before he even opened his mouth.

“Okay, let’s be honest here,” Tony started and forced his voice to be steady. “You and me? We’re simply not cut out for this lover’s thing.”

Bucky’s eyes went wide, but he continued to put more space between them.

“What do you want me to do?” Bucky carefully asked and Tony’s heart broke when he saw how scared Bucky looked. Scared, that Tony would take Steve away from him and this only cemented Tony’s decision. The three of them were no good together at all.

“Nothing. I just wanted to let you know that I…, well, I guess I am breaking up with you.”

“And Steve?” Bucky asked, voice small and Tony could hear it trembling.

“I’m gonna break up with him, too, of course,” Tony said with a frown. “You belong together and I should have ducked out when you first came back, but I…” he trailed off, unable to say it.

But he didn’t have to because Bucky understood him perfectly as it seemed.

“But you loved him so much, that you had to try. You loved him too much to just let him go.” Tony nodded but didn’t say anything else.

“Do you not love him anymore?” Bucky asked him.

“I do. Of course I do, but he loves you more, and I’m just not worth it. And we’re not working out too well, are we? You can hardly look at me as it is. I never meant to put such a strain on your relationship.”

“I’ve been trying,” Bucky mumbled and Tony chuckled, because otherwise he would start to cry.

“I know, and I’m not saying you haven’t. But this is still not working out, for neither of us. So I’m just gonna give you space and you can, you know, be together like you have before without me bothering you.”

“Tony?” Steve suddenly asked from the doorway, still panting and sweaty from his run. “What is this?”

Tony had thought he would have more time to prepare to break up with Steve too, but apparently the universe hated him today.

“I’m breaking up with you,” he said evenly, trying to blink back the tears.

“Why?” Steve asked and he sounded desperate.

“It’s not working, Steve. We said we would try, and we did, but Bucky and I, we are not working. And it’s straining your relationship too, and I love you too much to see you unhappy.”

“Tony, I love you. Don’t do this. You and Bucky are fine,” Steve pleaded and Tony laughed at that.

“We are not fine, and you know it. He can’t even touch me. And don’t even pretend that you love me like you love him. I know that you love him, maybe not more than you love me, but he is more important to you. I won’t stand between you anymore. It’s been a selfish decision from the start.”

Bucky had kept quiet this whole time but now he started to reach out for Steve.

“Steve,” he pleaded and Steve instinctively reached out for Bucky.

It was like a stab to Tony’s heart, to see those two together, but it only showed him that he was right.

“Tony, he loves you,” Steve said when Bucky didn’t say anything else and Tony had never thought that Steve could be cruel, but apparently he had been wrong.

“Don’t,” he managed to say but Steve shook his head.

“He does, Tony, he does. He just doesn’t always know how to express it.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tony said around a sob. “It’s never gonna be enough. Not compared to what you have. And I just… Steve, this isn’t working. Just let it go.”

“No!” Steve said decidedly and Bucky reached out for Tony this time, but Tony took a step back.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go now,” Tony managed before his voice cracked and he turned around.

He swallowed around a sob as he left, but when no one called out for him again, he knew that he had made the right decision.

There is now a second part for this.

Love Bites (part 1)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: Spn Au. Focuses mostly on a flashback of the last time you saw your best friend, Cas, before he went off to college and you left town to travel. You’re both back in your home town for your 10 year high school reunion.

Warnings: Minor angst, a little fluff, and some fluffy and awkward smut (female receiving oral sex, fingering, losing of virginity by both male and female, brief painful sex.)

A/N: This series is for the @casbabydontgoineedyou 1k follower celebration (my phrase doesn’t come until a bit later.) Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you want to be on my master tag list, just send me an ask or DM.


You had always been considered a bit of a rebel. You had never really concerned yourself with the opinions of others or what path you were supposed to take.

After high school, everyone else was running off to college to plan their boring careers; while you thought traveling the world, working odd jobs in odd towns seemed more your style.

This week was your 10 year high school reunion. You had thought about skipping it until you saw your former best friend, Cas, was on the list of attendees. He had been one of the good little boys to choose the traditional path and you thought about the day you told him you were skipping the graduation ceremony.

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You should write a whole thing about why Nikolai is the best.

at first i was like “okay no i’m too sick to do this rn” but then i thought to myself “yo this is nikolai….. pull yourself together” so there ya go:

- a kind and loving soul
- trapped in a terribly attractive body. a burden, truly… an actual literal curse… and he knows it. oh yes he does.
- sometimes i lie at night and think that he still could have sided with the darkling but he didn’t?? he still chose to do the right thing?? like okay hear me out: nikolai’s always been drawn to power and that was made very clear throughout the series, his mind is constantly spinning and thinking of ways to help him ensure ravka’s good status which, well, can’t happen without some kind of dominance/power. and the darkling had that (even if it was based on fear rather than true loyalty) and sure, nikolai was in his sturmhond persona but he still could have dropped the act and made a pact with him to help him destroy the fold and rule ravka? (which would have cleared nikolai of all responsibilities and he would have been granted a free pass to do whatever he wanted with his life) and he didn’t. he couldn’t. you know why?? bc he’s a damn good person and a mothereffin’ boss that’s why
- despite his royal bastard act and off-handed sarcasm, he’s ALWAYS been nothing but gentle and caring and JUST (especially towards alina but you already know that)
- attentive!!!!!! and not just bc he has some secret agenda to either use or demolish alina (or her powers)!!!!!
- never once tried to strip alina of her agency (on the contrary, he tried to emphasize it and bring out the best of her)
- RESPECTFUL AF (literally never even tried to get into alina’s pants… the farthest he went was that kiss by the lake but he never pushed her or demanded smth more of her bc he was well aware that he - or anyone for that matter S M H!!!! - didn’t have ANY claim to her)
- nikolai who was mocked and insulted his entire life - for being a bastard, for not being worthy of the throne, for being somewhat less than his stupid douchebag of a brother (when he was so obviously not), nikolai who everybody knew by a nickname given to him bc of his bastard status, sobachka, nikolai who later on was called ‘korol rezni’ bc of his scars and ppl never stopped gossiping behind his back, never!! N E V E R!!!! not O N C E!!!!!! lashed out at anyone
- “he’s been kind when he might have been cruel” is probably the realest, most important line in tgt history and i’m saying this with a heart over my heart bc alina has some GREAT ones ones but this?? 10/10 hashtag #i kNOW
- nikolai who remained calm and composed and fair when he found out how terrible the king really was
- gave genya the justice she deserved, gave her the life she deserved, gave her a place to stay and work and be useful and didn’t give a damn about her looks, made her a part of the triumvirate bc of her skills and not bc of the things she’s been through and the thought to undermine or pity her in ANY way never even crossed his mind
- smart as a whip (for real)
- always puts the life and well-being of others before his own
- literally sacrificed everything so his people could have something to look forward to, be grateful for, a better life for ravka
- never pressed alina for anything even when he saw she was slipping away from him and choosing a different life like?? he stepped?? aside?? bc that was the right thing to do /even if it wasn’t smfuckingh/
- hides his insecurities and puts on a smile bc he knows his role and duties and he knows he has responsibilities and yes the crown is heavy but he’ll bear it
- nikolai made sure none of the grisha who fought in the war were ignored, forgotten or left to live a poor life… even tamar & tolya who weren’t even ravkan citizens?? like yeah he knew them from his sturmhond days but they were free agents and yet he still wanted them by his side and welcomed them in his inner circle
- even :) after :) everything :) he :) still :) visits :) alina :))))))) so she’s not lonely :))) or sad :))) and i can bet my goddamn earrings he makes sure she doesn’t feel underappreciated or miserable or less bc he doesn’t want her to feel the way he has
- praised kaz (a kid he didn’t even know) for his wits and brilliance and was clearly delighted to see someone so smart and cunning a.k.a different classes who?? being condescending and acting superior wHERE???? what a Good
- truly the best king ravka could hope for :))))))))))))

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Dear Endling, I've been a huge fan since I saw your comics on Snafu. I'm struggling, and have been for awhile. Art is my passion, but I don't have the right education to pursue a career in it. I've been unable to find my style, and have been stuck for a year. Do you have any advice on where I can read/study to improve my skills to eventually, find my own style?

  This is a question I’ve been asked a lot, but to be honest it never really gets that much easier to answer. Every artist being an individual, it’s tough to find catch-alls that work for everyone, you know what I  mean? And hell, truth be told, I’m still trying to figure this stuff out for myself. :]

  Let me get this first bit out of the way, the bit nobody wants to hear: “Practice, practice, practice.” It’s the biggest, stinkiest old chestnut in the book, the one you’ve probably heard a million times before, but unfortunately, it is the most rock solid, time-tested advice any artist can swear by. Even when you feel down and out, even when things don’t look like they should. You keep on drawing, because art has a funny way of growing with you, even if you’re not aware of it. 

 But try different things. Some personal suggestions:

- Draw from life. Do figure studies. Your art will only go as far as the strong foundation you’ve built on. It can be arduous, but it is worth it. There is no way around this, much as many folks find this the token ‘boring’ advice.

- Look up light and color theory online. Nowadays there is a ridiculous amount of information on this subject on the internet. You could probably cobble together a near full education on the subject just from all the different people who have guides, examples, even youtube videos on the matter. It’s really amazing. There are tons of people out there trying to help young artists get on their feet, and they aren’t charging a thin dime. Take advantage of it. :]

- Warm up before you draw! Draw scribbles, cubes, shapes with some zing to them. Drawing can be a workout! So like any workout, warm up! Don’t dive right in and injure yourself. :] It’s a good way to stave off feeling discouraged because things  didn’t turn out looking brilliant right off the bat. 

- Try emulating a variety of other artists’ work. (With their consent if you’re posting it somewhere of course.) Sometimes when drawing in someone else’s style your own little mannerisms and stylistic influences tend to pop up in the result. This is more a fun exercise though, certainly not something to fall back on as a means to improve. You don’t want to end up relying on the same artistic 'shortcuts’ your chosen artists employ in their own work without a firm understanding of the basics yourself.

- Draw quickly, loosely, even carelessly. Less thought, more winging it. Fly by the seat of them pants. Have fun letting go! At least, for a practice run at first. While 'style’ is at best a nebulous concept, I’ve always found that if you draw speedily, you tend to put emphasis in certain areas, sort of feel your hand moving a particular way? If you don’t let too much thought get in the way, you can sometimes see the raw tendencies you have underneath the art. 

- Animation! Regarding stuff to read to improve your skills, there is no shortage of books available in places like Barnes & Noble. Entire sections on art. I recommend, personally, books on animation techniques. I was originally an animation major in college, and I think any artist can benefit greatly by studying it thoroughly. 

- Draw for yourself, not for the internet. This is a more fairly recent issue I’ve been seeing with some people, but there are folks out there who get a little too attached to the reception (or lack thereof) they receive for posting their work online, or worse still, seem to only draw with the specific intent of putting things online. While it’s all well and good to share your work with other people, please please please do not forget that you are drawing for yourself. You don’t have to post everything you make. Allow yourself plenty of time to make plenty of terrible drawings. Fall flat on your face. You can share the stuff you’d like, but you don’t have to feel compelled to share everything you do.

- Art blocks and burn out will happen. Don’t sweat 'being stuck’ so much. Don’t rush getting OUT of it either. Art blocks are kind of a way of telling you you’re running on empty in one way or another. I’ve gotten asked quite often what I do to get over an art block. The answer is really simple: wait. Haha. But you find things to do that get you feeling charged up again. I like listening to music and playing games. Games are what got me into art in the first place, so it’s kind of a back-and-forth process for me. But what I’m trying to say here is, art and your life are pretty much connected in every way. If your art just doesn’t want to come out easily on the page, maybe you should find something else to do that you enjoy. Refill, recharge, re-energize, but NOT just to get over an art block. Your daily life might be more attached to your work than you realize. Which brings me to my next point..

- Don’t look so hard for 'your style’. You need to grow as much as your artwork. As I said before, style is kind of a strange subject. To most people style is simply 'how your art looks’, what sets it apart from other folks. But if you ask me, style is whatever ignites your passion to create in the first place. Style can be influenced by other art, sure, but it can also be influenced by music, games, sports, books, your background, the things you enjoy, just the person you are from the ground up. Style comes from pouring yourself into your work. And you know what? You need to grow just as much as your artwork. If you put a piece of yourself into your art, it will undoubtedly be unique, because you’re a unique person yourself. Find something you want to say and let it come out through your art.

And yes, that’s about the floweriest answer I’ve ever given on the subject of style. I guess when it comes to the subject of art I can be a sappy sap. But DAMMIT I BELIEVE IN YOU. And anyone else reading this that might have been feeling the same way! And I really appreciate the question! Hell, I’m honored, and hope in any way at all I can help, because art is a beautiful thing to have in your life, and I wish you the absolute best of luck with it. 


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Hey for your Voltron Percy Jackson AU, I was wondering what Lance thinks about Hades and Zeus visiting Keith and Shiro? I mean he's a child of the big three as well and he's got to be feeling left out.

[Voltron PJO AU] Ever since Shiro shared to the whole gang that his father, Zeus, visited him, Lance was happy. He truly was happy for his friend. It was one of the things they all wanted. However, Lance knew that he’d forever be jealous of Keith who had Hades visiting him monthly. He thought that with Shiro not meeting Zeus, he’d be okay, but now knowing that even Zeus appeared right in front of Shiro, Lance felt so left out. He knew a lot of other demigods hadn’t seen their godly parents but Lance was one of The Big Three Boys. Two out of three had seen their Dad.

Lance had never seen or met Poseidon. Not even when he was a kid, which was apparently a common thing to happen with the big three children. 

He’d been down the whole day, so he decided to swim by the lake to get rid of his depressing mood. He didn’t know how long he was under water but when he went to the surface, he saw Keith sitting down by the wooden dock.

Lance let out a squeal out of surprise. “DUDE! DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT!” He placed a hand over his racing heart.

The son of Hades was going to kill him.

“Lance, do you hate me?” Keith asked, ignoring what he just said.

Lance snorted. “Why do you care? But yes, I do. But not so much. I tolerate you, Mullet Head.” He paused and scrunched up his nose. “Okay, maybe I do like you a little but only because Shiro wouldn’t stop talking about wonderful his boyfriend is and I know that Shiro wouldn’t lie. Shiro is really sappy, isn’t he? I still don’t get why he—”

“It’s about my Dad, isn’t it?” Keith cut him off.

Surprised by the question, Lance just stared at his friend. He pulled himself up to sit beside Keith, wrapping his arms around his legs. “It’s not about your Daddy, Mullet.”

“Lance,” Keith made a face. “I’m not dumb.”

“That’ll be the first.” Lance sighed and told Keith everything. How he felt so left out and that perhaps Poseidon didn’t really care that much about him after all. Lance went on and on, while Keith just nodded along, both staring into the lake. They were quiet after a while, Lance thought perhaps Keith was thinking he’d had more to add, and when he didn’t, Keith spoke.

“We can’t choose our parentage,” Keith began. “The fact that you’re still alive and being able to discover new abilities says a lot. Whether you believe it or not, Poseidon loves and cares for you. If he didn’t, then you’d probably be dead right now.”

“Wow, thanks, Keith. You were doing great there with comforting me for a second, then suddenly you just had to turn all morbid.” Lance grimaced. 

“Sorry, it’s a child of the Underworld thing,” Keith frowned. “But I do believe. I mean when Zeus visited Shiro, the god of the gods had his reasons. Pretty sure your Dad has one, too. It took Shiro a lot of years to see his Dad again, so maybe just give yours some time. Maybe when he’s on his day off or something.” He added a shrug.

“You sound so sure,” Lance smirked. “You buddies with my Dad?”

“Yeah, Broseidon texted me a while ago actually,” Keith pretended to fish out his phone from his pocket. “We’re gonna go for some grub later. Wanna come with us?”

“You idiot,” Lance laughed.

Keith smiled and then suddenly Shiro was hovering over the lake in front of them. “Hey, guys!” He turned to Keith and added, “I was just looking for you.”

Shiro leaned in to give Keith a soft peck to which the son of Hades beamed at. “Whatever do you need me for?”

“Coran was asking for us, something about… a thing,” Shiro tilted his head. “Not quite sure what exactly it was.”

Keith nodded, getting up as he dusted his pants. “Okay,” he turned to Lance. “Wanna head back with us using Shiro Airlines?” 

Lance saw Shiro rolled his eyes fondly. He shook his head, “Nah, you disgusting married couple go ahead. I’m just gonna swim for a little more.”

Both boys nodded, then Shiro placed his arm around Keith’s waist ready for take off, when Keith grabbed his hand instead and interlaced them. “No, sweetie. We’re shadowtravelling.” 

And with that they were gone, leaving Lance smiling to himself. He dived back to the lake and just floated, looking up to the sky. He knew Keith was right, his Dad probably had reasons and he didn’t want to force him to materialize in front of him if he couldn’t.

“Hey, Dad. I hope you’ll invite me soon to your Underwater Palace. That’ll be great, don’t you think?” Lance whispered to himself and then suddenly he felt waves pushing him. He looked to his side and saw that the waves were just directed at him. He smiled to himself. “I shall expect your text to Keith then.” He chuckled to himself as he dived towards the bottom of the lake.


Description: Phil has four million subscribers, but Dan’s the only one he wants to celebrate with.

Genre: Smut! (my first smut)

Warnings: Sex (obviously) and a hell of a lot of kinks 

Word Count:1044

Notes: Don’t worry ya’ll Phil tops

Phil awoke to the familiar scents of bacon and coffee wafting into his room. He picked up his phone to find that it was 11:00. It was a decent enough time to wake up, and he hadn’t been up late the night before, so, always eager for bacon, Phil put on his glasses and walked to the kitchen.

“Oh, hey, Phil,” Dan said upon seeing Phil enter the kitchen. “Didn’t expect you to be up this early.”

“I could say the same about you. Weren’t you on Tumblr until 3 this morning?”

“Yes, I was. That’s how I knew it was a special occasion, so I got up early to make breakfast for you.” Phil was curious as Dan placed a plate in front of him. There were four pieces of bacon, making up a shape resembling the number 4. Dan then poured the coffee into Phil’s “Daddy” mug, along with the creamer he knew Phil liked, and set the cup of coffee in front of Phil, smiling at him.

Looking at the 4 made of bacon, Phil finally remembered. When he had gone to bed the night before, Phil had almost reached four million YouTube subscribers. This had to be what Dan was celebrating. “I hit four mil, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did. Isn’t it great? My boyfriend is famous.” Dan grinned at Phil and the older boy chuckled.


“I’ll be back. Go ahead and finish your breakfast.” Dan left the kitchen, still grinning. Phil could tell he was planning something. But that didn’t matter. What mattered was the four pieces of bacon right in front of him that he didn’t want to neglect any longer.

Phil didn’t understand how Dan could make such good bacon. He smiled, happy with his meal and his boyfriend’s cooking skills, and took a sip of his coffee. Dan walked in, and Phil nearly spit out his drink.

Dan was wearing cat ears on top of his head, along with the cat mask that had been tucked away in Phil’s bedside trunk since the Internet Trivia video video they’d filmed with Connor Franta a year and a half earlier. Phil’s eyes continued to scan down Dan’s body, where he next found Dan’s favorite black lace panties. Looking over Dan once again, Phil was rock hard in an instant.

Dan tossed Phil a bottle of lube and left the kitchen once again. Phil was absolutely mesmerized by Dan’s sudden appearance, and it took him a minute to gather himself enough to remember that his perfect boyfriend was waiting for him. Phil absentmindedly walked to his room, where he found Dan lying on Phil’s unmade bed, legs spread and waiting.

“You remember what mug I gave your coffee to you in this morning?” Dan asked in his most seductive voice, smirking. Phil was getting anxious waiting for him, but he answered anyway, upon realizing what Dan was doing.

“The daddy mug.” Phil returned the smirk.

“Yes, daddy.” Phil rolled his eyes at Dan’s horrible attempt at a pick-up line, but that was why he loved him. Phil decided he might as well continue, since he was getting very impatient, wanting Dan almost as much as Dan wanted him. Almost.

“You want daddy to fuck you?” Dan nodded and Phil sat down on the bed, only for Dan to sit up and press his lips to Phil’s. Dan then planted kisses all down Phil’s body before pulling off his lounge pants, revealing his erection. The younger boy then pulled off Phil’s boxers and took him in his mouth. Phil moaned, almost not expecting Dan to be so adventurous. Dan gazed up at Phil with his loving, brown eyes as he pleasured the older boy.

Phil could feel himself about to orgasm and he let out the words between sharp breaths: “Now stop so I can fuck you harder than you ever thought possible.” Dan immediately opened his mouth and Phil pulled out. The older boy opened the bottle of lube Dan had given him earlier and squeezed some onto his fingers.

“Spread,” Phil commanded, and Dan immediately presented himself to him. Phil put one finger into Dan, who immediately whined for more. “No complaining or I’ll make you wait.” Dan stopped whining in an instant, and Phil inserted another finger, scissoring them and making Dan moan.

“Daddy, I need you…”

“Stop whining or I’ll have to punish you.”

“Maybe I want to be punished .” Phil smiled at this, feeling dangerous. He inserted a third finger while reaching up to Dan’s head with his other finger with his free hand and pulling his hair. Phil knew Dan loved that. The younger boy let out a moan of both pain and pleasure. “Fuck me, daddy, please.”

Phil pulled his fingers out and spread some lube on his cock before finally inserting it into Dan’s tight asshole. Dan moaned out as Phil thrust into his prostate. “Daddy, I’m ready.”

“Not yet. I’m not done with you.” Phil grabbed Dan by the neck and choked him as he thrust yet again. Dan cried out in pain, but Phil knew he loved it. After one more thrust, Phil finally came, and Dan complained of being near yet again.  

“Daddy, I’m gonna come!”

“Not until I say.”

“Daddy, please…”

“You know I just love to see you beg. Come.” Dan came all over his stomach in one final moan, and Phil gently traced his tongue around Dan’s stomach, licking up all the cum.

The two laid in Phil’s bed, out of breath. They linked hands and Dan turned his head to face Phil. “Phil…”


“Congratulations on four million subscribers.”

Phil looked at the boy, staring into his deep brown eyes. He may have been the one to hit four million subscribers, but to Phil, all that mattered was the boy right in front of him. “Thanks. You know I love you, right?” 

“Of course I do. By the way, you should probably tweet about that.” Dan got up and walked out the door. He popped his head back in and added, “Don’t forget, we just woke up.” Dan winked before disappearing. Phil was barely able to pull out his phone before Dan popped back in again. “I love you too, by the way.” 

A/N- So yeah this is my first smut… It’s kinda a train wreck but if you thought it was a good train wreck (if that’s a thing?) then let me know and I may write more smut in the future?

With You By My Side - Four

A/N: I have said this before and I’ll say it again. This series is gonna be 90% angst. By now you all know that the Reader is sick with terminal cancer, so it shouldnt come as a surprise that its gonna be a bumpy ride. I will try and warn appropriately in each chapter, but if I do miss something, please let me know. Also, thank you for all of your feedback, keeps me motivated and inspired. An last but not least, thank you to my beautiful beta @thorne93, you are a life saver.

Characters: Jensen, Reader. 

Warnings: Sick reader, some angst,  some fluff, probably some language.

Wordcount: 1453

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Originally posted by zest-wincest

Once Jensen parked his car in your driveway you all but jumped out and walked inside the house as fast as your body would allow. Jensen watched you disappear through your door from the car, taking a deep breath to collect himself before he followed with the small bag you had brought with you to and from the hospital. He couldn’t imagine the things that were going through your mind at this point, all he knew was that he needed to be here for you.

You threw yourself down on your bed and let a few quiet tears fall from your eyes. There were so many things that ran through your mind, removing the stitches, starting chemo, getting sicker, dying. You were scared, of course you were, but you knew that Jensen was going to be there with you every step of the way, you knew that nothing in this world could keep him away because that was the kind of man he was, and that was only one of the many reasons you loved him. Guilt clenched at you as you realized he was downstairs alone, probably confused as to why you gave him the cold shoulder, probably struggling with this as much, if not more, as you were. at least you had him to lean on, but who did he have? You had told him not to tell anyone what was going on, but you realized now that he would need someone to help him through this as well.

You didn’t know how much time had passed when you finally emerged from your room and joined him downstairs, finding him by the kitchen table with a coffee in his hands.

“Hey,” you tried quietly.

“Hey,” he responded with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Do you want some coffee?”

“Please. The stuff they serve at the hospital doesn’t really qualify as coffee,” you joked as you sat down across from him. There was a few moments of silence as he got a mug ready and placed it in front of you before taking a seat himself. “Can I tell you something?”

“Of course,” he assured with a slight nod.

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What Friends Are For

“Hey Star! Wanna do something illegal?” A voice said.

Star looked up from her bed to see Janna climbing up through her window, ungracefully landing on the floor. But, Janna’s smile was still present as she got up from the fall.

Star yawned. “Janna, you’re still awake?” She said as she stared at her with her droopy eyes.

“Yup, and I feel like breaking the law,” Janna said plainly. “And I decided I should bring you with me!”

Star looked at her with disbelief. “Me? Why?”

Janna shrugged as she proceeded to exit through the window with the moon shining down at her face. But before she exited she shot Star a smirk and a expectant glance. “You coming?”

As Janna exited. Star came to her senses. “Hey! Wait for me!” Star yelled grabbing a hoodie as she jumped out the window.

Turns out, Star underestimated the high of the house and landed awkwardly on a pile of cacti. “Owwweee,” Star moaned.

It was just like that time Marco jumped out of the window on her first day here. Haha, he was so mad…

“Did you just literally jump out a window?” Janna asked, trying to stop herself from laughing. She failed.

“You did too asshole.”

“Language, Butterfly.”

“Oh fuck you.”

“Here let me help you up,” Janna smirked as she held out her hand which Star gratefully took. It took a while to get the needles off. But eventually, they were both back on their feet.

“So, was law do you wanna break this time?” Star joked.

“I was originally gonna break three but since you’re here we are gonna break four. Specifically, vandalism, breaking and entering, trespassing, and some good ole theft.”

Star stared at her in bewilderment. She didn’t expect to get a straight answer from Janna. Then again, it was Janna.

“Well, then lets go.”


“You wanna break into the school?!” Star yelled.

“Yeah,” Janna said as she picked the lock on the window of the principal’s office.

“Janna, we could get suspended,” Star said trying to talk some sense into the girl.

“Mhmm,” Janna replied, taking the lock off the window and opening it.

When Star entered the room, memories flooded into her mind. She remembered her first day here. The first time she met Marco…

“Why are you so uptight?” Janna smiled as she entered the office. Pulling Star out of her stupor. “I thought you like these kind of stuff?”

“Well, doing something illegal is a bit exciting,” Star answered her smile wavering a little. “It’s just, I don’t wanna get in trouble again.”

“Don’t worry, will be fine.” Janna grabbed a paperweight of the principal’s desk. “Breaking and entering, check.”

Janna put the paperweight in her pocket. “Theft, check. Now it’s your turn.”

“Me?” Star said in confusion. “What- What should I steal?”

“I dunno. Anything he won’t notice he lost.”

Stealing, that action feels familiar. Oh right, Star and Marco’s quest buy adventure. Though it wasn’t technically stealing, Ludo paid for everything. It was stealing nonetheless.

“Well, uh, I don’t know,” Star scanned the shelf for something useful. “Uh, this personalized stapler?”

“Ah going for the personal stuff. Good choice, Butterfly,” Janna smirked.

Star sighed in relief. She her heart was pounding so hard due to this whole experience. But maybe there was something more than the whole scandalous scene that was making her heart beat a thousand miles per second.

“Can we get out now?” Star said practically begging Janna.

“Wait!” Janna said, Janna stood unmoving looking at her watch.

Star stared at her awkwardly. Star never really noticed how pretty Janna was. Star averted her eyes and suddenly found the wall interesting. Star shook her head and took a deep breath.

“Done!” Janna yelled. Scaring Star in the process. “Trespassing, check!”

Star gulped and motioned to the window. “Ok let’s get out now please!”

Janna frowned. “Star, is something wrong? You seem…… off.”

Janna was just so… caring. She was caring, pretty, and.. no…. What was Star feeling? It was frustrating, didn’t Star like Marco? Why was all those feelings suddenly transferred to Janna? It made Star mad. Why was her feelings playing with her?

“Well I don’t know?!” Star yelled throwing her hands in the air. “Maybe because we’re doing something illegal?!”

She lied. It was something else.

“Star….,” Janna answered, her voice wavering. “I-I I’m sorry I just wanted to have fun-”

“Well its not fun!” Star replied. “Not when you’re here!”

She lied again.

Janna’s eyes watered. “I… what?”

Without warning, an alarm went off in the office. “The window!” Janna yelled leading her and Star out of the building.

Both of them jumped out and fell awkwardly on the grass. Janna saw the oh so familiar blue and red lights and jumped to her feet. “STAR!” Janna yelled, ushering her to stand up.

“STAND UP AND RUN!” Janna said as she bolted with her.

They both ran so fast that they both collapsed to the ground when they lost the cops.

Star huffed and panted. Her mind was blank. She stared at the girl huffing and panting beside her. Her beanie was off her head and in her hand. Her hair was a mess. But Star liked the look for some reason.

“Im Filipino.”

Star stared at her in confusion. “What?”

“I’m Filipino, I read some where online that people don’t usually have fun when they’re doing stuff with a complete stranger.” Janna answered, tears slowly coming out of her eyes. “So, well I thought you should know that so it seems like I’m not a stranger.

Star felt sick all of the sudden. She made Janna cry. How could she do such a thing?

“I’m so sorry this night was a waste of time,” Janna said chuckling a little. “Im such a, I almost got you arrested!”

“I’m so sorry… I…. I saw how you were so sad this week and I thought I should cheer you up and….,” Janna muttered. “I didn’t mean harm like this. I just wanted to have fun together! We… we rarely have fun together now.”

That was when Star realized why she felt like she wasn’t having fun, her mind had been else where. She was so focused on her thoughts that she didn’t think for one second about Janna’s feelings. What kind of friend was she?

“I-I…,” Star stuttered, not really knowing what to say. “Oh my god, I’m such a bad friend.”

She went over to hug Janna. “I’m so sorry. I was only thinking about myself. Oh god I’m so sorry.”

“Star…. its ok-” Janna muttered.

“NO ITS NOT!” Star yelled. “You’re like the best person in the world! Yet I treated you like crap.”

Janna felt warm. Was this really happening?

“I’m gonna make it up to you, we didn’t complete our list of laws we have to break! What was it, vandalism? Let’s get some real life laser pens and destroy the school wall!” Star yelled in determination.

Janna smiled. Her friend was back. “Hey! Wait for me!”

They both ended up with Marco having to bail them out of jail. Man, they were gonna get lectured when they get home.

Undisclosed Desires (part 12- finale)

Words: 1.8k

Summary: You and Castiel return to the bunker and try to patch things up with the Winchesters.

Warnings: Nothing, unless you need a fluff warning

A/N: This is a tentative finale. I like the relationship between the reader and Cas, so I may add little drabbles here and there. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, just shoot me an ask or DM.


You had spent the last week and a half spending time with Castiel in that motel room with Castiel and it had been one of the best times of your life. You had almost decided that it wasn’t worth getting dressed since Castiel wouldn’t let you keep your clothes on very long anyways; not that you minded.

“Well, Cas.” you said with a beaming smile. “I think we’re done here.”

He stood up straight and tall and rolled his shoulders, letting his raven colored wings flutter behind him. For the first time in years, he felt like a real angel again. He turned to you and smiled; you noticed he had been doing that more and more recently.

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anonymous asked:

Hello love! I have a request for you ❤️ I'm working my way through chapter 13 of FFXV to rescue Prompto and it's making me sad lol. Could I get little AU scenarios of the Chocobros taking care of their s/o after saving them from Dumpster King (Ardyn)? I say AU because I'm gonna stay in dreamland where Noct doesn't get sucked into the crystal 😅. Thanks a bunch! ~3^

Hello love!! Ahh my first request!! Also, yes, I also like to believe that no one was hurt/blinded/died because mY BABIES.


  • Noctis thanked the Six for keeping his s/o alive. Ardyn had taken them in the confusion of the train. He was already beating himself up for not keeping an eye on them. He held them close for hours, letting them cry on his shoulder. They wouldn’t stop shaking. Even as they slept. 
  • He let them sleep on the bed alone, let them have their rest. The boys had gone out in search of food. Noct stayed behind. He didn’t want to leave them alone again. 
  • He heard them muttering in their sleep. He went to go to pull the blanket back and check to see if they were awake.
  • But their hand shot out so fast, gripped his wrist so hard- where did they get that strength from
  • S/o is panting so hard, fear etched into their eyes. Shaking even harder.
  • Then they meet Noct’s eyes and they feel so guilty, they nearly attacked him.
  • Sobs are choking out and they put their fists in their eyes, trying to stop the tears, the flashbacks, the pain.
  • They lean against him and he wordlessly places them in his lap. He wraps his arms around them as tightly as possible.
  • “It’s okay, its over now. He won’t hurt you again. I promise you.”
  • Whenever they wake up crying or when he feels them shaking, he asks if he can hold them, and they nod every time. He holds them and talks to them, about his dad, about his time in Tenebrae, anything to get their mind off things. The soft rumble from his voice in his chest calms them down and they eventually stop shaking.


  • “It should have been me, they should have taken me!”
  • Prompto would be the most emotional. He would cry as soon as he saw his s/o again. He would hold them and kiss them, make sure they’re not injured. Cry some more.
  • Back at the hotel, he’d never leave their side. He’d ask if they were okay every half-hour. They would nod and ask to be held. He’d grab a blanket and wrap it around him and his s/o. 
  • Sometimes, they won’t ask to be held. He’ll ask anyways and they say, “No, I’m okay for now. Being touched makes me feel claustrophobic.”
  • He’ll understand but he’ll be so sad. Sunshine needs his cuddles.
  • But then he’ll just start sending memes to their phone. They’ve been spending most of the time on their phone, trying to get their mind off things, especially when they cant sleep.
  • He’ll send things funnier than the last. He’ll feel 10x better, seeing them smile. He’ll feel even better once they seek contact again but he’s taking it one step at a time. 
  • He gets them a chocobo plushy. Its perfect, because now the nightmares are becoming less frequent. All thanks to Mr. Kweh! 
  • “Mr. Kweh, huh?”
  • “Short for Kweh-ton Tarantino!”
  • He’d want to cry with how much progress they’ve made. He’s so proud that they’re so strong.


  • If he could see how broken his s/o was when they were saved, his heart would have broken and he would have stormed up to Ardyn and murdered him.
  • But he could feel it anyways. They’re trying to be strong for him, they don’t want to burden him. But he knows something is off.
  • He’d ask them to sit next to him. He wants to take their pulse. But even as they’re just reading a book next to him, he can feel their pulse quickening. He can hear their erratic breathing.
  • “I’m going to make some tea, Ignis.” 
  • And as they’re making tea, banging around, he could hear them sighing, pacing. Tapping their toes, fingers. 
  • “Darling?”
  • They’d nearly drop the leaves. He walks over to them, putting a hand out to them. They’d take it and he’d pull them in for a hug.
  • “Please, don’t suffer alone in this. I’m here to help you. Talk to me, sweet.”
  • S/o would start crying, saying that they don’t want to burden him, that he has enough to worry about, they’ll be fine-.
  • “You are not fine, you’re in a right state! Please, darling. Let me help.”
  • And that’s how Ignis begins doing what he can do again. His s/o helps with his cooking, and he relearns how to do everything without his eyesight. His s/o puts out the ingredients and spiced, makes sure everything is perfect. He’ll instruct them with how to do things. And once he’s confident to do things by himself he’ll make them their favorite whenever possible.


  • He’s so fiercely protective of his s/o. The fact that they were somehow taken right from his hands still angers him and he has to take a few breaths to calm down. 
  • He noticed a change right away. They weren’t as chatty or cuddly. They smiled less often and appeared to be deep in thought. They’d chew on their fingernails more often. Actually, he doesn’t think he ever saw them bite their nails. 
  • What would really get him was when he would hear shushed sobs. Or them sniffling. Growing up with his sister, when he would hear sniffling, something was always up. He asked and asked but his s/o would say nothing. They’d shake their head and say it was silly.
  • “I guess I’m still dealing with the whole Ardyn thing.”
  • He’d have to swallow down the bile coming up his throat and take a deep breath. 
  • He’d bring them to their lap and talk to them. Ask them what they were thinking about. Whatever it was, the nightmares, flashbacks, he’d be patient to help them through it. 
  • “My arms and ears are always open to you, baby.”
  • He’d give them the sweetest kisses. 
  • He’d teach them more self defense. Especially on days where the adrenaline and anxiety is extra high. 
  • They’ll run relaxing baths when they were done sparring and he’ll hold them close. 
  • He’ll be more relaxed when they laugh. When they laugh, everything in the world is good. 
  • He’ll thank the Six each and every day for them.

Ahhh okay!! I hope i did okay!!! eeeee my first request!! I hope you like it nonny, I hope you’re having a really good day! I hope they aren’t too different in length or substance. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dazatsu Week Day 3 (Mafia AU)

Akutagawa couldn’t understand Dazai.  

This didn’t mean he wasn’t grateful to the guy. The older man saved him and his sister from dying on the streets from both thugs and starvation…not that they actually needed it. Akutagawa and Gin could perfectly handle things on their own. It’s just that they have a much more stable income and residence now thanks to the Armed Detective Agency. It didn’t hurt that Dazai’s now kind of mentoring him on how to control and use his ability properly.

But Akutagawa just didn’t get the brunet man. He always had this carefree mask on him. He seemed to know and understand too much, and wouldn’t open up about anything about his past (not that Akutagawa ever tried to pry).

All Akutagawa knew that he was a suicidal maniac that wasted too many bandages, had a ridiculously useful power to nullify any ability, is a huge flirt, and was unhealthily obsessed with songs about double suicide.

But the strangest part about him, despite all the proclamations and attempts and songs and jokes about suicide, is that Dazai refuses to die.

It was the strangest thought about the older man, but it was the only thing that made sense.

“Hey,” Akutagawa says one day while walking back home from a mission. “Why aren’t you dead already?”

He and Dazai just took care of an uprising gang made up of some ability users that was stirring a little bit too much trouble in the back alleys of Yokohama. It was a complete cakewalk with Akutagawa’s Rashoumon and Dazai’s No Longer Human that it was almost laughable.

Now they were walking back to the agency’s building for a job well done and reports to deliver, with the sun setting over the horizon and painting the sky in colors Akutagawa gained a new appreciation for.

“Oi! That’s mean of you to say, Akutagawa!” Dazai grabbed his heart in fake hurt with that mysterious smile of his, never once looking at him as he stared up at the sky. “That really hurts you know! How can you say that to your senpai?”

“With all your ranting about double suicide, it even makes me wonder,” he coughed a bit into his hand before continuing, “Despite what you say, you’re barely trying to kill yourself. There are a lot of incidents here and there, but none of them serious enough for you to die for sure. And if you really wanted to commit double suicide with someone, you would search up some suicide partner on the internet instead of asking any random girl available.”

“But are there any beautiful women online who’d commit double suicide with me?” Dazai asked dramatically.

“You’d be bound to find one,” Akutagawa pointed out.


“You should be dead right now,” the sickly man looked at him. “But you’re not. So why?”

His mentor let out a long suffering sigh and had this look on his face Akutagawa couldn’t really figure out. “I’m waiting for someone.”

Dazai didn’t explain any further so Akutagawa didn’t attempt to pry any further. That answer was the more than anything he had got so far, so it was enough right now. Akutagawa thought he understood Dazai a bit better now.

Though he wished he could understand why Dazai always stared at the yellow-purple sunset with this wistful look on his face.

The first thing he saw was a flash of bright sunset colored eyes.

Akutagawa was barely able to throw up a shield using Rashoumon in time to block a giant bundle of white fur and sharp teeth and claws ramming into him.

He stared at the sharp claws and impassive eyes that flashed red of the tiger that launched at him and quickly threw the beast back.

He couldn’t believe that a fucking white tiger tried to attack him in broad daylight.

Akutagawa made his cloak flare up as intimidatingly as possible, trying to scare away the tiger but the tiger only strutted around him gracefully, looking a bit curious as it never took its red eyes off of him.

And the tiger pounced.

The two of them clashed, again and again, large feline claws against blood thirsty space eating cloth. And yet, the tiger was able to keep up with him.
In fact, it was slowly becoming stronger and faster, as if playing around with him and testing what Akutagawa could do; that was worrying.

Akutagawa knew he couldn’t keep up much more and tried to finish off the beast with a single blow as it leaped at him.

And the white tiger ripped through Rashoumon.

Akutagawa gasped as he felt the wind get knocked out of him and onto the ground, coughing uncontrollably as he stared at the tiger.

He stared at it disbelievingly as it readied itself. This tiger was no ordinary beast.

He put all his effort and strength into one last attack and the beast leaped at him.


Akutagawa felt his power dispel oh so familiarly as he saw the telltale sign of Dazai using his ability on him…and the tiger?

He saw Dazai’s back facing as the huge tiger dispelled into…a boy around his age?

Dazai caught the boy and held him gently to his chest as he floated down gently like something out of a fairytale.

Akutagawa felt annoyed. The last time Dazai caught a guy in his arms was when Akutagawa fell that one time and Dazai caught him before just tossing him aside casually as he said ‘I make it no hobby to embrace men.’ What the fuck was this then?

“Atsushi?” Dazai’s voice was filled with so much emotion that Akutagawa couldn’t believe his own ears.

“D…D-Dazai-san…?” the boy’s voice (he assumed at least), was hoarse and quiet as if he hasn’t used it in years.

Akutagawa couldn’t help but stare awkwardly at the two’s touching reunion as he questioned his sanity and reality itself.

When Dazai kissed the top of the boy’s head, Akutagawa couldn’t help but gag out loud.

Their little bubble of cuddly teary reunions was popped and the boy hugged the brunet tightly, presumably embarrassed, and Dazai just looked nonchalant.

“What?” Dazai raised an eyebrow at Akutagawa.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” the exasperated man’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, “But can someone explain what the fuck is going on?”

“Language, Akutagawa,” Dazai chided, keeping a light tone, “What’s there to explain? I’m just having a touching reunion with my partner.”

“Who just tried to kill me a minute ago!” Akutagawa growled.

Wait, partner?

“Oh I’m sure he didn’t know you were my subordinate,” Dazai waved it off, “It’s been years after all. But it’s all a misunderstanding, right Atsushi-kun?”

The boy peeked above Dazai’s shoulder almost shyly, before standing up and bowing slightly.

He had pale skin, almost as pale as Akutagawa’s. His hair was silver with a black streak through them and in a ridiculous choppy and uneven hairstyle. He wore ripped up black dress shirt rolled up to the sleeves, black scraped up pants, black dress shoes and for some reason thought it was a good idea to pair suspenders and a stupidly long belt that almost looked like a tail.
Though the most notable detail about the boy, (Atsushi, Akutagawa remembered what Dazai called him), was his eyes. His eyes were a bright yellow-purple color, so reminiscent of the sunset Dazai always stared so faithfully at before they flickered to a deep bloody red.

“Akutagawa, this is Atsushi-kun, my partner!” Dazai introduced them cheerfully, "Atsushi-kun, this is my new subordinate, Akutagawa!“

“Subordinate…?” Akutagawa swore ‘Atsushi-kun’ growled darkly while somehow maintaining a stoic face.

“Yep!” Dazai nodded, before taking a teasing tone of voice, “Can you take it? My new subordinate is much better than you~!”

Akutagawa swore he was going to kill Dazai as he somehow held his ground against Atsushi’s murderous glare.

“So get along, you two, okay?” the brunet smiled cheerfully and gestured to them.

Akutagawa sighed and stepped forward towards Dazai’s partner. “Er…nice to meet you…’

Atsushi leaned in with this scary look in his eyes, with his voice dark and dripping with this emotion that screamed jealousy.


The sickly man glared back. No way was he going to be intimidated by his mentor’s partner.

“Bring it on, jinko.”

How Can I Say

How Can I Say (Day6) Songfic x J-Hope

This was so difficult for me to write! (He’s a literal ray of sunshine I really do hate me now for writing such angst). It was a real challenge, which is definitely a good thing! Thank you to the anon that requested! I hope you enjoy reading it! Let me know your thoughts!

Originally posted by beatriceindre

The air felt thick with tension as you sat upon a frozen bench. Your bones felt numb, and your hands had long lost their feeling even with them stuffed in your pockets trying to pick up any warmth in the corners of the fabric in your coat. You wondered what time is was by now, but you didn’t raise your wrist to look because you were smart enough you’d been here too long, waiting like an idiot.

Layers of snow covered the usually emerald grass, it was beautiful, mostly untouched except from the footsteps that belonged to you and you alone. By tomorrow, all the snow will have been touched and purified. You shiver, but you were unable to move; not because of the cold, but because the will power inside of you kept saying, ‘he’ll be here.’

Stupid, so stupid. You thought to yourself bitterly as the crutches of the snow sounded around you. Upon looking, you saw Hoseok lurching towards you. The air was so cold that his breath was visible as he panted, he’d clearly been running. He wore soaked through converses, his feet were more than likely blocks of ice. He had ripped jeans and a hoodie on, it was clear he hadn’t anticipated the cold weather after his flight.

“You’re here.” You spoke pointedly, coldly, sending more shivers down his spine than any wintery air ever could. He swallowed, then nodded.

“The flight got delayed.”

“You should have called.”

“I know.”

Tension expanded. He took the seat beside you. It was wrong that you felt a tingle of anger at this action. You should be happy he’s back, you should be brimmed with joy and pressing kisses against his rosy cheeks. But all you feel is empty.

“I don’t think we should be together anymore.” You commented, it was so monotone, that it sounded as though you’d lost any emotion.

“What?” Hoseok sounded astonished, as though not a single hint of a thought had ever entered his brain. He turned to face you, his hand moving from his hoodie pocket to rest on your shoulder. You could feel his fingers shaking.

“I want to break up.” You responded, sounding more blunt this time. A tiny flicker of remorse hit your gut. It was almost unlawful, you felt like a criminal. You had Hoseok’s heart like putty in your hands, but it felt burdensome. How could you feel so bleak while he loved you more than waking up in the morning?

“{y/n} I think we should think about-”

“There’s nothing to think about, I’m fed up of this.”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t call but-”

“It’s not just that, Hoseok. It’s everything. I just don’t feel that way about you anymore.”

You looked at him, the words only becoming more real. Hoseok stared into you dull eyes. His eyes were as glittering and bright as the sheets of white snow, while yours is like the black ice. His eyebrows furrow, his orbs sparkling with tears.

You’d never seen him cry.

“If that’s really how you feel then I guess this is what’s right.” He spoke shakily. His hand slipped from your shoulder and back onto his lap, he looked down at his own trembling hands. A tear slipped off his cheek, landing somewhere against his already soaking jeans. He must already be frozen cold.

“I’m sorry.” You apologised, somehow feeling the need to even though you had no obligation.

His lower lip trembled, though it was unlike anything you’d seen before. It wasn’t in the way it quivered in nervousness when you kissed for the first time, or the way it did when he took you to the bedroom with intent for the first time. This was fatal, sadness ridden; it was clear you’d drained all the hope from his soul.

“I guess… I’ll see you around.” You spoke hesitantly, you didn’t want to leave him, but now was the time it had to be done. You rose to your feet and turned to walk away, never looking back.

“I hate me now
I hate that my heart doesn’t beat
From some time ago
My heart stopped reacting eh
Hate me now
I want it to cool down
I wish there was no love
In the way you look at me”

Aren't You a Little Bit Too Pretty?

I swear I’m working on my actual fics lol. This is an old one shot that I decided to finally finish before I immerse myself in my work.

Jimin is Jungkook’s favorite stylist AU

Jungkook was a star that had been in the business for nothing short of five years, so it stands to reason that his stylists would change every once in awhile. But there was one stylist that when Jungkook was choosing he’d never let get away. Yes, the great idol Jungkook had a soft spot for one of his stylists and unfortunately, it was a male stylist.

The male stylist was named Parl Jimin and was one of the cutest males Jungkook had ever met. From his oversized clothing to his eye smile that enchanted more than one idol in the business, especially during shows. He was known for pretty laughs and even prettier giggles. If Jungkook were ever asked if he believed in angels he would merely pull out a picture of Jimin and call it proof that they were real. Call him biased but he wasn’t the only one that thought of Jimin as angelic, so some part of it had to be true.

“Oh Jungkook-ah!” Jungkook’s head jerked up as Jimin came into his dressing room, the rest of his stylist’s gone home hours ago meaning that they were alone.

“Why are you still here, the show ended three hours ago.” Jungkook grinned and shrugged his shoulders, feet still propped up on the vanity in front of him. Jimin had his makeup suitcase behind him with the few lights on making his silver hair glow bright.

“I had no reason to leave. Besides I knew you stayed back to talk to the other stylists and the director.” Jimin flushed prettily and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, a clear flirtation though neither of them chose to acknowledge the tension between them.

“Where’s your manager? Did he leave you here?” Jungkook finally stood up, towering over his tiny stylist and propping himself up against the wall.

“Yeah but he left my car behind and caught a ride with the other coordinators.” Jimin smiled and nodded, coming closer to Jungkook almost subconsciously and shyly looking down at his feet. Jungkook cood internally and let the quiet in the room increase, wanting for Jimin to break it first. They’d been playing this game for years. A push and pull between them that enticed Jungkook and had him thinking of Jimin in the late hours of the night when he got too lonely.

“Right.” Jimin’s voice was only a soft sigh and Jungkook thought that maybe Jimin would finally make the first move but he stepped back one step, automatically warning Jungkook that he couldn’t take it. He’d step back and they’d build tension again only for Jimin to shut it down once more. Jungkook wasn’t willing to wait anymore, his hand circling Jimin’s wrist without thought.

“What?” Jimin flushed slowly as he was pulled closer to the man he’d been with for the past five years. His breath left him in a sigh as Jungkook pulled him flush to his body, his head coming to a complete rest against the broad chest he’d watched grow as the kid got older. They’d always been close since Jimin had been the closest in age to Jungkook when they met. And then suddenly Jungkook became a man and Jimin couldn’t help but notice the muscles the young guy had developed and worked on. 

When their first staff rotation happened Jimin had already begun saying goodbye to Jungkook, the shy boy he’d watched become a man because no idol ever kept the same stylist for longer than a year. To his surprise he was on the new staff along with one other stylist named Taehyung that Jungkook also trusted. It seemed his favorites would get to stay with him another year. Jimin had been so excited to hear the news and celebrated with Taehyung, thanking Jungkook when he saw him.

It’d been night when Jimin properly thanked Jungkook, hugging him though he knew it wasn’t appropriate. Jungkook had frozen for a moment before pulling Jimin impossibly closer and tucking his head into the crook of Jimin’s neck, sighing against the sensitive skin there.

Now was the same, except that Jungkook’s head was on top of Jimin’s and there was nothing to thank him for. Jimin basked in the comfort and convinced himself that it was a friendly hug and Jungkook was just tired from the full schedule he had recently. On Jungkook’s end he felt strong emotions flow through him and shuddered at how strong his feelings for Jimin were. Jimin who had been with him through everything without complaint.

“Jimin, thank you.” Jimin tensed in Jungkook’s arms and jerked back, looking him in the eyes. His brows furrowed in confusion and his lips unconsciously pouted much to Jungkook’s utter pleasure.

“For what?” Jungkook smiled at his tiny hyung fondly, head slowly leaning down as Jimin held his breath in anticipation. His breath left in one sigh as Jungkook leaned his forehead against Jimin’s, smile still in place.

“Thank you for being with me for so long. Thank you for putting up with all of my dumbass tantrums when I was younger, for putting up with my insecurities even though you told me I was okay. Thank you for the unconditional love and support you’ve showered me with.” Jimin smiled gently, tears threatening to overflow but he slowly blinked them away in order to show Jungkook the front of strong hyung he’d been trying to go for since they’d become close.

“Of course Jungkook. I love you and I will always be by your side.” Jimin was confused as Jungkook simply shook his head and leaned closer, lips a whisper away from brushing and causing Jimin’s heart to start beating in overdrive.

“No hyung, I love you. I’m in love with you. I want you to want to be with me forever as I want to be with you. Please accept my love hyung.” Jimin quickly leaned back, surprise painting his face in hues of red he didn’t know he could become.

“J-jungkook! I-I’m a man! You’re my dongsaeng, I can’t just-” Jimin was silenced by a pair of soft lips gently pressing against his own, Jungkook’s hands framing Jimin’s face and holding him still against the more built younger. His hands had nowhere to go but the lapels of Jungkook’s jacket and he found himself leaning into the other’s body. His fingers trembled gently and he was trying his best to act as if he wasn’t nervous, which wasn’t that difficult honestly. After all, he had wanted to be this way with Jungkook for the longest time.

It felt like an eternity before they broke apart, Jimin’s mouth pouting slightly as Jungkook let out small pants. They’d waited so long for this, waited almost what felt like eons to be able to be together like this.

“Jimin, would you accept me? Would you let me protect you and would you let me hold you at the end of the day?” Gentle tears cascaded down Jimin’s small face, lips wobbling as he stared at the man he’d been crazy for since he’d been a boy. His sweet Jungkook, who he remembered watching when he was learning to dance. His sweet little Jungkook that had practiced countless hours until his voice was more angelic with every song he sang. That little dork that had come into the agency with big aspirations and a humility that made Jimin’s heart ache. Here was that sweet boy in front of him, asking him for the one thing that neither of them thought they could have. No way in hell was Jimin going to give this chance up.

“Okay. Okay Jungkook, I’ll be yours for as long as you’ll have me.” Jungkook grinned at that, nose crinkling adorably against Jimin’s own.

“Then you’ll be mine forever.”

I'm a sinner

FIC: Alive, Part 1
Rating: PG13 for gory violence
Word count: ~1650

Summary: A man saves a passing hiker from a monster.

Oh a hike in the woods will clear your mind. It will be so good for you. Some nature and fresh air after these last weeks. If only Tahoe weren’t so expensive these days, you wouldn’t have had to settle for a vacation in this little nowhere town. None of these thoughts are able to fully form in your head as you scramble and sprint for your life up the road to a clearing you desperately hope is that tourist trap you passed a handmade sign for.

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anonymous asked:

I'm still thinking about that apple picking Drabble. It was SO amazing, I love the relationship between William and river and how they bicker yet it's clear he would do anything for her! What would happen if he saw river getting bullied at school? How would he react? I love the idea of him being a super annoying yet the best overprotective brother ever! Love you writing ✨✨✨

can you write a drabble where river gets bullied or something so Harry, Eden and William try to make her feel better by throwing her a party but she’s still really upset so her and will or her and Harry have a heart to heart or something? 

I combined these two, hope you both like it! This took some time didn’t it? (that was a rhetorical question, this ask has been in my inbox for nearly two months i think) so there’s something extra at the end for compensation??? Happy reading! 💕  😘

[mature !! 🔞 !! - don’t ask me how i managed to fit smut into this one because i seemingly always manage to.]

“See what happens when m’gone!’ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

word count: 12.4k

[i couldn’t find the owner of this edit so if that’s you let me know and i’ll OF COURSE give it the proper credit.] 

▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎

At first William doesn’t know what he’s seeing. He does, he can put it into words, describe it if he needed to. But he doesn’t know what he’s seeing. He doesn’t know why he’s seeing it. Why it’s happening.

He feels rather useless and small too, when he sees it because he wasn’t there a minute before to stop it. And he can’t just go into the school yard and yell at the girls River’s age. He can but he won’t.

River is the purest anything he knows. She’s never been mean to anyone. She doesn’t know how to be. She’s truthful and honest but not with the intention of hurting behind it. So she’ll tell you if your hair’s a mess or if your drawing is lacking color but only to help you along. She’ll even give you her crayons to fill in the missing edges and she’ll even fix those pesky strands for you.

She remembers all her pleases and thank yous, her dad taught her all those. She says them too much in fact, says them when she doesn’t have to.

River stops for every dog, cat and squirrel she sees in her way. She will wiggle out of her parents’ hold just to get close to one. Because she’s very certain that every animal she encounters needs her.

All the dogs need a home, her home. All the cats are looking for a cuddle, her cuddles. All squirrels are looking for a snack, her snacks.

She hates the ponds at the park, she can’t feed the ducks in them. And what good does that do? ‘They’re hungry daddy, know they are. I’ve got half a cookie in my backpack.’ And she really doesn’t know the difference between people food and duck food no matter how many times Harry tried to explain the two. And how she’d be doing more harm than good.

But River doesn’t do any harm, absolutely none.

So when William sees his sister, the one who knows all her pleases and thank yous and the one who insists on caring for anything in her way, being pushed to the ground he’s startled.

She gets back up before he completes his run to the gate of the school yard but she was still on the ground. She was still pushed to the ground.

He forgets what he’s supposed to do. But he doesn’t know what he is supposed to do so there isn’t much to forget what he’s never known. He never thought of this, because River is River. He doesn’t know the next step, he’s just angry and he’s got no clue what to do with it.

He stands with the parents, waiting to pick up their children and while he can’t wait to see River (he hasn’t seen her in a while) he wants to see who failed the two children at the teaching of proper behavior.

He’s antsy now, for school to finish up, for her to be out of there and next to him. He doesn’t want her there. And frankly, he doesn’t want her coming back either. Not until all this is sorted.

He meant to stand somewhere she couldn’t see him so he could surprise her. Stand in a place that would have her wondering where her mum or dad are waiting, she’s used to running towards at least one of them. She isn’t used to William picking her up from school so it was the best plan. River likes surprises.

But he was forced out of his spot, when he saw what he saw. So the plan’s shot.

“Will!” She runs to him, with her backpack strap nearly sliding off and she’s nearly tripping over her lunchbox.

“Careful, you’ll fall.” He wants to roll his eyes but he knows that even if she does she’ll get right back up. And she’s got enough scrapes on her knees that don’t bother her. She doesn’t even remember how she got them all, or if they hurt. They probably did, when she first got them. But that’s why Harry probably keeps fun bad aids in his wallet. Those make it better nearly always.

“Came to surprise me! You surprised me!” She pants pulling her dark curls away from her face. She’s always out of breath, has to be because she’s always running.

“Something like that.” He grins taking her things from her. More like their mum is at the doctor’s because the twins have their checkups and their dad is working.

“Do you have a present?” She untangles herself from her backpack so he can take it off her back.

“Why have I got to bring you a present every time I see you?” He lifts her up with one arm while his second is carrying all of her baggage.

“Say so.”

“You’re too big for surprises.” He argues.

“You’re big, old too.” She pats his stubbled cheeks with her hands.


“You’re old.” She insists. “Got pricklies like daddy does.”

“M’not old. You just think I am because you’re surrounded by babies everyday.”

“Surrounded by babies.” She grins.

“How are the babies?”

“Mummy has too many babies.” She replies confidently.

“You’re not a baby?”

“No! M’not. They cry and cry. I don’t cry. They look the same, that’s funny isn’t it?”

“S’cause they’re twins.”

“Can’t tell them apart! But Emmy doesn’t cry. I like Emmy. She’s funny, says funny things.”

“She is funny.”

“Emmy is at grandma’s, she’s too tiny for school. M’not too tiny for school.”

And he can’t argue with that. She isn’t tiny, but she’s always been and will always be his little sister. So always little.

“Are we going straight home or have you got other plans for me?”

“Could you take me to the puppy park! Could make that a plan, a good one too.” It is a good plan, it’s sunny out.

“Have you got a puppy?” He likes this, teasing her.

“Mummy said I’ve got to find the type I like before she lets us have one.”

“A puppy?”

“She said not to tell daddy though, because he’ll be mad. I don’t think he likes puppies. So you have to be quiet.”

Harry doesn’t like or dislike puppies, William knows that. William just knows why his dad doesn’t want to get one. Another one. Because he and Eden did have a puppy once, had one before William was born and it grew up with William. But then the puppy got older, wasn’t a puppy anymore and the natural happened. And well, even though Harry doesn’t admit it, William knows Harry still isn’t over it.

But River surely doesn’t mind going to the puppy park without a puppy. For now. She finds enough, plays with too many the second she arrives. And William wonders if people notice, that she comes without one just to look at theirs. But River isn’t even aware of the people around her. Not when there are puppies, and soon she forgets she came without one. Forgets she isn’t a dog owner, but she dreams of the day that she is one. ‘I’ll bring him here, so he can make friends, lots and lots of friends.’

And River doesn’t forget, it’s both a blessing and a curse. And she’s able to draw from memory the type she wants when she gets home. ‘Had spots, small and big ones, but not too big ones, like this!’ She’d show her mum.

“I’ll take you.” William agrees and she claps her hands, then pats his face again. “But you’ve gotta do something for me.”

“Ok,” she pants.

“Came to surprise you right?” He starts and she nods rapidly. He did. “Was hiding too, so I get a good scare out of you.”

“I don’t get scared.” She mutters.

“But I had to come out of my hiding place,” he admits.

“Why! You can’t do that!”

“Saw something.”

“What did you see!” She bounces in his arms and he has to hold her tighter because she really isn’t that small anymore.

“Didn’t see something nice,” he shakes his head. “You were pushed yeah?

He doesn’t know how much he’s missed. He still manages to come back home two weekends out of the four. Nearly missed his mum giving birth to the twins but didn’t. But he’s missed this. This is what he’s arrived to and god knows how long it’s been going on for. And if his parents knew about it, certainly they’d be doing something about it. But his dad is buried in work and his mum just have birth to twins three months ago. So, there’s plenty of room to miss something like this. But that doesn’t serve as an excuse to him. He only had to be here for a minute to see what he saw. How many minutes have they missed?

River nods, confused that he hasn’t told her some crazy story instead. She likes those.

“Need to tell me about it now.”

“Got pushed.” She nods.

“By whom?” And River isn’t really used to this side of William. She’s small but she knows the difference between the regular William who plays with her to the William who’s serious. “You know her name right?” He presses and she nods. “Go on then.”

“Emma.” She picks at the top button on his shirt where he’s tucked his sunglasses in. “And Mia.”

William nods, pulls the hair that’s fallen to her face back where it belongs. “We’re going to the puppy park right?” He ask and she looks up at him with a grin.


“Soon though, just got to talk to someone first ok?”

“Ok.” She agrees.

He can’t just leave her here, and he doesn’t want her around for what he’s going to do. He could have someone watch her, someone he knows. There, he knows her. That’s his mum’s friend, with children that play with Eden’s.

“William! Look at you,” she smiles widely. “Look how tall you are!”

“Hello.” He smiles. “How are you?”

“I’m fine thanks, hows your mum? Tired I bet, that’s probably why you’re here.” She smiles.

“They’ve gone to the doctor, just for some checkups. M’sorry to bother you but could you watch her for a moment, won’t be long. Just got to pick up something for my mum.”

“Of course, we’ll be here.”

“Thank you.” He sets River back down to the ground. “River, don’t go wandering off. Just stay here until I get back.”

River will be fine, the mum has got a puppy. River won’t even miss William or notice he’s gone.

He doesn’t want to leave her, not for a second because he sees what happens when she’s got no one to watch her. But he won’t be long and he needs to do this.

And William doesn’t know what to do yet, what his script says but he knows he has to do something. He’s known for being polite, respectable and kind. And he’s always been all of those things but he’s also got the impatience of his dad and the irritability of his mum. So all of the things he was taught get blurred with the traits he has in addition to the others.

“We’re aware of this,” is what her teachers say. Aware of it.

“You’re aware of it? Aware? What have you been doing to stop it!”

“We’ve contacted the parents of the girls, they know—”

“Could I ring them then, get to bottom of what’s been happening here?”

“Unfortunately we’re not allowed to give you their contact information but—”

“Then what are you doing! You certainly haven’t fixed the problem and you’re not letting me have a go at it either.”

“As I said, we’ve contacted—”

He knows more shouting isn’t going to do much, isn’t going to accomplish what he wants. He’ll find another way. And River is waiting for him, waiting for the puppy park.

He walks off without another word, they don’t get one.

“Thank you,” he smiles gratefully at the mum watching her, but he can barely muster it though. He hasn’t fully calmed down yet. There’s too much anger and it’s taking up all the room. “Say goodbye River, to the puppy as well. Say thank you as well.”

“Bye!” She grins. “Thank you for letting me pet him. Do you want to come to the puppy park? S’where we’re going now, to look at puppies. You’ve got one.”

“I’d love that, but I’ve got groceries to shop for and clothes that need washing.” She smiles.

“Ok, I can draw one for you if you like. Draw one and then you’ll know which one to get.”

“That’d be lovely River, that’s nice of you to do.”

“Ok!” She grins as William picks her up. “Bye, see ya!” She waves with both hands.

“Won’t need this soon.” She slides into her booster seat. The one William had to remember to pick up from the house before coming to get her. “Mummy says I’m gonna be grown soon.”

William doesn’t like to think about that for too long. Her grown up.

“So where are we going?” He asks once he’s in the driver’s seat after making sure she’s all buckled in.

“Gotta take me to ice cream too.”

“Says who?” He smiles waiting for her expected answer.

“I say so.”

“What flavor?”

“Chocolate.” She kicks her legs in excitement.

“Don’t think they have chocolate, sorry about that. What about mint and chocolate?”

“No!” She laughs.

“No, you don’t like mint?”

“Of course not.”

“Vanilla?” He offers.


“Vanilla and mint?”

“You’re silly.” She giggles.

“Just chocolate?”

Just like her mum.

“Just chocolate.” She answers with no room for anything else.

William usually drives with music. But he thinks he likes this better. Her babbling away in the backseat about everything that passes her by out the window. About the trees, the people walking on the sidewalk. Asks him a lot of questions too. Some of which he can’t answer because he doesn’t know. She asks though questions sometimes, too abstract at times. Ones he has to google before giving her one.

He notices something when they get to the ice cream shop. He doesn’t have to pick her up to see all the flavors anymore. She doesn’t even have to get on her tippy toes. She can see all the flavors, all the colorful. She can read the flavors. She doesn’t need him for this.

“Can get one for the puppies.” She takes her cone with the generous scoops from the nice lady with a thank you. “They can have some of mine too.” She licks along the side of the cone.

He’ll remind her later, how dogs can’t have ice cream. But she’s smiling and willing to give her ice cream away to her dogs. So he’ll do that later, just as she’s about to tilt her cone down to the dogs who’ll eat just about anything.

Once she’s managed to get the chocolate off from around her lips (and a little bit on her nose and chin), with William’s help they’re off.

“Gotta turn right here, and you keep going…keep going until you see a funny looking sign and then turn left. You’ll see a bunch of puppies and then you’ll know.” She directs him.

He likes being the one to take her to one of her favorite places. He hasn’t in a while and he knows that ever since his mum gave birth and his dad went back to work, River hasn’t been in some time. Maybe on the weekends, with their grandma. So he likes being the one this time. And he knows that she’s glad too, to have him here and to take her here.

River runs out of his car all on her own too. Doesn’t need to be unbuckled from her car seat like she was younger. When she was a baby. She can get the door open all on her own. So she’s out of there and running to the park before he can close his own door behind him, let alone hers.

“River!” He calls but it’s no use.

William didn’t know that people here know her. Not because they’re parents of River’s friends, or friends of their parents. No, they just know River. Know her as the little girl who comes to play with the puppies.

“You can’t run in a car park!” He stresses but she’s already somewhere else.

“This ones golden, and that one is more chocolate than golden. But he’s got spots.”

“You like spots.”

“Has to have spots.” River always knows what she wants.

“You want one with spots?”

“Has to have spots.” She looks up at him confused as to why he’s confused. It’s got to have spots!

William doesn’t have much to do here like she does. He does pet a few here and there but River runs. She runs after dogs and they run after her. He can sit with his phone but she’s far more entertaining.

“They’re chasing me Will! Look! Are you looking!”

He’s looking.

The look River gets when someone offers her a ball to throw to them is priceless. She’s only got one ball but three dogs surrounding her but she’ll manage. She throws it as far as she can and the dogs get to the ball that was thrown to a short distance away in seconds.

“Gotta share!” She reminds the dogs who don’t know what she’s on about. She keeps throwing and throwing. He’s sure the dog owners here are glad to have her. She’s willing to do all the hard work for them.

“Will look!”

He’s looking.

She keeps going, doesn’t stop. Doesn’t know how to, not even when her arm gets tired. She would be the last one here, when all the dogs and their owners have gone home. But he knows he has to bring her back home before dinner. Does she have homework? Does River do her homework?

It’s hard to tear her away when she’s saying individual goodbyes. “See you soon.” She grins. “M’gonna bring ice cream next time and two more balls. So you don’t have to share. Sharing’s good too though. S’good to share.”

She keeps saying her goodbyes even when she’s in her brother’s arms, watching the park get further and further away from her. She keeps waving.

He notices when she doesn’t babble away on the ride home. When there aren’t any hard questions to be answered. Or things for him to look at because she told him ’s’funny looking.’ He looks into the mirror and sees her fast asleep in the back seat. It’s odd to see her sleeping. He hasn’t seen that in a while.

He does have to wake her up though when they pull in, he tried not to when he pulled in past the gate and closed his door quietly after him. But somewhere between then and when he attempts to get her out of the car with her bags she wakes up. Almost.

When they both get home the house is quiet. He lets her watch T.V because he knows she usually can’t, not until nighttime. And he’s already broken the rules he grew up with. They’ve had ice cream before dinner. And she seems too tired to request he play games with her. So she settles into the couch willingly and she’s asleep again.

A short time later the front door opens, with Eden carrying two car seats with a small baby in each.

“William!” She whispers loudly in excitement but not loud enough to wake them. She nearly runs to him as quietly as she can. Her eyes might as well water each time she hugs him, he’s too tall she’s decided. “When did you get in?”

“At twelve, went to straight to her school.”

“Did you two eat yet?” She pulls her sunglasses up to the top of her head. “Did she eat everything I packed her for lunch? Your dad should be home soon, we’ll worry about dinner then.”

“Took her for ice cream.” He admits.

“Before dinner William?”

“Her fault.” He shrugs. “Told me I had to.”

“Let me just find my head, set them down for a nap and we’ll sit and I want to hear all about school.”


“Where is she now?” She picks up one of her sleeping babies. “Could you get him for me?” She can’t pick up two babies at once, not when she’s got to put them each in their cribs.


“She’s tired?” Eden asks surprised. “River doesn’t nap anymore.”

“Did a lot of running at the park.”

“The puppy park?” She smiles thinking about a pretty image, where River runs with puppies. “Bet she loved that,” they reach the top of the stairs and then to the babies’ room. “That was nice of you to take her. Thank you.”

“You look tired.” He notices.

“I am.” She laughs. William has been around for all the crying babies too. So he knows a little bit of it. He too, was once a crying baby. The first one at it. “But that comes with all of this doesn’t it?” She sets one of the twins in their crib before relieving William and taking her second one to his.

“Who’s been picking River up from school?” He asks. Since he knows his mum is with the twins all day and his dad works until really late sometimes.

“When I can it’s me, and when I can’t it’s your grandma who saves us. Why?”

“And she—” he doesn’t quite know how to put it. And she hasn’t seen River being bullied on the school yard! “Has she told you anything about River at school?”

“No,” she shakes her head looking back at him before covering the twins with blankets. “Why, what’s there to tell me?”

“See what happens when m’gone!” He can’t hold it in any longer.

“What? What happens? William—”

“River is being pushed to the ground mum! She was pushed to the ground today, not by one girl but two! She just stayed there! Didn’t even know what do with herself!”


He’s already mad, already rolling with it and he can’t stop himself now. He knows he shouldn’t be shouting, the twins are sleeping. Finally sleeping and his mum is tired but he can’t put a cap back on the lid.

“Her teachers know it’s been happening too, they know! And you and dad don’t! Where have you two been! Where are you!”

And he knows that isn’t fair but that doesn’t stop him, not one bit. He knows this isn’t their fault. But he doesn’t know who’s fault it is, so he goes off.

“I had no idea William—”

“It’s your job to know mum! M’not here anymore to watch her! To make sure no ones picking on her, or giving her a hard time…”


“This wouldn’t have happened if I was here.” He decides. He doesn’t really know that he realizes. He doesn’t know that if he was around, not at university, he would know about all of this. But it’s the easiest assumption at his disposal so he uses it. He thinks he’s just as mad at himself as well. So the anger and the loud is for the both of them. “She doesn’t know how to stand up for herself yet. Someones got to teach her!”

Eden already has her phone out, did so when he told her she was pushed. She hasn’t dialed yet because she sees how much of this William has to get off his chest. And she has to tell Harry first as well.

“Should ring her teachers, then the parents of those girls. I would if I could, couldn’t get the numbers from her teachers.” He walks out of the room where he’s caused a void in. “Should do a good amount of shouting too, didn’t do enough since River was waiting for me outside.”

He leaves her there with all of that information. With all of the blame but she doesn’t think he’s wrong. Even if he is, it makes too much sense now for her to be rational and think otherwise.

The front door opens and she settles ever so slightly. Harry’s home and she doesn’t want to keep this all to herself, carry this all on her shoulders. Even if she thinks it’s all got to be on her. Together they’ll both know how to go about this. Calming William and the bullies on the schoolyard.

“Go show mummy.” She hears Harry tell Emmy after the front door closes.

She can tell the difference between footsteps, who’s running in the house with muddy boots on and who’s creeping down the steps when they should be asleep. She knows.

“Mummy!” Emmy yells and Eden lets go of some of the heavy she’s feeling. She closes the door of the nursery after her because if Emmy runs in here nothing is putting the babies back to sleep anytime soon. “Where are you!” She sings. Emmy reaches the top of the stairs and sees her mum at the end of the hallway waiting for her with a grin. “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!” She pants nearly knocking her over.

“Careful,” Harry says.

“Did you have fun at grandma’s? I missed you!”

“Yeah.” She nods. “I…got…got to pick…pick some tomatoes from the garden. Green ones.” She smiles and Eden looks up at Harry asking him if he knew this. That’s she’s picking unripened tomatoes from his mum’s garden. He shrugs before sorting through the mail he’s picked up from the mailbox outside. “Drew this for Will. Grandma gave me all the colors.”

You drew these?”

“These too.” She turns the paper over pointing to the drawings on the back.

“They’re very very nice, I’m sure he’ll like them.”

“Got to find Will.” She realizes.

“He’s here somewhere.” She smiles. “And you, you’re home early.” She attempts a smile up at him as she stands back up.

“Had to relieve grandma didn’t I?” He grins. “What’s this?”

“What’s what?” Eden asks looking over all of Emmy’s drawings.

“The mood in the house is weird, off. Where’s River?”


“She doesn’t sleep.” He looks back up confused.

“William took her to the puppy park.”

“I see.” He smiles. That’s why she’s worn out.

“Will!” Emmy yells.

“Shhh.” Eden reminds her. They should keep this floor off limits when the twins sleep, that might be the only thing that’s full proof.

“William! When’d you get in?” Harry asks, delighted to see him. But William doesn’t say anything back, walks back downstairs with Emmy.  

That’s what this is.” Eden says.

“He is your son isn’t he? Loves ignoring.” He kisses her forehead, saying hi to her after a long day. “What’s he mad about this quickly? He only just got in. Hasn’t had enough time for things to bother him yet.”

He knows it’s unusual. He’ll go about finding out the reason in a minute, he’ll follow him down there and see what’s got him like this.

“River got pushed to the ground at school today.”

“Say that again.” He drops the now unimportant mail on the table.

“She’s being pushed at school, and he saw it when he came to pick her up. And he’s mad at me, at us…I don’t know.”

“This has been happening? For how long!”

“I don’t know, I’m just hearing about it now.”  

“And what’s the school doing about it? Since this is the first time m’hearing about this.”

“They’re aware of it, that’s what they told William as he was shouting at them. ”

“And they’re just what? Sitting back, having meetings on how to go about it!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything!” And Harry knows he struck a nerve, doesn’t know where or why it’s there. But he knows he’s at least brushed up against it.

“What are we paying the school for then!” He yells. “They clearly aren’t doing their jobs.” He loosens his tie angrily.

“I was going to call the school—”

“I’ll call.” He answers shortly.

“M’not doing enough!” She insists. “I want to yell at them too!”

“M’just about to do enough for the both of us,” he assures as he pushes back the sleeves of his dress shirt.

“Where are you going?”

“To do a bit of yelling.” He answers obviously.


“You’re not doing this Eden, you’re doing too much. The boys will be up soon.” He means to say that he just wants her to relax a bit with the time she has left. She doesn’t want to, she doesn’t feel like she’s earned that. Because something so big and important has flown right by her, happened right under her nose. She needs to do something.

“We should wake her, she isn’t going to be able to sleep at night.” He finally says.

“I’m going, you have shouting to do.” She gives in. “Need to start dinner as well.” She reminds herself.

If River keeps sleeping she won’t sleep in a few hours when she needs to. And neither Harry or Eden can handle three of their children on off sleeping schedules. Two is plenty.

“River.” She whispers gently playing with the curls that have gotten messier with running. “River.” She sings. She shifts slightly turning over to face away from her mum, where the unwelcome interruption has happened. “River.” She sings a bit louder this time, kissing her small cheek.

“M’sleeping.” She grins.

“You are?” Eden asks. “Sleeping and smiling?”

“I was sleeping.” She brings her legs closer to her, seemingly getting ready to sleep some more.  

“You were, didn’t even tell me about your day at the puppy park.”

“I got a ball to throw for them.” She turns to her wide a wide grin. “They kept chasing it and me.”

“Were you faster than them?”

“No,” she shakes her head sitting up and rubbing her eyes. “Puppies are faster.”

“You’re pretty fast.”

“Couldn’t run as fast because of m’boots. Trainers are better for running.”

River is excited to see her mum, she hasn’t see her since the morning. When they sit for breakfast together while she feeds Emmy next to her and when that’s done, she’s got to do the same to the twins. She’s very glad River can feed herself so nicely with no messes at all.

“Fell asleep in your school clothes and everything,” Eden pulls her hair back to tie it up so it isn’t bothering her. “Let’s put you in something comfy?” She leads her up the steps to her room where she hears Harry on the phone with the school in their room. “And get this hair sorted.”

“S’abit messy.” River agrees.

“It is.”

She hears her dad then, down the hall in their bedroom. “Daddy!” She shrieks and like always, escapes her mum’s hold. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” She sings down the hall.

The twins will be awake soon, there’s no way anyone can sleep through River’s yells and loud sprints through the house.

“Why is daddy yelling?” She looks confused at the closed door before Eden picks her back up. River struggles to get back out of it, she has to once she knows he’s home.

“He didn’t like it that you were pushed at school today. And he’s making sure it doesn’t happen again. I won’t let it happen again either.”

“Daddy!” She calls again because she doesn’t see why that’s got to matter. Why she can’t tackle him hello.

“Let’s get you dressed and then he’ll take you outside when he’s done talking on the phone.”

She doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the idea but she follows her mum anyway.

“This one?” Eden holds up a plain dress for River to decide. Something that’s fitting for laying by the pool or running around the house in. Nothing tight or constricting. All of River’s clothes are starting to look like that besides her school uniform.

“Yeah.” She nods taking it from her. River doesn’t need help picking anything out or putting it on. But Eden likes to pretend that maybe she still does. But she doesn’t, slips off her uncomfortable school clothes and pulls the dress over her head like a grown up would. Eden doesn’t like to think about that for too long.

“Have to sort the hair out too,” Eden tells herself as she walks to the bathroom across the hall for River’s hair brush and hair bands. But just as she walks back Harry beats her to River’s room.

“There she is!” He scoops her up. “Heard you went to the puppy park today!”

“Went to the puppy park today.” She confirms. “And ice cream.”

“Ice cream!”

“Will and I had chocolate, just chocolate.”

“Just chocolate? Just like mummy?”

“Yeah.” She grins.

“What’s gone on here?” He pushes her hair back from her face. Her signature curls that go a bit haywire with minds of their own from time to time. Eden hands him her hair brush.

“Good luck.”

He knows what to do with it, they’re from him anyway. He’s the best at sorting it out. And Eden is needed in the twins’ rooms where one of them started crying and seemingly woke the other one up in the process.

He’s heard about what’s happened to River today from everyone but her. He’s heard it from his wife, the teachers and he’ll hear it again soon from William. But he hasn’t heard it from her. And she’s got to tell him. He can’t think about her keeping things from him, that’s reserved for the teenage years. He’ll accept it then, with some hurt feelings but he’ll understand it. He doesn’t now and he shouldn’t. River is his, always has been. Tells him everything. Tattles on William freely. And so now is not the time to be quiet.

“How many times were you pushed, not just pushed either. How many times was someone mean to you?”  

She shrugs her shoulders tugging at her doll’s dress to get her into a new one. Her hair really is knotted as he attempts brushing through it without hurting her.

“Didn’t tell your teacher?” He asks knowing she didn’t.

“I didn’t.” She looks back at him wondering if that’s bad as well. “I told Emma and Mia that I didn’t want to play with them if they were gonna be mean.”

“And then they pushed you?”

“Yeah, then they pushed me. Claire got pushed too.” She agrees. “Look daddy, her dress is red like mine. She’s silly.”

“She’s got so many dresses, too many.”

“Not too many.” River shakes her head fixing the dress on her doll.


“She needs them. Needs them all.”

“Gonna tell me when these things happen right? When someones mean to you?”

“Every time?”

“Every time. You have to.”

“Have to.” She repeats.

“And you have to tell your teacher. Then she tells me or mummy. You don’t push back. That doesn’t solve much. And you don’t want to be the same as them. You’re River.”

Her teachers know now that they have to tell either Harry or Eden when this happens again. Which it won’t. Because Harry’s made sure of it. Soon they’ll go about teaching River how to react, what to say. But River isn’t much for conflict now and doesn’t know how to put the fires out with just words. He’ll teach her about that tomorrow. For now, she just needs to know how to tell someone.

“M’River.” She grins.

“So what are you going to do?” He asks once he’s finally finished unknotting her hair.

“Tell you…and my teacher.” She answers correctly. He’ll do all the rest. Make the calls, a dozen if he has to. Shout a bit here and there just so she doesn’t have to. “Right?” She makes sure.

“Right.” He kisses her now untangled hair, “m’sorry princess.” And maybe that apology is more for him than for her. She doesn’t know why he’s doing it but he does. She might not have heard it, not when she’s babbling away, playing with all her toys. But it’s more for him than it is for her. He’s human, he’s a dad and he feels like there’s just enough room to put some of this blame on him. Even if that isn’t true at all.

Harry decides then, what the rest of the day is going to look like. River likes their pool, likes swimming a lot. And it’s still light out and sunny.

“You’ve got plenty of swim suits yeah?” He asks her.

“Mummy bought me a new one, with watermelons.” And she runs to her closet to show him.

“Well get it on then.”

“Ok!” She grabs it from the drawer.

“Love!” He calls before getting up and walking out of her room. The twins really aren’t going to get all the sleep they usually get.

“We’re going swimming.”

“What? Where’d you come up with—”

“River’s idea. So get that bikini on and bring the baby monitor.”


River runs into their room before Eden can say no. She’s willing to do anything if River wants to, if River’s going to smile while doing it. River always needs help with the ties in the back of her swimsuit.  She’s got on her favorite watermelon one piece. With all the watermelon halves scattered on the fabric.

“Are these pineapples?” Harry asks.

“No!” River just bounces impatiently in response.


“Watermelons!” She points to them.

“Not strawberries?” Eden asks. “Looks like strawberries.”

“No!” She giggles.

One Eden ties all the ties River runs off to probably get her favorite pool toys ready.

“It was your idea wasn’t it.” Eden doesn’t even ask, she says as she walks into their closet to get her bathing suit.

“Group effort.” He replies going through his side of his closet. “Think it’d be fun for her.”

“So why do I need to get my bikini on?” She smirks.


“Was half of this just to see me in this?” She asks holding up the bikini he likes.

“No,” he grins and she does the same walking out of their closet. “More than half.” He calls back to her. “Aren’t gonna change into it in front of me?” He yells in disbelief.

He hears their bathroom door close and that makes him chuckle to himself.

The water isn’t cold, not that cold. It takes a bit of getting used to. Emmy and William couldn’t be less interested as they keep bouncing on the trampoline.

“It’s cold! I’ll be cold!” River shrieks before running off once Harry’s already jumped in and waiting for River to join him.  

“M’not cold!” He argues. “If m’not cold how are you gonna be cold?”

She does end up jumping, nothing ever really has the pleasure of daunting her. Jumps into his arms and she only shrieks a little at the cold. Getting Eden into the pool is a different challenge. She’s managed to dip her feet in, thinks that’s good enough. But somewhere between River’s begs and Harry doing nothing but add on to them, she jumps in.  

She has River swim to her, as Eden keep backing up and opening up the distance between them. But River manages each distance and falls into her mum’s arms each time she gets there. And they clap for her each time.

She holds her when River falls into her arms, Eden hardly ever has the chance to because River is always off running or skipping somewhere. It’s usually when she’s fallen asleep in the car or steps out of a slippery bath that Eden holds her. But she gets to now.

“I love you.” She whispers.

“Love you.” River giggles.

“Swim back to daddy, go on.” She lets her go and River ferociously kicks until she gets to the other end and falls into his arms. And Eden swims to the other end to meet them and she’s always checking the baby monitor to make sure everything’s fine. She swims back to the other end on her own this time and as they watch Harry reaches over and kisses Eden sweetly at her jaw.

River paddles to wherever she can, plays with all the pool toys they’ve got and puts her goggles on when she’s planning on swimming deeper. Harry pulls Eden close to him as they watch River. She’s tired and he can see it. He’s tired to but she’s always tired because she’s always on, she’s awake feeding their boys during the late hours. And they both wake up when one or two of them cries. But Eden still manages to make River’s and Emmy’s lunches with handwritten notes and all every morning. So she’s tired, and he can see it.

“We’re good here right?” He promises her. “You can relax for a bit, take a bath as well. Might not get to when them two wake up.”

“No,” she shakes her head. “I want to be here with her.”

“She doesn’t even notice m’here. Go, love.” He assures her. “Want you to.”

Eden sets out towels for them both when they do decide to step out. Lays one out on the floor so River can’t run in with wet feet before drying them off.

“Mum?” William asks quietly.

She turns around to him and he rushes over to her and hugs her. Hugs her like he did when he was little and the hugs haven’t changed at all. Maybe he’s a bit taller now, just more than a foot taller. “You’re not a bad mum, didn’t mean to make you feel like one. M’sorry if I did. Isn’t your fault…River is the good one it’s everyone else’s fault.”

Eden doesn’t really know what to say.

“I’ll be at her school tomorrow,” she says anyway. “To make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Guilt takes a while to wash out. So it’s still here. It isn’t coming off in the bath. And she feels bad just for this. For taking a bath. She hears them outside though, River’s shrieks and Harry’s loud laugh. And in the distance Emmy on a trampoline with poor William who’s got to make sure not to bounce too high and powerful just to keep his sister from toppling over. She doesn’t know how long she’s been here for but it’s definitely longer than what she usually allows herself.

She hears a knock at the door that takes her away from her thoughts that keep rolling in. “It’s me love.”

“Are they awake?” She asks completley monotone through the door. She forgot for a moment, that she can’t have all the time in the world here. In the bath, sulking and sad. There isn’t time for that. She feels bad just sitting here, like there’s so much to be done and seen. And she’s just sitting here.

“No,” he replies and she deflates with ease. The baby monitor she has next to her could have told her that as well but she’s so deep in mummy mode that everything revolves around if they’re asleep or not. “Let me in for a minute,”

“It’s open,” she leans back against the tub. She likes the warm water and the cool edge of the tub against her back. He hopes she’s relaxing, doing a little bit of it at least.

“Hi.” he smiles at her. “Didn’t get to say so earlier.”

“Hi.” She manages a smile because he’s funny. “Do you need a bath too or are you just here to bother me?” She smiles to herself with her eyes closed.

“I could go for one.”

“Where’s River?”

“Trampoline.” He assures her and then she hears her from outside. “Came up here to make sure you’re not sitting here and blaming yourself.”

“S’exactly what m’doing.”

“Eden we didn’t know.” He reminds her.

“We didn’t know.” She repeats but with a different meaning and her voice cracks as she finishes the words off. “Because we weren’t there.

“That’s not fair to us and you know it.” He strips off his swim trunks and they join her bikini on the floor.

It isn’t fair to think like that. If Eden wasn’t busy tending to her newborns or if Harry wasn’t working…that all of this would look different. No one can say for sure. But they can’t help it. Guilt comes with parenting, hand in hand and it takes some time to grow out of the tight bond between the two.


“You just had two—”

“That shouldn’t matter.” She decides. Harry really doesn’t know what to say. He knows she won’t believe him. That this isn’t their fault. Or because of this or that. It isn’t them or River. “This is exactly what I was afraid of.” She says.

“I know.”

“That I’d miss these things, that these things would happen and I’d be too busy to see them.”

“That’s not what this is,” he shakes his head. “That’s not what happened.” He steps into the tub and sits across from her.

“I’m looking for someone to blame and I can’t come up with anyone else.”

He knows this about her. How it’s easiest for her to blame herself. But he won’t have it now.

“Come here.”


“Come here.” He repeats.

She does as she’s told, pulls herself off the edge of the tub and brings herself close to him. And she tuns around when he motions for her to.

He kisses her neck gently before he starts rubbing her back. Where she’s tense and knotted because all she does everyday is pick up her children or their toys and set them back down. Sometimes she has to rock the twins for hours because only like that do they fall asleep.

“Good?” He asks and she nods as she tilts her head down as he digs deeper into the tough skin.

“We’re still not done shouting.” She assures him. And he grins against her neck as he wraps his arms around her. “M’not done being angry yet.”

“Gonna shout at everyone in my way.” He whispers. “Every single one.”

“Already did that.” She mumbles.

“Did you?” He grins. “When I told you not to?”

“Who do you think you married?” She didn’t just come here to take a bath, did that after.

“You.” He grins widely.

“Did her school hear from all three of us today then?” Eden grins.

“Later we can recruit the rest of them, make them do the same when the other’s in trouble. That way if we have more it’d be even better. No one would think twice about bullying them, not when they’ve got an army around them.”

“No more,” she says sternly and she can’t believe he’s evens said that. That type of talk was fitting when they had only two or three. Now, at five kids is not the time to be asking for more. “We haven’t got enough room for more anyway.”

“Could always—”

“No more.” she repeats.

“No more.” He agrees, partially.

“Is that genuine or have I got to get my tubes tied instead.” She checks because she knows she has to.

“You will do no such thing, great tubes you’ve got, make excellence babies.”

“Have we got to do the same to you then?” And he shudders against her at the thought. “Or have I got to take your word for it?” She looks back at him over her shoulder.

“M’not a dog, don’t need to be neutered like one.”

“That reminds me, you’re willing to have another baby but not a dog?”

“Christ.” He groans. They need to stop taking River there, she’s going to come home with a dozen one day. “We’re still on that?”  

“We are. There’s zero chance of another baby happening but a pretty big one we’ll get a dog.”

“Well what if we get surprised, you know, wake up one morning and you’re sick over the toilet and—”

“There will be no surprises.”

“Well how do you know—”

“We’ve got five! You wanted five and you got five.” It’s true, all of it is. He wanted five and they got five. She pushed out all five and she’d like to be done with the pushing now and the nine months before. She can’t imagine her life without all five of them but five is all she wants.

“A nice little bunch aren’t they?” He sighs contently.

“Little? Do you want ten?” She laughs and when he doesn’t answer she glares.

“One more, just one.” He whispers slyly. “One.”

“Said you were here to take a bath with me, if you aren’t the doors there.” She doesn’t underestimate him at all. That this is a plan to seduce her and get her to agree and then somehow, someway weeks later she’s pregnant.

“Not saying right now, you did just have two, three months ago but—”

“Let me bathe in peace please.”

“William doesn’t need his room, could use his for—”

“His room is River’s second play room. And he does still need his room.” She argues.

“She can do with just one.”

“Yeah did you ask her?”

“It’ll take some getting used to, might have to throw out some buckets of toys but I reckon—”

“We’re done Harry, done with making babies.”

“But we’re so good at it.” He whines.

“Just keep rubbing my back will you,” she smiles. “S’what you’re here for.”

So he does. He keeps thinking about it though as he does. And she knows he is. He doesn’t ever stop. She knows he’s thinking about it right now.

“Does it still hurt?” He asks.

“You try pushing out two babies with heads as big as yours.”

It’s true. Harry still doesn’t know how she did it either. And he was there. Saw her push out his twin boys. So he doesn’t argue. He just smiles lazily against her neck.  

He’s so close to her right then, and he wants to try something, see if he can. Because it’s been a sharp change that’s shifted them. It wasn’t the pregnancy part that lacked the touches and the way beyond, in fact not at all. Eden craved it, got that look in her eyes for months straight. Was willing and begging for him to take her always and anywhere until the last two months.

It’s the after bit, this part, which makes sense, that lacks one of their favorite activities.

Harry isn’t even sure where he’s going with this. Just that he really wants to. He’s just feeling her, has to. And he knows she’ll stop him if she wants him to but she hasn’t yet. She knows where his other hand is reaching, where he’s going while the other rubs her back. She settles back against him, sighing contently as he keeps going.

He keeps kissing her wet skin, doesn’t think about stopping either. And when he gets there, when his fingers are right at the sensitive spot her hand goes behind her to wrap around his neck.

“Mmm,” she hums. “Keep going.”

He kisses her temple as he watches. Watches his fingers rub circles around the pink skin, and he doesn’t know what to watch. Her pretty bottom lip being bit down or his hand on the skin he’s missed. He can’t stop looking at both. Not when he teases her slit, runs a finger along it and so she has to tilt her head back with a moan against his chest. She’s wet, and it isn’t the water they’re sitting in. He feels her when his fingers are nearly begging to slip into her.

She knows he’s hesitant, she feels too, he hasn’t been in her, fingers either since they tried only once a week ago. When it hurt far too much and he was in and out just as fast. But she wants it, and if she doesn’t get it, his fingers in her, she might cry.

“Harry—do it,” she whispers wrapping her hand around his. “Please!” She might just have to make him. And they both now all about the time they don’t have an abundance of.

“God,” he breathes. “I want to.”

She turns her head to him, to leave a kiss at his jaw. “Want you to. Please.

“You’ll tell me,” he nearly groans when she’s just about ready to do it for him. “If m’hurting you.” He whispers. She’s impatient and needy and ready to lift up slightly just to sink down on his skilled fingers. Her lips are needy against his neck and she’s withering against him.“Nod for me,” he exhales. “So I know.”

“Yes Harry,” she whimpers.

She whimpers again when he pushes in only one, his middle finger stretching her soft walls. “Another.” She strains.

“We can go slow—”

“No!” She whines loudly.

“Ok,” he kisses her neck again. She’s greedy now. “Ok, love.”

The stretch she manages around his fingers burns so good it jolts her. Makes her moan louder when she thinks about his cock. She’s surprised by it too, how she isn’t in pain yet, shaking her head and telling him to stop. Telling him to stop isn’t even something in sight, so far off she’s lost it. It burns too good.

“Good?” He checks.

“Yes.” She strains. “So good.”

She feels him hard against her back, the inevitable. He can’t help it, feeling her, how good feels. How soft she is, warm and taking him in like she always does so nicely. And when he starts up again, less hesitant inside of her she tilts back farther. Her back arching, her head tilting back against his shoulder. Leaving him more room to get in and back faster, deeper. Let’s him kiss her more too, to wherever he reaches like the side of her mouth or her temple. This is what she remembers, what she didn’t forget.

She doesn’t even notice it at first, not before him anyways. He feels like he might have to rub his eyes just to be sure. She leans forward only slightly to grab a tight hold to the side of the tub as she unknowingly glides herself against his fingers, riding them. Maybe she does it without noticing, just the need pushing her to do things. He’s jolting her, pulling her apart by his fingers petting against that spot inside of her.

This might be all that she can handle tonight so like he always does, puts everything he has into it. Bites into her neck then her shoulder right when he pushes in harder. Her head tilts back then with a loud whimper giving him new places to kiss her. To bite her, because he knows she likes that. The side of her neck welcomes him, all while his fingers reach right where they need to inside of her.

“Riding my fingers love, feels good doesn’t it?” She all but nods because she can’t do anything else. “Getting what you need?” He urges, keeping his thumb at her clit where he doesn’t stop the circles.

“Yes, yes!”

He knows she’s getting there, by the way she holds tighter to the sides of the tub. The way she slides against his busy fingers, needing more, just that much more to tip her over. Because fuck, she can feel it. Feel that feeling she remembers and he does too. Remembers exactly how she sounds and looks right before. Right before she falls apart against him, melts into his hands.

“You’re close,” he whispers. “You’re gonna come love.” He bites her again and she moans at both.

“M’gonna come.” She agrees, knowing she’s there. He knows she can feel it, herself closing around him with the way she tightens each time. “So pretty angel,” he nearly groans at the feel of her. He’s undeniably hard but this is all about her. “Always are when you come for me.”

When she comes, with his other hand on her mouth it feels like both of their wins. He missed getting her there, making her feel good for however long it lasts. Where she’s just with herself for just those few moments. Not thinking about anything. Because she can’t. He has to keep his hand on her mouth for sometime, not sure she’s done yet. When she keeps riding his fingers until she’s gotten everything from them, when her moans keep rolling out with muffled chants of his name.

It’s been her first orgasm since she can’t remember when and he isn’t done with her yet, wants to make as many pour out of her before their time is up.

“Turn back around for me,” he moves her wet hair to the side. “Want to see you.” He bites down on her neck. “When you come again.”

She doesn’t know how much time they have left, if any but she’s doing it before she can count or make sure.

“Need to taste you.” His thoughts turn to words aloud. She nods then, forgetting about all the rest. So she’s leaning back against the tub, letting him do anything he wants. Because whatever it is, she wants it too.

He hovers over her, brings his lips to her and just that, her lips closing around his makes her moan into his mouth. He doesn’t stop with the circles against her, keeps going as he leaves kisses across her jaw, down to her neck.  

He needs her open to him, needs it. “You’re beautiful love, god you’re beautiful.” She takes his breath away every time she does open up for him. Her left leg is wrapped around the outside of the tub as he holds her right one open. Spreading her.  

Her jaw drops open in a hushed moan when his lips suck around her clit. Sucking on her before rolling his tongue against her like it’s the first time he’s tasting her. He’s licking her relentlessly, as if no ones close enough to hear her moans.  

“Yes,” she whines. “Yes, please—Harry.” As if she has to tell him, tell him to keep going, to keep tasting her. He needs it just as much.

Her back arches in a way that’s so pretty to him when his fingers push into her again, missing the feel of her. Has to, has to feel her. The water sloshes out of the tub and onto the floor from her jolts upwards and the way he’s driving his fingers in.

He hovers back over her, wanting his lips back on hers. He gets her moans in his mouth as he bites down on her bottom lip. She holds tightly to him, tight enough to leave marks as his fingers move slickly inside of her.

“Doing so good, falling apart for me aren’t you?” He whispers at her lips.

He trails back down to where she’s sweet and needy for him. She’s spread from him still, so open to him, so wet. Wet from the water, wet because of him too.

She comes forward having to watch him but her eyes flutter shut and she’s tilting back on the edge of the white tub long before she realizes. His soft tongue flicking against her clit has her in pieces, withering pieces.

“Christ you’re beautiful love, pink and soft…”

She folds up, when his tongue licks at her slit. And when he slips it in past her she cries out and her hand rushes into his hair, needing something to hold onto. With his nose pressed against her clit and his tongue tasting inside of her. She’s falling apart against his mouth.

She jolts forward again and her back is in an arch when his tongue swirls against at her clit. All while his fingers press into that spot deep inside of her. “Yes! Harry please!”

“Missed tasting you,” He nearly groans. She hears his lips around her, the suction of lips against her clit. She hears just how much he missed the taste of her. The filthy sounds he hears as well while he can’t get enough of her. She falls apart then, against his lips as he licks her through it. Doesn’t stop, keeps tasting her and sucking on her until she’s hard pants and whimpers.  

“Again! Again—I’m—want you again!” She’s needy for it again. For that feeling again.

“As many times as you want.” He promises.

She needs it, needs him. More of him. She can’t believe she’s doing it at first, why she’s closing her legs and making him come back up to her. Before he can go back in for a third. “Fuck me.” She comes out with it.

“What?” He all but smiles and heats at the thought.

“M’wet enough, and I need—”

“I know you are but—” He can feel her but they tried it, a week ago and he can’t hurt her again.

“Please, let’s just try. Might not hurt this time.”

“Love, I can’t. I don’t want to risk—”

“Harry!” She nearly yells. “Please,” she holds tightly to the back of his neck, bringing her to him as she lifts her hips up to him. There’s a time and place for the caring and the cautious. Now is not the time. He’s hard, and she knows he wants it too, needs it like she does.

“Fuck—” he groans. He can’t think, not at all. He wants to, he thinks about it a lot more than he’d tell her. “Eden, you’ll tell me to stop yeah?” He’s serious, he can’t fathom hurting her just because he’s needy to get inside of her—


“Got what you want love,” his voice strains.

“What you want too.” She strangles out when he brushes his cock against her slit.

“What I want.” He agrees. “What I need—” he nearly chokes just pushing the head of him past her. He’s so used to just driving into her, teasing her a bit at first maybe but he forgot about this part here. The last four times over the years he’s had to ease in slowly when it had been the first few times since giving birth.

He holds her so tightly to him, keeps her close. Cups her face by her jaw to make her keep looking at him. To tell him if this is ok. “Fucking—” Nothings making sense to him as mixed expletives leave him. Absolutely nothing, everything has gone white and blurry. Must be all that’s left his upper body rushing down to where he’s pulsing inside of her.

“Oh my god.” She whispers choppily, she may have just mouthed it all. He only moves forward slightly but to her it feels like he’s pushed in all the way.

“Shit—I’ve got to be hurting you, you’re so—christ you’re tight.”

“Just stay there for a minute,” she stresses. She can’t have him stop, she needs this. She wraps her legs around him tighter, keeping him there.

“Take your time,” he manages a kiss to her forehead, he’s desperate to move into her. But he can’t think about doing any of that, not until she says she’s ready. And frankly, just this feeling, her slick walls, soft and warm is plenty.

She looks down to where he’s met her and she whines loudly. “What!” She exhales loudly. “You’re not even half way in!” She shakes, her whole body burns and tingles with the stretch she’s managing. “God—were you always this big?”

“Think—so.” He stumbles over his breath. She’s squeezing him like she’s already climaxed and he’s losing his mind. And they haven’t even started. He thinks he might be going blind, he can’t see anything but white.

“Go, keep going.” She settles against his shoulder, holding tightly to him as she assures him.

“Sure?” She feels incredible but he can’t, not if she’s hurting.

“Please! Move—” She’s cut off by him answer her pleas.

“My god—” he growls against her neck, where her pulse is racing. He isn’t sure he’s breathing, if he’s doing anything. She feels so new, so new she feels different, if it’s even possible…better than he remembered.

“Don’t come just by feeling me.” She teases but she’s serious.

“Just might,” he breathes. “Fuck—I just might.” He pushes back just to push in and her breath hitches and so does his.

“Like that,” she begs. “Again.”

It’s frantic and needy and everything in between. His purposeful and powerful thrusts make her moans trail off to harsh whimpers. And deep throaty groans and whimpers of his own mix into the space between them. He’s driving into her like he won’t for a while and for all the times in the last few months he hasn’t. And it looks and feels like it as well. He doesn’t want to get anywhere but deeper, he doesn’t want to do anything less than what she wants.

“Harry!” She moans loudly because she can’t help any of it.

“What? Am I hurting you? Damn it Eden I told you—”

“No!” She whines loudly. “You’re good, you’re good.” She assures him. It was that type of a moan. Now he gets it. “Don’t stop, fuck don’t you dare stop.” She whispers. “Fuck me,” she wraps her arm around his neck tighter. “Harder.”

He’s gripping to the edge of the tub above her, leveraging it to get into her deeper, harder like she’s asking.


She nods hastily, anything just to make sure he knows not to stop. He listens, pulls out of her just to get enough drive to thrust back into her. The single moan that slips out of her then is loud, and it echoes and makes him shiver.

They’re loud, their bodies are loud smacking against one another and so is the sloshing water. More water sloshes out of the tub with each one of his thrusts onto the slippery floor they’ll have to be mindful of when they step out.

“So good,” she moans. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

“M’not—fuck! Won’t stop fucking you.”

They can’t keep their lips against each other, she’s whimpering with his groans. Their needy sounds of lust and need break their lips apart. She goes for his neck, presses her lips to the skin there.

“Bleeding—fuck! You’re squeezing me love.” He moans.

He feels her tighten around him, tensing around him as he slips his fingers into her mouth. She likes that, they still taste like her.

She can barely look down at the both of them, where they meet. Where their hips slam into each others. He makes her, gripping her jaw, “Pretty aren’t we?” He manages over the shortage of breath. She answers him with blown out and glassed over eyes and a barely there nod he catches before her head strains back against the tub. “Christ you’re pretty when you take my cock,” he moves his hand down until it reaches her clit. “Always take it so nicely don’t you? Stretch so nicely for me. Always a good girl for me love.”

He could come, he feels that close. She’s squeezing him, she’s so wet and she’s started rolling her hips against his and he’s needy for a release.

“Fuck—baby m’—”

“Hold on,” she whines gripping him harder. “Hold off, need you with me.”

“Muummy?” They both hear the voice outside the door and both of them look up hastily to make sure it is closed. It is and they both sigh in relief. The kids have learned all about knocking too. It takes Eden a second, that’s River. Takes her a second to remember where she is, what they’re doing. That they have kids, downstairs. What are they doing!

“Yes River, what is it?” She asks. “Is everything ok?”

“Can we get a pizza?” She asks hesitantly, already knowing her mother’s stance on it.

She holds tighter to him in disbelief as he keeps going. Keeps thrusting into her. He’s completley out of it, just needing her and needing the release, his and hers.

“Harry—, I’ll come if you don’t stop.” She whispers harshly to him.

“If you knew how good you feel you’d see why I don’t think I can,” He groans.

“Mummy? Can we?” River asks.

Eden can’t think, not when he’s this deep inside of her,

“Yes—I’ll be right there—fuck Harry!” She whimpers before biting down on his shoulder.

“Could we get three then?” River continues.

She can’t be quiet anymore so his fingers are in her mouth again. She isn’t in her right mind or anywhere near it to deny her. Start with the pizza speech, how that kind isn’t healthy. And they’re better off making their own. She wants to say that they were going to start dinner. And she can’t either, his fingers are in her mouth.

“Anything you want,” Harry tells her. “Mummy will be right there!”

They hear her giggle contently before turning away from the door and Eden still doesn’t what she’s just agreed to.

“That good?” He teases. That good for her to surrender to delivered pizza.

“That good.” She admits. “Again, start again.”

He smirks above her before pulling her legs around him tighter. And pulling back just to get into her harder. He knows she’s close, she’s clenching down on him in ways that aren’t fair. Leaves him with no chance of holding off, she’s just as desperate. He’s done for, the kindling feeling at his lower stomach and his balls begging for a release is all he feels.

“I’m gonna—I’m gonna.” She starts but never finishes over a loud moan he’s caused. His thrusts into her speed up messily, to sloppy jolting thrusts that make her cry out. He has to cover her mouth and he might just need the same.

“M’there love, Christ!—”

He lets out a near growl when she tightens around him with her release. When she’s shaking against him because he’s still fucking into her when she’s incredibly sensitive and in pieces. There’s no hope for anything when she squeezes him and soon after when her release coats him.

Her high pitched moans echo the walls, desperate and grateful for his release spilling into her. Heavy and plentiful, coating inside of her and she can feel him pulsing inside of her as he empties into her.

He doesn’t want to leave. Wants to stay here, panting, attempting to catch his breath above her. His head falls to her neck where he can feel her trying to do the same.

“Are you alright love,” he checks to be sure, cupping her face. “Eden?” She hums faintly in response, it’s the best she can manage. “Come back to me,” he grins.

“A lot—” she manages. “You came hard—I can feel it still.” She can and she doesn’t want to wake up from this all.

He can say the same for her, “Soaked me as well love, didn’t you?” He asks and she nods with a grin. He kisses down to her stomach before settling between her legs.

“Mhmm.” She hums contently.

He thinks he can’t look, can’t look at the way he pours out of her, nearly oozing out. Because he will take her again, won’t be able to stop himself and the pizza man is probably already on his way. But he does look, and she knows this is a thing of his. Loves watching it spill out of her, this is his thing. He’s always been this way, with his ‘squeeze for me’ and she would and he’d nearly moan watching more of him leak out of her.

“Swim!” He says between her thighs where just the sight of him there again rattles her. But she rolls her eyes, swatting him away.

“M’on birth control you knob.”

“There’s a small chance, a small one that one of my fellas is swimming up there right now.”

“You’ve named your sperm?” He would.

“They’ve done right by me,” he says without question, like it’s the proper thing to do.

“We’re done, factory’s closed.”

“Had a good run.” He grins. And she agrees. She knows he’ll still be asking but she’ll still remind him of their factory that’s gone out of business. But she knows this conversation hasn’t been closed for him yet.

“We should get clean, showered and all before one of us has to greet the pizza man.”

“Bath isn’t clean anymore.” He smirks.

“All your fault, I just came in here for a bath…and then you walked in here—”

“Did I fuck you too hard so you forgot all your begging?” His jaw falls in shock. “What was all the ‘don’t you dare stop’ then?”

“I did say that didn’t I?” She grins. She didn’t forget.

“You did, took my fingers in as well. Tongue too. Were you even there!”

When they’re showered and clean he just watches her. Watches her rub lotion onto her skin, watches her take her wet hair out of the towel she’s wrapped it in. The whatever stuff she puts on her face that makes her smell nice when he kisses her goodnight. She always smells nice.

He stands behind her and he likes it when she pretends not to notice. Still pretends when both of his arms wrap around her bare waist.

“Hi.” He grins into the mirror where she’s looking at him.

“Hi.” She gives in.

“I love you.” He nuzzles himself at the back of her neck.

“I love you.” She smiles into the reflection.

“We’re doing fine Eden,” he assures her again. “We’ve just got a lot of children.” He chuckles and she smiles. “But we’re doing fine. It isn’t your fault, isn’t mine either. Even if you think it’s yours and I think it’s mine.”

She knows they are fine. They’re overwhelmed at times, too tired for most things sometimes. But they’re doing fine. All five are healthy and happy and that’s the most important. They aren’t too tired for the important things.

“M’still coming to school with her tomorrow.”

“Going to stay there the whole day?”

“The whole day. The twins are going to watch her as well.” And she might just take River to the park again tomorrow.

The door bell rings and seemingly at the same time, one of their twins starts crying. Everyone’s hungry.

“I can already tell who’s cry is who.”

“Welcome back.” He grins. It’s harsh and startling but it’s their oddly perfect reality. She’s fine with it, he is too. He wouldn’t switch out anything and she would’t trade anything away.

“I said yes to pizza didn’t I?” She asks.

“You did love, for three.”

“That good?” She smiles.

“That good.” He smiles back.

A/N: Thank you so so much for reading! I really really hoped you all liked this one! Hopefully this answers the requests! Thank you all for being patient, I certainly didn’t see this becoming a full length family drabble but here we are. I hope you all are well and that this upcoming school year is a great one! Please please let me know what you thought of this drabble *here because that makes my whole world. Hope you all are doing amazing! [reminder: requests are still closed.] xxx

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yo so my girlfriend just broke up with me and I am kinda down about it. (Who the fuck am I kidding I'm like down in hell). But I saw the one drabble thing you did for the one anon and I was wondering if you could write something fluffy? I honestly don't give a shit what it's about as long as it's super fluffy FrUK. You don't have to if you don't want to. I was just wondering. :)

(I hope you don’t mind some paranormal stuff)

(Stuff written between/after dashes means talking!)

Arthur woke up sweating, panting shaking, and crying.

His last dream, or, better say, his last premonition still hanging in his mind, like a leech.

If anyone EVER thought that being a psychic would be all fun and games, they were so fucking WRONG.

Most of the times it was a pain in the ass.

Other times it was a nightmare (quite literally).

Arthur would know stuff about people just by touching them. Stuff most people would like to keep buried. Like one old playground friend that was being abused home and didn’t want nobody to know, or his mother who was spending too much money in gambling, or an old boyfriend who was cheating on him. He couldn’t control that very well, whenever he tried, it always gave him a headache.

And there was the dreams…

So awful and gruesome dreams…

Fortunately to Arthur, he had someone to go on those occasions.

He turned in bed to face the man by his side.


His sunny Francis.

Arthur took some deep breaths, watching the gorgeous man by his side drool on his pillow for some instants, before just kissing him.

It took some moments to Francis to wake and lazily kiss back.

- Mon ange…? – he asked with his voice still sleepy.

Arthur hug him tightly, breathing his husband’s smell.

- Bad dream? – Francis asked in a heavily accented voice holding him back.

The Englishman only nodded, still crying.

- Want to talk about it?

Arthur took another deep breath, trying to stop crying.

- There was this little girl… Wrong place in the wrong time…

- Shhhh… - the Frenchman rubbed his back – You have to call Alfred and tell him about it.

Alfred F. Jones was the police lieutenant who would accept Arthur help in investigations and would go check the Englishman’s premonitions. He was a good lad in Arthur’s opinion (even if a little too childish sometimes).

Arthur sobbed.

- I know! I just… - he held Francis even tightly – Need a minute.

- Ok… Want me to sing you a lullaby?

The British man only nodded.

The Frenchman with a sleepy voice then started to sing a merry lullaby while running his fingers through his husband’s hair and back.

Arthur loved Francis. He loved his looks, his voice and even his annoying habit of leaving dirty socks under the bed. But above all, Arthur loved how Francis was always honest with him.

Especially after the playground incident many years ago.

Many people hated Arthur after he finds out their deepest or darkest secrets. They would call the British man ugly names and would try to avoid him like the plague. Francis probably was the first and only one that nodded with a blank expression, said thank you, and never ever tried to lie to Arthur again instead of pushing him away. It took them years (many fights, broken noses and broken furniture) until they could work out what they really feel for each other. And just because Francis wouldn’t lie to Arthur, didn’t mean that he would tell him everything. Many times he wouldn’t understand it either and the two of them needed to figure it out together.

Arthur liked that even his psychic powers couldn’t solve all their problems.

And he loved that Francis was there with him, no matter what.

He was not crying and shaking anymore when he let go of Francis.

- I need to call Alfred.

Francis nodded, tiredly closing his eyes.

- I sorry for waking you… - Arthur said biting his lips.

The Frenchman smiled with his eyes closed.

- You can wake me anytime, lapin. – he held Arthur’s hand and pulled him for a kiss – Je t'aime, mon amour.

The Englishman smiled.

- I love you too… Frog.

Francis chuckled while Arthur pulled away to call his handler.

(…I’m pretty sure that was not what you had in mind… Sorry… That was the only idea I had… sorry…)

Rollercoaster Ride

I’ve got no clue where this oneshot came from! Well … I do, we all do, but seriously, one pic, not even a gif, of the back of Dean’s head, seriously?
Warnings: SMUT.
Word Count: 954
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I was leaning against the bookshelf in the library, behind Dean and opposite Sam as I scrolled through tumblr, looking for any fics about Outlander. I reached a recommendation list, everything Scotland! I clicked on the first fic, ignoring the text at the top and smiling when I saw the gif was the sex scene between Jamie and Claire. I scrolled down and began reading, finding quickly it was one long, delicious, smutty fic.

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