first thing that i thought when i saw i'm in my pants

Dean’s Clothes

  The first time Dean caught a glimpse of you in one of his shirts, he instantly realized just how attracted to you he was. Sure he thought you looked beautiful in your own clothes, especially in the short shorts you wore when you helped him wash baby. But there was something about you in his clothes that made his mouth water and his pants grow a little tighter.

  It all started when you forgot to pack a shirt to wear to bed on a hunt in Detroit. You frowned and let out a sigh. Of course Dean packed extra clothes and just happened to have an oversized Led Zeppelin shirt that you could wear. It came down to your mid thigh and swam on your body. He couldn’t help but think about what you would look like the morning after. Would you wear his shirt from the night before and nothing else?

  When he saw you in one of Sam’s flannels one day in the bunker, he instantly grew angry, and his heart sunk in his chest a little. He thought it was yours and his thing, not something that happened between the three of you. Dean wanted you to only borrow his clothes. He wanted you to be his, and his alone. It was in that moment that he realized that his feelings for you were a lot stronger than he believed them to be.

  Weeks later, you were bleeding out in the backseat of the impala, his arms wrapped around you. You weren’t going to die by any means, but he knew you were in a lot of pain and you needed to stay awake in order for them to fix you up. You were shivering from the cold weather outside, so Dean did what he always did. He shed out of his jacket and flannel and wrapped them around you. You smiled softly, thanking him. This time, he told you that his clothes looked a lot better on you than they did him.

  You asked Dean if you could borrow one of his flannels one night, only because you had all of your sleepwear in the wash and they weren’t quite done yet. Dean smiled, leading you to his room. He let you pick which one you wanted to wear. Much to his surprise, you picked the one he was wearing an hour ago. He wondered why, and you responded with “I like the way it smells; just like you.”

  Dean couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He could feel the tips of his ears heating up as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Something completely unlike him. Girls didn’t make him nervous. But he tried his luck.

  “If you like the way I smell so much, why don’t you just sleep in my bed? Smells just like me, sweetheart,” he winked.

  “Well if you insist.”

  Needless to say, as good as his shirts looked on you, they looked even better off of you. And even better the next morning when he knew you had nothing else on beneath it. 

Dean loved you in his clothes. But then again, Dean loved you.



SUMMARY: Y/N and Ben are finally trying to tell each other how they feel- it just takes a little more effort and time than expected.

A/N: in honor of ben winning his tony !!! this is my first time writing for a deh cast member and tbh it makes me really nervous but i hope you guys like this !! it was originally longer but the whole got deleted so i had to rewrite it (which was very frustrating) enjoy!


Y/N wasn’t mad that she didn’t get to go to the Tony Awards with Ben. In fact, when he asked her she had declined. She didn’t like being in big crowd, and being with him would make her on the receiving end of a lot of unwanted attention. She was perfectly content to sit on her couch and cheer her friends on inside her small apartment. She clapped and whooped each time Dear Evan Hansen won an award, but she screamed the loudest when Ben won his. She hadn’t doubted for a second that he would win, but seeing him standing on that stage, trying not to cry and giving his beautiful speech, it was hard not to be excited. Plus, Ben had promised that if celebrating was in order, then they would celebrate the day after with just the two of them. She thought it was a much better idea to have Ben all to herself rather than standing with him in front of a bunch of cameras.

And he held true to his promise. The day after the Tonys there was music blasting in Y/N’s apartment as her and Ben made cookies and danced crazily. The entirety of the tiny complex was filled to the brim with joy. As Y/N went to get bowls for the both of them for the ice cream that had set out, Ben snatched her hand and twirled her around. She laughed loudly as they started to sway and bounce win time to the music. He was holding her like they were at a high school dance. More than that, he was holding her like they were at a high school dance together.

The thing about Ben winning the Tony was that Olivia had offered Y/N a deal: if Ben won, she would have to tell him that she liked him in more than just a friendly way. She hadn’t taken the deal, because she’d known that the chances of him winning were too high and she wasn’t ready to tell him yet. She wasn’t ready to risk nine years of friendship just because she had some stupid crush that wouldn’t go away. But standing there with his hand resting on her back and his eyes staring into hers, she was considering it. It would be so easy to just let the words slip and relieve her of the weight that’d been sitting on her shoulders for years. Their dancing started to slow until they had stopped moving all together.

But he was still holding her. If she wasn’t mistaken, his grip was tightening. And she was almost positive that he was leaning, because she sure as hell was. They were so close, definitely closer than they’d been when they started dancing. Just a little bit more space to cover and they would’ve been kissing.

Except then the oven went off and they sprung apart. Ben rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and stumbled over his words. “Right, um, the cookies! We have to get the cookies.”

His voice shocked Y/N out of her trance and she plastered a smile on her face and nodded. They spent the rest of the evening eating and watching The Wizard of Oz, a safe distance away from each other.

It wasn’t until after Ben had left and Y/N was laying in bed that it hit her - He’d been leaning in. Ben had been about to kiss her just as much as she’d been about to kiss him. She couldn’t have imagined that, could she? He had been getting closer, hadn’t he? If he had…. Well, if he had, that changed everything.


Ben was a bit confused while getting ready the day after he’d been at Y/N’s. He had gone over confident, ready to tell her how he felt, but then he just kept putting it off. And then they were dancing. And then they weren’t. And then he’d been leaning in - and he was pretty sure she had been doing the same. It was the perfect opportunity. And, really, standing there with her and watching her smile like that and her eyes dazzle, how could he resist?

Except they hadn’t kissed, and from then on they kept an achingly big distance between them. He hadn’t told her how he felt. Will and Mike were going to give him hell for it, he was sure, but more than that it completely diminished his confidence.

Sure enough, as soon as he walked into the theater Will and Mike were by his side.

“Did you tell her?” Will asked, smiling widely. Ben glanced over at Mike to see that he was wearing a matching smile.


“You didn’t do it, did you?” Mike sighed.

“I tried! But I just…. couldn’t.” He let his shoulders sag as a frown found its way into his face.

“You gotta do it sometime, buddy, and today’s as good a day as any,” Will spoke as he and Mike started to walk away.

“You can do it!” Mike cheered. Ben smiled slightly at his friends encouragements, but there was still the weight of not having told her resting on his shoulders. He’d made a deal with Mike and Will that if he won the Tony he would tell Y/N how he felt, but he’d only agreed to it because he didn’t think he was going to win.

The idea of possibly ruining what he had with Y/N absolutely petrified him.


Y/N made it a priority to come to the theater at least once a week to visit everyone. Usually, the first thing she did when she arrived was find Ben and greet him if he wasn’t too busy. This time was different. This time she sprinted through the halls, desperately hoping she wouldn’t run into Ben, until she made it to Laura’s dressing room. She’d already texted Laura, Kristolyn, and Olivia that she needed to talk to them, so she knew they were all waiting for her. The moment she opened the door their eyes were on her.

“Hey, Y/N! What’s this big thing you have to talk about?” Laura asked cheerfully.

“It’s about Ben.” The minute she said it the atmosphere changed. All three girls (and most of the cast and crew) knew about Y/N’s crush on Ben, and they could tell from the nervous look on her face that what she was going to say wasn’t necessarily good news. They waited silently in anticipation.

“Last night he came over for a mini Tony celebration, just the two of us. But while he was there we were dancing and he had his arm around me and then we stopped dancing and I was pretty sure he was going to kiss me but now I’m doubting it because the oven went off so it didn’t happen and I’m not entirely sure if he was actually going to kiss me, but I really wanted him to, you know? Not to mention that now that I’ve started thinking about it I can’t stop and I’m kind of concerned that I might need someone to physically restrain me from kissing him when I see him.”

She panted slightly from having talked so fast as they stared at her in shock. Suddenly, Olivia squealed. “He was going to kiss you? That’s amazing!” Y/N opened her mouth to explain that no, that was stressful, but she was cut off.

“If you’re expecting us to restrain you, don’t count on it,” Kristolyn piped in.

“Oh yeah, I’m not contributing to anything that keeps you two from finally getting together,” Laura grinned. Her friends were excited about this, she realized. That was a bit annoying, but also kind of endearing. She sat down as they started talking about her and Ben, dishing out advice on how to tell him how she felt about him.


Ben knocked nervously in Rachel’s dressing room door. She opened it with a smile and he mustered on up in return, but let it drop when the anxiousness began to take over his expression again.

“Could I talk to you?” He asked. “You know, fake son to fake mom?” She looked him over with concern as she let him in. He wasn’t even in costume and he looked more like Evan than he did Ben.

“What’s wrong, honey?” She asked worriedly.

“It’s about a girl….” He trailed off and her face lit up. She knew as well as everyone that if Ben was having girl troubles it was about Y/N, and if there were troubles that meant that something had finally happened.

“I was over at Y/N’s last night and I almost did it. I almost kissed her, told her that I loved her, the whole deal. I didn’t get to, but I still want to - I just don’t know how. Every time I’m with her I just can’t do it.” He looked at her pleadingly and she gave him a small smile.

“This is gonna sound like really bad advice, but you’ve just got to tell her, Ben. Start talking, and once you do, trust me, you won’t be able to stop. I’ve seen the way you are with her, you’ve got a lot to say.” Ben nodded with confidence and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and a thank you. And then he was out the door and on his way to find Y/N.


Y/N was sitting in Ben’s dressing room a little while before the show. She’d been slightly avoiding Ben all day, but now she was waiting for him. Though half of her hoped he wouldn’t be stopping by before the show started. She knew it had to happen the next time she saw him, but it terrified her.

She looked up, startled, when the door opened and closed quickly. Suddenly, Ben was in the room with her. He leaned against the door and sighed, running a hand over his face with his eyes closed. When he opened them he made a noise of surprise at Y/N’s presence and she smiled softly at him. She couldn’t help what he did to her - he made everything seem better. When they were together everything seemed easier.

“How long have you been here? I’ve been looking all over for you,” He said. He looked nervous, and Y/N wondered if he was already in character or if he was genuinely anxious about something.

“Not too long, I’ve been all around today. I wanted to see you before the show, though.” He smiled at the thought of her waiting in hopes of seeing him.

“That’s good, I actually have something I wanted to talk to you about.” He looked over at her and she watched him expectantly. “Um, Rachel said I should just start talking, so - uh - here goes nothing.” He took a deep breath, and then began to speak.

“We’ve been friends for a really long time, and I think it’s probably time that you should know - the first time I ever saw you I stopped breathing. You looked so gorgeous. You literally took my breath away, and you still do - every day. One time - and I can’t even remember what we were laughing about - but we were in your apartment and laughing like crazy. We couldn’t stop. I remember looking around and thinking ‘I could do this for the rest of my life. I could spend the rest of my life laughing with you and I’d be happy. I’d be so happy.’ And then I looked over at you, and you looked so beautiful. You always look so beautiful. I looked at you, and it hit me. And I sat there thinking 'wow, so this is what being in love feels like.’” He laughed nervously, avoiding looking at her, scared that she might be disgusted or be looking at him with pity.

“Y/N,” he took another deep breath and looked her in the eyes. She was staring at him with wonder, but he couldn’t tell if she was happy or not. “I am so completely in love with you.”

The silence was painful. Deafening. The silence made it clear to him that he’d ruined it. He’d messed everything up. He looked down at his shoes to avoid having to look at her.

“I love you too.” His head snapped up as her voice reached his ears. She was smiling bigger than he’d ever seen and her eyes were filled with tears. “I can’t believe I came here to tell that I love you and you beat me to it,” she laughed. He stared at her in shock as she felt the happiness filling her up.

“Okay, real quick because I’ve been saying this in my head for a few hours now and I need to say it out loud: Ben, when I first met you I knew. I knew I wanted to be with you forever. Maybe platonically, maybe romantically - it didn’t really matter. But then it did. Then it did because every day I found something new about you that I loved. Every day I could feel myself falling in love, and it felt so damn good. Being in love with you makes me so happy.”

They were standing in front of each other smiling. And then he was leaning in, and then she was leaning in, and they were both one hundred percent positive that the other was doing it this time. Except then someone called out for Ben because the show was starting in only a few minutes.

He apologized profusely before running out and towards the stage. She smiled as she watched him go. She waited for the entire show in his dressing room. He didn’t make it back for intermission, but that was okay. Mostly because it was just around when intermission ended that she realized he had said something along the lines of wanting to spend the rest of his life with her.


When the show ended the cast were all grouped together backstage in their pre-show dance party hallway. They were all rushing with adrenaline from the show and the applause from the audience, excitedly talking. All except Ben - he was strangely quiet.

“Are you feeling okay?” Jennifer asked with a motherly type concern. He was about to respond when they heard shouts from down the hallway.

“Ben!” They all turned to see Y/N bounding down the hallway until she stopped in front in Ben, breathing heavily. “I’m sorry, just have to make sure, did you say you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” He nodded with a smile as everyone watched with wide eyes. “Oh, thank god,” she breathed.

And then her arms were around his neck and his were around her waist and they were finally kissing. Everybody was cheering by the time they pulled apart, and they both stared at each other with wide smiles.

Discreetly, Will, Mike, and Olivia high fived in the background of all the commotion.

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Boi, hi, I've been waiting for this. Could I request the RFA boys (+ V & Searan)'s reactions to finding out MC is a Victoria's Secret model and finding out by MC dragging them to a show before disappearing leaving them sitting alone for awhile before they walk out and yeah (I'm so sorry this is so long and I totally get if you don't want to write this. Have a great day!)

A/N: b o i you sent this in literally *right* after I opened requests and I giGGLED SO HARD AT YOUR ENTHUSIASM it really made my day, so i hope you like this ~Admin 404



               -He was already red as hell and nervously sweating when you just mentioned taking him to the show

               -“Isn’t Victoria Secret that one… you know… sexy clothing store?”

               - yes, yes it is

               -The whole way there, he’s muttering to himself

               -Honestly trying to hold back tears because he feels so awkward

               -Wants to look at you and only you!! He doesn’t want you to feel bad about him looking at other partially naked women


               -Holds onto your wrist when you try to leave him there alone and you have to drag him a little bit before telling him that he’d be fine and you’d be back in just a little bit

               -He tries to fold himself up as much as possible to hide himself from the people giving him weird looks

               - it didn’t help

               -When the show started, a small shriek rose up from the back of his throat and he covered his eyes with his hands, though he peeked through his fingers because his curiosity got the best of him

               -But the first person he saw was you? And you were in some absolutely gorgeous, lacey, and very short nightgowns? Where are your pants? Are you in jUST UNDERWEAR? ARE THOSE WINGS??

               -The poor boy has a full blown nose bleed. His face is as red as Saeyoung’s hair. He’s stuttering and muttering to himself because he has absolutely no (comprehensive) words

               -He struggles to look you in the eye after the show! Kept trying for a solid hour to compliment you but the words kept getting stuck on his tongue.

               -That night he held you cautiously, but still close enough to feel his heart race

               -Like, wow, he’s dating a mODEL! He knew you were beautiful inside and out but it’s just amAZING! He would have never expected it


               -“Why are we going to a fashion show?”

               -“I’m beautiful, I should be one of the models!”

               - thanks for being modest zen

               -You didn’t tell him what kind of fashion show, but he agreed to go anyway

               -Famous people are always seen at these things, he feels like he fits in!

               -He was so ready to compliment the hell out of you to make sure you know he’s got all eyes for you

               -But when he turned back to you, you were gone?

               -P A N I C

               -Before he could look around for you though, the show started

               -And the people behind him were grumbling about him being in their way so he sat down and silently hoped that maybe you just excused yourself to the restroom

               -But as the show started, he watched as multiple models walked out in different sorts of lingerie

               -He felt so AWKWARD! He just wanted you to come back so he could focus on you instead of these other wome-

               -There was one model that captured his eye and he thought she was just absolutely breathtaking. Just by the curve of your face, let alone your hips, he knew it was you

               -He couldn’t help himself, he cheered for you like it was a football game people had to pull him down to his seat

               -He practically lifted you into the air and spun you around afterwards, showering you in more compliments than usual (which is a lot). Reminded you constantly throughout the rest of the night how proud he was of you!

               -Also had to use all of his willpower to fight the inner beast the rest of the night


               -She’s always wanted to attend fashion shows, but has always been way too busy

               -Not to mention she didn’t even get to go to any for work reasons damn jumin

               -So she was extremely excited to hear that you were going to bring her to one!

               -She likes any and all information about where the two of you go so she was very shaken by the fact that you wouldn’t tell her what kind of show this was

               -What if it was a super fancy fashion show and she wasn’t presentable? What if it was super casual and she’s too dressed up? WHAT IF IT WAS SECRETLY A STRIP CLUB AND YOU DIDN’T TELL HER

               -She was trying to get you to give her hints about what kind of show this was

               -Actually got frustrated when you didn’t give her any sort of hint

               - acts like a child and pouts, completely ignoring you

               -Simply nods her head in acknowledgement when you excuse yourself

               -The music started to play not long after that and she started to get really giggly and excited! But there was no sign of you?

               -She figured she would just record the show until you made it back, so you could watch it later on when you were home!

               -The moment she got her phone ready, she hit record and looked down at the lit up screen

               -But when she did look, all she saw was you? Walking down the catwalk? In some very revealing lingerie?

               -Had to do a double-take from the screen and up at the stage to make sure it was truly you

               -And holy shit??? Like, you go girl?? 10/10 she was so excited to see you up there, strutting your stuff!

               -Any outfit you had modeled, she planned on buying matching outfits for the two of you as soon as possible


               -He’s tried to avoid any type of show at all costs

               -It’s just not his type of scene, you know?

               -Watching all these women strut around in ridiculous outfits, acting high and mighty, wanting nothing but attention (so he thought)

               -He just wanted to take this day off, sit at home with his precious girls (you and Elizabeth, obviously), and relax

               -Instead, you had begged him to come to this show, which you wouldn’t even tell him the theme of

               -And of course he agreed, you’re his beloved and he wanted to do anything he could to make you happy

               -If that meant he had to watch this agonizing show, then he would

               - he only wished he could have his wine as well

               - honestly thought about sneaking in a flask because he hated these things that much

               -Whined like a child when you told him to stay put because you’d be right back

               -“But MC! I dislike these things, you can’t truly expect me to stay here alone, can you?”

               -You left anyway, and found your way to the stage, only to walk out and see Mr. Trustfund Kid’s jaw clench- his whole body moving forward to the edge of his seat, a hand covering his mouth and his eyebrows knitted together

               -He was pleasantly surprised to see you walk out in some gorgeous lingerie

               -But he was also immediately jealous of every other pair of eyes that set on you and your body

               -He swore to himself that you’ll know for sure that you’re his and only his later that night

               -Not to mention that every set of lingerie featured in the show would soon be in your closet for a private, up-close showing for him and only him


               -He doesn’t get out much

               -But if you wanna go somewhere, then he! Is! Going! Somewhere!

               -Whatever you want to do, he will do it for you!

               -You want to go to some sort of fashion show?

               -He probably won’t enjoy it, since it’s not really something he’s into, but he will still go with you to make you happy

               -Every fashion show he’s ever seen had such ridiculous outfits

               -He’s hoping they’re just as terrible this time so he has something to make jokes about and keep himself entertained

               -Lowkey threw a hissy fit when you told him you were leaving for a little bit

               -He was there for you! You can’t leave

               -“Fine if you won’t sit and stay then I’ll make fun of the outfits by myself”

               -When the music started he sat forward, completely ready to slaughter the first outfit with insults

               -Except it was really cute. And sexy. And oN YOU.

               -He literally fell out of his chair onto the floor, people had to help him get back up

               -Not before he turned as red as his hair, though

               -From then on, every time you came on stage, he would whoop and howl, causing you to almost lose your cool a couple of times

               - ends up surprising you weeks later wearing that same lingerie for you, wink wonk


               -He’s been to many shows

               -Well okay he’s photographed many shows

               -Never sat and enjoyed one himself

               -But completely willing to go with you! He enjoys the art of the fashion

               -Doesn’t even matter what kind of show, he is 500% ready and willing to go

               -Of course he has his camera too, but not to take pictures of the models!

               -He wanted to take pictures of your reactions, how the bright lights shine on your face, how you can see the passion in your eyes

               -HE WAS SO EXCITED, AAAAAA

               -When the music started he was worried about you missing the show

               -He didn’t want to photograph the sadness in your eyes!

               -But he looked up at the stage to see you, walking out from behind the curtain with upmost confidence

               -Shining bright, dripping in sexiness, and giving off a “I’m a badass” vibe

               -And he. was. lOVING IT.

               -It made him so nervous to see his precious angel like that but he knew he couldn’t miss the opportunity

               -So every time you came out in any outfit, he was sure to take the most amazing photos of you, in an attempt to capture how much love he has for you in each one

               - wants a private photoshoot behind the scenes afterwards, wink wonk


               -You thought Saeyoung hating getting out of the house?

               -We all know Saeran is 10 times worse

               -You are physically dragging him to this show because he’s so against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to watch people parading around the stage in stupid outfits”

               -Because?? Just go with me anyway??

               -He’s holding onto your arm, letting his feet drag against the floor when you try to leave him in the crowd alone

               -“Saeran I need to go do something!” “Oh no, you are NOT leaving me alone with ALL THESE PEOPLE”

               -You did leave him alone though, and he is LIVID.

               -He planned on not talking to you for the remainder of the night because of it. Maybe he’d keep up the silent treatment until tomorrow. Who knows?

               -The loud music started to play and he already hated everything about this

               -He watched as a few women walked out on stage, each in a progressively more revealing outfit

               -Until his arms unfolded when he saw you in this sexy bra and panties set

               -Matching them to the large wings hanging behind you

               -Immediately snapping photos on his phone for later blackmail

               - and also using them as research references to get those outfits for later

               - practically pounces you behind the stage, attacking your whole body in kisses


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Hi. I'm so worried I'm asking too much of you but after I saw your wish prompts, I couldn't resist. I enjoy mutual pining and I wish you'd write a fic about that. Please? And thankyou.

Hi there. Since you didn’t specify a ship, I went with my default otp setting, which is Shieldshock. Hope that’s okay and hope you enjoy this ficlet. :)

It had become a habit of sorts, Steve seeking her after missions. Darcy didn’t know when it started, but she liked it, liked being the first person on Steve’s mind when he returned home from the field.

He didn’t ask for much, just sat there listening to her tell him about her day, or fell asleep on the couch if he was too tired to talk. He had nightmares often but they never spoke about them. Darcy let him set the pace, never pushing him into sharing more than he wanted to, never once forcing physical comfort on him. She was happy with just being someone who was a regular part of his life. She didn’t need more.

Then, one day he hugged her and she realized how wrong she was.

It wasn’t the first time he had touched her, but it was definitely the first time he had felt the need to bury his face in the crook of her neck and forget about real life. He held onto her for long minutes, breathing steadily into her hair while she murmured assurances in his ear.

“It’s okay… everything’s okay… you’re fine… you saved the day again…” Her words seemed to calm him and, after a while, his arms around her loosened and he pulled back with a shy smile.

“What’s for dinner?”

He caught her by surprise. He never stayed for dinner.

“Um,” Darcy said, thinking fast. “Spaghetti.”


She had always thought, when she fell in love with someone, it’d be a complicated relationship full of compromises. No guy would be able to appreciate or tolerate the work she did in Avengers Tower, constantly surrounded by genius scientists, self-sacrificing superheroes and the very real danger of occasional attacks.

But when she fell in love with Steve, it was nothing but simple. She didn’t have to lie to him about her work life, wasn’t worried he’d hide things from her (because she almost always knew what he was up to) and she definitely didn’t feel like they had a complicated relationship. He had started coming over nearly every day now. They hung out, watched movies, ate dinner and, sometimes, he spent the night.

The first time he asked if he could stay with her, he had returned from a mission with a bullet hole in his gut. He stumbled through her door and right into her waiting arms.

“Darcy.” The desperation with which he whispered her name sent her heart racing. “Let me stay here tonight.”

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summary: Thomas is heartsick after a rejection; Patton is taking it the hardest, but Logan is there to set everything right.

characters: logan, patton, virgil, roman

pairings: none (can be logicality if you want tho)

a/n: here’s the fic I wrote during the livestream! The prompt was given by @the-sander-snides <3 It was a lot of fun and I hope to stream again soon before college. (this is really not my best work though, I’m sorry)

It had been an entire day and a half.

The previous day, a Saturday, Logan had woken up to silence- this was the usual, as he woke up at a punctual 7:30 am each and every morning. He would make his bed, write down whatever he could remember of Thomas’s dreams, and proceed to sit at his desk and review the schedule he had made for the rest of the day.

Logan was a man of lists, facts, and habits. At 7:30 am, he would wake up, and dress accordingly. At 8:00 am, he would review what he needed for the day. At 8:15 am, he would take inventory of his room, assure that everything was where it should be (and that Roman hadn’t moved anything out of place).

At 8:30 am, he would meditate, clear his mind, knowing that everything was as it should be.

Finally, at 9:00 am, the muffled thud of socked feet would travel past his room, and the chaotic evolution of what would eventually become breakfast would clatter the other sides awake as Patton set to work in the kitchen.

Everything had gone smoothly until 9:00 am.

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anonymous asked:

hi, love your 3x20 meltdown! :) oh and how about their lips never parted with that flip!! but I just stared at the gifs of Felicity walking away in Nanda parbat and him looking destroyed af... so a prompt idea, in the lines of something like them now getting back together and Oliver saying to F. that he watched her walk away two times and he couldnt survive a third... well something like that, I'm sure you'd make it more interesting than me here :)

Last Moment (Olicity, 5x20 spec fic, Explicit)

Thank you, anon! And oh yes it absolutely kills me how their lips never parted. P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.

For the sake of this ficlet, let’s pretend there is going to be a parallel between 3x20 and 5x20 (*crosses fingers*) and instead of Nanda Parbat, it’s Russia. This includes Oliver/Susan of Season 5 paralleling Felicity/Ray of Season 3 (they break up). 

This is the morning after. (Slight Angst Warning)

Please see the end for my additional Olicity thoughts in Season 5 re: this ficlet.

(Read on AO3)


Oliver watched her.

Her movements were mechanical… no, they were methodical, each move planned with a deliberateness that he recognized all too well. There was nothing playful or bashful, nothing that spoke to what had just happened. Not that he expected it. Some part of him had known this was coming when he knocked on her door last night, when he saw the tiny crack in her facade, when he touched her cheek and she leaned into him, sighing with a heaviness he felt in his soul. He did the same thing when facing a moment that might be his last - compartmentalize, just to get through the next minute, and the next, and the next.

She had to, for what she was walking into.

Acid burned in his chest, but he forced himself to stay quiet, wanting to just watch her for a little bit longer. He didn’t say anything as she pulled her pants on, buttoning them. Her bra was next, followed by her shirt and then her jacket.

She was leaving, like he knew would happen. And he knew he had to let her, but god, he didn’t want to.

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meaanimo  asked:

“me and you? we’re simply not cut out for this lovers thing” with stuckony please, because I'm an asshole and my life force comes out of stuckony suffering and angst.

They had tried. When Bucky had come back and it was clear that he and Steve were still in love, they had tried the polyamory thing, mostly because Tony didn’t want to let go of Steve.

But it was clear that it wasn’t working out. Steve and Bucky were closer than Steve and Tony ever had been and while Tony was rapidly falling in love with Bucky it was clear that Bucky didn’t see him as anything else but as competition.

And it was time to put an end to all of their suffering.

Tony cornered Bucky when Steve was out for his run with Sam and it already spoke volumes that Bucky angled himself away from Tony before he even opened his mouth.

“Okay, let’s be honest here,” Tony started and forced his voice to be steady. “You and me? We’re simply not cut out for this lover’s thing.”

Bucky’s eyes went wide, but he continued to put more space between them.

“What do you want me to do?” Bucky carefully asked and Tony’s heart broke when he saw how scared Bucky looked. Scared, that Tony would take Steve away from him and this only cemented Tony’s decision. The three of them were no good together at all.

“Nothing. I just wanted to let you know that I…, well, I guess I am breaking up with you.”

“And Steve?” Bucky asked, voice small and Tony could hear it trembling.

“I’m gonna break up with him, too, of course,” Tony said with a frown. “You belong together and I should have ducked out when you first came back, but I…” he trailed off, unable to say it.

But he didn’t have to because Bucky understood him perfectly as it seemed.

“But you loved him so much, that you had to try. You loved him too much to just let him go.” Tony nodded but didn’t say anything else.

“Do you not love him anymore?” Bucky asked him.

“I do. Of course I do, but he loves you more, and I’m just not worth it. And we’re not working out too well, are we? You can hardly look at me as it is. I never meant to put such a strain on your relationship.”

“I’ve been trying,” Bucky mumbled and Tony chuckled, because otherwise he would start to cry.

“I know, and I’m not saying you haven’t. But this is still not working out, for neither of us. So I’m just gonna give you space and you can, you know, be together like you have before without me bothering you.”

“Tony?” Steve suddenly asked from the doorway, still panting and sweaty from his run. “What is this?”

Tony had thought he would have more time to prepare to break up with Steve too, but apparently the universe hated him today.

“I’m breaking up with you,” he said evenly, trying to blink back the tears.

“Why?” Steve asked and he sounded desperate.

“It’s not working, Steve. We said we would try, and we did, but Bucky and I, we are not working. And it’s straining your relationship too, and I love you too much to see you unhappy.”

“Tony, I love you. Don’t do this. You and Bucky are fine,” Steve pleaded and Tony laughed at that.

“We are not fine, and you know it. He can’t even touch me. And don’t even pretend that you love me like you love him. I know that you love him, maybe not more than you love me, but he is more important to you. I won’t stand between you anymore. It’s been a selfish decision from the start.”

Bucky had kept quiet this whole time but now he started to reach out for Steve.

“Steve,” he pleaded and Steve instinctively reached out for Bucky.

It was like a stab to Tony’s heart, to see those two together, but it only showed him that he was right.

“Tony, he loves you,” Steve said when Bucky didn’t say anything else and Tony had never thought that Steve could be cruel, but apparently he had been wrong.

“Don’t,” he managed to say but Steve shook his head.

“He does, Tony, he does. He just doesn’t always know how to express it.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tony said around a sob. “It’s never gonna be enough. Not compared to what you have. And I just… Steve, this isn’t working. Just let it go.”

“No!” Steve said decidedly and Bucky reached out for Tony this time, but Tony took a step back.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go now,” Tony managed before his voice cracked and he turned around.

He swallowed around a sob as he left, but when no one called out for him again, he knew that he had made the right decision.

There is now a second part for this.

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I'm literally sending you these anons is quick succession. And i'm sorry if its annoying 😂 but.... 19 for Rebelcaptain???

parents meeting when they take their kids to class au

School just started last week where I am (I know!! so early!) and I work with small children so it’s been on my mind.

This Can Only End in Tears

Jyn took the turn on yellow and hit the gas.

“Moo-oooomm,” her six-year-old wailed from the back seat. “We’re going to be late!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” she said, reluctantly hitting the brakes as they passed into the school zone. Today was bad enough without a speeding ticket on top of it.

“Late on the first day of school!”

“I get it, Alex!” She screeched into the first parking spot she saw and leapt out of the car. “Come on, hup hup!” He was already scrambling out of his seatbelt, hauling his backpack along with him.

He disdained her hand and trotted on ahead. He’d been about out of his mind with excitement for the whole week, looking forward to kindergarten. She lengthened her stride and caught up with him.

“Okay,” she panted. “Let’s go over the rules.”

“No using the s-word, the h-word, the d-word, and absolutely especially not the f-word.”

Holy shit, her kid knew a lot of curse words. Maybe she should modulate her language around him. Jyn considered it and shrugged. Too late now.

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naekolehasposts  asked:

Dear Endling, I've been a huge fan since I saw your comics on Snafu. I'm struggling, and have been for awhile. Art is my passion, but I don't have the right education to pursue a career in it. I've been unable to find my style, and have been stuck for a year. Do you have any advice on where I can read/study to improve my skills to eventually, find my own style?

  This is a question I’ve been asked a lot, but to be honest it never really gets that much easier to answer. Every artist being an individual, it’s tough to find catch-alls that work for everyone, you know what I  mean? And hell, truth be told, I’m still trying to figure this stuff out for myself. :]

  Let me get this first bit out of the way, the bit nobody wants to hear: “Practice, practice, practice.” It’s the biggest, stinkiest old chestnut in the book, the one you’ve probably heard a million times before, but unfortunately, it is the most rock solid, time-tested advice any artist can swear by. Even when you feel down and out, even when things don’t look like they should. You keep on drawing, because art has a funny way of growing with you, even if you’re not aware of it. 

 But try different things. Some personal suggestions:

- Draw from life. Do figure studies. Your art will only go as far as the strong foundation you’ve built on. It can be arduous, but it is worth it. There is no way around this, much as many folks find this the token ‘boring’ advice.

- Look up light and color theory online. Nowadays there is a ridiculous amount of information on this subject on the internet. You could probably cobble together a near full education on the subject just from all the different people who have guides, examples, even youtube videos on the matter. It’s really amazing. There are tons of people out there trying to help young artists get on their feet, and they aren’t charging a thin dime. Take advantage of it. :]

- Warm up before you draw! Draw scribbles, cubes, shapes with some zing to them. Drawing can be a workout! So like any workout, warm up! Don’t dive right in and injure yourself. :] It’s a good way to stave off feeling discouraged because things  didn’t turn out looking brilliant right off the bat. 

- Try emulating a variety of other artists’ work. (With their consent if you’re posting it somewhere of course.) Sometimes when drawing in someone else’s style your own little mannerisms and stylistic influences tend to pop up in the result. This is more a fun exercise though, certainly not something to fall back on as a means to improve. You don’t want to end up relying on the same artistic 'shortcuts’ your chosen artists employ in their own work without a firm understanding of the basics yourself.

- Draw quickly, loosely, even carelessly. Less thought, more winging it. Fly by the seat of them pants. Have fun letting go! At least, for a practice run at first. While 'style’ is at best a nebulous concept, I’ve always found that if you draw speedily, you tend to put emphasis in certain areas, sort of feel your hand moving a particular way? If you don’t let too much thought get in the way, you can sometimes see the raw tendencies you have underneath the art. 

- Animation! Regarding stuff to read to improve your skills, there is no shortage of books available in places like Barnes & Noble. Entire sections on art. I recommend, personally, books on animation techniques. I was originally an animation major in college, and I think any artist can benefit greatly by studying it thoroughly. 

- Draw for yourself, not for the internet. This is a more fairly recent issue I’ve been seeing with some people, but there are folks out there who get a little too attached to the reception (or lack thereof) they receive for posting their work online, or worse still, seem to only draw with the specific intent of putting things online. While it’s all well and good to share your work with other people, please please please do not forget that you are drawing for yourself. You don’t have to post everything you make. Allow yourself plenty of time to make plenty of terrible drawings. Fall flat on your face. You can share the stuff you’d like, but you don’t have to feel compelled to share everything you do.

- Art blocks and burn out will happen. Don’t sweat 'being stuck’ so much. Don’t rush getting OUT of it either. Art blocks are kind of a way of telling you you’re running on empty in one way or another. I’ve gotten asked quite often what I do to get over an art block. The answer is really simple: wait. Haha. But you find things to do that get you feeling charged up again. I like listening to music and playing games. Games are what got me into art in the first place, so it’s kind of a back-and-forth process for me. But what I’m trying to say here is, art and your life are pretty much connected in every way. If your art just doesn’t want to come out easily on the page, maybe you should find something else to do that you enjoy. Refill, recharge, re-energize, but NOT just to get over an art block. Your daily life might be more attached to your work than you realize. Which brings me to my next point..

- Don’t look so hard for 'your style’. You need to grow as much as your artwork. As I said before, style is kind of a strange subject. To most people style is simply 'how your art looks’, what sets it apart from other folks. But if you ask me, style is whatever ignites your passion to create in the first place. Style can be influenced by other art, sure, but it can also be influenced by music, games, sports, books, your background, the things you enjoy, just the person you are from the ground up. Style comes from pouring yourself into your work. And you know what? You need to grow just as much as your artwork. If you put a piece of yourself into your art, it will undoubtedly be unique, because you’re a unique person yourself. Find something you want to say and let it come out through your art.

And yes, that’s about the floweriest answer I’ve ever given on the subject of style. I guess when it comes to the subject of art I can be a sappy sap. But DAMMIT I BELIEVE IN YOU. And anyone else reading this that might have been feeling the same way! And I really appreciate the question! Hell, I’m honored, and hope in any way at all I can help, because art is a beautiful thing to have in your life, and I wish you the absolute best of luck with it. 


anonymous asked:

You should write a whole thing about why Nikolai is the best.

at first i was like “okay no i’m too sick to do this rn” but then i thought to myself “yo this is nikolai….. pull yourself together” so there ya go:

- a kind and loving soul
- trapped in a terribly attractive body. a burden, truly… an actual literal curse… and he knows it. oh yes he does.
- sometimes i lie at night and think that he still could have sided with the darkling but he didn’t?? he still chose to do the right thing?? like okay hear me out: nikolai’s always been drawn to power and that was made very clear throughout the series, his mind is constantly spinning and thinking of ways to help him ensure ravka’s good status which, well, can’t happen without some kind of dominance/power. and the darkling had that (even if it was based on fear rather than true loyalty) and sure, nikolai was in his sturmhond persona but he still could have dropped the act and made a pact with him to help him destroy the fold and rule ravka? (which would have cleared nikolai of all responsibilities and he would have been granted a free pass to do whatever he wanted with his life) and he didn’t. he couldn’t. you know why?? bc he’s a damn good person and a mothereffin’ boss that’s why
- despite his royal bastard act and off-handed sarcasm, he’s ALWAYS been nothing but gentle and caring and JUST (especially towards alina but you already know that)
- attentive!!!!!! and not just bc he has some secret agenda to either use or demolish alina (or her powers)!!!!!
- never once tried to strip alina of her agency (on the contrary, he tried to emphasize it and bring out the best of her)
- RESPECTFUL AF (literally never even tried to get into alina’s pants… the farthest he went was that kiss by the lake but he never pushed her or demanded smth more of her bc he was well aware that he - or anyone for that matter S M H!!!! - didn’t have ANY claim to her)
- nikolai who was mocked and insulted his entire life - for being a bastard, for not being worthy of the throne, for being somewhat less than his stupid douchebag of a brother (when he was so obviously not), nikolai who everybody knew by a nickname given to him bc of his bastard status, sobachka, nikolai who later on was called ‘korol rezni’ bc of his scars and ppl never stopped gossiping behind his back, never!! N E V E R!!!! not O N C E!!!!!! lashed out at anyone
- “he’s been kind when he might have been cruel” is probably the realest, most important line in tgt history and i’m saying this with a heart over my heart bc alina has some GREAT ones ones but this?? 10/10 hashtag #i kNOW
- nikolai who remained calm and composed and fair when he found out how terrible the king really was
- gave genya the justice she deserved, gave her the life she deserved, gave her a place to stay and work and be useful and didn’t give a damn about her looks, made her a part of the triumvirate bc of her skills and not bc of the things she’s been through and the thought to undermine or pity her in ANY way never even crossed his mind
- smart as a whip (for real)
- always puts the life and well-being of others before his own
- literally sacrificed everything so his people could have something to look forward to, be grateful for, a better life for ravka
- never pressed alina for anything even when he saw she was slipping away from him and choosing a different life like?? he stepped?? aside?? bc that was the right thing to do /even if it wasn’t smfuckingh/
- hides his insecurities and puts on a smile bc he knows his role and duties and he knows he has responsibilities and yes the crown is heavy but he’ll bear it
- nikolai made sure none of the grisha who fought in the war were ignored, forgotten or left to live a poor life… even tamar & tolya who weren’t even ravkan citizens?? like yeah he knew them from his sturmhond days but they were free agents and yet he still wanted them by his side and welcomed them in his inner circle
- even :) after :) everything :) he :) still :) visits :) alina :))))))) so she’s not lonely :))) or sad :))) and i can bet my goddamn earrings he makes sure she doesn’t feel underappreciated or miserable or less bc he doesn’t want her to feel the way he has
- praised kaz (a kid he didn’t even know) for his wits and brilliance and was clearly delighted to see someone so smart and cunning a.k.a different classes who?? being condescending and acting superior wHERE???? what a Good
- truly the best king ravka could hope for :))))))))))))

Love Bites (part 1)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: Spn Au. Focuses mostly on a flashback of the last time you saw your best friend, Cas, before he went off to college and you left town to travel. You’re both back in your home town for your 10 year high school reunion.

Warnings: Minor angst, a little fluff, and some fluffy and awkward smut (female receiving oral sex, fingering, losing of virginity by both male and female, brief painful sex.)

A/N: This series is for the @casbabydontgoineedyou 1k follower celebration (my phrase doesn’t come until a bit later.) Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you want to be on my master tag list, just send me an ask or DM.


You had always been considered a bit of a rebel. You had never really concerned yourself with the opinions of others or what path you were supposed to take.

After high school, everyone else was running off to college to plan their boring careers; while you thought traveling the world, working odd jobs in odd towns seemed more your style.

This week was your 10 year high school reunion. You had thought about skipping it until you saw your former best friend, Cas, was on the list of attendees. He had been one of the good little boys to choose the traditional path and you thought about the day you told him you were skipping the graduation ceremony.

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Description: Phil has four million subscribers, but Dan’s the only one he wants to celebrate with.

Genre: Smut! (my first smut)

Warnings: Sex (obviously) and a hell of a lot of kinks 

Word Count:1044

Notes: Don’t worry ya’ll Phil tops

Phil awoke to the familiar scents of bacon and coffee wafting into his room. He picked up his phone to find that it was 11:00. It was a decent enough time to wake up, and he hadn’t been up late the night before, so, always eager for bacon, Phil put on his glasses and walked to the kitchen.

“Oh, hey, Phil,” Dan said upon seeing Phil enter the kitchen. “Didn’t expect you to be up this early.”

“I could say the same about you. Weren’t you on Tumblr until 3 this morning?”

“Yes, I was. That’s how I knew it was a special occasion, so I got up early to make breakfast for you.” Phil was curious as Dan placed a plate in front of him. There were four pieces of bacon, making up a shape resembling the number 4. Dan then poured the coffee into Phil’s “Daddy” mug, along with the creamer he knew Phil liked, and set the cup of coffee in front of Phil, smiling at him.

Looking at the 4 made of bacon, Phil finally remembered. When he had gone to bed the night before, Phil had almost reached four million YouTube subscribers. This had to be what Dan was celebrating. “I hit four mil, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did. Isn’t it great? My boyfriend is famous.” Dan grinned at Phil and the older boy chuckled.


“I’ll be back. Go ahead and finish your breakfast.” Dan left the kitchen, still grinning. Phil could tell he was planning something. But that didn’t matter. What mattered was the four pieces of bacon right in front of him that he didn’t want to neglect any longer.

Phil didn’t understand how Dan could make such good bacon. He smiled, happy with his meal and his boyfriend’s cooking skills, and took a sip of his coffee. Dan walked in, and Phil nearly spit out his drink.

Dan was wearing cat ears on top of his head, along with the cat mask that had been tucked away in Phil’s bedside trunk since the Internet Trivia video video they’d filmed with Connor Franta a year and a half earlier. Phil’s eyes continued to scan down Dan’s body, where he next found Dan’s favorite black lace panties. Looking over Dan once again, Phil was rock hard in an instant.

Dan tossed Phil a bottle of lube and left the kitchen once again. Phil was absolutely mesmerized by Dan’s sudden appearance, and it took him a minute to gather himself enough to remember that his perfect boyfriend was waiting for him. Phil absentmindedly walked to his room, where he found Dan lying on Phil’s unmade bed, legs spread and waiting.

“You remember what mug I gave your coffee to you in this morning?” Dan asked in his most seductive voice, smirking. Phil was getting anxious waiting for him, but he answered anyway, upon realizing what Dan was doing.

“The daddy mug.” Phil returned the smirk.

“Yes, daddy.” Phil rolled his eyes at Dan’s horrible attempt at a pick-up line, but that was why he loved him. Phil decided he might as well continue, since he was getting very impatient, wanting Dan almost as much as Dan wanted him. Almost.

“You want daddy to fuck you?” Dan nodded and Phil sat down on the bed, only for Dan to sit up and press his lips to Phil’s. Dan then planted kisses all down Phil’s body before pulling off his lounge pants, revealing his erection. The younger boy then pulled off Phil’s boxers and took him in his mouth. Phil moaned, almost not expecting Dan to be so adventurous. Dan gazed up at Phil with his loving, brown eyes as he pleasured the older boy.

Phil could feel himself about to orgasm and he let out the words between sharp breaths: “Now stop so I can fuck you harder than you ever thought possible.” Dan immediately opened his mouth and Phil pulled out. The older boy opened the bottle of lube Dan had given him earlier and squeezed some onto his fingers.

“Spread,” Phil commanded, and Dan immediately presented himself to him. Phil put one finger into Dan, who immediately whined for more. “No complaining or I’ll make you wait.” Dan stopped whining in an instant, and Phil inserted another finger, scissoring them and making Dan moan.

“Daddy, I need you…”

“Stop whining or I’ll have to punish you.”

“Maybe I want to be punished .” Phil smiled at this, feeling dangerous. He inserted a third finger while reaching up to Dan’s head with his other finger with his free hand and pulling his hair. Phil knew Dan loved that. The younger boy let out a moan of both pain and pleasure. “Fuck me, daddy, please.”

Phil pulled his fingers out and spread some lube on his cock before finally inserting it into Dan’s tight asshole. Dan moaned out as Phil thrust into his prostate. “Daddy, I’m ready.”

“Not yet. I’m not done with you.” Phil grabbed Dan by the neck and choked him as he thrust yet again. Dan cried out in pain, but Phil knew he loved it. After one more thrust, Phil finally came, and Dan complained of being near yet again.  

“Daddy, I’m gonna come!”

“Not until I say.”

“Daddy, please…”

“You know I just love to see you beg. Come.” Dan came all over his stomach in one final moan, and Phil gently traced his tongue around Dan’s stomach, licking up all the cum.

The two laid in Phil’s bed, out of breath. They linked hands and Dan turned his head to face Phil. “Phil…”


“Congratulations on four million subscribers.”

Phil looked at the boy, staring into his deep brown eyes. He may have been the one to hit four million subscribers, but to Phil, all that mattered was the boy right in front of him. “Thanks. You know I love you, right?” 

“Of course I do. By the way, you should probably tweet about that.” Dan got up and walked out the door. He popped his head back in and added, “Don’t forget, we just woke up.” Dan winked before disappearing. Phil was barely able to pull out his phone before Dan popped back in again. “I love you too, by the way.” 

A/N- So yeah this is my first smut… It’s kinda a train wreck but if you thought it was a good train wreck (if that’s a thing?) then let me know and I may write more smut in the future?

anonymous asked:

oh! many thanks are proffered! conceivably, perhaps a royalty anecdote, if you so desire, to dispense it to one, by way of illustration, myself and others?

The way you talk is making my day please keep talking to me.

But also let’s write a royalty AU!

As a prince, Jack had plenty of people to chose from to romance.

Almost any of the nobles’ daughters, even a few of their sons, wouldn’t hesitate to respond is Jack said anything remotely romantic to them. Any number of the maids, the kitchen staff, the women who worked in the courtyard, would swoon if Jack smiled at them, wave daintily from a window if he glanced up at them, make a point of fixing everything exactly how he liked it, anything for attention from the prince.

That was the problem, though, wasn’t it? Attention from the prince not attention from Jack. They wanted his attention not for who he was, but for what he was.

Which was why Jack, taking a lead out of one of his old books of fairy tales, had gotten his hand on some old clothes (by giving new one to the stable boy who had owned them) and found a way out (by agreeing to keep the cook’s secret stash of royal leftovers secret) to the real world.

Beyond his tiny bubble of royal life, the world was entirely different. People laughed and smiled genuinely, not just to further an agenda. When Jack talked, people ignored him and went on with their days, rather than looking at him intently with glazed over eyes, smiling and nodding to anything he said.

When he was out in the city in old clothes, when he had dirt on his face and his hair wasn’t contained in his little gold circlet, people treated him just like any other kid on the streets.

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rayer132  asked:

Hey for your Voltron Percy Jackson AU, I was wondering what Lance thinks about Hades and Zeus visiting Keith and Shiro? I mean he's a child of the big three as well and he's got to be feeling left out.

[Voltron PJO AU] Ever since Shiro shared to the whole gang that his father, Zeus, visited him, Lance was happy. He truly was happy for his friend. It was one of the things they all wanted. However, Lance knew that he’d forever be jealous of Keith who had Hades visiting him monthly. He thought that with Shiro not meeting Zeus, he’d be okay, but now knowing that even Zeus appeared right in front of Shiro, Lance felt so left out. He knew a lot of other demigods hadn’t seen their godly parents but Lance was one of The Big Three Boys. Two out of three had seen their Dad.

Lance had never seen or met Poseidon. Not even when he was a kid, which was apparently a common thing to happen with the big three children. 

He’d been down the whole day, so he decided to swim by the lake to get rid of his depressing mood. He didn’t know how long he was under water but when he went to the surface, he saw Keith sitting down by the wooden dock.

Lance let out a squeal out of surprise. “DUDE! DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT!” He placed a hand over his racing heart.

The son of Hades was going to kill him.

“Lance, do you hate me?” Keith asked, ignoring what he just said.

Lance snorted. “Why do you care? But yes, I do. But not so much. I tolerate you, Mullet Head.” He paused and scrunched up his nose. “Okay, maybe I do like you a little but only because Shiro wouldn’t stop talking about wonderful his boyfriend is and I know that Shiro wouldn’t lie. Shiro is really sappy, isn’t he? I still don’t get why he—”

“It’s about my Dad, isn’t it?” Keith cut him off.

Surprised by the question, Lance just stared at his friend. He pulled himself up to sit beside Keith, wrapping his arms around his legs. “It’s not about your Daddy, Mullet.”

“Lance,” Keith made a face. “I’m not dumb.”

“That’ll be the first.” Lance sighed and told Keith everything. How he felt so left out and that perhaps Poseidon didn’t really care that much about him after all. Lance went on and on, while Keith just nodded along, both staring into the lake. They were quiet after a while, Lance thought perhaps Keith was thinking he’d had more to add, and when he didn’t, Keith spoke.

“We can’t choose our parentage,” Keith began. “The fact that you’re still alive and being able to discover new abilities says a lot. Whether you believe it or not, Poseidon loves and cares for you. If he didn’t, then you’d probably be dead right now.”

“Wow, thanks, Keith. You were doing great there with comforting me for a second, then suddenly you just had to turn all morbid.” Lance grimaced. 

“Sorry, it’s a child of the Underworld thing,” Keith frowned. “But I do believe. I mean when Zeus visited Shiro, the god of the gods had his reasons. Pretty sure your Dad has one, too. It took Shiro a lot of years to see his Dad again, so maybe just give yours some time. Maybe when he’s on his day off or something.” He added a shrug.

“You sound so sure,” Lance smirked. “You buddies with my Dad?”

“Yeah, Broseidon texted me a while ago actually,” Keith pretended to fish out his phone from his pocket. “We’re gonna go for some grub later. Wanna come with us?”

“You idiot,” Lance laughed.

Keith smiled and then suddenly Shiro was hovering over the lake in front of them. “Hey, guys!” He turned to Keith and added, “I was just looking for you.”

Shiro leaned in to give Keith a soft peck to which the son of Hades beamed at. “Whatever do you need me for?”

“Coran was asking for us, something about… a thing,” Shiro tilted his head. “Not quite sure what exactly it was.”

Keith nodded, getting up as he dusted his pants. “Okay,” he turned to Lance. “Wanna head back with us using Shiro Airlines?” 

Lance saw Shiro rolled his eyes fondly. He shook his head, “Nah, you disgusting married couple go ahead. I’m just gonna swim for a little more.”

Both boys nodded, then Shiro placed his arm around Keith’s waist ready for take off, when Keith grabbed his hand instead and interlaced them. “No, sweetie. We’re shadowtravelling.” 

And with that they were gone, leaving Lance smiling to himself. He dived back to the lake and just floated, looking up to the sky. He knew Keith was right, his Dad probably had reasons and he didn’t want to force him to materialize in front of him if he couldn’t.

“Hey, Dad. I hope you’ll invite me soon to your Underwater Palace. That’ll be great, don’t you think?” Lance whispered to himself and then suddenly he felt waves pushing him. He looked to his side and saw that the waves were just directed at him. He smiled to himself. “I shall expect your text to Keith then.” He chuckled to himself as he dived towards the bottom of the lake.

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Hiii! How are you, what's up, how's the life treating ya? Have you seen the Lucifer trailer from sdcc? Any thoughts? I'm kinda stuck on the Dan/Chloe kiss, but it looks great! Hope you're having a great week! ~DSEP

Heh, I haven’t watched any trailers/anything from SDCC, for any of my fandoms. I just reblog some pictures and look at stuff and go “hmm, cool,” so yes.

As for a Dan/Chloe kiss, I imagine that’s from the four standalone eps we were supposed to get at the end of s2, before they moved them to s3, because I know there were flashbacks to Chloe first joining the force among those. I have seen gifs of Linda and Chloe going to Lucifer’s penthouse and whooping it up, however, among others, and I definitely 100% approve.

The biggest news that I took away from SDCC, however, is the introduction of New Love Interest Guy, and hooooo, do I have theories. Some of which I already inflicted on @devilishyhandsomefriend, but yes.

Anyway, in short, here’s my spec: “Marcus Pierce” is either Michael, as in the archangel Michael, or some kind of agent/associate of his.

Why? Glad you asked!

First of all, the name set off my radar immediately. “Marcus” is from “Mars,” as in the Roman god of war, and “Pierce” is a violent-sounding action – you pierce someone with something, such as, say, a sword. So this dude’s name basically means “War Sword” right off the bat. Hmmm.

Next, the archangel Michael was, traditionally, the guy who led Heaven’s armies against Lucifer in the war: he was Lucifer’s main antagonist/major foil among his siblings, the most powerful, the one in charge of throwing Lucifer out of heaven and keeping him out. Marcus also seems to turn up right after Lucifer gets his wings back. Given as the entire theme of the season is about Lucifer’s identity as either angel/devil, I’m not buying that this guy who is specifically presented as Lucifer’s antithesis, everything he’s not – i.e. mature, reliable, serious, stable – is just some handsome square-jawed human that happened to wander into the place. So again: his name has warlike connotations, and he’s Lucifer’s opposite, and he’s turned up right after Lucifer’s angelic identity/connection to heaven has been restored. Yes, some of the role of most powerful/oldest archangel seems to have been filled by Amenadiel, but there’s still a space to bring on Michael. It could also explain why Chloe is attracted to him – he’s like Lucifer fundamentally, i.e. angelically, but he actually has, you know, his shit together.

Next, they have been pretty coy about the possibility of seeing more angel siblings, or who exactly the antagonist for the season is. We know that Charlotte Richards will be around as her human self now that Mom’s gone, but… she doesn’t really fit the bill for a Big Bad any more. The guy NAMED FOR THE GOD OF WAR seems a litttttttle suspicious to me, especially since we’ve been told right off the bat that Lucifer isn’t going to be happy with the situation and will feel insecure and challenged. To which I say: good.

Obviously, nobody really likes love triangles, but a) the writers have smartly subverted and played around with tropes and avoided being predictable in a ton of ways before, and b) honestly, Lucifer really, really needs a kick in the pants, and HARD. He’s changed a lot, but he still hasn’t changed in quite the way Chloe needs him to. He’s basically figured that he can fuck it up repeatedly and then waltz back into her life and retake his place (see 2x14) and he just has not gotten it through his damn dense head that this pattern cannot continue. Tom himself said that Lucifer never regarded Dan as a real rival for Chloe; he was “Detective Douche,” beta male, not somebody who could actually challenge him. Marcus/Michael/Pseudo-Michael, on the other hand… that’s a different story. If this is the guy who defeated Lucifer and threw him out of heaven before, or has some connection to him, then yeah, Lucifer is going to be hot under the collar and he’s going to have to take (finally…) a serious look at what he’s been doing and the ways in which, with good intentions, he’s been taking Chloe for granted the way he did Maze (and which we just saw Maze free herself from). But if Marcus IS Michael, and not telling Chloe who he is, Lucifer is going to have to think hard about doing the same himself, and whatever secrets he’s still keeping/inclined to keep.

I don’t want Marcus to be evil, just because a) the writers so rarely make any character completely dislikable, love to develop, have everyone’s best interests at heart, and want to tell a compelling story, and b) obviously, I don’t want Chloe to be forced to return to Lucifer just because the other guy turned out to be fake. Just as they’ve done such a good job exploring so far, she needs to (and Lucifer will not be satisfied with) anything less than her returning to him because she 100% WANTS TO BE WITH HIM, has made a realistic survey of possible options, and has chosen Lucifer over them all.

In the meantime, however, let’s be real: Chloe has put up with a ton of Lucifer’s shit, and as much as she cares about him, everyone hits their breaking point eventually, especially when Lucifer has been so confoundedly slow to learn as he has. Chloe isn’t going to drop him hot potato, but honestly, I think a lot of squirming is good for him, because we all know Lucifer only ever learns things the hard way. If he sees Chloe be attracted to someone who is seemingly actually capable of giving her a real adult relationship, he will probably try to copy/make those changes, fail disastrously (see The Dansformation) and then struggle his way into figuring it out somehow. But he has to do that, just as Chloe has to learn the truth. So you could either have Marcus as just completely human who represents the ordinary/mundane/usual world, and Lucifer the wacky angel on the other hand, and Chloe having to choose between that… but I feel like both Marcus and Lucifer are going to have to meet halfway, and both be revealed as not quite what they seem (for both us as the audience, and for Chloe). After all, this show loves it some twists.

Anyway, yes. The interest in season 3 is that Lucifer cannot go on as he has been doing, and Chloe cannot really go any further with him until she knows what the hell (literally) has been going on for the last two seasons, plus Lucifer has his wings back, plus he’s encountering a real challenge/somebody who he has to take seriously as a rival. Maybe Marcus is totally human, sure, but if he’s Michael, that adds a whole interesting dimension to what’s going on, and I do hope it plays out in a supernatural twist. That, after all, is the fun of the show.

(Sorry for the novel, heh. But yes. I have Thoughts. Hope you’re well. xD)


genre: drama (?) , series

word count: 1098

Prompt: “Your friend/roommate sets you up on a blind date with an ex-boyfriend that they never knew about. You two didn’t end on good terms, Will the date go on as planned? Or will you both leave? How will this scenario end?”

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

Just a head’s up: This is my first time (and probably my last time) writing a fanfic, so please go easy on me. Happy reading! 

Sounds of an alarm clock blaring cause you slowly open your eyes from another dreamless sleep. Like any other day, you will yourself out of bed to get ready for another day at your job. You worked as a photographer and photo editor for some lame magazine company. You’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do, it just isn’t where you thought you’d be though. You imagined yourself taking pictures of beautiful models or incredible scenery from around the world, instead of politicians and boring gray factories. “It’s going to be a long day.”

After getting ready, you attempt to leave the apartment when your roommate stops you and yells, “GUESS WHAT I DID?” “Why are you yelling? It’s eight in the morning.” “Don’t be such a sad sack, just guess!” You stood there, stuck in your best friend’s death grip on your shoulders, trying to make it look like you were thinking about whatever it is she just did. “I don’t know, you won the lottery and we don’t have to go to work anymore?” “Gee, I can always count on you to set the bar too high, but no. I didn’t win the lottery, I got you a blind date!”

Before you could really savor the thought of drop kicking her because blind dates are always a bad idea, she holds her hand up and begins telling you that she set the date up on a Saturday because you’re a workaholic, she’s met this dude before so he isn’t sketchy, and the date is at 7pm so you could sleep through most the day. “Come on, we’re ahead on rent and you need to take a load off. Plus, you need to enjoy your weekend instead of lumping around eating junk food and watching terrible movies.” Wanting to reject your roommates offer, you looked her in her eyes and saw that they were almost pleading you to agree to the date. She did do this for your sake and not wanting to make her sad for all her efforts going to waste, you reluctantly say yes but only is she double dates because you haven’t  been on a date in a while.

Days went by a lot faster than they normally did and before you knew it, it was Saturday. Even though you wanted to sleep in you were awake, staring at the ceiling. You couldn’t help but think about this blind date. Where was the date going to be? Will he have some common interests? Is he going to be super beautiful like the rest of your roommate’s friends? You haven’t thought about a date this much since, him.

You weren’t always so lifeless, but one thing is for sure, you’ve always been a workaholic. Working hard, studying even harder to get where you are now. He used to love the drive you had to be what you wanted, until it got in the way.

After three years of being together, you and your ex-boyfriend got into a heated argument about how you two never spend enough time together because YOU never seem to make the time. “It’s like you don’t care about US anymore. Every time I’m done with dance practice or when I finish up in the recording studio, you’re the first thing on my mind and I always find time for you. It’s all about you and your dreams now.” “How dare you say that I don’t care. I just don’t have the ti-” “YOU NEVER MAKE TIME THAT’S WHY!” That was the first time he’s ever yelled at you before. You were taken aback for a moment, until you walk to the door and tell him, “If you can’t just support me and all the work I’m putting in to be someone some day, the way I do for you, then you can leave.” He stared at you for what felt like forever before he started walking towards the open door. “If you close that door, I won’t come back.” You didn’t say anything to him nor could you find it in you to look him in the eyes. He just looked away and left. It took you a while before you closed the door, but when you did, all the tears you held back during the argument streamed down your face. He was really gone.

It wasn’t until you heard the toilet flush that you came back to reality and noticed you were crying. Expecting your roommate to walk in anytime soon, you wiped your face quickly and hide under the covers. As you predicted she walked in, but only to see if you wanted breakfast. You feigned a sleepy voice and told her no. Just as she closed the door you kicked the covers off and just laid there trying to think of your date tonight instead of the past.

Five o'clock came around and you and your roommate fought over the bathroom mirror, trying to get ready. Once you’ve finished flat-ironing your hair, you rummaged through your closet for clothes that didn’t make you look like a stiff. You eventually settled on a pair of ripped up skinny jeans, your roommates gray crop top, your black Nike windbreaker, and your black low-top converse. Your roommate comes in to see if you’re good to go and the two of you head out.

The two of you were going on a double date to see this fall season light show at a festival they hold in town every year. As you’re staring out the window your roommate asks if you’re nervous. “Just a little. It’s been some time since I’ve been out on a date.” “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. This guy is super sweet and he won’t make things awkward… At least not on purpose.” You two share a laugh as she parks the car.

With your arms locked together so you don’t lose one another, the two of you make your way through the crowd looking for your dates. “There they are!” She picks up the pace, dragging you a little. Getting closer to the pair of boys you knew that they were friends with your roommate. Designer jackets, black Yeezy shirts, ripped black pants, Jordans. If they didn’t look as cool you would have guessed that they went to a funeral.

She stops you in front of them as she hugs her date from behind. Just as she’s about to introduce you to your date, he turns around and your jaw couldn’t have dropped any faster. Standing in front of you was your blind date, and ex-boyfriend. “YOU?!”

Shout out to @scenarioideas for this writing prompt. I just liked the prompt so much I had to write. Thank you so much (:  I am open to critics about this. I know it ‘s pretty short and I will definitely try to make something longer (if I keep writing). There MIGHT be a part two to this I promise. 

With You By My Side - Four

A/N: I have said this before and I’ll say it again. This series is gonna be 90% angst. By now you all know that the Reader is sick with terminal cancer, so it shouldnt come as a surprise that its gonna be a bumpy ride. I will try and warn appropriately in each chapter, but if I do miss something, please let me know. Also, thank you for all of your feedback, keeps me motivated and inspired. An last but not least, thank you to my beautiful beta @thorne93, you are a life saver.

Characters: Jensen, Reader. 

Warnings: Sick reader, some angst,  some fluff, probably some language.

Wordcount: 1453

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Originally posted by zest-wincest

Once Jensen parked his car in your driveway you all but jumped out and walked inside the house as fast as your body would allow. Jensen watched you disappear through your door from the car, taking a deep breath to collect himself before he followed with the small bag you had brought with you to and from the hospital. He couldn’t imagine the things that were going through your mind at this point, all he knew was that he needed to be here for you.

You threw yourself down on your bed and let a few quiet tears fall from your eyes. There were so many things that ran through your mind, removing the stitches, starting chemo, getting sicker, dying. You were scared, of course you were, but you knew that Jensen was going to be there with you every step of the way, you knew that nothing in this world could keep him away because that was the kind of man he was, and that was only one of the many reasons you loved him. Guilt clenched at you as you realized he was downstairs alone, probably confused as to why you gave him the cold shoulder, probably struggling with this as much, if not more, as you were. at least you had him to lean on, but who did he have? You had told him not to tell anyone what was going on, but you realized now that he would need someone to help him through this as well.

You didn’t know how much time had passed when you finally emerged from your room and joined him downstairs, finding him by the kitchen table with a coffee in his hands.

“Hey,” you tried quietly.

“Hey,” he responded with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Do you want some coffee?”

“Please. The stuff they serve at the hospital doesn’t really qualify as coffee,” you joked as you sat down across from him. There was a few moments of silence as he got a mug ready and placed it in front of you before taking a seat himself. “Can I tell you something?”

“Of course,” he assured with a slight nod.

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What Friends Are For

“Hey Star! Wanna do something illegal?” A voice said.

Star looked up from her bed to see Janna climbing up through her window, ungracefully landing on the floor. But, Janna’s smile was still present as she got up from the fall.

Star yawned. “Janna, you’re still awake?” She said as she stared at her with her droopy eyes.

“Yup, and I feel like breaking the law,” Janna said plainly. “And I decided I should bring you with me!”

Star looked at her with disbelief. “Me? Why?”

Janna shrugged as she proceeded to exit through the window with the moon shining down at her face. But before she exited she shot Star a smirk and a expectant glance. “You coming?”

As Janna exited. Star came to her senses. “Hey! Wait for me!” Star yelled grabbing a hoodie as she jumped out the window.

Turns out, Star underestimated the high of the house and landed awkwardly on a pile of cacti. “Owwweee,” Star moaned.

It was just like that time Marco jumped out of the window on her first day here. Haha, he was so mad…

“Did you just literally jump out a window?” Janna asked, trying to stop herself from laughing. She failed.

“You did too asshole.”

“Language, Butterfly.”

“Oh fuck you.”

“Here let me help you up,” Janna smirked as she held out her hand which Star gratefully took. It took a while to get the needles off. But eventually, they were both back on their feet.

“So, was law do you wanna break this time?” Star joked.

“I was originally gonna break three but since you’re here we are gonna break four. Specifically, vandalism, breaking and entering, trespassing, and some good ole theft.”

Star stared at her in bewilderment. She didn’t expect to get a straight answer from Janna. Then again, it was Janna.

“Well, then lets go.”


“You wanna break into the school?!” Star yelled.

“Yeah,” Janna said as she picked the lock on the window of the principal’s office.

“Janna, we could get suspended,” Star said trying to talk some sense into the girl.

“Mhmm,” Janna replied, taking the lock off the window and opening it.

When Star entered the room, memories flooded into her mind. She remembered her first day here. The first time she met Marco…

“Why are you so uptight?” Janna smiled as she entered the office. Pulling Star out of her stupor. “I thought you like these kind of stuff?”

“Well, doing something illegal is a bit exciting,” Star answered her smile wavering a little. “It’s just, I don’t wanna get in trouble again.”

“Don’t worry, will be fine.” Janna grabbed a paperweight of the principal’s desk. “Breaking and entering, check.”

Janna put the paperweight in her pocket. “Theft, check. Now it’s your turn.”

“Me?” Star said in confusion. “What- What should I steal?”

“I dunno. Anything he won’t notice he lost.”

Stealing, that action feels familiar. Oh right, Star and Marco’s quest buy adventure. Though it wasn’t technically stealing, Ludo paid for everything. It was stealing nonetheless.

“Well, uh, I don’t know,” Star scanned the shelf for something useful. “Uh, this personalized stapler?”

“Ah going for the personal stuff. Good choice, Butterfly,” Janna smirked.

Star sighed in relief. She her heart was pounding so hard due to this whole experience. But maybe there was something more than the whole scandalous scene that was making her heart beat a thousand miles per second.

“Can we get out now?” Star said practically begging Janna.

“Wait!” Janna said, Janna stood unmoving looking at her watch.

Star stared at her awkwardly. Star never really noticed how pretty Janna was. Star averted her eyes and suddenly found the wall interesting. Star shook her head and took a deep breath.

“Done!” Janna yelled. Scaring Star in the process. “Trespassing, check!”

Star gulped and motioned to the window. “Ok let’s get out now please!”

Janna frowned. “Star, is something wrong? You seem…… off.”

Janna was just so… caring. She was caring, pretty, and.. no…. What was Star feeling? It was frustrating, didn’t Star like Marco? Why was all those feelings suddenly transferred to Janna? It made Star mad. Why was her feelings playing with her?

“Well I don’t know?!” Star yelled throwing her hands in the air. “Maybe because we’re doing something illegal?!”

She lied. It was something else.

“Star….,” Janna answered, her voice wavering. “I-I I’m sorry I just wanted to have fun-”

“Well its not fun!” Star replied. “Not when you’re here!”

She lied again.

Janna’s eyes watered. “I… what?”

Without warning, an alarm went off in the office. “The window!” Janna yelled leading her and Star out of the building.

Both of them jumped out and fell awkwardly on the grass. Janna saw the oh so familiar blue and red lights and jumped to her feet. “STAR!” Janna yelled, ushering her to stand up.

“STAND UP AND RUN!” Janna said as she bolted with her.

They both ran so fast that they both collapsed to the ground when they lost the cops.

Star huffed and panted. Her mind was blank. She stared at the girl huffing and panting beside her. Her beanie was off her head and in her hand. Her hair was a mess. But Star liked the look for some reason.

“Im Filipino.”

Star stared at her in confusion. “What?”

“I’m Filipino, I read some where online that people don’t usually have fun when they’re doing stuff with a complete stranger.” Janna answered, tears slowly coming out of her eyes. “So, well I thought you should know that so it seems like I’m not a stranger.

Star felt sick all of the sudden. She made Janna cry. How could she do such a thing?

“I’m so sorry this night was a waste of time,” Janna said chuckling a little. “Im such a, I almost got you arrested!”

“I’m so sorry… I…. I saw how you were so sad this week and I thought I should cheer you up and….,” Janna muttered. “I didn’t mean harm like this. I just wanted to have fun together! We… we rarely have fun together now.”

That was when Star realized why she felt like she wasn’t having fun, her mind had been else where. She was so focused on her thoughts that she didn’t think for one second about Janna’s feelings. What kind of friend was she?

“I-I…,” Star stuttered, not really knowing what to say. “Oh my god, I’m such a bad friend.”

She went over to hug Janna. “I’m so sorry. I was only thinking about myself. Oh god I’m so sorry.”

“Star…. its ok-” Janna muttered.

“NO ITS NOT!” Star yelled. “You’re like the best person in the world! Yet I treated you like crap.”

Janna felt warm. Was this really happening?

“I’m gonna make it up to you, we didn’t complete our list of laws we have to break! What was it, vandalism? Let’s get some real life laser pens and destroy the school wall!” Star yelled in determination.

Janna smiled. Her friend was back. “Hey! Wait for me!”

They both ended up with Marco having to bail them out of jail. Man, they were gonna get lectured when they get home.

Yuri’s Welcome to the Madness v. the 90s

One of the major themes of Yuri on Ice as a show is the great potential that lies in figure skating as a means of self expression. Yuri’s Welcome to the Madness program is a wonderful example of the theme, serving as a furious and brash contrast to Yuuri and Victor’s more sedate and gracious Stammi Vicino that shows the truly large range of expression possible through figure skating.

However, I watched the whole thing with my jaw open because on a meta-textual level Welcome to the Madness is also a hilarious lampoon of the hyper-masculinity movement within figure skating of the late 80s and 90s.

Context: For reasons too complicated to get into: post-World War II, figure skating would be largely perceived as a feminine sport, women athletes were and still are more widely celebrated than their male counterparts in terms of recognition. In the past half a century figure skating has tried a number of time to “re-brand” itself in order that male figure skaters would not be emasculated for participating in the sport.

All this to say, that in the late 80s and 90s, male figure skating would make a particularly memorable push to disassociate itself with its feminine reputation, a strategy of emphasizing the masculinity and ‘macho-ness’ of individual skaters almost cartoonishly in commentary and promotional material. The most prominent examples would probably be Kurt Browning and Elvis Stojko.

Kurt Browning is four time World Champion and first skater ever to complete a quadruple jump in competition. He also came from rural Canada and was the son of a cowboy, a fact that has little to do with skating yet is impossible to escape from if you research him at all because it gets mentioned constantly. You can tell he’s a masculine heart throb because even his wikipedia picture has him wearing tight leather pants and looking slightly uncomfortable about it.

Elvis Stojko is a three time World Champion and two time silver Olympic medalist he is also the first skater to land a quad jump combination. He’s also a total dork who skated to the soundtrack of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story during the Olympics because he’s a martial artist too! (it’s delightful, the commentators salivating how ‘epic’ the soundtrack to a Bruce Lee biopic is also wonderful)

It’s really apparent when listening to commentators or reading the promotional material surrounding these skaters that their identities as ATHLETES and STRAIGHT were basically shoved into your face as much as possible.

So, the distinction between ‘effeminate’ or ‘masculine’ skating had little to do with the skating itself and everything to do with arbitrary codifiers like an interest in more stereotypically masculine recreation activities or music choices leading to a radically different perception and marketing of the athletes within the media. Just listen to the commentators, like this skate where the commentator felt the need to start mooning about how Elvis is “so tough, physically and mentally.”

It’s worth remembering that the AIDs epidemic was going on at the same time and that the figure skating community’s reaction to the tragedy was mixed and complicated, especially when some were pushing for recognition for the fact that this disease was hitting the figure skater world particularly hard and others were doing everything they were to deny the idea that figure skating community was suffering from the impact of AIDs more than other sports.

I bring this all up in relation to Yuri and Welcome to the Madness because rock music and wearing tight leather pants was basically the epitome of what was pushed as the masculine ideal during the 90s in male figure skating.

(This is Elvis Stojko from an ice show recently because I couldn’t find any earlier pictures of him being a leather wearing bad boy, but it was a thing)

So here we have Yuri wearing everything that superficially would mark him as one of those skaters, and then he lowers his sunglasses and is actually wearing eye makeup and proceeds to tear the entire dichotomy down.

This is actually kind of a culmination of Yuri’s journey as an artist, since here he’s performing what on the surface is the anti-thesis of what traditional artistic skating is, there’s no ballerina here! He’s wearing LEATHER PANTS and SUNGLASSES and skating to ROCK MUSIC, yet as he skates he uses movements that are sexy in ways that alternate between traditionally masculine and feminine ideas of sexiness.

For example Stojko in his Van Halen routine also includes a dramatic slide at the end, but Yuri’s slide is pure Johnny Weir, whose own career suffered because his skating didn’t fit the mold of how a male figure skater should present and move their body.

I know that someone on the Yuri on Ice staff mentioned that they were inspired to have Yuri put together his own gala in a night because they heard of Misha Ge doing so, but many of the skates seem so carefully designed to transgress what it traditionally thought of as acceptable for male skaters in search of more fuller self expression through their sport and art that Yuri adhering to all the superficial codifiers of the 90s NO HOMO male figure skating while simultaneously getting his glove removed by the teeth of his male best friend strikes me as not entirely coincidental.

anonymous asked:

Pleaaaaaase write a fanfic about this: Sana saw Noora and Yousef kissing BUT, i was only slown down to SANA, when actually was a super quick kiss that yousef pulled away and sees that sana caught them kissing!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! P.S: Sorry for my bad english, i'm a brazillian freak that loves your writing 💕


So as you can see I got this message asking me to write a fic about Sana and Yousef and well I can’t say no, ‘cause the fact that someone thought about me to write something they want to read means a lot to me. Seriously, thank you, I feel very honored. It means the world to me that you thought about me. 

I wrote this really quick so I don’t know if you’ll like it. Also I changed it slightly, I hope you don’t mind.

It’s the first fic I write since de debacle from Friday so I’m sorry if this seems too dramatic but I have lots of feelings.

I also want to say that first of all I’m not defending Yousef’s behavior ‘cause we don’t really know yet what happened, but I tried to give him a reason to act the way he did so the fic would make sense, and second of all, I’m not trying to demonize Noora in any way, I’m just trying again, to give sense to the fic and for that I have to imagine what might have happened.

So I leave you with it and I hope you like it


What was he doing? What was he thinking? One moment he was following Sana outside the building to stop the fight between his friends and Even’s friends and the next moment he was standing there kissing a girl he barely knew. And not any girl, Sana’s best friend. What had led him to that exact moment? He knew it very well. Confusion, pain, disappointment. He had stopped Noora at first but after what she said and mixed with all the thoughts he already had in his head, he found himself kissing her back. It didn’t mean that he was enjoying it, though. He felt like he wasn’t in his own body, he was just following Noora’s lead, trying to forget about all the things he had in his head, well, not things, but people, specifically one person. One person that wouldn’t leave his mind, one person that owned his heart and his head, one person he couldn’t give up on, not yet.

The kissed ended as fast as it had started. Yousef took a step back and wiped away the lipstick from his mouth. Noora approached him again and tried to kiss him but he stopped her before she had a chance.

I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t do this” Yousef said shaking his head.

What…?” Noora started, but something caught her attention. 

She looked to her left and Yousef followed her gaze. They both saw Sana standing there, looking at them, mouth slightly opened in disbelief, eyebrows frowned, red eyes, and one single tear rolling down her face. Yousef felt like the world was crashing down on him when he saw her. His chest ached and his stomached sank. He took a step towards Sana, not sure of what to say but she quickly wiped away the tear from her face and started to walk towards the exit, pushing everybody out of her way and not caring about the nasty looks and comments she was getting.

She needed to get out of there, she needed air, she needed to get home and lay on her bed and try to forget about everything. But of course, it wasn’t going to be that easy. She hadn’t been walking for more than 7 seconds when she heard him, he was calling her name. She walked faster but he didn’t give up, she could hear his steps approaching her, his voice desperately telling her to stop.

She felt his hand on her shoulder making her stop.  He walked around her and stood in front of her, blocking her way.

He was panting, his hair all over the place, his cheeks slightly bright from the effort and his eyes red like he was trying to hold back the tears.

Sana felt like it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair that he looked like was suffering when he had been kissing her best friend while she had been trying to stop a fight, listening how her friends betrayed her and having her heart broken all at the same time. 

“Sana please, let me explain” he said. He sounded desperate.

 He still had his hand on Sana’s shoulder. She felt like it was burning, she needed him to stop touching her, it hurt so much. He must’ve had noticed ‘cause he removed his hand from her shoulder and took a step back giving her space to breath.

“Please, there’s an explanation, please hear me out” he repeated.

“You don’t have to explain  anything to me, Yousef” she said acting (and failing) like she didn’t care at all “I get it, it’s a party, Noora’s gorgeous, she’s interested in you and you’re interested in her, it was doomed to happen. I just wish you wouldn’t have used me to get to her, or at least that you would’ve told me”

“It wasn’t like that. I swear it wasn’t like that. Please let me explain”

“I told you, you don’t owe me an explanation” Sana said wishing he would just let her go. She didn’t need to hear how it had felt to kiss Noora.

But I want to explain it you. Please hear me out. Please”

When Sana didn’t talk he understood it as a signal to keep going.

“Why was Even here? Did you invite him? You know him better than I thought, right?”

“That’s your explanation? Asking me about my friends?”

“No, that’s not my explanation, I just need to know. Please”

She took a deep breath trying to find the correct words.

“Even goes to Nissen now. His boyfriend, Isak, is my biology partner and my friend. So yes, I know Even, he’s my friend”

“That’s why you invited us here, then? So we could all work things out?”

“Look, Yousef, I’m not going to stand here listening how you accuse me of whatever you’re accusing me of”

“Okay, I’m sorry…I’m sorry I just…Elias told me that you wanted me to come. And I was so excited to see you so when I saw Even here and I saw you I realized that you didn’t want us to come to hang out but to try to solve things between Even and us. I was so confused and disappointed and…”

“It wasn’t the only reason” she interrupted him

Wasn’t it?” he said

No it wasn’t. But yes I did want you to sort things out. Excuse me for being so naïve to even think that this would work. I was only trying to help and instead of that everybody ended up fighting each other” she said, then she added bitterly “well, not everybody, right Yousef? You weren’t there. You left me in the middle of a fight between my brother and my friends, between your friends and Even, so you could stay inside with Noora. You know what, I changed my mind, you do owe me an explanation. Why did you leave your friends alone? Why did you leave me alone?” she was getting angrier with every word

I know, I know and I’m sorry. I screwed up. I was following you, I swear I was but then Noora stopped me and she was really upset and…do you really think that I’m immature and that I only use girls?”

“What?” she asked confused “Where is that coming from?”

He passed a hand through his hair trying to focus.

“I was following you outside, like I said and Noora stopped me. She was upset and tried to kiss me but I didn’t let her. Then she told me that she didn’t care that I was immature or that I only used girls. She also told me that she wasn’t looking for a commitment so I didn’t have to worry about the whole muslims can only be with muslims thing. I asked what was she talking about and she told me that that was what you told her. Is that what you really think of me?”

“Of course not!” she almost yelled, not being able to believe what she was hearing “I said those things a lot time ago and I didn’t mean it. I only said those things because…”

She stopped herself before she could continue. She knew exactly why she had said those things, but she wasn’t planning on telling him anytime soon, not after what had happened.

Because?” of course, he wasn’t going to let it go that easily

It doesn’t matter”

“But it does, it matters Sana. ‘Cause after the Even thing and after hearing those things I was devastated and confused and I felt like it had been all my head, everything between us. I felt betrayed and like it wasn’t worth the hassle, that we would never get a chance”

“Well, if you feel like that, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you kissing her now? Why did you stop?”

“Because I like you!!” he blurted out, louder than he wanted to.

She widened her eyes and opened slightly her mouth in shock.

“I like you Sana. I know I screwed up, I shouldn’t have kissed Noora, I was a mess. But  I stopped it. I stopped it ‘cause I couldn’t bring myself to kiss her, to feel something. All I could think about while kissing her was you. All I saw in my head while kissing her was you. You surrounded by bluebells, you beating my ass at basketball, you not being able to peel a single carrot, you, you, you. So I stopped it, ‘cause even if I don’t have a chance with you, I can’t forget you, not that easily, I can’t give up on you, not yet.”

She took a moment to process everything that he had said.

Please Sana say something”

“I only told those things to Noora ‘cause she was asking about you. It seemed like she liked you and I didn’t want her to like you” she said without even thinking. It just felt like it was her turn to be sincere

“Why didn’t you want her to like me?”

“Do you really need to ask?”

“Sana…” he took a step closer to her but she backed off

“No Yousef, I understand why you did what you did, I really do. I’ve done things myself that I’m not proud of but how could we ever work? All we do is hurt each other. We don’t talk to each other. When things get difficult we react and we don’t think about the consequences. We just assume the worst and isolate ourselves. How could we ever make this work if we’re like this?”

“We’ll get better. We’ll talk things out, we’ll go to each other first when something happens. We’ll be there for each other and we will trust each other. We can make this work Sana, I know we can”

By the time he finished the sentence she was already crying again. Yousef extended his hand slowly. He looked at Sana, quietly asking for her permission to touch her. She nodded slightly allowing him to continue. He rested his hand on her face and gently wiped a tear away. Sana closed her eyes and leaned into the touch.

“This won’t work” she whispered

“We don’t know that. I believe in us. You just have to believe too”

She inhaled profoundly and took a step back, feeling cold when his hand was no longer touching her. Yousef placed his hand by his side again and took a tiny step back to give her the space she clearly needed.

“It’s getting late, I should get home” she finally said

He felt his chest tightening, it seemed like she had made her decision. He nodded respecting it as much as it hurt and looked at his feet. He only looked up when he felt her approaching him.

Will you walk me home?” She said smiling shyly.

That smile brought the hope back to his heart. She wasn’t pushing him away, she was giving him a chance, one last chance, one tiny step forwards for us, but it was more than enough.



So this is it.

It ended up being longer than I planned but once I started writing I couldn’t stop

I really hope you’ve liked it

I left it with an opened ending ‘cause I think that a conversation is not going to solve everything, there’d be a lot of work to do. But, it’s a start.

Again I’m sorry if this seems out of character or too dramatic or if you feel that I’m either justifying Yousef or demonizing Noora, I just wanted this to make sense with the prompt.

I really hope you liked it, and that somehow helps you to get through the pain that Julie has caused us.

Thank you so much for reading!! and Thank you anon for the message :D ♥♥