first thing that came to my mind while watching last nights ep

a few thoughts from a former C$waner and the road to Swen

why did I change my mind ? 

I was desperate for some true love story, and ouat was offering that or so I thought …

we can all agree that Snowing is True love and same with rumbelle, but what what I really wanted was a true love story for the savior, Emma deserved it, especially after what she’s been through with Neal and Graham … hook was the perfect candidate wasn’t he ? 

The guy is hot as hell, i’ve always loved blue eyes contoured with eye liner ;), he was cocky but most importantly ; a villain ! who doesn’t love villains ? Loki, moriarty, Rumpelstiltskin… hook was unapologetically selfish and just .. bad, but he starts developing feelings for emma, and starts the road to ‘redemption’, now comes my personal view on this, i’ve always had bad experiences with men, my father being the first ( the guy is a cheater and selfish af ), I was desperate for a good story showing that a man can change but mostly that men can be good, I mean we all want to see that, so I start investing myself in hook and let’s say the truth here, season two and three hook WAS GOOD, he was on the right path to redeeming himself ( with a few mistakes here and there, at the time I thought it was alright, you can’t change overnight ), with Captain swan hints being dropped along the way, I was okay with, more than okay with even, Emma was getting a love story with a man who willing to change for her, we have enough of these stories already but fairytale stories have more meaning right ? so this one was special,,, and things start going downhill from there ( I will never say it out loud, but C$ was disappointing me from there i’ll never admit it out loud but i can say it on here) hook was treating Emma worse and worse, but they always found a way to make him ‘apologize’ for it and just like Emma I bought his crap (because whether i want it or not society has taught me to just do that) even tho’ a part of me still thought that was wrong, I still gave him the 5th 6th 7th 8th … chance! and another part of me also didn’t want to be disappointed in the show that changed my life, I watched the episodes days or weeks later on (never happened in s3 and before ) but I still cling to the hope of happiness for Emma and trusted the writers to make it better, but C$ wasn’t that ooh so worshiped OTP of mine, it wasn’t the true love story I dreamed of, I Got so confused at times ( when Emma lied to hook about him being the dark one for example, OR WHEN SHE KILLED HIM SO HE COULD DIE A HERO?!? I kept telling myself what kind of love is that ? and I’m passing so many more) but because they made sense on paper I didn’t give too much of a thought, I convinced myself that its writers giving us shit drama like always

 and then arrives season 6,the season of realization : while in the previous season hook  was making mistakes, and I forgived him, my brain just couldn’t take it anymore, hook is a living mistake in this season, I even started to question his character, and what was his general goal was ? but then again, I love Emma so much, I wasn’t now just acting like her but like most of the characters at this point ? they all want her happiness and just let her be with that toxic man ? I feel like her parents and everyone else feels the same at this point, in took David 4 seasons to finally ‘accept’ the guy ( and by his look he wasn’t sure of his decision), I just wanted Emma to have her happy ending.

when did I realize that they weren’t meant for each other you say ? 

WHEN HE LIED TO HER ABOUT KILLING HER GRANDFATHER. the guy lowkey wanted to burn the memory of it, he was thinking for an entire episode whether to tell her the truth or not ? and when he finally decides to do so the worst proposal of all times happens and then he just what?  burns the memory of his act. he could’ve interrupted her that night and tell her the truth BUT HE DIDN’T. he was willing to start their married life together with a lie, and not just oh I swear I didn’t at that woman’s chest lie, HE KILLED HER GRANDFATHER, thats a divorce cause material. thats when I realized Emma’s true love wasn’t hook ( plus all the previous moments in the previous seasons) 

let’s talk about Swan queen for a minute:

I was the biggest ‘swan queen friendship’ shipper, in my early oncer days I was against them being romantic, probably because of my personal experience as well, I was having some troubles with my own sexuality at the time, I refused to acknowledge it, even if it’s just watching a queer couple on TV, it made me uncomfortable and I feared that if I gave in in that aspect of my life it’d become too real ( and held into C$ ) Only just last year that I came out to friends as Bi, so yeah Swan queen was no option for me, BUT IT WASN’T for them, I still saw their actions, I still saw their looks their mutual love for each, their deep affection to one another, the fact that they lean on each other, help one another and never ever stopped believing in one another, but still my dumb closeted self refused to believe it.

how does my personal life influence my vision of this ship tho’:

I believe, like ouat has told in ep’ 6x14 the most important thing in life is accepting and loving yourself, after one special event in my life I finally saw the light about myself and admitted what I was denying my whole life and now I love me ( just like regina does now ) and started seeing ouat with new eyes, eyes that could finally see and a heart that could finally admit that swan queen is the real deal, my eyes and heart finally see that the true love I wanted for Emma has always been there the character development I wanted to see was in Regina, her happy ending was there that whole time. 

now thats just my personal take on it, you don’t have to be lgbt to see it, hook isn’t the right one for Emma, Regina is, and I will repeat this as much as i have to … if it is the last thing I do ;)

ps: thanks to that ONE tumblr post who made me go back and re-watch all the swan queen videos haha

the-winter-siblings  asked:

Wait, Where is Shiro and Keiths first date? (voltron Family)

[The Voltron Pre-Family] Shiro was lying awake looking at the ceiling of his bedroom. Oh my god. Keith is my boyfriend. Oh. My. God. He kept tossing and turning on his bed with that stupid grin on his face, heart beating so fast. Earlier that day, he finally confessed to Keith and it went better than expected. Well, Keith being ace was a surprise but he didn’t seem to mind because it even made more sense that Keith was. 

He looked at his phone and hovered his hand on top. He just said goodbye to Keith a while ago, he didn’t want to be clingy but…

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:55PM
Keith. :D

[Keith Kogane] 09:56PM

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:57PM
Are you going to sleep now?

[Keith Kogane] 09:58PM
Nah. I’m watching anime online. Last ep though so I’ll be hitting the bed in a few minutes. Why? Can’t sleep? ;)

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:59PM
THE WINKY FACE WTF KEITH. THAT IS SO SUGGESTIVE. Anyway, I’m going to ignore that even though it’s the first time you’ve used an emoji. 

[Keith Kogane] 10:01PM
Iconic, I know. ;) Surely, you liked it.

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:02PM
I cannot believe you’re actually flirting with me via texts. What have you done to my best friend turned boyfriend?

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:05PM
Keith? You still there? 

[Keith Kogane] 10:20PM
Sorry. I actually don’t know how to make this whole boyfriend thing work. I literally have no previous experience whatsoever. Sorry if it came off as awkward. I admit, I don’t know what to do. I literally just stared at your message and went to resume my anime watching but I couldn’t concentrate to what on earth Motoko was saying because I didn’t know how to respond to you. Now I’m making things more awkward. You probably thought I was ignoring you or that I fell asleep, but really I’m just being… idk dumb?

Shiro just stared at Keith’s reply and he was smiling so wide because how can he possibly love Keith even more? He was just so… pure? So inexperienced and he was trying—trying for Shiro and he was so endeared. He appreciated the effort. Shiro bit his lip, stopping a really huge grin from appearing. 

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:23PM
Keith, you are literally made of cupcakes and rainbows. <3 Would you like to go out with me to an anime con this upcoming Saturday? My treat!

[Keith Kogane] 10:23PM
Keith Kogane just sold his body to Takashi Shirogane.

[Keith Kogane] 10:24PM
In case my awkward flirting didn’t work, that was a BIG FAT YES.

Shiro barked out a laugh that he even covered his mouth. They went together to the con that following Saturday and Shiro swore he’d never seen Keith so excited in his life. Shiro tried to be subtle with it but he kept on bumping his hand with Keith’s just to have a feel.

Keith: *stares at him* If you want to hold my hand just do it. 
Shiro: *taken aback* Uh…
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* *interlaces their hands together* Is this weird?
Shiro: *has a really big stupid grin on his face* *shakes his head* No. No it’s not weird. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Keith: You’re so dumb. *chuckles* C’mon. I have a list of what to buy. *takes out his phone* *moves closer to Shiro to show him* I was thinking of finally getting these figures. I hope they’re cheaper or something. If not…
Shiro: *wasn’t exactly listening* *is literally in front of Keith’s cheek* *softly gives Keith a gentle peck on the cheek*
Keith: *abruptly stops talking* *looks at Shiro pointedly* 
Shiro: *beaming like the friggin sun* I can’t believe I get to do that now. *chuckles* Like… I can do that now whenever I like. *panics and looks at Keith in worry* I mean… I could, right? Kiss you on the cheek whenever I want?
Keith: *flushes* *croaks* Uh… yeah. I g-guess. I mean… I-I think so? I don’t know. *deflates* *covers face* Fuck. I’m so flustered. What the hell, Shiro. What did you do to me?
Shiro: *laughs* *pulls Keith into a hug* Glad I’m not the only one.

They bought a few things and Keith only got two figures out of the 20 he had on the list because THEY WEREN’T ON SALE, SHIRO! They ate at a Japanese restaurant because they were missing home. Shiro took a photo of Keith eating a tempura while pretending to be texting and until this day Shiro had that photo. Keith had his hair in a ponytail because he didn’t want his hair to get in the way of his food and he was trying to blow the food because it was still too hot. They took photos with the giant Gundam and Shiro later on had the photo framed because he was such a sap with the label “Our First Date!” They went back to their dorms holding hands and they shared their second kiss that night.

[Keith Kogane] 10:30PM
It was pretty great hanging out with you today, Shiro. Thank you.

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:31PM
It was called a date, Keith lol

[Keith Kogane] 10:32PM
I knew that. ;)

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:33PM

ash and smoke - bughead (1/?)

summary:  A civil war is brewing between the north and south sides of Riverdale, being fueled by none other than the mayor Hal Cooper. When Betty meets the mysterious Southside Serpent Jughead Jones at a party, the revolution is only just sparking. It isn’t until the town is burning to ash around them that they confess their love, but by then it might just be too late.

excerpt: “He’s bad news Betty, probably just as bad as his dad,” Cheryl finished, turning back towards the road.

“Well then, thank God we’re never going to see any of those Serpents again,” Veronica sighed. “I haven’t seen people that drunk since I was back in New York.”

“Yeah,” Betty said softly, her mind still lingering on Jughead Jones’s eyes.

author’s note: hello, I’m back! unfortunately, I do not think I’ll be continuing Out Of My Leauge for a while, therefore putting it on indefinite hiatus. but this fic is one that I’ve been thinking about starting for a while, especially after ep 13 with Jughead and the Serpents. hope you enjoy this fic as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

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Bullet Points: Strength in Numbers

A Wondrous Place-part 2 (part 1 here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. I always find it interesting to see where the short act is placed in each ep. The one that only consists of 2 scenes. Is it close to the end where it serves to take all the threads of the ep and begin to pull them together for the big finish or is it, as in this ep, near the beginning where it serves to cast the threads out to be explored in the later acts?

No matter where it’s placed the two scene act always has something very specific to say. In this case it’s saying–keep an eye on these two situations going forward and watch how they inform and illuminate each other.

2. Dead leaves blowing across an empty street while morose piano music plays in the background. Snort. They reallllly want to make sure you get the fact that Emma’s in a lonely, isolated, desolate state of mind.

3. So let’s see, Emma has decided that this is the perfect time to update the way she handles information? Because the old way of doing things doesn’t serve the purpose anymore? Seriously?

I love you, Jane.

Just like the technology for keeping police files has changed since the curse was broken so has Emma’s place in life. She no longer has to assume that every person in her world will let her down and abandon her. Still…that can be a hard habit to break. It’s going to take work. Which she’s signalling here she’s willing to begin.

4. “If busy work helps, busy work it is.”

As I talked about in the first part, David’s mind is running on one track right now. Help Emma. He’s following her lead. Doing what she wants to do.

I think in this instance the sleeping curse came in handy because had David stayed awake for much longer, and gotten out of Emma’s direct orbit, he most likely would have started to ask a few questions about what was really going on.

5. I love that Gideon sussed out that a 2 for 1 drink special was the way to catch Regina’s interest and get her motivated to bring Emma to the bar.

Not because I think he pegged her as cheap, we have nothing in canon that leads us to believe that, but because of what it says about Regina’s frame of mind right now.

That’s right. I’m actually going to justify the things Regina said and did in this episode.

I know! I’m shocked too.

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Back with something silly that came to mind a while ago. Have art proffesor!Reyes that takes a stranger to his apartment one night and he turns out to be the model for his class the next day. McReyes with background Symbra and the cool kids.



Gabriel was seeing all the colors every time he closed his eyes. It felt cliché to say a rainbow, but it was a twisted version of one fading into the sky after a storm. He saw dark red every time the stranger sunk his teeth into his skin, like blood, like a glass of wine going down his throat. He tasted yellow when they kissed, the sun itself, bright and energized. He saw brown when he looked into the obviously younger man’s eyes, shining sinhalite under the light of his room. He saw the gemstones forging under his blazing gaze when he growled. It made Gabe’s mouth dry, thirsty for a glass whisky. Gabriel felt like a king when the man’s nails scratched his back, like gold was peeking through the wounds. And he definitely saw white when he hit the climax. A flash so blinding even with his eyes close. White like the clouds up in the sky. With the divine pleads coming from the younger man’s mouth, Gabriel felt like he had touched the heavens.

The room was on fire and vibrant as the night grew colder and older. The mysterious cowboy that approached him at the bar rode him through the night. Gabriel inspected him from hat to the spurs at the ankles of his boots; he thought this guy would never get a chance. But the more the stranger’s velvet voice and laugh overshadowed the music in the bar, the more intoxicated Gabriel felt. Before Gabriel could stop himself, he was pinning the younger man into a wall of the club and letting him sway his hips against his own. The cowboy kept calling him names like ‘sweetheart’, ‘sugar’ and ‘darling’. The latter seemed to be a favorite. They didn’t ask for names nor life stories, only wanted a good time and Gabriel doesn’t regret it.

Gabe isn’t surprised to wake up and find the cowboy by his side, snoring and deep asleep. The white sheets line up the curve of his hips right, itching Gabriel to trace those lines again. The man’s hair is like brown strokes of paint over the white pillows, softly drawn and perfectly pigmented. Gabriel uses his finger to lower the sheets until the sweet round butt cheeks of the younger man came to view. He licks his lips to the thought of another round. It’d have to be quick, but he thinks the stranger would be glad to be fucked senseless against the wall. Sadly, Gabriel’s alarm reminds him he can’t afford another one, not even if it’s quick.

Gabriel brews a pot of coffee while he gets dressed and before he can leave his room, the cowboy stirs awake.

“Mornin’, sunshine.” He turns towards Gabriel. “Is that coffee I smell?”

“I can give you a to-go cup.”

“How mighty kind of you.” The man sits up, the sheets almost reveal his soft member. Gabriel gazes over the hair on the man’s chest and down the trail to his crotch. He leaves the room before his thirsty mouth says something.

Gabriel walks the man to the door, almost about to leave himself. But before the cowboy walks out of the door, he catches Gabriel’s lips with his own and drinks the leftover coffee taste from the older man’s mouth. Gabriel would be lying if he didn’t feel dizzy after the gift. He also feels the man’s hand slipping in one of the back pocket of his jeans.

“Don’t hesitate to call, sugar,” the man says, close to his lips.

Once he leaves, Gabriel pulls out the piece of folded paper. The dog paws on the corner let him know it’s from the small notebook he leaves on the kitchen counter to write down his grocery lists and important details. There are seven digits and below a ‘J’. Gabriel scoffs and leaves the note on the coffee table to think it over later.

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Top 10 destiel moments (this was hard)

Number 10: “The Third Man”– Profound Bond

This was one of the classic, adorable Dean/Cas moments. Cas being so blunt about his bond with Dean was so amazing. This whole scene was pure gold.

Number 9: "Lazarus Rising" –when Cas and Dean first meet

This is basically the first thing Cas ever says to Dean. Right of the bat, Cas is telling Dean how important he is and that he is worth something. I believe it was so crucial for Dean to hear that because he just got back from hell where he suffered and then tortured souls. Just ugghhhh.

Number 8: “Stairway to Heaven” –end scene

The ending scene between Cas and Dean in “Stairway to Heaven” was so romantic in my opinion. Cas had just given up his entire angel army for Dean which speaks volumes for how much Cas values Dean. I can’t even put my feelings for that into words. Also, right before he has this touching talk with Cas, he just had a pretty heated fight with Sam, and when he goes to talk to Cas, his whole mood changes instantly. Dean: “Well, hey, you still got us.” Cas: “Dean. Those bombers– you don’t really think that I–” Dean: “Cas, you just gave up an entire army for one guy. No, there’s no way that you blew those people away.” Cas: “You really believe we three will be enough?” Dean: “We always have been.”

Number 7: “Swan Song”

This scene is my number 7 Dean/Cas moment because Dean has just lost Sam, Bobby, and Cas– and all of a sudden Cas just appears out of nowhere and heals him. The look on Dean’s face just kills me every time. He’s looking at him with that look we see time and time again, but it’s different here. I’m not exactly sure what Dean must be thinking. He’s just is so surprised that Cas is there when he just saw him die. And now Sam is gone, and there’s just a little spark of hope left in his expression when Cas pops up. Like, maybe I can be happy again. Dean: “Cas, are you God?” Cas: “That’s a nice compliment, but no.”

Number 6: Basically the entirety of “Free To Be You and Me.”

This episode was literally about the bond growing between these two. It is so adorable watching them in this ep because it shows how much they rely on each other! Dean and Sam aren’t talking and so he hangs out and has a good time with Cas, and Cas needs his help finding Raphael. Dean: “So, what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just going to hold hands and sail off this cliff together?” EEEEK. And later when they’re talking in the impala and Dean says ‘he’s good’. Cas:“Even without your brother?” Dean: “Especially without my brother. I mean, I spent so much time worrying about the son of a bitch. I mean, I’ve had more fun with you in the past twenty-four hours than I’ve had with Sam in years, and you’re not that much fun. It’s funny, you know, I’ve been so chained to my family, but now that I’m alone (with you), hell, I’m happy.” URGH.

Number 5: “Hunteri Heroici”

OMFG this fricking episode. Seriously, I’ll watch over you. THAT IS SO CUTE! LIKE WHAT ?!?!? (And also while we’re talking about that line, in Season 9 we hear Cain talking to Collette over her grave and he says 'I know you watch over me still.“ Just throwing that out there.”) And the bottom gif! Dean and Cas alone in the motel room talking about their feelings! Dean walks over to him and sits down on the bed so they can talk close to each other. Omg. I love this whole episode.

Number 4: “A Little Slice of Kevin”

GOD this was probably THE most romantic episode in Supernatural history IMO. The three that beat this one are SO SO close. It was hard to pick which ones I liked more. But, this is the episode where Cas is mysteriously back from purgatory. Dean has been SEEING him everywhere and he thinks he just misses him like crazy. But after he comes back Dean is thrilled but kind of worried how he got out. Dean believes he let go of Cas’s hand on accident, when in reality Cas pushed away. But, Dean’s mind couldn’t process or accept that so he reconstructed the whole scene in his mind. URGH. This episode.

Number 3: “What’s up Tiger Mommy”

External image

more like purGAYtory. amiright? No, but season 8 was the best destiel season, hands down. This episode in particular is number three because of the scenes where it shows Dean going on a rampage trying to find his angel. And then when he does, well, you cry for days after. Everything Dean says sounds like it came out of a fanfic. “Cas, buddy, I need you."  "I’m not leaving here without you."  "I prayed to you, Cas, every night!"   It’s just amazing. He loves him so much.  I can’t deal.

Number 2: "The End”

This sceeeene. “We had an appointment.” -Cas. And then the FACE DEAN GIVES HIM. “DONT EVER CHANGE.” dies. I love this so scene so much in particular. I’m not sure why, but it really deserves the number two spot. Just the look of absolute adoration on both of their faces. Seriously. That’s love, plain and simple.

Number 1: Goodbye, Stranger.

YES THIS SCENE IN “GOODBYE STRANGER” WINS. The best destiel scene to end all destiel scenes (so far). Cas has been reprgramed to kill Dean. He killed “Dean” a thousand times, but couldn’t do it. And let’s not forget the top gif, Dean was suppose to say “I love you”. (I support the change to I need you though. It would’ve been way out of character, but the fact it was written is amazing.) If you ask me, “I need you”, is just as, if not more meaningful than “I love you.” It’s one thing to love someone, but to NEED someone. That is heavy. And in that last gif, Dean fully believes that Cas is about to kill him there. The crack in Dean’s voice as he’s saying Cas’s name breaks my heart. But again, we see Cas choosing Dean over everything else. Dean above all else in Cas’s world. And I love that about him. Cas absolutely loves and adores Dean, and no one can deny that. And we’ve seen how Dean would do anything for him as well. Destiel till death. <3

About Last Night

I am currently sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight and I’m going on two hours of sleep, so I’m pretty tired (but it’s worth it). I’m reminiscing about the last 24 hours of my life, and I am in complete awe. As a writer, you would think that I would know just what to say, but alas, even writers are at a loss for words sometimes. I don’t know how this is going to come out, but I am going to try my best.

I have been listening to East of Eli’s music since his first EP, “Nothing Ordinary,” came out in 2014 (if you haven’t heard it, check it out). I was lucky enough to see EOE at The Troubadour in LA in March, and seeing him live for the first time was like a dream. Nathan was absolutely amazing, and I knew that I wanted to see him again. So when he announced a concert in New York, I wanted to go. I had never been to New York, and what better excuse to go than to see an artist that has impacted you so much, am I right? Anyway, I looked at the date and realized that it was going to be during my spring break (I’m a writing student at the Vancouver Film School), and I was already planning on going home to KC to visit family and friends. I immediately thought of my sister, and figured that maybe we could make a little sister trip out of it. Unfortunately, the concert was a 21+ venue and my sister is only 15, so that wouldn’t work. Luckily, EOE was able to sell out that venue, so that allowed them to set up another concert the same week for all ages. At that moment, I was like, “I don’t know how I’m going to make this happen, but I am going to get my sister and I to that show if it’s the last thing I do!” And I did! After lots of negotiating with my parents, they finally agreed to let us go. So the week of my spring break came around, and I got to catch up with family and friends. Yesterday morning, my sister and I got up at 4am to make our flight to New York. After a layover and a grounded plane in Milwaukee, we finally made it to New York. I love cities, they just amaze me, so as soon as we were outside of the airport, I was ready to explore. My poor sister on the other hand is a country girl at heart. She lives for trap shooting and riding dirt bikes (we are the complete opposite in every way, but we are really great friends), so she was not as thrilled about being in the big city. After getting lost with our cab driver, and an hour drive to our hotel took us three hours, we were tired, but we knew we should try and see some of the city. So of course, me being the pizza lover that I am (I even brought my PJ pants that have pizza hearts all over them with me), told my sister we had to try authentic NY pizza while we were there, so we did. I was stuffed by the end of it, but it was definitely delicious. We then decided to embark on an adventure and take the subway to Central Park (luckily I’ve had experience with subways in Vancouver and in Berlin, so it wasn’t that difficult to figure out). Central Park was really pretty, but we didn’t get to stay long because we had to get back to our hotel to get ready for the concert.

Now, the concert. The concert is where the real magic began. We get to the venue and the line is insane to get in which just fills my heart with such joy to see so many people coming out to support Nathan and Chyler. We finally get inside and it’s about 15 minutes or so before EOE comes out. Now, for those who don’t know, this past week has been a rocky road for Nathan and his family. Last Monday, he got a call telling him that his father was losing his battle with cancer. He spent that next week by his side, and he wanted to cancel the shows (rightfully so), but his dad said no. His dad’s wish for him was to “carry on” (from “The Siege,” which according to Nathan is his dad’s favorite song) and play these shows in New York. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Nathan to have to make that choice, knowing that at any moment, his dad could no longer be on this earth. But Nathan made the choice, and he chose to follow his father’s wishes and continue on to NY. That only made me admire Nathan more than I already did because that kind of choice takes an enormous amount of strength. This just showed more clearly the depth of his character and the size of his heart. I have such respect for him. Then on top of that, yesterday, T-Mobile shut of Nathan and Chyler’s phone numbers, so they had no way of contacting each other. Luckily, Nathan and Chyler have some of the most amazing fans out there, and they were able to get the attention of the CEO of T-Mobile. Because of all of this, they got their phone numbers back. There is power in numbers, and when you set your mind to something, there really is nothing you can’t do. This was such a great example of that. You would think that this was enough adversity for one family in one week, but sadly this was not the last part of sad news. Nathan announced when he got on stage that there were some issues with Chyler’s flight and she was currently grounded in Toronto. Chyler was of course upset because she had missed Tuesdays’s concert to be with her kids and family in LA, and so she wanted to be here. Of course, everyone was sad, but it was understandable. Things happen, they suck, but we have to make the most of the situation and just keep going. Nathan and Chyler, being the awesome humans that they are, said that they were going to do everything in their power to get Chyler there and to make sure she got to meet every single person. Nathan continued on with the show, adding in some fun things to try and drag out the time, especially when we found out that Chyler was finally in the air and so she was on her way. Like always, he was amazing! His voice is incredible, and his lyrics are beyond compare. I have to say, EOE at The Troubadour was great, but there was something extra special about last night. Nathan brought multiple fans onto the stage, he goofed off, and he even tried singing a song from his first EP. The last one was the best because he’s only human, and so he was having a hard time remembering all of the words. The concert eventually ended, but he wanted us to hang out until Chyler could get there. We went to the front room, and I went with my sister towards the bar area and sat. Chyler showed up like 30 minutes later, and everyone was so excited. Chyler is a trooper. She was going on maybe two hours of sleep after finishing up her last scene of the season on Supergirl, and yet she was still here for her fans. Nathan and Chyler performed two songs together acoustically, and it was beautiful. After that, they made their way to an area of the room to do meet and greets. I stayed with my sister at the bar because: 1. just being in super large crowds in enclosed spaces makes be kind of anxious and 2. I had met Chyler briefly before, so I wanted to make sure everyone else got their chance. If I did’ t get to say hi, it wasn’t as big of a deal. So I was at the bar, and I started talking with the bartenders. John and Eric were so much fun! They offered up so awesome conversation, and they were great company while I was there with my sister. My sister and I had a blast chatting with them, and then Dre, the security guard, when he came and joined us (Dre actually thought I was an undercover cop, so that was both funny and awesome at the same time). I want to take a quick moment to thank all of the people working last night at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn because they went above and beyond for us. This definitely includes John and Eric. John was sweet and he gave me a RedBull for free since I was tired, and then when he went to the store, he got my sister a banana. It was nice to make a friend in NY that said that if we were ever there again, they have an extra bed that we could crash in. I also got a sweet fox mask thing from Dre as a souvenir, so that’s pretty cool. Nathan came over at one point to thank John and Eric himself. He told them about everything that had happened that day, and how much it meant to him that they were doing this for us. John and Eric continued to keep my sister and I company until we ended up having to move outside because the bar was closing. My sister and I got in line outside and began waiting our turn. Nathan, again, being the amazing human he is, decided to give each of us still waiting a t-shirt for free. My sister and I were at the end of the line, so when he got to us, he stayed and talked for a minute. The first words out of my sister’s mouth were, “Brr it’s cold out here,” so Nathan so properly responded with, “There must be some Torros in the atmosphere.” My sister, whom I’ve been trying for a while to get to watch Bring It On, just stood there. I high-fived Nathan of course, because the reference was just beautiful. Gotta love some Jan the man. He then gave my sister a giant hug because she was absolutely exhausted. He was like a dad comforting his daughter, and it was such an amazing sight to see. He is just so genuine, and I can’t believe I’ve had the honor of meeting him. We eventually made it up to the front of the line to talk to Chyler, and Chyler gave my sister the biggest hug in the world. Like I said before, I have had the incredible pleasure of meeting Chyler before, but the only thing I’ve gotten to say to her was hi and that’s about it, so I was looking forward to a hug (my friend, Dened, has gotten many from her and she likes to say how great they are). I finally got my hug, and it was great. She’s just so sweet, gentle and kind, so of course her hug was very comforting. There was so much that I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to keep my sister out any longer. She had already came all the way to NY just for me, and was out at 5am when she had only gotten three hours of sleep the night before. My sister is a rockstar, and I am pretty lucky to have her (even if we disagree on 90% of things).

Last night, only proceeded to reaffirm all of my beliefs about Nathan and Chyler. I love what they are doing. They are using their power of influence to not only impact and change the community around them, but also the global community. They are such amazing people with huge hearts. They believe in family, and putting family first. Even though we aren’t their direct family, they treated us like family last night. They took their time, as tired as they were, to speak to each and every one of us. I admire them so much for that. What I love about them, is that they are open about their old baggage and dirty laundry, letting it be known, so that they can hopefully inspire others. They don’t try and hide their faults or their downfalls (we are all human after all). Along with that, I love the representation they are for the Christian community. Too many times nowadays, when people hear you are a Christian, they automatically assume you are going to be judgmental and rude, which sadly is not too far off for a lot of them. Chyler and Nathan on the other hand, are great embodiments of what it truly means to be a Christian (in my opinion). They show so much love to everyone, and Chyler is such an example, especially as she is playing the character of Alex Danvers on The CW’s, Supergirl. On the show, Alex recently realized that she was gay when Detective Maggie Sawyer entered her life. They are now together and are so cutely named, Sanvers. I think that this is one of the greatest things she could be doing for many reasons. One, her relationship on the show is such a healthy example of a relationship (especially for a queer couple). Then, I feel like this is a great thing because she is a Christian. She is showing that love is love, and it shouldn’t matter as long as you love each other. I think that that is a beautiful thing. I admired her so much more when this storyline came to be because of the impact I knew it would have. I struggle with being a Christian and supporting the LGBTQ community because so many Christians are so against it. I just don’t understand how a God who loves all (even the murderers), could hate someone who happens to fall in love with someone of the same sex. And Chyler has been outspoken about this as well. I remember watching an interview where she talked about this, and I cried. I cried because it was great to see someone with such influence who has the same beliefs as me. I am so grateful that Nathan and Chyler are in this world, spreading love and kindness with all that they do. Thank you for being prime examples of what it means to be human, and to love your neighbor. Thank you for taking so much time out of your day last night (and this morning) to meet each and every one of your fans. Most people wouldn’t do something like that, so thank you. You two are true heroes, and I pray that God blesses you immensely. I also pray that as your family is going through this difficult time, that you are able to find solace in him and in each other. Thank you again for everything. Thank you for being the role models this world needs. Thank you for inspiring others with your music and your words. Thank you for being superheroes to us all. Thank you.

Wow! This was a lot more than I thought I was going to say, but I wanted to get this all out. The past 24 hours truly has been magical, and I will never forget it. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I can’t wait until I get to see this amazing band again in July when they perform at The Roxy along with City of Sound and State to State (both of whom are amazing and deserve your attention as well). Thank you for taking your time to read this, it means a lot. I hope everyone has a great day!

MITJ Season 3

Okay so my post asking if anyone else watches MITJ got way more notes than I was thinking it would do and people have been asking my thoughts about certain things so here goes. Bare in mind I rarely post things like this - I could have posted like mad over the Gilmore Girls ending (Team Logan all the way incase anyone was wondering just check my feed and you’ll see that) but there’s so little MITJ on Tumblr so heres my thoughts.

I found season 3 different from the others for some reason and I can’t fully explain it. I binge watched seasons 1 and 2 beforehand so I remembered everything but something about the first few eps bugged me and that may be just down to noticing the lip syncing of Monica and telling she wasn’t singing. I’ve done film studies before so I have a very nasty habit of spotting every little detail like that which can ruin shows and movies for me. 

Moving beyond the lip syncing though and moving onto what we all are thinking - Rodrigo and Hailey! I have been waiting for this since the beginning and I love that this show isn’t solely focused on when will they get together even though it has been moving toward this for a while - coffee grounds anyone.

I absolutely adore their friendship and all the little moments that we have been given throughout the 30 episodes. I find those more telling in some ways than when you get big declarations and big scenes thrown in your face, that being said, their last scenes in episode 10 had me smiling like a loon, and constantly on repeat as well if I’m being honest.

I loved that Rodrigo could tell it was Hailey playing during her audition, I love Gael’s facial expressions when it comes to their scenes. The casting directors picked a good pair with Gael and Lola.

The fact that he came to tell her in person that she didn’t get it, again goes towards their friendship and I love he tried to say it was the committees decision that she didn’t get it as we know he would have pushed for her to be given it, possibly for the selfish reason of seeing her everyday.

Their conversation during the walk and how he told her about the visions of the composers. Again I love that its part of their friendship that he trusts her enough to tell her these things without being worried. Lets be honest, telling someone you’ve been seeing visions of famous composers since you were a child would cause some people to laugh at you and call you crazy. Well even more crazy than people already think he is

The scene on the pier I loved. Rodrigo was trying to be the sensible one saying they’ve done well so far in not giving into temptation but even that can only be held back for so long.

I think Lizzie was all the fans when Rodrigo walked out her room and his response was typical Rodrigo, I loved it.

The goodbye scene was cute. Loved seeing Rodrigo carefree and happy, teasing Hailey. Caio Caio

The scenes afterwards I think are very telling. Both of them are now realising the full impact of whats happened. Rodrigo looked so concerned, and while I think some people will say he’s regretting it, I think he may only regret it in the fact that if it got out, Hailey will never be able to play in the orchestra again while he is there as they will think she slept her way in like Betty Cragdale did at the very beginning, and he knows how much she wants to be playing in an orchestra. I think Hailey’s flashback scene didn’t truly show what she is thinking, she seemed more lost in the memory and then shaking herself out of it as she needed to get on with her day, Lizzie was waiting after all. But we know, as many people have pointed out to her, she’s in love with Rodrigo and will have been happy to keep repeating the memory in her head. 

I loved the final flashback to them lying in bed holding hands. I was half expecting Rodrigo to nuzzle Hailey’s shoulder when he moved his head but it was still a cute little scene. 

Now we’ve had them fall into bed together I’m interested to see where they go next season, and by god there better be a season 4. The show just won 2 Golden Globes you don’t cancel it now! With Hailey now having her own visions and being told not to give up, it’s going to be fun to see which route Hailey takes. Will she stick with the oboe or will she pursue conducting. If she sticks with the oboe which orchestra is she going to fight to get into if she still wants to be with Rodrigo, or will the show go with them not pursuing a romantic relationship as such but still having their kisses every so often like we’ve had so far.

I am intrigued to see how it goes and just praying that we don’t have to wait  a year for the next series. If we do can we please have the season 1&2 soundtrack released on cd, I bought the season3 one as soon as I saw it on Amazon and can we have the show released on dvd! Managed to wangle it so I have it on my iPod classic but would prefer to watch dvds instead of having to use my wifi everytime I want to watch it on my tv.

And for those asking I’m in the UK. I spotted the show got released about 11.30 on Thursday night and stayed up all night watching them, luckily for me I was off work so I could stay up. 

The Lin Chung Dynasty

(Part 2 of a recent re-blog but this part seemed to keep losing the images.  So re-done just for those who’ve recently seen part 1.)

This Ep centred around the offices of a woman’s magazine, hence my choice of chapter headings!

Part 2: Strictly business

The re-emergence of Lin in Away with the Fairies probably pays lip service to the on-going relationship between Phryne and Lin as lovers in the books. I presume that would be Phling. But I’m sticking with the TV shows and hoping that Lin will disappear.

At the end of the last Ep with Lin Chung, he had decided to marry the bride chosen for him for the honour of his family, but in Fairies things get complicated in an on-again off-again engagement.

Lin’s engagement to Camellia is to promote and restore the family’s business and Phryne makes it clear to Lin that her association with Jack is strictly business. Hmm, this doesn’t augur well for Phrack!

There are parallels between the Lin/Camellia situation and the main plot where the status of education for women is still  wanting in society dominated by men:

  • the magazine (Women’s Choice) hides articles on women’s health and well-being amongst recipes and crochet patterns
  • the agony aunt’s advice perpetuates a woman’s servile role and there’s evidence of its destructive powers
  • Mrs Opie’s affair with John Bell involves more talking about art and literature than anything else - topics her husband feels are irrelevant to her
  • Lin’s fiancée, Camellia, is educated, albeit by Chinese communist teachings and this is something to be hidden from her new family.

Cover page

The Ep opens with some flirty Phryne and diffident Jack reminiscing about the pash in Montparnasse, and sustaining a series of close encounters:

Jack is, as usual, hesitant to involve P immediately in the case. (Why does he do this?  We know she’ll end up solving it.  Why resist?)  But just as well he does because we then have that exquisite scene chez Phryne:

Phryne:  Are you wooing me for information Inspector?

She calls him Inspector as she is in wooing mood too.(and is this a near miss kiss?)

And then there’s a knock at the door and Mr Butler announces another visitor. At least it’s not Aunt P. Lin enters, P cannot contain her pleasure in seeing him, and Jack has to leave with his tail between his legs.

Phryne: Lin!

Lin:  My apologies for the intrusion (I don’t think so). Detective Inspector.

Jack: Nice to see you again Mr Lin (I don’t think so).

Both men protest too much me thinks!

Gossip column

Lin and Phryne adjourn to the boudoir for some Phling and Lin updates her on the progress of the marriage stakes.

Lin:  I’ve missed you silver lady. (yerg)

Phryne: Likewise, beautiful man. (even yergier) Tell me why you’re here.  I thought you had a whole Chinese dynasty to appease.

(Yes, so did I.  Go away and appease them.)

Lin: My engagement has been indefinitely postponed.

Phryne: What happened?

Lin: Grandmother feels Camellia is not demure enough to be her daughter-in-law.  She’s answering her back.

Phryne: I like the sound of Camellia.

Lin: And grandmother questioned her chastity and she refused a medical examination.

(Slightly ironic given he’s in bed with P and not subject to any such scrutiny).

Phryne: Never mind a woman’s privacy when a dowry is at stake.

Lin: The longer it takes to resolve this dispute the more time I have with you.

Phryne: True, but not today.

Thank goodness for that!

Lin clearly sees Phryne as his lover and believes that while he is still not formally engaged to Camellia that he can continue their relationship.  However, there is still the shadow of Jack Robinson to contend with…

Crosswords and puzzles

Then things take a bit of a turn for the worse on the Camellia front as the grandmother decides to send her back to where she came from but the Hu’s won’t cough up with the fare so there’s a bit of an impasse.  

P is introduced to Camellia and Lin says that she has no English. He then asks to speak to P in private to explain the stalemate, and ushers Camellia out. (Why if Camellia doesn’t speak English does she have to leave?  Why doesn’t he explain in front of her?  He can hardly explain it to P in Mandarin.  Unless he knows she does speak English…)

Lin asks P to give her shelter until things calm down as the grandmother has taken to Camellia with a cane in retaliation.  

(Well at least that will keep him out of P’s boudoir for a bit.)

Phryne:  How awful!

Lin:  Don’t worry.  Camellia fought like a tiger but I need you to keep her safe until I calm the waters.

Phryne is unfazed about protecting her lover’s ex-fiancée.  She is not jealous of her and accepts Lin’s request readily.

Dot bathes Camellia’s wounds and Phryne discovers a little red book in her luggage which appears to be some kind of communist manifesto.

Dot: Is Miss Lu a communist?

Phryne: There’s clearly some connection.  She may have a much more colourful history than Mr Lin’s family knows.

Dot: Would Mr Lin object?

Phryne: His grandmother most certainly would.  Let’s keep a close eye on her.  I like to know exactly what I’m dealing with in a house guest.

Table of contents

Mr Butler mistakes the identity of Miss Fisher’s dinner companion and prepares a Chinese menu and the table is set with candelabra and chopsticks. But of course it’s Jack, who appears just a tad discombobulated with the setting.

Phryne:  Never mind Mr Butler.  Perhaps a little more light on the situation but I’m sure the Inspector and I will cope.

Jack: Mr Chung looks well.  We crossed paths as he departed.

Phryne: I hope you like Chinese food.

The purpose of the dinner is to discuss the latest evidence Phryne has gleaned from the magazine’s offices.  Strictly business…

Next day P and J discuss possible suspects for the murders having discovered Mrs Opie’s affair with John Bell (aka Giuseppe Campana).  Jack suspects that Mr Opie could have been involved in the murders once his wife’s infidelity was discovered, and in a picture postcard postscript to his dinner with Phryne adds:

Jack: Some men will do anything for a hot meal.

Business section

Dot figures out that Camellia’s English is rather better than at first indicated and she is forced to reveal her background - the widow of an executed communist whose family wish her as far away as possible.  Returning to Shanghai is not an option.

P then has a last  Phling (or not). Why is she in a slip with the bed fully made and Lin is in a three-piece complete with tie and scarf?  Maybe they didn’t. (Hope not. And anyway where’s Camellia? Not in the next room surely! And where’s Aunt P when you need her?)

Phryne: You made your choice to follow your tradition and marry for duty and honour.

Lin: Perhaps I was wrong and this broken engagement is my last chance … for love. (Oh please scriptwriters give us a break).  Come out with me tonight to Chinatown, for dancing.

Phryne: Not tonight.  I have to rise earlier than I care to.  Inspector Robinson and I are working on a case.

Why does she say this?  She doesn’t need to.  Wasn’t it obvious when he came over the other day, and then when their paths crossed,  that there was a case in progress?  She needn’t have mentioned his name, but she does.  Red rag to a bull I’d say.

Lin: Is he unable to solve a crimes alone?

Phryne: Jack is strictly business. Lin, I care for you but you know I can never commit myself to any man.

Lin: I know.

This conversation begins almost as if Phryne resents and regrets Lin’s decision to pursue an arranged marriage, with Camellia or anyone, “You made your choice…”  But this sentiment, if it is there, quickly dissipates when he offers her an alternative.  Not only does she not accept it, she won’t even go out with him that evening and uses Jack’s name as the excuse for her need for an early night. Jack, being strictly business, parallels Lin’s need for an arranged marriage - relationships based on imperatives other than love.  Let’s hope when she said that her relationship with Jack was “strictly business” that she meant “strictly my business and his business”!

Births Deaths and Marriages

This conversation may well have provided the catalyst for Lin to resolve the deadlock in relation to the Hu’s and the Lin’s. He summons Phryne to assist as he takes on some cousins, backed by Mrs Lin the matriarch, threatening Camellia. (Now despite his deft moves in the alley in the previous Ep, Lin sends P in to deal with the thug cousins while he -er -um, goes round the back.)

Lin stands by Camellia, exerts his titular rights in the family and the marriage is back on.

Meanwhile Phryne consults her watch, knowing she is expected elsewhere, just as someone across town consults his (and has a bit of a lean).

Jack: If you are going to demand a dénouement Miss Fisher, the least you can do is turn up on time.

Murderer identified and arrested, case solved.  P gets Camellia on the cover of the article on migrant Melbourne in “Women’s Choice” and Dot turns down an alternative career as an agony aunt to stay with Miss Fisher. So happily ever after.


Phryne: Jack, good of you to come. (They shake hands!)

Jack: And what puzzle are we solving tonight?

Phryne: No puzzle.

Jack: And no candlelight.  And no chopsticks either.

Phryne: There won’t be any chopsticks at this table for quite some time.

Jack:  And how would Mr Lin feel about that?

Pryne: Mr Lin will have quite enough to worry about with his communist-revolutionary-fighter bride.

Jack: Really?  Pass on my congratulations.

Phryne: Perhaps we could allow ourselves just one candle.  What do you think?

Jack: I think I could cope with that..

1st Entry "Lzzy 2.0"

I’ve always admired musicians who err on the side of honesty. These artists give little clues to let you know that they are still human. It always gives me hope and comfort knowing that my idols also make mistakes, struggle to find themselves, and are imperfect. 

In that same spirit I’ve decided to start writing publicly about my personal journeys. It’s therapeutic for me to get my thoughts out. This is why I’ve always written songs and performed music. I always feel better when I get my emotions down on paper…or into someone else’s ear. And hopefully, by doing this, I can provide some insight into my world and inspire some of you through my personal experiences. 

So, lets start with my current vocal adventure, which I’m affectionately calling Lzzy 2.0

Some of you may have noticed that over the past year I’ve been struggling with vocal issues. I fatigue a lot easier, I’ve been reaching for high notes that used to be no problem for me to hit, and for the first time ever (as San Francisco, Reno, Spokane and Vancouver know) I had to cancel the end of our last North American tour because I couldn’t even speak. To make matters more confusing, I also gained this weird “squeak” register that had become nearly impossible to control or avoid. This was extremely scary for me, because since the beginning of Halestorm, I’ve never had vocal problems. I have always been able to sing with great ease and flexibility and I have always been very proud of taking good care of my voice. I stay well hydrated, eat well, do warm ups and cool downs etc. I took lessons from Steve Whiteman of KIX when I was a teen, and had remained true and unwavering to everything I was taught since then! So, it was like these problems came out of nowhere, and for no reason! 

I went to more than a few vocal doctors who all put a camera down my throat to check me out. The diagnosis was always the same: I’m healthy, there’s nothing wrong. I have no nodes, polyps, scar tissue, hemorrhaging, bruising; I have nothing wrong with me! So, why am I having problems? This sent me into a rabbit hole of depression. I cried over letting people down, I was scared that I was broken, and I was ashamed and embarrassed of my shortcomings. I’m a fucking professional for christ’s sake! I just put out a new record, I’m at the top of my game…and my voice is not working!!! FUCK! My confidence that I’ve always prided myself on was shot. I used to walk into situations, like guesting with a friend on stage, or studio time, with no doubt in my mind that I could slay. But I was now hesitant and unsure of my abilities. I vented endlessly to my band mates, who know me better than anyone. This was the first time they had ever seen me like this. I felt really lost, and alone; like I had forgotten how to be me.

I know this all might sound dramatic to some of you, but imagine that the ONE THING that defines you (and happens to pay your bills and everyone else’s bills who works with and around you), your VOICE, all of a sudden felt foreign to you and no one could tell you what the problem is! It drove me quite literally out of my mind to the point where I was dreading going on tour, something I LOVE, for fear I couldn’t make it through a set. Yes, yes, playing with back tracks/ lip-syncing is always an option, but that’s just NOT how I roll! A personal decision I made long ago is that I will never mime in front of you guys. I’d rather suck on stage than fake it! So, as a last resort, I decided to start taking vocal lessons again. I thought that maybe if I refresh on some of the basics it’d be kind of like a hard reset for my voice. Enter Ron Anderson. 

Ron is the best vocal coach there is right now. He’s worked with all kinds vocalists for over 25 years, and has been the personal coach of Myles Kennedy, M Shadows, Tom Keifer, Chris Cornell, Lenny Kravitz, Axl Rose, Anthony Kiedis, Haley Williams, and Christina Perri to name a few! 

Into my first week of lessons, Ron asks me how old I am. I tell him I’m 31. He replies, “oh, well that explains a lot”. And went on to tell me something that no vocal coach or doctor ever mentioned before. He said that I’m going through my second vocal “thickening” it’s called. Which is basically like a second “puberty.” I’m experiencing changes in my vocal composition. This is why all the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me, because there isn’t anything wrong with me! I’m not broken; I’m just going through a natural change. Finally, a diagnosis! 

This is something I never knew happened to female vocalists, everyone always talks about boys going through vocal changes, but not girls…but we go through it too. And on a personal level, apparently, my body does this in a fairly short amount of time. Even during my pre-teen years… I remember getting taller and my body changing very rapidly over one summer…I still have the stretch marks to prove it! I wanted to let you guys in on this because I feel like this “vocal thickening” is a subject that should be addressed more and that female vocalists should be informed that, yes, you will go through this in the beginning of your 30s, and most likely again later on in life. Don’t freak out! Its normal…a pain in the ass, but normal. I’ll go into a bit of anatomy now to better explain to you what all this means. A vocalist depends on good vocal balance, flexibility and larynx memory to do what we do. Balance is achieved by keeping your vocal folds and surrounding muscles neutral, it should feel like you are doing no hard work to resonate. Flexibility is the agility and freedom of your voice while singing. Larynx memory is basically like singing by “feel” instead of just making sound and aiming for a note. It’s knowing, through practice, all the notes in your range, and how they feel on the inside. So you can literally, sing anything you can think of, on key, even without a musical reference. It’s important to know your voice very well. For 18 years of Halestorm, this is how I’ve always sung. Also, remember, your vocal cords are just two delicate bands inside your throat that run on air pressure. It takes a balance of air pressure and those vocal folds meeting and communicating with each other for everything to work. When that balance is disrupted, it’s like a domino effect; everything starts breaking down. 

When my voice started to change, my larynx memory shifted due to the thickening of my vocal folds. My balance was thrown off and to compensate for the lack of ease and flexibility, I was pushing more air than needed in order to get sound and tiring myself out quicker. And singing on a tired voice leads to swelling and singing on a swollen voice (because there’s still a gazillion days of tour left) leads to total hoarseness…you get the picture. Ron also told me that the effect this change is having on me is more noticeable because I actually USE my entire range. But you know what, I’m proud of using my entire range on all these albums and eps. I have built a vocal empire of “fuck yes” and I would rather be dealing with these changes now than have played it safe all those years ago. After all, I’ve never been a woman who included the phrases “just in case” and “what if” in her vocabulary. But there is a little positive bonus that came with my second “thickening”… remember that squeaky register that I talked about earlier? Ron and I found out that it is a whole other resonance in the top of my head voice resonance that has expanded my range an octave! Woo hoo! Rob Halford high notes here I come! Speaking of whom, here’s a fun fact for you: if any of you watch some live videos of us playing “Dissident Aggressor” by Judas Priest in the past year or so, I occasionally would tap into this register at the beginning and end note…before I even knew what it was. 

So, “how is it going” you ask?? Well, it’s the beginning of a journey. I am currently still working with Ron Anderson, and slowly getting to know my “new voice.” He is like a spirit guide for my vocals, helping me get re-balanced and back to basics, all the while getting me fully in control of this new high register I’ve achieved. This is not going to be fixed over night; I’m breaking some old habits and developing new ones. I am in the middle of a metamorphosis, but I am dedicated and I’m going to do whatever it takes because, honestly, this is not a choice. I want to sing forever. In addition to my lessons, I’ve also been taking my lifestyle changes a bit further to better my vocal health. I’ve revamped my diet and my rules of the road, and I’m also trying not to get so stressed and “inside my own head” about everything. My manager, Bill McGathy, whom I saw in London last week, told me I seem happier than he’s seen me in while. Good to know it’s showing! 

The bottom line here is that Change is really terrifying and also very exciting. It’s hard to let go of who you were and embrace who you are, but I guess that’s part of growing up. It’s about breaking the habits and instead of continually mourning the loss of the old you…have a funeral for your past, and move on. And today, I think I’m finally ready for Lzzy 2.0.

lovelynims-deactivated20160819  asked:

A zico scenarios, when he was so busy preparing for his comeback and he forgot to tell you he'll comeback late, you two already planing a romantic dinner at home , and when he came home, the first thing he saw was you sleeping on the couch waiting for him , with all his favorite food and cake that you make by yourself on the table ( okay this is so detail lol )

He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration as he watched the computer freeze again. They just finished the last track of his come back ep and ever since he’s had trouble getting it to save. He felt bad for making his manager stick around to make sure it saved correctly so he decided to stay. The thought of texting you didn’t come to mind until his manager made him leave the studio. He went ahead and texted you but figured you would be asleep by the time he got home.

The moment he was inside the home he felt immediately relief. In the apartment he had the freedom of being himself around you, and that wasn’t something that he had anywhere else. Once he kicked his shoes off he noticed there were a lot of things on the table. You were pretty neat so he wasn’t sure what was going on. Once he walked up to it, he realize that it was all of his favorite things. Not only did you make him his favorite meal but you made him his favorite desserts.

“Oh fuck,” He whispered softly to himself. The realization of what this was hit him like a ton of bricks, and guilt washed over him. Tonight you two were going to celebrate his comeback but he managed to forget about it completely.

Zico walked over to the couch to drop off his jacket, but he noticed a little bump in the blankets. He slowly walked around and pulled it back to see you curled up on the couch in his favorite dress, and from the looked of it his favorite lingerie set. “I’m fucking idiot,” He said to himself.

He jumped slightly when he saw you stretch out and frowned when you finally opened your eyes. Your rubbed them slightly, smearing your mascara slightly, and sat up on the couch. You sat up to get better look at him sitting there. You began to worry when you noticed his eyes were starting to water. You thought the worse and gave him a hug. “What happened? Are you okay?”

He closed his eyes as the tears fell down his cheeks and immediately gathered you into his arms. He couldn’t believe how lucky was to have a girl like you in his life. Here he was upset that he missed the dinner, and instead of being upset with him, you were more concerned about him.

“Nothing happened Jagiya. I’m so sorry about tonight. I didn’t mean to miss it but I was having trouble at the studio and didn’t realize the time,” He admitted.

You looked up at him and slowly nodded your head. He could tell that you were still upset about it, and with the light from the kitchen he could tell that he made you cry earlier. “I promise to not do it again. How about we eat, and go to sleep okay? I’ll get manager hyung to give me the day off tomorrow. Then I can spend all day spoiling you,” He whispered before leaving over to kiss your lips gently. “Does that sound like fun?” He asked softly.

You nodded your head and smiled when he pulled you up and lead you towards the dinning room table. “I hope you like it,” You said before sitting down. Zico sat down besides you instead of a cross from you and took one of the egg rolls and broke it in half. He dipped it into your home made sauce and took a bite.

He had to admit that you have gotten really good at cooking since you’ve move to Seoul, South Korea, and was happy that he got to be the taste tester. “Baby this is amazing,” He said seriously. “Did you make the cakes too?”

You nodded your head and took a small one and held it up to his mouth. He leaned over wrapped his mouth around all of him. He playful nipped at you fingers before turning back to the table.

“So what can I do to make it up to you?” He asked after you two ate most of the food.

“You can start by cleaning up,” You suggested.

He turned his head to say something sarcastic but decided against him. He really messed up this time, and wasn’t about to ruin this for you. “For you baby anything,” He leaned over and kissed you slowly. You weren’t expecting his response but you weren’t exactly complaining either. You blushed slightly at his actions, and watched as he cleaned the whole table. He even washed all the dishes before coming back into the dining room.

“Now let’s go to bed,” He said. You were about to get up but Zico had other plans in mind. He wrapped his arm around your back and under your legs. He easily picked you up and carried you into the bedroom. You couldn’t help but to giggle and nuzzle your nose against his neck. He gently laid you down and went to go grab some sleep clothes for the both of you. You opted for one of his shirts, while he just wore boxers.

The both of you crawled under the cover and you immediately cuddled up against him. You didn’t have many chances to do this, and was happy that you could tonight. “I love you beautiful,” He whispered softly. In response he heard your soft snores which made him chuckle to himself. “Good night my angel.”

I have… headcanons. Some of them are relevant to what I’ve been writing, so I figured I should share them? Some things might actually make more sense that way. Also, here, have a cute picture to go along with this, because why not. Click it for larger version!

Because, let’s face it, what good is there to having a huge, mega powerful legendary pokemon if you can’t scratch and tickle its belly? Yes, that’s what she’s doing; she just can’t do it unless she climbs on top; Groudon’s pretty large!

So yeah here, have my headcanons. 

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OKAY LISTEN UP. It’s going to be fine.

Okay, I initially freaked out about episode 11, as we all did. But here is why I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing to fear, and we will all be okay (and most importantly our beautiful boyfriends fiancees on ice). Our babies will live happily ever after, if not in bliss then in blissful setup for season 2.

Now, I only watched episode 11 once, so forgive me if I’ve made mistakes here. I’ll try and edit if I find new information. but basically, here is a brief list of reasons to Not Worry™.

This got OBSCENELY long so find more under the cut.

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Title: Everyone Knows I’m In Over My Head. [FF] [AO3]
Word Count: 2,272
Rating: Explicit (for future chapters)
Pairing: Bellamy Blake/ Clarke Griffin
Summary: Clarke Griffin’s a freshman in her first year of college and her roommates want her to come out with them. When she reluctantly agrees, she ends up meeting Bellamy Blake. That’s when she knows she’s in over her head. (aka lots of hot people college-ing it up)

“Come on, Clarke!” Octavia whined.

“I’m sorry, guys, I’m just not really feeling it tonight,” Clarke responded, failing to muster up an appropriate amount of guilt. It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t want to go get drunk with two girls she’d only met three days ago. Just because they were roommates didn’t mean they had to be friends.

“Clarke, you’ve got to come,” Raven said with her arms crossed and her face pulled into an expression that said she would not take now for an answer.

“Yeah! The frats are finally off dry week so the parties can really get started! And you have no excuse; classes don’t even start until Monday,” Octavia reasoned.

Clarke nodded to the textbook in her lap, “Well, I want to start out ahead.”

Raven grabbed the book from her. “We go to the number one party school in the country. You can’t actually think we’re going to let you sit in the room all by yourself on the first Friday night of the year.”

Clarke groaned. She wasn’t getting out of it. “What do people even wear to frat parties?”

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Kid Cudi: Sobriety, Latest path in Music

Interview by: Joe La Puma, Complex

Where does a musician go after spending an entire career outside the orbits of traditional hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock? How does one keep the public guessing—or even interested? By continuing to go against the norm.

Love him or hate him, Scott Mescudi’s always had a knack for that. At midnight on Monday night, he wrote another chapter in the Cudi chronicles, dropping his fifth album, Satellite Flight, virtually out of nowhere.

This latest twist in the artist’s wide-ranging career continues to explore his thematic obsession with space across 10 tracks, four of them instrumentals and six adorned with lyrics. Falling in line with Cudi’s musical DNA, the songs are singular creations that don’t align with anything his contemporaries are up to. Which makes sense, because Cudi’s always been interested in exploring what’s beyond his sonic atmosphere. His fans already know Cudi’s penchant for finding whatever else is out there.

While Cudi’s been busy doing junkets for his role in the upcoming action blockbuster Need For Speed, which opens on March 14, he’s been tight-lipped about new music. Aside from a few Tweets, Cudi has remained mostly silent on the matter, until speaking with Complex last evening. Speaking from his home in L.A., he covered everything—the music, the movies, the life.

Among the personal particulars, Cudi revealed that he recorded most of Satellite Flight sober. He also spoke about his place in the music business, where he may have been wronged, and opened up about his role in G.O.O.D. Music. With solid sales predictions for the arbitrarily dropped album trickling in—early calls see the Wicked Awesome/Republic release selling over 90K in its first week—one thing remains clear: When Cudi makes noise, people listen.

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