first thing ive done in a month

long post but i still sometimes remember that i came out on instagram in my hell hole high school and just take a few moments to be so proud of myself. i remember after taking the picture in front of the pride flags at 2014 boston pride and just being completely shocked that i had this concrete picture that i was 100% intending to share with everyone i knew to finally say i was gay. it felt both like i was holding a death sentence and something that would finally let me breathe again after years and years. most of my friends didn’t even know at that time which is the most unreal part to me. finally posting it the next day was so surreal i was just shaking at crying at every new person who saw it and i knew people who didn’t even follow me were going to be sent it. but it was something i always knew i had to do in high school even if it made everything so much harder. i remember walking into school that next day was the scariest thing ive ever done. it really felt like a movie where people just stop in the hallway and are staring. i remember i had a debate first period that day and had to sit in the middle of the class with everyone watching me and this kid debate about us history and just most people didn’t really know how to act towards me. a lot of people told good things to my best friend saying that it was amazing what i did and that they were so happy for me but people were mostly awkward to my face. it was a really hard month for the rest of junior year getting used to the fact that everyone knew. that summer i finally got so much closer to my friends and actually felt like i had genuine connections with these ppl bc i wasn’t lying all the time. i gradually got used to being out and it was genuinely the best decision for me even though it was really difficult. coming out isn’t always going to be completely freeing immediately and it takes a lot of work but in the end it can make you so incredibly happy. remembering stuff like this reminds me of the strength ive gained from being out and reminds me that ive really earned my happiness now.

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Mileven Prompt: Not sure if you’ve done either of these already but maybe what happened that night immediately after El closed the gate? OR maybe their first “I love you” because how cute and pure honestly

YO ok u were the first one to do this prompt so here lol hope you like it!! its short sorry

It’s not like they ever really had to say it.

Through that whirlwind of a month, Mike and Eleven showed their love through actions, not words. Through numbers, and soft touches, and the extra eggo during break. Love was the gentle brush of a hand while they danced in the winter. Love was tucking an unruly curl behind an ear. It was bringing an extra jacket to the cabin, so she had something that was his, or marking out an 011 on his arm. Their love was shared during moments that sounded so quiet but spoke so loudly, seconds that ticked into hours of their fingers intertwined. It was after they had both gone home and reminisced about how perfectly their palms slotted together, that their love was found. Soft spoken, and an unbreakable vow- no, they never really said it out loud.

“I had a really fun night El. Thanks. I, I uh….”

So when Mike, with his clean cut suit and midnight hair disheveled from dancing in the night, let the words skim his lips, El was only mildly surprised.

It was different than when Papa had said it to her, in the lab. His love was cold and calculating, and he, like Hopper had told her was “a son of a bitch”- so his love wasn’t really love.

But sometimes, Eleven had felt warm in his arms. She would cry into his shirt, when things were too scary after the cell (which, he had put her in). There was some twisted safety in Papa that El still couldn’t explain.

But this was nothing like Mike’s love.

When Mike held her, his chin resting on top of her head, she felt like a fireplace was crackling in her heart. She felt as though the world could be tumbling down around her and she wouldn’t feel a thing. In his softly lit eyes, she saw everything. And no matter what expression played across his freckled cheeks, she fell in love a little bit more.

When he said it, they spilled from his mouth like bubbles overflowing a stream. They stumbled over each other and bled together but were somehow the clearest thing, the loudest three words she had ever heard.

And when she looked at this boy, the first one to truely show her their meaning, she knew in her heart that he meant it.

And Eleven knew, as the same letters fell from her mouth- softer than his, calmer, bashful -that she meant it just as much.


So sorry for not uploading! This is really the only thing Ive done so might as well post them?

I got myself to play overwatch a month ago and adore it; however im awful. But i love every single character so heres some art i did.

Obviously the first one was suppose to be Hanzo but class ended and i didnt have time to finish his beard until today.

“Dean Winchester.”

“Castiel Novak,” Castiel introduces himself in return, firmly shaking the hand he has been offered, “As my boss has probably already informed you, I will be your new bodyguard.”

“Will you?” Dean questions as he raises an eyebrow, unimpressed in a way that speaks of many years of experience with new bodyguards. Not that Castiel looks particularly unpromising – there have been many who have made a worse first impression, looking as though they were only in it for the money or the prestige of being able to call Dean Winchester their employee –, but also not particularly promising. Truthfully, he almost seems to have walked right out of a fashion photo shoot or some old-timey mafia movie, what with the snugly fitting suit and the tousled hair, but not out of a well-renowned personal protector agency.

Still, he will have to do for now. Dean is about to go on a campaign that will lead him through many events and meetings that have been set up to promote familiarity and intimacy with his possible voters, meaning that he will have to get up close and personal with them. Having more than one bodyguard – or one who looks more like one and less like Novak – with him would interfere with the whole ‘I’m one of you, vote for me’ vibe he’s going for, and it’s not like there’s any time left to choose another guard for himself. Not with his campaign starting tomorrow.

Castiel does nothing more than to quirk one corner of his mouth at Dean’s pointed question and tilt his head to the side just so. “Unless you have any objections.” There’s not even a challenge in his words or eyes, just calm reassurance and a frankly impressive ‘I don’t give a fuck either way’ attitude.

It drives a small shiver down Dean’s spine, one that’s not entirely unpleasant, and has him sigh in resignation.

“No,” he waves him off, although he already feels himself regretting his decision,“none.”

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Hi friends!

I just realized that I’ve never posted any pictures of myself on here. Why? No clue tbh.

The first picture was taken before surgery on August 3, 2016.

The third picture was taken August 7, 2017 at the KOP mall.

In that time span, Ive lost 125 pounds and I’ve learned so much about how to eat and what I should be eating. 

Weight loss surgery IS NOT the easy way out.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. In the months after my surgery, I spent hours throwing up because my pouch didn’t like what I ate. I spent days, crying and regretting all of it, wondering why the hell I did this. I had this surgery to save my life.

It may have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it was so worth it and if I had to, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


this is the corniest shit ive ever done but. i cant believe ive been in this group chat of fuckery for exactly a year. when i first joined, yall were some kinky ass bitches, and i was innocent. you corrupted me. now my virgin eyes are gone. hope youre happy.
faith made this video that perfectly summarizes the first couple months of the group:

in all seriousness tho, this gc was one of the best things that happened to me. yall made me more confident online (and even irl). ive made some of my closest internet friends because of this chat. and whenever i was (and am) talking to you guys, i was (and am) so much happier than i would be doing other stuff. sometimes, this group was the highlight of my day.
sometimes i think back to how hesitant i was before i joined. it was my first online group and i was afraid that things would go wrong. however, i don’t regret it one bit. sometimes, i genuinely wonder how different my life would be if I hadn’t joined
the amount of sentences I started with sometimes makes me want to slam myself into a wall fuck i could ramble on about how fucking great y'all bitches are for hours
anyways love you fuckers thanks for being such great ass people and subjecting me to months of meme/kink hell love you bye

sorry for crawling out of a hole to post for the first time in months but i’m watching the most recent episode of crazy ex-girlfriend and can you beLIEVE that i am finally getting the canon bpd character that i’ve been fucking talking about for forever like litERALLY my one thing about cegf was always like “ok i’m glad that they are giving a voice to depression and anxiety but like ok rebecca totally 100% has bpd she exhibits like (20) depression symptoms in ep 1 and (2000) bpd symptoms through the whole season ??? like ??? i wouldnt expect a show to Go There and actually talk about a personality disorder but im screaming and crying @ this validation wow ok im crawling back into my hole i miss you all and hope yall are doing well

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thank you for the tag: @itspan-cake-sexual turd

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Relationship Status:

ok im trying rn just gimme a month and ill get back to you

Favorite color(s):

orange or teal

Lipstick or chapstick:

neither i use deodorant it smells and tastes better

Last song I listened to: i forget it was something like “Juice” and it was on the pit bull radio station

Last movie I watched: The House feathering my father will feral

Top 3 TV Shows:

Super Mario brothers super show

Things more than strange

Family guy

Top 3 characters:

the really enthusiastic rocket league announcer


roxy loldane

and siri from the iphone

Top three bands



tune in sirius xm hits one

There was some shit about tagging but frick that bro

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I just got broken up with. Ive been with this guy for a few months and he was my first ever kiss. He made me so happy. I wanted to slend the rest of my life with him. I know a few months isnt a lot of time, but I became so close to him and he just broke me off like that.. Im honestly done with everything

i love you.

i know it hurts but please believe me when i say that you will heal and things get better.

you deserve to be loved as much as you love your partner.

you can get through this. you will find a better love.


read from left to right

im taking a break from drawing the “hinata ships i like harvest moon style” thing (ive done 5 bachelors out of 6 so far huehuehue)

anyway this comic is a reference to this previous drawing i did around a month ago and it fit the flower au thing thats been going around recently in the sasuhina tag so yyEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

basically what happened is sasuke falls in love (or like w/e) at first sight with hinata (altho im not really a fan of that but i got lazy ok)


when i first entered kindergarten i only spoke portuguese for like the first month until the teacher called my mom to ask her if i spoke english at all only to have my mom tell her that i only ever spoke english at home. little three year old me was smart enough to be like “i’m going to fuck these people up with my bilingual abilities”  



 Hello everyone! September just started it and I wanted to bring a few notes/bujo pages from August to represent it! Actually it has been kind of a crazy month compared to others begginings of semesters, Ive done or set up 4 different essays - that I recall now - and Im in the middle off test season it was supposed to be a WEEK but noo lets push all the tests to later on make this hell last forever   so things are a lil caotic. Plus I changed my gym for the first time in 5 years and I still miss my instructors and the fact that i could get there in les than five minutes, but Im enjoying the new one! 

I hope all of you had nice months - less stressfull than mine at least!  Lets hope september brings us happy things!!!