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Hi, I looked through the tags to see if there was anything about clothing but there wasn't, so I hope this hasn't been addressed before and that it's fine to direct my question to this blog: I would like to know how realistic it is to fight in heels, stilettos and such? A lot of stories, movies, etc. have been doing it for ages, but imo it just doesn't sound like a good idea. There seems to be a lot of challenge and danger to it

High heels are like bikini battle armor. In the realm of fashion, they are helpful because of the way they draw the eye and shape the visual impression of the leg. High heels lengthen the leg, draw the eye up, and highlight the shape of the butt (and more). However, with long term use, they are very hard on the joints (ankles, knees, and hips) and can lead to long term damage.

I know there are people out there who will argue that catsuits, spandex, bikinis, and high heels are practical combat gear for women. Some of them are very well-meaning, some of them are women who buy into it. You’ve probably seen some of them on this site. They’re the ones who take the stock photographs of female martial artists doing (slightly awkward looking) high kicks in high heels as “YES GIRLY GIRLS CAN FIGHT TOO!”. Well, they certainly can but not in high heels. (I applaud the women who can do full extension sidekicks in high heels though! What flexibility! Much balance! Incredible skill! A woman who can do a high kick in high heels is a badass. It’s a testament to their mastery of their body though, not high heel combat viability.)

High heels tip the body forward, putting all the weight on the balls of the feet. If you’ve ever walked around in high heels, then you know finding your balance can be tricky (especially on slick surfaces) and running is mostly out. (You can, it’s just awkward.) The original design for high heels was 14th/15th riding boots when they were a men’s fashion choice. They were never designed for walking on land.

My personal problem with the emphasis on high heels and women’s fashion for female combat oriented characters is the emphasis on visual beauty over practicality and professionalism or any respect for the problems created by reality whatsoever

When it comes to clothing, how you dress your character does actually matter. If a creator or artist approaches their female character with the belief that women don’t fight anyway, so further sexualization of them through their clothing doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things then they are actively contributing to the dehumanization of that character and upholding that ideal that women fighting at all (much less on an even plane with men) is a fantasy. (The reality is women all over the world do fight, do take on dangerous jobs in various shapes, sizes, and personalities.)

Why? Because it prioritizes emphasis on their appearance to the outside observer over the concerns of the reality they are facing. Whoever put together their outfit was thinking primarily about how they’d be perceived not on practical choices of what they’d choose to wear for traipsing through a sewer. When I think about sewers, peep toe shoes, skinny jeans, and spaghetti straps don’t exactly come to mind first as preferred spelunking wear. Galoshes, raincoats, and pants that repel moisture, yeah. Clothes from the $5 bin I don’t mind throwing out after, sure. My Coach bag and (if I owned any) $400 Jimmy Choos? Hell, no.

A character doesn’t become more badass by ignoring the physical constraints and dangers of the world around them. They just look more stupid. The required level of suspension of disbelief is higher for these characters than their male counterparts.

Now, male artists do this for male characters too. The problem is, of course, that you can actually make a case for fighting in biker boots, a loose leather jacket, and jeans. That’s actually practical street combat wear. Leather jackets work as makeshift armor, they can absorb a fair amount of impact. Biker boots are thick, made of leather, protect the shins, and they’re designed to take impact. They armor the foot. Loose men’s jeans are practical, provide freedom of movement, and they’re durable against friction burns. They survive longer and they’re thicker than other kinds of pants. So, when Steven Stallone turns to the camera in a goofy 80s action movie and says “You don’t need to get fancy, lady.” He’s actually right. You don’t.

However, if you have Black Widow do the same in a catsuit, high heels, or even just skinny jeans, a tight fitting leather jacket, a very nice red satin shirt that exposes her breasts, and heavy makeup, it’s not exactly comparable in impact. (One of the nice things about The Winter Soldier was how practically they had her dressed when wearing civvies.) 1) Because she already is dressed fancy and 2) her clothing isn’t any more practical to the situation than the person she’s bitching out.

Plenty of Urban Fantasy protagonists, super heroines, and movie characters do this. I’m not picking on Black Widow, but she’s getting passed around a lot. Buffy did this all the time and it’s part of why I couldn’t take her seriously (especially in the early seasons). Going down into the sewers in a satin pink spaghetti strap, a mini skirt, and matching sandals. Why? Because she likes sacrificing $100 to $200 in clothing every day. Single parent home, pushing minimal income, constantly complaining about her allowance, while burning a metric shit ton on clothing every single week. How is she affording that? The answer is she’s not. The clothing just pops out of the snow, like daisies. The same can be said of the female protagonists on The Vampire Diaries.

On the other hand, I give Charmed a pass because they constantly acknowledge how hard demon fighting is on their clothing. They try to fix their clothes with magic, they have to come up with money to repair the manor, they have to buy new clothes, they think about trading in their old styles for more practical ones and decide against it. The daily rigor, the stress on their wallets, the general mundane realities of every day life are expressed in the choices and habits the characters make and maintain. If they have time before facing a given crisis, you’ll even see them go run to change. Their clothing isn’t practical, but the show at least acknowledges that and uses it to humanize their struggles with being women and demon hunting witches.

The big problem with style and fashion is they help contribute to the idea that women primarily exist in fiction (and in real life) to be looked at. They’re decorative first, even when they’re dangerous. If you remove that aspect, men and women will in fact complain.

Yes, both of them.

Women are presented with a cultural idealization of beauty day in and day out, the stereotypes we’re presented with become a part of what we expect to see and may even idealize in ourselves. Recognition of beauty, being admired, is presented as a goal all women (whether or not they can even achieve the standard)  should aspire to. Not appearing beautiful is presented as bad by media, unworthy, unable to be loved. Conform to be worthy. For many people, they want both. To fit the cultural ideal of female sexualization while simultaneously rejecting it. It’s wish fulfillment and there’s no shame in it, media has told you you’re entire life that this is what you should want to be.

It doesn’t exist, but you’ll see plenty of people try to make it so anyway like the girls I knew in gym who’d cake on makeup before going out to play basketball or run the mile.

Looks first.

To challenge the stereotypes, you have to recognize them and that may require changing how you see women in media. It’s insidious and, more importantly, not necessarily evil. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be wanted, to be beautiful, to be recognized. But how a character looks and what they wear should always, always come second to what they need to get their job done.

I try to beat this by thinking about the situation first, instead of character. I construct a character to deal with a situation. With this set up, practicality usually prevails.

I challenge you followers. When you think of a powerful woman, or a dangerous female, what do you think of first?


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what's a sam/bucky fic you'd love to read, but hasn't been written?

1. this ones based off a prompt i wrote last year so basically after steve gets with sharon he becomes that annoying person in a relationship who keeps telling his friends to go out and find someone! friends being sam and bucky. so buckys like to sam listen i know you dont really like me but please pretend to date me so steve would shut up. and sams like yes! yes!!!!!! anything for steve to finally Shut Up so they start “dating” where basically they just chill at each others apartments and watch movies and order pizza while steve is like shedding tears at his two best friends finding love in each other and sam and bucky are cackling like this is genuinely the best thing we have ever done which is how they become friends and realize they actually like being around each other and then they start talking to each other like actually talking about what they like and what they dont and their fears and stuff theyve never told anyone before and then F E E L I N G S 

2. okay so soulmate au where they have each others name on their wrists but you dont get the mark when youre born it appears randomly at some time in your life so sam gets it first but he doesnt know anyone named bucky and he doesnt really care bc he doesnt believe in it but every time he tries to ask someone out or do anything people are like nooooo you need to go be with your soulmate!!! which makes sam just hate the whole idea more like this annoying mark isnt gonna control me and then he meets bucky through steve and hes like no. im not going to like this guy even if he does find him cute and they have the same opinions on steves recklessness so he has an abrasive kind of passive attitude towards him so when bucky gets his mark hes like ‘the only person i know named sam is sam but it cant be him he doesnt even like me and sam is a pretty common name it could be anyone’ and then they get a mission where its just the two of them or if its a college au an assignment where they get to know each other which results in “enemies” to friends to loves 

3.  Bucky hates frat boys. Theyre almost exclusively the people that give Steve the most shit. He’s tired of their bullshit and doesn’t really understand the point of them. Also theyre loud and annoying and they just suck. Sam is a frat boy. so they sleep together at a party. and then buckys like “oh no never again”. and then he does it again. and then again. so sam and bucky have a friends with benefits kind of relationship (bucky keeps pretending theyre not friends tho) and steves like “finally! you got a boyfriend i love sam hes really nice” and buckys like “be quiet steve he is not my boyfriend he is a frat boy you dont know he is the enemy” and steves just like “you like him shut up and there were only two fratboys who were douchebags and they graduated and sam is so Nice!!!” “shut up steve” meanwhile sam is like “alright man i get it. You dont like me…………are you still coming over later?” and buckys like “of course im still coming over later” and basically bucky keeps making excuses and telling himself he doesnt like sam until he realizes hes fucking in love with him 

4. okay so you know how steve and natasha went to sam in cap2 when they needed to lay low au where steve needs to hide bucky for a few weeks and hes like sam please just for a little time and sams like okay whatever man but youre paying for anything he breaks and basically the most petty domesticity ensues like “wheres the milk?” “i dont know man wheres my steering wheel” “can you give me a hand?” “sorry man i only got one” but then they gradually stop being so petty and divide the house chores and talk to each other and are like basically married and when steve comes to get him buckys vacuuming the living room and sam comes in with groceries and steves just like ??????? 

5. any enemies to friends to loves story

6. sam and bucky constantly roasting each other and then when someone agrees or does it too theyre like “EXCuse the fuck OUTTa ME??????”

7. sam steve and bucky are friends and in the same class but sam and bucky are not that close, and they all hate their professor but steve is too good of a person to talk shit but one day sam is like “i hate that asshole” and bucky is like “what a dick” at the same exact time and then they look at each other like this gif and thats how they become friends; alternatively theyre in a really important government meeting and they say this about general ross or some really important higher up lmao

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Whoa drama explosion every time I'm off for a day or so something big happens lol sorry to fill your inbox more but figure come to you to see what the hell is going on since you filter out the shit like tv line and such. So Nathan signed but Stana hasn't yet? And what is going on with Andrew/ David?

Stop taking days off! You are clearly the problem in this equation. 

So what is going on? Well, the first thing you all need to do is freaking ignore TV Line. They are reporting the facts, but its with a sensationalist tilt that tends to induce hysteria. If you want a clear cut look at where things stand, check Variety, Deadline (the write up they did is especially good and concise), The Hollywood Reporter, and Entertainment Weekly. 


1) Nathan Fillion has signed his contract:, By and large, Nathan has been rumored as the hold out and the person who was really ready to move on to other things. Rumors are often just that, but in any case, he’s put his name to a legal document which means that bar ABC canceling Castle, he will be back at work in July for season eight. The thing you need to know about Nathan’s contract is that it is for ONE more year. Singular. 

2) Stana Katic has NOT signed her contract, but remains in negotiations with the studio. That doesn’t mean she is leaving the show, it means that she is not legally bound to continue working on Castle when production resumes in July. Give it another week or two, she’ll probably be signed up as well. 

3) ABC wants Castle to continue. Paul Lee (ABC’s top executive) has gone on record saying that the network wants Castle to continue for a few more years. So in having Nathan signed up for season eight, its pretty much a lock that the renewal notice will come down in a few weeks when ABC announces everything in a big chunk (likely somewhere in the week of Castle’s finale, which is May 11).

4) David Amann is stepping down as showrunner: No one knows why, but not only is Amann handing over creative control but he is leaving the show altogether to pursue other opportunities. Can’t knock a guy for wanting to do something else, let’s all wish him well. 

5) Andrew Marlowe will not resume showrunner duties with Amann’s departure: It’d be easy to assume that Marlowe would just step into his old role as he is the creator of Castle. The truth is that Marlowe is also under a contract with ABC and if the studio or Marlowe elect not to renew it then he can’t work on the show. There is no way to know what the situation is, but several reports from trade magazines have Marlowe also exiting at the end of the season. Several include Terri Miller exiting with him. 

6) The search is on for a new showrunner: That could be someone currently in the writer’s room on Castle, it could be someone completely new. That is a wait and see situation, but what it does tell you is that the network has some faith that negotiations with Stana and the rest of the case will go well and that they have plans of officially renewing the show. You don’t waste time interviewing new candidates to head up a show creatively if you don’t expect it to be on the air in September. 

Where it all began ( a jack gilinsky fanfic )
  • Chapter 1
  • *Flashback*
  • Year 2010
  • Jacks POV ( 14 years old)
  • "Hey jack come on we're gonna be late for the first day!" My best friend jack yelled at me.
  • "Ugh I don't care I wanna sleeep!"
  • I groaned
  • "Move your ass out of bed before I kick your ass outta there!"
  • Jack left my room while I got up and stretched. I grabbed some jeans, a tee shirt and threw on some vans while styling my hair quickly. I walked down stairs to see my mom cooking breakfast
  • "Good morning jack"
  • "Hi mom"
  • " ready for your first day of Highschool?!" She squealed making my eyes grow wide
  • "Yup" I managed, still half asleep.
  • "We'll jack is just in the bathroom so when he's out I want you boys to eat then get your little bums to school."
  • "Alright mom jeez"
  • " no attitude jack"
  • We ate breakfast and headed out the door.
  • "What do think it'll be like?" I asked
  • "Probably just like middle school with older kids and hotter girls" jack wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at his gesture
  • "Yeah I plan to get laid tonight" I joked. We both laughed as we headed through the doors.
  • "Well I have English first ill see you at lunch. Meet here I don't wanna seem like a loner" Johnson laughed
  • "Yup. Ill see you bro"
  • I asked the office for directions to the science room, which was right in front of me. I was so embarrassed as the older kids laughed at me.
  • I took a seat in the back of the class. The teacher came in and introduced himself as Mr.Clemson
  • About 5 minutes into the class this beautiful girl came in
  • " sorry I'm late "
  • "Name?"
  • "YN"
  • "We'll YN you can take a seat in the back" he said pointing to me
  • " well class this is your new seat for the whole semester I hope you like it cause your not moving"
  • "Hey, uh, what's your name?" She asked.
  • "Jack. YN right?"
  • "Yup" she said popping the 'p'
  • "Nice name" I complimented.
  • "Thanks" she smiled and looked down, her cheeks getting a rosy tint.
  • The class ended and I got to know her real well. She's a tomboy which I kinda like too
  • {lunch time}
  • "Yo jack!" I shouted
  • "Hey what up man"
  • "Ok so in science there's like this really cute girl and I think I have a crush on her" I admitted
  • "Awe does jacky have a crush" he said in a baby voice
  • "Shut up" I shoved him slightly while looking down smiling. I think I do have a crush on her......
  • YN POV
  • "Hey YN!" My best friend Chelsea called
  • "Hey! What's up" I asked
  • "I over heard someone say they had a little crush on you" she smirked at me while wiggling her brows
  • "Ha good joke chels." I laughed at her comment
  • " no really. He said he was talking with you all science. So you know this boy" she said, her smirk growing wider
  • "Jack" I muttered under my breath
  • "Ooh so you do you like him?"
  • "Kind of...." I looked down feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. When I looked back up I found Chelsea had ran off. Shit she's gonna tell jack..
  • I ran out looking for her. I finally found her after 5 minutes talking to jack
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled and jumped on her back causing us both to fall down as people looked down at us and laughed.
  • "I just set y'all up. You gotta meet each other after school at Starbucks near the mall at 4. Y'all can thank me later. Now you two get to know each other!" She called as she walked off
  • "Uh sorry about her.... She's kind of weird" I said after some awkward silence.
  • "It's okay. Um you don't have to meet me at Starbucks later. Like you can I'd you want but if not you don't have to" he rambled on
  • "Jack ill meet you it's fine"
  • *Flashback over*
  • 3rd person POV
  • That was the start of a amazing relationship between YN and jack. They have been inseparable ever since. They started dating a few days after that Starbucks date. There still together 4 years later. Lets look at there story now......
  • YN POV
  • "Jack you have to be on in 5 minutes stop!" You squirmed as he tickled you backstage at digi tour.
  • " ugh I don't wanna I wanna stay here with you!"
  • "Don't let your fans down come on go givem a show!"
  • "Fiiinneeee!" He exaggerated
  • I watched hime as he ran on stage with jack, Sam and Nate as they did there thing. I'm so proud of all of them.
  • I'm just a little disappointed because jack hasn't mentioned my birthday at all today. The boys have and same with twitter but he hasn't. I just don't get it because he always remembers.
  • "Now guys I wanna bring my beautiful girlfriend on stage and sing happy birthday for her. And give her a birthday present. YN COME ON STAGE BEAUTIFUL!" I can't believe jack just did that. But I got this rush of energy and I just had to run up!
  • All the girls screamed at the sight of me. I'm glad they all like me. I barely get hate.
  • They all started singing to me while I took a snapchat video of it.
  • Everyone started screaming when they saw snapchat on my phone. I laughed and made a few more videos.
  • Soon talk dirty came on the speakers and I was confused. Then jack sat me on a chair while all the guys took off their shirts. They all danced around doing body rolls and hip thrusts. Meanwhile I couldn't keep my laughs in and I new the fans were loving this.
  • The song ended And unfortunately it was the end of the show.
  • We were saying hi to some fans back stage and just having a good time.
  • " hi YN!"
  • " hi sweetheart"
  • "Babe ill be right back I forgot something in the tour bus" jack came over quickly, and pecked my lips and ran off
  • " so-" I started but she cut me off
  • " listen bitch I don't fucking know who you think you are but you can take your fat ass and ugly face and get the hell out of jacks life, better yet all of the boys life, that would be greatly appreciated. No one likes you. Your a fucking selfish bitch and your just using jack. At least I would have more to offer." She referred to her huge tits that were hanging out of her crop top
  • Tears welled at the the edge of your eyes. No one has ever said anything like that to you before.
  • "That's right cry you fucking slut" he hissed. I walked away from her past the screaming girls, into the bathroom and started crying. I got a few texts from all the boys asking me what happened. I didn't reply though. Then I heard the bathroom door open
  • "YN?"