first thing i saw when this scene came on lmao!!!

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I think Danielle just isn't very sympathetic and always seems prettt arrogant and self-satisfied. Even back on the originals she was quite unpopular with cast and fans. I feel bad for her bit I can totally understand why people don't like her :/

i mean…. alright. but from what i can tell she’s not done anything that would make people think that about her lmao. like i truly didn’t give two shits about her until i saw how much hate she gets and then i kind of started paying more attention to the situation and she truly truly truly does not deserve the level of bashing she gets just for existing.

and here’s the thing. i was around when she first came on the scene and larries were so excited like they made all these posts about how exciting it was for louis to be able to publicly hang out with other celebs like how harry does and then there was a long period of time where all the larries who were into girls would reblog like every single pic of danielle and talk about how hot she was and also a fair amount thought she was dating one of her female friends so that had people even more into her!!!! and then as time went by and we all realized she was gonna be a long term thing in louis’ life the mood on danielle completely changed and the reasons why are so transparent??? everyone went from loving her to talking about how smug she was and “how dare you smile” while around louis and how tacky and ugly her clothes were.

the kicker imo was how fucking pissed people got that she went to the uk earlier this week like i literally saw a post say “i would never ever ever abandon my family to spend thanksgiving with my significant other” LIKE???? I’M LOSING MY MIND ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? i know this might be a wild concept to people but like…. not everyone celebrates thanksgiving the way you do not everyone wants to spend time with their families or maybe due to her busy schedule she spent time with them before thursday like there are so many possibilities it’s blowing my mind that people drag her so intensely for the most ridiculous things alkjdfakljdsf and i keep thinking about how the people mad about it spent the whole day blogging about what an awful person she is instead of like chilling with their own families RIP.