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For @baneismydragon based on that one little idea you had.  Have a drabble.

“I’m sorry, I’m really busy right now-“

“Hey, don’t worry about it, babe.  I can wait.”

Sabine turned around and frowned, busying herself with arranging the vegetables set out to look more pleasing to the eye for the excuse of something to do to try and let the jerk that had been following her around for the past fifteen minutes know that she really could not talk right now.

Not that he was taking the hint.

And not that she would ever want to talk to him normally.

But her boss had made it clear that scaring off one more customer was a one way ticket to getting fired. And she needed this job.

“So, how about on your break you and I head around back and-“

Sabine was just deciding that she didn’t need this job that much when a large shadow fell over her.

“Are you bothering my girlfriend?”

Excuse me?!’ Sabine looked up, paused, then looked even further up.

A young man, probably about her own age, was standing between her and the creep who had been following her around.  He was, to put it simply, big.  Sabine wasn’t sure she had ever met someone so tall or broad, and her jaw dropped slightly as he crossed arms that had to be as thick around as her waist.

“I… um… uh…” The creep was backing away, attention fully on the man glaring at him.

“Get out of here.  If I see you around again, I’ll deal with you personally.” The young man unfolded his arms to quietly pop the knuckles on first one, then the other hand.

Sabine was certain, as the creep scurried off, that she had just went from the frying pan to the fire.

Suddenly the young man’s glower lightened, and he turned to beam a positively sunny smile at her. Now that he was facing her, she could tell that his eyes were bluer than any she had seen before, the blue of the deep ocean.

“Sorry about that, miss. I saw that he was bothering you, and I figured you couldn’t tell him off because of being at work, so…” He gave a sheepish smile, rubbing at the back of his neck with one hand.

Sabine’s knees went weak with relief, and she returned his smile with one of her own.  “Thank you.  My manager said that if I went off on one more customer that he’d fire me.”

The man blinked, then frowned and stuck his chin out in indignation.  “That’s awful!  You should be able to defend yourself while working.  Do you get guys like him often?”

“Way more than I’d like.” Sabine sighed and shook her head, nearly wanting to spit with irritation.  “They think I’m exotic because I’m Chinese.”

The man frowned a little, then gave her a shy, sweet smile.  “If you want, I could come and scare them off anytime you need me to.  I work in the bakery across the street as an apprentice.” He suddenly jumped, and his smile became more than a little sheepish. “I’m Tom, by the way.  Tom Dupain.”

Sabine smiled, and reached out to take the hand he held out and shake it.  “It’s nice to meet you, Tom.  I’m Sabine Cheng.  And yes, I’d like that a lot.”

“I didn’t intend to hurt anyone…”

Painting practice with everyone’s favorite Autobot medic. :D

It’s super messy and kinda bleh but I’m actually proud of it (also my back and neck hurt because it is impossible to sit in a comfortable position Dx).

*throws picture at you* Enjoy! (I was supposed to be working on a pic of TFP Fortress Maximus…)

Ooh, and the brushes I used to paint were made by Tsaoshin and Kecky on dA.


Winnie-the-Pooh meets The Queen in a new book to celebrate their joint 90th birthday year. Both were born in 1926 and the two finally meet in ‘Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday’. Pooh and friends leave the Hundred Acre Wood and travel to London to deliver a poem that the little bear has written especially for the Queen, who was “just as Queenly and smiley and wonderful as they had expected her to be”. Prince George also makes an appearance when Piglet gives him a big red balloon.

Princess Elizabeth enjoyed the early Winnie-the-Pooh books and in 1926 one of the first books - titled ‘Teddy Bear and Other Songs From When We Were Very Young’ - was dedicated to the little princess shortly after her birth. 

The Queen lived in her palace, as Queens often do.
Doing all those busy things that busy Queens do.
But the Queen could never know, as you and I do,
That doing nothing much can be the BEST thing to do.
So from a forest far away, for your special day,
We’re sending you some quiet and a little time to play.

- Pooh’s ‘hum’ for the Queen.

Heck yeah, friend (and thank you ;u;)! Two more cuties coming right up!!!


• Is high key very nervous, once S/o’s belly starts to show.
• “Oh god. I’m gonna be a father."™
• Is researching anything that he can get his hands on.
• S/o needs to step in and calm this poor man down.
• Lots of tight hugs.
• Is on top of S/o’s health.
• Knows an herbal remedy for EVERYTHING.
• As soon as this baby is born, "Heart-eyes Shimada,” shows up daily.
• How is this baby so cute??
• It’s kinda funny to watch this almost scary man gently bouncing this bubbly baby on his hip.
• Loves to feed the baby, sees it as bonding time.
• No one is allowed to hold the child when he’s around.
• The first teddy bear is a dragon plush, curtesy of Genji.
• Absolutely cannot change a diaper to save his life.

• “I heard listening to music will make it smarter!”
• His family is around S/o 24/7, taking care of everything for them.
• Will dedicate songs to his unborn child.
• Won’t. Stop. Buying. Frogs.
• The nursery is built to look like a pond.
• Almost cried over a pair of baby shoes (“I mean, they’re just so tiny! Our baby’s feet are gonna fit in there!”)
• Planed the baby shower.
• His whole family is there for the birth of this child.
• Cried when he holds them for the first time.
• Dedicates a whole album to his newborn baby.
• Takes photos of them in ridiculous outfits an posts them online.
• Shows off his kid whenever he has a chance.



in which you surprise him while he’s on tour and accidentally leave your teddy bear in his room


fun fact: my first teddy bear was named waffle & the teddy bear i have currently is named ellie   <3

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Ughhh, I accidentally overwrote my save data for my “Plushie villager” town and the only backup I had was super outdated. And it was one of those things where I realized my mistake almost immediately after it happened, but it was just a second too late to actually abort the process…

I guess it was bound to happen eventually since I have like 30 different towns going, what with all the custom villagers I’ve made! It wouldn’t have been such a hassle if I hadn’t gone to such lengths to individually customize each villager’s house. Arggg. 

Well, at least I’ve got Miss Bear’s redone and probably improved from what it was before.

She is my Lady/Oswald Cobblepot

Name: She is my Lady.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Reader

Theme: Smut and everything that goes with it.

Requested by sweet Anonymous (oswald x reader where he’s always busy and kinda neglects the reader, and when she acts all moody, he understands what he’s been doing. at night, he makes it up to her by going down on her and then fluffy smut? love your writing xx)

Sorry it took so long <3

I also wanna thank my dearest @gotham-city-tales, without whose support i won’t be able to do it, @queencobblefreezestuff@myregardstothereader@jokesterwrites@under-oswalds-umbrella@minpov @luciebell-writes@just-a-little-crazy@rawrcoptergaming@taintedmarker@emberandshadow@cobblehearts@mistressofcobblepot@thequeenofgothamxo@elvirateaqueen13

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Ltn d R Ulrich Neckel became the last Staffelführer of Jasta 6 on 1 September 1918, having already achieved 24 victories in various JG II units. As CO of Jagdstaffel 6, he had the unit’s black/white identity stripes extended to the entire fuselage of his various D VIIs, including this OAW-built example guarded by his teddy bear mascot - a popular touch. Note the light-coloured rib tapes on the four-colour fabric on the top wing

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Aircraft of The Aces • 53 Fokker D VII Aces of World War 1 Part 1 by Norman Franks and Greg VanWyngarden

Finally glad to be able to have found such a great quality version of this photo as i quite like Neckel!


“The waistcoat thing was very specific to Frank. I wanted him to be exceptionally put together [and] exceptionally well-groomed, almost to the point of being too much; like, why does he care so much about how he’s presenting himself? And it’s sort of because it’s the world where he came from. He still has one foot on the other side of the tracks, and it’s all sort of symbolic of his personality.” - Charlie Weber