first tea of the season

Christmas Break at Finn’s// Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part 2

Jaeden was already awake when you sat up and stretched. Everyone else was still sleeping soundly. He was on his phone.

“Morning Jaeden,” You whispered
He looked up at you and smiled
“Morning Y/N.”
“Hey, since nobody else is up would you like a cup of tea? I bought my jelly and ice cream blend.”
“You have jelly and ice cream tea? Why does that even exist?”
“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Being careful not to wake Finn you got up and slipped a hoodie on over your pyjamas. You and Jaeden went downstairs and you put the kettle on. Your tea was in the top cupboard where nobody else would touch it. You always left a box at Finn’s.
You handed Jaeden a cup and he took a sip. 

“Woah.” He grinned, “This is really nice.”
“I know right. You should feel privileged. I don’t let just anyone drink it.”
“Well thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I know, we should make breakfast for the others.”
“I know how to make pancakes and that’s about it.”
“I can do waffles.”
“Okay. Let’s start.”
Wyatt, Finn and Jack came downstairs still dressed in their pyjamas. You and Jaeden had almost finished making breakfast as well as a massive mess and were laughing at a story he was telling you about when they were filming IT.

“Smells good guys. You look like an old married couple though.” Finn plonked himself down at the breakfast bar and smirked. You gave him an eye roll and put the maple syrup on the table.
“While you three were in bed,” Jaeden said while putting a waffle on a plate, “Y/N and I came and made you breakfast because we’re nice like that. And she let me have a cup of her jelly and ice cream tea.”
“A cup of what?” Wyatt looked disgusted
“Shut up Wyatt,” Jaeden said, “It’s actually really nice.”

You dished up the rest of the pancakes and Jaeden the waffles and sat down to eat. Both of your mothers and your little sister came downstairs to eat too.
It seemed as though your sister was quite taken with Wyatt. She was sat on his lap as they ate breakfast and the sight honestly just melted your heart to the point where it hurt. She liked to call him Noodles. You know, because of his hair.

Finn’s mum and yours cleaned up because you cooked. You all decided to get dressed and go out for a snowball fight since there was so much snow. All of you wrapped up warm and ran out into the cold, winter air. Wyatt was holding the hand of your little sister as you went outside. Wyatt, Y/S/N, and Jack went on one team and you, Jaeden and Finn were on the other. Luckily, Finn’s garden was quite large so you had plenty of space to run and lots of places to hide. Your team ran for cover at the very end of the garden. You hid behind the shrubs and began to form a plan.

“Okay Y/N,” Jaeden whispered, “I think you should go after Wyatt because he won’t be expecting it. Finn and I will try and corner Jack. As for Y/S/N…”
“She’ll be with Wyatt.” You interrupted, “I can take them both on but one of you should stay close just in case.”
“Good point,” Jaeden replied

Finn was peeking around the corner of the bush looking for signs of the other team. They were very well hidden apparently. The three of you ran out into the open in the direction Finn was pointing. You collided into Wyatt who was trying to make a break for it with an armful of ready-made snowballs. You both fell over from the impact, Wyatt first and you second. The pair of you ended up in a rather suggestive position. You were practically laying on top of Wyatt. 

“Fuck, Wyatt, I’m so sorry-”
“It’s fine, Y/N,” He laughed, “It’s my fault really…”
“HEY LOOK AT THOSE TWO,” Jack shouted, “FONDLING IN THE SNOW! I BET WYATT IS SOOOOO-” Finn punched Jack pretty hard in the arm and said;
“There’s a child present!”

You looked down at Wyatt who was blushing more than you if that was even possible. Rather hesitantly you stood up, pulling Wyatt with you. After brushing the snow off your clothes you went over to the others.  Finn and Jaeden were smirking at each other.
“Have you all forgotten that we’re in the middle of a snowball war?” Jack wondered aloud. He threw one of his snowballs and it hit Finn squarely in the face. That’s when the war really started. Cold, wet snow was flying through the air. The sound of joyous laughter could be heard along with threats of obliteration. You were having the time of your life and it showed. And you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with Wyatt. Every time the image of Wyatt’s smiling face came into your head your heartbeat increased rapidly. You were surprised that nobody could hear it.

When the snowball fight concluded you all went inside to warm up. Your little sister went out to lunch with your mum and Finn’s, so once again you were alone in the Wolfhard household. Currently, everyone was arguing over what to watch on Netflix.

You suddenly had a brilliant idea. “Why don’t we binge a season of American Horror Story.”
Wyatt, who was sitting next to you sharing a blanket flinched.
“YEAH!” Finn shouted, “Great idea.”
“Hold up,” Jack’s eyebrows were knitted together, “I swear that’s the really messed up show that Chosen was talking about on set.”
“Yeah, it is,” Jaeden took a sip of his tea, “I watched the first season and it was actually quite good.”
“American Horror Story it is then. I think we should watch Roanoke.” And with that, he pressed play.
“Y/N,” Wyatt whispered, “I’m just forewarning you, I don’t like stuff like this. Ironic, I know, but still.”
“It’s alright Wyatt,” You were talking so nobody else would hear, “I’m here if you need me.”

The notorious theme song of your favourite show filled the room and you settled in to watch. The fact that Wyatt was scared made you smile. Everything you did together unearthed something new about him and that made you very happy.  
About halfway through the second episode, Wyatt grabbed your hand. You tore your eyes away from the screen and looked down at the sight of your interlocked hands and then at Wyatt’s face. He was still watching the TV with wide eyes and a frown on his face. You could tell he was creeped out. Honestly, you found it cute. Like EVERY other thing he did. Wyatt Oleff literally invented being soft.

“How in the hell can you watch this? Especially alone?” Wyatt asked you
“I’m used to it. I’ve binged all of them about four times. It’s definitely one of my favourites, no matter how fucked up it is.”
“Finn and Jaeden are into it.” The both of you looked at the others who were currently screaming at the TV as if the characters could hear them. Finn’s favourite character had just died a rather gruesome death and he wasn’t very happy about it. Jaeden was sharing conspiracy theories about the Roanoke colony and Jack was sharing how he would have gotten out of the situation the characters were currently in. It was quite funny to watch. 

The five of you ended up falling asleep halfway through the season. When you woke up it was a lot later on in the day and the light had gone. You stood up carefully, trying not to wake Wyatt, and stretched. After doing so you ran upstairs to freshen up and change into different pyjamas. At this point, thinking about Wyatt was giving you palpitations. Your feelings for him had grown so much over the past couple of days it was crazy.

When you were changed you made your way down the stairs and back to the living room. The boys were all still sleeping which left you with nothing to do. The blanket had fallen off Wyatt so you went over to him and put it back so that he didn’t freeze. You made a mental note to yourself: Wyatt looks even more adorable when he’s sleeping than in real life. If that’s even possible. He stirred and twisted causing you to stop dead in your tracks. You didn’t want to deal with the repercussions of him waking up and seeing you standing over him having a heart attack because of his cuteness.

With that in mind, you went upstairs and took out your book intending to read a few chapters. After a few pages, you unintentionally fell asleep and dreams filled your mind. Dreams of cosy days in with Wyatt and dates to the movies. Even your unconscious self was going batshit crazy for him.
When you woke you were in bed. Finn was asleep next to you and the boys were sleeping too.  The time on your phone read 2:46 am. Finn must have put you into bed when he came upstairs. It was off-putting to take a nap and wake up hours later in a different place. Before falling back to sleep you slipped one of Finn’s hoodies on and popped downstairs to get some water.

It was then that you had an idea. Of course, you wouldn’t propose it until the morning but it excited you nonetheless. You thought that maybe you could all go into the city, see the Christmas lights, do some shopping and grab something to eat. As you lay back down to sleep you were thinking about your outfit and how great it would be to spend yet another day with Wyatt. You could honestly get used to it.

The winter air was bitter and unforgiving. You, Finn, W yatt, Jaeden and Jack had taken to the city pretty early in the morning and were currently strolling the bookstore: Indigo. You absolutely adored it but you could tell that the others weren’t really feeling it so you decided to be quick. You made a few purchases but tried not to go overboard as you had decided to by Jack, Jaeden and of course, Wyatt a gift since you would be spending Christmas with them. It made sense and you wanted to do it. You had purchased Finn’s gifts weeks ago and wrapped them not long after.

Once you had paid for your books you headed to a little diner for lunch. It was lovely to sit and chat and have some food. To be honest, you didn’t really want to leave.

“Hey Finn, is it okay if we head to Stanley Park so I can take some pictures. I bought my cameras and everything.”
“Sure. We can swing by on the way back and get hot chocolate.”
“Good idea.”
“You take pictures, Y/N?” Jaeden inquired
“Yeah,” You replied, “I love it. I’ve got an old Polaroid camera as well as a new one. Do you like photography?”
“Yeah but I’m not that great at it.”
You smiled.
“Okay then,” Finn announced, “Let’s get going.”
“But I haven’t finished my ice cream,” Jack pouted, “Can’t you just hold your horses for five minutes.”
“Fine Jack,” Finn rolled his eyes, “Just hurry up.”
Stanley Park in the winter was gorgeous. You had both of your cameras out and was taking plenty of photos of the ice-covered lake, the icicles hanging from the trees and just about everything else you laid your eyes on. You decided to take polaroids of all the boys when they weren’t looking and you honestly couldn’t wait to develop them. You were also showing Wyatt how to use your camera and he was really enjoying learning, mainly because you were teaching him. Not that he revealed that. 

Jaeden took his phone out and snapped a shot of you and Wyatt looked at each other laughing. It was a beautiful picture and he decided to upload it to all of his social medias. Before long people were already making fan edits of the pair of you, but you were having too much fun to notice.
At one point you started to shiver with the cold. Wyatt being the perfect gentleman he is, took off his scarf and carefully wrapped it around your neck. Your cheeks were flushed from the cold which you were thankful for because that meant he didn’t notice your blush. Jack was behind you making gagging noises.

“You know what Jack,” Wyatt whipped around and punched Jack hard in the shoulder, “That’s for being a massive dick.”
Jack stuck his middle finger up at Wyatt causing everyone to burst out laughing.

You had all decided to buy each other gifts in the end. You had gotten Wyatt a new scarf because he gave you his (and you intended to keep it) and also a little photo album to put copies of all the photos in of the pair of you that you were taking. You also got him some antique sheet music for his piano and a Fall Out Boy shirt for the concert next week. You realised that you may have gone a little overboard with Wyatt’s gifts. Of course, you got the others gifts too as they had done for you, but you were keeping everything a surprise. For Jaeden you bought the first edition of IT that you managed to find in an antique bookstore you popped into with Finn while the others were buying your presents. You also got him two boxes of your jelly and ice cream tea that he had taken a liking to as well as some stickers for his skateboard from Urban Outfitters because you wanted him to have a piece of you everywhere he went. You got Jack a new beanie with a little Pennywise patch on the front, a photo frame to put a picture of him and Finn you had snapped in (Fack is too cute) and a butt load of candy.

It was safe to say that your trip into the city was amazing and a day you would never, ever forget and that’s what you thought of the whole way home. You all got the train and were sitting together laughing at a picture you had got of Jack messing about in the diner. The adults on the train were looking at you as if you shouldn’t be there but you ignored them. Although, you were pretty sure they were only staring because they recognised the boys from the movies.

“Guys,” You said tentatively, “Fall Out Boy is playing out here next week. I think we should go.”
“Seriously?” Wyatt grinned, “I love Fall Out Boy. We are definitely going. I don’t even care what the others say.”
“Really?” You only asked because you weren’t expecting a very good reaction
“Yeah I’d love to go,” Jaeden said, “Although Finn would rather see Mac Demarco.”
“Well, Finn will have to get over it.” You laughed
“Hey!” Finn protested, “I’ll have you know, I actually quite like Fall Out Boy, mainly because whenever Y/N is at my house she’s playing their music. And Pete Wentz is brilliant on guitar.”

You didn’t have a clue how but you were even happier than you were before. You didn’t even know where the idea for the concert came from but you didn’t regret asking them. Admittedly, you didn’t expect them to want to go, but they did. And you couldn’t wait for next week.

Part three coming soon! This was so bad but I’m supposed to be studying for a chem test I have tomorrow… Oh well. Enjoy!

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May 2, 2017
  1. Scorpio
     Lunch box

  2. Cancer
     Latino music

  3. Pisces
     Canned coffee

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  5. Taurus

  6. Capricorn

  7. Aquarius
     Safety pin

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  10. Leo
     First tea of the season

  11. Sagittarius

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     Broad beans

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I haven't watched in a while, but what's wrong with RWBY? The first few seasons didn't seem too bad.

#lemon tea #RWDE

Boring. No plot. Rampant misogyny. A mess of world-building. Focuses too little on their title MCs and instead shifts the focus to het subplots and shit that when you put it all together,don’t add up. Steals art and assets. Homophobic. Qu**baiting. Bad in general honestly.

Once Again || Klaroline

Klaroline AU Week Day 2: Adversaries

A broken engagement leaves hearts hurting, but Caroline doesn’t know what to feel when her former betrothed returns to polite society - especially when she’s already promised to another.

It was like time had stopped.

Caroline might have sworn the air was sapped from the room, but that would mean she could have even tried to breathe at the moment she saw him. Her champagne glass had started to shake from where she held it in shock, still inches from her lips.

“All right, gorgeous?” a familiar voice asked, his steadying hand warm on her elbow. Enzo’s other hand reached for her glass, a finger grazing intimately along her glove.

If she had been imagining Klaus Mikaelson standing frozen on the other side of the ballroom, that illusion was shattered by the fierce possession in his eyes as he tracked the closing distance between her and her fiance - a position he had held only a year before.

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Brighter than the Sun

Day 10 of Adrinette Month is “The Balcony”. Since I wrote some Ladynoir, and a bit of Ladrien this month, I wanted to go with a bit of Maricat as well. 

It is a lovely sunny day in Paris, and Marinette spends some quality time with her boyfriend. 

Named for Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Caillat.

Also available on Ao3

April was a wonderful month. The sun was shining for once, and it warmed Marinette through to her core as she sat out on her rooftop garden. Even Tikki was enjoying the warmth, spreading out on a small cushion Marinette had made for her a few years prior. 

As Marinette took a sip of iced tea, she thought how perfect a Sunday afternoon it was. It was almost like nothing could even improve on such a relaxing afternoon.

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lena luthor knew clark kent was superman and figured out kara was supergirl in the first episode of season two and thats just the tea ☕️

"Weiss had no character development!"

Uh huh. Then explain why she:
-Generally becomes more better tempered and kinder as a result of spending time with her friends.
- Accepts Ruby’s leadership position more easily and follows her lead more often.
- Gets along a lot more better with Blake to the point that they went out for tea together, when in the first season, they were coming to blows with each other about the White Fang.
-Goes from automatically assuming that all Faunus are potential White Fang terrorists to actively defending one from a giant ass robot using her Semblance. And going by how surprised she was to see the giant ass sword appear, she does this on INSTINCT.
- Actively calls out the elite party-goers for their arrogance and lack of empathy for Beacon, to the point that she summons a Boarbatusk out of sheer rage.
- Was able to finally summon the giant knight on purpose whereas before she only summoned parts of it by accident
But yeah, she TOTALLY didn’t have any character development.

Unpopular opinion: str*nger things is overrated and I’m tired of seeing posts about it invading every tag I go in

All four house aesthetics:

Gryffindor: Fire places glowing on a winter’s night, pillow fights, harmless pranks, first crushes, red sweaters, nights spent sneaking around with friends, red roses given on Valentine’s Day, the feeling of winning a hard match, inviting the new kid to hang out, role modeling for younger cousins and siblings, the smells of peppermint and cinammon, large pizza parties, summer nights spent with friends, independence, fighting for what is right, winning at board games, picking fights with bullies, asking your crush out for the first time, giving courage to those afraid.

Hufflepuff : vanilla bean noel candles glowing, old quilts used as spare bedding, favorite childhood pillows, painting landscapes, big bear hugs, laughing until your stomach aches, chilly rainy days spent by the fireplace, green hills, close friends, writing love letters, doodling in class, cookie dough ice cream, sunflowers blooming, casual bike rides, eating at a favorite small diner, binge watching your favorite shows,planting for the first time, learning a new recipe, licking the spoon, cats curled up in laps, comforting friends in times of need.

Ravenclaw: Reading past midnight by candlelight, picking pumpkins with friends, the firts breeze of autumn, keeping in touch with friends on breaks, pen pals, comfy socks, favorite books read again and again, book shelves meticulously organized or a complete chaos, the smell of pumkin and leaves, poetry and prose edited and edited, day dreaming in class, butterlies when seeing your crush, innocent first kisses, home made scarves, learning a new skill or hobby, finally figuring out a solution to a problem or question on your homework, sharing secrets with only your closest friends.

Slytherin: Kissing first loves during the first snow of the season, cups of tea spipped with loved ones, new clothes that fit you perfectly, warming up by the fire after a day spent in the snow, respecting and living by taught family traditions, not speaking up often in class but surprising people by your intellect when you do, caring very deeply for childhood pets, talking yourself out a problem, picking your closest friends carefully, wowing the judges, a quiet confidence, sly smirks, hearts and minds focused on goals, never giving up, talents in unlikely activities.