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First Street
  • For some reason I have 4 posters of ToppDogg's First Street when I came back from Korea but instead of giving them away, would it be more fun to do a little cover comp of Rainy Day?
  • I need to check but it looks like the 2 poster versions of their Rainy Day promotions.
  • One of the dance instructors I learnt from in Korea is the choreographer of Rainy Day and I think it would be awesome to flood the interwebs with ToppDogg.
  • Wouldn't it be nice for the boys to see their dance covered everywhere before their next comeback? Just an idea? What do ToppKlass in general think?

can I talk about this for a second? y'all seem to think he’s actually trying to choke Denmark.

Look at the way he’s pulling it, no harm is being done to Denmark. The reason for this is because he can still breathe. Now, had Norway been pulling the tie backwards; maybe we would have an issue, but he’s pulling it to the side (Which isn’t completely harmless, but not harmful enough to cause more than a little pinch of Actual Pain).

If you need an example, take a scarf and put it around your neck. Take both ends and pull them to the side. No issue. If you pull it so it’s putting pressure on the front of your neck (be careful with this tho! Do Not Hurt Yourself Or Pull Too Hard) then it’d be a little uncomfortable.

I don’t remember if there were strangled noises but that would be completely natural because Norway is pulling it upwards slightly, so depending how you look at it; he’s either pulling it forwards slightly to be sure he’s not harming his friend, because he’s pulling it to the side and upwards and admittedly if anything touches the front of your throat at all it’ll be uncomfortable, or because he’s Denmark being Denmark type “overdramatic”. Personally because of the shadowing/placement of Norway’s arm I like to believe the first option.

td;lr Norway hardly even did that for a few seconds so Denmark wasn’t getting Seriously And Horribly hurt that’s why none of the Nordics went to stop Norway. Norway isn’t cruel so stop portraying him as someone who actually wants to hurt his Best Friend™


One last Towel Day related post: this is the copy of the book I bought at my middle school book fair in 1996. It has been highlighted and notated extensively and gone all over the place with me. I “lost” it for a few years (my parents put it with their books facing spine-in and I tore the world apart looking for it), but I got it back and it’s crazy to look at how much it’s been through with me. In addition to those first TDS tickets, there are four concert tickets, a Rent ticket, and another movie ticket. The one pictured is, of course, the opening midnight showing of the H2G2 movie.

~*~meeeeeeem-or-ies~*~ and all that


So, as you all already know, toppdogg will release a new song and a full album next week (November 7th).
More than never we need to help them.

First, watch the MV as many as you can (720p). Don’t watch via playlists. Refresh the page and clean your cache.

Share the MV (link) with your friends, your family, strangers, in your social medias, youtube chanels, everywhere.
Be annoying in a good way. Spam them!

Ask youtubers to react to the new mv, mainly the most famous (JREKML, KSpazzing, Aidens Life, etc).

Ask to youtube chanels to translate the music and do color codes.

Buy the new album! Even if its the digital, try to buy it.

Vote for them in M!Countdown, Inkigayo!, The Show, and more! Please, this helps a lot.

Attend events and projects that the fanbases will surely do.

If you are in korea, go to the fansigns, meets, showcases, tv shows.

Ask to play the main song in your local radio! Yeah, send them a sms or a tweet or submit in their site, i will talk about this project later.

Give them lots of love and talk about them!

We can do it! ToppDogg and ToppKlass Fighting!!!! ♡

Crimsennui Week Day One : First Kiss

….cheek kisses count, right?