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So, as you all already know, toppdogg will release a new song and a full album next week (November 7th).
More than never we need to help them.

First, watch the MV as many as you can (720p). Don’t watch via playlists. Refresh the page and clean your cache.

Share the MV (link) with your friends, your family, strangers, in your social medias, youtube chanels, everywhere.
Be annoying in a good way. Spam them!

Ask youtubers to react to the new mv, mainly the most famous (JREKML, KSpazzing, Aidens Life, etc).

Ask to youtube chanels to translate the music and do color codes.

Buy the new album! Even if its the digital, try to buy it.

Vote for them in M!Countdown, Inkigayo!, The Show, and more! Please, this helps a lot.

Attend events and projects that the fanbases will surely do.

If you are in korea, go to the fansigns, meets, showcases, tv shows.

Ask to play the main song in your local radio! Yeah, send them a sms or a tweet or submit in their site, i will talk about this project later.

Give them lots of love and talk about them!

We can do it! ToppDogg and ToppKlass Fighting!!!! ♡

Crimsennui Week Day One : First Kiss

….cheek kisses count, right?

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It was the singing that stopped him dead in his tracks.

(song) Not necessary listening but I figure a ten year old song deserves a link for reference.

It’s the singing that stops him dead in his tracks. He came to Lian Yu to do Waller a favor - if anything done for Amanda Waller can be called that - interrogate one of her prisoners, not to check on anyone he left here. But when he hears that voice echoing through the dim, narrow halls…

“I won’t lose any sleep on that, ‘cause I’ve got a plan.”

Laurel loved that song. He’d come over to the Lances’ and hear her singing along while she cooked or cleaned in between study sessions. He hated it - no reason why, he was just sick of hearing it everywhere - so much he started trading her kisses to get her to stop. He was too young and stupid then to think maybe he was only encouraging her to play it more. (And definitely too stupid to realize maybe there was a deeper reason he hated hearing his girlfriend sing a song about a guy who couldn’t pull himself together well enough to be with the woman he loved.)

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(I don't if this has been asked before).When and how did ya know Touhou? An what's your first Touhou game that you have ever played?

I found Night of Nights before I found Touhou, and used to listen to it a lot when I was like. 13. Then I decided to actually look into what the song was from, and found a few Touhou videos (IOSYS, niconico memes, the usual). I then got involved with Youtube rpers, then an independent rp community, and after that I really started learning more about it and getting into it. I actually made a Tumblr in the first place because a few of the people from there did, haha. My old url before this was kleptomaniac-ice-fairy because I was both Marisa and Cirno.

First game was TD, since I figured I’d try the most recent one first!


I wanted to make a few more redraws but I didn’t have much time since I’m getting back to my crappy service tomorrow *sigh*.

So I stumbled upon some screenshots from the show that I really liked, and by far I just finished this one! I didn’t have time to finish the one with the goths! ><

I’ll try to make other ones as well and post them this weekend! :)