first swim suit


Ok this is nerve wracking.
So today I bought my first swim suit since 8th grade (I’m a junior in high school) and more importantly it shows my stomach. I used to never even show my thigh let alone my stomach and idk it just felt like an important thing to post about? I’m also maybe seeking some support bc I’m so nervous to wear this now.


This is the first swim suit I’ve ever owned. I’ve never actually owned one because 1. I’m black and black girls don’t get they hair wet and 2. I’m trans and I’m terrified of swimming and things not going as planned. 3. I’m plus size and swimsuits make me self conscious. Even pretransition, I was really terrified of going swimming because of my body and because of my breasts. I always wore a shirt in the pool. But today I tried this on and I felt really happy. There’s nothing at all that feel uncomfortable about this and I love the way my body looks in it. I’d just kinda accepted that I wasn’t going to swim ever again but screw it,I live in long beach and I’m going to the damn water and going into that damn ocean. ahahha

I still gotta figure out what I’m doing with my hair doe. Maybe I can wear a cute little vintage-y swim cap. haha. 

(excuse my hair!! ahahah)

cutetaepie  asked:

"O-okay!" He picked something out for her! Rue smiled and took the swim suit. "Thanks!" She ran off to the dressing room and quickly put on the first swim suit. "Um.." She fiddled with the bow before walking out. "This doesn't look weird does it..?" Rue was blushing a bright red. She had a pretty nice body, it was easy to see when she was only wearing this.

Tsumugu was worrying if Rue was okay, so he went to go and knock on the door.
“You okay?” He asks, in a worried tone.