first story arc!!!

You know what I love about the Sailor Moon fandom?

No one gate keeps. I don’t know shit about Sailor Moon other than planets, hyper femininity, and “cousins” (jk lesbians). I like it aesthetically. I like what it means to people. As a child I liked the three episodes I managed to see. I read the first story arc of the manga but don’t remember very much. I know so very little about it.

But if I mention even the slightest interest in it people are just like ‘oh my god do you want to watch it together?!’

No questions.

No tests.

Just 'hey you like this thing and I like this thing, let’s like it together!’

That’s nice.

More fandoms should be like that.

Random Tip: Begin your campaign with a by-the-numbers story arc.

My office 5e campaign just wrapped up it’s first major story-arc. There are still threads that can be followed up on, and there are indications of a greater threat in the world of Edhenon– but we came to a satisfying resolution on a goal the players have spent four levels trying to accomplish. 

The arc was pretty generic: The characters were attempting to join an adventuring guild in the city. There were side treks and mini-missions involved in that, but everything was built on gearing for their initiation event. 

This required very little brainpower as Dungeon Master- Generic bad guys, generic macguffins, generic “Help us!” situations. 

Over the last few months of play, the players have been able to learn about and fine-tune their characters personalities and their wants*, and I’ve able to quietly absorb all of that information. Now, as I’m setting things up for a second major arc, I’m filled to the brim with ideas on how to make their lives more interesting, and the consequences more personal. 

The training wheels are off, and I can now hurt much more than the characters’ HP. 

(*Player Pro-Tip: What your character wants is so much more important than your backstory. I’ve seen players fill up pages with backstory, and no idea of their personal direction forward. Don’t be that player!) 


Some Shinji and Asuka for y’all <3

I just finished the anime. I didn’t really think much of it while seeing the ending but after I’ve sat on it for a while I keep mulling it over. I need to watch the movie for more answers ^^;

I loved Asuka when she first came and her story arc, attitude, fears, growth, etc really got to me >.<


Make Me Choose
↳ cataclysmicmelody asked: favorite ship
“I didn’t want you of all people to see me in such a state. But this time… I will protect you!”

You might not like ___, but ___. (Anime)

-You might not like Cowboy Bebop, but it’s soundtrack is God Tier.

-You might not like 5 Centimeters per Second, but at least it’s an hour of wallpapers.

-You might not like Boku no Pico butt fuck you.

-You might not like Negima, but at least it gave us some lesbian fanservice.

-You might not like Clannad, but you have to admit that you cried too.

-You might not like JoJo, but you don’t even pose.

-You might not like Bleach, but it still had an amazing first story arc.

-You might not like FMA, but you have to admit you have shit taste.

-You might not like OreImo, but I incest you give it a fair shake.

-You might not like Evangelion, but you can’t argue that it is not convoluted.

-You might not like Naruto, but it´s not just filler, believe it.

-You might not like K-On, but you have to admit that it’s cute.


Last Man 6: The Rescue

Balak / Michaël Sanlaville / Bastien Vivès

The first story arc reaches an epic finale in volume 6, as Richard Aldana decides to move into the lion’s den to rescue Marianne and Adrian. He brings H and Cristo with him. Cristo will have his face revealed by the way, and trust me, you’ll be surprised.

Last Man 6 is as spectacular and addictive as ever. At the end there’s a huge cliffhanger leading into the second story arc. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, First Second Books has decided to quit. It’s probably due to low sales. The American audience was probably equally puzzled as the Dutch and Flemish by this amalgamation of styles and genres. Unfortunately so, because it really is one of the greatest comics of recent years. The fact that First Second Books decided to include the last 40 pages or so, rather than cut it short to give it a happy ending, gives me a sliver of hope that they might pick it up again if the upcoming game and television series manage to put the franchise back on the map. Until then, I can only hope Reprodukt—the german publisher—has more succes and will continue beyond issue 6.


I’ve been dating Doug for a while, and this is the first time he’s actually mentioned his father outside of the first two story arcs (from what I can remember.) And it’s verY DEPRESSING.


Do you want some rice? A kiss? A bedroom date? Children? It’s ok dude you just gotta ask.

Catching on jetwolf’s manga liveblogs and jesus, I’d forgotten how kind of shitty Crystal’s adaptation of the first arc was.

(I never watched the second and I think they did a pretty decent job with third, after the staff change, so going purely by first arc only here).

What I wanted: the manga finally adapted into an anime, with some fleshing out. A little more development and time with the girls, slow down the pacing, really build up the story.

What I got: the anime ripping out any kind of heart and soul out of the manga. Anyone who wasn’t Usagi and Mamoru pretty much losing any kind of unique character traits. SENSHI/SHITTENOU ROMANCE, THE THING NO ONE ASKED FOR. Animation that went from ‘well, their eyes are soulless and dead but at least Usagi’s hair looks pretty’ to ‘jesus fucking christ, did you have $5 to spend on this entire episode’.

I just. Man. I’m actually too tired tonight even really vent properly, but First Season Crystal was the biggest disappointment for me since the TRC anime series. About the same levels of ‘fucking awful’, really.


“Go ahead and continue to resist with those broken swords.”

Gintama + Chapter 523

I should say, for anybody that’s wondering, Unstoppable Wasp will not be dealing specifically with Secret Empire.  The story we’re telling over this first story arc all happens within a couple of days, so it’s safe to assume that it’s all happening pre-Secret Empire.

Nadia, however, will be appearing the Secret Empire one-shot story titled “Secret Empire: Uprising” alongside the current Champions (minus Scott and Kamala) as well as the New Falcon and Ironheart.  I didn’t write the book and neither did Mark, but I have read the script and I think they do a great job taking care of Nadia.  And…uh…they may also feature a few characters I recently created for another non-Wasp comic.

As for me (Jeremy) in addition to continued writing duties on Unstoppable Wasp, you’ll be able to read more from me in a few Secret Empire stories that have not be announced yet, but that I’ve already written and you guys are going to love.

Oh…and I co-wrote Avengers #7 with Mark Waid and Phil Noto is drawing it.  It’s out May 10th and guest stars the world’s most preeminent evil scientist turned Iron Man.  And if you’ve been reading Unstoppable Wasp, you can guess how Nadia’s reaction to Victor Von Doom might be different than some of the other Avengers…

On the debate of Yami Bakura's identity (& some other stuff)

My friend diaboluslapis and I did some analysis of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Yami Bakura’s identity a while ago, and we ended up with a couple of rather interesting conclusions, so we wanted to share them with all of you.

Ever since the Millennium World story arc first aired, there has been a lot of discussion in this fandom about whether Yami Bakura is actually the Thief King or Zorc Necrophades, and after all these years, people still don’t agree with each other on the matter. We think we may have found an answer to this age-old question, or at least, what we have come to consider the answer. (We solved the Millennium Puzzle, if you will…) Of course, it’s a difficult thing to say how accurate this is, since the Millennium World story arc is well-known for being incredibly confusing, but at least this is our viewpoint on it.

Our first conclusion when reading the Millennium World story arc in the manga, was that Yami Bakura was in fact Zorc. He says so himself, not only in the manga but also in the anime, and he seemed to disappear only when Zorc was defeated. So at first we thought that… well… there’s really nothing strange here. He is Zorc, and that’s it. Here, have a screenshot from chapter 29 of the Millennium World storyarc in the manga:

Yami Bakura states that a piece of Zorc’s soul was sealed in the Millennium Ring…

…and a few chapters earlier, Zorc, as he appears to Akhenaden, also explained that his soul was sealed into the Millennium Puzzle along with Atem’s after their final battle 3.000 years ago.

In other words, there are two pieces of Zorc which survived within the Millennium Items; the one in the Puzzle and the one in the Ring. Keep this in mind because it will be important later.

It all sounds rather obvious, and we were both pretty sure that Yami Bakura was Zorc and that was it. But when we reread the manga we found a few things that implied something else; things that we missed the first time. Now things start getting complicated.

Earlier on, before Yami Bakura even mentions being Zorc, he speaks of the Thief King as if they were the same person. Alone, I guess this could be dismissed as a simple plot hole, but there’s more than just this.

For example, when Yami Bakura confronts Yugi and his friends in the Pharaoh’s tomb later on (notably AFTER he admitted to being Zorc), he talks about the Thief King’s soul inside the Millennium Ring. But wait, wasn’t it Zorc who was sealed in the Ring?

God, Kazuki Takahashi sure does know how to mess with our brains! This is the point where we started getting rather confused. If we suppose all of Yami Bakura’s statements are true (which is of course impossible to prove, so we’ll just have to assume that he doesn’t really have a reason to lie), then it seems like both Zorc’s and the Thief King’s souls are sealed in the Ring, and another piece of Zorc is in the Puzzle with Atem. In other words, this means that Yami Bakura is in fact a combination of the Thief King AND Zorc, whose souls have been merged into one over the long years they spent trapped in the Millennium RIng together. So technically, you’re all right when you say Yami Bakura is the Thief King/Zorc; he’s both of them! Everybody wins! ^^

…But, moving on, if we think like that… then shouldn’t the Atem that exists in the modern world in the Puzzle (he version of him that is commonly referred to as Yami Yugi) also be a combination of Ancient Egyptian Atem and Zorc, like Yami Bakura supposedly is a combination of the Thief King and Zorc? …Well… What if he actually is?

Here’s the explanation: in case you’ve read the seven first volumes of the manga or watched “season zero” of the anime, you’re familiar with Yami Yugi’s behaviour when he was first released from the Puzzle. Playing Shadow Games with people, and after their loss exposing them to cruel Penalty Games which often involved a lot of mindfuckery… It doesn’t really sound like something the Atem we later get to know would do, right? Atem is very just and believes in doing what is right, and later on in the series he certainly doesn’t seem to think that Penalty Games are a good way to solve problems.

But let’s think about it like this: Atem had been alone with Zorc in the Puzzle for 3000 years and the constant exposure to Zorc’s darkness had almost corrupted him with his evil, using Atem’s sense of justice as a malevolent force without Atem being aware of the manipulation. But then, when Atem got to know Yugi and his friends, he began to calm down and befriended them, which eventually led to his Penalty Games stopping. His friendship with Yugi and the others ended up pushing Zorc’s soul away from Atem and freeing him from the darkness, giving him complete control of himself once again. Of course, Atem probably wouldn’t be aware of the fact that he’s been controlled, since he wasn’t aware of Zorc’s presence in the Millennium Puzzle at all until the Millennium World arc.

Now, let’s jump back to Yami Bakura for a little bit, just for comparison. Unlike Atem, who found friends and changed for their sake, the Thief King would have no reason to resist against Zorc. He was pretty messed up already, and being trapped with Zorc for 3.000 years probably wouldn’t be the best treatment for any of his issues, meaning that the Thief King would most likely end up more corrupted by Zorc than Atem ever was, and their souls would even end up being fused into one. Eventually, without any kind of support since he was unable to confide in his host Ryou Bakura (unlike in Atem’s and Yugi’s case), the Thief King’s soul would be completely lost to Zorc’s darkness, leaving Zorc the one to be in control of the entity we know as “Yami Bakura” for most of the time.


1. Kazuki Takahashi probably didn’t think this through as much as we did

2. Staying up to 1:30AM makes you over-analyze stuff

3. I still want to write some kind of fanfic about this

4. Uhh… Friendship is important to stop the darkness from devouring your soul???


When the first story arc came to me fully fleshed in a dream, and I wrote the titles on the wall of my study (then firmly refused to write the series for many months). I trusted the dream implicitly, and over the subsequent years every detail I’d recorded ended up being worked in somewhere.

I love this series and every character in it. And although I’m committed to innate emotional justice in my fiction, that doesn’t mean good things will happen to everyone. Still, like life, there is structure and form and beauty and joy in it, and your joy can fill you only as deeply as your sorrow has carved you (and I do love to carve:) and hopefully one helluva a good story and I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for coming along for the ride again.
- Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Berserk was just supposed to be a ~40-50 chapter fic that I could finish in a year. But nope! I’m looking at my outline and the first “story arc” is going to be between 16-20 chapters! It was supposed to be twelve chapters, but I keep having to cut out dialogue and scenes to avoid making stupidly long chapters!

I might have to start updating twice a week, unless I want to draw this thing out for two years.

Not to mention the other things I want to start soon…