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Exo’s Reaction - When Their Son/Daughter Takes Their First Steps

Hey! Thank you <3 Here you go @bby-tao-forever <3


Xiumin - *He’d feel like the proudest father on the earth and nothing could change that at that moment*

Lay - *He’d be crouching around them giggling at how cute they were trying to keep a steady balance and keeping his arms out ready to catch just incase*

Kai - *He’d have a cuteness overload especially when they manage to walk into his arms* Jagi! Jagi! C/N, walked into my arms! OMG!

Suho - *He’d feel the need to buy them something for their big achievement because he just can*

Kyungsoo - *He’d take this moment in very specially and would always remember it*

Tao - *He’d be really jumpy and really excited in which a member had to calm him down before he knocks the baby over*

Chen - *He’d film this moment as it was a moment to remember and would cheer them on* Go on! You can do it!

Kris - *He wouldn’t be able to explain what he feels right now because he’s so amazed with their first steps* (Imagine the girl being a little younger)

Chanyeol - *He’d literally freak out and call you multiple times so you don’t miss a moment of what’s happening* Y/N, OUR BABY IS TAKING THEIR FIRST STEPS! I REPEAT!

Baekhyun - *He’d help C/N get an okay balance before leaving go and seeing how far they could go before going back into crawling*

Sehun - *He’d get a little cocky but mostly really proud of C/N for being able to take a few steps by themself* Our baby is amazing!… Like their dad!

Luhan - *He’d be so excited and proud of them and would cover their face with loads of little kisses* 


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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part Eight

FSTF Masterpost

“So it’s been 4 months, how are you?” Quinn asks as you all sit around the table in your tiny apartment that you had slowly began to love.

“Better,” You say looking at your mug.

“Met anyone?” Rebecca asks.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure about him.”


“He’s not Calum,” Jenny, Ashton’s wife, says. You look at her and nod.

“Yeah, it’s pathetic really,” You say, “I don’t understand why I can’t get it into my mind that he doesn’t want me the way I want him.”

Quinn laughs, “He does want you that way.”

“He doesn’t, he told me to go meet someone that could see a future with me.”

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                HOW TO LOVE PETER PAN : A GUIDE

1. you cannot change him. he wears his confidence as his armor, carves swords out of his sharp tongue, feigns ignorance when it works best for him. he is not stupid, but he is just a boy. 

2. the world is his stage. peter pan’s imagination sprouts flowers, and when he offers you the bouquet, accept them. curtsy, pull the cotton folds of your nightgown like an accordion. don’t worry, he can hear it — he always does. to love peter pan, you must play with him. laughter is the first step in staying a child forever.

3. you must become a wonderful storyteller, and you must tell them to him — read them backwards, forwards, recite them as you drift to sleep and continue in the morning. cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white — he wants them with all the greed of a little boy. alter the endings — stories where princesses gut the villains like fish right alongside the prince. and no one falls in love, but they live happily ever after regardless. you have to pretend it doesn’t bother you.

4. understand he will not love you back. well ––––– he says he doesn’t know what love is (there is that willful ignorance, you realize.) love is something for adults, apparently — he’ll have absolutely no part in it. but you catch the smiles, the admiration, his very own brand of boyish kindness. understand it’s all he has wants to give. for a while, it should be enough.

5. keep the window open. 

Thank you all for being part of this blog, one way or another. Thank you for sharing it, enjoying it, contributing to it and thank you, most of all, to show enough interest to follow it for so long, It’s all thanks to you, that it lasted as long as it did.

It has been quite a ride and although it’s always sad when something ends, nothing can go on forever. This blog was my first baby steps onto tumblr and I have learned so much through it. I have met so many wonderful people as well as said goodbye to them.

Thank you all. Keep on rocking and keep on enjoying the wonders you create as well as found shared by others.

- Puffy

I love you, like a lot. I miss you, so much. I want to kiss you, as much as I can. I want to hug you, as long as I can. I want to do everything with you, until my last breath. But with all these, all I can just do is to patiently wait. That excruciating non stop ticking of the clock. The long hours, days, weeks, months of waiting and hoping to see you, hug you, kiss you, touch you in person not in front of a laptop but only air and centimeters of space between us. If waiting is what it takes or my first step of being with you forever, I’ll be willing to wait.
—  A. Ocampo
First Step To Forever Part Seven

FSTF Masterpost

Calum’s Point of View

I wish I could say I was fine with her leaving.

I wish I could say that I was better knowing that she would meet someone new that would love her more than I ever would and give her everything she deserves.

But I can’t.

Because the truth is that life without her isn’t great. It isn’t living.

For 7 years I grew accustom to waking up knowing she was mine and I was hers but the first day that I woke up after she left a strange emptiness washed over me.

And I couldn’t think why, until I remembered.

Then I cried into my pillow until it was soaking and lying on it was considered disgusting.

I left messages for her, so many messages.

Y/n, baby, I love you. I don’t know why I did it but I need you. I need you with me.

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part Four

FSTF Masterpost

It had been 4 months since you and Calum spoke about everything. You had moved into the new house 3 months ago and were pretty much settled, in time for Christmas.

“Does the tree look okay?” You ask Calum as he walks into the living room with a bowl of noodles.

“It looks great.”

“Okay good, I’m excited!” You say running towards him and sitting down next to him.

“Want some noodles?” He asks handing you his fork.

“Thanks,” You smile taking some before handing him fork back and watching TV with him.

“Christmas Eve TV sucks,” Calum complains, “All it is either Elf or Miracle on 34th Street.”

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part Two

FSTF Masterpost

For weeks you and Calum searched the internet, but you had no luck.

“I just don’t like any of them,” You say to Calum as he cooks some food for both of you.

“Me neither.”

“Maybe it’s because we’re going off internet pictures,” You mumble.

“Probably, we should start to look around at actual houses.”

“Is everything calming down in work?”

“No, it’s getting crazier, between me and the boys anyway. They have to reschedule everything because of kids and scans.”

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part One

FSTF Masterpost

You were looking through your lush bath bomb collection when Calum came home from work.

“Are you having a bath?” He asks leaning on the doorway out of tiredness.

“Yeah, you okay?” You ask noticing he looked more tired than usual.

“Bad day.”

“Why? What happened?” You ask standing up and walking towards him.

“Just tiring thinking of lyrics and new sounds, then recording.”

“Well then, why don’t you get in the bath before I do?”

“Can we get in together?”

“Will we fit?”

“I’m tall but I’m not that tall,” He laughs looking down.

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Epilogue

FSTF Masterpost

3 years later….

“Cal,” You whisper shaking him.


“Cal, please,” You beg.

“What’s wrong?” He asks turning over to face you.

“Cal, you need to take me to the hospital.”

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part Ten

FSTF Masterpost

As soon as you heard the mail hit the floor, you ran. Calum was still passed out asleep from going out to drink with the guys last night but you had been awake for 2 hours.

“Please,” You whisper when you grab the letter, you take a deep breath as you open it and read the information that was given.

“CALUM!” You scream running up the stairs.

“Tired babe.”

“No Calum wake up! My results came back!” You shout shaking him.

“Results for what?”

“Whether I can have kids!” You shout, he pulls himself up as you sit excitedly and hold his hands.

“Don’t be mad,” You say.

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part Three

FSTF Masterpost

“I really like this house,” Calum says handing you the iPad as you read over a book that had been sent in to your publisher.

“Where’s that?”

“It’s not by Michael’s, it’s by Luke’s.”

“Luke lives in a nice area, shall we check it out?” You ask spell checking with your famous red pen.

“Yeah, we can go today!”

“What time?”

“We can go in an hour?”

“Okay, let me get changed,” You smile standing up and walking to your bedroom.

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First Step To Forever Calum Series Part Five

FSTF Masterpost

“How was work?” You ask Calum as he walks in and throws his bag on the floor.



“It was just me! No-one else bothered to turn up!”

“What? Why?! Where were they?” You ask putting your back down.

“Ashton was tired from looking after the kids, Michael isn’t answering his phone and Luke, well I can’t say.”

“Why can’t you say?”

“Because it isn’t decent,” He whispers.

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