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exo is performing one of the opening acts for seoul fashion week tomorrow… the fashion week coordinators actually deemed exo relevant enough to invite them to perform an opening act at seoul fashion week… they made it…. our boys fucking made it big time… and now all i can think of is

Take me to Nolan Ross
Revenge Sketch | Emily rescues Nolan 

First Step To Forever Chapter 1

“Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is making headlines this week after a life threatening collision landed him in the hospital early Tuesday morning. Witnesses claim he was driving southbound in a polished black Range Rover when what we learned to be a drunk driver crossed over the median and struck him head on-“

“Pandemonium broke loose after Justin’s manager Scooter Braun sent out a simple tweet reading, ‘Little man isn’t doing well. please pray for Justin.’ Bieber’s reps have yet to comment on the situation-“

“This tragic turn of events has Bieber’s beloved fans in a frenzy. Social media exploded-“

“Will the Biebs survive?”

“After a gruesome 3 weeks he has woken from his coma but remains in the ICU as doctors-“

“This news has left the world shocked-“

“How will he come back from this?”

“Paralyzed from the waist down-“



Selena POV;

“What is that boy doing? He’s going to hurt himself,” Pattie stressed, rubbing her temples with a pained expression as a loud thump was heard from Justin’s bedroom once again. He’d been at it all week. Trying to walk, failing, and trying again. He just wouldn’t give up; convinced the problem was only temporary. We all knew he was in denial. It was evident, and entirely unavoidable but we we’re all trying so hard to help him. To get him to open up about his feelings but he wont budge. He doesn’t dare lay a finger on his wheelchair, and spends most of his time locked away in his room. Sometimes when he gets lonely he’ll ask for me to lay with him while he watches TV or plays the Xbox. In those moments nothing feels different. But it still is. Everything is different, and it kills me to watch Justin struggle.

“I’ll go talk to him. Maybe I can lure him down here with some Sour Patch Kids,” I smiled slightly, trying to lift her spirits.

“You’re such a blessing,” she sighed, biting her lower lip as tears filled her eyes, “seriously, thank you. I don’t think I could’ve survived these past three months without you. You’ve put everything on hold for him. For our family. It really means the world that you’re here.”

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else Pattie,” I reassured, giving her a hug before making my way up the stairs to Justin’s room. After the accident Pattie purchased a house for Justin and herself which was wheelchair accessible and even had an elevator so it would be easier for Justin to get around in. Eventually she would move out, or he would move back to his own home, but for now they we’re living under one roof like they had for most of his life and even though he’d probably never admit it, I think he liked it that way.

“Babe, can I come in?” My knuckles made contact with the door several times before I got a hoarse ‘yeah’ in response. I cracked the door open, my knees buckling beneath me as I caught sight of him in a puddle of tears on the floor.

“Baby don’t cry, come here.” I joined him on the floor, holding him while he cried.

“W-why are y-you h-here?” he finally hicupped.

“What do you mean? I love you, why wouldn’t I be here?” He sighed.

“Why do y-you love m-me?” he rephrased, “I’m just a s-stupid cripple.”

“You’re not a stupid cripple, you’re handicapped,” I corrected, running my fingers through his messy hair, “and that will never change who you are. Physically you might not be the same as me, or your mom, or Scooter, or anyone but just because you cant walk doesn’t mean that we love you any less.”

“What if I don’t want to be fucking handicapped?” he snapped, “I don’t want to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. People are never going to look at me the same. I just want to be normal.”

“You’re Justin Bieber, you’ll never be normal,” I teased, pressing a kiss against his clammy cheek, “you’re just going to have to roll with it. People are going to doubt you, and they might look at you different but haven’t they always? We like being the underdog, remember? It gives us something to work for.”

“I’ll never be able to play hockey with the boys, or chase Jazzy and Jaxon around the yard, or skateboard. I’ll never be able to dance again. I don’t want my career going down the drain, I’ve worked so hard. I want to grow up, and get married, and start a family. This wasn’t supposed to happen,” he squeezed his eyes shut tight, holding back a fresh batch of tears, “dammit it I cant even fucking stand on my own feet.”

“I know this isn’t what you planned, its not something you ever imagine happening but I’m not going to let you set limits on your life because of it. There’s still so much you can do, and see, and experience. I know you’re scared baby but you can have the world if you just reach for it. There are going to be times in your life when people will tell you you’ll never do it. You’ll never come back from this but let me tell you something; never say never. If you want to perform then when you’re ready we can get you back up on that stage and I’m sure you’d put on a damn good show. If you want to play basketball with your buddies then we’ll learn how to dribble in a wheelchair. I’m not saying everything will come easy but your family, friends, crew, and fans will be right by your side. Its all perspective Justin. Are you going to spend the rest of your life wishing things would change or are you going to get out there and change things yourself?”

“Since when did you become such a good motivational speaker?” he smiled innocently, tangling our fingers. I shrugged, resting my head on his shoulder with a satisfied grin. I got him to smile.

*Note; I’ve been playing around with this idea for quite some time now and feel like it would make a really interesting story. I’m not sure if this is something y’all want me to pursue or are interested in so I’d love to get some feedback on whether you think I should continue or not. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them as well :)

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