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With All Of Me | Part Three

For: Anonymous
Characters: Rafael Barba/(Female) Reader
Warnings: Mentions of Sexual Assault/Rape
Word Count: 904
Notes: So, I got these three prompts all at one time in a row, and they lended themselves to a three-part imagine. So I hope y’all enjoy this short story!
ALSO! The song in this chapter is Come Rain or Come Shine by Ray Charles. Link from title is to a YouTube recording.
Prompt: Imagine your first dance with Barba at your wedding reception
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

You looked at the hand offered you by the man you now could call your husband. Rafael smiled as you placed your hand in his. This was how it all started, the fateful day in the hospital when your vulnerability caused the walls you had built around you to collapse, and his perfect hand had kept you grounded and reminded you that you weren’t alone.

This was your favorite part of Rafael. His hands. Hands that worked hard to ensure justice for hurt. Hands that knew every corner of your body and had nursed it back to health in so many ways. Hands that ran through your hair when you cried and brushed tears oh-so-gingerly from your cheeks. Hands that cooked meals when you couldn’t eat and fed you chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s day.

You laced your fingers together, letting him lead you to the center of the dance floor, music sounding from the speakers as the DJ played the song you’d chosen together for your first dance.

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The apartment smells like burnt cookies and cinnamon when Bitty walks in.

It’s dark except for the light above the oven and the Christmas tree lit up in the corner of the living room.

He drops his bag just inside the door and kicks off his shoes being careful to line them up next to Jack’s sneakers and Olivia’s tiny purple play shoes.

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Foolish Games V (finale) [Series 1]

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV]

Group: iKON

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Pairing: Reader + Koo Junhoe/Reader + Kim Ji-Won

Song Recommendation: Pull - Spooky Black

[Written by Admin Maknae; Edited by Admin E]

**Contains Sexual Content**

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And with that,

The Robot Goat, An Angel, and Their Skeletal Child step into the sunlight for the first time in forever. In the distance, a considerable human settlement basks in the twilight glow of the sunset.

Their story has come to a close. For them, life had just began again, but for us, a new story awaits in a new world.

I forgot to tell everyone

I stepped on the scale for the first time in forever. I’m bloated and on my period.

I am 149 lbs!!!!!!!!! I lost 5 pounds since I first started. I feel fantastic.

I’m so proud of me.

This has just been a month of huge achievements. Got my room spotless. I got a hair cut. I’m loosing weight. I cleaned my office. I’m so happy, y'all.

(Manic stage is the best.)

Otayuri ficlet, an expanded headcanon i posted earlier.

699 words

They have been all day skating at Medeu. The only thing Yuri wants to do now is to buy some mänti at the nearest street food stall and sleep forever.

After accomplishing the first step (the mantis are good, but not as good as his grandpa’s pirozhki), Otabek and Yuri walk by Almaty’s streets eating in silence. In their way to Otabek’s flat, they find an ice rink in the centre of a square, full of children laughing.

Most of them can hardly move forward, let alone try any spin, but they seem happy while skating, helping those who can’t even stand without shaking.

Their laugh is the only sound that can be hard, and Yuri loses himself in watching them, remembering days gone by.

“When was the last time you skated just for the sake of it?” Otabek asks, always accurate, and Yuri spends a lot of time thinking before answering.

“I can’t remember.”

Otabek nods, and before Yuri can tell what is happening, he’s being dragged towards the rink’s ticket office. He buys two tickets for two hours each, and when the employee asks for the skate’s size number, Otabek says both his and Yuri’s without skipping a beat.

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Exo’s Reaction - When Their Son/Daughter Takes Their First Steps

Hey! Thank you <3 Here you go @bby-tao-forever <3


Xiumin - *He’d feel like the proudest father on the earth and nothing could change that at that moment*

Lay - *He’d be crouching around them giggling at how cute they were trying to keep a steady balance and keeping his arms out ready to catch just incase*

Kai - *He’d have a cuteness overload especially when they manage to walk into his arms* Jagi! Jagi! C/N, walked into my arms! OMG!

Suho - *He’d feel the need to buy them something for their big achievement because he just can*

Kyungsoo - *He’d take this moment in very specially and would always remember it*

Tao - *He’d be really jumpy and really excited in which a member had to calm him down before he knocks the baby over*

Chen - *He’d film this moment as it was a moment to remember and would cheer them on* Go on! You can do it!

Kris - *He wouldn’t be able to explain what he feels right now because he’s so amazed with their first steps* (Imagine the girl being a little younger)

Chanyeol - *He’d literally freak out and call you multiple times so you don’t miss a moment of what’s happening* Y/N, OUR BABY IS TAKING THEIR FIRST STEPS! I REPEAT!

Baekhyun - *He’d help C/N get an okay balance before leaving go and seeing how far they could go before going back into crawling*

Sehun - *He’d get a little cocky but mostly really proud of C/N for being able to take a few steps by themself* Our baby is amazing!… Like their dad!

Luhan - *He’d be so excited and proud of them and would cover their face with loads of little kisses* 


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What is Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement

Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement is a Distress Tolerance Skill in DBT.

I’ve had bad experiences with how Radical Acceptance is taught and how it can be a really harmful concept if it’s not taught properly (my previous post on How to Practice Reality Acknowledgement went into some of those reasons).  I’m not going to pretend that I can teach Radical Acceptance any better, but I do hope that by explaining my personal understanding of the concept that I developed so I could apply the basic concept to my life regardless of how poorly it was presented to me will help some of you in some way, and I’ll include my personal understanding alongside the way it’s presented in the Skills Training Manual for DBT.

It’s important to note that Radical Acceptance (despite the positive connotation of “acceptance”) is not encouraging you to condone or approve of the things in your life that are causing you pain, nor is it saying that the pain this thing is causing you is okay. 

What Radical Acceptance really is, is acknowledging reality instead of fighting reality (with denial, with procrastination, with many things really).  This is why I prefer to call it Reality Acknowledgement because it doesn’t have any of those positive connotations that make it difficult for people to accept the premise of this concept/skill.  Reality Acknowledgement along with a concept of a more positive perspective of Radical Acceptance, can help you come to terms with many things, such as painful events, painful emotions, and painful thoughts that display hatred towards yourself.

It’s a skill that you use when you cannot stop painful events and painful emotions and painful thoughts from coming your way.  Having BPD makes us much more sensitive to painful things like this, our disorder makes us feel the pain more intensely, and the intensity of our feelings can lead us to want to push all this pain away and deny it because we can’t handle it.  Some of us may try to deny the effects that having BPD can have on us, and some people have a very hard time accepting the reality that BPD is something most of us will struggle with for a very long time and that few of us will ever be able to feel comfortable or ready to call ourselves a “recovered borderline.” 

This is why it’s especially important learn to apply Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement to things you cannot accept about yourself, as well.

So what IS Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement?

  • Radical means all the way, complete and total
  • It is accepting / acknowledging in your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul
  • It is when you stop fighting or denying reality, and stop becoming overwhelmed and hurt and upset when reality is not the way you want it to be or what it should be in your eyes (though it’s important to note you are allowed to be hurt by hurtful things and to be upset by upsetting things, don’t invalidate your emotions when practicing this skill)
  • “Acceptance” does not mean approval of the things that are hurting you or condoning these painful things as okay or right
  • It also means acknowledging the facts of situations or things that we cannot change or fix
  • And ultimately through Radical Acceptance /  Reality Acknowledgement you can come to terms with painful things and “free yourself” from the burden of bitterness and (emotional) pain that causes suffering.  However, in some cases suffering is not something you can free yourself from, but you can Radically Accept that your suffering is valid

Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement is a very important skill to learn in DBT while on a journey of recovery because the way I understand it, it can be incredibly validating and help you come to terms with painful things in your past and present.

What Has to be Accepted / Acknowledged:

  • Reality as it is.  The facts about the past and the present are the facts, even if you don’t like them or approve of them or think they were fair.  This also means accepting / acknowledging the parts of your past or present that you want to deny ever happened.  Denial of reality (fighting reality) will only make healing from these painful parts of your past or present even harder.
  • There are limitations on the future for everyone, though these limitations for people with BPD and other mental illnesses are often greater than they are for non-borderline individuals and neurotypical individuals.  However, only realistic limitations need to be accepted / acknowledged.
  • Everything has a cause, including events and situations that cause you pain and suffering.  These causes don’t excuse the pain an event or a person has caused you, but you have to accept / acknowledge that all things don’t just happen randomly (though some might) and that there is often a cause for what is happening to you or situations you find yourself in that you don’t like, or even parts of yourself that you don’t like.
  • Life can be worth living even with painful events in it.  This is especially important for people who have BPD because we feel a lot of pain and suffering, and we’ve often gone through a lot of terrible things.  But pain and suffering does not reduce the worth of your life or whether you deserve to live.  You deserve happiness but you might not always get it, so this point is really important to remember and accept in hard times.

Why should you Accept / Acknowledge reality?

  • Rejecting or fighting reality does not change reality.
  • Changing reality requires you to first acknowledge that reality. Acknowledgement/acceptance of reality can give you the beginning strength to start working to change the aspects of reality that you believe are not okay, or not just, or not fair.
  • Pain can’t be avoided; it is nature’s way of signalling that something is wrong.
  • Refusing to acknowledge reality can keep you stuck in unhappiness, bitterness, anger, sadness, shame, or other painful/negative emotions.  Nevertheless, you have a right to feel these emotions. You just don’t want to be stuck feeling these emotions forever, and acknowledging reality is the first step towards healing from painful things that cause negative emotions.
  • Acknowledgement may lead to sadness, but sometimes a sense of deep calmness or inner peace follows.  It can be comforting to come to terms with reality as it is rather than the frustration that comes from fighting it and denying the painful things that may have happened to you.  It can also give you strength, strength in your knowledge or beliefs, as well as strength to change the situation in order to improve it.
  • “The path out of hell is often through misery.  By refusing to acknowledge/accept the misery that is part of climbing out of hell, you will eventually fall back into hell.” (That’s directly from Handout 11 in the Skills Training Manual but I couldn’t figure out how to reword it in order to make it more acceptable to people of other faiths or no faiths where hell is not a thing)

The way a friend described Radical Acceptance to me, which is similar to how I conceptualize it, is that fundamentally you’re acknowledging that you don’t have control over everything that happens to you.  A lot of what happens to you may be terrible or awful or unjust or unfair, and your feelings about those things are valid.  It’s not your choice that these things are unfair, for example, but ignoring it, denying it, or refusing to acknowledge it will not help move you to a place where you can heal from the shitty things that have happened in your life that are affecting you.

You’re allowed to hate the things (in particular, people) who have badly hurt you.  But if that hate consumes you, it will control you and drag you farther off the path of recovery and self-acceptance.

Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement is about acknowledging and accepting that you don’t have control over anything but yourself and that you have to work with what you’re given, even if what you’ve been given is shitty. You can’t change what you’re given in life.  You’re allowed to feel/think that this is unfair and unjust, because it often is!  But those thoughts should be used with Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement or else they will just spawn more negative emotions rather than giving you the strength to change the things in your life which are within your control.

Reality Acknowledgement gives you the first and most basic tool that you can use to fix situations that are hurtful to you, if that situation can be fixed.  Ultimately, you can use Reality Acknowledgement to learn the facts about a situation and then you can develop a plan to either change that situation, or a plan for how you can emotionally cope with a similar situation.  This is called “Coping Ahead” which is an Emotion Regulation Skill. (We will discuss this along with all the DBT skills on SBD eventually)

Radical Acceptance can also be applied to yourself.  People who have BPD (and other mental illnesses) often feel like damaged goods or unworthy of love and resent that they ever developed this disorder.  Our first impulse when many of us were diagnosed was to deny that it was even possible for us to have BPD.  But through Radical Acceptance (using acceptance here to have a positive connotation), you can learn to grow to accept who you are even though you have BPD.  I think that’s something many of us are working on, learning how to accept ourselves when we feel like so much is wrong about who we are.  But those are judgements, and the reality is you’re a person who happens to have BPD.  And that’s one of the first steps you can take towards accepting who you are and ultimately growing to love yourself.

Reality Acknowledgement has helped me a lot personally, once I was able to conceptualize it for myself rather than the ways I was taught that invalidated my valid feelings about my pain and the suffering I’ve endured.  It was Reality Acknowledgement that actually helped me come to terms with the fact I was seriously abused by a number of people, and that knowledge of reality gave me the strength to finally sever contact with my abusers.  I was lucky that it worked out the way it did or else I still would have been emotionally tied to one of my abusers and I never would have been able to have the healthy and loving relationship I do now.  I’m still a work in progress. 

Reality Acknowledgement / Radical Acceptance is not a magic fix for anything, it still is work and sometimes it can feel like thankless work. Also it can take a while for you to fully be able to Radically Accept / Acknowledge Reality in the way you need to for your recovery.  It can take time, it can take a lot of time and there will be times when you slip back into fighting reality (especially if you’re triggered by something) but it’s a work in progress.  Some days it might be easy to acknowledge something bad that happened, but not so easy (or even impossible) on other days. Don’t get discouraged! 

Ultimately, Reality Acknowledgement / Radical Acceptance is an important component of DBT for helping people start their journey of managing overwhelming painful/negative emotions that result after painful or distressing events by acknowledging the things that have hurt them.

I hope this helps you understand what Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement is and how to use it.

Further Reading: How to Practice Reality Acknowledgement Step By Step for Abuse and Trauma Victims, Things that Interfere with Reality Acknowledgement

TL;DR: Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement is a DBT Distress Tolerance Skill that encourages you to acknowledge reality as it is, despite what you wish the reality was.  It encourages you to stop fighting reality (usually by denying it) and acknowledge what has or is happening to you or people around you. 

Radical Acceptance / Reality Acknowledgement teaches us that the only thing we have any control over is ourselves and that it is futile to try to change things that are out of our control–this is why we must acknowledge or accept these things.  It can also help ease negative emotions by validating your emotional response while also giving you the strength to change the aspects of your situation that are within your power to change.


                HOW TO LOVE PETER PAN : A GUIDE

1. you cannot change him. he wears his confidence as his armor, carves swords out of his sharp tongue, feigns ignorance when it works best for him. he is not stupid, but he is just a boy. 

2. the world is his stage. peter pan’s imagination sprouts flowers, and when he offers you the bouquet, accept them. curtsy, pull the cotton folds of your nightgown like an accordion. don’t worry, he can hear it — he always does. to love peter pan, you must play with him. laughter is the first step in staying a child forever.

3. you must become a wonderful storyteller, and you must tell them to him — read them backwards, forwards, recite them as you drift to sleep and continue in the morning. cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white — he wants them with all the greed of a little boy. alter the endings — stories where princesses gut the villains like fish right alongside the prince. and no one falls in love, but they live happily ever after regardless. you have to pretend it doesn’t bother you.

4. understand he will not love you back. well ––––– he says he doesn’t know what love is (there is that willful ignorance, you realize.) love is something for adults, apparently — he’ll have absolutely no part in it. but you catch the smiles, the admiration, his very own brand of boyish kindness. understand it’s all he has wants to give. for a while, it should be enough.

5. keep the window open. 

The Law of Action "the most overlooked law of all the universal laws"

The Law of Action is one of the most overlooked of the Universal Laws, stating that you must take action to get what you desire.

When I say it is the most overlooked I mean in all the books and audios about the Universal laws and the Law of Attraction, they all seem to talk about positive thinking and visualization, not that that’s bad, but few talk about the fact that you must also act on these thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support our words, feelings, vision, thoughts, dreams and emotions. These actions will bring us manifestation of various results which are dependent on our specifically chosen words, thoughts, dreams, and emotions.

Take the leap! Make it happen!

You can not bring what you want into being, without taking action. Yes, positive affirmations and visualization are important. Everything first starts as a thought in your mind.

Without action, however, these are merely daydreams. Action along with positive intention is what brings your dreams to life.

What actions should I take?

Well, my friend, that all depends on what you want. If you are looking for love then you should start acting out of love and start making room in your life for that special person.. If you want to go on vacation, maybe you should start looking up prices and activities you want to do on your vacation and start saving money.

Only you know the actions you must take, but you may not know every action to take to get you to your end result, but if you start moving in the direction of your desires, then the doors will start to open, but you must make the first move. However small, if you don’t take that first step you will never take the second and your desires will remain forever in your mind(good place to start, not a good place to stay.)

How do I know if I am taking the right action?

You’ll know. You just have to have faith and listen to your God conscious. Not every step will be the right step per se, but every step in the direction of your desires will get you that much closer. You may stumble along the way, but if you keep moving forward and continue to take action you will come out on top.

Final thoughts on the Law of Action.

I have not always taken the right steps, but I can say by taking the first step, I have always gotten closer to my dreams.

The Law of Action states that you must take action to fulfill your dreams. My question to you is, what are you waiting for? Take the first step, the rest will unfold as you need it to. Just have a little faith.

By: Bonnidette Lantz   

Rivetra Fics

Note: Here are many Rivetra (Levi/Petra) fics you could read! Also, most are drabbles and poems. 
I’m certain there are more out there… if there are more… feel free to add! c:

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anonymous asked:

hi i'm a high school junior and would really like to know why you love yale so much and was wondering if you could tell me some pros/cons about the school! i haven't decided whether or not i want to apply there so i'd love to hear your reasons as to why you did

Hi there lovely!

Agh tbh this is such a dangerous question because I could quite honestly go on forever and ever about Yale and I really don’t even know where to begin… but I’ll try my best for you!


  • BLUEBOOKING!!!! — at Yale, you get to shop for your classes every semester. They have something called the Blue Book and it’s a book of all the courses that are offered and for the first two (??) weeks of the semester, you get to pick and choose the classes you think you’re interested in, sit in, and experience the class with no obligations or strings attached whatsoever which is EXTREMELY wonderful because it’s kind of like a test drive before you commit to a class for the entire semester.
  • Residential. Colleges. — Everyone at Yale belongs to one of their twelve residential colleges… and my favourite part about the res colleges is the fact that they’re not just dormitories. Each of the res colleges are different; some have music studios in the basement whereas others have practice rooms, gyms, movie theaters, etc., and the best thing about it is that no one is restricted to their own res college! If you belonged to ES but wanted to eat lunch with a friend in Calhoun? Bam. You can totally do that. And if Branford didn’t have a feature that Berkeley did (let’s say music practice rooms?), then you still have access to the Berkeley practice rooms. And not only that, but I also love the suite-style dorming at Yale because agh that whole concept of sharing a living room really resonates with me—and it must really feel like home away from home as it seems to promote a lot of bonding with suitemates and such!
  • BUTTERIES — Butteries kind of go hand in hand with the res colleges, but still! What other college comes with built-in late night snacks?! It probably is awful for the whole “freshman fifteen” thing, but agh butteries sound so, so wonderful (holla at my girl Libby).
  • Master’s Teas — I know that Yale students don’t really like Master’s Teas apparently (?) but I think that I’d love for the opportunity to attend them. Can you imagine having tea and being in a close setting with someone whom you really admire/look up to? Yale constantly has amazing, incredible people drop by to talk to their students and agh just a chance to get to meet those people seems like heaven to me. 
  • A Cappella — THE A CAPPELLA SCENE AT YALE IS PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT. They have an “a cappella rush” and it just sounds so wonderful agh and all of Yale’s a cappella groups are just so talented and make great sound and tbh I really just want to become a part of Yale Out of the Blue because I’ve been music-crushing on them forever. 
  • YSO Halloween Show — It’s Yale tradition, every Halloween, to end the night with the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s annual Halloween show!! They display a silent movie whilst the orchestra plays the soundtrack live which is ffff so amazing I cannot even imagine
  • THE BEINECKE/STIRLING/BASS — The libraries. I know it’s so petty to factor in libraries, but I love Yale’s libraries so much that words can’t even describe. The Beinecke has had my heart forever ever since I first stepped foot inside, and Stirling is just a thing of beauty (even though they had to throw acid on it to make it look a little older (; ) and although I haven’t been inside of Bass, I just know that it will be just as beautiful in the typical, Yale fashion. 
  • Freshman Screw — It’s a minor little detail, but Freshman Screw seems like a lot of fun! You get to pair up your friend with a blind date and you basically spend the night trying to find your other half and eep it just sounds like a great time :) 
  • Study Abroad — Study abroad seems relatively easy at Yale (although I don’t know if I could ever bear to leave campus for large durations of time?!) which is very important for me!
  • Yale Model United Nations — Yale’s International Relations Association (YIRA) holds the best high school conference in the high school MUN circuit; not to mention that their competitive team is highly ranked (top 3?) in the nation—which is very important to me, as a MUN junkie!
  • Liberal arts curriculum — this kind of says it all!
  • Freshman Olympics — ALSO VERY CUTE and a great way to display your res college pride!!
  • Adding on to living arrangements — I love how freshmen all live together on Old Campus (except for TD kids and Silliman kids) before moving into their res colleges so that they get an opportunity to meet a lot of the freshman before moving up :)
  • BOOLA BOOLA — I also think that boola boola is a fckin great chant haha bye Harvard you are so lame don’t even try
  • T.D. Woolsey — there’s a statue of Woolsey on Old Campus and people rub his toe for good luck! (No, not like the statue of John Harvard nope because Woolsey is 23904802398x superior) And I just really love the story behind Woolsey. In the Civil War, when lots of colleges were turning away their Southern students and sending them home because of the war, Woolsey refused and allowed his Southern students to stay on campus and to study. And I just really love and appreciate that mentality of acceptance and understanding. Which leads me to…
  • The community — I just love the sense of community at Yale. It feels like no other. No matter how many colleges I tour or research, I never get that sense of pride and unity; the feeling of family. And that’s what terrifies me so much about loving Yale, I think. I’m just afraid (irrationally, because I know that I will be happy no matter where I end up!) that I won’t find my fuzzy feeling that I get from Yale at anywhere else.
  • Yale Women’s Center — I love the Yale Women’s Center and how they have a place for women to gather and talk about empowerment and feminism and all of that agh and to top it off there is a CHIPOTLE NEXT DOOR I swear if I get in… I’m never leaving that area. 
  • Campus — Yale’s campus is by far the most gorgeous in the world (in my eyes). And that’s that. 
  • Women’s Table by Stirling — THEY HAVE A WOMEN’S TABLE OKAY I just sometimes think about what it’d be like to kind of reach an epiphany as I notice the way the light reflects off of the Women’s Table on my walk back to Old Campus from class idk

I could say more but ah was this enough for you? :) xx

I have this little ring that I like - I don’t wear it too often and it’s a little banged up, but I saw it on my dresser last night and I think I’m going to charm it. I want it to be a tangible reminder of this good feeling that I have right now - I got a job, I don’t think I mentioned it here - so that when I feel sad later (because I will, because I have done more so lately) I can have it to remind me that I am happy. 

I thought I would also outline my process so that a) I have an actual record of it and b) I can share it with you guys! 

Note: I haven’t charmed it yet. I probably won’t charm the ring until tomorrow because it’s gonna take a couple of days, which will be explained below! I’ll let you know how it goes when the process is complete.

So! Steps:

  • Cleansing! Like I said earlier, I haven’t really worn this too often. It’s pretty much just been sitting inert in my room for a while. (For the record, I think I bought it at Forever 21.) So my first step is to cleanse the ring. You can use your preferred method of cleansing. Since it’s an object I’m going to be wearing, I’m going to do a heavy duty cleansing. I’m going to use each of the elements in this cleansing - which is something I don’t usually do because not everything needs an extensive cleansing. Here’s the gist of it: the ring will spend some time buried in salt, outside to soak up some rays and feel the breeze, and I will run it under flowing water. 
  • Blessing! Ask your god(s) to bless the object. I generally say a prayer, say an appropriate Bible verse, and ask God to bless the item. I might light a candle too. 
  • Imbuing! I want the ring to only respond magically to me, so I’m going to spend some time imbuing the ring with my personal energy. This is why this process will take so long. Since this isn’t an object I’ve kept on my person very much, I’m going to do a number of things. First, I’m going to do some visualization and energy work. I’m going to hold the item in my hands and visualize my personal energy surrounding and saturating the ring. After this process is finished, I’ll make sure to ground and center myself, especially since I worked with personal energy. Then I’m going to wear the ring for an undetermined amount of time (until it “feels right”) and repeat the visualization process as necessary. I will also breathe on the ring to imbue it with my energy that way. I might even sleep with it under my pillow. When the imbuing process is finished, I can move on to the next step.
  • Programming! This is the portion of the process in which the ring will gain its purpose. For me, that purpose is happiness, but you can pretty much program anything - protection, gender identity, whatever. Use your preferred method to program the object. I’ll be using visualization again. When I imbue the ring, I’ll be using my personal energy which is a specific color, but when I program it I’m going to be visualizing happiness, which is energy that has different colors for me. I’ll ground and center myself again, but I’m going to do this before the visualization because I want to pull the energy from earth, not myself. Same process, different order and energy source. 
  • Shielding! I don’t want all this energy that I’ve spent all this time on to go anywhere and I don’t want the ring to seep energy from me, so I’m going to shield the ring. I usually imagine a solid bubble surrounding the item. All the energy the object has will be kept inside and there will be no potential leaks on either side. 
  • Ending! End the ritual in your preferred method. I gotta keep some secrets, so I’m not going to share what I do. :)

Then you have a charmed object! And I’ll have a charmed ring! Success for everyone!